GE :: Volume #3

#237: First Realm!

The Seven Colors light gate, distinguishes Teleportation to open each Great Cultivator. 七彩光门,将各个大修士分别传送开。 The 70 million li boundary, Ning Fan stands in a peak mountain, grasps the Secret Realm map. 七千万里的地界,宁凡立在一座峰岳,手持秘境地图。 The Divine Sense sweeps, in spread all over 3000, when looks at the landform, just now determined, oneself is, is the Secret Realm east territory. 神念一扫,遍布三千里,待观览地貌,方才确定,自己所在,乃是秘境东域。 His brow tight wrinkle, monster Spiritual Qi of this place, is quite heavy! 他的眉头紧皱,此地的妖灵气,好重! As the name suggests, Monster Spiritual Energy, then only has Monster Cultivator ingestible, cultivation Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi. This place Monster Spiritual Energy, is almost Monster Race advantageous cultivation is, if converts Human Clan Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi, the thickness of this place Spiritual Qi, is Joyous Union Island Metal Spiritual Energy dozens times! 顾名思义,妖灵力,便是唯有妖修可吸收、修炼天地灵气。此地妖灵力之多,几乎是妖族得天独厚的修炼所在,若换算成人族天地灵气,此地灵气之浓,是欢合岛金灵力的数十倍! This degree of Spiritual Energy, is Endless Sea and high-ranked Cultivators Country not necessarily has, perhaps only has Void Refinement and Void Fragmentation oversee Cultivation Country, may have. 这种程度的灵力,便是无尽海上级修真国都不一定具备,恐怕唯有炼虚碎虚坐镇修国,有可能具备。 So strong Monster Spiritual Energy, truly makes Monster Beast cultivation speed far exceed common sufficiently. 如此浓烈的妖灵力,确实足以让妖兽修炼速度远超寻常。 But if makes common Monster Beast count the 100 years evolution is Desolate Beast, as if also insufficient, if is Spiritual Qi is merely rich, the Monster Beast evolution, will not be Magic Force will endure to compare Desolate Beast merely, Realm can also promoting... 但若是让寻常妖兽百年进化为荒兽,似乎还不够,且若仅仅是灵气浓郁,妖兽进化,决不会仅仅是法力堪比荒兽,境界亦能提升 This place, is somewhat strange. Monster Beast promoting strength, on other also reasons. 此地,有些古怪。妖兽提升实力,应还有其他原因。 Because of Monster Spiritual Energy relationship, plan of Ning Fan, unavoidably some changes. 只是因为妖灵力关系,宁凡的计划,难免有些变动。 According to Ning Fan planned at first, is to open Immortal Cave in this, first promoting strength, depending on the surplus times, sweeps False Desolate Beast again. 宁凡最初打算,是要在此开辟洞府,首先提升实力,再凭剩余时间,扫荡伪荒兽 But refining Mother Earth Nether Milk, the time is first insufficient, the next place is not right. 炼化地母冥乳,首先时间不够,其次地点不对。 But refining Dao Fruit and Azure Luan Fire, are not the good places, this place Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi, extremely thin... 炼化道果青鸾火,亦不是好地方,此地天地灵气,太过稀薄… If this place promoting strength, most suitable, is promoting Monster Force... 此地若提升实力,最适宜的,还是提升妖力 Monster Force...” 妖力…” Ning Fan stands in the summit of mountain, gaze concentrates. 宁凡立在山岳之巅,目光一凝。 He enters this Secret Realm, several breaths, but have several bird clan Monster Beast, has only shaken shakes the pair of wings, the offense cry raids. 他进入此秘境,不过数息,但已有数只禽族妖兽,震抖双翼,戾鸣袭来。 