GE :: Volume #12

#1138: Strange statue

Ning Fan to so-called Ancient Immortal Emperor Immortal Cave, is not interested. 宁凡对所谓的古仙帝洞府,并不感兴趣。 What is helpless, is hanging Emperor Shen Kong / Divine Void of vice- Alliance Leader title, to him in every possible way invited, to insist to entrain him to go to that to locate a Ancient Emperor Immortal Cave view. 无奈的是,挂着副盟主头衔的神空帝,偏偏对他百般邀请,硬要拽着他前往那处古帝洞府一观。 With feast Void Emperor and the others, are similarly full of enthusiasm, invites Ning Fan to go to search, and claimed in Immortal Cave Seal many Secret Treasure god pill, after Ning Fan went, may branch out, delivers with Ning Fan. 与宴的虚空帝等人,同样兴致勃勃,力邀宁凡前往一探,并声称洞府封印了不少秘宝神丹,宁凡去后,可分出一些,送与宁凡 This made Ning Fan very curious actually, Immortal Emperor present so was why warm, unanimously invited him to go to that to locate Ancient Emperor Immortal Cave, carved up the Immortal Cave conceal treasure? 这倒是让宁凡十分好奇了,在座的仙帝为何如此热情,一致邀请他前往那处古帝洞府,瓜分洞府藏宝? Can this matter be planning of harboring unfathomable motives? 此事会是一场居心叵测的算计么? After these can Immortal Emperor direct him that locates Ancient Emperor Immortal Cave, collaborates to plot to murder him? 这些仙帝会不会将他引到那处古帝洞府以后,联手谋害他? This conspiracy theory dodges in the Ning Fan heart, at once pinches out by Ning Fan, laughs in spite of trying not to shake the head. 这个阴谋论在宁凡心头一闪,旋即又被宁凡掐灭,失笑摇头。 Planning that these years he experiences were somewhat many, therefore meets the matter, often thinks toward the fault the will of the people. However the eye lower realm river is just chaotic, these Eastern Heaven Immortal Emperor should be insufficient simultaneously to betray Eastern Heaven, plans his. Therefore this conspiracy theory, possibility is not big, was he wants. 这些年他经历的算计有些多了,故而一遇事情,往往会把人心往坏处想。不过眼下界河正乱,这些东天仙帝应该不至于同时背叛东天,算计他的。故而这种阴谋论,可能性根本不大,是他想多了。 These Eastern Heaven Great Emperor motives are very simple, should think presenting the Buddha with borrowed flowers, in the treasure with others Immortal Cave, flatters in him. 这些东天大帝的动机很简单,应该只是想借花献佛,拿别人洞府里的宝贝,讨好于他。 Also or, in that Immortal Cave also certain treasure, the abilities cannot use depending on Shen Kong / Divine Void Emperor and the others, therefore wants to a certain extent, with the aid of his strength. 又或者,那洞府还有某些宝贝,凭神空帝等人的能力取用不得,故而想要一定程度上,借助他的力量。 Has thought through the joint, Ning Fan has agreed finally without thinking Shen Kong / Divine Void Emperor and the others the invitations, explicitly has not actually complied, which day goes to that to locate Immortal Cave with Emperor all. 想通了其中关节,宁凡最终还是随口答应了神空帝等人的邀请,却没有明确答应,哪一日和诸帝前往那处洞府 This was one type has been perfunctory in disguised form, Ning Fan cared that the ninth group of combat situations, do not want to pay attention to that Ancient Emperor Immortal Cave temporarily. 这算是一种变相的敷衍了,宁凡更关心第九路的战情,暂时不想理会那座古帝洞府 In a flash, passed by the 3rd. 一晃,三日过去。 Eye lower realm river clear and refreshing autumn weather weather. On this day, Void Emperor and Emperor Shen Kong / Divine Void and Emperor Chi Tuo, Minghe Tongzi and other Immortal Emperor, simultaneously visit to seek an interview suddenly, inviting Ning Fan to go to that to locate a Ancient Emperor Immortal Cave view. 