ESK :: Volume #30

#2955: Hostility

Outside Butterfly Valley. 蝴蝶谷外。 Old Tiger, Qingqing and Golden Lion three people still waited for here, this place after all is Eastern Desolate heavy, three people do not dare to run all over the place. 老虎青青黄金狮子三人仍在这里等待,此地毕竟是东荒重地,三人也不敢乱跑。 Outside occasionally can hear the news that spreads, knows that Eastern Desolate repels the dark green army again, even have several Monster Emperor body dies and Dao disappears, was killed by Huang Wu (Desolate Martial)! 只是偶尔能听到外面传来的消息,知道东荒再度击退苍的大军,甚至有数位妖帝身死道消,被荒武所杀! Three people of hears word, naturally also thought that in the surface has up. 三人闻言,自然也觉得面上有光。 Qingqing and Golden Lion are but actually good. 青青黄金狮子倒还好。 Old Tiger sees Butterfly Clan that passed by, always cannot bear go forward to build awkwardness/ridicules, then unintentional disclosed that Huang Wu (Desolate Martial) and they were sworn brothers. 老虎看到路过的蝴蝶一族,总忍不住上前搭个讪,然后有意无意的透露出来,那位荒武与他们是结拜兄弟。 Heard that Eastern Desolate this time wins, is really may celebrate encouraging, our Boss should also give strength of the negligible.” “听说东荒此番大胜,真是可喜可贺,我们老大应该也出了一点微末之力。” Who your is Boss?” “你们老大是谁?” Well? Don't you know? His Dao name Huang Wu (Desolate Martial), just came Eastern Desolate shortly.” “咦?你不知道吗?他道号荒武,刚来东荒没多久。” Similar dialogue, happened frequently, but, these butterfly fairy maiden hears word cover the mouth titter, does not believe. 类似的对话,频繁发生,只不过,那些蝴蝶仙子闻言只是掩嘴偷笑,根本不会相信。 Who is Huang Wu (Desolate Martial)? 荒武是谁? The lord of present Tai'e Mountain Range, once cut to massacre Peer­less Monster Emperor personally, six ordinary Monster Emperor expert! 如今的太阿山脉之主,曾亲手斩杀掉一位绝世妖帝,六位普通妖帝强者 Can such person, how at present this robust gruff swearing brotherhood? 这样的人,怎会与眼前这个虎头虎脑的憨憨结拜? Whenever this happened, Qingqing and Golden Lion cannot bear show the whites of the eyes, turn around, as far as possible to Old Tiger. 每当这一幕发生,青青黄金狮子都忍不住翻个白眼,转过身去,尽量离老虎远一点。 Martial Dao main body arrives, sees such a. 武道本尊降临的时候,就看到这样一幕。 Old Tiger is blocking several butterfly fairy maidens, spoke with confidence, told that the experiences of their several brothers Heavenly Desolate, said the spit horizontally to fly vertically and horizontally/able to move unhindered, the surface flood red light, opposite several butterfly fairy maidens were the whole face shut out...... 老虎正拦住几位蝴蝶仙子,侃侃而谈,讲述他们几兄弟纵横天荒的经历,说得吐沫横飞,面泛红光,对面的几位蝴蝶仙子都是满脸嫌弃…… Old Tiger blows crisply, had not discovered that Martial Dao main body has arrived his behind. 老虎吹得更爽,都没发现武道本尊已经来到他的身后。 That several butterfly fairy maidens recognize Martial Dao main body, at present one bright, reveals the color of respect. 那几位蝴蝶仙子认出武道本尊,眼前一亮,都流露出尊敬之色。 ! Martial Dao main body lifts the hand, according to the back of the head of Old Tiger patted. 武道本尊抬手,照着老虎的后脑勺拍了一下。 Who hits Master Tiger!” “谁打虎爷!” Old Tiger was broken, in heart uncomfortable, turns around, glowers, will shout abuse, actually suddenly the complexion changes, said with a smile embarrasedly: Boss, is your ah.” 老虎被打断,心中不爽,转过身来,怒目而视,正要破口大骂,却突然脸色一变,讪讪笑道:“老大,是你。” Afterward, Old Tiger has turned around hastily, looks at that several butterfly fairy maidens, pats the chest saying: You looked, I have not deceived you, this is really my Boss!” 随后,老虎又连忙转过身,看着那几位蝴蝶仙子,拍着胸膛道:“你看,我没骗你们吧,这真是我老大!” Walked, has a look Little Fox.” “走了,去看看小狐狸。” Martial Dao main body is greeting Qingqing and Golden Lion two people, bringing Old Tiger to enter space tunnel, vanishes in Butterfly Valley. 武道本尊招呼着青青黄金狮子两人,带着老虎进入空间隧道,消失在蝴蝶谷 ...... …… Azure Hills Mountain Range. 