GS :: Volume #7 东洲海外

#2655: You pull out first!

I do not think anything actually, in any case Jiang is not the good person. Moreover, if they have been injured, Chen Family wanted to enter the first three opportunities to be bigger, when the time comes we also had the opportunity to enter the dead territory are not. “我倒是觉得没什么,反正姜家也不是什么好人。而且,要是他们都受伤了,陈家想要进入前三的机会就更大了,到时候我们也就有机会进入死域了不是。 The person who today is promoted smoothly I looked , the strength is not weak, if Chen Family wants to enter first three, the pressure is not small. If they were defeated, we didn't have the means to enter the dead territory? ” Xin Hai said. 今天顺利晋级的人我看了下,实力都不弱,陈家要想进入前三,压力可是不小啊。万一他们真的失败了,那我们岂不是就没有办法进入死域了?”心海说道。 He does not have what favorable impression to Jiang itself, moreover they have tied not the small enmity with Jiang now, their heads of household of Jiang were injured by Cheng Yu, even if they do not get rid, Jiang will not let off them. 他对姜家本身就没有什么好感,而且他们现在也已经跟姜家结了不小的仇,就连他们姜家的家主都被程宇所伤,就算他们不出手,姜家也不会放过他们。 Therefore, if Cheng Yu can first their people of Jiang sneak attacking, leaves behind not the small injury, when the time comes tomorrow their Jiang will rout inevitably, that was at heart happy. 所以,要是程宇能够先将他们姜家的人给偷袭一番,留下不小的伤势,到时候明天他们姜家必然大败,那心里就痛快了。 Naturally, reason that he thinks that is because the Cheng Yu strength was extremely formidable. Endures compared with existence of Loose Immortal, if he is willing such to do , can definitely the Jiang two people sneak attacking successfully! 当然,他之所以会这么想,就是因为程宇的实力太过强大了。堪比散仙的存在,如果他真的愿意这么做的话,肯定可以神不知鬼不觉的将姜家二人给偷袭成功的! Nine generations big ratio is their Nine Great Aristocratic Family own matter, although we want to enter the dead territory by Chen Family, but we should better do not meddle this matter. “九族大比是他们九大世家自己的事,我们虽然想凭借陈家进入死域,但是我们最好还是不要去插手这件事。 If made other aristocratic families know we were interfering their big ratios, that may very be easy to cause the popular anger, when the time comes was occupied by us who Chen Family was not necessarily able to guarantee. 要是让其他世家知道了我们在干涉他们的大比,那可就很容易引起众怒了,到时候就算是陈家都未必能够保的住我们。 Before reason that I was boundless to the ginger and Jiang Yunheng got rid, that was because on its meeting, they were aiming at me, I gave to counterattack to them am also fair. 之前我之所以对姜无涯和姜云恒出手,那是因为恰逢其会,他们本身就是在针对我,我对他们给予还击也是合情合理的。 However now we must sneak attack they will participate in tomorrow greatly compared with the person, Jiang absolutely will not give up, we want to enter the dead territory, does not need to draw fire to oneself! ” Cheng Yu face serious saying. 但是现在我们要去偷袭他们明天参加大比的人,那姜家就绝对不会善罢甘休的,我们只是想要进入死域,没有必要去引火烧身!”程宇一脸郑重的说道。 Good, this matter when I had not said!” Xin Hai saw that everybody so is serious, somewhat was suddenly awkward. “那好吧,这件事就当我没说!”心海看到大家都这么严肃,一时间有些尴尬了。 Moreover he thinks, if really such as Xin Yun and Cheng Yu said that because of this matter, but Nine Great Aristocratic Family provoking anger, that may really trouble. 而且他想了一想,要是真的如心韵程宇所说,因为这件事而把九大世家给惹怒了,那可就真的麻烦了。 When the time comes is Chen Family wants to guarantee them to fear that did not have the means. 到时候就算是陈家想保他们怕是也没有办法了。 We want to enter the dead territory, looks at Chen Family own, we have should better not to disturb them. Nine Great Aristocratic Family has own temperament and principle, if makes them know that some people are disturbing their big to compare, we became have been the target of public criticism , the matter of this doing a thankless job, we achieved successfully, did not have any significance. “我们想要进入死域,就看陈家自己的了,我们最好不要去干扰他们。