FS :: Volume #6

#595: Close between

…… …… Great Khan?!” 大可汗?!” This exit|to speak, not only Gao Qiu frightened opened the mouth, even/including Lin Wanrong is also dumbfounded. Is Yujia unexpectedly Göktürk Great Khan?! This is not cracks a joke! 这一声出口,不仅高酋惊悚张大了嘴巴,就连林晚荣也是目瞪口呆。玉伽竟然是突厥人大可汗?!这不是开玩笑吧! About the Yujia status, he conceived the excessively innumerable possibilities, Princess and Royal Consort even are on the prairie most mystical witch, all have possibly thought that only does not have is connected her and Khan. Is advocating the military force and male power supreme Alashan Prairie, beautiful Crescent Moon actually becomes Göktürk Great Khan, this is God plays a big as the sky joke with him simply. 关于玉伽身份,他曾经设想过无数种可能,公主王妃甚至是草原上最神秘女巫师,所有可能都想过了,唯独没有把她和可汗关联起来。在崇尚武力、男权至上阿拉善草原,美丽月牙儿竟然成为了突厥人大可汗,这简直就是上帝与他开一个天大的玩笑。 Old Hu, does you do not have misunderstand?” Gao Qiu still did not believe that holds on Hu Bugui also to ask the sound. 老胡,你没有听错吧?”高酋兀自不信,拉住胡不归问了声。 Hu Bugui shakes the head the forced smile, refers to toward the front illness/quick: „Can I misunderstand? You have a look at these foreigner to pay homage to her , if not for Great Khan, who can have her such glory?” 胡不归摇头苦笑,朝前面疾指:“我能听错?你看看这些胡人对她膜拜吧,若不是大可汗,谁能有她这样的荣耀?” Before the body , the dense and numerous piece, all Göktürk respectful kneel in the place, in the mouth mumbles, kotows toward Yujia. 身前密密麻麻一片,所有突厥人都恭敬长跪在地,口中念念有词,向着玉伽叩首。 You are to perhaps have no intention tonight the philanthropic undertaking, will trade to return. Yujia pledged in the name of God of the Plains , after my Göktürks captures your Great Hua city, will only pursue, no longer slaughters the Great Hua women and children young boy, this gives you return.” “你今夜也许是无意善举,将会换来回报。玉伽草原之神名义发誓,我突厥攻陷你大华城池之后,将只会驱逐,不再屠杀大华妇孺幼童,这是给你回报。” When captures the Dalanza tribe, Yujia has said speech proudly, resounds vaguely near the ear. 攻陷达兰扎部落时,玉伽傲然说过的话语,依稀响起在耳边。 Fine golden blade, the mysterious wolf mark, Lù Dongzan resembles clear(ly) non- bright code word, the past events, as if show a film one after another general, appears in one by one at present. All these series, Yujia status already is obvious, only he does not have has actually thought toward this aspect. Fixed thought harms others to death that! Lin Wanrong sighed the sound speechless. 精美金刀,神秘狼纹,禄东赞似明非明暗语,一幕一幕往事,仿佛放电影一般,在眼前一一浮现。把这一切连串起来,玉伽身份早已经昭然若揭,只是他却从来没有往这方面想过。固定思维害死人那!林晚荣无语叹了声。 Old Gao (high) shakes the head biased: I do not believe. On prairie so many warrior. Tu Suozo, Badero and Lù Dongzan, which is not oil-saving lamp, how to make Yujia make Great Khan?!” 老高偏执地摇头:“我还是不相信。草原上这么多勇士。图索佐巴德鲁禄东赞,哪一个也不是省油地灯,怎么会让玉伽做了大可汗?!” This point. Old Hu had no way to explain. Lin Wanrong hesitates the long time. Suddenly said with a smile: Big Brother Gao. The vision only do not fall on Yujia body. Do not forget. Her nearby also has Little Khan.” 这一点。老胡就没法解释了。林晚荣沉吟半晌。忽然笑道:“高大哥。眼光不要只落在玉伽身上。你别忘了。她身边还有个小可汗。” Gao Qiu curls the lip: Little Khan, Little Khan how?! He cannot listen to Great Khan ! One big is small. The foreigner custom may really enough chaotic.” 高酋撇撇嘴:“小可汗,小可汗怎么了?!他还不是得听大可汗!一大一小。