Expansive sky end, one team of more than ten black feather great eagles. Each head, the body passes the hundred zhang (333 m), has Nascent Soul Level Monster Force, but is head the eagle of silver wing, has the body of 1000 zhang (3333.33 meters). 长空尽头,一队十余只黑羽巨鹰。每一头,都身逾百丈,有元婴级妖力,而为首的银翅之鹰,更是有千丈之躯。 Desolate Beast...” 荒兽…” Ning Fan Sword Sense sweeps, black dispersing, the Nascent Soul Level monster eagle, breaks to pieces the body to perish immediately, blood splashing expansive sky. 宁凡剑念一扫,墨色散开,元婴级妖鹰,立刻碎身而亡,血溅长空。 Monster Force must achieve Nascent Soul Level to leave, Realm. Actually was still the Gold Core Initial Stage appearance. 妖力需达到元婴级别,境界。却仍是金丹初期的模样。 Sword Sense, kills it sufficiently! 剑念,足以杀之! The Ning Fan whole body, raises red glow that a path of cannot erase, that is, hostility! 宁凡的周身,升起一道道抹不掉的红芒,那是,戾气 This hostility ominous glow, lets true Desolate Beast wariness sufficiently, but this False Desolate Beast, actually seems turn into demon general, eagle blood-red. Does not know to dread, the pair of wings inspires, Hei Feng (black wind) writings. 戾气凶芒,足以让真正的荒兽忌惮,但这伪荒兽,却好似入魔一般,鹰目血红。不知畏惧,双翼一振,黑风大作。 This Hei Feng (black wind) camouflage thousand li (500 km), changes to the a path of black feather. Each, extinguishes sufficiently kills Gold Core Late Stage cultivator. 黑风遮蔽千里,化作一道道黑色羽翎。每一道,都足以灭杀金丹后期修士 This eagle named black ink falcon, the Hei Feng (black wind) feather, merely is Gold Core Level Monster Technique. Displays by Divine Transformation level Monster Force. That black feather, covers the sky blocks out the sun, feared that is have several ten thousand. 此鹰名为墨隼,黑风化羽,仅仅是金丹级妖术。只是以化神妖力施展。那黑羽,遮天蔽日,怕是有数万道。 Also then said. This eagle shakes the pair of wings, instant kill several tens of thousands Gold Core, are not difficult! But several tens of thousands black feather, Nascent Soul is difficult to guard! 也便是说。此鹰一抖双翼,瞬杀数万金丹,不难!而数万黑羽,元婴难防! Eventually is only False Desolate Beast, even Heaven and Earth Origin Force is unable to control, what discussed the technique of Heavenly Spirit...” “终究只是伪荒兽,连天地元力都无法操控,更何谈天灵之术…” Ning Fan completely disregards black feather, one step treads, half black smoke flashes, spans directly counts 1000 zhang (3333.33 meters) from, appears in the great eagle head. 宁凡完全无视黑羽,一步踏出,半化黑烟一闪,直接跨越数千丈距离,出现在巨鹰头部。 eyes reveal cold light, lifts treads fully! 目露寒芒,抬足一踏! Under this treads, seems falling of Demon Mountain, the place of treading, innumerable cracks spreads from sky. 这一踏之下,好似魔山之坠,所踏之处,无数裂纹自天空蔓延开来。 Under the Jade Fate Realm great strength, that great eagle has not even struggled, the head was then trod by Ning Fan one step! 玉命境巨力之下,那巨鹰甚至未有挣扎,头颅便被宁凡一步踏碎! After this eagle is broken, immediately a Hei Feng (black wind) spin, a rebirth head. 只是此鹰头碎之后,立刻黑风一旋,重生一头。 This has Ning Fan to be unexpected actually greatly, this place Monster Beast, the method is not strong, the life is actually very hard. 这倒是大出宁凡意料之外,此地妖兽,手段不强,命倒是挺硬。 