FGOAA :: Volume #32

#3154: Returns master En

„The graciousness of what raising, nothing but expands your influence, so many years, this/should must I be clear! At this time, do you also want to restrain me with the morals? Your this wicked person, does not know that what is called the reality?” “什么养育之恩,无非就是壮大你的势力,这么多年,该还得我都还清楚了!都这时候了,你还想用道德来约束我?你这一个无道之人,不知道什么叫做现实吗?” The Lan Yun ferocious sound sneers , to continue saying: Reality is, you abandon now most probably! I before you, you could not lock my Universe Great Chart! I do not need to fear you! Your like this, why my Lan Yun must let your servants, making you shout to drink, was threatened by you? The treasure that I look, why must give to you to enjoy, do I remain am not being fragrant?” 蓝芸狞声冷笑,继续道:“现实就是,你现在废了大半!我在你面前,你都锁不了我的宇宙宏图!我再也不用怕你!就你这样子,我蓝芸凭什么还要让你的奴婢,让你呼来喝去,受你威胁?我自己找的宝贝,凭什么要送给你享用,我自己留着不香吗?” The treasure in her mouth, naturally is Li Tianming. 她口中的宝贝,自然便是李天命 In the final analysis, she to Li Tianming, does not give up. 说到底,她对李天命,还是不舍得。 For a long time, she as control, collides with Li Tianming again and again, these ambiguous, collision, is the reasons that she does not give up at this moment. 这么长时间来,她作为掌控者,和李天命一次次碰撞,那些暧昧、碰撞,都是她此刻不舍得的理由。 Lan Yun! You were really insane! You die like a dog!” 蓝芸!你真是疯了!你不得好死!” That blood cocoon woman 10,000 have not thought, oneself will really have bamboo fence Pingyang by the time that the dog bullies. 那血茧女人一万个没想到,自己竟然会有虎落平阳被犬欺的时刻。 She had gotten angry the pinnacle, at this moment is the anger is more dreadful. 她本已经怒到极致,此刻更是怒火滔天。 You lived for tens of thousands years, I received your air/Qi for a lifetime, now the damn person is you! You die!” “你都活了几万年,我受了你一辈子的气,现在该死的人是你!你去死吧!” The strength of terrifying snow and ice, erupts from Lan Yun. 恐怖的冰雪之力,从蓝芸身上爆发出来。 Her Consciousness Spirit, birth! 她的识神,诞生! Li Tianming sees that sneers, is protecting stupor Ying Huo (Firefly) directly they, hides in the nearby to go, protects to look at their dog-eat-dog. 李天命见状,冷笑一声,直接护着昏迷的荧火它们,躲到边上去,保护好自己看着她们狗咬狗。 Was best you dead! Especially your Lan Yun! You know Immeasurable World Territory, you must die!” Li Tianming clenches teeth. “最好你们都死了!尤其是你蓝芸!你知道无量界域,你一定要死啊!”李天命咬牙。 Sees Ying Huo (Firefly) their dim present situations, his chest cavity like the volcano, in the black fog of that eyes, is kills to read! 一看到荧火它们黯淡的现状,他胸腔就如火山,那双眼的黑雾里,全是杀念! Lan Yun!” 蓝芸!” The blood cocoon woman illness brought on by the obstruction of flow of vital energy, she is roaring fiercely, said with a smile ferociously: You indulge in fantasy really! I lose 2/3 fruits even, I kill your lowly person, if pinches a water snake!” 血茧女人气结,她狰狞咆哮着,狞笑道:“你真是异想天开!我就算丧失三分之二道果,我杀你这小贱人,都如捏死一条水蛇!” They, in this seal, in the middle of the barrier densely covered blood-color main hall slaughtered directly. 她们俩人,直接在这封闭的,结界密布的血色大殿当中厮杀了起来。 Two Xu Realm powerhouses! 两个垿境强者! Above strength minimum Five Sides Xu Realm! 战力起码五方垿境以上! The strength storm that Consciousness Spirit and blood fog produces, affects the entire audience instantaneously! 识神、血雾产生的战力风暴,瞬间波及整个全场! Li Tianming like a piece of small boat, sways in this sea storm. 李天命如同一片小舟,在这沧海般的风暴上飘摇。 He can only protect itself as far as possible, in the eye the black fog is continually rich, is glittering the Yin evil ray! 