ESK :: Volume #7

#697: sacrificial refining sword formation

The Zi Dian (purple lightning) perimeter/thunder pool, is glittering the crackle and rattle electric light, the aura is quite terrifying! 紫电雷池,闪烁着噼里啪啦的电光,气息极为恐怖! Su Zimo said: This side perimeter/thunder pool can quenching fleshly body, can unable to withstand, comes to cultivation together. However, must pay attention to a point, power of thunder and lightning most bad risk, if not feel right, leaves as soon as possible, do not show off power.” 苏子墨道:“这方雷池可以淬炼肉身,能承受得住的,就一起进来修炼吧。不过,要注意一点,雷电之力最为凶险,若是感觉不对,尽快离开,不要逞强。” Hehe, on your words.” “嘿嘿,就等你这句话呢。” Lin Xuanji smiles one strangely. 林玄机怪笑一声。 His trip comes, the dragon vein only seizes 10%, naturally wants a compensation point as far as possible. 他此行前来,龙脉只夺到10%,自然想要尽可能的补偿一点。 Little Fox jumps hastily from the Su Zimo's bosom, purses the lips to shake the head. 小狐狸连忙从苏子墨的怀中跳出来,噘嘴摇了摇头。 Monster Race mostly is fleshly body is powerful, but also some exceptions. 妖族大多都是肉身强大,但也有一些例外。 cultivation of their fox clan, is not on fleshly body. 她们狐狸一族的修行,就不在肉身上。 This matter can not, Su Zimo nod reluctantly, when advances. 这种事勉强不得,苏子墨点点头,当先行去。 The world of mortals has the word, cannot more perimeter/thunder pool one step, this perimeter/thunder pool, represent the bad risk, is representing the destruction! 凡间有言,不可越雷池一步,这雷池,就代表着凶险,代表着毁灭! Su Zimo strides in the Zi Dian (purple lightning) perimeter/thunder pool, whole body big quake. 苏子墨跨入紫电雷池之中,浑身大震。 perimeter/thunder pool ray greatly rises, erupts dazzling thunder light, purple electric arcs spread on Su Zimo's, crazy flooding into within the body. 雷池光芒大盛,爆发出璀璨夺目的雷光,一道道紫色电弧在苏子墨的身上蔓延,疯狂的涌入体内。 Su Zimo took a deep breath, goes toward the deep place line of Zi Dian (purple lightning) perimeter/thunder pool. 苏子墨深吸一口气,朝着紫电雷池的深处行去。 Lin Xuanji follows, flushed. 林玄机紧随其后,冲了进去。 Just entered the flash of perimeter/thunder pool, in his eye, passed over gently and swiftly wipes the pain. 刚刚进入雷池的一瞬间,他的眼中,就掠过一抹痛苦。 But shortly afterwards, he endures patiently. 紧接着,他就忍耐下来。 In this perimeter/thunder pool, the withstood pain are more, and promotion that fleshly body changes are bigger! 在这雷池中,承受的痛苦越多,肉身得到的改变和提升就越大! The surrounding of perimeter/thunder pool, the strength is gentle. 雷池的外围,力量还算平和。 More is close to perimeter/thunder pool Center, this thunder and lightning strength even more is wild, as if must destroy to raise, raises electric arc thunder light, submerges all, swallows all! 越接近雷池中心,这种雷电力量就越发狂暴,似乎要摧毁一切升起,掀起一道道电弧雷光,淹没一切,吞噬一切! Only then in the center of perimeter/thunder pool, can feel truly, anything is Wrath of Thunder! 只有在雷池的中心,才能真正感受到,什么是雷霆之怒 Follows in Lin Xuanji behind, is Hou Zi (monkey), Spirit Tiger, Golden Lion and Qingqing. 跟在林玄机身后,就是猴子灵虎黄金狮子青青 Their four are in Monster Race, quite takes seriously the fleshly body body and spirit type, such chance, naturally cannot miss. 他们四个是妖族之中,相当重视肉身体魄的一类,这样的机缘,自然不会错过。 Little Fatty and Shi Jian two people, had not planned to go. 小胖子石坚两人,本来没打算进去。 But saw that the people clash competitively, even Lin Xuanji went, as if this perimeter/thunder pool also has no might, two people also had some thoughts. 但看到众人都争先恐后的冲进去,连林玄机都进去了,似乎这雷池也没什么威力,两人也都动了一些心思。 Or we outside of perimeter/thunder pool later?” Shi Jian proposed. “要不咱俩在雷池的外面待一会儿?”石坚提议道。 Un.” “嗯。” The Little Fatty eyeball rotation, hesitates saying: I look at the line, we do not go down to perimeter/thunder pool, should not have what danger.” 小胖子眼珠转动,沉吟道:“我看行,咱们不深入雷池,应该不会有什么危险。” Walks!” “走!” Two people leave, crash in perimeter/thunder pool. 两人动身,冲进雷池之中。 