GLD :: Volume #16

#1586: wholehearted loyalty

Relax Chief, this service we are ripe.” “放心吧首领,这业务我们熟。” One group of Underworld bludgers, over a thousand Battleship come, frightens scares to death them.” “一群黑道混混吧,上千艘战舰过来,吓都吓死他们。” Perhaps also some unruly generations.” “不过或许其中也有一些桀骜不驯之辈。” Snort, dares to revolt then the complete slaughter, our Red Scarf Thief also has the slaughter to cross the city.” “哼,敢反抗就全部屠了,我们红巾贼又不是没屠过城。” Numerous Red Scarf Thief Jié jié said with a smile, their eyes revealed cruel and excited color, each plundering regarding them was a grand feast of wealth, the harvest is significant. 众多红巾贼桀桀笑道,他们眼睛露出凶残和兴奋之色,每一次掠夺对于他们来说都是一次财富的盛宴,收获匪浅。 Chief, has strange signal to receive, seems that side World Beast Star sends.” 首领,有陌生信号接了过来,似乎是界首星那边发出来的。” Has Red Scarf Thief to call to shout. 红巾贼叫嚷道。 interesting, the connection, looked that they want to say anything.” 有点意思,接通,看他们想说什么。” Wu An sneered, his have success within one's grasp, does not care to lose this time. 吴安冷笑一声,他稳操胜券,也不在乎耽误这点时间。 Also can say anything, nothing but is the surrender begs for mercy.” “还能说什么,无非就是投降求饶罢了。” Said right, do they also dare to revolt inadequately?” “说得没错,难道他们还敢反抗不成?” Under must shame well that Universe Sect True Disciple, really wants to see that Great Sect juniors kowtow the pitiful appearance that begs for mercy, thinks to think excited.” “等下可是要好好羞辱一下那乾坤派真传弟子,真是想看到那大派子弟磕头求饶的凄惨模样,想想都觉得兴奋。” Matter that Father most likes handling strangles Genius, destroys their futures, making them kneel wails, lets my have guts killed in the future the Saint's feeling.” 老子最喜欢做的事情就是扼杀天才,毁灭他们的前途,让他们跪地哀嚎,让我有种灭杀未来圣人的感觉。” Numerous Red Scarf Thief discuss spiritedly, they have put through and World Beast Star communication, is waiting for the person surrender of World Beast Star. 众多红巾贼议论纷纷,他们接通了和界首星的通讯,等待着界首星的人投降。 Of drop, Xia Ping and the others silhouette appears in front of numerous Red Scarf Thief immediately immediately, the virtual projection shadow gets down. 滴的一下,当即夏平等人身影立即出现在众多红巾贼面前,虚拟投影下来。 Xia Ping crosses the hands behind the back to stand, the looks at people, start to talk said: „ Red Scarf Thief, here is the World Beast Star territory, why you invade with no reason at all, wants to revolt inadequately? Knows that this is the crime of treason and heresy, can by the extermination nine generations? 夏平负手而立,看着众人,开口道:“红巾贼,这里是界首星领地,你们为何无缘无故入侵,是想造反不成?知不知道这是大逆不道的罪行,是要被诛灭九族的? Now you put down weapon immediately, kneels surrenders, kowtows to beg for mercy, both hands offers your valuables and money wife and daughters, this also has a slim chance of survival, otherwise Universe mostly does not have your places of taking shelter. ” 现在你们立即放下武器,跪地投降,磕头求饶,双手奉上你们的财宝妻女,这样还有一线生机,否则宇宙之大都没有你们的容身之处。” He issues order to this crowd of Red Scarf Thief. 他对这群红巾贼下达命令。 What?! My recent tinnitus, as if presented illusion, this brat does not surrender, unexpectedly also makes us kneel begs for mercy, hands over the valuables and money?!” Some Red Scarf Thief suspected own ear had the problem. “什么?!我最近耳鸣,似乎出现了幻觉,这小子不投降就罢了,居然还让我们跪地求饶,交出财宝?!”有红巾贼怀疑自己耳朵出现了问题。 They are Red Scarf Thief, elite completely leave, over a thousand Battleship, the Universe fort, such military strength is powerful enough to destroy dozens planet, tyrannical incomparable. 他们可是红巾贼,精锐尽出,上千战舰,还有宇宙要塞,这样的军事力量足以摧毁数十颗星球,强横无匹。 