ESG :: Volume #7

#666: Comes such quickly?

Your this meaning, wisdom soul nine interlocking rings while convenient take the rhythm, but also wants upward? 你这意思,智魂九连环真的就是顺便取一下的节奏,还想往上? Chu Huoluo has been used to the Shen Zhenyi manner, pours also thinks little. Miss Yuan was actually in a daze, feels grateful unconsciously: Many thanks Third Young Master Shen!” 楚火萝习惯了沈振衣的态度,倒也不以为意。袁小姐却发了个愣,不觉大为感激:“多谢沈三公子!” To come in her, Tianjing buddhist monk fifth regarding the person of Divine Person Boundary Sixth Layer, is quite dangerous. 在她想来,天京浮屠第五层对于神人境第六重之人来说,已经是相当危险。 In this case, Shen Zhenyi looks for the wisdom soul nine interlocking rings for her unexpectedly on own initiative first, is really this person also a good person of a promise that can be counted on heavy righteousness? 在这种情况下,沈振衣居然主动为她先找智魂九连环,难道此人还真是一个一诺千金重义的好人? Walks.” “走吧。” Shen Zhenyi actually muddily does not care, the familiar house turns left, walks into to proliferate in the dense fog in tower. 沈振衣却浑不在意,熟门熟路地向左转,走入遍布塔内的迷雾之中。 „...... The Chilean soul nine interlocking rings are wonderful thing, should hide in big to have the position, we from here booklet, but to west......” “……智魂九连环乃是‘奇物’,应该藏于大有位,我们从这里折而向西……” Miss Yuan still in the calculation position, suddenly actually saw Shen Zhenyi to walk, shouted hastily: „ Young Master waits a bit, I have not calculated clearly, Tianjing buddhist monk it 袁小姐还在推算方位,冷不丁却见沈振衣已经走了,连忙呼喊:“公子稍待,我还未曾推算清楚,天京浮屠之 Chinese shift is infinite, if bursts, very easy...... ” 中方位变化无穷,若是乱闯,很容易……” Monarch Zi Ning and Chu Huoluo. 紫宁君楚火萝一个个跟着走了进去。 Miss Yuan speechless. 袁小姐哑然。 The Dragon Princess comparison has the sympathy, urged one: „ Miss Yuan felt relieved that my Master, since said that will help you obtain the wisdom soul nine interlocking rings, certainly can help 还是龙郡主比较有同情心,劝了一句:“袁小姐放心吧,我师父既然说了会帮你取得智魂九连环,就一定能帮 You obtain. His innate discretion, you follow are. ” 你取得。他自有分寸,你跟上便是。” But......” “可是……” Miss Yuan puts on a long face: „ In this Tianjing buddhist monk crisis on top of crisis, the spirits of some innumerable protections, if line bad misstep, easy beyond redemption, Young Master Shen vertical 袁小姐哭丧着脸:“这天京浮屠之中危机重重,更有无数守护之灵,若是行差踏错,容易万劫不复,沈公子 However Martial Dao is wise, but also careful is. ” 武道高明,但也得小心才是。” Is unimportant, with.” “不要紧,跟上来吧。” Dragon Princess sighed, does not believe Master were too many, thought that Master was so multipurpose is very illusory, at this time said that again many also useless, waited for her 龙郡主叹气,不相信师父的实在太多,就连自己也觉得师父这么万能实在很虚幻,这时候说再多也没用,等她 Saw the reality, naturally believed. 看到了现实,也就自然信服了。 Last Dragon Princess also steps into the dense fog shortly, Miss Yuan is helpless, can only clench teeth to march into, the mood is solemn and stirring. 眼看最后一个龙郡主也踏入迷雾之中,袁小姐无奈,只能咬牙步入,心情悲壮。 The Tianjing buddhist monk is the institute of imperial conceals treasure, has the rules and regulations and protection. 天京浮屠原本就是皇家藏宝之所,自有规制和守护。 The sister of the emperor sinks to bottom the Tianjing buddhist monk, by the Secret Technique transformation space, body is more unreliable, unites with the Tianjing buddhist monk, becomes these seven spaces the bad risk different 长公主将天京浮屠沉入地底,更以秘法改造空间,身化玄灵,与天京浮屠合一,更是将这七层空间变得凶险异 Often. 常。 The Divine Person Boundary Sixth Layer limit, almost can also mount fifth-- also to cautiously, the tower spirit of protection round trip not have the trace after all, does not refuse stubbornly 神人境第六重的极限,差不多也就能登上第五层——还得小心翼翼,毕竟塔中的守护之灵来去无踪,不死不 Extinguishes, same cultivation base is also much harder to deal with. 