ESG :: Volume #7

#664: Opening the door

The Tianjing buddhist monk was unearthed, has revealed the giant seven treasures colored glaze spire. 天京浮屠出土,露出了巨大的七宝琉璃塔尖。 Under the apex in the Moon's Eye clear splendor shines, the twinkle such as the wave light is clear. 尖顶在月眼清辉照耀之下,闪烁如波光粼粼。 This millenniums ago then the destruction ancient capital great tower, finally still held the pipa partly to obstruct the surface place to reveal the appearance/portrait. 这座千年前便毁灭的故都巨塔,终于犹抱琵琶半遮面地露出了真容。 The construction of Tianjing buddhist monk is earlier than by far sinking to the underground date, earliest the record of construction could trace the ten thousand years ago golden ages, at that time did not have 天京浮屠的建造更远远早于沉入地下的日期,最早修建的记录也许能追溯到万年前的黄金时代,那时候根本没 Has the Ominous Beast hidden danger, the Human Race strength monopolizes, the lively prosperous times, this has the so gigantic project. 凶兽的隐患,人族的力量一统天下,繁华盛世,这才有如此硕大的工程。 Present human, all constructions use in the construction in steel city wall, this fine great architectural art, already difficultly saw. 如今的人类,所有的构建都用在钢铁城墙的建设上,这种精美宏大的建筑艺术,早已难见。 When the complete Tianjing buddhist monk rips open the ground, the person of surrounding also exclaimed in surprise. 所以当完整的天京浮屠撕开地面的时候,围观之人也不禁为之惊叹。 Cannot think that the past ancient, really had such big writing skill!” “想不到当年的古人,竟然有这么大的手笔!” So many treasures, this ancient also is really luxurious!” “如此多的宝物,这古人还真是奢侈!” Does not use in the Tianjing buddhist monk, so long as picks the upturned eave wind chimes, this is also priceless!” “不用到天京浮屠里面,只要摘点飞檐风铃,这也价值连城啊!” The person of being able to judge the quality of goods knows certainly, this Tianjing buddhist monk outer wall all becomes by the assorted gem beautiful jade carving, itself this is giant buried treasure--, even if present these extravagant 识货的人当然知道,这座天京浮屠外墙全都以各色宝石美玉雕成,本身这就是巨大的宝藏——纵然如今这些奢 Before extravagant not, is so valuable, but many people like. 侈品没有以前那么值钱,但还是有许多人喜欢。 This is the Tianjing buddhist monk......” “这就是天京浮屠啊……” Chu Huoluo curled the lip, not big.” 楚火萝撇了撇嘴,“也没多大嘛。” Naturally is greatly big, but compares it them in Deep Blue Waves Secret Storehouse that in the world fragment sees, but also has missed a rank. 大当然是大的,但是比之他们在世界碎片中见到的沧澜秘库,还差了一个等级。 This Tianjing buddhist monk and Deep Blue Waves Secret Storehouse said, Chu Huoluo has certainly had a greater anticipation, now looks like, is a luxurious big pagoda, does not have any thin 这天京浮屠与沧澜秘库并称,楚火萝当然抱了更大的期待,现在看来,也不过就是个奢华的大宝塔,没什么稀 Wonderful. 奇。 Discussed by the secrets of memory, the Tianjing buddhist monk hastily collected the Capital treasure, cannot place on a par with Deep Blue Waves Secret Storehouse.” Shen Zhenyi knows her “以存储的秘笈而论,天京浮屠只是仓促归拢京都宝物,并不能与沧澜秘库相提并论。”沈振衣似是知道她的 Thoughts, initiative explanation. 心思,主动解释。 At that time Tianjing was the center of world, was the place of Dynasty establishing a capital city, ten thousand years of accumulation no small matter, various unusual treasures emerged one after another incessantly. In “不过当时天京乃是人类世界的中心,也是皇朝定鼎之地,万年积累非同小可,各种奇特的宝物层出不穷。在 This aspect, the storehouse in Tianjing buddhist monk, may call first. ” 这方面,天京浮屠的库藏,可称第一。” Now Human Race is on the decline, initially forged the skilled worker also to disappear without a trace now, before wanting the casting to leave , the mysterious treasure, is difficult, say nothing of many secret 如今人族衰微,当初的锻造巧匠如今也都不知去向,想要铸造出以前神奇的宝物,已是难能,更不用说许多秘 law lost in the river of history. 法都已经遗失在历史的长河中。 Therefore enters the Tianjing buddhist monk, could obtain various mysterious matters, this is the maximum value is. 所以进入天京浮屠,或许可以得到各种神奇物事,这才是最大的价值所在。 -- on the wisdom soul nine interlocking rings that for example Miss Yuan wants. ——就比如袁小姐想要的智魂九连环。 „The person of our generation practicing martial arts, why must external object.” “我辈练武之人,何须外物。” Chu Huoluo responded proudly, she with the Third Young Master Shen study sword, other has not learned, this arrogance at least can imitate three points. 楚火萝傲然回应,她跟着沈三公子学剑,就算别的没学到,这份傲气至少能模仿三分。 Dragon Princess laughed: „ Master must say you, has the external object available, why doesn't use? Our several can promote so rapidly, not to close right up against Master to look 龙郡主噗嗤笑了:“师父又得说你,有外物可用,为什么不用?咱们几个能提升如此迅速,还不是靠着师父 Various external objects? ” 的各种外物?” Naturally the person of practicing martial arts not false outside asked that asking in oneself. Otherwise the foundation easy not to be steady, their several promotion are rapid, sometimes also will be worried that this asked 当然练武之人不假外求,求之于自身。否则的话根基容易不稳,她们几个提升迅速,有时候也会担心这个问 Topic. 题。 -- Master is really mysterious utmost, can always have various strange methods, makes up their foundations. ——不过师父实在是神奇之至,总是能有各种怪法子,补足她们的根基。 At least promotes to Divine Person Boundary from True Person Boundary, has not encountered any bottleneck barrier to the present. 至少从真人境神人境一路提升,到现在还没有遇到什么瓶颈障碍。 Moreover, in the foreseeable future, they still did not have any bottleneck. 而且,在可见的将来,她们仍然没什么瓶颈。 After all Master is forecasting the body of True Dragon and so on she wants not to think the boundary for her. 毕竟师父可是在为她展望真龙之体之类她连想都没想过的境界。 Chu Huoluo was awkward, has kicked a Dragon Princess foot: Are many on your words, Master has not said.” 楚火萝尴尬,踢了龙郡主一脚:“就你话多,师父还没说呢。” The Shen Zhenyi smile nods: „ Princess also said right, although cannot rely on the external object, but can save a strength, why not to save a strength? On this day below vitality more 沈振衣微笑点头:“郡主说得也没错,虽然不能依赖外物,但是能省点力气,何不省点力气?这天下的元气越 Comes less, we must make the best use of the time. ” 来越少,我们还是得抓紧时间。” He looks up Moon's Eye, chilly pale. 他抬头看着月眼,清冷苍白。 Setting sun end world. 残照末世。 -- human end world. ——人类的末世。 Ominous Beast tide already, if nobody strives to turn the tide, does not use for 500 years, all human civilizations, will perhaps turn into stretch of ruins. 凶兽的潮汐已起,若没有人力挽狂澜,不用500年,所有的人类文明,恐怕都会变成一片废墟。 What a pity present Human Race, already lost the vitality, hides leads a befuddled life as if drunk or dreaming after the tall wall, even if the powerhouse of most high-end , the deficient courage, only closes right up against the time 可惜现在的人族,早已失去了朝气,躲在高墙之后醉生梦死,即使是最高端的强者,也缺乏勇气,只靠着时间 Precipitation strength. 来沉淀力量。 This strength, is perhaps strong, however function in battle, actually small pity. 这种力量,或许强大,但是在争斗中的作用,却小的可怜。 With this relative. 与此相对。 In the center of wilderness, has vigorously, but vitality/angry, at the height of power. 在荒野的中心,却有勃勃而起的生气,如日中天。 The powerhouses are born. 强者正在诞生。 Sooner or later must the war. 早晚必有一战。 Shen Zhenyi is very at heart clear. 沈振衣心里清楚得很。 The time are not much, can borrow the external object, that might as well borrows. The shortcut of passing through, naturally can make up with other thing. 时间不多了,能够借用外物,那就不妨借用一番。走过的捷径,自然可以用别的东西来弥补。 Young Master Shen.” 沈公子。” Miss Yuan is politer to his manner, goes forward to greet. 袁小姐对他的态度客气许多,上前打招呼。 „ The Tianjing buddhist monk was born, a while bird talent scout Moon's Eye, I then by inherited Secret Technique, open the gate of three double-hour Tianjing buddhist monk, invited the Third Young Master Shen belt/bring “天京浮屠已经出世,一会儿雀星探月眼,我便以祖传秘法,开启天京浮屠之门三个时辰,就请沈三公子 The head, helping me take out the wisdom soul nine interlocking rings, other things, perform to be possible by Young Master to bring on oneself. ” 头,帮我取出智魂九连环,其他东西,尽可由公子自取。” Found the Tianjing buddhist monk, the goal has completed half. 