GLD :: Volume #27

#2605: I am only a little bad luck

„The Earth demon, how can you see this brat are the misfortune demon?” 大地魔,你是怎么看得出这小子是厄运魔的?” Asking that Dragon-horned Demon dike looks at nearby Earth demon Laird, it has doubts. 龙角魔堤姆看着旁边的大地魔莱尔德,它十分疑惑的问道。 Hidden kills demon Vernal also to have the similar doubts. 隐杀魔弗纳尔也有着同样的疑惑。 I have pair of demon eye, named Earth demon eye, can see thing that many devil cannot see.” “我有一双魔眼,名为大地魔眼,能看到许许多多恶魔看不到的东西。” Earth demon Laird indifferently said: „ This devil appearance, I saw ominous aura, as if by misfortune law, destiny law, as well as Death Law covers, cherishes. 大地魔莱尔德淡淡道:“这恶魔一出现,我就看到了不祥的气息,似乎被厄运法则,命运法则,以及死亡法则所笼罩,所钟爱。 Especially is Death Law, simply is almost black is the same with Abyss, is rich cannot melt, can say definitely in its hand, or because of it, but death Life, simply is innumerable, adds many compared with your 10,000 Extreme Antiquity devil. ” 特别是是死亡法则,简直是黑得跟深渊一样,浓郁得几乎化不开,可以说死在它手里,或者因它而死的生命,简直是数不胜数,比你们10000个太古恶魔加起来都多。” What?! 什么?! Hears this saying, Dragon-horned Demon Rituxan and hidden kills demon Vernal and other devil is panic-stricken, the looks at Xia Ping's look thoroughly changed, resembles the looks at plague to be ordinary. 听到这话,龙角魔提姆和隐杀魔弗纳尔等恶魔都是惊恐不已,看着夏平的眼神彻底变了,就好像看着瘟疫一般。 They as Extreme Antiquity devil, lived did not know how many years, died Life in their hand many to not being able imagine. 它们身为太古恶魔,活了不知道多少年,死在它们手里的生命多到不可想象。 Because of this brat, but death Life, adds unexpectedly compared with 10,000 them many, this in the end is any devil, even if kills the demon such as devil of hemp not possible to achieve this matter again. 但是因为这小子而死的生命,居然比10000个它们加起来都多,这到底是什么恶魔啊,即使再杀魔如麻的恶魔都不可能做得到这种事。 Without a doubt, this devil Fengdu absolutely is the misfortune demon, otherwise where will have so fearful destruction power and destructive power, how also to kill these many devil. 毫无疑问,这恶魔酆都绝对是实打实的厄运魔,否则哪里会有如此可怕的破坏力杀伤力,又怎么会害死这么多恶魔 No, you have misunderstood, I am not the misfortune demon, but had bad luck.” “不,你们误会了,我不是厄运魔,只是倒霉了点而已。” The Xia Ping weak protest said, indicated everybody do not misunderstand themselves is the god hates the misfortune demon that the ghost tires, oneself are bad luck a point devil, with that fearful misfortune demon completely is not a species. 夏平弱弱的抗议道,表示大家不要误会自己是神憎鬼厌的厄运魔,自己只是倒霉一点的恶魔而已,和那可怕的厄运魔完全不是一个物种。 Fart! 放屁! Numerous devil flipped the supercilious look, was your has bad luck? Was bad luck good, with this bastard was brothers more than ten Late Antiquity/ancient devil, to protect it died. 众多恶魔都是翻了翻白眼,你那是倒霉了点吗?是倒霉透顶了好不好,和这混蛋兄弟的十几头远古恶魔,为了保护它而死。 That tries to kill its Rock Demon also suddenly to be emitted dozens Evil Ghost killed, the skeleton not saves. 那试图杀死它的岩石魔也被忽然之间冒出几十头恶鬼灭杀,尸骨无存。 Most miserable was that crowd of Extreme Antiquity devil, they purely were the unexpected misfortunes, was Extreme Antiquity devil almost in Azure Lotus Hell higher devil, besides Wudi(Invincible) devil, they were strongest exist(ence), Feudal Vassal general big character. 最惨的就是那群太古恶魔了,它们纯粹是无妄之灾啊,身为太古恶魔几乎是在青莲地狱的高等恶魔,除了无敌恶魔之外,它们就是最强存在,诸侯一般的大人物 If no any accident/surprise, they can live in ancient times. 如果没什么意外的话,它们能活到天荒地老。 