ESG :: Volume #7

#662: Where is the entrance at?

Chu Huoluo steeps tea to Shen Zhenyi, inquired curiously: Master, what thing do we go to the Tianjing buddhist monk to take?” 楚火萝沈振衣沏茶,好奇询问:“师父,我们去天京浮屠取什么东西?” She follows Shen Zhenyi in the course of time, about his temper also knew that many-- Master this person, many matters are conveniently for it. Is willing to help Miss Yuan on own initiative, one 她跟随沈振衣日久,对他的性子也了解不少——师父这个人,很多事都是顺手为之。愿意主动帮助袁小姐,一 The aspect is because the old friend please hold, on the other hand should have the initiative goal. 方面是因为故人请托,另一方面应该也有自己主动的目标。 The-- big probability, then conveniently takes any thing. ——大概率,便是顺手去拿什么东西。 Shen Zhenyi turned head to visit her, said with a smile: „ You guess now actually. Good, I am thinking the Tianjing buddhist monk, although does not have what to use greatly, but the sister of the emperor is loyal 沈振衣回头看了看她,微笑道:“你如今倒是会猜。不错,我想着天京浮屠虽然没有什么大用,但长公主贞 Fierce, might as well pays respect, there are past emperor's clan martial arts conceals, can bringing in new blood of Junior Sister go a step to further you actually again, took it conveniently, was good. ” 烈,不妨参拜一番,又有当年的皇族武学藏于其中,倒是可以给你师妹的换血再进一步,顺手取之,也是好的。” He now in three girl students, Chu Huoluo disposition bracelet, but the Sword Dao natural talent is highest, in the future may carry on his Sword Dao \; But Monarch Zi Ning is calmest, 他现在三个女弟子之中,楚火萝心性跳脱,但剑道的天资最高,日后可承袭他的剑道\;而紫宁君最为沉稳,也 Early has own way. 早有自己的路数。 Only has Dragon Princess, because is Dragon Race Bloodline, must walk inevitably is the say/way of True Dragon. 唯有龙郡主,因为是龙族血脉,要走的必然是真龙之道。 Then in the process of world promotion, she needs continuously to carry on to bring in new blood to hammer the body, purifies Bloodline, in order to the body of True Dragon. 那在世界晋升的过程中,她就需要不断进行换血锻身,纯化血脉,以求真龙之体。 -- this Seven Wounds World initially the emperor was also Dragon Race Bloodline, emperor's clan martial arts, then exercises the Dragon Race Bloodline Dragon Sovereign treasure record. To come to the Tianjing buddhist monk to receive ——七伤世界当初天子亦是龙族血脉,皇族武学,便是锻炼龙族血脉龙皇宝录。想来天京浮屠中必有收 conceals, this can obtain actually while convenient. 藏,这倒是可以顺便取得。 In addition, the sister of the emperor sacrificed on the same day, preserves the Tianjing fire seed , is worth holding a memorial service. 此外,长公主当日牺牲自我,保存天京火种,亦是值得祭奠。 Although...... Always helpless. 虽然……总是无奈。 Then they found on.” “那就等他们找到吧。” Chu Huoluo looks at ten thousand virtuous bureau various people who four sides is dispersing, the doubts said: Here one does not have the unusual form, couldn't they find really?” 楚火萝瞧着四面散开的万贤局诸人,疑惑道:“不过这里一无异状,他们真的找得到么?” Miss Yuan said the Tianjing buddhist monk in the, moreover tomorrow will be to open the opportunity in tower, this was too rather urgent. 袁小姐说天京浮屠就在附近,而且明天就是开塔的时机,这未免太紧迫了点。 Does not worry, making them look well.” “不着急,让他们找找也好。” Shen Zhenyi does not care muddily, also has the time in any case.” 沈振衣浑不在意,“反正还有时间。” Where Master won't you already know the Tianjing buddhist monk? 师父你不会早就知道天京浮屠在哪儿吧? Chu Huoluo stared in a big way the eye, by her to Shen Zhenyi to understanding, this matter was absolutely possible to occur. 楚火萝瞪大了眼睛,以她对沈振衣对了解,这种事完全有可能发生。 Shen Zhenyi smiles not to speak. 沈振衣笑而不语。 Miss Yuan was still trying hard. 袁小姐仍在努力。 