下界河正是秋高气爽的天气。这一日,虚空帝神空帝、赤驼帝、明河童子等四名仙帝,忽然齐齐登门求见,邀请宁凡前往那处古帝洞府一观。 Ning Fan slightly feels speechless, are heart these people so careful to that Ancient Emperor Immortal Cave? Could not be perfunctory really shortly, must nod, accompanies four emperors to walk. 宁凡略感无语,心道这些人怎么对那座古帝洞府如此上心?眼看实在是敷衍不过去了,只得点头,陪四帝走一趟。 Ancient Emperor Immortal Cave that four emperors said that is away from Ten Thousand Saint Mountain Pass is not too far, half day voyage. That locates rear area of Immortal Cave situated in Ten Thousand Saint Mountain Pass, at the formation extent of protection, the geographical position is very safe. Goes to this place to search, does not exist to encounter the Foreign Clan ambush the danger. 四帝所说的古帝洞府,距离万圣关并不是太远,连半日水程都不到。那处洞府位于万圣关的后方,处在阵法保护范围,地理位置十分安全。前往此地一探,并不存在遭遇异族伏击的危险。 Immortal Cave situated in independent Space in the middle, because is old, this before soon splits together the slight Space crack, was sought by Emperor all exactly. 洞府位于一处独立空间当中,因为年代久远,这才在不久之前裂开一道细微的空间裂缝,恰好被诸帝寻得。 This is extremely ancient Immortal Cave Space, does not know that had many years, among heaven and earth Spiritual Qi somewhat decayed melts. However what is strange, the formation prestige in Immortal Cave can still retain 2-3 points unexpectedly, has not annihilated in the years completely, has several Dividing Spirit to be wonderful. 这是一座极为古老的洞府空间,已不知存在了多少年,其内的天地灵气都有些朽化了。然而古怪的是,洞府内的阵法威能居然仍保留了两三分,并没有完全湮灭于岁月,颇有几分神奇。 Ning Fan is not careful to this Ancient Emperor Immortal Cave at first, but after having experienced this Immortal Cave unusual place, finally had several points of interest. 宁凡起初对这古帝洞府并不上心,不过见识了这座洞府的奇特之处后,终于还是起了几分兴趣。 The Immortal Cave Space landform, is the vast glacier. Huge iceberg that above the glacier, is towering eight reaching to the sky, such as eight giant guards, stand upright straightly. 洞府空间的地貌,是一望无际的冰川。冰川之上,耸立着八座高耸入云的巨大冰山,如八个巨大守卫,笔直挺立。 Above each iceberg, once Ancient Emperor opened Immortal Cave in this. Here truly is Ancient Emperor Immortal Cave Space, but actually does not turn over to some Ancient Emperor, but turns over to eight Ancient Emperor jointly to have. 每一座冰山之上,都曾有一名古帝在此开辟洞府。这里确确实实是一处古帝洞府空间,但却不归某一个古帝所有,而是归八名古帝共同拥有。 According to Shen Kong / Divine Void Emperor and the others textual criticism, these eight Immortal Emperor should be a character of Eastern Heaven Ancestral Emperor time. Eight people are same side Martial Brother, was called as Ba Zi Water Sect by the character of same time, seems like many Eastern Heaven old books, has mentioned these eight Ancient Emperor. 根据神空帝等人的考据,这八名仙帝应该是东天祖帝一个时代的人物。八人是同门师兄弟,被同时代的人物称作“水宗八子”,貌似有不少东天古籍,都提到过这八名古帝 This title came from where, descendant is unknown. 这个称号从何而来,后人不得而知。 According to the old book record, the successes of these eight people of always most brilliance, once with joint forces defeated Eastern Heaven Ancestral Emperor this unparalleled person to be outstanding, what uses is Water Element Divine Ability. 