GLD :: Volume #16

#1584: Canary after

At this moment, Universe Sect headquarters Universe Star. 此刻,乾坤派总部乾坤星 Numerous Universe Sect Elder also received the news that Red Scarf Thief set out, because of the Red Scarf Thief large-scale migration, cannot hide the truth from the Universe Sect's monitor. 众多乾坤派长老也已经接到了红巾贼出动的消息,因为红巾贼大规模的移动,根本瞒不过乾坤派的监测。 However waits for them to know news time, Red Scarf Thief arrived in nearby World Beast Star. 不过等他们知道消息的时候,红巾贼已经抵达了界首星附近。 what did you say? Does Red Scarf Thief turn out in full strength, plans to attack World Beast Star? How possible, that crowd of Red Scarf Thief were insane, dares to offend my Universe Sect?!” After Yu Xiujun Elder hears this news, is very shocking. 你说什么红巾贼倾巢而出,打算攻打界首星?怎么可能,那群红巾贼疯了,敢得罪我乾坤派?!”鱼修军长老听到这个消息之后,很是震惊。 His whatever the case didn't expect Red Scarf Thief so audacious in the extreme, but also dares to resist Universe Sect directly, that group of interstellar robbers do not fear Universe Sect to be furious, under everywhere pursuit they? 无论如何没想到红巾贼如此胆大包天,还敢正面对抗乾坤派,那群星际强盗真的不怕乾坤派震怒,漫天下追杀他们吗? Naturally if copes with ordinary planet merely is also not anything, World Beast Star that but Red Scarf Thief copes with, Xia Ping this Saint disciple in that planet. 当然如果仅仅是对付一颗普通星球还不算什么,但是红巾贼对付的界首星,夏平这位圣人弟子就在那颗星球 If Xia Ping had any accident, but obtains many Treasure, cannot make up. 如果夏平出了什么意外,不过得到多少宝物,都弥补不回来。 This news real.” “这个消息是真的。” disciple said: at this time Red Scarf Thief appeared near World Beast Star, the army threatens the border, it is said Red Scarf Thief so is furious, because Yang Budong Senior Brother slaughters in World Beast Star, has destroyed completely numerous Underworld Organizations Chief at one fell swoop, even has killed four Red Scarf Thief High Level official, frightens remaining three distressed and runs away. Therefore Red Scarf Thief is furious, retaliation of turning out in full strength.” 一个弟子道:“这时候红巾贼已经出现在界首星附近,大军压境,据说红巾贼如此震怒,正是因为杨不动师兄界首星大开杀戒,一举灭掉了众多黑道组织首领,甚至干掉了四个红巾贼高级干部,吓得剩下三个狼狈而逃。所以红巾贼震怒,倾巢而出的报复。” His Jane Da explained why will have the reason of this matter. 他简答说明了一下为何会发生这种事的原因。 What?! 什么?! Numerous Elder hear this saying, is speechless, they also know that Xia Ping goes to the World Beast Star matter, knows the opposite party to carry out Mission, but kills their didn't expect , how long has not gone, has made a huge trouble. 众多长老听到这话,都是无语,他们也知道夏平前往界首星的事情,知晓对方正在执行任务,但是打死他们都没想到,还没去多长时间呢,就闹出了个如此巨大的麻烦。 Crap!, this Xia Ping cruel, extinguished World Beast Star complete Underworld Clan Patriarch unexpectedly at one fell swoop, that is several Golden Core Realm True Master, said that killed kills?!” 我靠,这夏平凶残了点吧,居然一举将界首星全部的黑道家族族长都灭了,那可是十几个金丹境真人啊,说杀就杀了?!” Xia Ping is also Golden Core Realm Initial Stage, initially enters Golden Core Realm, how on as valiant as this degree, hits several, but also kills opposite party stampede, dies dies to run away runs away.” 夏平也就是金丹境初期而已吧,才初入金丹境,咋就彪悍到这种程度,一个打十几个,还杀得对方狼狈逃窜,死得死逃得逃。” Saint disciple on such young tiger? Can hit several?” “难道圣人弟子就这么彪?能一个打十几个?” One crowd of Elder have nothing to say, they also want to make Xia Ping experience anything to be called world dark(ness), the favour changes in temperature, who can think that others strength broken Ten Thousand Techniques, disagrees others to play radically empty, removes firewood from under the pot directly, extinguished Underworld clan's High Level completely, this death ends all troubles. 