青丘山脉 Martial Dao main body has the Old Tiger three people, arrives directly in this place, divine consciousness sweeps, feels the Nine-tailed Monster Emperor position instantaneously. 武道本尊带着老虎三人,直接降临在此地,神识一扫,瞬间感受到九尾妖帝的位置。 Meanwhile, is closing up controls one's breathing nine Monster Emperor, had detected, opens a pair of coquettish look slowly, the vision twinkle. 与此同时,正在闭关调息中的九位妖帝,也有所察觉,缓缓睁开一双媚眼,目光闪烁。 I have not looked for you, you pour deliver High Sects to come on own initiative......” “我还没找你,你倒主动送上门来……” In the Nine-tailed Monster Emperor heart ponders secretly, sneers slightly. 九尾妖帝心中暗忖,微微冷笑。 fellow daoist Huang Wu your honorable self visit, does not know that does?” 荒武道友大驾光临,不知有何贵干?” Nine-tailed Monster Emperor welcomed, looks at Martial Dao main body to smile gracefully, the gentle voice asked. 九尾妖帝迎了出去,望着武道本尊盈盈一笑,柔声问道。 My goodness!” “好家伙!” The Old Tiger vision looked at Nine-tailed Monster Emperor one, immediately is capricious, a little cannot dominate, has turned the head hastily. 老虎目光看了九尾妖帝一眼,顿时心猿意马,有点把持不住,连忙转过头去。 Golden Lion is also lowering the head lowly. 黄金狮子也低垂着头。 Qingqing sees with for Nine-tailed Monster Emperor of female, could not bear looked at several. 就连青青见到同为女子的九尾妖帝,都忍不住多看了几眼。 The Nine-tailed Monster Emperor graces, the frown and smile, are sending out a seduction that made one be hard to resist, as if can evoke the heart most primitive desire! 九尾妖帝举手投足,一颦一笑,都散发着一种令人难以抵挡的诱惑,似乎能勾起内心深处最原始的欲望! Martial Dao main body Dao Heart is firm, cannot shake, the attracting of Nine-tailed Monster Emperor, but also cannot affect him. 武道本尊道心坚定,不可撼动,九尾妖帝的这种魅惑,还影响不到他。 He knits the brows slightly, pours has not thought, only considers the Nine-tailed Monster Emperor race bloodlines to make it so. 他只是微微皱眉,倒也没多想,只当是九尾妖帝自身种族血脉使然。 Martial Dao main body said: In Fox Clan has our Heavenly Desolate old friend, heard that was received disciple(s) by the nine-tailed fellow daoist, today one side wants to see with her.” 武道本尊道:“狐族中有我们一位天荒故人,听说被九尾道友收入门下,今日想与她见一面。” A'Li?” 阿狸?” Nine-tailed Monster Emperor blinks, says with a smile: This said that A'Li is closing up. You come along with me, first in that side and other.” 九尾妖帝眨眨眼,笑道:“这好说,阿狸正在闭关。你们随我来,先在那边等一下。” At the same time saying, Nine-tailed Monster Emperor, when advances, directing the Martial Dao main body four people to go toward one fur tent line of not far away. 一边说着,九尾妖帝当先行去,引着武道本尊四人朝着不远处的一座毛皮帐篷行去。 Martial Dao main body follows in Nine-tailed Monster Emperor behind, steps into this tent. 武道本尊跟随在九尾妖帝身后,踏入这座帐篷之中。 Coming, is the intermittent delicate fragrance. 迎面而来,便是阵阵幽香。 Martial Dao main body felt suddenly absent-minded, on front Nine-tailed Monster Emperor is throwing over clothing, seems nonchalant falls gently, reveals half piece of snow white fragrant shoulder. 武道本尊突然感觉到一阵恍惚,前方九尾妖帝身上披着的衣衫,好似不经意般轻轻滑落,露出半片雪白的香肩。 Why does not know, Martial Dao main body felt that in the heart, somewhat cannot control the mind unexpectedly! 不知为何,武道本尊感到心中一荡,竟有些控制不住心神! Old Tiger, Qingqing and Golden Lion three people have vanished do not see. 老虎青青黄金狮子三人已经消失不见。 In this tent, is only left over him and Nine-tailed Monster Emperor probably! 这座帐篷中,好像就只剩下他和九尾妖帝两人! „It is not good!” “不好!” In the Martial Dao main body heart warning lights flashes for the first time, draws in the mind hastily, solidifies Dao Heart. 武道本尊心中警兆乍闪,连忙收拢心神,凝固道心 In the meantime, Nine-tailed Monster Emperor turns around, clothing as if becomes thin as the cicada wing, is nearly transparent. 就在此时,九尾妖帝转过身来,身上的衣衫仿佛都变得薄如蝉翼,近乎透明。 Inside peaks and ridges are partly visible, two beautiful legs are slender, nine furry tails, slightly rocking, are sending out the seduction of pinnacle from top to bottom! 