根据古籍记载,这八人平生最光辉的战绩,是曾合力打败过东天祖帝这位盖世人杰,用的是水行神通 Can defeat Eastern Heaven Ancestral Emperor that and the others to be outstanding, even if weaponry person were many, was sufficiently proud. This Ba Zi Water Sect skill is not small, what a pity fierce person, could not resist the years. Since eight emperors die in the middle of the years perpetual flow, only has stayed behind finally eight Immortal Cave preserve, is witnessing the humans affair change, making one sob. 能击败东天祖帝那等人杰,纵然仗了人多,也足以自傲了。这水宗八子本事不小,可惜再厉害的人,也抵挡不了岁月。八帝最终还是陨落在了岁月长河当中,只留下八座洞府留存至今,见证着世事变迁,令人唏嘘。 Above each iceberg, some cloth massive formation, the prestige can not measure. Eight iceberg are different because of Master, the color of light is also various, eight colors, eight color iceberg, enhance one another's beauty in this place, somewhat is quite magnificent. 每一座冰山之上,都布有大量阵法,威能莫测。八座冰山主人不同,阵光的颜色也各不相同,八种色彩,八色冰山,在此地交相辉映,颇有几分瑰丽。 In the middle of eight iceberg, five had been broken through formation by Shen Kong / Divine Void Emperor and the others, took to empty the treasure \; What a pity also three had Shen Kong / Divine Void Emperor and the others the areas of competence, until now cannot break through, instead because of formation, has suffered many hardships respectively. 八座冰山当中,有五座已被神空帝等人攻破阵法,取空了宝贝\;可惜还有三座出了神空帝等人的能力范围,时至今日也未能攻破,反而因为阵法,各自吃了不少苦头。 Then, these people have then saved the thoughts. The final three iceberg treasure, they cannot take away in any case, would rather presenting the Buddha with borrowed flowers, brings to give Ning Fan. 如此一来,这些人便存了心思。反正最后三座冰山的宝贝,他们也拿不走,倒不如借花献佛,拿来送给宁凡 Naturally, if has any treasure is Ning Fan cannot have a liking, they do not mind in actually the minute a point. Ning Fan eats the meat, they eat soup, good Ah! 当然了,若是其中有什么宝贝是宁凡看不上的,他们倒是不介意分上一分。宁凡吃肉,他们喝汤,也不错啊! Brother Ning the prestige is outstanding, I and others admired for a long time, suffers from not having the method to become friends with. By the Brother Ning ability, breaks latter three Immortal Cave formation, thinks easy as pie. So long as Brother Ning breaks formation, final three iceberg treasure, as long as is useful to Brother Ning, turns over to Brother Ning entirely!” “宁老弟威名卓著,我等钦慕已久,苦于没有门路结交。以宁老弟的本领,破开后三座洞府阵法,想必易如反掌。只要宁老弟破开阵法,最后三座冰山的宝贝,但凡对宁老弟有用,通通归宁老弟所有!” If useless thing to Brother Ning, Hehe your White-Clothed Yama strength is exceedingly high, the big enterprise has lots of assets, the vision is extremely high, thinks that will have the lots to look does not glance, ought to make us fish some soup 若是对宁老弟没用的东西么,嘿嘿白衣阎罗实力通天,家大业大,眼界自是极高,想必会有很多东西都看不上眼,总该让我们捞些汤水吧 Shen Kong / Divine Void Emperor and the others, all show an extremely natural expression, as if brings Ning Fan to come this, making Ning Fan pick big cheap same as / in general. 神空帝等人,皆摆出一副极其大方的表情,仿佛带宁凡来此,让宁凡捡了多大的便宜一般 This makes Ning Fan very speechless. 这让宁凡十分无语。 He is understands how about these is artificial this attentively, must ask him to come this place to observe. 他算是明白这些人为何如此殷勤,要请他来此地一观了。 