After the must know extinguishes the enemy, often when is cultivator idles, if the enemy dies and is reborn, gives the fatal blow, extremely possibly died because of the general idea/careless. 须知灭敌之后,往往是修士最懈怠之时,若敌人死而复生,给予致命打击,极可能因大意而死去。 No wonder 40% cultivator die of this place... 难怪40%修士死于此地… Really, the eagle first rebirth, the great eagle reveals the violent anger mood, whole body black feather such as the sword exposes, in abundance thorn to top of the head Ning Fan. 果然,鹰首重生,巨鹰露出暴怒情绪,周身黑羽如剑抖落,纷纷刺向头顶宁凡 Ning Fan was still crossed the hands behind the back to stand in the great eagle head, the vision concentrates, the whole body raised light jade Astral Spirit, seemed a gigantic jade light cocoon, covered it. 只是宁凡仍是负手立在巨鹰头部,眼光一凝,周身升起淡淡的玉色罡灵,好似一个硕大的玉色光茧,将其笼罩在内。 This jade Astral Spirit, only has Jade Fate Realm cultivator to display only then, oppresses Heaven and Earth Origin Force by Mortal Body, turning the wind of Heavenly Origin into protecting of Astral Spirit, is Great Cultivator strikes, rumbles does not break to pieces this Astral Spirit. 这玉色罡灵,唯有玉命境修士方可施展,以肉身之强压迫天地元力,化天元之风为罡灵之护,便是大修士一击,都轰不碎此罡灵 These black feather, as long as the cover of initial-ranked Astral Spirit, ignites jade Flame immediately, burns the nihility. 这些黑羽,但凡初级罡灵之罩,立刻燃起玉色火焰,焚成虚无。 Several tens of thousands black feather burns through, Astral Spirit only consumed one-third Spiritual Energy, had not dissipated. 数万道黑羽燃尽,罡灵只消耗了三分之一灵力,仍未消散。 Mediocre... Breaking Mountain!” “不过如此…碎岳!” Ning Fan directs, the Senriyama mountain, starts to collapse crazily. 宁凡一指点出,千里山岳,开始疯狂崩溃。 Every time collapses a mountain, referring to the strength is stronger a point, after Shan Beng (mountain collapse) cracks in the earth and thousand li (500 km) ruins, but great eagle blood-red in crazy gaze, first time reveals fear of instinct, but this dreads, too late! This dreads, just raised, wants to escape, then by that not well-known blood-red, the annihilation, was changed to immortal War Intent! 每崩溃一山,指力更强一分,当山崩地裂、千里废墟之后,巨鹰血红而疯狂的目光中,第一次露出本能的畏惧,只是这畏惧,太迟!只是这畏惧,刚刚升起,想要逃脱,便被那不知名的血红,湮灭,化作不朽的战意 ‚!’ ‘嗷!’ The great eagle crazy exposes black feather, attacks Ning Fan, even makes a futile effort. 巨鹰疯狂将黑羽抖落,攻击宁凡,即便徒劳无功。 all of these struggles, after Ning Fan fingertip Sword Glow presses down, terminates. 这一切挣扎,在宁凡指尖剑芒按下以后,终止。 A finger/refers lives deep yellow Zhijian, Sword Glow seems the aurora, under shakes, submerges the great eagle head, at once, in its 1000 zhang (3333.33 meters) Giant Body, blasting open, changes to the innumerable fragile hair sword silk, tears. 一指生深黄指剑,剑芒好似极光,一抖之下,没入巨鹰头颅,旋即,在其千丈巨身之内,炸裂,化作无数细弱发丝的剑丝,撕扯。 A moment later, the body of great eagle 1000 zhang (3333.33 meters), changes to Blood Mist to blast out, Blood Rain sprinkles counts the 1000 zhang (3333.33 meters) land. 片刻之后,巨鹰千丈之身,化作血雾炸开,血雨洒落数千丈的土地。 