灭,同样的修为也难缠得紧。 Even if Shen Zhenyi presents the overwhelming strength in Divine Person Boundary Sixth Layer, but the bright spear/gun is easy to hide the stab in the back to be difficult to guard, makes people nervous eventually. 纵然沈振衣神人境第六重呈现压倒性的实力,可明枪易躲暗箭难防,终究还是让人提心吊胆。 Let alone...... He does not care about the change of location, as if at will wanders about aimlessly, this with bringing death what strange/different? 何况……他根本不在乎方位变化,仿佛只是随意乱走,这与送死何异? Miss Yuan almost must cry. 袁小姐几乎要哭出来了。 Be careful!” “小心!” Dragon Princess puts out a hand to draw her, sees only white phantom suddenly to appear in Miss Yuan the original position, Jie Jie smiles strangely, the hand grasps the long blade, a blade cuts. 龙郡主伸手拉她,只见一道白色虚影突然出现在袁小姐原来的位置,桀桀怪笑,手握长刀,一刀斩下。 . 哧。 Shen Zhenyi does not return, a finger ball, a blue flowing light flashes through gently, a revolution on that white phantom, immediately change together azure smoke. 沈振衣头也不回,手指轻轻一弹,一道蓝色流光闪过,在那白色虚影上一转,顿时将之化为一道青烟。 „The spirit of protection......” “守护之灵……” Miss Yuan facial color blanch, fear. 袁小姐面色发白,一阵后怕。 The spirit of-- this protection also has Divine Person Boundary Sixth Layer cultivation base, if suffers suddenly, Miss Yuan that is must die without doubt. ——这守护之灵也有神人境第六重修为,要是冷不防挨一下,袁小姐那是必死无疑。 Luckily...... These people are very as if reliable. 幸好……这几个人似乎还挺可靠。 Slightly with tight.” “稍微跟紧点。” Shen Zhenyi turned head to look at one, thought little. 沈振衣回头看了一眼,不以为意。 The protection spirit in Tianjing buddhist monk fifth, is almost the Divine Person Boundary Sixth Layer intensity, the Shen Zhenyi shuttle, round trip free, and does not care. 天京浮屠第五层中的守护灵,差不多就是神人境第六重的强度,沈振衣穿梭于其中,来去自如,并不在意。 However Chu Huoluo and other people slightly are weaker, he must make a move to protect and sustain, as for Miss Yuan, that focuses certainly on protecting the object. 不过楚火萝等几人还稍弱些,他得出手护持,至于袁小姐,那当然是重点保护对象。 Young Master Shen...... We walk to avoid from here......” 沈公子……我们从这边走可以避开……” Miss Yuan also plans to persuade diligently, but Shen Zhenyi does not listen obviously her, still proceeded, Miss Yuan is helpless, for own security 袁小姐还打算努力劝服,但沈振衣显然是根本不听她的,仍然是自顾自往前,袁小姐无奈,为了自身的安全也 Only can with tight. 只能跟紧。 -- in this Tianjing buddhist monk fifth, is not her such cultivation base can willfully round trip. ——在这天京浮屠第五层中,可不是她这样的修为可以任意来去的。 If not for Shen Zhenyi is protecting, she wants line of bad misstep one steps, might lose the life. 若不是沈振衣护着,她只要行差踏错一步,就有可能丢了性命。 Well......” “咦……” But she also thinks the surprise. 但她也觉得诧异。 Although Shen Zhenyi walks to go straight there and come straight back, no matter almost arrangement in Tianjing buddhist monk in Array, but often can always avoid locates essential, is insufficient to touch Array 沈振衣虽然走路直来直去,几乎不管天京浮屠中的布置于阵法,但每每总能避开最关键处,不至于触动阵法 Counterattacking. 反制。 -- moreover is more essential, is direction that he walks, unexpectedly a little right. ——而且更关键的,是他行走的方向,竟然一点儿都没错。 If he can go forward unhindered, quick then can arrive in preserve wonderful thing has the position greatly. 如果他能不受阻碍地前进,很快便能抵达储藏“奇物”的大有位。 „ Has this person reckoned up the change of location in Tianjing buddhist monk? No, is impossible, in the Tianjing buddhist monk the space circulation non-stop, every single minute different, each “这人难道已经算清了天京浮屠中的方位变化?不,不可能,天京浮屠中空间流转不停,每分每秒都不同,每 The time enters must recomputate, he is not my Yuan Jia people, does not have secret manual that the father leaves behind, coming out how possibly to calculate? ” 次进入都得重新计算,他并非我袁家人,没有父亲留下的秘谱,怎么可能算的出来?” Miss Yuan in the heart the surprise, does not dare to believe. 