Originally wants to make him strive, then follows to pick some advantage behind his buttocks 原来是想让他出力,然后跟在他屁股后面捡些好处啊 Shen Kong / Divine Void Emperor and the others show the way before, received to disperse nearby black air/Qi iceberg Ning Fan. 神空帝等人在前领路,将宁凡领到了一座散着黑气的冰山跟前。 This is in the middle of final three iceberg, the formation prestige can weak, turn over to the Ba Zi Water Sect third child. 这是最后三座冰山当中,阵法威能较弱的一个,归水宗八子的老三所有。 Ning Fan one line just approached this iceberg, immediately then some innumerable black ice thorns, emerge out of thin air, attacked toward Ning Fan and the others. 宁凡一行刚刚靠近这座冰山,顿时便有无数黑色冰刺,凭空出现,朝宁凡等人攻击而来。 Even if old, these ice thorns still retained 12 prestige energy, wounds small and weak Immortal Emperor sufficiently. 即便年代久远,那些冰刺仍保留了12分威能,足以击伤弱小仙帝 Shen Kong / Divine Void Emperor and the others, even if already asked for advice fierce that this ice has punctured, at this moment was still compelled somewhat to be thrown into confusion by this ice thorn. Void Emperor and Emperor Shen Kong / Divine Void and Emperor Chi Tuo are good, is seven Eighth Tribulations characters \; Minghe Tongzi has suffered a loss, he is only Six Tribulations cultivation base, even if early has the protection, was still one carelessly, an ice thorn broke through to defend Divine Ability, pricked the left shoulder. 神空帝等人纵然早就领教过这冰刺的厉害,此刻仍旧被这冰刺逼得有些手忙脚乱。虚空帝神空帝、赤驼帝还好,都是七八劫的人物\;明河童子就比较吃亏了,他只是六劫修为,纵然早有防备,仍是一个不慎,被其中一根冰刺攻破防御神通,刺入左肩。 Minghe Tongzi in great surprise, has wiped out Black Ice Thorn immediately, without any hesitates. The bonus is he acts rapidly, wound had still flowed out the massive black bloody pus, decayed exceptionally. 明河童子大惊,立刻拔除了黑冰刺,没有任何迟疑。饶是他动作迅,伤口仍是流出了大量黑色脓血,腐臭异常。 Attack that because Minghe Tongzi also this trivial ice punctures, but looks pale, unexpectedly had the heavy injury! 明河童子也因为这区区一根冰刺的攻击,而面色苍白,居然已经有了不轻的伤势! Ancient Immortal Emperor formation, even if the prestige can reduce greatly, can injure and End of Law Immortal Emperor unexpectedly easily. This is the disparity of people of our time and ancient 古仙帝阵法,即便威能大减,竟也能轻易伤及末法仙帝。这就是今人与古人的差距么 „, and withdraws, I cope with these ice thorns.” Ning Fan sighed, to Minghe Tongzi and other humanity. “诸位且退后,我来对付这些冰刺。”宁凡一叹,对明河童子等人道。 This word, stems from a good intention. Although these Immortal Emperor want to use him to come to break the formation, he is actually not willing the opposite party to damage overweight. 此言,确是出于一番好意。这几个仙帝虽然是想利用他来破阵,他却不愿对方损伤过重。 These people damage some, the strength of Boundary River allied armies then much loses some. General situation for heavy, he did not mind keeps off this place all dangers actually for these people. 这些人多损伤一些,界河盟军的实力便多损失一些。大局为重,他倒是不介意替这些人挡下此地所有危险。 What a pity his good intention, falls in the opposite party ear, actually appeared somewhat grating. 可惜他的一番好意,落在对方耳中,却显得有些刺耳了。 Brother Ning rather also looked down on us. The brother your strength extremely, I and others may not be weak! What fears these Black Ice Thorn! The word of withdrawing, does not do to raise i again!” “宁老弟未免也太小瞧我们了。