Ning Fan treads the heaven stands, flicks the sleeve, black Monster Core of fist size, absorbs to start. At once is single-handed wields, grasps toward this Blood Rain, Blood Mist that scatters, or permeates the ruins the bloody water, was absorbed by it, changes to gigantic black blood cell, floats before its. 宁凡踏天而立,一拂袖,一颗拳头大小的黑色妖丹,摄入手中。旋即单手一挥,朝这血雨一抓,无论是飘散的血雾,抑或渗入废墟的血水,都被其摄回,化作一个硕大的黑色血球,漂浮在其身前。 This gigantic blood cell, after compresses unceasingly, condenses drop of pitch-black glossy Monster Blood slowly. 这硕大血球,在不断压缩之后,徐徐凝聚成一滴乌黑油亮的妖血 The blood of False Desolate Beast! 伪荒兽之血! Receives the person wealth, eliminates the risk, Ning Fan receives Monster Core, leaves Xu Rushan, but this Monster Blood, is actually promoting Monster Force great supplementation thing, in this Monster Spiritual Energy rich to sending the place of referring, Ning Fan, if has enough Monster Blood, Monster Force cultivation base may promoting to terrifying Realm. 收人钱财,替人消灾,宁凡收起妖丹,自是留给许如山,但这妖血,却是提升妖力大补之物,在这妖灵力浓郁到发指之地,宁凡若有足够妖血,妖力修为或许会提升恐怖境界 This False Desolate Beast black blood, a drop, sufficiently promoting 1 armor Monster Force! 伪荒兽黑血,一滴,足以提升一甲妖力 without/has not the Devour(ing) black blood, Ning Fan gaze, falls in that Monster Blood immediately finally, suddenly concentrates. 只是没有立刻吞噬黑血,宁凡目光,最终落在那妖血之中,蓦然一凝。 Actually sees in that pitch-black Monster Blood, has the blood of extremely thin diluted Golden, is dissipating in the air slowly. 却见那乌黑的妖血之中,有着极细一丝淡金之血,正徐徐消散于空气中。 This is...” “这是…” Under Ning Fan counts on the fingers a ball, black blood trembles, the color of that diluted Golden, was compelled by Ning Fan, absorbs in the hand. 宁凡屈指一弹,乌血一颤之下,其中那丝淡金之色,被宁凡迫出,摄在手中。 This is blood of the diluted Golden, Monster Force that but contains, is almost black blood two times! 这是一丝淡金之血,但蕴含的妖力,几乎是乌血的两倍! And the blood of this diluted Golden. And was disclosing a pressure, compared with prestige of Dong Xu and Yue Lingkong, is stronger! 且这一丝淡金之血。其中透露着一股威压,比洞虚月凌空之威,更强! This without doubt is the blood of Monster Race Expert! Is stronger than Divine Transformation Peak and Half-Step Void Refinement, deciding is Void Refinement Stage the blood of Monster Commander! 这无疑是妖族强者之血!比化神巅峰半步炼虚都强,定是炼虚期妖帅之血! „The blood of Monster Commander?! Is can it be this blood, then Monster Beast changes into the False Desolate reason? Then is that great eagle dreads obviously, actually doesn't dare to escape the reason that and fight at risk of life?” 妖帅之血?!难道这血,便是妖兽化为伪荒的原因?便是那巨鹰明明畏惧,却不敢逃跑、拼死一战的原因么?” The blood of this diluted Golden, to is unable Devour(ing), to be auxiliary by Monster Grass richly immediately, may swallow. 淡金之血,浓郁到无法立刻吞噬,必须以妖草辅助,才可吞下。 Ning Fan pats storage pouch, this pale Golden Blood silk. Receives in the jade bottle, is only at once, in storage pouch another jade bottle, with this pale Golden Blood bottle, seems the raising resonance. 宁凡一拍储物袋,将此淡金血丝。收入玉瓶中,只是旋即,储物袋中另一个玉瓶,与此淡金血瓶,好似升起共鸣。 That jade bottle, was past Ning Fan when Great Jin, robbed from the Li Ban Monster Companion hand , remembers that put drop of extremely tyrannical Monster Blood. 