FS :: Volume #6

#581: Mutation

…… …… Yes, must get windy!! ” Her eye looks at the sky, the double pupil is deep and quiet, mutters draws the good prairie cold wind to howl to keep in the ear, her sweet and pretty body shivers slightly. 是啊,要起风了!!”她眼望天空,双眸幽邃,喃喃拉善草原寒风在耳边呼啸不停,她娇美身躯微微颤抖。 Yujia only had several months of life!! Remembers Fairy the language, Lin Wanrong state of mind immediately is complex. This girl medical skill acquires understanding of esoteric teachings, does not know that she herself detects does not have. 玉伽就只有几个月性命了!!想起仙子所语,林晚荣心绪顿时复杂起来。这丫头医术通玄,也不知她自己察觉到没有 Pondered over one, thinks the interest is waning, he sighed, shakes the head saying: Miss Yujia, you took care!! Big Brother Gao, we walk.” 琢磨了一阵,也觉意兴阑珊,他微叹了口气,摇头道:“玉伽小姐,你多保重了!!高大哥,我们走吧。” The word, no matter also Crescent Moon can understand that he calls the turn the profound meaning, sets out then and under went toward the slope. Two people of steps, look is in a hurry firm, does not have has also turned head again. 言罢,也不管月牙儿能不能理解他言中深意,起身便与往坡下行去。二人步履匆匆,神色坚决,再也没有回过头。 From Mount Tian, usually, only then I am hiding from him, where has him to hide my time? Yujia is staring at his back, speechless silent. Gradually has the cold wind to sway her body spacious long robe, rustle makes noise. 天山而下,素来只有我躲着他,哪里有他躲着我时候?玉伽盯着他背影,无言沉默。渐起寒风拂动她身上宽大长袍,簌簌作响。 Left Yujia, Lin Wanrong did not return to the camp, instead bypassed the hillside, stretched to the horizon Kemuta to walk toward the front. Light is painstakingly fragrant, mixes with land to head on fragrantly, emerald green smoke- Piaotian Literature- Idle. This heavenshaking news. Like the one startling thunderclap. Divided in his pit of the stomach. 离开了玉伽,林晚荣也不回营,反而绕过山坡,直往前方一望无垠烟田里走去。淡淡苦香,夹杂着土地芬芳扑面而来,翠绿烟--飘天文学--闲了。这惊天的消息。就像一道惊雷。劈在了他心窝里。 How will Göktürk gather 100,000 armies at Kizil?! could it be did they realize my goal?! also. Are they able to discriminate to attempt?! 突厥人怎么会在克孜尔聚集十万大军?!难道他们意识到了我目的?!或者。他们有别企图?! If Göktürk had realized my goal, that not only surprise attack wastes all previous efforts. even/including these 5000 officers , during will fall into foreigner to surround layer on layer/heavily. Returning Sea of Death is impossible , long-range raid Kizil fights a hopeless battle, first blocks off, the escape route cuts off, could it be do I really want to finish an apprenticeship the victory/quick body not to predecease?! 若是突厥人已意识到了我目的,那不仅奇袭前功尽弃。就连这五千将士,也将陷入胡人地重重包围之中。退回死亡之海不可能,奔袭克孜尔更是以卵击石,前有堵截,后路断绝,难道我真地要出师未捷身先死?! His sinking eyebrow clenches teeth, paces back and forth anxiously, just then good mood already to dissipate without a trace. 他沉眉咬牙,来来回回焦急踱步,刚才的好心情早已消逝无影无踪。 Ning Yuxi looks at him to congeal tightly the brow, feeling his heart is anxious, suddenly heart lineage/vein interlinked, share weal and woe the warm feeling, even breathed resembles is body . 宁雨昔望着他紧凝地眉头,感受着他心中焦虑,忽然有一种心脉相通、休戚与共温暖感觉,连呼吸都似是一体了。 Your cannot is also anxious,” the Fairy gentle sound resounds in the ear: I observe these foreigner grain and fodder warhorse, is near several days gathers, not necessarily is aims at us.” “你也莫要忧虑,”仙子轻柔声音在耳边响起:“我观这些胡人粮草战马,也是近几日才聚集起来地,未必便是针对我们地。” Lin Wanrong Um'ed, stops the footsteps suddenly, got hold of her hand, sighed: this time was lucky Deity Elder Sister, otherwise, my one hit ten ten thousand foreigner traps!” 