老弟你实力绝顶,我等可也不弱的!何惧这些黑冰刺!退后之言,休要再提i!” Minghe Fellow Daoist is injured, is only an accident, instead is Fellow Daoist should add carefully. These Black Ice Thorn are quite fierce, is one of the Ba Zi Water Sect Secret Art, only need the answer ten ice puncture also attacks, is Seven Tribulations Eighth Tribulations Immortal Emperor is also hard to resist. I and others collaborated, becomes calculates that can be bigger!” 明河道友受伤,只是一个意外,反而是道友才应该多加小心。这些黑冰刺极为厉害,乃是水宗八子绝学之一,只消得数十个冰刺同时攻击,便是七劫八劫仙帝也难以招架的。我等联手,成算才能更大!” Fellow Daoist not underestimate the enemy!” 道友不可轻敌!” Shen Kong / Divine Void Emperor and the others all frowned, thought that Ning Fan some extremely looked down on them, unexpectedly made them withdraw. Although this line of they flatter Ning Fan, but which is not the proud generation, who is willing to be so looked down on by Ning Fan. 神空帝等人全都皱了眉,觉得宁凡有些太过小瞧他们了,居然让他们退后。此行他们虽说是来讨好宁凡的,可哪一个不是骄傲之辈,又有谁愿意被宁凡如此小瞧呢。 Ning Fan frowned, sees four emperors to insist that then also no longer makes the persuasion. Facing the front surface attacks to innumerable ice thorns, only high offers a sacrifice to 7 Treasure Wonder Tree, has brushed one after another a lot of times. 宁凡皱眉,见四帝坚持,便也不再多做劝说。面对迎面攻至的无数冰刺,只将七宝妙树高高祭起,接连刷了千百次。 In a twinkling, hundred and thousand of Black Ice Thorn were brushed by the Qibao ray easily explodes, the process should not be too relaxed. 霎时间,成百上千的黑冰刺被七宝光芒轻易刷爆,过程不要太轻松。 Shen Kong / Divine Void Emperor and the others stared both eyes, opened mouth is dumbfounded round, for a very long time shock. 神空帝等人瞪圆了双眼,张口结舌,久久合不拢嘴 Their previous quarter was still blaming Ning Fan to despise them, said that dozens ice punctured the attack, made Seven Tribulations Eighth Tribulations Immortal Emperor be hard to resist sufficiently, latter moment Ning Fan then told them with the fact: These ice puncture him, is simply not worthy of mentioning, over a thousand ice thorns, lifting the hand may extinguish 他们前一刻还在责怪宁凡轻视他们,更说数十冰刺攻击,足以让七劫八劫仙帝难以招架,后一刻宁凡便用事实告诉他们:这些冰刺于他而言,简直微不足道,上千冰刺,抬手可灭 split second, Shen Kong / Divine Void Emperor and the others proud completely broken, in the heart all has the thick frustration and dilutedness. 一瞬间,神空帝等人骄傲尽碎,心中全都生出浓浓的挫败感、无力感。 They know that they and between Ning Fan have the disparity, actually unexpectedly, disparity big to so situation, just likes the natural moat that is away from cannot be surmounted! 他们知道自己与宁凡之间存在差距,却不料,差距会大到如此地步,彼此之间犹如隔着不可跨越的天堑! „It looks like, Brother Ning a person can also break through this place formation easily, I and others truly do not need take action. Respected the young, respects the young Void Emperor seems split second old several millions years, bitter and astringent [say / way]. “看起来,宁老弟一个人也能轻易攻破此地阵法,我等确实不必出手的。后生可畏,后生可畏啊”虚空帝好似一瞬间老了几百万岁,苦涩道。 Shen Kong / Divine Void Emperor and the others all looks like have also hit the eggplant of frost, could not mention the least bit imposing manner in front of Ning Fan. 神空帝等人也全都像打了霜的茄子,在宁凡面前提不起半点气势了。 