他只能尽可能的护着自己,眼中黑雾持续浓郁,闪烁着阴邪的光芒! To these two women, he is the spoils of war! 对这两个女人来说,他是战利品! Won the person, can obtain him! 赢了的人,才能得到他! Li Tianming does not have to think oneself will have such a day. 李天命没想到自己会有这么一天。 He is hated and anger control now completely, in the eye, only then the heart of retaliation! 他现在完全被仇恨和怒火支配,眼中只有报复之心! Ying Huo (Firefly) and Miao Miao......” 荧火喵喵……” Li Tianming shouts for quite a while, they have not waked up, has not integrated the Li Tianming's body on own initiative, this makes the Li Tianming innermost feelings tear. 李天命呼喊半天,它们没醒来,也没主动融入李天命的身体,这让李天命内心更撕裂。 Humming sound! 嗡嗡! The anger of hatred, at the collision the evil thought that corner he, is staring at the two stubbornly, the eye is almost gloomy must drop out the ink. 仇恨的怒火,碰撞上邪念,角落处的他,死死盯着那两人,眼睛阴沉得几乎要滴出墨水。 Rumbling! 轰轰轰! This war, plays very intensely. 这一战,打得十分激烈。 Lan Yun, she will win!” 蓝芸,她会赢!” This is actually very obvious matter. 这其实是很显然的事情。 She awes Big Senior Sister, bears patiently such a long time, if no absolute assurance, she will not act absolutely. 她敬畏大师姐,隐忍这么长时间,如果不是有绝对的把握,她绝对不会出手。 However! 不过! Under that blood cocoon woman is furious, at the point of death counter-attacks, this several tens of thousands of years ago ruthless role, will not be easy dead. 那血茧女人震怒之下,临死反扑,这种数万年前的狠角色,绝不会容易死去。 Therefore, her struggling and dying war, must draw the determination that Lan Yun is going to hell together at risk of life, is the uncertainties of this fight. 所以,她的挣扎、死战,还有拼死都要拉着蓝芸一起下地狱的决心,都是这场战斗的不确定因素。 Cheap person! Cheap people! I raise you, your supercilious look wolf, domestic animal!” “贱人!贱人!我把你养大,你这白眼狼,畜生!” Blood cocoon woman grating roaring, will only make the Li Tianming eyes bloodier. 血茧女人刺耳的咆哮,只会让李天命双眼更血腥。 Shut up you!” “闭嘴吧你!” The Lan Yun sound is extremely indifferent, that ice-cold enchanting beautiful figure, flutters about in the middle of this blood-color main hall, such as the snow and ice empress arrives, gradually freezes the blood fog. 蓝芸声音极度冷漠,那冰冷妖娆之倩影,在这血色大殿当中纷飞,如冰雪女皇降临,逐渐冰冻血雾。 Haha! Will I in this Myriad Dao Valley several tens of thousands of years, I fold vertically and horizontally/able to move unhindered today unexpectedly in your hands? If we had known, I pinch you surely! Lan Yun!” “哈哈!我在这万道谷纵横数万年,我今日竟会折在你手里?早知道如此,我必定捏死你!蓝芸!” The blood fog gradually breaks up, under that Lan Yun kills greatly, in she ices under the blue Consciousness Spirit might, that blood cocoon woman retreats in defeat again and again. 血雾逐渐崩解,那蓝芸大杀之下,在她冰蓝色的识神威力下,那血茧女人节节败退。 Pitifully, you did not have this opportunity. Accepts fate?” Lan Yun indifferent say/way. “可惜,你没这机会了。认命吧?”蓝芸冷漠道。 Accepts fate?” “认命?” Blood cocoon woman sad and shrill wailing. 血茧女人凄厉尖啸。 You really think, you can return safe and sound to leave this? I suffer you for a lifetime! you this lifetime, only matches the survival in the hell!” “你真以为,你能毫发无损离开这?我折磨你一辈子!你此生此世,都只配生存在地狱!” When that blood cocoon woman sends out this frigid wailing, Li Tianming saw, she changes to strong blood fog, attacks the body of Lan Yun. 当那血茧女人发出这惨烈尖啸的时候,李天命看到,她化作一阵浓重的血雾,冲击到蓝芸的身上。 What?” “什么?” A Lan Yun brow wrinkle! 