林晚荣嗯了一声,蓦然停住脚步,握紧了她手,叹道:“这次多亏了神仙姐姐,要不然,我就一头撞进十万胡人地陷阱了!” Ning Yuxi shakes the head the smile: You are not stupid! Sooner or later will have scout to report your this matter, I am several days that's all ahead of time.” 宁雨昔摇头微笑:“你才没那么笨呢!早晚会有斥候将此事报你,我不过是提前几日而已。” elder sister do not despise these world gōng fū,” Lin Wanrong earnestly said: Were many these days to judge the time, was very likely to decide a war victory and defeat! This matter was too significant, I must with Big Brother Hu they discuss that is good.” 姐姐不要小看这几天地功夫,”林晚荣正色道:“多了这几天判断时间,就极有可能决定一场战争胜负!这件事太重大了,我要和胡大哥他们商量才行。” Ten ten thousand Göktürks cavalries, stir the fragment these 5000 troops sufficiently, the Lin Wanrong heavy heart can be imagined. Fairy supple sound said: You go quickly, I wait for you here.” 十万突厥铁骑,足以将这五千人马搅成碎片,林晚荣沉重心情可想而知。仙子柔声道:“那你快去吧,我在这里等你。” A few words saying that Lin Wanrong heart is warm, he quickly nods, turns around to go. Has not gone out several steps, listens to behind Ning Yuxi to call suddenly lightly: petty thief- 一句话说林晚荣心里暖暖,他急忙点了点头,转身而去。还没走出几步,忽听身后宁雨昔轻唤:“小贼—— That sound is gentle, Lin Wanrong heard the bone to be crisp, quickly turns around: Deity Elder Sister, did you call me?!” 那声音温柔无比,林晚荣听得骨头都酥了,急忙转过身来:“神仙姐姐,你叫我?!” He has not responded, then thinks the fragrant wind has stroked, two pieces of warm wet soft fragrant lips, light reflected on his cheeks. 他还未反应过来,便觉香风拂过,两片温热湿软香唇,轻轻映在了他脸颊上。 Do not fear, warmed the small hand closely to grip his palm, the Ning Yuxi cheeks bright red, is looking at him affectionately, the supple lip opened lightly: I defend in your nearby- forever am never-ending, life and death and altogether!” “不要怕,”一只温暖小手紧紧握住了他手掌,宁雨昔脸颊嫣红,脉脉望着他,柔唇轻启:“我永远守在你身边——不离不弃、生死与共!” elder sister- Lin Wanrong heart one warm, only felt nose gallic acid acid , suddenly holds in the arms her gentle body, made an effort to arch several in her bosom: You felt relieved, I did not fear , my solid very much, the nickname is called unable to kill cockroach. said again, we did not have the nuptial chamber- 姐姐——林晚荣心里一暖,只觉鼻子酸酸,忽地一把搂住她柔媚身躯,在她怀里用力拱了几下:“你放心好了,我不怕,我这个人结实很,外号就叫做打不死小强。再说了,我们还没洞房呢—— Bah,” Ning Yuxi was angry lightly the sound, the cheeks felt hot, quickly shoved open him. petty thief hee hee is smiling, also restored common that joke manner, looks in her heart, actually Union “呸,”宁雨昔轻嗔了声,脸颊发烫,急忙将他推开了。小贼嘻嘻笑着,恢复了常见那玩笑神态,看在她心里,却觉温 ----------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------- 100,000 people?!” People simultaneously stared in a big way the eye, opened the mouth, quite a while could not say a few words. Beyond the foreigner royal court is defending ten ten thousand Göktürks cavalries, that also hits fart! Can not be eaten by Göktürk, is a great miracle. “十万人?!”众人齐齐瞪大了眼睛,张大了嘴巴,半天说不出一句话来。胡人王庭外守着十万突厥铁骑,那还打个屁啊!能不被突厥人吃掉,就已经是一个伟大奇迹了。 This has the accident steep, making people silent silent. Because Kizil has the excited faculties close at hand, suddenly reduced the freezing point. 