里面的峰峦若隐若现,两条美腿修长笔直,身后九条毛茸茸的尾巴,微微晃动着,浑身上下散发着极致的诱惑! fellow daoist Huang Wu......” 荒武道友……” Nine-tailed Monster Emperor ying warned one, cheeks flood red, red lip half, aspirated such as orchid, the lotus steps moved lightly, threw toward the bosom of Martial Dao main body. 九尾妖帝嘤咛一声,脸颊泛红,红唇半张,吐气如兰,莲步轻移,朝着武道本尊的怀中扑了过去。 This seduction, is not truly able to shake Martial Dao main body Dao Heart. 这种诱惑,确实无法撼动武道本尊道心 Just, Nine-tailed Monster Emperor the attracting technique, not only in view of Dao Heart, but also is attracting primordial spirit! 只不过,九尾妖帝的这种魅惑之术,不仅仅针对道心,还在魅惑元神 But Martial Dao main body just experienced a war, has not rested to control one's breathing, primordial spirit consumes enormously, cannot resist Peer­less Monster Emperor the method. 武道本尊刚刚经历一场大战,未曾休息调息,元神消耗极大,根本抵挡不住绝世妖帝的这种手段。 Moluo Mask, facing this confusing technique, is helpless. 就连摩罗面具,面对这种迷惑之术,都无能为力。 Martial Dao main body didn’t expect, Nine-tailed Monster Emperor will also start to him completely. 武道本尊也完全没想到,九尾妖帝会对他下手。 His Dao Heart is stable, although consciousness somewhat chaotic, but can also maintain a sobriety. 道心稳固,虽然意识有些混乱,但还能保持着一丝清醒。 He does not certainly think, Nine-tailed Monster Emperor really had a liking for him. 他当然不会以为,九尾妖帝真的看上了他。 When indulges in flights of fancy, Nine-tailed Monster Emperor has arrived at the near. 胡思乱想之时,九尾妖帝已经来到近前。 The intermittent delicate fragrance transmits, the Nine-tailed Monster Emperor graceful physique is swaying from side to side slightly, Martial Dao main body closes the eyes hastily, gets hold of the double fist, the consciousness is even more chaotic! 阵阵幽香传来,九尾妖帝曼妙的身姿微微扭动着,武道本尊连忙闭紧双眼,握紧双拳,意识越发混乱! Sees this, the Nine-tailed Monster Emperor eye pupil deep place, passed over gently and swiftly to taunt. 看到这一幕,九尾妖帝的眼眸深处,掠过一丝嘲讽。 Stretches out the palm in her, prepares to grasp to Martial Dao main body time, Martial Dao main body opens the eyes suddenly, in the eye pupil is burning two groups of purple flame, vision like a torch, fiery! 就在她伸出手掌,准备抓向武道本尊的时候,武道本尊突然睁开双眼,眼眸中燃烧着两团紫色火焰,目光如炬,炯炯有神! Suddenly! 陡然! Martial Dao main body stretches out the palm, rapid like lightning, blocks the Nine-tailed Monster Emperor slender snow white nape of the neck! 武道本尊伸出手掌,迅速闪电般,一把扼住九尾妖帝纤细雪白的脖颈! Un?” “嗯?” On the face of Nine-tailed Monster Emperor, flashes through panic. 九尾妖帝的脸上,闪过一丝慌乱 But quick, she is calm, coquettish look like silk, miserable, sobbing sound said: Elder Brother this makes anything, made the sore slave......” 但很快,她就镇定下来,媚眼如丝,楚楚可怜,泣声道:“哥哥这是做什么,弄疼奴家了……” Martial Dao main body look ice-cold, the palm makes an effort slightly, presses firmly between the fingers the throat of Nine-tailed Monster Emperor, carried it directly, probably did not understand that a point shows tender affection! 武道本尊神色冰冷,手掌微微用力,捏住九尾妖帝的喉咙,直接将其拎了起来,好像根本不懂得一点怜香惜玉! What do you want to make?” “你想做什么?” Asking that Martial Dao main body coldly. 武道本尊冷冷的问道。 You......” “你……” Nine-tailed Monster Emperor just about to speaks, Martial Dao main body breaks it, said: This method is useless to me, do not come again disgracefully!” 九尾妖帝刚要说话,武道本尊就将其打断,道:“这种手段对我没用,别再来丢人现眼!” In fact, Martial Dao main body on almost the Nine-tailed Monster Emperor say/way. 实际上,武道本尊就差点着了九尾妖帝的道。 Just, in he is going to perish, in his storage bag, Evil Emperor gives his white jade pendant suddenly to vibrate, making Martial Dao main body instantaneous come soberly! 只不过,就在他将要沉沦之际,在他储物袋中,邪帝送给他的那枚白色玉佩突然震动了一下,让武道本尊瞬间清醒过来!
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