FGOAA :: Volume #44

#4379: Highest heaven god wheel!

In chaotic space that even if the 100 billion malicious ghost on this surrounds, town/subdues ancient Universe God Consciousness Spirit of highest heaven emperor's children rank is shattered, the body of scrap Universe God, the sound is also considerably large! 哪怕是在这上千亿恶鬼包围的混乱空间之内,九霄帝子这种级别的镇古宙神识神破灭,宙神之体炸碎,动静也是相当大的! It looks like Star Source to explode, but also embezzles many malicious ghosts, innumerable neutron particles same splutter like the smoke and fire, is very brilliant! 就像是一个恒星源爆炸,还将不少恶鬼吞没,无数的中子微粒如同烟火一样溅射开来,无比绚烂! Naturally, to all Meteor Gods, this is not brilliant, this is the sad news! 当然,对所有陨星神众而言,这不是绚烂,这是噩耗! Highest heaven emperor's children!” “九霄帝子!” All Meteor Gods insane flushed equally toward the highest heaven emperor's children, however tian uncle, makes their opponents look after even emphatically! 所有陨星神众都疯了一样朝着九霄帝子冲来,然而就算是瑱叔,都让他们的对手着重关照着! In addition that innumerable malicious ghost army, the time reckless impact, making these Meteor Gods like fight in the middle of the sea of malicious ghost, the opportunity of simply not having approached! 加上那无数的恶鬼大军,时刻不要命的冲击,让这些陨星神众如同在恶鬼的海洋当中战斗,根本没有靠近的机会! Then, that highest heaven emperor's children explode very much blast open. 就这样,那九霄帝子炸得很炸裂。 Rumbling! 轰轰轰! Then, his body condensed automatically, turned into diameter enough five kilometers Universe God sources, appears in Li Tianming at present. 接下来,他的身体自动凝聚,变成了一个直径足足有五千米的宙神本源,出现在李天命眼前。 He has not certainly died, Li Tianming does not want to make him die. 他当然没死,李天命也没想让他死。 Existence of this status, has not died, the value is biggest. 这种身份的存在,没死,价值最大。 Yo, the equipment exploded.” “呦,装备爆出来了。” Li Tianming locked Xumi Ring of highest heaven emperor's children accurate, this Xumi Ring diameter is the kilometer, is Null Void Level Universe God Item, can resist the mortal body to explode, but does not destroy. 李天命精准锁定了九霄帝子的须弥之戒,这须弥之戒的直径都有上千米,乃是洞虚级宙神器,能抗住肉身爆炸而不毁灭。 Grasps this Xumi Ring, one looks toward inside, like the thing of colored grinding pan shape, this highest heaven protects barrier spare World Core ‚the highest heaven god to turn, its jurisdiction is inferior to World Core in Meteor Gods Heavenly Emperor hand, but to Li Tianming, enough used. 拿住这须弥之戒,往里面一看,一个如同彩色磨盘状的东西,正是这九霄守护结界的备用界核‘九霄神轮’,它的权限不如陨星神众天帝手中的界核,但对李天命而言,足够用了。 Has this highest heaven god to turn, entire highest heaven Emperor Star to Li Tianming, is half not defended condition! 有这九霄神轮在,整个九霄帝星李天命而言,就是半不设防状态! Lets go!!” “撒手!!” The highest heaven emperor's children so status, made such big mistake, from Eight Departments Gods makes him ashamed proudly, some sound distortions. 九霄帝子这般身份,出了这么大的差错,来自八部神众的骄傲让他羞愧,声音都有些变形了。 Can let this existence, at this moment feels flurried, was the big deal inevitably! 能让这种存在,此刻感到慌乱,必然是出了大事! You are also resting.” “你也歇着。” A Universe God source of heavy losses, has no threat to Li Tianming, his Great Xia Chinese Character Illusion Spirit covers in the Universe God source of this fellow, deadlocks it directly! 