ESG :: Volume #7

#675: Wife Hong

Shen Zhenyi shows neither approval nor disapproval. 沈振衣不置可否。 Chu Huoluo and the others thought that is unfamiliar with the people and place in Profound Heaven City, rare this Commandant Hong is warm, thought that is also means. The Dragon Princess processing general affairs, then expressed gratitude to Commandant Hong immediately. 楚火萝等人觉得在玄天城人生地不熟,难得这位洪都尉热情,觉得也是个办法。龙郡主处理庶务,当下便向洪都尉道谢。 At this time Young Lady Yuan pursued finally hurriedly, she noticed from the beginning the city gate assassination was scared, then must get one group of motley crew to enter a city, delays suddenly, pursued Shen Zhenyi they to rush to the geographical unit of government, when they came out to catch up. 这时候袁小姐终于匆匆忙忙追了上来,她一开始看到城门口的刺杀就吓呆了,然后还得领着一群乌合之众进城,耽搁了一时间,一路追着沈振衣他们赶到公所,等他们出来才赶上。 „Does Third Young Master Shen live in our Myriad Sages Office? Young Master has the obligation in me, and accommodates my pictoral newspaper.” 沈三公子还是住到我们万贤局吧?公子于我有大恩,且容我图报。” She is also wholeheartedly, Shen Zhenyi brings Wise Soul Nine Linked Rings for her, that is the Myriad Sages Office obligation person. 她也是真心诚意,沈振衣为她取来智魂九连环,那便是万贤局的大恩人。 Although Young Lady Yuan really could not make anything, but the entertainment leads the way to make some miscellaneous matters always. 虽然袁小姐真做不了什么,但招待引路做些杂事总是可以。 Perhaps Young Lady Yuan, the trouble of your Myriad Sages Office has not been solved.” 袁小姐,你万贤局的麻烦恐怕还未解决吧。” The Commandant Hong good intention reminded. The Myriad Sages Office matter made days before noisily, Prince Yuan is not affable, let alone has not known that has many people to eye covetously in the back, even resulted in Wise Soul Nine Linked Rings, matter not necessarily is still so easy to settle. 洪都尉好心提醒。万贤局的事儿前些日闹得沸沸扬扬,元王爷也不是好惹的,何况还不知道有多少人在背后虎视眈眈,就算是得了智魂九连环,事情也未必那么容易了结。 Young Lady Yuan speechless, this also truly is the issue, is awkward. 袁小姐哑然,这也确实是问题,不由尴尬。 Young lady does not need to be worried.” “小姐不必担心。” Shen Zhenyi sits well on the crystal throne, maintains composure saying: We then do not go to Myriad Sages Office temporarily, if there is a matter, can look for Commandant Hong to look for me.” 沈振衣端坐在水晶王座上,不动声色道:“我们暂时便不去万贤局,若有事,可以找洪都尉找我。” Old friend's daughter, even if the natural disposition is spiritless, but must look after 12. 故人之女,纵然生性懦弱无能,但总要照拂一二。 Young Lady Yuan is helpless, can only urge over and over, after being about to go home, prepares the gift to thank, at this time the Myriad Sages Office matter are many, she must come back promptly to process anxiously. 袁小姐无奈,只能叮嘱再三,准备着回家之后再备礼物来感谢,此时万贤局事多,她也得急急回去处理。 The Commandant Hong disposition was heroic, sees Shen Zhenyi to permit to go to his home, the great happiness: So happen, when I make you go home to stay, after I come off duty, we drink to heart's content again.” 洪都尉心性豪迈,见沈振衣允了去他家,大喜道:“如此正好,待我引你回家住下,我下值之后,我们再来痛饮一番。” He as city gate Commandant, may match a house near the city, although is not really big, the place slightly is also remote, but is also lonesome and quiet. He and wife two people live, have more than enough to spare. 他身为城门都尉,在城边可配一所宅子,虽然不甚大,地方也略微偏僻,但也幽静。他与娘子二人居住,绰绰有余。 Wife! Wife! Our family/home came the guest.” “娘子!娘子!我们家来客人了。” Commandant Hong passing through the gate, then starts to shout loudly, tranquil such as the green clothes female of water gradually, looks at his exciting facial expression, looked at him behind the Shen Zhenyi masters and disciples four people, the complexion changes, at once smiles to say gently: Is rare you to bring home the guest, is your good friend, does not inform me to go to the kitchen early, is good to receive cordially.” 