蓝芸眉头一皱! She cannot block that a lot of blood-color stars particle to enter her body! 她没能挡住那大量血色星辰微粒进入了她的身体! In an instant, her fair like snow and ice same skin on, emerged ruddily many. 刹那之间,她那白皙如冰雪一样的皮肤上,涌现了许多红润。 „! You insane Big Senior Sister!” “呃!你疯了大师姐!” Lan Yun startled say/way. 蓝芸惊慌道。 This accident, is she is unexpected. 这变故,乃是她意料之外。 Even your does Lan Yun dare to despise me? Hehe, I die, do not think comfortably......” “连你蓝芸都敢小看我?呵呵,我死,你也别想舒服……” Then, the voice of that blood cocoon woman thorough dim! 就这样,那血茧女人的声音彻底黯淡了下去! But that Lan Yun pain was called one, knelt on the ground, at once whole body cold sweat. 而那蓝芸痛叫一声,跪在了地上,旋即浑身冷汗。 „?” “呃?” She is rolling up, from top to bottom, that red like the tide, rolls on his flesh. 她蜷缩着,浑身上下,那红色就如浪潮,在其肌肤上滚来滚去。 This is what strength, Li Tianming does not know! 这到底是什么力量,李天命不知道! However! 但是! When he noticed that Lan Yun in that moment in front of oneself dropping down, he roars lowly, in the eye the black fog is dreadful! 当他看到蓝芸在自己面前倒下的那一刻,他低吼一声,眼中黑雾滔天! Roar! 吼! He stands up directly, 32 steps ran up to front of Lan Yun. 他直接站起身来,三两步就跑到了蓝芸面前。 Li Tianming?” 李天命?” The Lan Yun whole body shakes! 蓝芸浑身一震! Her whole body is the red, this red on flesh dense, congeals intermittent red fog, making her seem like, such as in the whole world, most has the outstanding person of seduction simply. 她浑身都是红色,这种红色在肌肤上氤氲,凝结成一阵阵红雾,让她看起来,简直如举世之中,最具诱惑之尤物。 Buzz! 嗡! She first with the city of Order, suppresses Li Tianming. 她先是用秩序之城,来镇压李天命 However, useless! 但是,没用! Li Tianming has stood before her body, that full is the eye of black fog, same is staring at her like a wild animal! 李天命已经站在她身前,那满是黑雾的眼睛,如同一头野兽一样盯着她! Go away!” “滚开!” The Lan Yun whole body sweats, that blood fog carries the stars particle of blood cocoon woman, wells up her whole body. 蓝芸浑身冒汗,那血雾携带血茧女人的星辰微粒,涌遍她全身。 She must repel now these things, when otherwise they long in own within the body, she was finished! 她现在必须要将这些东西排斥出去,否则当它们‘长’在自己体内,她就完蛋了! Really greatly!” “真大!” The Li Tianming corners of the mouth bring back a Yin evil smile. 李天命嘴角勾起一丝阴邪笑容。 In vain!” “白!” At this moment, the prey, turned into the cruel hunter! 这一刻,猎物,变成了残暴的猎人! „Do you want to do?” “你要干什么?” Lan Yun that ice indifferent pupil enlarges suddenly, looks at Li Tianming alarmed and afraid and flurriedly. 蓝芸那冰冷眼眸陡然放大,惊惧、慌乱看着李天命 She uses energy to struggle, however that Big Senior Sister stays behind fatal strikes, is destroying her body. 她费劲挣扎,然而那大师姐留下的致命一击,正在摧毁她的身体。 Teacher, you have the life-saving efforts to me! I must repay you!” “师尊,你对我有救命之恩!我要报答你!” The Li Tianming double dark eyes fog erupts, the shape like the wild animal, rushes. 李天命双眼黑雾爆发,形如野兽,冲了上去。 „It is not good, my also nearly 300 years can attract the star, now will break the merit! The broken merit I ended!” “不行,我还有近三百年才能吸星,现在会破功!破功我就完了!” Lan Yun called out pitifully. 蓝芸惨叫一声。 At this moment, her face changed color finally. 这一刻,她的脸终于变色了。 From control, turns into the small beast that shrank, such as a shivering white rabbit. 从一个掌控者,变成了缩起来的小兽,如一只颤抖的白兔。 Not!” “不可以!” „......” “啊……” The blood-color main hall, high-frequency shakes loudly! 血色大殿,轰然高频震荡! Mammoth. 波澜壮阔。 For a long time! 许久! It is not eternal! 非常久! Li Tianming, ok. 李天命,好了。 He lowers the head looks. 他低头一看。 