胡人规矩可真够混乱地。” Lin Wanrong shakes the head with a smile: I am actually opposite with your view. They establish this big small two Khan, has possibility indeed extremely to prevent chaotic.” 林晚荣笑着摇头:“我倒是和你看法相反。他们设置这一大一小两个可汗,极有可能正是为了防止混乱地。” Prevents the confusion? Hu Bugui and Gao Qiu are confused. 防止混乱?胡不归高酋都是一头雾水。 Lin Wanrong nods saying: If I guess well, this so-called Little Khan. Should just pass away the Bilgä Khan heir. Learns father's trade, throne inheritance. Originally is perfectly justified the matter, no one has the qualifications to say this and that. But has a look at Little Khan age. The issue came out. A 5 or 6-year-old child. Wields powerful Khanate. Also must make war with Great Hua. This simply is hugely the joke.” 林晚荣点了点头道:“如果我猜地不错,这个所谓地小可汗。应该就是刚刚去世地毗迦可汗子嗣了。子承父业,王位传承。本来是天经地义地事情,谁也没资格说三道四。可是看看小可汗年纪。问题就出来了。一个五六岁孩子。执掌一个强盛汗国。还要与大华开战。这简直就是天大地玩笑。” Really has the issue. Hu Bugui can not help nod: Old Minister young emperor. Those who lived in ages had once had. That importantly. Naturally must elect to hold this solitary one aide just before the end. Bilgä Khan as military force powerfully one generation of Great Emperor. Before passing on the position will not consider these places.” 确实有问题。胡不归情不自禁点头:“老臣幼帝。历朝历代都曾有过。那最重要地。当然是要选好临终托孤辅政大臣毗迦可汗身为武力强盛地一代大帝。在传位之前不会不考虑这些地。” So-called holds this solitary one aide just before the end. Actually we close one's eyes can also several places come out.” Lin Wanrong is pulling finger, points said: Badero, Tu Suozo and Lù Dongzan. one left, one right, and one preceptor. These people are most powerful in the Göktürks power and influence, without them, whose auxiliary politics was not good.” “所谓临终托孤地辅政大臣。其实咱们闭着眼睛也能数地出来。”林晚荣扳着手指,一个个点道:“巴德鲁图索佐禄东赞一左一右一国师。这几人在突厥地权势最为强大,没了他们,谁辅政都不行。” These three people. Occupying Göktürks half wall rivers and mountains are many. Bilgä Khan impossible ignores. Gao Qiu is in the palace many years, most knew about these matters. The hurried nod said: Brother Lin said well. These three people of surely equally chief aide. No one can let anyone. So can balance all influence.” 这三个人。占据突厥地半壁江山还多。毗迦可汗不可能置之不理。高酋身在宫中多年,对这些事最为了解。急忙点头道:“林兄弟说地不错。这三人必定是平起平坐地首席辅政大臣。谁也不能让谁。如此才能平衡各方势力。” But issue also came out.” Lin Wanrong lets go to say with a smile: Left King is very powerful, Right King is very powerful. Preceptor is very powerful. In this small and weakly. Became naively, no real power Little Khan. As one generation of Heaven's Chosen Bilgä Khan. How to make the oneself son link raise in the oppressor bosom?!” “可是问题出来了。”林晚荣摊手笑道:“左王很强大,右王很强大。国师很强大。这里面最弱小地。偏偏就成了年幼无知、毫无实权小可汗。身为一代天骄地毗迦可汗。怎么会让自己地儿子环饲在虎狼怀抱中?!” Old Gao (high) is happy: I understood. Therefore had Great Khan Yujia.” 老高喜道:“我明白了。所以就有了玉伽大可汗。” Good.” Lin Wanrong said in a low voice: Great Khan should be all power balance product. This person of not only must have the high ground prestige and position extremely in Göktürks. Must have greatest the wisdom and courage. To guarantee absolutely safe, Bilgä Khan will certainly choose and Little Khan most intimate person. And gives her the biggest power. Like this she has ability guard Little Khan. After Little Khan is grown. She must resign. Turns over to the power in the original master.” “不错。”林晚荣沉声道:“大可汗应该就是各方势力平衡产物。这人不仅要在突厥有极高地声望和地位。更要有莫大地智慧和勇气。