洪都尉一进门,便开始高呼,一个恬静如水的绿衣女子缓步而出,瞧了瞧他兴奋的神情,又看了看他身后沈振衣师徒四人,脸色微变,旋即又温柔微笑道:“难得你带客人回家,想必是你的好朋友,怎么也不早通知我下厨,也好款待。” She turns to the guest, bows saying: My humble home is crude, but also invited to be broad-minded.” 她又转向客人,躬身道:“寒舍简陋,还请诸位海涵。” Commandant Hong hehe is smiling: Is good to ask the wife to know, this then in the south territory by a person of strength, kills 19 city City Lord Third Young Master Shen Shen Zhenyi. Even Profound Heaven City Personal Guard suffered his, today in city gate, extinguished Beast Heart hall Azure Clothed Sixteen Fiends in a flash, was really the hero. These are his girl student.” 洪都尉嘿嘿笑着:“好叫娘子得知,这位便是在南域以一人之力,杀十九城城主沈三公子沈振衣。连玄天城亲卫都吃了他的亏,今日在城门口,又弹指间灭了兽心青衣十六煞,实在是英雄了得。这几位是他的女弟子。” He shows off the Shen Zhenyi score complacently. 他得意洋洋地夸耀沈振衣的战绩。 The green clothes female is startled slightly, Shen Zhenyi ominous she has also listened, has not thought that is actually such expensive/noble Young Master. 绿衣女子微微吃惊,沈振衣的凶名她也听过,没想到却是这么一位贵公子 The city gate guards with Personal Guard is known as the contradiction, the husband and this person feels like old friends at the first meeting, pouring is not strange, but must recruit into the family/home this person, perhaps is also adds much troublesome. She knows that the husband careless heroic spirit, in the heart has doubts, in the surface does not reveal, calls Shen Zhenyi and the others first to arrive at the backyard to stop over the rest, this shifts to Commandant Hong to ask: This person of Martial Dao practices is not the simple generation, offended Personal Guard, you lead this person of unknown origin, perhaps obstructs......” 城门守卫与亲卫素有矛盾,丈夫与此人一见如故,倒也并不奇怪,但要将此人招进家来,恐怕也是平添不少麻烦。她知道丈夫大大咧咧英雄气概,心中疑惑,面上不露,招呼沈振衣等人先到后院落脚休息,这才转向洪都尉问道:“这人武道修行绝非简单之辈,又得罪了亲卫,你将这来历不明之人带回来,恐怕有碍……” Commandant Hong thinks otherwise: „Becoming friends, this person resists in the south territory and Ominous Beast, instead engaged in factional strife to slander, kills the matter of Profound Heaven City Personal Guard, I looked that also has no other choice. Even if really has anything, cannot involve us.” 洪都尉不以为然:“不过只是交个朋友,此人在南域与凶兽对抗,反而被人倾轧污蔑,杀玄天城亲卫之事,我看也是不得已。就算真有什么,也牵连不到咱们。” He is the close relative or trusted subordinate of the emperor juniors, can have such cultivation base young, holds the post of Commandant, the back is not no one. The conduct naturally does not envy recklessly, so long as the disposition coincides, where manages him wrong. 他是亲贵子弟,年纪轻轻能有如此修为,担任一门都尉,背后也不是没人。行事自然就肆意不忌,只要脾性相合,哪里管他对错。 Wife Hong is helpless, must let matters drift. 洪娘子无奈,只得听之任之。 These during the day, Commandant Hong then takes turns on duty in the city gate during the daytime, in the evening then looks for Shen Zhenyi to drink, says discusses martial arts, talked about the luxurious place, along with representing delimited, was Divine Light four shoots, the overwhelming power was incomparable. 这几日间,白天洪都尉便在城门轮值,晚上便找沈振衣喝酒,讲论武学,谈到酣处,随意指划,也是神光四射,威猛无比。 His solid educational foundation received from family elders, the natural talent is outstanding, can be called a side expert in Divine Person Boundary Sixth Layer. 他家学渊源,天资卓绝,在神人境第六重中也称得上一方好手。 Often he consults to Shen Zhenyi, Shen Zhenyi always smiles not to speak, does not build the stubble, made that his heart is itchy difficult to scratch with the finger. 只是每每他向沈振衣请教,沈振衣总是笑而不语,也不搭茬,弄得他心痒难搔。 Wife Hong watches, in foreheads, obviously anxious. 洪娘子看在眼里,眉宇之间,更显忧虑。 