一个重创的宙神本源,对李天命没什么威胁,他那大夏汉字幻神覆盖在这家伙的宙神本源上,直接将其锁死! Solemn highest heaven emperor's children, my main body have not begun, light/only abandoned you by Companion Beast, does the clothing/taking refuse to accept?” The Li Tianming clear and resonant voice said with a smile. “堂堂九霄帝子,我本尊都没动手,光靠伴生兽就废了你,服不服?”李天命朗声笑道。 Refuses to accept!” The highest heaven emperor's children lower roar. “不服!”九霄帝子低吼。 You are on the mouth refuse to accept. I am less than thousand years old, turns town/subdues ancient Universe God that your 20 long live dry/does.” Li Tianming talked about with interest. “你就是嘴上不服。我不到千岁,就把你这二十万岁的镇古宙神干翻了。”李天命乐道。 You had to plant killed me!” Highest heaven emperor's children ferocious sound said. “你有种就杀了我!”九霄帝子狞声道。 Ok!” “行啊!” A Li Tianming saying ended, that Eastern Sovereign Sword, one of the insertion this Universe God sources, the Consciousness Spirit strength and Chaos Sword Princess strength, the Bai Ling (white rise) Earth Soul strength, all gathered on the sword loudly in addition, punctured the highest heaven emperor's children pain to call out pitifully, hangs in the balance! 李天命一说完,就将那东皇剑,轰然插入这宙神本源之一,识神力量、混沌剑姬力量,加上白凌地魂力量,全汇聚在剑上,刺得九霄帝子痛苦惨叫,命悬一线! No!” “不!” Until this time, that tian uncle broke through the blockades of several Undying Eternal Clan, gets angry in the distant place exclaims: Li Tianming, some words are open to discuss, do not kill our emperor's children!” 直到这时候,那瑱叔才突破了好几个不死永恒族的封锁,在远处怒吼道:“李天命,有话好商量,别杀我们帝子!” The "oh?" Li Tianming foot steps on the Universe God source of that highest heaven emperor's children, in Eastern Sovereign Sword the hand presses downward, asks: Your what status? Spoke usefully?” “哦?”李天命脚踩那九霄帝子的宙神本源,将手中东皇剑往下按,问道:“你什么身份?说话有用吗?” I am Meteor Gods saturn marshal, palm military power!” tian uncle sinking sound said. “我是陨星神众‘镇星元帅’,手掌兵权!”瑱叔沉声道。 Ok, my station asked to be very simple, first truce, then, I must poach your ancestral graves.” Li Tianming said with a smile. “行,我的述求很简单,先停战,然后,我要挖走你们祖坟。”李天命笑道。 You have a dream!” The highest heaven emperor's children roared. “你做梦!”九霄帝子咆哮道。 What dream has? I killed you, takes the highest heaven god wheel, makes your entire Meteor Gods bow to me in the same old way. Having you do not have you to be the same.” Li Tianming is saying, the sword must puncture downward. “做什么梦?我杀了你,拿着九霄神轮,照样让你全陨星神众向我低头。有你没你都一样。”李天命说着,剑就要往下刺去。 Considering environment so, home station possibly closes momentarily, asking everyone to step to permanent operation trading source App , huanyuanapp.org as soon as possible 【鉴于大环境如此,本站可能随时关闭,请大家尽快移步至永久运营的换源App,huanyuanapp.org】 Stop!” That tian uncle definitely understands, this highest heaven Emperor Star biggest handle had been grasped by Li Tianming in the hand, they have no capital of negotiations. “住手!”那瑱叔心里肯定明白,这九霄帝星最大的把柄已经被李天命抓在了手里,他们已经没有什么谈判的资本了。 Li Tianming, I know that you want to make our Meteor Gods draw back the army, I may pass on message Heavenly Emperor immediately! You and his first hand exchange!” tian uncle said earnestly. 李天命,我知道你是想让我们陨星神众退军,我马上可传讯天帝!你和他直接交流!”瑱叔认真说道。 What to be anxious? I am not anxious.” “急什么?我一点都不急。” Li Tianming looked toward about, at this time all parties fought had stopped, these Undying Eternal Clan all arrived at side Li Tianming, but Li Tianming also received the light Wa malicious ghost regiment, this chaotic battlefield returned to at this time normal. 