而且为了确保万无一失,毗迦可汗一定会挑选与小可汗最为亲近人。并赋予她最大地权力。这样她才有能力护卫小可汗。而在小可汗成年之后。她也必须卸任。归权于原主人。” Therefore. Bilgä Khan chose Crescent Moon. Crescent Moon not only intelligent wisdom, because she is female. Cannot threat everyone. Made everyone feel relieved. Then, in this type balances subtly, most impossible matter, became chose well. Wonderful, is really wonderful.” Hu Bugui claps excitedly: According to this logic. Yujia and Bilgä Khan have between Little Khan, has the most intimate relation inevitably.” “所以。毗迦可汗就挑选了月牙儿月牙儿不仅聪明智慧,更因为她是个女子。对所有人都构不成威胁。令大家都放心。如此一来,在这种微妙地平衡中,最不可能地事情,偏偏就成了最好地选择。妙啊,实在是妙。”胡不归兴奋地拍手:“这样说来。玉伽毗迦可汗还有小可汗之间,必然有着最亲密联系。” golden blade, golden wolf. Great Khan.” The Lin Wanrong applause looked at Old Hu one, nods. Silent sighed: Actually, regardless of the wisdom, appearance or the courage, Crescent Moon in Göktürks is best. If makes her make Göktürks Khan. Originally also has nothing strangely.- only pitifully is, she actually lived to make the daughter body. I suspected, before Bilgä Khan just before the end, most regrettable , perhaps was this matter.” 金刀,金狼大可汗。”林晚荣赞许地看了老胡一眼,点了点头。无声一叹:“其实,无论从智慧、容貌还是勇气,月牙儿突厥都是最拔尖地。若让她做突厥可汗。本来也没什么奇怪地。——唯一可惜地是,她却生作了女儿身。我猜想,毗迦可汗临终前,最遗憾,也许就是这件事了。” Although in the mouth regretted, some heart actually inexplicable rejoiced, if Crescent Moon really is a man, that Great Hua and Göktürks war, will become even more to be brutal and intense. Only pitifully, Heaven will never have, if! 口中虽惋惜,心中却有些莫名庆幸,如果月牙儿真的是个男子,那大华突厥战争,将会变得更加残酷和激烈。只可惜,上天永远不会有如果! Making acting king is also good,” the Old Gao (high) laughter said: By Crescent Moon method, gives her dozens years of time, no matter what Left King Right King Göktürk Preceptor, who can be her opponent? When the time comes, kicks Little Khan, acting king straightens up, is made one generation of Heaven's Chosen female Khan by she herself, what impossible also has?!” “做个摄政王也不错啊,”老高嬉笑道:“以月牙儿的手段,给她数十年时间,不管什么左王右王突厥国师,有谁能是她对手?到时候,把小可汗踢掉,摄政王扶正,由她自己做一个一代天骄可汗,有什么不可能?!” Mentioned Yujia method, Lin Wanrong never suspected, only, will she really do that? 说起玉伽的手段,林晚荣从不怀疑,只是,她真的会那样做吗? Looks from afar, late spring in sunlight, Great Khan golden color cheeks, beautiful and bewitching lofty and noble, splendid. Is thinking she uses method, Lin Wanrong cannot bear to confuse nothing which is not. 远远望去,暮春阳光里,大可汗金色脸颊,妖冶高贵,熠熠生辉。想着她无所不用的手段,林晚荣忍不住的迷惑。 Oh no!” Hu Bugui was startled suddenly, over the face annoying say/way: Seized Göktürks Great Khan- we actually to give to put her, what this may be- “糟糕!”胡不归突然惊了一声,满面懊恼道:“擒到手突厥大可汗——我们却把她给放了,这可怎生是—— Gao Qiu stares his one eyes. Old Hu then realizes the mouth, shot a look at General Lin secretly, Aahh two does not dare to say again. 高酋瞪他一眼。老胡这才意识到走口,偷偷瞥瞥林将军,啊啊了两声不敢再言。 Remembers Elder Sister An that how many month of that's all the Göktürks Great Khan life also only remains, what seizes and puts also to distinguish? Lin Wanrong shakes the head, silent. 想起安姐姐地那一针,突厥大可汗生命也只剩几个月而已,捉与放有什么区别?林晚荣摇了摇头,没有说话 Gao Qiu eye revolved, hehe said with a smile: Actually, I have to turn swords into plowshares the method, may ask us Great Hua to win victory without firing a shot to tidy up Göktürk.” 