FGOAA :: Volume #32

#3119: Dog-eat-dog!

Makes the cow to make the horse? Can ride?” In the Li Tianming eye the black fog asked turbulently. “做牛做马?能骑吗?”李天命眼中黑雾汹涌问。 Can! Can! My anything can! Certainly lets your merry as deity, I...... I now!” The Jiang Xiu'er tearful eyes are dim, saying, her is starting to rip open own decoration, jumped directly. “能!能!我什么都会!一定让你快活似神仙,我……我现在就可以!”姜秀儿泪眼朦胧,说着,她就开始撕开自己的装饰,直接蹦了出来。 Excuse me, you gave too many people to make the beast of burden, I could not have a liking.” “不好意思,你给太多人做过牛马了,我看不上。” In Jiang Xiu'er is thinking oneself put out trump card, can let any man for oneself crazy time, Li Tianming's Eastern Sovereign Sword, chops to cut directly on her forehead! 正在姜秀儿自以为自己拿出杀手锏,就可以让任何男人为自己疯狂的时候,李天命的东皇剑,直接劈斩在她的脑门上! Rips! 撕拉! The so-called young person, divides into two! 所谓红颜,一分为二! Jiang Xiu'er, death! 姜秀儿,死! !” “啊,啊,啊!” Her Universe Great Chart, makes grieved, desperate, the sound of regret, destroys completely these lives to remain, to Li Tianming is the potluck! 她的宇宙宏图,发出惨然、绝望、懊悔的声音,灭掉这些生命残留,对李天命来说就是家常便饭! Rumbling! 轰轰轰! Under Xian Xian and its suppression, that Moon Nether Vine also dies very quickly, the blood soul storm is still surging, Sun Xiaoyue and Jiang Xiu'er these two Beast Master, have died thoroughly certainly! 仙仙和它的压制下,那月冥藤亦死得非常快,血魂风暴还在涌动,孙小跃姜秀儿这两个御兽师,已经彻底死绝了! Under, Yue Lanfeng and the others saw this, delay. 下方,樾澜枫等人看到这一幕,一个个都呆滞着。 Sir Li, is really fierce.” “李大人,真是凶猛。” No wonder, he dares a person to hit four!” “怪不得,他敢一个人打四个!” Really unyielding! Moreover the blood soul storm has not affected him unexpectedly!” “真硬气啊!而且血魂风暴竟然都没影响他!” They admire simply full of admiration. 他们简直佩服得五体投地。 If they know, Li Tianming is in Myriad Dao Valley only one Good Fortune Heavenly List red surname, actually will want to be smaller than Sun Xiaoyue, it is estimated that will shock. 他们要是知道,李天命万道谷唯一一个上造化天榜的红色姓氏,其实比孙小跃都要小很多,估计会更震撼。 really venting!” Killed these two cheap people, Li Tianming were also comfortable. “真特么解气!”杀了这两个贱人,李天命自己也舒服了。 However, not completely venting. 然而,又没完全解气。 Because, he had not forgotten that Mo Guhe spoke that a few words. 因为,他没忘记莫孤河说得那一句话。 Is that a few words, Li Tianming and Yue Lanfeng they, forced here, braved the life and death bad risk in this! 就是那一句话,把李天命樾澜枫他们,都逼迫到了这里,在这冒着生死凶险! Now, Li Tianming has killed two, remaining two, if makes them return to Myriad Dao Valley safely, they could not make Li Tianming, hasn't been able to make Blue Maple Sword Valley? 现在,李天命已经杀了两个,剩下两个,若是让他们安全回到万道谷,他们弄不了李天命,还不能弄枫蓝剑谷 Although Blue Maple Sword Valley anything has not done, but, Li Tianming shelters them, they were guilty. 虽然枫蓝剑谷什么都没干,但是,李天命庇护他们,他们就有罪了。 What means do I have? Is you must threaten me with them......” “我有什么办法呢?是你们非要拿他们来威胁我……” Hehe!” “呵呵!” Li Tianming white hair flies upwards. 李天命白发飞扬。 He shifts in this bloody road, looked suddenly to Cang Jue and Mo Guhe two people! 他在这血路中转移,猛然看向了苍绝莫孤河两人! Cang Jue vision one cold, said: Li Tianming, discussed.” 苍绝目光一冷,道:“李天命,商量一下吧。” What discussed?” “商量什么?” The blood soul storm is still continuing, this instead is the Li Tianming's opportunity. 