Sees oneself casual take action, then attacks this appearance the supercilious Eastern Heaven four emperors, the Ning Fan sigh, is not willing to injure the self-respect of four emperors. Pulls several points of happy expression, slightly makes the comfort to four emperors, four emperors have just now buoyed up. 见自己随便一出手,便把心高气傲的东天四帝打击成这副模样,宁凡叹息更甚,不愿过于伤害四帝的自尊心。扯出几分笑意,对四帝略作安慰,四帝方才重新振作了一些。 However following formation, handed over by Ning Fan one person actually completely eradicates. 不过接下来的阵法,倒是全部交由宁凡一人破除了。 Black iceberg formation, ten 9th layer, 1st layer is the attack of Black Ice Thorn, 2-3 was broken by Ning Fan. 冰山阵法,共有十九重,第一重黑冰刺的攻击,被宁凡三两下就破掉了。 2nd layer is the water poisonous attack, Ning Fan carries the Yin-Yang of Poison strength, does not fear this toxin, is Shen Kong / Divine Void Emperor and the others is miserable beyond description under the water poisonous attack on the contrary, if not Ning Fan rescues, nearly must make the human life. 二重是水毒攻击,宁凡身负毒阴阳的力量,丝毫不惧此毒,反倒是神空帝等人在水毒的攻击下苦不堪言,若非宁凡相救,险些就要闹出人命了。 3rd layer formation, transformed a Six Tribulations Immortal Emperor cultivation base water giant, was executed easily by Ning Fan 7 Treasure Wonder Tree, was startled Shen Kong / Divine Void Emperor and the others Cold Qi to reach, looked that Ning Fan such as looked at the ghosts and gods. 三重阵法,幻化出了一个六劫仙帝修为的水巨人,被宁凡七宝妙树轻易毙掉,惊得神空帝等人寒气冲顶,看宁凡如看鬼神。 4th layer formation transformed the covers the sky rough seas, submerged to come toward the entire glacier, appearance of the water, almost the four emperors of volume did not stand steadily, Magic Force chaos \; Ning Fan actually conveniently takes out not well-known black iron thin needle, only takes thin needle one finger, unexpectedly made all ocean waves split second steam vanishes 四重阵法幻化出了遮天大浪,朝着整个冰川淹没而来,水势之强,几乎卷的四帝站立不稳,法力大乱\;宁凡却随手取出一根不知名的乌铁细针,只拿细针一指,居然令所有海浪一瞬间蒸消失 5th layer formation 五重阵法 6th layer formation 六重阵法 7th layer formation 七重阵法 Shen Kong / Divine Void Emperor and the others were gradually numb. In their eyes dangerous formation extremely, 2-3 was broken by Ning Fan all. The method that Ning Fan emerges one after another incessantly, deals with all situations sufficiently, making them be dazzled, finally feels a heartfelt admiration. 神空帝等人渐渐麻木了。在他们眼中凶险万分的阵法,无不被宁凡三两下破掉。宁凡层出不穷的手段,足以应对所有情况,让他们眼花缭乱,最终心悦诚服。 If said that at first sees the Ning Fan true strength, they think the attack, when saw a lot, then thought to become accustomed, thought should so. 若说最初见到宁凡的真正实力,他们觉得打击,待见得多了,便觉得习以为常了,觉得本该如此。 , Shen Kong / Divine Void Emperor and the others changed the name quietly, no longer called Brother Ning, but calls Brother Ning. Facing Ning Fan, they do not dare to pull rank again, rely on the rank \; Regarding this line, does not dare to save the small thoughts of fishing in troubled waters again. 悄然间,神空帝等人改变了称呼,不再称呼宁老弟,而是称呼宁兄。面对宁凡,他们不敢再托大,自恃辈分\;对于此行,更不敢再存浑水摸鱼的小心思。 Only one incense stick, black iceberg ten 9th layer formation, were all broken by Ning Fan. 只一炷香不到,黑冰山的十九重阵法,俱被宁凡破掉。 