An enchanting snow and ice empress, she shrinks one group, the whole body trembles, visits him. 一个妖娆的冰雪女皇,她缩成一团,浑身发抖,怔怔的看着他。 At this moment starts, her full is the gloss blue long hair, because of the broken merit, fast becomes grayish white. 此刻开始,她那满是光泽的蓝色长发,因为破功,快速变得灰白。 That body is also the rapid aging, turned 5700 years old, should have the appearance that! 那身躯亦是快速老化,变成了五千七百岁,应该有的样子! Dao Heaven Absorbing Star Demon Art, so long as less than the time broken merit, all will return to the fundamental appearance. 道天吸星魔功,只要不到时间破功,一切都会回到根本的样子。 This is the price that she must withstand today! 这就是她今日必须承受的代价! My hair, my hand!” “我的头发,我的手!” A Lan Yun face is grieved, with silly, looks oneself once self-satisfied all, at this moment in front of Li Tianming, changed the ugliest appearance. 蓝芸一脸惨然,跟傻了似的,看着自己曾经得意的一切,此刻在李天命面前,变回了最丑的模样。 As soon as finished, she appeared the original form. 一结束,她显出原形了。 Li Tianming......” 李天命……” Her face is grieved, holds own grey hair, looks at this full of vigor young people. 她一脸惨然,捧着自己的灰白头发,看着这一个精神饱满的年轻人。 Teacher, you when also I am toys, but also controls me?” Li Tianming happy say/way. “师尊,你还当我是玩物,还支配我么?”李天命痛快道。 He was compelled this step, only wants to retaliate. 他被逼到这一步,只想报复。 Now, retaliates! 如今,报复完毕! Lan Yun, miserably is very very miserable! 蓝芸,很惨很惨! Li Tianming from her hand, recaptures own Xumi Ring, put out Eastern Sovereign Sword! 李天命从她手里,夺回自己的须弥之戒,拿出了东皇剑 You, destroyed all my, do you also want to kill me?” “你,毁了我的一切,你还要杀我?” Lan Yun shivers to struggle, wants to stand up, but the extremely feeble after broken merit, making her act difficultly. 蓝芸颤抖挣扎,想要站起身来,但破功后的极度虚弱,让她行动都难。 This youngster, how pushes cannot shove open! 这个少年,怎么推都推不开啊! Is you compels my! So far, all threatens my person by my family member life, trod the horse dead!” “都是你逼我的!到目前为止,所有以我亲人性命威胁我的人,都踏马死了!” She does not look for Immeasurable World Territory, why Li Tianming arrives this step! 她不去找无量界域,李天命何必到这一步! Clever disciple, I asked you, I do not want dead, wants to live! Later the teacher serves you!” Lan Yun shivers to kneel, is holding his leg, the tearful eyes dim say/way. “乖徒儿,我求求你了,我不想死,想活!以后师尊侍奉你!”蓝芸颤抖跪地,抱着他的腿,泪眼朦胧道。 Do not think, after broken merit, you were too ugly, I look at the nausea.” Li Tianming coldly said. “别想了,破功后你太丑了,我看着恶心。”李天命冷冷道。 You! You quite ruthless heart! I have saved you, you with my love, were just Lovey-dovey, how are you cruel enough to kill me?” Lan Yun bitterly cold say/way. “你!你好狠的心!我救过你,你刚还与我恩爱,情意绵绵,你怎忍心杀我?”蓝芸凄怆道。 „Do I suppress? From beginning to end, all are you teach me! You teach well! Bullies, uses strength to bully the weak, is in power unforgiving, this is Myriad Dao Valley!” “我狠?从头到尾,一切都是你教我的!你教得好!仗势欺人,恃强凌弱,得势不饶人,这就是万道谷!” All these survival principles, are Lan Yun teach him. 这一切的生存法则,都是蓝芸教他的。 The youngster lower roar, in the eye the black fog spout, that Eastern Sovereign Sword chops to cut! 少年低吼一声,眼中黑雾喷涌,那东皇剑劈斩! Lan Yun! My Li Tianming, you cannot play!” 蓝芸!我李天命,你玩不起!” If Lan Yun such Venerable, even after broken merit , as weak as the pinnacle, Li Tianming kills her, killed dozens swords, finally strangles to death her! 蓝芸这样的尊者,哪怕破功后虚弱到极致,李天命杀她,都杀了几十剑,才终于将她绞杀! Wū wū......” “呜呜……” During Lan Yun weeps bitterly, grieved and desperate and dies! 