那玉瓶,是当年宁凡大晋之时,自鲤伴伴妖手中所抢夺,其中,记得是盛放了一滴极为强横的妖血 That Monster Blood. By past Ning Fan Harmonious Spirit cultivation base, did not may Devour(ing). But now, the body of Ning Fan, withstands the strength of that Monster Blood actually sufficiently. 妖血。以当年宁凡融灵修为,万万不可吞噬。而如今,宁凡的身体,倒是足以承受那妖血之力。 He is silent. Takes out that jade bottle, Divine Sense searches into, puts, is blood of the drop of complete diluted Golden. 他沉默无言。取出那玉瓶,神念探入,其中盛放的,是一滴完整的淡金之血。 One entire drops the blood of Monster Commander...” “一整滴妖帅之血么…” This drop of blood. Should be hundred capillaries, may condense. Together pale Golden Blood silk, but promoting 2 armor Monster Force. Drop of diluted Golden Monster Blood, but promoting 200 armor Monster Force! 这一滴之血。应是百道血丝,才可凝聚。一道淡金血丝,可提升二甲妖力。一滴淡金妖血,可提升200甲妖力 Receives two jade bottles, Ning Fan opened mouth, swallows great eagle black blood, spending is not long, then refining. 收起两个玉瓶,宁凡张口,吞下巨鹰乌血,并未花费太久,便将之炼化 Monster Force, promoting to 67 armor. 妖力,提升至67甲。 This place absorbs Monster Blood, the speed arrives quickly unthinkably, but the thing of refining promoting Magic Force, is much slower. 此地吸纳妖血,速度快到匪夷所思,而炼化提升法力之物,却慢得出奇。 Why the blood of Monster Commander... this thing will appear in Secret Realm. Monster Commander... in can it be this Broken World Secret Realm, there is to endure to compare Void Refinement cultivation base Monster Commander exist(ence)?! And I attain Golden Blood in great eagle within the body, holds with Li Ban, clearly is the same Monster Commander flows... Li Ban... this Broken World Secret Realm, reason that exist(ence), reason perhaps not simple...” 妖帅之血…此物为何会出现在秘境之中。妖帅难道碎界秘境之中,有堪比炼虚修为妖帅存在?!且我在巨鹰体内所获金血,与鲤伴所持,分明是同一妖帅所流…鲤伴…这碎界秘境,之所以存在,原因或许不会简单…” Ning Fan pats storage pouch, takes out the map again, is looking at blank area outside 70 million li, gaze is dignified. 宁凡一拍储物袋,再次取出地图,望着七千万里之外的空白区域,目光凝重。 In area that can it be that is unable to enter, there is Monster Commander exist(ence)... 难道那无法进入的区域之中,有妖帅存在么… This place, can it be and is the previous Ancient Monster Clan secret related? 此地,难道与上古妖族隐秘有关么? Receives the map, Ning Fan shakes Cauldron Furnace Ring, calls Cha girl and Feng girl. 收起地图,宁凡一抖鼎炉环,唤出茶女风女 Two females by Ning Fan harvested cultivation, were only remained Gold Core Level Monster Force, but the 1st Stage time nourishes, facial expression on the contrary compared with the former shiny smooth. 二女被宁凡采补,只剩金丹级妖力,但一段时间滋养,气色反倒比之前更加莹润。 Two females seem discussing anything, sees to be called red mist Space by Ning Fan, immediately the tender body trembles, receives the words. 二女似乎正在谈论着什么,一见被宁凡唤出红雾空间,立刻娇躯一颤,收住话语。 Servant girl has seen Master, does not know that Master has what instruction...” “婢子见过主人,不知主人有何吩咐…” Two female simultaneously dangling heads, beautiful hair obstructs the surface, in the appearance, was still scabs. 二女齐齐垂下头,秀发遮面,容颜上,仍是道道伤疤。 