GLD :: Volume #18

#1726: Easily accomplished

pēng pēng pēng!!! 砰砰砰!!! Is centered on Xia Ping, the surrounding area million kilometer became the range that Thunder Tribulation covers, countless said that Purple Thunderclap crashes from the upper air, changed into piece of this side region directly. 夏平为中心,方圆百万公里都成为了雷劫笼罩的范围,无数紫色雷霆从高空坠落,直接将这方区域都化为了一片雷海。 Leader Abyss Demon cannot resist the strength of such Thunder Tribulation, entire body one after another explodes broken, becomes black coal general corpse(s) by the electricity, the dead shape is very miserable. 一头头深渊妖魔根本抵挡不住这样的雷劫之力,整个身体纷纷爆碎,被电成一具具黑炭一般的尸首,死状很惨。 These Abyss Demon want to escape actually, but Xia Ping chases after and never gives up, they go to somewhere, Xia Ping go to somewhere, Thunder Tribulation is also closely associated, did not avoid. 这些深渊妖魔倒是想逃跑,但是夏平穷追不舍,它们去什么地方,夏平就跟着去什么地方,雷劫也如影随形,根本躲避不了。 Finally 64 Layer Thunder Tribulation has not descended general, majority of Abyss Demon while still alive is divided by Thunderclap. 结果六十四重雷劫还没降落一般,大部分的深渊妖魔就被雷霆活活劈死了。 huā lā lā!! 哗啦啦!! But after these Abyss Demon died, scatters massive Soul energy, entirely was swallowed, absorb by Xia Ping, wells up his Violet Palace space deep place completely. 而这些深渊妖魔死掉之后,散落大量的灵魂能量,都被夏平通通吞噬、吸收,全部涌进去他的紫府空间深处 This also makes his Nascent Divinity and Magic Power increase successively, aura more and more formidable. 这也让他的元神法力在节节攀升,身上的气息越来越强大 damned human.” 该死的人类。” Cannot this way, otherwise that human has not died, we were divided by Thunder Tribulation.” “不能这样下去,否则那人类还没死,我们就被雷劫劈死了。” Damn, this where is this human in transcends tribulation, clearly is we in transcends tribulation, natural justice? The heaven does not have the eye, who divides not clear to divide is.” “狗日的,这哪里是这人类渡劫,分明就是我们在渡劫,还有天理吗?老天没眼啊,都分不清楚自己劈得是谁。” Is this cheap person (slut) runs around, where Demon many toward where ran, clarifies has treated as his shield us.” “都是这贱人到处乱跑,哪里妖魔多往哪里跑,摆明就是将我们当做了他的挡箭牌。” Kills him, so long as kills this human, Thunder Tribulation naturally finished.” “弄死他,只要弄死这人类,雷劫自然而然就结束了。” This captures the ringleader first.” “这就是擒贼先擒王。” Right, kills this bastard human instantaneously, we can maintain a livelihood, is not he dies, is we dies, spelled with him.” “对,瞬间就杀死这混蛋人类,我们就能活命,不是他死,就是我们死,和他拼了。” Numerous Demon went crazy, to this time, could only spell with this human, otherwise has not waited for Heavenly Tribulation to finish, perhaps they livingly were divided. 众多妖魔都发狂了,到了这个时候,只能和这人类拼了,否则还没等天劫结束,恐怕它们就被活生生劈死。 sōu sōu sōu!!! 嗖嗖嗖!!! In this instant, Goat Horned Demon and cow horn demon, Three Headed Demon, Venomous Demon wait/etc. Abyss Demon no longer has fled in all directions, but is joins up, kills toward Xia Ping. 就在这刹那,羊角魔牛角魔、三头魔剧毒魔等等深渊妖魔都是不再四处逃窜了,而是联合起来,朝着夏平袭杀过去。 Immediately Demon Great Formation one after another raises, gathers Void Strength of Demon, is similar to Lofty Mountains, the bang kills to come, to erupt the terrifying might, must kill the ashes the Xia Ping bang. 顿时一座又一座的妖魔大阵升起,汇聚虚空妖魔之力,如同一座座山岳,轰杀而来,爆发出恐怖的威力,务必将夏平轰杀成灰烬。 Also wants to kill me? Dislikes the life to be long?” “还想来杀我?嫌命长?” Xia Ping is swallowing all around Strength of Soul isn't that a joy?, his instantaneous sensation to the changes of these Abyss Demon, as to collaborate to destroy completely this main culprit. 