But didn't expect slightly offended this misfortune demon, treats for a long time side this brat, didn't expect was besieged by several hundred Evil Ghost, no, is not only several hundred Evil Ghost, behind annoyed over ten thousand Evil Ghost, hundred thousand Demonic Evil. 没想到就只是稍微得罪了这尊厄运魔,在这小子身边待久一点而已,没想到就被数百头恶鬼围攻,不,不仅是数百头恶鬼,后面又惹来了上万头恶鬼,十万魔孽 My mother, over ten thousand Evil Ghost, hundred thousand Demonic Evil, they sees has not seen this scene, Monster of almost entire city came in swarms. 我的妈,上万头恶鬼啊,十万魔孽啊,它们见都没见过这种场面,几乎整个城池的怪物都蜂拥而来了。 These Extreme Antiquity devil also all died a tragic death, two Extreme Antiquity devil consumption painstaking care, the loss is only serious, forces to run from that miserable nature and man-made disaster among. 那些太古恶魔也是尽数惨死,唯有两头太古恶魔耗费心血,损失惨重,才勉强从那惨天灾人祸当中跑出来。 If such devil merely is bad luck, which devil that this World did not have to result in bad luck. 这样的恶魔如果仅仅是倒霉一点的话,那这个世界就没有哪个恶魔是倒霉得了。 Hidden kills the demon, now you know that misfortune demon terrifying, I am not am preventing you to kill it, but rescues your life, rescues everybody's life, other act blindly without thinking.” “隐杀魔,现在你知道那厄运魔的恐怖了吧,我不是在阻止你杀死它,而是救你的命,救大家的命,别轻举妄动。” Earth demon Laird complexion is serious: „ Perhaps a moment ago you have not noted, but I actually clearly saw, lives to try to kill this misfortune demon in you instance, huge Misfortune Strength arrives in your head, as if all around Void split, Void deep place has huge Evil Ghost aura to transmit indistinctly. 大地魔莱尔德脸色严肃:“或许刚才你没注意到,但是我却清清楚楚的看到了,在你生起试图杀死这厄运魔的瞬间,庞大的厄运之力降临在你的头上,似乎四周虚空都裂开了,虚空深处隐约有着庞大的恶鬼气息传来。 If in other words you begin, will provoke large quantities of Evil Ghost instantaneously, or inspired this piece of Void Space Crack, when the time comes not only your can’t do anything about it has killed it, instead can also die a tragic death in misfortune, you thought over. ” 也就是说如果你动手的话,瞬间就会招惹来大批恶鬼,或者引动了这片虚空空间裂缝,到时候不仅你没办法杀死它,反而还会惨死在厄运手里,你自己掂量吧。” What?! 什么?! Hidden killed demon Nair to pinch fist, forehead has emitted the sweat, simply was the streaming with sweat, to be honest it works as killer these many years, first time ran into such terrifying assassination object. 隐杀魔佛奈尔捏了捏拳头,额头都冒出汗水了,简直是汗如雨下,说实话它当杀手这么多年,还是第一次遇到这么恐怖的暗杀对象。 Oneself are lives killing intent to it merely, unexpectedly has the all kinds disaster to wait to kill it, Damn, this is bastard the God illegitimate child?! Too abnormal. 自己仅仅是对它生起杀意而已,居然就有各种灾难等着来弄死它,尼玛,混蛋是老天爷的私生子吗?!太变态了吧。 If so, which devil then Hell also has to kill dies it. 如果是这样的话,那么地狱还有哪个恶魔能杀得死它。 Dragon-horned Demon Rituxan was also a little empty, before it has also remembered, by over ten thousand Evil Ghost, the appearance that hundred thousand Demonic Evil besieged, if had that situation again, it thorough was cool. 龙角魔提姆也是有点虚了,它也想起了之前自己被上万头恶鬼,十万魔孽围攻的样子,如果再次发生那种情况的话,它就彻底凉了。 After all on it may not have that many Treasure, already before to escape consumes completely, where has any Treasure to remain, this matter has words again, died. 毕竟它身上可没有那么多宝物,早就在之前为了逃跑的时候消耗殆尽,哪里有什么宝物留下来,这种事再发生一次的话,就死定了。 although it wants to revenge very much, but if the enmity has not registered, oneself were killed, that is needs further consideration, cannot build own poor life. 