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#714: Mysterious young girl

Third Young Master is careful!” 三公子小心!” Young Lady Yuan looks at that familiar sword light, in the heart ignorant however, cannot bear open the mouth to shout loudly. 袁小姐看着那熟悉的剑光,心中懵然,忍不住开口大呼。 -- is...... is this sword technique ! ——就是……就是这个剑法 Cuts kills Prince Yuan,-- Nine Great Secret Swords facing the street 当街斩杀元王爷,九大秘剑之一的—— -- cultivates! Luo! Day! It! Burn! ——修!罗!天!之!焚! Originally with the Young Lady Yuan martial arts experience, does not certainly know what Nine Great Secret Swords, but after witnessing, the person who then the examination ancient book, in addition Imperial Clan sends repeatedly stressed, her impression is profound. 本来以袁小姐武学见识,当然不认识什么九大秘剑,不过亲眼目睹之后,回头查看典籍,再加上皇族派的人一再强调,她印象深刻。 In evening's nightmare, she will also see that skin color frequently palely like the paper, the body is inferior to the sword high young girl. 晚上的噩梦之中,她还常常会见到那个肤色惨白如纸,身不如剑高的少女。 That sword launches the Prince Yuan imposing manner, making her envy, made him dread. 那一剑展开元王爷的气势,令她羡慕,也让他畏惧。 What has not thought that unexpectedly in this unexpected place, will see this sword light again! 万万没想到的是,居然会在这种意想不到的地方,重见此剑光 In the darkness, there is a yellow spark. 黑暗之中,有黄色的火花。 That is the sword blade rubs the effect of ground. 那是剑刃摩擦地面的效果。 Luminous of flash Burning of the Asura Heaven, illuminated the entire earth cave, the form of red clothes young girl is partly visible. 一刹那修罗天之焚的光亮,照亮了整间地窟,红衣少女的身影若隐若现。 -- is she! ——就是她! Young Lady Yuan is amazed extremely, frightened. 袁小姐惊诧万分,恐惧不已。 Why will she here, why make a move to Shen Zhenyi? 她为什么会在这里,为什么会向沈振衣出手? -- moreover acts is of Burning of the Asura Heaven Nine Great Secret Swords! ——而且一出手便是九大秘剑之一的修罗天之焚 This is not the warning, is not the deterrent, but sneak attacks the assassination! 这不是警告,也不是威慑,而是偷袭暗杀! Shen Zhenyi actually remains unmoved. 沈振衣却不为所动。 He even is also faultless the eyebrow, but stretched out a finger. 他甚至连眉毛也没挑一下,只是伸出了一根手指。 ! 呼! The wind sound/rumor is suddenly anxious. 风声骤急。 In Asura's opposite, presented one figure big 1st, whole body dark red malicious ghost! 在修罗的对面,又出现了一个身形大一号,浑身暗红的恶鬼! Exactly the same style, exactly the same Burning of the Asura Heaven! 一模一样的招式,一模一样的修罗天之焚 Two Asura malicious ghosts hit in one, the tear and bite, exudes the heavenshaking roar ruthlessly, the mud dust falling falls, almost one tea perishes together, changes to blood-color dust. 两个修罗恶鬼撞在一处,狠狠撕咬,发出震天吼声,泥尘扑簌而落,差不多一盏茶时分才同归于尽,化作一片血色尘埃。 The dust falls, reveals a pale vacant face. 尘埃落去,露出一张苍白茫然的脸。 The eyeball of red clothes young girl does not transfer, decides looks at Shen Zhenyi. 红衣少女的眼珠不转,定定地看着沈振衣 She opens mouth, long time asked one. 她张嘴,良久才问了一句。 „Do you also meet Burning of the Asura Heaven?” “你也会修罗天之焚?” Her sound is strange, does not seem like the native completely, can imitate the voice seem like, has an indifference and feel alienated of mechanical type. 她的声音古怪,完全不像是本地人,倒像是可以模仿口音,带着一种机械式的冷漠与疏离。 „...... Is she!” “就……就是她!” Young Lady Yuan shivered was approaching Shen Zhenyi: Was she killed Prince Yuan!” 袁小姐颤抖着靠近了沈振衣:“就是她杀了元王爷!” This face, will not admit mistakes. 这张脸,可万万不会认错。 „?” “哦?” Shen Zhenyi raised the head slightly, sees the Burning of the Asura Heaven time, he thought of this point. 