夏平正吞噬四周灵魂之力不亦乐乎呢,他瞬间感知到这些深渊妖魔的异动,似乎想联手将他这个罪魁祸首灭掉。 Was right, tries Nether God's Eye strength.” “对了,试试冥神之眼力量。” His in the heart moves, immediately revolution Left Eye strength, as if character Symbol was revolving, gushes out fearful Strength of Hell, entire world changed into black and white color, on these Abyss Demon presented the countless black line. 心中一动,立即运转左眼力量,似乎一个卍字符号在旋转,涌出了可怕的地狱之力,整个世界都化为了黑白色,这些深渊妖魔身上出现了无数黑色线条。 But these black lines are the lives lines of Death , the line of known as Life. 而这些黑色线条便是生灵们的死亡之线,也称之为生命之线。 Samsara Brush!” 轮回笔!” Xia Ping big hand grasps, immediately took Samsara Brush, nine Sea of Consciousness shiver, huge Magic Power instills into this only Samsara Brush among. 夏平大手一抓,立即将自己身上的轮回笔拿了出来,九个意识海颤动,庞大的法力灌输进去这只轮回笔当中 huā lā lā!! 哗啦啦!! He grasps Samsara Brush, toward these black line one strokes, Samsara Brush Stimulation leaves the terrifying gently immediately the strength of point, as if cuts in half this piece of space. 他手持轮回笔,轻轻朝着这些黑色线条一划,当即轮回笔激发出恐怖的锋芒之力,仿佛将这片空间都切成两半。 Immediately Void among, black line breaks, Kāchā makes noise. 顿时虚空当中,一条条黑色线条断裂,咔嚓作响。 Abyss Demon that originally also wants to rush ahead was shocked suddenly, huge body like this stops in in the midair, was similar to the time has forbidden in this moment generally. 本来还想冲杀过来的深渊妖魔忽然之间愣住了,庞大的身躯就这样停在半空当中,如同时间在这一刻禁止了一般。 On them does not have any injured trace, does not have any wound, but the pupil deep place brilliance like this vanished, changed into the iron grey. 它们身上没有任何受伤的痕迹,也没有任何的伤口,但是瞳孔深处的光彩就这样消失了,化为了灰白色。 Bang, they do not have the strength of revolt, no matter cultivation base multi- formidable, defense astonishing Abyss Demon is the same, they like this crash from the upper air, entirely Death. 砰的一下,它们毫无反抗之力,不管是修为强大,防御多惊人的深渊妖魔都一样,它们就这样从高空坠落下去,通通死亡 What's the matter?” “怎么回事?” Died, cracking a joke, Commander did they like this die?” “死了,开玩笑吧,统领它们就这样死了?” Actually that has human made what? Does everybody has to see?” “那人类究竟做了些什么?大家有没有看到?” „It is not clear, I do not know that what this human did make this is actually what Martial Dao Divine Ability?” “不清楚,我根本不知道这人类做了些什么这究竟是什么武道神通?” Other Abyss Demon see this, immediately feels whole body to be scared, the fine hair raises up, whole body trembles, shocks extremely, they think matter that completely unclear white eyes has. 其余深渊妖魔看到这一幕,顿时感到浑身发毛,汗毛竖起,全身哆嗦,极为震撼,它们完全想不明白眼前发生的事情。 a moment ago or imposing manner are agitated, vigorous dragon and ferocious tiger Abyss Demon, that human merely is Void one stroke, these Abyss Demon completely died, even this human has not approached. 刚才还是气势汹汹,龙精虎猛深渊妖魔,那人类仅仅是虚空一划,这些深渊妖魔就全部死了,甚至这人类都还没靠近。 Such strange event, making them very alarmed and afraid, the vertebra deep place as if chill in the air emits. 这样诡异的事件,让它们无比惊惧,脊椎深处似乎有一股寒意冒出。 Xia Ping may, no matter the ideas of these Abyss Demon, he grasps Samsara Brush, is similar to Paragon Universe living thing's Nether God, Void deep place presents a countless point, cuts all. 夏平可不管这些深渊妖魔的想法,他手持轮回笔,如同主宰宇宙生灵的冥神,虚空深处出现无数道锋芒,切割一切。 Thump thump several, Void deep place black line breaks, leader Abyss Demon has not known immediately what happened, they were cut to kill, Soul disappears. 