EA :: Volume #6 升邪

#1065: 115 Great Sages

Ye Fei walked, but 17 criminals , the criminal were still expressive, mentioned them to fly upwards probably the situation after Su Jing...... 叶非走了,但十七罪人仍在,罪人传神,向苏景大概说起他们飞升后的情形...... 800 years ago, Su Jing one crowd of 25 people of simultaneously broken say/way, fly Su Jing to vanish to disappear, where the people good one to seek to seek to obtain, fortunately three corpses and evil person, do obeisance to present the people of Great Sage Pendant unobstructive, may know Su Jing not to save the sorrow of life. 八百年前,苏景一群二十五人齐齐破道,才飞出去苏景就消失不见了,众人好一番寻找可又哪里寻得到,所幸三尸、恶人、拜奉大圣玦之人都无碍,可知苏景不存性命之忧。 Seeks fruitless, after delaying one, old Heavenly Demon Qin Chui turns over to the altar/jar, Sword Immortal Qi Mingzi to depart. 寻找无果,耽搁一阵后老天魔秦吹归坛,剑仙岐鸣子离去。 Sea Eroding Great Sage and Xiangliu and Qiu Pingan, small 16 and Flowing Fairy Maiden gathers together ; 17 criminals actually and frequently have the sword and murder not to ask that the reason only looked the mood Ye Fei throws the temperament, accompanies together the loafing universe ; three corpses also plays everywhere, but their three cannot get used to seeing Ye Fei, becomes. 蚀海大圣相柳裘平安、小十六和浪浪仙子聚在一起;十七罪人却和动辄出剑、杀人不问缘由只看心情的叶非更投脾气,结伴一起游荡宇宙;三尸也是到处去玩,不过他们三个看不惯叶非,自成一路。 Sea Eroding Great Sage is seasoned person, knows the universe to be vast, initially flying upwards wants to try to find relatives to visit friends is not an easy matter, is discussing with several monsters, seeks Spirit Boundary to cast Monster Immortal altar one, when in Zhulian in addition holds the ingenious method, later wants is Central Land same side Monster Race, may result in the Monster Immortal altar cleverness summon. What same side Monster Race? Twofold relation, its one: With under Heavenly Truth Great Sage's pendant is the slave ; The two ; The blood relationship involves. 蚀海大圣是‘过来人’,晓得宇宙浩瀚,初飞升者想要寻亲访友不是件容易事,和身边几个妖怪商量着,寻灵境铸就妖仙法坛一座,于铸炼之际加持妙法,以后只要是中土同门妖族,都可得妖仙法坛灵犀召唤。何谓‘同门’妖族?两重联系,其一:同在天真大圣玦下为奴;其二;血缘牵连。 Really, them flies upwards successfully found monster altar after Grandma Qiu and Black Wind Fiend that. 果然,在他们之后飞升的裘婆婆黑风煞顺利找到妖坛 Perhaps is with is poisonous snake lineage/vein, Sea Eroding Great Sage to the small 16 quite a lot affections , because Master 16 is not very intelligent, therefore Sea Eroding the monster altar name Wisdom Heaven. 或许是同为毒蛇一脉,蚀海大圣对小十六颇多喜爱,就是因为十六老爷不够聪明,所以蚀海将自家妖坛命名‘智慧天’。 Su Jing hears with great interest, closely examines: 115 Great Sages? How is also by the head?” 苏景听得津津有味,追问:“一百一十五大圣呢?又是怎么个由头?” This is the positive result that small Yinchi finds out, when monster altar initially becomes only has Sea Eroding, Xiangliu, Qiu Pingan and 16 in addition Flowing Fairy Maiden five monsters. But Master 16 is the person of keeping old friendships in mind, Human World he considers as finished with the Monster Race good friend who he gets along well: Elder brother Six Taels Song and Second Brother Black Wind Fiend, 49 pairs of wing to wing double crows, moreover Qiu Pingan is the good buddy, his wife Young Lady Qing Yun and his biological paternal aunt Grandma Qiu also kept a promise, collects the 115 Great Sages reputation. 这是小阴褫想出的名堂,妖坛初成时只有蚀海相柳裘平安、十六外加浪浪仙子五个妖怪。但十六老爷是念旧之人,人间与他投契的妖族好友他都算了进来:老大哥宋六两、二哥黑风煞,四十九对比翼双鸦,另外裘平安是好哥们,他媳妇青云小姐、他亲姑裘婆婆也都算数,凑出了个一百一十五大圣的名头。 Actually Wisdom Heaven 115 Great Sages time that the reputation sets up, in monster altar where has 115 Great Sage, altogether five. 其实‘智慧天一百一十五大圣’的名头立起来的时候,妖坛中哪有一百一十五个大圣,一共才五个。 „It is not right, to not on.” Care that Su Jing calculates, 98 crows. Qiu Pingan family of three. Xiangliu, Sea Eroding, 16, Six Taels, Old Black/Hei and Flowing Fairy Maiden...... 107 people, but also missed eight. “不对啊,对不上。”苏景算的仔细,九十八只乌鸦。裘平安一家三口。相柳,蚀海、十六、六两老黑浪浪仙子......一百零七人,还差了八个。 This 115 are 16 calculates, it works as nine Xiangliu one.” The evil people should say. “这个‘一百一十五’是十六算出来的,它把相柳一个当九个。”恶人应道。 Sets up the altar/jar initial period. 115 Great Sages only has five. But has Sea Eroding Great Sage this and other ominous thing to assume personal command. Thinks that does not rush out the ominous famous metropolis to be difficult! When flies upwards Sea Eroding to restore the most flourishing strength, is also not as good compared with Heavenly Truth/naive six Great Sage, immortal of commonplace in his eyes is the plate five spices meat. 立坛之初期。一百一十五大圣只有五个。但有蚀海大圣这等凶物坐镇。想不闯出凶名都难!飞升时的蚀海已经恢复全盛力量,比起天真手下六大圣也只是稍逊一筹而已,等闲的仙家在他眼中就是盘五香肉。 Wisdom Heaven is powerful. Eight side monsters offer services , the external monster offers services to does not calculate, Central Land same clan also arrives one after another, 700 years ago Grandma Qiu prove the Dao flies upwards, crossed 100 years of Black Wind Fiend to depart the world of mortals again, almost before seven sixty year cycle, 49 pairs of wing to wing double crows are also kicking up a fuss shouted that broke the Central Land day, flew upwards Immortal Realm! 智慧天威风十足。八方妖怪投效,外来妖怪投效不算,中土‘同族’也陆续到来,七百年前裘婆婆证道飞升,再过一百年黑风煞飞出了凡间,差不多七个甲子前,四十九对比翼双鸦也在大吵大闹中喊破了中土的天,飞升仙界 This Empress Zheng Lian lived with the bride's family for the female, annoys a big sound, the wing to wing double crow also came, but Sea Eroding thought that this chaotic situation was unforeseen, has not made the wing to wing double crow enter the stadium directly, but listened to the accent stationed in 18000 miles away momentarily, was the ambush next surprise-attack forces. Moreover Sea Eroding Great Sage makes in crows each population contain a stone specially, so as to avoid they kicked up a fuss to expose the whereabouts. 这次蒸莲娘娘为女招亲,惹出了不小的动静,比翼双鸦也来了,不过蚀海觉得这场乱局无法预料,没让比翼双鸦直接入场,而是驻扎18000里外随时听调,算是埋伏下一支奇兵。另外蚀海大圣特意让乌鸦们每人口中含一块石头,免得他们大吵大闹暴露了行踪。 Su Jing obviously stares, its startled was bigger than the heart happily... the wing to wing double crow to fly upwards by far?! This how possible. 苏景明显一愣,其惊远远大过心喜...比翼双鸦都飞升了?!这又怎么可能。 Black Wind Fiend flew upwards in Su Jing looks like quite some reluctantly ; When now... starts the Crow Guard success broken say/way, the Central Land flying immortal became so simple. 黑风煞飞升在苏景看来就颇有些勉强了;如今连乌鸦卫都成功破道...什么时候开始,中土飞仙变得如此简单了。 Refining up Heavenly Impermanence Monster Pill, to restore to go out of Oil Lamp Boundary from little fox immortal Su Su thoroughly to start soberly. 小狐仙素素彻底炼化天无常妖丹、恢复清醒走出青灯境开始。 The Grandma Qiu flying immortal depends entirely on itself to try hard , there is nothing to do with the external force, but Black Wind Fiend and Crow Guard, are almost little fox immortal one send out beyond heaven. 裘婆婆飞仙全靠自己努力,与外力无关,但黑风煞乌鸦卫,几乎就是小狐仙一手送出天外的。 Su Su does not have Fifth Nether King Kong Nu'er or demon Tian Shang that saw somebody off flying immortal the ability, but there is a single layer: Su Su is a spirit tail of Heavenly Truth Great Sage. She and under Heavenly Truth/naive Great Sage Pendant monster servant has the origin that does not cut off. 素素没有五冥王孔弩儿或者邪魔田上那等‘送人飞仙’的本领,可是有一重:素素本是天真大圣的一根灵尾。她与天真大圣玦妖奴有着切斩不断的渊源。 From this, Su Su monster can boost in Great Sage Pendant monster servant cultivation vigorously directly. 