沈振衣微微抬头,看到修罗天之焚时候,他就想到了这一点。 Although Nine Great Secret Swords nothing extraordinary, but is not the cabbage. 九大秘剑虽然没什么了不起,但也不是大白菜。 In Profound Heaven City, the person who can cause will not be many. 玄天城中,会使的人也不会太多。 Killed the Prince Yuan person, takes this golden key, is natural. 杀了元王爷的人,来取这金钥匙,也是理所当然。 Let alone, Nine Great Secret Swords, is in itself a shining clue. 何况,九大秘剑,本身就是一个明晃晃的线索。 The battle in city, has escalated to so the situation. 城中的争斗,已经升级到如此地步。 However he not anxiously question, but responded to the issue of opposite party lightly: Burning of the Asura Heaven, is not the unique skill. Especially the female causes, cannot with the Heaven and Earth resonance, the induction right noon time, the might change small, the place of detail are more irritably. Your martial arts is not one of the Nine Great Secret Swords, later little use to wonderfully.” 不过他并没有急着发问,只是淡淡回应对方的问题:“修罗天之焚,也不是什么绝招。尤其是女子使来,未能与天地共鸣,感应正阳,威力会变小许多,细节之处更多别扭。你的本门武学并非是这九大秘剑之一,以后还是少用为妙。” Let alone this move evil different, slaughters the life to increase the power and influence, is extremely difficult to control, does not practice.” “更何况这一招邪异,杀戮性命而增自身威势,极难控制,不练也罢。” The might is so big, killed Prince Yuan sword move facing the street, you added unexpectedly the place of detail is irritable? Also made one do not practice? 威力这么大,当街杀了元王爷剑招,你居然还说细节之处多别扭?还让人不要练了? The Young Lady Yuan forced smile, is not really able to understand these Expert. 袁小姐苦笑,实在无法理解这些高手 The pale young girl actually perceived probably, her slightly nodded of: This move truly not much, I caused to play recently, never expected that your also a little vision.” 苍白少女却像是听进去了,她微微点了点头:“这一招确实不怎么样,我只是最近使来玩玩,没想到你还有点眼光。” Most people, saw that Burning of the Asura Heaven such such secret incurs the unique skill, only reckless study. 大多数人,见到修罗天之焚这样这样的秘招绝技,只会不顾一切的修习。 -- this young girl can actually be able to feel improper, light/only this cognition, exceeds mortal many. ——这个少女却能够能够感觉到其中的不妥,光这一份认知,就超过凡人许多。 „.” “不过。” She, looks at Shen Zhenyi faintly: Even this, you must give me the key.” 她顿了顿,淡漠地看着沈振衣:“就算这样,你还是得把钥匙交给我。” Key? 钥匙? Young Lady Yuan turns the head, looks in the Shen Zhenyi fair palm holds golden key, this thinks reason that they compete. 袁小姐转头,看着沈振衣白皙的手掌中托着的金钥匙,这才想起来他们争夺的理由。 Why will this young girl appear here? 这个少女为什么会出现在这里? Golden key that Third Young Master Shen obtains, what thing is also? 沈三公子得到的金钥匙,又是什么东西? Today's matter happened too, Young Lady Yuan feels eyes cannot take it all. 今天的事情发生太多,袁小姐感觉目不暇接。 Shen Zhenyi is holding appreciatively the key in hand, ponders looks at the opposite party, asked absent-mindedly: You know that what this is? Who are you?” 沈振衣把玩着手中的钥匙,玩味地看着对方,心不在焉问道:“你知道这是什么?你又是谁?” Kills the Prince Yuan person origin to be mystical, is grasping of Burning of the Asura Heaven Nine Great Secret Swords, many people guessed that is related with Ancient Warrior Lineage, but Commandant Hong checks, this red clothes young girl came from Obelisk. 杀死元王爷的人来历神秘,又掌握着九大秘剑之一的修罗天之焚,有不少人猜测与古武一脉有关,而洪都尉又查出来,这个红衣少女来自于方尖塔 But-- she appear here place unexpectedly, robs the Xuan Family key, this was interesting. ——而她又居然出现在此地,抢夺宣家的钥匙,这就有趣了。 