血魂风暴还在继续,这反而是李天命的机会。 Stops. After the blood soul storm finished, we go out, I and Guhe ensure did not investigate you kill their two things, this is also and Blue Maple Sword Valley are not related, we go back to report, will only say you, will not involve them, the parents who although slightly leap, same will definitely ask you to trouble with Huangdao Aristocratic Family, but, you did not fear, is right?” Cang Jue said. “到此为止。等血魂风暴结束后,我们出去,我和孤河保证不追究你杀他们俩的事情,这是也和枫蓝剑谷没关系,我们回去汇报,只会说你,不会牵扯他们,虽然小跃的父母,肯定会和黄道世家一样找你麻烦,但,你又不怕,对不对?”苍绝道。 Said very of pleasant to hear, but, I do not believe you. From now on, believes you, to Blue Maple Sword Valley, instead is the biggest danger, do you understand?” Li Tianming sneers. “说得很好听,但是,我不相信你。从现在开始,相信你,对枫蓝剑谷而言,反而是最大的危险,你懂么?”李天命冷笑。 Even if Yue Lanfeng they do not dare, even if were only Li Tianming killed them, Cang Jue went back, had to involve the Blue Maple Sword Valley possibility. 哪怕樾澜枫他们再不敢,哪怕只是李天命杀了他们,苍绝回去,就有牵扯枫蓝剑谷的可能性。 And is very big! 而且很大! Let him not go out, instead can be smaller! 让他不出去,反而能小一些! Danger , since, that can only , helpless takes the size!” “危险既然都在,那就只能无奈取大小!” These words, Li Tianming said to the Yue Lanfeng hear, hopes that he can understand itself! 这句话,李天命是说给樾澜枫听的,希望他能理解自己! To Li Tianming, so long as they die, the risk is smallest! 李天命来说,只要他们死光,风险最小! Therefore, blood soul storm turbulent time, Li Tianming without delay, kills directly to that Mo Guhe! 所以,血魂风暴汹涌的时候,李天命二话不说,直接杀向那莫孤河 Cang Jue, saves me!” The Mo Guhe cold sweat braves, she and Cang Jue are sober, but Li Tianming this kills, so long as moves, that not necessarily was sober. 苍绝,救我!”莫孤河冷汗直冒,她和苍绝是清醒的,但李天命这杀上来,只要一动,那就未必清醒了。 Li Tianming! You killed her, keeps my one, I can promise you, does not involve Blue Maple Sword Valley!” Cang Jue exclaimed lowly, I the blood soul storm, you could not kill me even, might as well cooperate with me! Only remains me, the risk is also smallest!” 李天命!你杀了她,留我一个,我可以向你保证,绝不牵扯枫蓝剑谷!”苍绝低吼道,“我就算中了血魂风暴,你也杀不死我,不如和我合作!只剩我自己,风险也最小!” Although Li Tianming has no relations with Blue Maple Sword Valley, however wanted the peer a while, to be equal to having the fetters, said no matter how, if because, causing so many people killed, he is not definitely able to accept. 李天命虽然和枫蓝剑谷没什么关系,然而只要同行一阵子,就等于有了羁绊,不管怎么说,如果因为自己,导致这么多人丧命,他肯定无法接受。 From here, instead can see Myriad Dao Valley, with the nausea of Myriad Dao Valley disciple! 从这里,反而更能看出万道谷,和万道谷弟子的恶心! Discards the Mo Guhe behavior including Cang Jue! 包括苍绝舍弃莫孤河的行为! Cang Jue, you!” Mo Guhe hears Cang Jue that words, is simply unbelievable. 苍绝,你!”莫孤河听到苍绝那话,简直难以置信。 Before this cavern, this man is very honest, gentleman style, mature steady, seems like dependence for a lifetime. 就在进这洞窟前,这男人还很老实,君子风范,成熟稳重,看起来是一辈子的依靠。 Finally, he for now reduces Li Tianming risk at heart, with own life, does subject unexpectedly! 结果,他现在为了一个降低李天命心里的风险,竟然拿自己的命,来做谈资! Mo Guhe, if not for you must threaten Blue Maple Sword Valley to get down, we will reduce to so the position? To put it bluntly, blames you.” Cang Jue sneers. 莫孤河,若不是你非得威胁枫蓝剑谷下来,我们会沦落到如此境地?说白了,都怪你。”苍绝冷笑。 