这陡生变故,让众人无声沉默。因克孜尔近在眼前而产生兴奋心情,蓦然降低到了冰点。 Brother Lin, where does this news come?” The Gao Qiu doubts said: Our scout inside and outside hundred. How suddenly to have the Kizil news?” 林兄弟,这消息是从哪里来地?”高酋疑惑道:“我们斥候才在百里外。怎么突然就有了克孜尔消息?” By the Fairy skill, this news certainly right and wrong not. Lin Wanrong said in a low voice: Originated you do not ask, this news will not be absolutely false!” 仙子地本事,这消息绝对错不了。林晚荣沉声道:“来源你们就不要问了,这消息绝对不会假!” His manner is assured, unquestionable, the people then no longer asked. Hu Bugui sighed one, helpless said: If Kizil really has ten ten thousand Göktürks cavalries, that doesn't hit the issue, but was related to our these 5000 brother life and death life or death.” 他神态笃定,不容置疑,众人便不再问了。胡不归叹了一声,无奈道:“若是克孜尔真的有十万突厥铁骑,那就不是打不打问题,而是事关我们这五千弟兄生死存亡了。” Fears a ball, at the worst puts together a fight in which both sides perish with Göktürk!” Gao Qiu scolded one ruthlessly. Won Xǔ Zhen and Li Wuling applause actually. “怕个球,大不了跟突厥人拼个鱼死网破!”高酋狠狠骂了一声。倒是赢得了许震李武陵赞许。 The Lin Wanrong brow tight wrinkle, leads 5000 officers. Passes through Silk Road, arrives at this Altai Mountains under foot after untold hardships, to not bring death . 林晚荣眉头紧皱,带领五千将士。穿越丝绸之路,历经千辛万苦来到这阿尔泰山脚下,可不是为了送死来 General, how do you see these ten ten thousand foreigner?!” The Hu Bugui sinking sound asked. He undergoes the matter to be most. The manner is extremely capable calm, has not echoed the Old Gao (high) opinion at will. 将军,你怎么看这十万胡人?!”胡不归沉声问道。他历事最多。为人极是干练沉稳,并未随意附和老高意见。 Lin Wanrong slowly paced several steps, slightly nodded of: In the world the matter, nothing but has two result- either is good, either is bad! Ten ten thousand foreigner gather at the Kizil surrounding, cannot escape from these two character true words!” 林晚荣缓缓踱了几步,微微点了点头:“世界上事,无非有两种结果——要么是好,要么是坏!十万胡人聚集在克孜尔外围,也逃不脱这二字真言!” Old Gao (high) hears blurry. Urgently said: How is bad. Is also how good?!” 老高听得迷糊。急道:“怎样算是坏。如何才是好呢?!” Lin Wanrong hey sound: If misdemeanor. That nothing but these ten ten thousand Göktürk come to us in other words, even we do not sneak attack Kizil. Their also must exterminates us!” 林晚荣嘿了声:“若是坏事嘛。那无非就是说这十万突厥人是冲着我们来,就算我们不偷袭克孜尔。他们也一定要剿灭我们!” This was really the worst situation. Li Wuling said puzzled: But, how Göktürk knows, our goal is their royal court?!” 这地确是最坏情况了。李武陵不解道:“可是,突厥人怎么会知道,我们地目标就是他们王庭呢?!” Little Li this asked that indeed everyone doubts. Lin Wanrong nods: If Göktürk must discover that our intention, that also two situation- either, are their oneself guesses only, enters Yiwu in us at that moment, Lù Dongzan had discovered our attempts- 小李子这一问,正是所有人疑惑。林晚荣点了点头:“若突厥人要发现我们意图,那也无外乎两种情况——要么,就是他们自己猜出来地,在我们进入伊吾那一刻,禄东赞就已经发现了我们企图—— Hu Bugui hesitates the long time, shakes the head: This impossible! Silk Road can lead to Altai Mountains, besides General Lin, who this world can also know? Lù Dongzan is could it be the deity reincarnation? Otherwise how he can be fully correct us to pass through Sea of Death surprise attack Kizil, but also sent 100,000 armies to defend beyond the royal court?!” 胡不归沉吟半晌,摇了摇头:“这不可能丝绸之路可以通往阿尔泰山,除了林将军外,这世间还有谁能知晓?