GS :: Volume #7 东洲海外

#4215: Strongest bait!

If I told the Grandmaster, if you joined my Cheng Family, I won't interfere with your freedom?” Cheng Yu said. “如果我告诉大师,你若是加入了我程家,我不会干涉你的自由呢?”程宇说道。 Only then understood the idea of opposite party, he can hold the weakness of opposite party. 只有了解了对方的想法,他才能够抓住对方的弱点。 He hopes that Cheng Family can detain such able high-level Alchemist, perhaps the ability of this Grandmaster treasure pill and compared with him, radically is a level. 他希望程家能够留住这样一个有能力的高级炼丹师,也许这宝丹大师的能力与他相比,根本就是一个层次的。 But regarding Cheng Family, actually needed like this high-level Alchemist. 可是对于程家来说,却是太需要这样的高级炼丹师了。 After all the time of Cheng Family development was too short, these years he also gathered many Alchemist, even also really had several high-level Alchemist. 毕竟程家发展的时间还是太短了,这些年他也招揽了不少的炼丹师,甚至其中也确实有几个高级炼丹师 However, in the middle of all these Alchemist, can compared with Grandmaster treasure pill outstanding also few, even is also equivalent to Grandmaster treasure pill merely. 不过,所有这些炼丹师当中,能够比宝丹大师优秀的也没有几个,甚至也仅仅只是与宝丹大师相当而已。 Therefore Cheng Family in the refinement high rank Medicinal Pill(s) aspect, was too defective, these precious Medicinal Pill(s) that the Cheng Family duty took, majority was the resources on his hand, some were he refines personally. 因此程家在炼制高阶丹药方面,还是太欠缺了,程家任务拿出来的那些珍贵丹药,大部分都是他自己手上的资源,有的则是他自己亲自炼制出来的。 Is only small some high rank Medicinal Pill(s) stems from the hands of these Alchemist. 仅仅只是一小部分高阶丹药是出自那些炼丹师之手。 On for example that accurate pill of immortality level cultivation base pill, is actually these Alchemist refines, the method of but according to him teaching refines. 就比如那枚准仙丹级别修为丹,其实是那些炼丹师炼制出来的,只不过是按照他教的方法炼制出来的。 Otherwise, that Medicinal Pill(s) will not appear at the auction. 要不然,那丹药也不会出现在拍卖会了。 Medicinal Pill(s) that he refines personally, oneself remain either, either placed in the clan in the exchange resources of duty, but cannot the giving bystander easily. 他自己亲手炼制的丹药,要么自己留着,要么就放在了族内任务的兑换资源中,而不会轻易的送给外人。 After all Fei Shui does not flow the bystander field, Cheng Yu is not silly, the best resources naturally must first give the person on one's own side. 毕竟肥水不流外人田,程宇又不傻,最好的资源当然是要优先给自己人了。 Is good is not that easily can exchange because of the truly valuable resources, after all needs to contribute massively. 好在真正珍贵的资源也不是那么轻易就能够兑换的到的,毕竟需要大量的贡献。 Therefore, these precious resources exchange are not but actually big, depends on Cheng Family these Alchemist also to satisfy but actually. 所以,这些珍贵的资源兑换量倒也不大,就凭程家的那些炼丹师倒也能够满足的了。 But, cannot because of this, he satisfy to Cheng Family. 可是,不能因为这样,他就对程家满足了。 If Cheng Family wants to continue to grow strong, that must certainly attract the talent unceasingly. 程家若是想要继续发展壮大,那肯定还是要不断的吸纳人才的。 Won't interfere with my freedom? What is this? Even if I left Cheng Family, Cheng Family main won't interfere with me?” Grandmaster treasure pill has doubts to say. “不会干涉我的自由?这是什么意思呢?难道我就算离开了程家,程家主也不会干涉我吗?”宝丹大师疑惑道。 If joined Cheng Family also to be able free, that also not necessarily was but actually unacceptable. 如果加入了程家还能够得到自由,那倒也未必就不能接受。 He thought that this is far-fetched, if joined Cheng Family, he in Cheng Family, that Cheng Yu didn't want him to join Cheng Family to do? 只是他觉得这太不靠谱了,如果加入了程家,他一直都不在程家,那程宇又要他加入程家干什么呢? Didn't this make him obtain Cheng Family the method of Refining Pills (alchemy) in vain? 