由此,素素妖家大力能够直接助力于大圣玦妖奴修行 little fox immortal ability how? Cannot compare Heavenly Truth Great Sage, but dies Black Ink Giant Spirit in her hand is countless! 小狐仙的本领又如何?比不得天真大圣,但死在她手上的墨巨灵不计其数! Under Su Jing Great Sage Pendant monster servant, Sea Eroding Great Sage does not need to consider as finished, divides to make four levels probably, 16, Qiu Pingan and small Xiangliu these have the talent also to have being considered as Top Grade of chance, they and a Su Jing launching immortal ; 苏景大圣玦妖奴,蚀海大圣就不用算了,余者大概分做四个层次,十六、裘平安、小相柳这些有天赋又有机缘的算得极品,他们与苏景一起飞仙; Lie Lie'er, Young Woman A'Yan, Three Handed Barbarian and other group of Southern Desolation monsters are considered as High Grade, they come have the splendid place respectively, before has not done obeisance into Great Sage Pendant, is side Great Monster, the cultivation base exquisite ability is splendid, but their cultivation path without exception is the slant and intensive method. They for Monster Foundation that oneself cast, an achievement world of mortals prestige is enough, admiring the immortal flies upwards is actually difficult incomparable, when knows in Grand Dao positive, the foundation is especially important, first step, if walked deceived, later walked is unable to arrive in the end point again. little fox immortal has a mind to help, must rectify only want from the beginning, this was the long time time ; 烈烈儿阿嫣小母三手蛮等一伙南荒妖怪算得上品,它们出身各有精彩之处,未曾拜入大圣玦前就是一方大妖,修为精湛本领出色,不过他们修行的路子无一例外都是偏锋、速成的法子。他们为自己铸下的妖基,成就一番凡间威名足够,慕仙飞升却是困难无比的,当知大道中正,基础尤其重要,第一步若走得骗了,以后走得再远也无法抵达终点。小狐仙有心帮忙,但须得从头矫正,这又是个漫长的时间功夫了; The big black hawk, the wing to wing double crow can only be Middle Grade, the family background is also uncommon, actually cannot compare first two by far, but they have an advantage: The foundation is reliable. This foundation is not the other foundation, is not the cultivation yuan deep monster strength is fiercely strong, but with the Heavenly Dao conjunction, before big black hawk changing form, is carelessly cultivation, afterward Old Ancestor passing skill stepped into the proper way, the wing to wing double crow is more direct, starts cultivation from the beginning is the Golden Crow real method on silk fabric recording, and looked not the wing to wing double crow usually in quarrelled and makes, at the cultivation matter was unambiguous. When 800 years ago Su Jing flying immortal time, their foundation reliable advantage has displayed gradually, combat ability and disparity of Lie Lie'er that group of High Grade monsters is reducing day after day 大黑鹰,比翼双鸦只能算是中品,出身也算不凡,却远远比不得前两品,可是他们有一个好处:根基牢固。此根基非彼根基,不是修元多深厚妖力多强猛,而是与天道的契合,大黑鹰化形之前是胡乱修行,后来得老祖传功踏入正途,比翼双鸦更直接,从头开始修行的就是帛绢上记载的金乌真法,且莫看比翼双鸦平日里又吵又闹,在修行事情上是绝不含糊的。待到八百年前苏景飞仙的时候,他们根基牢固的优势已经渐渐发挥出来,斗战本领烈烈儿那群上品妖怪的差距正日渐缩小 Regarding little fox immortal, Black Wind Fiend and Crow Guard, although is weak, is on the contrary easier to assist to fly upwards. 对于小狐仙来说,黑风煞乌鸦卫虽弱,反倒更容易相助飞升。 Under Great Sage Pendant, Fourth Grade monster attendant, most disappointing one batch and Low Grade...... the aptitude quality and cultivation method quality first put the one side, most don't passed/lived awfully do not progress, for example Mister Six Taels. 大圣玦下,四品妖侍,最差劲的一批、下品......