高酋眼珠一转,嘿嘿笑道:“其实,我倒有个化干戈为玉帛方法,可叫我们大华兵不血刃就收拾了突厥人。” such good deed? Hu Bugui busy say/way: Any method, Brother Gao said quickly.” 还有这样的好事?胡不归忙道:“什么方法,高兄弟快说。” Gao Qiu happily said: „Isn't Crescent Moon Göktürks Great Khan and acting king? This all the way. She to the Brother Lin situation, everyone also saw. So long as Brother Lin slightly executes the sub-total. Captured her heart, by the Crescent Moon intelligent ability and wisdom. Tidies up Left and Right Kings with playing resembles, that Little Khan was not worth mentioning. When the time comes, is deceitful about Brother Lin and Crescent Moon , Oh, no, is the scheme, making Crescent Moon make Göktürks uniquely Tengri Khan. A series prairie. That simply is easy and easy to the extreme. Then, hehe. Is bestowed this beautiful Tengri Khan several boys by Brother Lin, pure Great Hua seed- mother , what Göktürk foreigner. Is ruled by person of Great Hua completely, we not on a series prairie?!” 高酋得意道:“月牙儿不是突厥大可汗摄政王么?这一路上。她对林兄弟情形,想必大家也看到了吧。只要林兄弟略施小计。擒获了她芳心,以月牙儿聪明才智。收拾左右王就跟玩似的,那小可汗就更不值一提了。到时候,合林兄弟月牙儿奸诈,,不,是计谋,让月牙儿突厥独一无二地天可汗。一统草原。那简直就是手到擒来、容易之极。接下来么,嘿嘿。由林兄弟赐这美丽天可汗几个大胖小子,纯粹大华地种子——,什么突厥人胡人。全部由大华人统治,我们可不就一统草原了么?!” Old Gao (high) this obscene goods, too his mother had the talent! This does not crack a joke, this matter has extremely high feasibility, so long as General Lin nods, the success ratio at least has six 70%! Hu Bugui stared in a big way the eye, the saliva ticktack ticktack, wants to give Old Gao (high) several bear hug. 老高这个淫货,太他娘地有才了!这可不是开玩笑,此事具有极高可操作性,只要林将军点头,成功率至少有六七成胡不归瞪大了眼睛,口水嘀嗒嘀嗒,直想给老高几个熊抱 When my son Göktürks Khan? Gao Qiu words, frightened Lin Wanrong jumped greatly. Although that words are obscene, the principle is not obscene, only was mean. 我儿子当突厥可汗高酋的话,把林晚荣也吓了大跳。那话虽淫,理却不淫,只是过于下作了些。 Awakes,” he kicks on Old Gao (high) buttocks, said with a smile: You forgot, now Yujia, with us is a stranger. Moreover, is acting king so good to do ? You have a look, that attempted the throne not to walk in- “还是醒醒吧,”他一脚踢在老高屁股上,笑道:“你们忘了吗,现在玉伽,和咱们可是陌路人。而且,摄政王就是那么好干吗?你们看看,那逼宫可不就找上门了—— Tu Suozo, are you speaking to whom?!” Yujia sound moderately, confident, each character falls on the prairie in people ear, her golden color cheeks are swiftly cold, stands dignified presently. Göktürk kneels to bend down in the place, don't Gan faces one another. 图索佐,你是在对谁说话?!”玉伽声音不轻不重,不疾不徐,字字落在草原上人们耳中,她金色地脸颊倏然冷冽,庄严立现。突厥人跪伏在地,莫敢相望。 Crescent Moon is honored as on the prairie most lofty and noble tree cotton, her beautiful and dignified, courage and wisdom, even if were known as that military force supremely Göktürks, is still countless people admires. Moreover its comes lofty and noble, in the hand golden blade is the supreme royal power symbol, Tu Suozo does not dare to plunder its blade glow proudly. 月牙儿被誉为草原上最高贵地木棉花,她美丽、庄严、勇气和智慧,即便是在号称武力至上地突厥,也为无数人所景仰。兼之其出身高贵,手中金刀更是至高无上王权象征,骄傲地图索佐也不敢掠其锋芒 He quickly deeply does obeisance: Asked Great Khan to appease anger, the Tu Suozo his intent, only for prosperous Khanate, has to ask no other.” 他急忙深深一拜:“请大可汗息怒,图索佐别无他意,只是为了兴盛汗国,才不得不问。” Although in the words still the belt/bring punctured the glow, that front vigor involuntary is weaker. He is bigger than on ten years old Yujia, is grows up together friends from childhood, is merit high unparalleled Right King, but must turn into Yujia Khan's King from Göktürks Right King, although only has the absence of one word, is actually difficult such as to ascend to heaven. 