咚咚几声,虚空深处一道道黑色线条断裂,顿时一头头深渊妖魔还不知道发生什么事,它们就被斩杀,灵魂泯灭。 Was too strong.” “太强了。” Xia Ping cannot bear feel that shocks, his Nether God's Eye, coordinates Samsara Brush such Supreme killing tool again, that simply goes smoothly everywhere, omnipotent. 夏平也忍不住感到一丝震撼,他身上的冥神之眼,再配合轮回笔这样的无上杀器,那简直就是无往不利,无所不能。 If he grows to certain realm, can perhaps kill including Saint dies. 如果他成长到一定境界,恐怕连圣人都能杀得死。 He grasps Samsara Brush, is similar to the bullying, the bang kills, batches of Abyss Demon probably under stuffed dumpling crashes from the upper air, falls from the sky entirely, without speaking, this is the one-sided slaughter. 他手持轮回笔,如同虎入羊群,轰杀过去,一批批深渊妖魔好像下饺子似的从高空坠落,通通陨落,无声无息,这是一边倒的屠杀。 Runs away, runs away quickly, this is not human, is Monster.” “逃,快逃,这不是人类,是怪物啊。” What's the matter? Does this human look like Thunder Tribulation is how more terrorist than?” “怎么回事?这人类怎么看起来比雷劫还恐怖?” Actually these do Abyss Demon die? Actually has this human made what?” “这些深渊妖魔究竟是怎么死的?这人类究竟做了些什么?” Numerous Abyss Demon frightened to urinate, their originally also wants to kill Xia Ping, but where wants to obtain this human compared with Thunder Tribulation also terrifying countless time, has not approached by killed, dying of without speaking, unimaginable. 众多深渊妖魔吓尿了,它们本来还想袭杀夏平,但是哪里想得到这人类雷劫还恐怖无数倍,还没靠近就被灭杀,无声无息的死去,匪夷所思 Their courage frightened to break, ran away toward the distant place, is far away from this terrifying devil. 它们肝胆都吓破了,朝着远处逃窜,远离这个恐怖的恶魔 might is actually very big, but the consumption was really too serious.” 威力倒是挺大,但是消耗实在是太严重了。” Xia Ping was a pity very, he is uses Samsara Brush and Nether God's Eye several minutes merely, immediately feels to pant, within the body Magic Power consumes incomparably fiercely. 夏平十分可惜,他仅仅是使用轮回笔冥神之眼数分钟,顿时就感到气喘吁吁,体内法力消耗得无比厉害。 If continues to hit for several minutes, perhaps he will be attracted adult | become human to do. 如果继续打几分钟,恐怕他都会被吸成人干。 Moreover on him also nine big Sea of Consciousness, Magic Power continue compared with common cultivator vigorous a lot of times, but this cannot withstand, the degree of it is obvious that among consumption is astonishing. 而且他身上还有九大意识海,法力比寻常修炼者浑厚千百倍不止,但是这样都顶不住,可想而知当中消耗的程度多么惊人。 However he has not planned to continue to use, after such, it is estimated that did not have Abyss Demon to dare to approach kills him, like this he can unbridled killed this crowd of Abyss Demon with the aid of the strength of bang Heavenly Tribulation, plundered Soul energy. 不过他也没打算继续使用下去,经过这么一遭,估计没有深渊妖魔敢靠近杀他了,这样他就能肆无忌惮的借助天劫之力轰杀这群深渊妖魔,掠夺灵魂能量 But this 64 Layer Thunder Tribulation passed eight double-hour, finally stops. 而这一次六十四重雷劫足足过去了八个时辰,才终于停止下来。 Xia Ping also anti-, crossed this Heavenly Tribulation, the sky above Tribulation Clouds rapid dissipation, returns to World. 夏平也抗住了,渡过这一次天劫,天空上方的劫云迅速消散,回归天地 However three hundred million Abyss Demon actually completely died under this Heavenly Tribulation, was divided the soul flies away and scatters, casualty countless. 但是三亿深渊妖魔却是全部死在了这次天劫之下,被劈得魂飞魄散,死伤无数 Some distant place also Abyss Demon see this, but sees such might, already fled in horror, does not dare to approach. 远处也有深渊妖魔看到这一幕,但是看到这样的威力,早就吓得逃跑了,根本不敢靠近。
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