蓝芸痛哭之中,惨然、绝望而死! Great pain and grief! 肝肠寸断! Extremely regret! 万分懊悔! Naturally, she regretted that does not harm Li Tianming, but just conceives a plan temporarily, does not give up him! 当然,她后悔的,不是害李天命,而是刚刚临时起意,舍不得他! Also wants to seize the chance to retaliate her Big Senior Sister! 还想趁机报复她大师姐 Until dying, she does not have the opportunity to know, Li Tianming true natural talent, is what degree! 直到死,她都没机会知道,李天命真正的天赋,到底是什么程度! If she destroys after a Big Senior Sister fruit, does not want to recapture Li Tianming this Star Furnace, she so will not be out. 如果她在大师姐道果毁坏后,没想夺回李天命这个星炉,她就不会如此下场。 Was she coveted one step, instead rescued Li Tianming. 是她自己贪了一步,反而救了李天命 But, whom resulted in strangely? 但,怪得了谁? Li Tianming, is a narrow escape! 李天命,也是九死一生! He controls oneself woman this, after killing the fragment, like extracted the soul, in the eye the black fog then dissipated. 他将这控制自己的女人,杀成碎片后,才如同被抽取了魂魄,眼中黑雾这才消散。 He does not even know, has had anything. 他甚至都不知道,发生过什么。 Then, poured. 就这样,倒了下去。 ...... …… Blurry. 迷糊中。 Li Tianming opens eyes. 李天命睁开眼。 A black robe middle-aged person, stands in his at present. 一个黑袍中年人,站在他的眼前。 By Jian Qinghe that Uncle Hei. 正是简青禾旁边那个黑叔 His complexion looks at Li Tianming tranquilly, said: Being all right words, I led you to walk.” 他面色平静看着李天命,道:“没事的话,我就带你走了。” Wait!” “等等!” Li Tianming is crawling standing up, goes toward that corner, there has the stars particle group that four groups twist. 李天命爬着站起身来,往那角落而去,那里有四团扭曲的星辰微粒团体。 „Can Ying Huo (Firefly), hear?” 荧火,听得见吗?” Li Tianming is shouting them. 李天命呼喊着它们。 Has not responded! 没有回应! Miao Miao! Xian Xian! Lan Huang (Blue Desolate)!” 喵喵仙仙蓝荒!” Li Tianming is patting them, innermost feelings twitch. 李天命轻拍着它们,内心抽动。 In time that his heart jumps crazily, suddenly, that four light groups beat, along the Li Tianming's arm and thigh, re-entered his body. 在他心脏狂跳的时刻,忽然,那四个光团跳动了一下,沿着李天命的手臂、腿部,重新进入了他的身体。 They, moved. 它们,动了。 ......” “呼……” Li Tianming relaxes finally. 李天命终于松了一口气。 His body has the wound, this wound was torn from the whole body structure, Universe Great Chart has the fissure, the disorder of this type of stars particle, even affects the brain, needs some time training, can restore thoroughly. 他身体还是有创伤,这种创伤源自浑身结构被撕裂,宇宙宏图都有裂痕,这种星辰微粒的紊乱,甚至波及大脑,需要一段时间的修养,才能彻底修复。 Until Ying Huo (Firefly) their four, return to itself on thoroughly, Li Tianming then to that black robe middle age humanity: Senior, had the work.” 直到荧火它们四个,彻底回到自己身上,李天命这才回头对那黑袍中年人道:“前辈,有劳了。” Is impolite.” “不客气。” Black robe middle-aged person complexion strange visits him. 黑袍中年人面色古怪的看着他。 He smiled suddenly. 他忽然笑了一下。 You are really good, Venerable while still alive, killing.” “你真牛,把一个尊者活活,给弄死了。” This lane character, broad and profound, proved he comes time, saw some pictures. 这个‘弄’字,博大精深,证明他来的时候,看到了一些画面。 Li Tianming understands his meaning. 李天命懂他的意思。 This......” “啊这……” Awkward. 尴尬了。 Plop! 扑通! He is top-heavy, fainted. 他头重脚轻,又晕了过去。 ...... …… 6 chapters. 六章。 It seems like that the chapter number was short , because the single chapter of number of words were many. 看似章节数少了,是因为单章字数多了。 The new week, asked the recommendation ticket. 新的一周,求推荐票。
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