九大世家都有自己的脾气和原则,要是让他们知道有人在干扰他们的大比,那我们真的是成了众矢之的了,这种吃力不讨好的事,我们就算做到成功了,也没有任何的意义。 How you know the one who when the time comes meets the Jiang two people are the Chen Family person, but is not the people of other aristocratic families, did that give others to make the bridal clothes in vain? ” Cheng Yu continues to say. 你又怎么知道到时候遇到姜家二人的是陈家人,而不是其他世家的人,那岂不是白白给别人做了嫁衣?”程宇继续说道。 Hey, is I am inconsiderate, I am look at Jiang Jia not to be feeling well, wants to make them be eliminated earlier!” The Xin Hai awkward tracing back of the head said with a smile. “嘿嘿,是我考虑不周,我就是看姜家不爽,想让他们早点出局!”心海尴尬的摸了摸后脑勺笑道。 As for dead territory, if Chen Family has not entered first three, we try to find other solution again!” Cheng Yu said. “至于死域,万一陈家没有进入前三,我们再想想别的办法!”程宇说道。 Also only then so!” The people nod. “也只有如此了!”众人点点头。 Next day, Nine Great Aristocratic Family gets together in gentleman peak again, although Shangguan Shijia, the Gongsun Shijia gentle breeze three aristocratic families had been annihilated yesterday, but they still appeared in the gentleman peak today. 第二天,九大世家再一次齐聚君子峰,虽然上官世家、公孙世家和风家三个世家昨天已经全军覆没了,但是今天他们仍然还是出现在了君子峰。 Their complexions are not quite attractive, because today others are again splendid, did not have what relations with them who fights. 只是他们的脸色都不太好看,因为今天人家就算是斗的再精彩,跟他们自己都没有什么关系了。 However for the bearing, they have to come, otherwise others have not known how to discuss them in the back, does not have including this bearing. 但是为了气度,他们又不得不来,要不然别人还不知道会怎么在背后议论他们,连这点气度都没有。 Moreover, they also think that looked this time nine generations can enter first three compared with whom greatly. 而且,他们也想想看这一次的九族大比谁能够进入前三。 However judging from the present situation, besides Ji and Situ Aristocratic Family, the Chen Family opportunity unexpectedly also compared with opportunity big many of other three aristocratic families. 不过就从目前的情况来看,除了姬家和司徒世家之外,陈家的机会竟然还要比其他三个世家的机会大的多。 Naturally, this was the situation that they most are not willing to see. Because in their eyes, Chen Family is actually one aristocratic family that links their aristocratic family to be inferior, they have not even paid attention to Chen Family. 当然,这就是他们最不愿意看到的情况了。因为在他们的眼中,陈家其实是一个连他们世家都不如的世家,他们甚至都没有将陈家放在眼里。 But this time they are actually became a dark horse, three people were promoted unexpectedly smoothly. 可是这一次他们却是成为了一匹黑马,竟然有三个人顺利晋级了。 The people are this, if stands in front of you forever is these well-known expert, you will think that all these are natural. 人就是这样,如果站在你前面的永远是那些众所周知的强者,你会觉得这一切都是理所当然的。 But if one day, some you looked the person who does not glance stood in front of you to go suddenly, you will think that was very uncomfortable. 但是如果有一天,一些你自己都看不上眼的人突然就站到你前面去了,你会觉得很不舒服。 Present Chen Family is so, three aristocratic families had eliminated yesterday, but Chen Family is actually promoted by the third enormous superiority, this makes them think how also wants the formidable aristocratic family to accept compared with Chen Family? 现在的陈家就是如此,三个世家昨天就已经淘汰了,可是陈家却以第三名的极大优势晋级,这让他们自认为比陈家还要强大的世家如何能够接受的了呢? Comes on the according to present situation, the Chen Family opportunity is very big. However, they definitely do not hope that Chen Family is promoted again. 