资质好坏、修法好坏都先放到一旁,最最要命的莫过自己不上进,比如六两先生 Squirrel big storekeeper afterward radically not cultivation, abacus beads flip-flop the chaotic sound is his heavenly music sings, all sort of the remote mountain big storehouses of treasure exhibition are his Yao stage immortal pond, the person has become immortals and buddhas in the business, but also amends any ingenious method, to become aware any Grand Dao, even he is the Great Sage Pendant first slave, even if a little fox immortal magic power god, at least in this short several hundred years really does not have the means to deliver him. 松鼠大掌柜后来根本都不修行了,算盘珠的噼啪乱响就是他的仙乐佛唱,诸般宝物陈列的深山大库就是他的瑶台仙池,人在买卖中已经成仙佛,还修什么妙法、悟什么大道,即便他是大圣玦首奴,即便小狐仙法力通神,至少这短短几百年里是实在没办法把他送上来的。 Wisdom Heaven develops rapidly, besides 115 Great Sages that’ arriving or has not arrived, but also was collector of many subordinates, rapid rise in short several hundred years. three corpses does not know that played to where, long time without their news ; Ye Fei is light with 17 evil person this days, cultivation, plays and fights, 17 evil people and Wisdom Heaven always have the spirit news contact. 智慧天发展迅速,除了到或者未到的‘一百一十五大圣’外,还收罗了不少手下,于短短数百年间迅速崛起。三尸不知去到何处游玩了,良久没有他们的消息;叶非与十七恶人这一路日子平平淡淡,修行、游玩、打架,十七恶人与智慧天始终有灵讯往来。 Central Land World various people of flying immortal, such as Li Mountain various ancestor/grandfather, such as big and little teachers' wives, such as afterward Senior Brother Lin Qingpan, Mister Jian Jia and Old Ancestor Lu Yajiu and Bai Yucheng Guo Xian wait/etc., these people have not been able to find, this also no wonder, Immortal Heaven is the universe, is extremely really vast and bare, must seek is really not an easy matter. Is Not Listen, Crow Guard flies upwards again her not yet broken say/way, but little fox immortal said at that time she breakthrough nears, the flying immortal to be just round the corner. 中土世界已经飞仙的诸人,如离山诸祖、如大小师娘、如后来的林清畔师兄蒹葭先生老祖陆崖九白羽成果先等等,这些人都还没能找到,这也难怪,仙天即宇宙,实在太过广漠,要寻找起来实在不是件容易事情。再就是不听,乌鸦卫飞升的时候她尚未破道,不过那时小狐仙说她‘突破在即、飞仙指日可待’。 Has the joy, has the disappointment, Su Jing remembers one person, asked: Áo Zhu? Did he fly upwards?” 有欣喜,有失望,苏景又想起一人,问道:“鳌渚呢?他飞升了没有?” Western Sea group monster Captain, the Dragon Clan descendant Áo Zhu comprehension I am my Buddha true meaning, detains itself Human World, now 800 years pass by, calculate that the time he should also come up. 西海群妖首领,龙族后裔鳌渚领悟‘我是我的佛’真谛,又把自己强留人间,如今八百年过去,算算时间他也应该上来了。 According to Crow Guard, their prove the Dao first ten years, Áo Zhu left Human World to fly upwards beyond heaven, but cannot find, it is estimated that went to Western Paradise directly, at this moment should the person in Spirit Mountain.” 17 evil people replied. “据乌鸦卫说,他们证道前十年,鳌渚就离开人间飞升天外,不过也没能找到,估计直接去了西方极乐,此刻应该人在灵山。”十七恶人回答。 ...... ...... Áo Zhu in Immortal Heaven, but in Western Spirit Mountain, he vertical cloud is not speeding along among in Xingyu. 鳌渚仙天,但不在西方灵山,他正纵云飞驰于星宇之间。 In the world of mortals, the instinct makes it so, the Great Sea Turtle Clan movement is sluggish, does not handle affairs anxiously not slow, because of finishing Buddhist doctrine, Áo Family disciple mostly amiable, smile often/common filled/surplus in surface. But at this moment, the Áo Zhu over the face angry look, under foot cloud carriage is the accumulated full full power, speeds away like the electricity. 在凡间时,天性使然,大鳌一族动作都是慢吞吞的,行事不急不缓,又因精修佛法,鳌家弟子大都性情谦和,微笑常盈于面。可此刻,鳌渚满面怒色,脚下云驾更是蕴足全力,疾驰如电。 Quick, another pale golden cloud carriage appears in his line of sight end, in Áo Zhu the ominous light flashes, opens the mouth Making Noise like the thunder: Evildoer/Monstrous talent, but where also toward runs away!” 