虽然它很想报仇,但是如果仇没报到,自己就被弄死的话,那还是从长计议吧,总不能将自己的小命搭上去吧。 Slander, your are slandering.” “诽谤,你们这些统统都是在诽谤。” At this time, Xia Ping shouted: I am not misfortune demon, is only a little bad luck devil, moreover everybody is brothers, my how giving up will make everybody has bad luck.” 这个时候,夏平叫嚷起来:“我不是什么厄运魔,只是有点倒霉的恶魔而已,而且大家都是兄弟,我怎么会舍得让大家倒霉呢。” He thought that this crowd of devil were slandering itself, everywhere spreading rumor, making the people isolate itself, attentive dangerous. 他觉得这群恶魔正在诽谤自己,到处散播谣言,让群众孤立自己,用心险恶啊。 brothers? Who is your brothers, do not approach us.” 兄弟?谁是你兄弟,别靠近我们。” Damn, who does not know, when brothers of misfortune demon is dies quickly, relationship is better, dies more is more miserable.” 尼玛,谁不知道当厄运魔的兄弟是死得最快的,关系越好,死得就越惨。” Misfortune demon most likes holds in the back the blade.” “厄运魔最喜欢的就是在背后捅刀。” When enemy must die, when brothers must die, the best method is far away from the misfortune demon in any case, this fellow is the day ghost this one star, who approaches who has bad luck.” “当敌人得死,当兄弟也得死啊,反正最好的方法就是远离厄运魔,这家伙就是天煞孤星,谁靠近谁倒霉。” Hears these words, numerous devil were more panic-stricken, who does not know that the misfortune demon is the day ghost this one star, if by the opposite party is thought is brothers, they were perhaps cool. 听到这些话,众多恶魔更加惊恐了,谁不知道厄运魔是天煞孤星,如果是被对方认为是兄弟的话,它们恐怕就凉了。 Because this is the characteristics of misfortune demon, is deeper with relationship of misfortune demon, Misfortune Strength that then contaminates is huger, this equivalent to helps the misfortune demon share the misfortune. 因为这就是厄运魔的特性,和厄运魔的关系越深,那么沾染的厄运之力就越庞大,这相当于帮厄运魔分摊厄运。 if this happens then, who also dares to approach, even if the life is hard devil unable to withstand. 这样一来,谁还敢靠近啊,就算是命再硬得恶魔也顶不住啊。 Bang~~ 轰~~ At this time, a temple deep place front door instantaneously opened, immediately Light Door appears in front of numerous devil together, blooms ten thousand zhang (3.33 m) golden light. 就在这个时候,神殿深处的一座大门瞬间就打开了,顿时一道光门出现在众多恶魔面前,绽放出万丈金光 Gate opened, run.” “门打开了,快跑。” In any relationship with misfortune demon entanglement, otherwise we will have bad luck surely.” “不要和厄运魔纠缠上什么关系,否则我们必定会倒霉。” Runs, a bit faster runs, stays here, does not know that what happened.” “跑,快点跑,留在这里,都不知道会发生什么事呢。” Saw that this front door opens, numerous devil are wild with joy, probably saw flees the opportunity in this place to be the same, they rush to be first, runs rapidly toward the front door. 看到这大门打开,众多恶魔都是欣喜若狂,就好像看到了逃离这个地方的机会一样,它们争先恐后,迅速朝着大门跑出去。 However what is quickest is Dragon-horned Demon and hidden kills demon two Extreme Antiquity devil, they were frightened to fear by Xia Ping's Misfortune Strength, does not dare to continue to provoke this misfortune demon, annoyed the misfortune for oneself. 但是最快的还是龙角魔和隐杀魔两尊太古恶魔,它们算是被夏平的厄运之力吓怕了,根本不敢继续招惹这厄运魔,为自己惹来厄运。 Is several breath, devil of this place completely had been exposed, has not stayed behind. 仅仅是几个呼吸,这个地方的恶魔就全部跑光了,一个都没留下。 Xia Ping blinks the eye, are so fearful? simply scared these devil thoroughly. 夏平眨巴一下眼睛,难道自己就这么可怕吗?简直是将这些恶魔彻底吓坏了。
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