Regarding the Tianjing buddhist monk, before the father stays behind clue very explicit-- that as if arrives dead, the father still very much worried this buried treasure, therefore gave her to work as 对于天京浮屠,父亲留下的线索很明确——似乎到临死之前,父亲仍然很牵挂这一处宝藏,所以给了她想当准 True prompt. Whether initially Mr. Yuan big already did expect ten thousand virtuous bureau this time predicaments? Therefore early will make the arrangement, she will sometimes have such thinking 确的提示。是否当初袁大先生早已预料到了万贤局此时的窘境?所以才会早做安排,她有时候甚至会有这样的想 law. 法。 But even so, the position of Tianjing buddhist monk fluctuates erratically, still needed her real-time calculation. 但即使如此,天京浮屠的方位变幻不定,仍然需要她实时推算。 If including her unable to achieve, that this unfilial descendants also were really incompetent. 若是连这她都做不到,那这不肖子孙也就真是无能了。 -- said easily, does to be possible not to be really easy. ——可是说起来容易,做起来可真不容易。 Actually arrived in this place on the 7 th already, she searched here for a long time, obviously has also calculated the entrance in the, but attempted multiple, still had achieved nothing. 其实抵达此地已经七日,她在这里搜索也已许久,明明算到入口就在附近,但尝试多次,仍然一无所获。 She is anxious, was needless to say. 她心里焦急,自不用说。 Where......” “到底在哪儿……” Where?” “到底在哪儿?” The compass is swaying, the indicator is glittering the golden light, non-stop shivering, is similar to wing that the butterfly flaps. 罗盘摇晃着,指针闪烁着金光,不停颤动着,如同蝴蝶扑扇的翅膀。 -- however actually throughout has not stopped. ——然而却始终不曾停下来。 The entrance of Tianjing buddhist monk, had still not located. 天京浮屠的入口,仍然未曾定位。 Inherited from predicessors that the father leaves behind, already enough detailed, if the final that pass/test cannot calculate, cannot hold throughout the last window paper. 父亲留下的余荫,已经足够详细,如果最后的那一关推算不出来,却始终捅不开最后一张窗户纸。 The miscellaneous personnel disperse in one side, they cannot help, whispered in side. 闲杂人等散在一边,他们也帮不上什么忙,就在旁嘀嘀咕咕。 I thought this Miss Yuan am incorrect, Mr. Yuan big died, ten thousand virtuous bureaus were at a loss. The young lady craves greatness and success and has great ambition but little talent, this time with great difficulty “我看这袁小姐是不行的了,袁大先生一死,万贤局就乱了方寸。大小姐好大喜功又志大才疏,这次好不容易 Invited big having nothing to do with Kong filled/surplus, was inserted a bar unfortunately horizontally, changed the fresh knottiness, I thought the way of Tianjing buddhist monk searching, perhaps rarely. ” 请来大袖手孔盈,偏又被人横插一杠,变生枝节,我看天京浮屠寻觅之途,恐怕难得很。” „The present key, was Miss Yuan is not necessarily able unable to find the entrance of Tianjing buddhist monk. This first step catches, what did other add?” “现在的关键,是袁小姐未必能够找得到天京浮屠的入口。这第一步就卡住,其他还说什么?” They to this matter anything confidence, big having nothing to do with Kong filled/surplus had not died, has the tree but actually macaque loose feeling. Now just wants while to occupy some randomly then 他们本来就对此事没什么信心,大袖手孔盈一死,更是有树倒猢狲散的感觉。现在就只不过是想要趁乱占些便 Suitable, if can succeed is certainly best, if cannot, that not matter. 宜,如果能成功当然最好,若是不能,那也无所谓。 Many people save are looking at joke the thoughts. 很多人都存着看笑话的心思。 Meanwhile, has the different manner in several gold/metal clothes people of distant place observation. 与此同时,在远处观察的几个金衣人却有不同的态度。 Hole full is really an idiot.” “孔盈真是个蠢货。” Is gold/metal clothes person cold snort/hum one of the head. 为首的金衣人冷哼一声。 Their layout long time, made hole involve the Tianjing buddhist monk to explore with great difficulty full silently, has not aroused anybody's interest and suspects-- this 他们布局良久,好不容易让孔盈无声无息地介入了天京浮屠探索,没有引起任何人的关注和怀疑——偏偏这个 Fool do, annoyed not being able to stir up Expert, by a person move of fatality. 傻瓜自己作死,惹上了一个惹不起的高手,被人一招致命。 This has overthrown their overall scheme. 这可是推翻了他们的全盘计划。 Now can not know what to do?” “现在可如何是好?” Another gold/metal clothes person knits the brows. 