禄东赞难道是天神转世?要不然他怎么能够猜透我们会穿过死亡之海奇袭克孜尔,还派了十万大军在王庭外守着?!” Old Hu analyzes to be reasonable, although Lù Dongzan intelligent, but he does not have foresight the deity. Lin Wanrong Um sound: Big Brother Hu said to be good, wants Göktürk oneself to guess, the difficulty is equal to Heaven to pick the star, that is almost the impossible matter. Then, was only left over another possibility- perhaps, was among us, some people informed Göktürk!” 老胡分析有道理,禄东赞虽然聪明,可他也不是未卜先知神仙。林晚荣了声:“胡大哥不错,要突厥人自己猜出来,难度等同于上天摘星星,那几乎就是不可能地事情。那么,就只剩下另一种可能了——也许,是我们中间,有人通知了突厥人!” What?” Old Gao (high) terrified one startled: „Does could it be in our brother have the spy?!” “什么?”老高悚然一惊:“难道我们兄弟中有奸细?!” Lin Wanrong shakes the head saying: These are we cross life brother, how to have the spy. Big Brother Gao you were oversensitive!” 林晚荣摇头道:“这些都是我们过命地兄弟,怎么会有奸细。高大哥你多心了!” Li Wuling opened the eye suddenly: „Is could it be- Yujia?!” 李武陵忽然睁大了眼睛:“难道——玉伽?!” Such remarks, the people are all startled. Looks over the army high and low, if really some person and foreigner communication words, only then this Crescent Moon possibility was biggest. 此言一出,众人皆惊。纵观全军上下,若真地有人与胡人通信的话,也只有这月牙儿可能性最大了。 Should not be she.” Old Hu said calmly: Since we enter Yiwu, passed through Lop Nor, to cross the snowy mountain, Yujia does not know our goal place. Even if knew, in that desert snowy mountain, her information cannot pass on. until we surmounted Altai Mountains, she can have the opportunity. does not say we guard to her really strictly, even if she really passed on the letter/believes, still one day of time, can arrive at Kizil also perhaps, foreigner also how possibly so rapid did gather 100,000 troops?!” “应该不是她。”老胡冷静道:“从我们进入伊吾,穿越罗布泊、翻过雪山,玉伽根本就不知道我们地目的地。就算知道了,在那大漠雪山中,她信息也传不出去。直到我们翻越了阿尔泰山,她才能有机会。姑且不说我们对她看守甚严,就算她真的把信传了出去,也不过一天功夫,能不能到达克孜尔还说不定呢,胡人怎么可能如此迅速聚集了十万人马?!” The people nod silently, seems like that suspicion biggest Yujia, is actually most does not have possible ! 众人默默点头,看似嫌疑最大玉伽,其实是最没有可能 Is Aunt Xu that side divulges a secret either?” Little Li knitting the brows head: But this is not right! So critical important matter, Aunt Xu will not inform others absolutely, notifies one with the grandfather at most. The bystanders are unable to know.” “要么就是徐姑姑那边走漏了风声?”小李子皱皱眉头:“可是这也不对啊!如此紧要大事,徐姑姑绝对不会告知别人,顶多就与爷爷通报一声。外人无从知晓。” Profiting by opinions from various sources really is useful, several people in a few words, ruled out various possibilities. Lin Wanrong nods, is saying with a smile: Listened to your such saying, I really could not find by foreigner am discovered the reason.” 集思广益果然有用,几个人三言两语,就把各种可能性排除了。林晚荣点点头,笑着道:“听你们这么一说,我还真找不到被胡人发现理由了。” Listens to his overtones, Xǔ Zhen to get a sudden inspiration: General, you then said, everything either is bad, either is good! Now removes badly, is the foreigner 100,000 army accumulations, what good has to us?” 听他弦外之音,许震灵机一动:“将军,你方才说,凡事要么是坏,要么就是好!现在排除了坏,可是胡人十万大军聚集,对我们有什么好呢?” Who said that does not have is good?!” Lin Wanrong said lightly: Perhaps, was Helan Mountains that side has the sound!” “谁说没有好?!”林晚荣淡淡道:“没准,就是贺兰山那边有动静了!”
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