After night of Commandant Hong and Shen Zhenyi discussed the military, was dead drunk, Wife Hong took care of him to go to sleep, oneself actually sat in meditation in the bedside long time, cannot repress finally, turned out a Heju incense burner to light the incense stick from the bed bottom, wisp of curling light smoke flood, changed to the bird shape, from the sky spread the wings to soar, circles for several weeks, this dissipation invisible. 一夜洪都尉沈振衣论武之后,又是酩酊大醉,洪娘子服侍他睡下,自己却在床边静坐良久,终于按捺不住,从床底翻出一只鹤嘴香炉点燃线香,一缕袅袅青烟泛起,化作鸟形,在空中展翅飞腾,盘旋几周,这才消散无形。 Commandant Hong rests ripe. 洪都尉睡得更熟。 Wife Hong stands up, in the look shows an imposing color suddenly, with ordinary day temperate tranquil entirely different, in foreheads, even somewhat vigorous heroic spirit. 洪娘子站起身,神色之中突然透出一股凛然之色,与平日的温和平静大不相同,眉宇之间,甚至有几分勃勃英气。 Her physique in a flash, changes to a green flowing light sword shadow, from window lasing. 她的身姿一晃,化作一道绿色流光剑影,从窗户激射而出。 Came!” “来了!” In Shen Zhenyi that in the small garden sits idly, suddenly opened the eye, the corners of the mouth has the vague smile. 正在小花园中闲坐的沈振衣,突然睁开了眼睛,嘴角带着若有若无的笑容。 Any person!” “什么人!” Chu Huoluo shouts at sternly, holds a sword to stand. 楚火萝厉声叱喝,仗剑而立。 They arrive at Profound Heaven City several days, feels the Spirit Qi full, many ordinary days senses the can actually achieve place, now then can achieve dexterously, Martial Dao cultivation base is successful, rapid promotion. 她们来到玄天城数日,也感觉灵气充盈,许多平日感悟得到却做不到的地方,如今轻轻巧巧便能做到,武道修为水到渠成,飞速提升。 She is eager to try, wants to find the opportunity to try the hand, felt suddenly a murderous intention raids, naturally wishes for earnestly. 她正跃跃欲试,想要找机会试试手,陡然感觉到一股杀机袭来,自然是求之不得。 You first draw back.” “你先退下。” Shen Zhenyi shakes the head warm. 沈振衣温摇头。 The skill of future is not weak, is not Chu Huoluo they can deal with. 来者的本事不弱,可不是楚火萝她们能够应付的。 Finishes barely the words, sees the azure sword shadow to fly high to fly together, to throne on Shen Zhenyi front surface straight thrust. 话音未落,就见一道青色剑影凌空飞来,对着王座上的沈振衣迎面直刺。 Buzz! 嗡! The sword shadow vibrates, exudes the sound of huge thundering, as if the birds vibrate the wing surely together, blocks the sky. 剑影振动,发出巨大的轰鸣之声,仿佛千万飞禽一起振动翅膀,遮天蔽日。 Chu Huoluo, Monarch Zi Ning and Dragon Princess three people only feel the chest to be worried, was compelled several steps by the sound of this sword shadow vibration unexpectedly. 楚火萝紫宁君龙郡主三人只觉得胸口烦闷,竟然是被这剑影振动之声就逼开了好几步。 Sword potential is swift and fierce, by the body shadow, by shadow chemical potential, is good.” “剑势凌厉,以身化影,以影化势,也算是不错。” The Shen Zhenyi nod commended, points at the light shell, how also does not see to strike an attitude, sees around the crystal throne to raise suddenly together the purple arc barrier, touches with that sword shadow, immediately exudes sound of gold/metal Tiejiao the calling, deafening. 沈振衣点头称赞,手指轻弹,也不见如何作势,就见水晶王座四周陡然升起一道紫色弧形屏障,与那剑影一触,登时发出金铁交鸣之声,震耳欲聋。 The sword shadow rebounds, is the breakthrough does not get the purple barrier of crystal throne unexpectedly! 剑影反弹而出,竟然是突破不得水晶王座的紫色屏障! Pitifully, such sword move, but also does not have the qualifications to make me make a move.” “可惜,这样的剑招,还没资格让我出手。” Shen Zhenyi shuts both eyes, sits in the crystal throne, the attitude is ease. 沈振衣微闭双目,坐在水晶王座中,态度悠然。 After obtaining this Human Sovereign throne, many trivial matters truly did not need him to consider thoroughly, on throne's defense, was not the general attack can break through. 得到这一张人皇宝座之后,许多琐事确实不需要他去多虑了,就王座本身的防御,并非一般的攻击能够突破。 This green sword shadow can vary to strike to be defeated and dispersed, compared with it that anything Azure Clothed Sixteen Fiends, is strong too many. 这绿色剑影能够不一击溃散,比之那什么青衣十六煞,已经强得太多了。 Buzz! 嗡! Sword shadow long cry, resembles is not willing to give up, at once shakes, changes to myriad! 剑影长鸣,似不肯善罢甘休,旋即一抖,化作万千! 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