话里虽是仍带刺芒,那锋劲却已不自觉弱了许多。他比玉伽大上十来岁,算是一起长大青梅竹马,也是功高盖世右王,但要从突厥右王变成玉伽汗王,虽只有一字之差,却是难如登天。 Right King was laborious!” Crescent Moon slightly nodded, actually shows neither approval nor disapproval. She lifts up high golden blade single-handedly, pulls to set out side single-handedly Little Khan, from the long awning under, goes forward along the prairie slowly, is waving to all Göktürk. 右王辛苦了!”月牙儿微微点了点头,却是不置可否。她一手高举金刀,一手牵起身旁小可汗,自长棚上缓缓而下,沿草原前进,对着所有突厥人挥手。 Pays homage to and cheers vibration day of error, Göktürk crazy wells up forward, at this moment, Yujia is not the ordinary woman, she wields golden blade Göktürks Great Khan, is the God of the Plains symbol. 膜拜与欢呼震动天阙,突厥人疯狂向前涌去,这一刻,玉伽不是普通女人,她是执掌金刀突厥大可汗,是草原之神象征。 Crescent Moon and Little Khan walk, once for a while stops, talked with the nearby people, stroked their warhorse kindly, the smile expresses best wishes. Countless people shouted the Big and Little Khan name, on the prairie are bursting with joy warmly the atmosphere, the immediately rise the peak. 月牙儿小可汗一路走来,时不时停下来,与身边的子民交谈,亲切抚摸他们战马,微笑致意。无数人呼喊着大小可汗名字,草原上热烈沸腾气氛,顿时升到了顶峰。 Really is intelligent female!!! Lin Wanrong deeply sighed, you can scold her to show, but this went down stage short several steps, inspired the strength to Göktürk, was truly hard to describe that was huge. Göktürks Great Khan her very clear own weakness, but, her clearer own merit, displayed incisively this merit. 真是个聪明女子!!!林晚荣深深一叹,你可以骂她作秀,但这走下高台短短几步,对突厥人鼓舞力量,确实是难以形容巨大。突厥大可汗她很明白自己的弱点,但是,她更清楚自己的优点,也同时将这优点发挥到了淋漓尽致。 only was a pity, her life actually only remained short hundred day. Lin Wanrong shakes the head silently, heart unspeakably taste. 只是可惜,她生命却只剩短短百来日了。林晚荣默默摇头,心里说不出的滋味。 Looked quickly, Yujia came toward our side!” Gao Qiu calls low voice lightly, quickly lowers the head. “快看,玉伽我们这边来了!”高酋小声轻唤,急忙低下了头。 that side, Crescent Moon and Little Khan shoved open protected their Göktürks cavalry, leisurely however was good, is smiling waving, foreigner to the this side corner expressed best wishes. Tu Suozo follows in two people of behind, vigilant look sizes up everywhere, obviously is guarding against the enemy to the Khan sneak attack. 那边,月牙儿小可汗推开了保护他们突厥骑兵,款款而行,微笑着挥手,向这边角落里胡人致意。图索佐跟在二人身后,警惕眼神四处打量,显然在防范敌人对可汗偷袭。 Came!” Old Hu drinks one to everyone lowly, hints them to keep silent. In these ten people, being skilled in Old Turkic is few. Wants is who to bump into Yujia or the Little Khan question. Said that he is mute, was answered by the Old Hu unification. “来了!”老胡向所有人低喝一声,示意他们噤声。这十来号人里,精通突厥语地寥寥可数。要是谁碰上玉伽或者小可汗问话。就说他是哑巴,由老胡统一作答。 Ten zhang (3.33 m). Eight zhang (3.33 m). Five zhang (3.33 m)...... Crescent Moon is not that clearly beautifully Göktürks young girl, her makeup accommodates lofty and noble. Although face is with the smile. look has unspeakably to be cold and intelligent. 十丈。八丈。五丈……月牙儿再不是那个清纯美丽地突厥少女,她地妆容高贵脸上虽是含着微笑。眼神却有说不出的冷冽与智慧。 