这不是白白让他得到了程家炼丹之法吗? So long as Grandmaster treasure pill does not leave Secular World, moreover can be within call, I can allow you not to need actually to keep Cheng Family!” Cheng Yu said with a smile. “只要宝丹大师不离开世俗,而且能够随叫随到,我倒是可以允许你不用一直留在程家!”程宇笑着说道。 Doesn't leave Secular World?” treasure pill knits the brows to say. “不离开世俗?”宝丹皱眉道。 Obviously, this was still an captivity, was only the range slightly was big a point. 显然,这仍然是一种囚禁,只是范围稍微大了一点而已。 Right, you also know, if you left Secular World, if my Cheng Family happen to needs you. Even I can contact with you, is impossible to make you return to Cheng Family promptly, I made you join Cheng Family naturally also to have no significance, did you say?” Cheng Yu answered. “没错,你也知道,如果你离开了世俗,要是我程家正好需要你。就算我能够联系到你,却也不可能让你及时回到程家,那我让你加入程家自然也没有什么意义了,你说呢?”程宇解释道。 Has communication jade Jane/simple, he can contact with Grandmaster treasure pill actually at the maximum speed, but the relation turns over to the relation, related cannot make him come back immediately, that did not have the significance. 有通讯玉简,他倒是可以以最快的速度联系到宝丹大师,可是联系归联系,联系了又不能让他马上回来,那也就没有意义了。 Cheng Family said right, truly is this truth. As the matter stands, I lost the freedom eventually, went against my original intention!” Grandmaster treasure pill said. 程家说的没错,确实是这个道理。只是这样一来,我终究还是失去了自由,违背了我的初衷!”宝丹大师说道。 Secular World was small, even if allows him to leave Cheng Family, in Secular World, that actually does not have the big place. 世俗本来就小,就算允许他离开程家,待在世俗,那其实也没有多大的地方。 Secular World, although is not big, but also has everything expected to find, extremely busy. Grandmaster treasure pill came from the Yunnan and Guizhou small town, should also realize charm that cultivates true virtue the small town. 世俗虽然不大,但是却也是应有尽有,热闹非凡。宝丹大师既是从云贵小城过来,应该也已经体会过修真小城的魅力了。 Otherwise, my these cultivated true virtue the small town not to attract so many cultivator to come from Cultivation World! ” Cheng Yu said. 要不然,我的这些修真小城也不会吸引到如此多的修士修真界而来了!”程宇说道。 Cultivating true virtue the small town is very attractive, but loses the free person regarding one, these charm will become will not as if have the attraction.” Grandmaster treasure pill shakes the head to say. “修真小城确实很有魅力,可是对于一个失去自由的人来说,这些魅力似乎也会变得没有吸引力了。”宝丹大师摇摇头说道。 Then in Grandmaster opinion, you thought that the freedom is more important, is your promotion to the Refining Pills (alchemy) strength is more important?” Cheng Yu asked again. “那在大师看来,你觉得自由更重要,还是你对炼丹实力的提升更重要呢?”程宇再次问道。 This......” Grandmaster treasure pill stares, this also was really stumps him. “这......”宝丹大师一愣,这还真是把他问住了。 If possible, I naturally wanted.” Grandmaster treasure pill thinks, said. “如果可以的话,我自然是都想要了。”宝丹大师想了想,说道。 Right? But you from before to the present, are not free? Why can you also come to seek for advice to me to Cheng Family? “是吗?可是你从以前到现在,不一直都是自由的吗?那你为什么还要到程家来向我求教呢? Not is just because you, although obtained the freedom, however hasn't the Refining Pills (alchemy) strength actually been promoted? 不正是因为你虽然得到了自由,但是炼丹的实力却并没有得到提升吗? Secular World has an old saying, is called the fish and bear's paws cannot have both! You want a time, would losing another! 世俗有一句古话,叫做鱼与熊掌不可兼得!你想要得到一个的时候,总会失去另一个! On this day under does not have so many matters of satisfying both sides, not? ” Cheng Yu said with a smile. 