一群长老无话可说,他们本来还想让夏平体验一下什么叫做世间黑暗,人情冷暖,谁能想到人家一力破万法,根本不和人家玩虚的,直接就釜底抽薪,将黑道家族的高层全部灭了,这就是一了百了。 The issue is such solution is really the too simple and crude, held radically the hornet's nest, has hit slightly comes old, provokes Red Scarf Thief to turn out in full strength, no end of trouble for the future. 问题是这样的解决方法实在是太简单粗暴,根本就是捅了马蜂窝,打了小的来老的,招惹红巾贼倾巢而出,后患无穷啊。 „No matter how his in the end achieves, Xia Ping is my Universe Sect's Saint disciple, cannot be injured by that crowd of Red Scarf Thief absolutely.” Yu Xiujun said immediately that immediately dispatched Elder in the past, resisted that crowd of Red Scarf Thief, wants to commit murder in my Universe Sect rule area, simply was dislikes the life steadily.” “不管他到底是怎么做到的,夏平是我乾坤派的圣人弟子,绝对不能被那群红巾贼伤害。”鱼修军立即道,“立即派遣长老过去,将那群红巾贼抵挡下来,想在我乾坤派统治的疆域行凶,简直是嫌命长了。” He reveals dense murderous aura. 他露出森森杀气 But between World Beast Star and Universe Star do not have teleportation, wants to arrive as soon as possible, must construct one temporary teleportation, this at least needs more than three double-hour, does not know that Junior Brother Xia can resist?” “可是界首星乾坤星之间并没有传送阵,想尽快抵达,必须建造一个临时传送阵,这起码需要三个时辰以上的时间,不知道夏师弟能不能抵挡得住?” Some Elder worries said. 长老担心道。 Now Red Scarf Thief turns out in full strength, experts as common as the clouds, great expert five of Return to Truth Realm rank, so the formidable influence crush gets down, even if Xia Ping cannot resist again fiercely. 现在红巾贼倾巢而出,强者如云,归真境级别的大能都有五个,如此强大的势力碾压下来,就算夏平再厉害也抵挡不住。 Let alone resists three double-hour, can resist a double-hour to have the heaven defying skill. 别说是抵挡三个时辰,能抵挡一个时辰就算是有逆天本事了。 nonsense, Junior Brother Xia he has subsequent party, should not be easy dead, as soon as possible construction temporary teleportation, teleportation to World Beast Star on.” Yu Xiujun issues the order, does not hesitate all. 废话少说,夏师弟他有后手,应该不会那么容易死的,尽快建造临时传送阵,传送界首星上面。”鱼修军下达命令,不惜一切。 Numerous Elder are nodded. 众多长老都是点点头 ............ ………… But at this time, in the middle of World Beast Star nearby planetoid, presented 40-50 Angel Race silhouette, their bodies have snow white wings, seems Light energy concentrates, Feather is the energy body, emits is lost in thought piece by piece holy light clean aura. 这时候,界首星附近一颗小行星当中,出现了四五十天使族身影,他们身上有着雪白的翅膀,仿佛是光明能量凝成,一片片羽毛都是能量体,散发出神圣光洁的气息 This aura emits exits, has calm effect, even if the innermost feelings are very crazy, has slaughter, anger wait / etc. mood, will be comforted, seemed purified generally. 这种气息散发出去,有着凝神静气的效果,即使内心无比疯狂,有杀戮、愤怒等等情绪,都会被安抚下来,仿佛被净化了一般。 Moreover their strength is also quite fearful, including 20 are the angels of Return to Truth Realm rank, 30 are the angels of Golden Core Realm rank, no matter places somewhere, is a huge influence. 而且他们实力也极为可怕,其中有20个是归真境级别的天使,30个是金丹境级别的天使,不管放在什么地方,都是一股庞大势力。 These angel all around have arranged Base Formation, can twist energy, achieves concealment figure and aura effect, just like being at different Dimension space is ordinary, any scanning instrument and Divine Consciousness cannot realize their exist(ence). 这些天使四周布置了一座阵法,能扭曲能量,达到隐匿身形气息效果,宛如处在异次元空间一般,任何的扫描仪器和神识都察觉不到他们的存在 Captain.” 