另一个金衣人皱眉。 „ The Tianjing buddhist monk, relates to the High Lord important matter, how regardless of opening may not. Now Kong filled/surplus is not, who reminded this stupid such as the Yuan size of cow “天京浮屠,关系到主上的大计,无论如何也得开启不可。如今孔盈不在,谁去提醒这个蠢笨如牛的袁家大小 Elder sister? ” 姐?” The Tianjing buddhist monk had gone to the seal by Mr. Yuan big, only then the blood of Yuan descendant can open. 天京浮屠被袁大先生下了封印,只有袁家后裔的血才能开启。 -- however, in the time limit what to do if Miss Yuan couldn't find the entrance? ——但是,若是袁小姐在时限之内找不到入口怎么办? After they had prepared hole full this move, estimated that when Miss Yuan could not find the entrance, is responsible for reminding, on the one hand is lets open the Tianjing buddhist monk idea 他们原本准备了孔盈这个后招,就是预计在袁小姐找不到入口的时候,负责点醒,一方面是让开启天京浮屠计 Delimiting can carry on smoothly, on the other hand, seeks Miss Yuan's trust, in order to next step success. 划能够顺利进行,另一方面,也是谋取袁小姐的信任,以求下一步的成功。 Now what is most awkward was Kong filled/surplus died, the person who was responsible for reminding did not have, must depend entirely on Miss Yuan's personal ability. 现在最尴尬的是孔盈死了,负责提醒的人没了,就得全靠袁小姐的个人能力。 -- their calculation skill to Miss Yuan, really does not have any confidence. ——他们对袁小姐的推算本事,实在没什么信心。 Must unable to find the entrance, waits again for 300 years? 要真找不到入口,难道再等300年? „If not really good, only then we pointed out that the entrance is at? Such did rather too desirably, even if were Miss Yuan, won't see right?” “要是实在不行,只有我们去指出入口所在?这么做未免太刻意了,就算是袁小姐,也会看出不对吧?” Even if the silly woman, will encounter this situation also to suspect. 就算是再傻的女人,遇到这种情况也会怀疑。 What other means does that have?” “那还有什么别的办法?” Is the gold/metal clothes person of head sighs: „ Also can only like this, even if desirably, must guarantee that Tianjing buddhist monk time can open smoothly. Other, walk one to look at one 为首的金衣人叹气:“也只能这样了,就算刻意,总得保证天京浮屠这次能够顺利开启。其他的,走一步看一 Step. ” 步吧。” Only then expected that Miss Yuan can make every effort to succeed......” “只有期望袁大小姐能够争气点……” Even if they to ten thousand virtuous bureau not anything favorable impressions, Miss Yuan and they do not have anything to relate, but to plan smooth, had better be able all along 就算他们对万贤局没什么好感,袁大小姐与他们也没什么关系,但为了计划的顺利,也还是最好能够一切顺顺 Ding-dong. 当当。 What a pity...... 可惜…… Sometimes is contrary to what expects. 有些时候就是事与愿违。 The 2nd date, the dim light of night was murky. 第二日,夜色昏沉。 Miss Yuan who a one day night has not rested, looks pale, in the big eye has covered entirely the blood threads, she well had not rested before, before final time limit, 一日一夜没睡的袁小姐,面色苍白,大眼睛里已经布满了血丝,她之前就没怎么好好休息,在最后时限之前, Was watches has calculated 12 double-hour. 更是不眠不休地推算了12个时辰。 However...... Does not have the result eventually. 然而……终究没有结果。 The Tianjing buddhist monk possible entrance, she calculated that has three, but three great distances are really far, is impossible simultaneously to attempt to open. 天京浮屠可能的入口,她推算下来有三个,但三个相隔甚远,根本不可能同时尝试开启。 In other words, she can only bet one-third possibilities. 也就是说,她只能赌1的可能性。 She has pinched tightly the fist, in the palm is the sweat. 她捏紧了拳头,掌心之中全是汗水。 Which should choose? 到底该选哪一个? Father...... Please bless me! ” 父亲……请保佑我吧!” Miss Yuan has closed tightly the crown, on the brown obsolete map, just wants to get down with the red ink brush effort place. 袁小姐咬紧了牙冠,在褐色陈旧的地图上,正想用朱笔用力地点下去。 Holds on a minute!” “且慢!” Shen Zhenyi sneezed suddenly, has broken her. 沈振衣忽然打了个喷嚏,打断了她。
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