In surroundings agolden saying can make a deaf person shock cheers. Lin Wanrong lowers the head, makes an effort to pull the mask downward, the body will draw back drawing back in the future. At this time, does not have whose spirit was not anxious. However in this type anxious. His feeling actually unprecedentedly clear, can be clear that hears Yujia each chuckle, can distinguish her each small step time, even can hear each tranquil heartbeat. 在周围振聋发聩地欢呼声中。林晚荣低下了头去,将面罩用力往下拉扯,身子往后退了退。这种时候,没有谁地精神不紧张。但是在这种紧张中。他感觉却前所未有地清晰,能清楚听见玉伽地每一声轻笑,能辨别出她每一次微小地步伐,甚至能听见她每一次平静心跳。 Familiar , has fluttered lightly fragrantly. Unique Xiao Family perfume. The clear infant voice resounds in the ear. That immature Little Khan points at Hu Bugui to hug the flag in the hand. Suddenly said: elder sister, what flag this is?!” 熟悉、淡淡地芬芳飘过。独一无二萧家香水。清脆童音在耳边响起。那稚嫩小可汗指着胡不归抱在手中旗帜。眨眼道:“姐姐,这个是什么旗?!” this time does not need the Hu Bugui translation. Only looked that Little Khan acts knows he is asking anything. 这次不需胡不归地翻译。只看小可汗地动作就就知道他在问什么。 The sound is saying with a smile gently: This named earth rhino, is the beast of prey of growth south the desert. Is neighboring with Yue Tribe. Are you Yue clansmen?!” 温柔地声音笑着道:“这个叫土犀,是生长在大漠南部一种猛兽。与月氏部落相邻。你们是月氏地族人么?!” Behind a few words. Actually is asking Hu Bugui . Old Hu quickly caresses single-handed in the chest front: Yue clansman. Salutes to Great Khan and Little Khan. God of the Plains and we in.” 后面地一句话。却是问胡不归老胡急忙单手抚在胸前:“月氏族人。向大可汗小可汗致敬。草原之神与我们同在。” To near. Sees clearly the Crescent Moon beautifully face. Spaciously golden foreigner's robe. Wraps her figure exquisite closely. Slightly Lam Tei look is tranquil and limpid. Bright red lips tender and beautiful such as water drop cherry. Her look somewhat is slightly thin and pale, face is actually hanging kindly the smiling face. 离得近了。才看清月牙儿美丽地脸庞。宽大地金色胡袍。将她玲珑地身段包裹地紧紧。微蓝地眼神平静而清澈。鲜红地口唇娇艳如滴水地樱桃。她神色略有些憔悴,脸上却挂着和蔼地笑容。 Your Yue Tribe. Now also how many people? Are the cattle enough? Heard that your just/then sheep hunting has won one. It is not simple!” Yujia nods. Asked kindly. “你们月氏部落。现在还有多少人?牛羊足够吗?听说你们方才叼羊已经赢了一阵。不简单!”玉伽点了点头。亲切问道。 Old Hu cold sweat braves, luckily General Lin has the foreknowledge, to ask him to prepare early, otherwise, but also really obtains the accident. He is proud, but also said respectfully: God of the Plains blesses. Yue existing clansman 980 people, cattle over a thousand.” 老胡冷汗直冒,幸亏林将军有先见之明、叫他早做准备,要不然,还真得出岔子。他骄傲而恭敬道:“草原之神保佑。月氏现有族人九百八十人,牛羊上千匹。” Little Khan listened, is actually strange said: elder sister, Yue clansman why such few?!” 小可汗听了,却是奇怪道:“姐姐,月氏族人为什么如此之少?!” Yujia slightly Um sound: Yue is nine was surnamed the Tiělēi clan and tribe. Afterward because of chaos caused by war. Causes the population to sharply fall. Saarm. Our Göktürks comprised of many clans and tribes. Many clansmen, from nine are surnamed Tiělēi. Their eye colors, although we are slightly different, but they are our people. You must protect them well, lets their wealthy peace and good health.” 玉伽微微了声:“月氏原来是九姓铁勒地部族。后来因战乱。导致人数锐减。萨尔木。我们突厥是由许多部族组成。很多族人,是来自九姓铁勒。他们眼睛地颜色和虽然我们略有不同,但是他们都是我们子民。你要好好保护他们,让他们富裕安康。” Little Khan Saarm nods. also said: That person of Great Hua? Their people are many, we are going to war with them, in the future will broken take Helan Mountains, how do I want to treat them?!” 小可汗萨尔木点了点头。道:“那大华人呢?