Ning Fan enters black iceberg Immortal Cave, has plundered, seeks the medicine pill more than ten bottles, Bao Kuo | Including two Nine Revolutions Emperor Pill, what a pity pill strength outflow more than half \; Seeks Magical Treasure three, is half damage Innate Magical Treasure \; Seeks Divine Ability jade slip one, records named Buries Jiang technique Water Element attacks Divine Ability. 宁凡进入黑冰山洞府内部,搜刮了一番,寻得丹药十多瓶,其中包括两颗九转帝丹,可惜丹力流失过半\;寻得法宝三件,皆是半损毁先天法宝\;寻得神通玉简一枚,记载着一种名为【葬江术】的水行攻击神通 The ancient years pass by, these medicine pill Magical Treasure did not have thorough spiritual nature to exhaust unexpectedly, this matter lets the Ning Fan extremely surprise, this in he has seen in Ancient Cultivator ruins, was extremely rare, Ba Zi Water Sect as if was extremely good at preserving the thing 亘古岁月过去,这些丹药法宝居然还没有彻底灵性耗尽,此事让宁凡极为诧异,这在他见过的古修士遗迹里面,算是极为少见了,水宗八子似乎极为擅长保存东西 Innate Magical Treasure of half damage can bring to burn to build up divine liquid. 半损毁的先天法宝可以拿来焚炼神液 Although the medicine pill efficacy drains more than half, actually also reluctantly can also eat, naturally, these medicine pill to the Ning Fan use not greatly and that's the end. 丹药药力虽然流失过半,却也勉强还能吃,当然,这些丹药宁凡用处不大就是了。 Buried river technique Ning Fan to look, was not fierce Divine Ability, the might stops the class river 1/10 unable to achieve continually, even if he has studied, was many one type Divine Ability forget it / that's all that integrated Cross Halo. 葬江术宁凡看了,不是什么厉害神通,威力连湮流大河1都达不到,就算他学了,也不过是多一种融入十字光环神通罢了 Ning Fan decided that keeps Magical Treasure uses for oneself, medicine pill takes away to people minutes, finally Shen Kong / Divine Void Emperor and the others no one wants Ning Fan medicine pill. 宁凡决定将法宝留作自用,丹药拿去给众人分分,结果神空帝等人谁也不要宁凡丹药 These medicine pill are actually not good, but is they are not willing, not to dare to take the Ning Fan advantage again. 倒不是这些丹药不好,而是他们不愿、不敢再占宁凡的便宜。 Sees four emperors to insist on not receiving these medicine pill, Ning Fan does not force, Divine Ability jade slip copy four, a person has only delivered. 见四帝执意不收这些丹药,宁凡也不勉强,只将神通玉简拓印了四份,一人送了一份。 Then does not pay attention to four people, alone in the Immortal Cave internal circulation second, has wanted to have a look to have the place of any omission. This One Revolution, is not important, Ning Fan is surprised suddenly, stopped the footsteps nearby a strange ice sculpture. 而后也不理会四人,独自在洞府内转了第二圈,想看看有什么遗漏之处。这一转,不打紧,宁凡忽然一诧,在一个古怪冰雕跟前停下了脚步。 This is a strange statue, by the thick ice carving, places the position of Immortal Cave most deep place, does not know the use. 这是一个古怪雕像,以玄冰雕刻而成,放在洞府最深处的位置,不知用途。 When first plunders Immortal Cave, the Ning Fan attention Magical Treasure above Immortal Cave, medicine pill and jade slip, has not noted this strange statue. 第一遍搜刮洞府时,宁凡的注意力都在洞府内的法宝丹药玉简之上,没有注意到这根奇怪雕像。 When the second investigation, he notes this strange statue, and he notes, statue, as if also leaves behind the plant ash that a beach made decent. 第二遍调查时,他才注意到这个奇怪雕像,且他注意到,雕像的跟前,似乎还遗留了一滩风化的草灰。 The Ning Fan squatting lower part of the body, carefully observes that plant ash, presently under these plant ashes, in fact are the rush cushion makes decent, leaves behind the vestiges. 