But World Beast Star has anything, nothing but is several Golden Core Realm True Master, some weapon system, such military strength they can destroy instantaneously, make into beehive. Dregs not remaining. 界首星有什么,无非就是几个金丹境真人,还有一些武器系统,这样的军事力量他们瞬间就能摧毁,打成蜜蜂窝。渣都不会剩下。 On this strength, dares to clamor unexpectedly, making them kneel surrenders, they think that this brat was thoroughly insane. 就这点实力,居然也敢叫嚣,让他们跪地投降,他们都认为这小子是不是彻底疯了。 Your ear does not have the issue, that brat like this said.” “你的耳朵没问题,那小子就是这样说的。” fuck his Uncle 18 generations, he thinks that who oneself is, is Universe Sect Sect Leader is inadequate, have success within one's grasp?!” 我艹大爷18代,他以为自己是谁,是乾坤派门主不成,稳操胜券?!” Now actually who is Boss, don't his innermost feelings have the pen number?” “现在究竟谁才是老大,他内心就没点笔数吗?” One crowd of Red Scarf Thief angry half dead, kills their didn't expect, they turn out in full strength not to fool the opposite party unexpectedly, the opposite party also in turn induce somebody to capitulate to them, now actually who is an intruder. 一群红巾贼气得半死,打死他们都没想到,他们倾巢而出居然没唬住对方,对方还反过来对他们劝降,现在究竟谁才是入侵者啊。 Red Scarf Thief Chief Wu An actually beckons with the hand, is staring at Xia Ping, said: „ You are Universe Sect True Disciple Yang Budong, trivial Golden Core Realm Initial Stage cultivation base, can cut to kill my Red Scarf Thief seven High Level official unexpectedly, while convenient killed seven Underworld Clan Patriarch, this fighting strength indeed is outstanding, in the future perhaps you will have to promote the Thunder Tribulation Realm opportunity. 红巾贼首领吴安却是摆摆手,盯着夏平,道:“你就是乾坤派真传弟子杨不动吧,区区金丹境初期修为,居然能斩杀伤我红巾贼七个高级干部,顺便灭杀七个黑道家族族长,这份战斗力的确是不同凡响,将来或许你都有晋升雷劫境的机会。 What a pity natural talent is natural talent, the strength is the strength, this Universe has the number endless monstrous talent | Evildoer Genius, many, Genius that the midway falls from the sky has not grown, is mole crickets and ants. 可惜资质资质,实力是实力,这个宇宙有着数之不尽的妖孽天才,中途陨落的也不少,没有成长起来的天才,也不过是蝼蚁罢了。 If your obediently escapes, perhaps I also high look at your one eyes, but unexpectedly runs now does not run, the situation does not recognize clearly, is really disappointing, didn't expect you are such idiot. ” 如果你乖乖逃跑,或许我还高看你一眼,但是现在居然连跑都不跑,形势都认不清楚,真是让人失望,没想到你是这样的蠢货。” He reveals disappointed appearance. 他露出一脸失望的样子。 You think that who you are, the destructive person but who was hidden by pursuit in all directions, do I also need to be looked by you high?!” Xia Ping casts a sidelong glance slantingly, is very looks at Wu An that disdains. “你以为自己是谁,不过是被追杀得四处躲藏的蟊贼罢了,我还需要被你高看?!”夏平斜睨一眼,很是不屑的看着吴安 Shut up!” “闭嘴!” Nearby Red Scarf Thief High Level official angrily shouted: „The to act recklessly son of a bitch, Chief is also your this inexpensive type can insult, it seems like that this cheap person (slut) does not see coffin not to shed tears. I suggested that under do not kill him, captures alive him, lets suffering that he receives to live to might as well die, eternal life unforgettable that.” 旁边一个红巾贼高级干部怒喝一声:“不知死活的狗东西,首领也是你这贱种能够侮辱的,看来这贱人是不见棺材不掉泪了。我建议等下不要杀了他,将他生擒,让他受到生不如死的折磨,永生难忘的那种。” His emits leaves fearful murderous aura, flies into a rage. 他身上散发出可怕的杀气,暴跳如雷。 Side these estimates are World Beast Star Underworld Clan High Level Leader, this brat not know how to appreciate kindness, don't you know?” Wu An start to talk said, „ the present situation you also knew, I can you an opportunity of life, kill this Yang Budong immediately, offers Red Scarf Thief his head, like this you can live. “旁边这些估计都是界首星黑道家族高层领导吧,这小子不识抬举,难道你们也不识吗?”