他们人很多,我们正在和他们打仗,将来破取了贺兰山,我要怎么对待他们?!” The Crescent Moon smile said: Goes to war the time. must is ruthless. Cannot be softhearted, must make the enemy fear. However. Once they become your people, you must treat them well, lets them and our clansman is the same, has the meat to eat, has the clothes to put on, like this, they not rebellion- 月牙儿微笑道:“打仗时候。一定要狠。不能心慈手软,要让敌人惧怕。但是。一旦他们成为你子民,你就要好好对待他们,让他们和我们地族人一样,有肉吃,有衣穿,这样,他们才不会造反—— Tu Suozo hears to shake the head, said loudly: Great Khan, Tu Suozo does not approve your view. Our Göktürks hits the domain immediately, enters the pass, must suppress person of Great Hua ruthlessly, making them unable to raise the head forever. That Zhao Kangning you also saw, person of Great Hua is the servility is full, only then the blade and blood, are to their best rule.” 图索佐听得摇头,大声道:“大可汗,图索佐不赞成你地看法。我们突厥是马上打出来地地盘,入了关,就要狠狠打压大华人,让他们永远抬不起头来。那赵康宁你也看到了,大华人都是奴性十足,只有刀和血,才是对他们最好统治。” Puts your mother fart! Hu Bugui hears to clench jaws. 放你妈地屁!胡不归听得咬牙切齿。 „Because has your idea, therefore, person of Great Hua will go all out to revolt against us, until today, we have not overcome Helan Mountains.” Yujia said the sentence reluctantly, then no longer disputes with him, feels Little Khan saying: Saarm, you understand to ponder these, elder sister was very happy! You can be prairie wisely Khan in the future.” “正因为有你这种想法,所以,大华人才会拼命反抗我们,直到今天,我们也没打下贺兰山。”玉伽懒懒说了句,便不再与他辩驳,摸着小可汗头道:“萨尔木,你懂得思考这些,姐姐很高兴!你将来一定会是草原最英明地可汗。” She nods to Little Khan, also smiles is pouting toward the Yue flag. Little Khan really is smart, immediately said loudly: „The Yue clan and tribe less than thousand people, can win unexpectedly in Sheep Hunting Competition, is really not easy, in addition enjoys the fat sheep 50 heads! If wins again, this Khan enjoys again! Other tribes also handle according to this.” 她对小可汗点点头,微笑着朝月氏旗帜呶呶嘴。小可汗果然机灵,立即大声道:“月氏部族不足千人,竟能在叼羊大赛中取胜一场,实在不易,加赏肥羊五十头!如果再赢,本汗再赏!其他部落也照此办理。” Thanked Great Khan, thanked Little Khan.” Hu Bugui being grateful, surroundings foreigner excited loudly shouted. “谢大可汗,谢小可汗。”胡不归“感激涕零”,周围胡人兴奋大呼。 Lin Wanrong watches critically all these, although cannot understand Old Turkic, but looks at the surrounding foreigner excitedly complexion and burning hot look, then can guess correctly several points. This, no matter Left King, Right King or Lù Dongzan, no one can compare Crescent Moon. For Supreme, really is out of the ordinary. 林晚荣冷眼旁观这一切,虽然听不懂突厥语,但看周围胡人兴奋地脸色与炙热眼神,便能猜出几分。就这一阵,不管是左王右王还是禄东赞,谁也比不上月牙儿。为人上者,果然非同凡响。 Said several words, Yujia then turned the head, light takes a walk, smiles is expressing best wishes to surroundings foreigner. 说了几句话,玉伽便偏过头来,轻轻走动,微笑着向周围胡人致意。 Lin Wanrong stands in the crowd, Yujia moves slowly, that sets up the body to stop the place, actually happens before him. He is startled, quickly drilled the drill toward the crowd, only was crowded. 林晚荣站在人群中,玉伽缓缓挪动,那立身停下地地方,却正巧就在他面前。他大吃了一惊,急忙往人群中钻了钻,只是怎么也挤不动了。 Around two people are away from 34 people, since the person sews relative, he even can see clearly the Crescent Moon ruddy lips, slenderly the eyelash. distance/from is not far, then in close! 二人前后隔着三四个人,自人缝中面面相对,他甚至能看清月牙儿红润双唇、修长地睫毛。距离不远,便在咫尺之间!
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