I do not aspire to marry with you, why to know that who I am.” “我又不与你攀亲,何必知道我是谁。” The attitude of red clothes young girl is indifferent, does not want to answer the issue. 红衣少女的态度冷漠,根本不想要回答问题。 Gives me the key.” “把钥匙给我。” Her goal is very that clear, the matter wants to do, no one can block. 她的目的很明确,想要做的事,没有人能够拦得住。 Shen Zhenyi shows a faint smile, does not closely examine: You, if can exceed my sword, this thing gives certainly you.” 沈振衣微微一笑,也不追问:“你若能胜过我的剑,这东西当然就给你。” Simply put, if cannot exceed, do not have this idea. 言下之意,要是胜不过,就别打这主意了。 The red clothes young girl is unemotional. 红衣少女面无表情。 -- but not anxiously making a move. ——但并没有急着出手。 Even she is still very clear, attacked the opponent by Burning of the Asura Heaven a moment ago, the opposite party counterattacks by similar one move, two counter-balance, oneself also ate a little slightly owed. 即使她自己也很清楚,刚才以修罗天之焚来攻击对手,对方以同样一招还击,两相抵消,自己还吃了一点儿小亏。 On sword technique , she has not grasped exceeds this man. 剑法上,她没有把握胜过这个男人。 -- this is she had not had in the past the experience. ——这可是她以往都未曾有过的经验。 She frowns. 她皱起了眉头。 Who are you?” “你是谁?” The red clothes young girl will rarely care about the name of opponent on own initiative. 红衣少女很少会主动在意对手的名字。 Because before her, most opponents is not the dead, is the defeated. 因为在她面前,大部分对手不是死者,也是败者。 Dies or the person of defeat, does not need to be remembered the name. 死或者败的人,不需要被记住名字。 Young Lady Yuan shouted out a moment ago she kills the Prince Yuan person, even recalled carefully, she still only remembers fuzzily, once killed a fatty facing the street. 刚才袁小姐呼喝她是杀死元王爷的人,即使仔细回忆,她也只模模糊糊记得,曾经当街杀死了一个胖子而已。 But front person...... 但面前这人…… The red clothes young girl has an inexplicable familiarity, mixes with excited, is dreading and stimulating-- this feeling, rarely emerges in her chest, quite fresh. 红衣少女有种莫名的熟悉感,夹杂着兴奋、畏惧和刺激——这种感觉,很少在她胸中涌现,相当的新鲜。 Therefore name that she, for the first time did not inquire the opposite party voluntarily. 所以她不自觉地,破天荒地询问对方的姓名。 Abandoned Sword Manor, Shen Zhenyi.” 弃剑山庄,沈振衣。” This name in Profound Heaven City, is actually liked thunder reverberating in one's ears recently, even if were snatched crest of wave-- Yuan Shan so to be but strong by Sick Sword Immortal Yuan Shan, with big Swordsman that it travels together, still meets when production costs rise, prices rise too, was paid attention. 这名字最近在玄天城中,其实已经算是如雷贯耳了,就算被病剑仙渊山抢了点风头——渊山都这么强了,与之同行的大剑客,也会水涨船高,被人关注。 Similar Zhu Jie and Yuan Yuli like this big Swordsman! Almost was doomed to meet to keep the history! 类似朱解渊尉犁这样的大剑客!几乎注定会名留青史! However the red clothes young girl looks like has not listened to be the same completely, only nods lightly. 然而红衣少女就像是完全没有听过一样,只淡淡地点了点头。 I knew.” “我知道了。” She is dragging the great sword, slowly retreat. 她拖着巨剑,缓缓后退。 sword blade delimits the bright spark on the stair, clearly extinguished suddenly suddenly illuminated a week. 剑锋在台阶上划出灿烂的火花,忽明忽灭地照亮了身周。 I am called A'Hui.” “我叫做阿秽。” In her figure will soon vanish before the darkness, she opens the mouth slowly, finally sent out own name. 在她的身形即将消失在黑暗中之前,她缓缓开口,终于报出了自己的名字。 Key, sends temporarily in your hands, will be quick I to take carry back.” “钥匙,暂时寄在你手里,很快我会拿回来。” -- that simultaneously takes away “同时拿走的—— -- also has your life!” ——还有你的命!”
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