队长。” An angel said suddenly: That crowd of Red Scarf Thief arrived around World Beast Star finally, the information said right, they were cope with World Beast Star, came take revenge and wipe out a grudge, this was the golden opportunity.” 一个天使忽然道:“那群红巾贼终于来到界首星附近了,情报说得没错,他们果真是来对付界首星,来报仇雪恨的,这是大好机会。” Comes well.” “来得好。” Hears this saying, a semblance is similar to angel sneered of middle-aged man: „ This World Beast Star is Eastern Universe the place of evil, one group of lawless elements come and go out Western Universe frequently, seizes our Western Universe major race, when slave trades, even their audacious in the extreme, dares to grasp including my Angel Race clansman. 听到这话,一位外表如同中年男子的天使冷笑一声:“本来这界首星就是东宇宙的罪恶之地,一群不法分子经常出入西宇宙,抓捕我们西宇宙各大种族奴隶贩卖,甚至他们胆大包天,连我天使族的族人也敢抓。 Before was to have scruples the Universe Sect's influence, was worried that our Angel Race and Universe Sect mutual hatred, has tolerated this evil planet's exist(ence), making them like this run amuck. 之前是顾忌乾坤派的影响,担心我们天使族乾坤派交恶,才一直容忍这颗罪恶星球的存在,让他们一直都这样胡作非为。 However now is different, has Red Scarf Thief to work as the person who takes the lead, copes with World Beast Star, we can seize the chance World Beast Star and Red Scarf Thief to catch everything in one net, thorough killed. 但是现在不一样了,有红巾贼当出头鸟,对付界首星,我们就可以趁机将界首星红巾贼一网打尽,彻底灭杀 Then the responsibility for an offense of World Beast Star destruction, shirks on Red Scarf Thief completely, making them be a scapegoat, we can remove this evil planet. ” 然后将界首星毁灭的罪责,全部都推卸到红巾贼身上,让他们背锅,我们就能神不知鬼不觉的除掉这颗罪恶星球。” On him is filling fearful murderous aura. 他身上弥漫着可怕杀气 Captain, that crowd of Red Scarf Thief are not simple, at least cultivator of five Return to Truth Realm ranks, over a thousand Battleship, Universe fort wait / etc. weapon, if we want to cope with them, perhaps also meets more or less to have some losses.” Some angels start saying that his looks at angel Captain. “不过队长,那群红巾贼也不简单,起码都有五个归真境级别的修炼者,上千艘战舰,还有宇宙要塞等等武器,如果我们想对付他们,恐怕也会多多少少产生一些损失。”有天使开始说道,他看着天使队长 Relax, definitely not frontage resistance, but now Red Scarf Thief and contending of Universe Sect disciple, this is the dog-eat-dog golden opportunity, how we can not use.” “放心,肯定不会正面对抗,现在可是红巾贼乾坤派弟子的抗衡,这是狗咬狗的大好机会,我们又怎么会不去利用。” Angel Captain sneered repeatedly: They hit both sides suffer time, I get rid, these two influence to catch everything in one net, exterminates thoroughly, it is estimated that they die also didn't expect also to have a canary, glaring like a tiger watching his prey.” 天使队长冷笑连连:“等他们打得两败俱伤的时候,我就出手,将这两股势力一网打尽,彻底剿灭,估计他们死也没想到还有一头黄雀在后,虎视眈眈。” Here , he continued saying: „ Told you honestly, regarding today's matter, I had already prepared, our these time does not need to offer too many strengths, before I had already arranged Angelic Purification Great Formation in this piece of Universe, covered the surrounding area several million kilometer. 说到这里,他顿了一下,继续道:“老实告诉你们吧,对于今天的事,我早就有所准备,我们这一次根本不需要出太多力气,之前我早就在这片宇宙布置了一座天使净化大阵,覆盖方圆数百万公里。 Waits for these two influence both sides suffer time, immediately starts Formation, purifies this group of people completely, vanishes in puff of smoke, if this happens then we can as easy as blowing off dust exterminate this crowd of mongrel human. ” 等这两股势力两败俱伤的时候,立即启动阵法,将这群人全部净化,灰飞烟灭,这样一来我们就可以不费吹灰之力剿灭这群杂种人类。” His eye reveals ominous light. 8) 他眼睛露出一丝凶光。8)
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