Mo Guhe scoffs to say with a smile: Cang Jue, your real man, you really have the style of Myriad Dao Valley man.” 莫孤河嗤笑道:“苍绝,你真男人,你真有万道谷男人的风范。” This, making Li Tianming want to smile. 这一幕,让李天命更想笑。 He knows, Cang Jue does not want by the blood soul storm invasion, he to be wanted to maintain the absolute calmness, calm, can be away from died far. 他知道,苍绝不想被血魂风暴侵染,他想保持绝对的冷静,冷静,才会距离死亡最远。 This is one is considered as very clear man. 这是一个算得很清楚的男人。 Therefore, even Li Tianming did not agree, he still delayed the time at least, perhaps did the blood soul storm finish quickly? 所以,就算李天命不同意,他起码也拖延时间了,说不定血魂风暴很快就结束呢? He fears is not Li Tianming, but is the blood soul storm. 他怕的不是李天命,而是血魂风暴。 However, he actually forgot a point! 不过,他却忘记了一点! His gives up the Mo Guhe behavior directly, can only explain people like him, in order to reach the goal, resorts to all means absolutely! 他这样直接放弃莫孤河的行为,只能说明他这种人,为了达到目的,绝对不择手段! Such person, counted on that he returns to Myriad Dao Valley, won't retaliate itself? 这样的人,指望他回到万道谷,不会报复自己? He is very possible, not only oneself must protect, but must unite Huangdao Aristocratic Family, extinguishes Blue Maple Sword Valley, thorough disgusting Li Tianming! 他很可能,非但自己要保护,还要联合黄道世家,来灭枫蓝剑谷,彻底恶心李天命 This person, Li Tianming will not give him the time. 这种人,李天命不会给他时间。 What makes Li Tianming not think, then pursued Mo Guhe, is angry at this moment cold and gloomy! 只是让李天命自己都没想到的是,那被追求的莫孤河,此刻森冷大怒! Cang Jue! Do you fear the blood soul storm? Works as the subject with my life? Hehe, I such as you hope!” 苍绝!你怕血魂风暴是吧?拿我的命当谈资是吧?呵呵,我如你所愿!” Experienced the true colors of this man, Mo Guhe erupted at the scene. 见识了这男人的真面目,莫孤河当场爆发。 She has not looked at Li Tianming, charged into Cang Jue directly! 她没看李天命,直接冲向了苍绝 So long as she moves, that blood soul storm will rush to brain star organ surely, making her degenerate into bloody Dark Demon, but this requires the time, in this period of sober time, she has the sufficient ability, in view of Cang Jue, compelling Cang Jue also to begin, because also the blood soul storm loses the reason! 她只要动,那血魂风暴必定会涌向大脑星脏,让她沦为血腥的暗魔,但这是需要时间的,在这段清醒的时间,她有足够的能力,针对苍绝,逼得苍绝同样动手,也因为血魂风暴失去理智! Buzz! 嗡! Mo Guhe Consciousness Spirit arrives! 莫孤河识神降临! Rumbling! 轰轰轰! His that Consciousness Spirit is Heavenly Consciousness Spirit, first hit to Cang Jue! 他那识神乃是天之识神,第一时间就撞向了苍绝 You!” “你!” Cang Jue angrily roars. 苍绝怒吼一声。 The time has not been striving, instead made the person on one's own side compel. 时间没争取着,反而让自己人逼出来了。 The Consciousness Spirit attack, he can only come under attack motionless, even if comes under attack, is impossible keeps motionless. 识神进攻,他不动就只能挨打,而且就算挨打,也不可能保持不动。 So long as moves, he cannot control the blood soul storm surely! 只要一动,他必定控制不住血魂风暴! Dog-eat-dog?” “狗咬狗?” Li Tianming smiled. 李天命笑了。 His anything has not done, these two Consciousness Spirit Cultivator, oneself first hit, Cang Jue ninth Universe Chart, his soul boundary, is not even higher than Mo Guhe, therefore in two people a move of speed was the same. 他什么都还没干,这两个识神修炼者,自己先打起来了,苍绝就算是第九宙图,他的灵魂境界,并没有比莫孤河高,所以两人中招的速度是相同的。
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