李天命往左右一看,这时候各方战斗都已经停止了,那些不死永恒族全部来到了李天命身边,而李天命也收了熹娲恶鬼军团,这混乱的战场这时候才恢复了平静。 Surrounding Meteor Gods, looks that was stepped on by Li Tianming in the highest heaven emperor's children of under foot, the face is one by one smelly! 周围的陨星神众,看着那被李天命踩在脚下的九霄帝子,脸面一个比一个臭! They cursed spread ten million/countless, but to be honest, really did not have the means! 他们心里咒骂了千万遍,但说实话,真的没办法! Also is gawking doing? Make way.” Li Tianming said. “还愣着干什么?闪开啊。”李天命道。 Why do you want to disrespect to our ancestors?” tian uncle vexed quirk. “你为什么非要对我们先祖不敬?”瑱叔怄火道。 Was you first disrespects to me, becomes the unfilial descendants, the ancestry must certainly meet with a disaster.” “是你们先对我不敬,当了不肖子孙,祖辈肯定要遭殃。” Li Tianming under the protection of that Undying Eternal Clan, is raising that highest heaven emperor's children directly, them hits toward tian uncle, that highest heaven emperor's children angry roar unceasingly, mentality blasting open...... 李天命在那不死永恒族的保护下,直接提着那九霄帝子,往瑱叔他们这边撞来,那九霄帝子不断怒吼,心态炸裂…… Li Tianming, you first with our Heavenly Emperor exchange! We can......” tian uncle still insist. 李天命,你先和我们天帝交流!我们是可以……”瑱叔还在坚持。 Go away!” “滚开!” Li Tianming is pinching the life of that highest heaven emperor's children, hits these people directly, before arriving at that highest heaven mausoleum, he takes Eastern Sovereign Sword single-handedly, is stepping on that highest heaven emperor's children, is in front of people, starts to decode that Myriad Universe Rank barrier barrier. 李天命捏着那九霄帝子的命,直接撞开这些人,来到了那九霄帝陵前,他一手拿着东皇剑,一脚踩着那九霄帝子,然后就当着众人的面,开始破解那万宙级的屏障结界 Rear these Meteor Gods, air/Qi result in the complexion blue and purple. 后方那些陨星神众,一个个气得面色青紫。 All right! His radically being able to go in highest heaven mausoleum.” “没事!他根本进不去九霄帝陵。” Waits for Heavenly Emperor came back to be good, day Emperor One will first come back surely.” “等天帝回来就好了,天帝一定会先回来的。” That several days?” “那得几天?” That side probably big wood-boring insect going crazy star, has started to attack toward Yanhuang Emperor Star, their speeds are obviously insufficient......” “好像大蠡风魔星那边,已经开始往炎黄帝星进攻了,他们这速度明显不够啊……” To Meteor Gods, at this moment without doubt is the biggest suffering. 陨星神众而言,此刻无疑是最大的煎熬。 But Li Tianming does not respond them, no matter how that tian uncle said, he only decodes barrier, many Meteor Gods cannot see his way, but that tian uncle looks, the brow deeply wrinkled. 李天命也不搭理他们,不管那瑱叔怎么说,他只破解结界,很多陨星神众根本看不出他的门道,但是那瑱叔看着看着,眉头就深深皱了起来。 Quick, Li Tianming started to go through that barrier barrier. 很快,李天命就开始穿行那屏障结界了。 Meteor Gods, start dumbfoundedly. 一个个陨星神众,开始目瞪口呆。 Then, they can only look helplessly, Li Tianming more enters is deeper. 然后,他们只能眼睁睁看着,李天命越进越深。 Finally! 最后! He brings numerous Undying Eternal Clan, is dragging the highest heaven emperor's children of that collapse, enters the mausoleum...... 他带着一众不死永恒族,拖着那崩溃的九霄帝子,杀入帝陵…… ...... …… Today is the website annual annual meeting, just got better the point to go out, today the conference is crowded, 1 chapter, should be all right tomorrow ~ 今天是网站一年一度的年会,刚病好点就出门了,今天会议密集,更一章哈,明儿应该就没事了~
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