袁小姐心中诧异,不敢置信。 Also besides her, has enters the gold/metal clothes people who in Tianjing buddhist monk cannot believe together. 除了她之外,不敢相信的还有一同进入天京浮屠的金衣人们。 Their goals are clear, steps into the Tianjing buddhist monk then to directly soar fifth, already arrived had the position greatly, is waiting for opening wonderful thing the warehouse. 他们的目标明确,一踏入天京浮屠便直奔第五层,也早就抵达了大有位,等着开启“奇物”之仓。 To come in them, by Miss Yuan's calculation ability, even if can arrive here smoothly, most after at least also several double-hour, at that time they already opened 在他们想来,以袁小姐的演算本领,即使能够顺利地抵达此处,最起码也得几个时辰之后,那时候他们早就开 Warehouse of start/open Qiwu, has obtained the wisdom soul nine interlocking rings, can carry on the next movement. 启奇物之仓,取得了智魂九连环,可以进行下一步动作。 Has not thought that she does come unexpectedly such quickly? 没想到她竟然来得这么快? Was wonderful.” “奇了。” gold/metal Yiren the leader turns head, looks at the dense fog deep place. 金衣人首领回头,看着迷雾深处。 He truly felt that some people come this. 他确实感觉到有人来此。 -- enters these ten thousand virtuous bureau waste firewood of Tianjing buddhist monk, perhaps some people hurry into fifth bold, but they cannot come here absolutely. ——进入天京浮屠的那些万贤局废柴,或许有人胆大包天赶紧入第五层,但是他们绝对走不到这儿。 „Does Miss Yuan luck have good luck ever after really greatly, has the skill that we cannot estimate?” “袁小姐难道真的福大命大,有我们估计不到的本事?” She, if, we are actually not early convenient, after all after entering the warehouse of wonderful thing, wants to obtain the wisdom soul nine interlocking rings, we must by the luck and time. If “她若是早到,我们倒是不方便,毕竟进入奇物之仓以后,想要得到智魂九连环,我们也得靠运气与时间。若 Is her luck transports really so, making her succeed in obtaining first was not good. ” 是她真的福运如此,让她先到手了可不好。” He ponders over, told: You intercept, leads away her, so long as delayed two double-hour to be then enough.” 他思忖一阵,吩咐道:“你们去拦截一下吧,将她引开,只要耽搁两个时辰便足够了。” gold/metal Yiren the leader's the computation and own strength to High Lord is confident. 金衣人首领对主上的计算与自身的实力都充满信心。 So long as gives him two double-hour, he can certainly take the wisdom soul nine interlocking rings, seizes ten thousand virtuous bureau only hopes. 只要给他两个时辰,他当然能够取走智魂九连环,夺走万贤局唯一的希望。 Yes!” “是!” Two gold/metal clothes people bow slightly. 两名金衣人微微躬身。 „The Shen Zhenyi somewhat skill that countryside comes, do not have a low opinion of the enemy.” “那个乡下来的沈振衣有几分本事,你们也不要轻敌。” The leaders think, spoke the reminder. 首领想了想,又出言提醒。 Two hey, however smiles, obviously has not paid attention to Shen Zhenyi. 那两人嘿然而笑,显然没把沈振衣放在眼里。 If other place, after all Kong filled/surplus an also move dies but actually in his hands, however in this Tianjing buddhist monk, there is planning of High Lord, he can also overturn the heavens “若是别的地方倒也罢了,毕竟孔盈也一招死在他手里,但是在这天京浮屠中,有主上的算计,他还能翻天了 Inadequate? The leaders felt relieved, if he is in the way, we naturally can deliver the place that he goes to should go. ” 不成?首领放心,他若碍事,我们自然会送他去该去的地方。” How the strength tyrannicalally, eventually is the ants. 实力强横又如何,终究不过是蝼蚁而已。 In Tianjing buddhist monk everywhere profound strange, if no aspect that High Lord calculates, they cannot so relaxed free. 天京浮屠中处处玄奇,若是没有主上计算的局面,他们也不能这般轻松自如。 Shen Zhenyi, can turn the day? 一个沈振衣,又怎能翻得了天? gold/metal Yiren the leader cannot help laughing, thought that is extremely cares, slightly nodded, no longer said. 金衣人首领哑然失笑,也觉得是自己太过在意,微微点了点头,不再多说。
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