这天下也没有那么多两全其美的事,不是吗?”程宇笑着说道。 This......” Grandmaster treasure pill stares again. “这个......”宝丹大师再次一愣。 Cheng Yu said right, he for these years, has been very free, regardless of will not receive others' restraint and interference to where. 程宇说的没错,他这么多年来,一直都很自由,无论到哪里都不会受到别人的约束和干涉。 However, so many years, he travels everywhere, to not seek to enhance the Refining Pills (alchemy) strength the means? 然而,这么多年,他四处游历,不也是为了寻找提升炼丹实力的办法吗? What a pity is, so many years passed by, he had not found the means of refining the accurate pill of immortality. 可惜的是,这么多年过去了,他也没有找到炼制准仙丹的办法。 On the contrary is now, he found Cheng Family to teach his means actually. He actually must sacrifice oneself freedom. 反倒是现在,他倒是找到了程家有教他的办法。只是他却必须要牺牲自己的自由了。 Really looks like, the fish and cannot the bear's paws that Cheng Yu said a moment ago have both? 难道真的像程宇刚才所说的,鱼与熊掌不可兼得? Before he had the freedom, actually cannot complete own ideal. Now he can oneself ideal about one step, even later may achieve own ideal, but he actually needs to lose oneself freedom. 以前他有自由,却也不能完成自己的理想。现在他可以向自己的理想更近一步,甚至以后有可能达成自己的理想,只是他却需要失去自己的自由了。 This truly is a difficult choice! 这确实是一个两难的选择啊! Grandmaster treasure pill, I might as well told you, the method of Refining Pills (alchemy) accurate pill of immortality had, if no one taught you, perhaps your life was impossible to know secret. “宝丹大师,我不妨告诉你,炼丹准仙丹的方法有很多,可是如果没有人教你的话,也许你这一生都不可能知道其中的秘密。 Furthermore, so long as you can keep Cheng Family, I even can tell the method how you refine the pill of immortality! ” Cheng Yu saw Grandmaster treasure pill hesitated, in the heart understands clearly, knows that Grandmaster treasure pill also started to suspect itself. 再者,只要你能够留在程家,我甚至可以告诉你如何炼制仙丹的方法!”程宇看到宝丹大师的迟疑了,心中了然,知道宝丹大师自己也开始怀疑自己了。 At this time, is this/should he ejected the important bait again the time. 这个时候,也就是该他再抛出重要诱饵的时候了。 If accurate pill of immortality the law of refinement is also not enough to attract him, then pill of immortality the law of refinement, regarding Alchemist, were extremely few some people not to meet excited? 如果准仙丹的炼制之法还不足以吸引到他的话,那么仙丹的炼制之法,对于一个炼丹师来说,想必极少有人会不心动了吧? Pill of immortality the law of refinement? This does Cheng Family main also know?” Grandmaster treasure pill really by the Cheng Yu's words being startled. “仙丹的炼制之法?这程家主也知道?”宝丹大师果然被程宇的话给惊到了。 If the law of accurate pill of immortality refinement has made him be hard to discard, wanting to stop but cannot, then pill of immortality the law of refinement was strikes to he biggest violent absolutely. 如果准仙丹炼制之法已经让他难以舍弃,欲罢不能的话,那么仙丹的炼制之法绝对是对他最大的暴击了。 The pill of immortality, that is his true dream land. 仙丹啊,那可是他真正的梦想之地。 Cheng Yu really has the method of refining the pill of immortality? This is not he excuse that to win over oneself gives? 只是,程宇真的有炼制仙丹的方法吗?难道这不会是他为了拉拢自己给出的借口呢? „The Cheng Family lord, is not I do not believe you, I had not heard who refined the pill of immortality, only if you made me see with one's own eyes, otherwise I will be will not believe absolutely!” Grandmaster treasure pill tries hard was been calm by oneself, was saying to Cheng Yu! 程家主,不是我不相信你,我从来没有听说过谁炼制出了仙丹,除非你让我亲眼看到,要不然我是绝对不会相信的!”宝丹大师努力的让自己镇定下来,对着程宇说道! txt downloading address: txt下载地址: Cell phone reading: 手机阅读:
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