ah ah ah!” !” Just crashed in perimeter/thunder pool, two people sent out a pitiful yell. 刚冲进雷池之中,两人就发出一阵惨叫。 Shi Jian is most pitiful, by the electricity bruised and lacerated, seethed with rage, the hair set upright. 石坚最为凄惨,被电得皮开肉绽,七窍生烟,头发都竖起来了。 Their Puppet Sect, did not grow perceptibly by body refining. 他们傀儡宗,本就不以炼体见长。 Shi Jian before oneself by electronics corona, escaped hastily, in an extremely difficult situation, dirty. 石坚趁着自己被电晕之前,连忙逃了出去,狼狈不堪,灰头土脸。 Little Fox smelled the nose, saying of doubt: Strange, how to have meat fragrance......” 小狐狸嗅了嗅鼻子,狐疑的说道:“奇怪,怎么有一股肉香味儿……” Hears these words, Shi Jian almost puts out a black blood. 听到这句话,石坚差点吐出一口黑血。 The Little Fatty situation, is stronger than Shi Jian. 小胖子的情况,比石坚强一些。 After all before then, his fleshly body, just by mist wool scouring cleansing the marrow that in Yellow Springs Chart sent out, not by electricity wound. 毕竟在这之前,他的肉身,刚刚被黄泉图中散发出的水雾洗毛伐髓,没有被电伤。 Even so, Little Fatty is also painful, the whole body fat, shivering of one after next is twitching. 即便如此,小胖子也是痛得要命,浑身的肥肉,一下下的颤抖抽搐着。 „Isn't this all right to look for the crime to receive?” “这不是没事找罪受么?” In the Little Fatty heart ponders secretly: Fat master eats well, the fragrance that rests, does the body stick, why bother feel embarrassed itself?” 小胖子心中暗忖:“胖爷吃得好,睡的香,身体棒棒的,何苦这么为难自己?” Without supporting how long, Little Fatty drew back. 没撑多久,小胖子就退了出去。 Now, in perimeter/thunder pool, but also is left over Su Zimo, Lin Xuanji, Hou Zi (monkey), Spirit Tiger, Golden Lion and Qingqing six people! 如今,在雷池中的,还剩下苏子墨林玄机猴子灵虎黄金狮子青青六人! Although in perimeter/thunder pool, but the position of everyone, is various. 虽然同在雷池之中,但每个人的位置,却各不相同。 Also can obviously look, disparities between six people! 也能明显看出来,六人之间的差距! Su Zimo went to the dead center of perimeter/thunder pool, sits cross-legged to sit, within the body qi and blood ascends, absorbs surrounding wild power of thunder and lightning to quenching fleshly body. 苏子墨已经来到雷池的正中心,盘膝而坐,体内气血升腾,吸收周围狂暴的雷电之力淬炼肉身 Not as he expected, is recent from perimeter/thunder pool Center, unexpectedly is Lin Xuanji! 出乎他的意料,距离雷池中心最近的,竟然是林玄机 This person is the Profound Principle Palace enter the world successor, the method emerges one after another incessantly worthily, the strength is immeasurably deep, even the fleshly body body and spirit , is so unexpectedly terrifying! 此人不愧是玄机宫的入世传人,手段层出不穷,实力深不可测,连肉身体魄,竟然也如此恐怖! Is a little behind a Lin Xuanji point, is Hou Zi (monkey). 稍微落后林玄机一点的,便是猴子 After Hou Zi (monkey), is Spirit Tiger. 猴子之后,是灵虎 In fact, the bloodlines of Spirit Tiger are in the people on the scene are ordinariest. 实际上,灵虎的血脉是在场众人之中最为普通的。 Is good in he cultivated «Highest Emptiness Thunder Art» Cleansing the Marrow Chapter, can cleansing the marrow bring in new blood, just under bumped into, integrates in four bone claws of unknown origin the body. 好在他修炼了《太虚雷诀》中的伐髓篇,得以伐髓换血,刚刚误打误撞之下,又将四根来历不明的骨爪融入身体里。 The Spirit Tiger fleshly body body and spirit, is also changing quietly! 灵虎肉身体魄,也在悄无声息的改变着! After Spirit Tiger, is Golden Lion and Qingqing. 灵虎之后,便是黄金狮子青青 Six people in perimeter/thunder pool, found the limit that oneself can withstand respectively, sits, starts to direct the thunder and lightning to enter body cultivation. 六人各自在雷池之中,找到自己所能承受的极限,席地而坐,开始引雷电入体修行 Most center of perimeter/thunder pool, float one volume of animal skin. 雷池的最中心,悬浮着一卷兽皮。 Su Zimo puts out a hand, brings this volume of animal skin, launches gently. 苏子墨伸手,将这卷兽皮拿过来,轻轻展开。 Animal skin most above, writes three Characters Purple Lightning Secret Art! 兽皮的最上方,写着三个字-紫电诀 This is the Thunder Sovereign creation «Highest Emptiness Thunder Art» one, is Heaven Rank cultivation technique! 