Sorry, complies with your refining Appearance Returning Pill, but continuously without/has not time refining...” “抱歉,答应你们炼制复容丹,但一直没有时间炼制…” Yes, Master, even if not refine this pill, the servant girl does not dare to hate Master's...” Under Feng girl Zi Fa (purple haired), in pupil slightly flashes Lost. “是么,主人即便不炼此丹,婢子也不敢怨恨主人的…”风女紫发之下,眸中微微闪过一丝失落 without/has not Appearance Returning Pill, she is disappointed, but how this can, she be Ning Fan Dual Cauldron, Ning Fan then deceives her, she is unable to hate. 没有复容丹,她自是失望,但这又能怎样,她是宁凡鼎炉,宁凡便是欺骗她,她也无法怨恨。 Spirit Herb, I have collected neat, relax, my Dual Cauldron, naturally is attractive good...” Ning Fan shows a faint smile, the palm has caressed two female cheeks, immediately, Cha girl reveals charmingly angry smiling, but Feng girl, is moved slightly. “不过灵药,我已搜集齐,放心,我的鼎炉,自然是漂漂亮亮才好…”宁凡微微一笑,手掌抚过二女脸颊,立刻,茶女露出一丝娇嗔之笑,而风女,则微微感动。 Spirit Herb is uneven... Five Revolutions Medicine Pill Appearance Returning Pill, needed is 10,000 years Spirit Herb, this how long, Ning Fan then sufficiently collects Spirit Herb, is two female treatment appearances, cares. 灵药已齐么…五转丹药复容丹,需要的自是万年灵药,这才多久,宁凡便凑足灵药,自是将为二女治疗容颜,放在心上。 Feng girl is very difficult not to dare to move, by her Monster Companion, the lowly status, is Monster General destroys him to accommodate, she cannot disobey orders, the present new master, is actually willing for two female so ugly girls, duplicate/restores to accommodate... 风女很难不敢动,以她伴妖之时、卑贱身份,便是妖将毁其容,她也不得抗命,如今的新主,却愿意为二女如此丑女,复容… Thanks...” Feng girl first time smiled, although the appearance is extremely ugly, smiling is very beautiful. “谢谢…”风女第一次笑了出来,虽然容颜极丑,笑却很美。 Expression of gratitude words, when day of to say again Medicine Pill refined into, at this moment I, and asked that your two people, this place, your two people may know...” “道谢的话,待丹药炼成之日再说,此刻我且问你二人,此地,你二人可知…” It looks like in Ning Fan, if this place is seriously related with on Ancient Monster Clan, has Monster Commander to involve, two female as Monster General Monster Companion, many knows anything. 宁凡看来,若此地当真与上古妖族有关,有妖帅有牵扯,二女身为妖将伴妖,多少知道些什么。 After two females see this place, immediately, simultaneously reveals the startled color. 只是二女看到此地之后,立刻,齐齐露出惊色。 Lord, Master, how do you seek this place? Here... here, but Lands of Deep Slumber! Then, will have Monster General, even the Monster Commander deep sleep! Extremely dangerous!” “主,主人,你是如何寻到这地方的?这里…这里可是‘沉睡之地’啊!说不得,会有妖将、甚至妖帅沉睡!极为危险!” Two females as Dual Cauldron, actually first time, cares about the Ning Fan safety. 二女身为鼎炉,却平生第一次,关心起宁凡的安危。 Lands of Deep Slumber? If really so, there is Monster Commander in this?” Ning Fan gaze concentrates. 沉睡之地?如此,果真有妖帅在此了?”宁凡目光一凝。 Yes, if servant girl without/has not misreads, here should, First Realm!”( Please search the floating astronomy to be continued, the novel is better to renew is quicker! “是,若是婢子没有看错,这里应为,‘第一界’!”(未完待续请搜索飄天文學,小说更好更新更快!
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