吴安开口道,“现在情况你们也知道了,我可以给你们一个活命的机会,立即杀死这杨不动,将他的头颅奉上红巾贼,这样你们就能活。 If you dare to stand on the side of this brat, is courting death, is my Red Scarf Thief for the enemy, is makes trouble is also beyond control you, oneself elect. ” 如果你们敢站在这小子一边,就是找死,就是和我红巾贼为敌,那么就算是做鬼也由不得你们,自己选吧。” His is open and aboveboard is sowing dissension, estranges Xia Ping and numerous Underworld Elder's relationship. 他这是光明正大的在挑拨离间,离间夏平和众多黑道长老的关系 If both sides, because his words have hit, it is estimated that can also weaken both sides strength, conquers World Beast Star to reduce many boosts for them, answers multiple purpose. 如果双方因为他一番话就打了起来,估计也能消弱双方力量,为他们征服界首星减轻不少的助力,一举多得。 This is the open intrigue, oppresses others by the potential. 这是阳谋,以势压人。 Shut up, Wu Laogou, here sows dissension unexpectedly, we to Sir Yang loyal and devoted, tenacious, is your old dog can estrange.” “闭嘴,吴老狗,居然还在这里挑拨离间,我们个个都对杨大人忠心耿耿,矢志不移,也是你一条老狗能够离间的。” at this time, Underworld Elder jumped, to Wu An crack cursed. 这时候,一个黑道长老跳了出来,对着吴安破口大骂 Right, but also wants to estrange us, simply is the joke, who does not know that our World Beast Star will unite as one, dies will not separate. However dies, 18 years later we are a real man.” “没错,还想离间我们,简直是笑话,谁不知道我们界首星团结一致,死都不会分开。不过就死罢了,18年后我们还是一条好汉。” Said right, wants to use to threaten us, when who has not killed people, comes out to mix, Father already thinks that had on this day, Life and Death disregarded.” “说得对,想用死来恐吓我们,当谁没杀过人似的,出来混,老子早就想到有这一天了,生死置之度外。” have guts comes, Father kills under cost price, kills two to gain, feared that you do not dare to come.” 有种就来,老子杀一个够本,杀两个有赚,就怕你们不敢来。” each and everyone Underworld Boss jumps, feel indignant at injustice, expressed loyally to Xia Ping, Red Scarf Thief cursed, simply scolds the stream of abuse while convenient. 一个个黑道老大跳出来,义愤填膺,向夏平表示忠心,顺便将红巾贼大骂一顿,简直就是骂得狗血淋头。 crap! 我靠! These words hear Red Scarf Thief each and everyone dumbstruck, they know that the habit of this group of Underworld bludgers, anything betrays, anything killed people have been used. 这些话听得红巾贼一个个目瞪口呆,他们可是知道这群黑道混混的习性,什么背叛,什么杀人都已经是习惯了。 The loyalty regarding them is my ass, the betrayal is their daily behaviors. 义气对于他们来说就是个屁,背叛才是他们的日常行为。 However now each and everyone acts boldly regardless of one's safety unexpectedly, to Xia Ping loyal and devoted, is willing dead for him, too exaggerated, how not to see some time, became righteousness thin Yuntian got up, this World became too quick. 但是现在居然一个个奋不顾身,对夏平忠心耿耿,愿意为他去死,太夸张了点吧,怎么一段时间不见,就变得义薄云天起来了,这个世界变得太快了吧。 Numerous Underworld Boss are also sullen awfully, they painstakingly, if can betray, they already betrayed. 众多黑道老大也是憋屈得要命,他们心里苦啊,如果能背叛的话,他们早就背叛了。 When Xia Ping subdues them, on them had already established each and everyone Slave Chip, if they dare to be not loyal, will immediately detonate this Chip bomb, explodes upside down them. 但是在夏平收服他们的时候,早就他们身上设置了一个个奴隶芯片,如果他们敢有二心的话,立即会引爆这芯片炸弹,将他们炸得底朝天。 Also has a slim chance of survival perhaps with the Red Scarf Thief resistance, but with the Xia Ping resistance, that died. 红巾贼对抗或许还有一线生机,但是和夏平对抗,那就是死定了。 Good good, worthily is my subordinate, really each one loyal and devoted, among us is relationship also this group of destructive people can estrange?! To estrange, must look at object.” The Xia Ping to praise sighed. “不错不错,不愧是我的手下,果然个个忠心耿耿,我们之间的关系也是这群蟊贼能离间的?!想离间,也得看对象啊。”夏平赞叹道。
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