找到天京浮屠,目标已经完成了一半。 Then, must depend on a strength extraordinary powerhouse-- Divine Person Boundary Sixth Layer not quite to be as if safe, now but Shen Zhenyi is she can use strongest 接下来,就要靠一个实力非凡的强者了——神人境第六重似乎还不太保险,但沈振衣已经是她现在能用的最强 . 者了。 After all big having nothing to do with Kong filled/surplus is not a weak one, in a move was actually made the head by him. 毕竟大袖手孔盈也非弱者,却一招之内被他弄掉了脑袋。 -- experiences by Miss Yuan's martial arts, but also had not looked how really clear Shen Zhenyi makes a move. ——以袁小姐的武功见识,还真没看明白沈振衣到底是怎么出手的。 No matter what, this person is to exceed Kong filled/surplus the powerhouse, will not be always wrong. 不管怎么说,此人是胜过孔盈的强者,总不会错。 Good.” “好。” Shen Zhenyi nods slightly. 沈振衣微微颔首。 One side of Moon's Eye, morning star, the ray shape such as the bird tail, the name said the bird star. 月眼一侧,有一颗亮星,光芒形如雀尾,名曰雀星。 Now the bird travels at night after Moon's Eye, so long as searches into the Moon's Eye range, then turns on the opportunity in Tianjing buddhist monk. 如今雀星行经月眼附近,只要探入月眼范围,便是开启天京浮屠的时机。 Prepared.” “准备了。” Not far away gold/metal clothes person is also tense. 不远处的金衣人也紧张起来。 Miss Yuan really the luck greatly has good luck ever, all successfully had found the Tianjing buddhist monk, and with the strength of Moon's Eye hauling, directs its unearthed, wait a while to open the front door, then 袁小姐果然福大命大,一切顺利地找到了天京浮屠,并借着月眼牵引之力,引其出土,等一会儿开启大门,便 Enters the good opportunity in Tianjing buddhist monk. 是进入天京浮屠的好时机。 Some of their several early plans, respective preparation. 他们几个早有打算,各自准备。 The people encircle around the Tianjing buddhist monk, arranges Array, Miss Yuan in the mouth mutters, pastes on a series of incantation symbols in the front door of Tianjing buddhist monk, is apart from along with the bird star 众人围在天京浮屠周围,布置阵法,袁小姐口中喃喃自语,在天京浮屠的大门贴上一连串的咒符,随着雀星距 Is getting more and more near to Moon's Eye, incantation symbol also starts to blossom in radiant splendor. 月眼越来越近,咒符也开始大放光明。 Buzz! 嗡! The horizon hears the clear and melodious shake sound. 天边传来清越的震荡声。 The bird star change, is similar to the jump falls into the Moon's Eye range generally, Miss Yuan seizes the opportunity, the breaking by biting finger, by the middle finger blood, scatters in spell it of front door 雀星异动,如同跳跃一般落入月眼的范围之内,袁小姐抓紧时机,咬破手指,以中指鲜血,撒于大门的符咒之 On! 上! Yuan blood, uses taking advantage of law!” “袁氏血裔,借法一用!” This is not her ability, but is Mr. Yuan big calculates for a long time, for an opportunity that Yuan Bloodline successor finds. 这不是她本身的能力,而是袁大先生推算已久,为袁家血脉传人找来的一个机会。 Only then Yuan Jia people blood, can at this time machine and Moon's Eye bird star resonance, then Tianjing buddhist monk's Array, opens the front door! 只有袁家人的血,才能在这时机与月眼雀星共鸣,接着天京浮屠本身的阵法,开启大门! Bang rumble! 轰隆隆隆! Sound of the obsolete shake, the colored glaze front door of Tianjing buddhist monk opens wide to about, inside light shining in all directions, making the person unable to open the eye. 一阵陈旧的震荡之声,天京浮屠的琉璃大门向左右敞开,里面光芒四射,让人睁不开眼睛。 „At this time!” “就是此时!” Miss Yuan shouted loudly one, laughed into, personal servant greedy for wealth, that is willing to fall after the person, entered in along with it moving quickly. 袁小姐高呼一声,纵声入内,一众跟班贪图财宝,那肯落于人后,也随之飞身入内。 Side has several golden light, does not know where flees, first passes through the gate. 旁边有几道金光,不知从哪里窜来,也抢先进门。 Only the Shen Zhenyi old god is also looking at the entrance of Tianjing buddhist monk, slightly pressed brow. 只有沈振衣还老神在在看着天京浮屠的入口,微蹙眉头。
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