这是雷皇创造的《太虚雷诀》中的一篇,是天阶功法 After stepping into Nascent Soul Realm, if can cultivation Heaven Rank cultivation technique, not only cultivation speed terrifying, primordial spirit also compared with cultivating Huang Rank cultivation technique primordial spirit, powerful innumerable times! 在踏入元婴境之后,若是能修炼天阶功法,不仅修行速度恐怖,元神也比修炼黄阶功法元神,强大无数倍! It looks like difference of cloud mud the! 就像是云泥之别! primordial spirit is powerful, means that the reassignment magic power are more is stronger! 元神强大,就意味着调动的法力更多更强! Su Zimo roughly glances over, in «Purple Lightning Secret Art» cautious income storage bag. 苏子墨大致浏览一遍,才将《紫电诀》小心翼翼的收入储物袋中。 This cultivation technique, after is he steps into Nascent Soul Realm, on Immortal Dao takes advantage most! 这部功法,将是他踏入元婴境之后,仙道上的最强依仗! Meanwhile, in the Su Zimo's heart, to Great Desolate Monster Kings Secret Scripture Yin Divinity Chapter, raised the intense curiosity! 与此同时,苏子墨的心中,对大荒妖王秘典阴神篇,升起了强烈的好奇! After Forming the Core Chapter, is Yin Divinity Chapter, is corresponding Nascent Soul Realm in Immortal Dao. 结丹篇之后,便是阴神篇,对应着仙道中的元婴境 Has not practiced Yin Divinity, Su Zimo could not have seen the cultivation method in Yin Divinity Chapter. 没有修炼出阴神,苏子墨还看不到阴神篇中的修炼法门。 It looks like in Su Zimo, Dié Yue teaches to his Yin Divinity Chapter, inevitably is Heaven Rank cultivation technique! 苏子墨看来,蝶月传授给他的阴神篇,必然是天阶功法 Can be what degree, was unknown. 到底能达到什么程度,就不得而知了。 Moreover, Dié Yue taught for his is Twelve Monster Kings secret scripture, cultivation until now, cultivates seven Monster King, five Monster King have not appeared. 而且,蝶月传授给他的是十二妖王秘典,修行到如今,才修炼出七尊妖王,还有五尊妖王没有出现。 Su Zimo anticipated very much whether Yin Divinity Chapter will have another Monster King to arrive! 苏子墨很期待,阴神篇是否会有另一尊妖王降临! Feels periphery wild power of thunder and lightning, in the Su Zimo heart is moving, fishes out 27 top grade flying sword from storage bag. 感受着周围狂暴的雷电之力,苏子墨心中一动,从储物袋中摸出二十七柄极品飞剑 This condenses Torch Shining Sword Formation one set of flying sword. 这是凝聚烛照剑阵的一套飞剑 Before then, top grade flying sword was contaminated by the blood of powerful monster beast, the time is slightly long, the might will reduce. 在这之前,极品飞剑被强大的妖兽之血浸染,时间稍长,威力就会削减。 Su Zimo was also considering how to promote this set of flying sword. 苏子墨也在考虑,如何提升这套飞剑 Now, with the aid of this perimeter/thunder pool, really can actually 27 flying sword again sacrificial refining. 如今,借助这片雷池,倒是真可以将二十七柄飞剑重新祭炼一番。 Although is impossible to promote quality rank, but on the sword blade attaches on power of thunder and lightning, multi- first layer might. 虽然不可能提升品阶,但剑身上附着上雷电之力,就会多一层威力。 27 flying sword packs put together, the might is increased more. 二十七柄飞剑叠加在一起,威力提升更多。 Condenses Torch Shining Sword Formation, the might promotion of sword formation was quite considerable! 凝聚出烛照剑阵,剑阵的威力提升就相当可观了! Su Zimo waves, 27 flying sword scatter around the body, places oneself in the Zi Dian (purple lightning) perimeter/thunder pool, on the sword blade is glittering electric arc thunder light. 苏子墨挥手,二十七柄飞剑散落在身体周围,置身在紫电雷池之中,剑身上闪烁着一道道电弧雷光。 Enters each person in big grave, obtained own chance. 进入大墓的每个人,都得到了属于自己的机缘。 But at this time, above the big grave, came one crowd of cultivator, unexpectedly several thousand people! 而此时,在大墓上方,来了一群修士,竟数千人之多! Is the person of figure head is thin, seems a bamboo pole, look gloomy and cold, treads the sky stands, is overlooking below terrain, the vision twinkle. 为首之人身形消瘦,好似一杆竹竿,神色阴冷,踏空而立,俯视着下方的地形,目光闪烁。 ( This chapter ends) (本章完)
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