很快,另一道淡金色云驾出现在他视线尽头,鳌渚目中凶光一闪,开口动声如雷:“妖孽,还往哪里逃!” Drinking the sound is billowing, has delimited the dark green space, in front cloud carriage the person heard that the sound stops to castrate, the next quarter golden light diverges True Body to appear, where is any evildoer/monstrous talent, clearly is Buddha! 喝声滚滚,划过苍宇,前方云驾中人闻声止住去势,下一刻金光散去真身显现,哪里是什么妖孽,分明为一尊佛陀 Ten thousand zhang (3.33 m) great Buddha, magic form dignified all colors flowing light, but this Buddha is dying, motionless does not swing the float midair, body accumulated thick zen intent does not have the least bit vitality ; In giant buddha palm sits well one person, the clergy dresses up, 30 ages, the smile calm facial expression mercy, in especially his eye, shows list actually obvious Joyous aura. 万丈巨佛,法相庄严五彩流光,但这尊佛是‘死’的,不动不摇悬浮半空,身蕴浓浓禅意却无半点生机;巨佛手心中端坐一人,僧侣打扮、三十年纪,微笑从容神情慈悲,尤其他的眼中,透出一份清单却明显的欢喜气意 Buddha is dignified, the monk also however, his smiling face all does not affect his gravity, the mercy in buddhist image outside, no matter what who looks knows him is the finishing cardinal virtue, how possibly is the evildoer/monstrous talent. 佛庄严,僧亦然,他的笑容全不影响他的庄重,慈悲于内宝相于外,任谁一看都知他是精修大德,怎么可能是妖孽。 giant buddha palm clergy opens the mouth: „Is Grandmaster calling me?” His smile is peaceful and mysterious, does not have the angry mark, even if Áo Zhu made impertinent remarks. 巨佛掌心僧侣开口:“大师是在唤我?”他的微笑安静且神秘,全无恼怒之迹,即便鳌渚出言不逊。 Áo Zhu is chasing down Monster Monk, but he had not seen the opposite party appearance before, seeing the front clergy is so solemn, especially that wisdom buddhist light cannot counterfeit, therefore Áo Zhu restrains the anger temporarily, receives cloud carriage inside and outside hundred, silent Yunxuan protects oneself, in the mouth the expression slows down: This poor monk takes the liberty, longs for Divine Monk to forgive, where may I ask Divine Monk dharma name and Treasure Monastery .” 鳌渚在追杀一个妖僧,但他之前并未见过对方模样,见前方僧侣如此端庄,尤其那份智慧佛光不是能作假的,所以鳌渚暂时收敛怒气,于百里外收住云驾,默运玄法护身,口中言辞放缓:“贫僧冒昧,万望神僧体谅,敢问神僧法号宝刹何在。” Says the old brain in the world of mortals Áo Zhu, but in Immortal Realm everywhere gods and buddhas, is older than much old buddhist monks to arrive innumerably him, Áo Zhu starts to say this poor monk. 在凡间鳌渚自称老脑,但仙界内处处神佛,比他老得多的老衲多到数不清,鳌渚开始自称‘贫僧’。 The giant buddha palm clergy tone is amiable: With for my Buddha disciple, what to come took the liberty, excusing me saying that Grandmaster was also very overly courteous. I from Cotton Rose Sumeru Heaven , after prove Bodhi, takes off the Arhat fruit by luck, arranges in order among position Cotton Rose Sumeru Heaven Eighteen Arhats, was sealed the number of Joyous.” 巨佛掌心僧侣语气谦和:“同为我佛弟子,何来冒昧、见谅之说,大师忒也多礼了。我自芙蓉须弥天中来,证得菩提后又侥幸摘下罗汉果,列位芙蓉须弥天十八罗汉间,受封欢喜之号。” Buddhism is great sect, does obeisance to present Tathagata, non- only gathers at a Western Paradise altar/jar, another six Sumeru Heaven and Earth, 11 Void Clarity Spirit States, 19 heavy Bodhi True Boundary wait/etc., if then the world of mortals has many temples to be ordinary, in Immortal Heaven also has many Buddha altars/jars, is considered as the Buddhist influence, takes orders in Paradise Spirit Mountain. Cotton Rose Sumeru Heaven for one of them. 佛教为大宗,拜奉如来者,非只聚集在西方极乐世界一坛,另有六座须弥天地,十一空明灵州,十九重菩提真境等等,便如凡间有诸多寺庙一般,仙天中也有多处佛坛,都算得佛家势力,也都听命于极乐灵山芙蓉须弥天是为其中之一。 But Arhat is dharma throne, non- refers in particular to some monk, as if the Central Land Nether World nether world, size yamen is equipped with Ox Head and Horse Face to be ordinary.( To be continued..) 罗汉法位,非特指某个和尚,就仿佛中土幽冥阴司,大小衙门都设有牛头马面一般。(未完待续。。)
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