就以现在的形势来,陈家的机会是非常大的。不过,他们心里肯定是不希望陈家再晋级的。 Head of household, has not thought that Chen Family this time result is so good, perhaps these time really can enter first three, their Chen Family really must rise!” A wind elder sees Chen Family three being promoted, complexion very unattractive saying. “家主,没有想到陈家这一次的成绩这么好,说不定这一次真的能够进入前三,那他们陈家就真的要崛起了!”风家一长老看到陈家的三个晋级者,脸色很不好看的说道。 Snort! Where wants to enter first three to be so simple, today's 15 people must reject half, their Chen Family not necessarily can also the remaining several people come!” The wind opens the clearing weather to be cloudy the face to say. “哼!想要进入前三哪有这么简单,今天的15个人还要剔除一半,他们陈家未必还能够剩下几个人来!”风开霁阴沉着脸说道。 Today sits here, he feels the vision of people that ridicule and satire, but for the bearing, he endured. 今天坐在这里,他都感觉众人那种嘲笑与讽刺的目光,但是为了气度,他忍了。 However, today can not be the simple generation that continues the ratio to fight, Chen Family, although three people are promoted, but don't forget, closed right up against selects has drawn a bye to sign is promoted. 不过,今天能够继续比斗的都不是简单之辈,陈家虽然有三人晋级,但是别忘了,还有一个可是靠着抽中了轮空签才晋级的。 Therefore, from this point, their Chen Family can definitely be regarded as, only then two people, another person is promoted the preparation to others radically. 所以,从这一点来说,他们陈家完全可以看作是只有两个人,另外一人根本就是给别人晋级准备的。 15 people eliminate seven people, wants to be promoted again smoothly, that is not an easy matter. 15个人淘汰七个人,想要再顺利晋级,那也不是一件容易的事。 Similarly, today's flow was still the ballot decided that just like yesterday, pulled out to last bamboo slip, will be on the 15 th the person of bamboo slip will directly draw a bye, smoothly entered the round of eight. 同样的,今天的流程仍然是抽签来决定,跟昨天一样,抽到最后一签,也就是15号签的人则将直接轮空,顺利进入八强。 These 15 people have come to power to prepare to draw lots one after another, compared with yesterday, today's competition difficulty is larger obviously. Therefore, even if these people already possibly name on is these time greatly compared with outstanding person, but thinks to draw lots, they are somewhat anxious. 这15个人已经陆续上台准备抽签,跟昨天相比,今天的比试难度明显要大的多。所以,就算这些人已经可能称的上是这一次大比的佼佼者,但是一想到要抽签,他们心里还是有些紧张的。 No matter because their strengths strong, today throughout is not the finals, once they lost, is still going to be eliminated. 因为不管他们的实力有多强,今天始终不是决赛,他们一旦输了,仍然将要被淘汰。 Moreover, so long as came to power, represents definitely will have a person to be eliminated, therefore , their 50% opportunities again enter the next round. 而且,只要上了台,就代表必然会有一个人要被淘汰,所以说,他们每个人都只有50的机会再晋级到下一轮。 Therefore they do not hope one pull out to strength, otherwise had no hope to advance. 所以他们都不希望自己抽到一个实力比自己强的,要不然就晋级无望了。 However, the person sees Chen Qiuhan in the presence of everyone time, everybody's vision somewhat is unusual, because the luck of this fellow was really good, now was one round has drawn lots, they worried that this fellow drawing a bye to sign screening out. 不过,当众人看到陈秋寒的时候,大家的目光都有些异样,因为这个家伙的运气实在是太好了,现在又是一轮抽签了,他们担心这个家伙又把轮空签给抽走了。 You pull out first!” Suddenly, Jiang Yunheng of Jiang was saying to Chen Qiuhan. “你先抽!”突然,姜家的姜云恒对着陈秋寒说道。 Why?” Chen Qiuhan was being paid attention to by these many talents, must say that at heart not anxious that is impossible, but Jiang Yunheng mentioning names makes him pull out first, he somewhat was not feeling well. “为什么?”陈秋寒被这么多的天才关注着,心里头要说不紧张那是不可能的,但是姜云恒指名道姓让他先抽,他就有些不爽了。
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