宁凡蹲下身,仔细观察那草灰,现这些草灰,实际上是蒲团风化之后,遗留下的残迹。 This statue has not carved, has only carved a opening. Can see reluctantly, this is a female statue, because she long and waist \; What a pity the face actually has not carved, the body has not carved \; Above the statue, still had faint trace Incense Flame's Power continuously to preserve, obviously once earnestly had bowed politely by Immortal Cave Master. 这个雕像并没有雕完,只雕了个开头。勉强可以看出,这是一个女子雕像,因为她长及腰\;可惜脸部却没有雕刻好,身体也没有雕刻好\;偏偏雕像之上,仍有丝丝缕缕的香火之力留存,显然曾被洞府主人认真叩拜过。 Although the body of female has not carved, but from the approximate shape judgment of statue, the lower part of the body of female, should to carve the both legs, but is the plan carves a fish tail. 女子的身体虽然没有雕刻好,但从雕像的大致形状判断,女子的下身,应该不是要雕刻双腿,而是打算雕刻成一个鱼尾。 The woman of upper body person and lower part of the body fish? 上身人、下身鱼的女人? In the Ning Fan mind, presented the voice and face of Aphro suddenly, secretly thought this statue wanted to carve, is it possible that was a Mermaid female? 宁凡的脑海之中,忽然出现了阿芙洛的音容,暗道这个雕像想要雕的,莫非是一只鲛人女子? Then the issue came. This Immortal Cave Master Ba Zi Water Sect third child, why must carve such a Mermaid statue, why must bow politely she. 那么问题来了。这间洞府主人水宗八子的老三,为什么要雕刻这么一个鲛人雕像,又为何要叩拜她呢。 Sees Ning Fan to stare at this strange statue to look unexpectedly that Shen Kong / Divine Void Emperor and the others were surprised the different way, 宁凡居然盯着这个古怪雕像看,神空帝等人诧异道, What improper does this statue have? Can it be that did Fellow Daoist from this statue, see what profound principles?” “这个雕像可是有什么不妥?道友莫不是从这个雕像之中,看出了什么玄机?” No, not, but thought that Immortal Cave in good condition, inside puts the female statue that such has not been carving, is somewhat strange.” Ning Fan replied. “不,并没有,只是觉得好端端一个洞府,里面放着这么一个未雕完的女子雕像,有些奇怪。”宁凡答道。 This has anything to be strange, five Immortal Cave that before I and others broke, all have such one unable to see clearly the female statue of appearance and physique. This female mostly is the Ba Zi Water Sect teacher, can therefore make them bow politely sincerely.” “这有什么奇怪的,之前我等破开的五个洞府,皆有这样一个看不清容貌、形体的女子雕像。这个女子多半是水宗八子的师长,故而才能令他们诚心叩拜吧。” Other Immortal Cave have” “其他洞府也有么” Ning Fan shakes the head, depresses the strange feeling in innermost feelings, turns around to go out of Immortal Cave. 宁凡摇摇头,将内心之中的古怪感觉压下,转身走出洞府 Goes out of the Immortal Cave instance in him, he as if feels the back direction, the statue female who that has not undercut the five senses, has smiled the chill in the air biting cold smiling face to him. 在他走出洞府的瞬间,他似乎感觉背后方向,那个没有雕出五官的雕像女子,对他笑了一下寒意彻骨的笑容。 He turns head fiercely, frowned stares at that statue. 他猛地回头,皱眉凝视那雕像。 „Does this statue really have improper?” Emperor Shen Kong / Divine Void asked that inspected that statue repeatedly, actually the natural exam could not find out any issue. “这个雕像果然有所不妥么?”神空帝问道,反复检查那雕像,却当然检查不出任何问题的。 Is more careful, I thought that here not too passes on the tone channel to Ning Fan. “小心一些,我觉得这里不太对”宁凡传音道。
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