EH :: Volume #6

#243: For human

Kevin walked dejectedly, a few words had not said. 凯文垂头丧气地走了回来,一句话没说。 Yae Ji rubbed the head of cherry with a smile, looks to the people, our also card in hand, said you possibly not to believe that in human soldier, I not strongest, Kevin was not, magnificence Geng was impossible. She is the plum.” 八重霁笑着揉了揉樱的脑袋,看向众人,“我们还有底牌,说出来你们可能不信,人类战士中,我绝不是最强的,凯文也不是,华更不可能。她是梅。” The people confused reveal the color of understanding clearly. 众人迷茫中又露出了然之色。 Is pinching own chin spatially, he long ago in strategic section work, before joining Fusion Warriors , the position is not low. 空捏着自己的下巴,他很久以前就在战略部工作,加入融合战士前职位也不低。 Takes a look to plum that modeling quite exaggerating battle dress, opens the mouth to ask: „Is that battle dress of Dr. Mei the key of blank?” 瞅向梅那一身造型颇为夸张的作战服,开口问道:“梅博士的那套作战服是空白之键?” Plum nod. 梅点头。 Did not say that the key of blank did cause the irreversible damage to the doctor?” Spatial puzzled. “不是说空白之键对博士造成了不可逆转的损伤了吗?”空不解。 Actually at that time I had injected rc, but experiments the product. The plan keeps secret highly, you do not know also normally.” Mei say/way: In fact, the flame is not only first injects the Honkai Beast gene, is first human that injects rc.” “其实那时候我已经注射过rc,只不过是实验产品。计划高度保密,你们不知道也正常。”梅道:“事实上,炎不仅是第一个注射崩坏兽基因的,也是第一个注射rc的人类。” Yae Ji continued, „the key of blank can open the imaginary number space to derive Honkai Energy, thus enables suitable standard long time to compare favorably with the Herrscher strength.” 八重霁接过话题,“空白之键能够打开虚数空间汲取崩坏能,从而使适格者能够长时间拥有媲美律者的力量。” Several people of reveal headed by spatial are shocking, as they of God Key suitable standard, no one compared with their clearer Herrscher prestige energy. 以空为首的数人目露震惊,身为神之键适格者的他们,没有人比他们更清楚律者的威能。 The Herrscher intelligence quotient that before presented was not mostly normal, in the brain a muscle, a strength 1/10 could not display continually. 以前出现的律者大多智商不正常,脑子里一根筋,一身实力连十分之一都发挥不出。 The person like plum obtained the strength of Herrscher rank... to be certainly terrorist! 像梅这样的人获得了律者级别的力量...一定非常恐怖! „The following plan, conducts the final attempt by me and plum.” Yae Ji swept people, „is sorry told you, stood by your strengths in this stretch of battlefield, will only become the burden.” “下面的计划,由我和梅来进行最后的尝试。”八重霁扫了一眼众人,“很抱歉的告诉你们,以你们的实力站在这片战场上,只会成为累赘。” Lowering the head Kevin clenches teeth, both hands grip the fist, the skeleton extrusion make noise, in the phalanxes turns white, the good palm distance head is far, the bone conduction installment cannot transform. 低着头的凯文咬牙,双手攥拳,骨骼挤压作响,指骨间发白,还好手掌距离头部较远,骨传导装置不会进行转换。 Naturally, I am not that meaning.” Yae Ji said earnestly: You in the middle of strongest a group of soldiers as human, can display the light and heat in the battlefield finally. What a pity is, Phoenix Down only then, you keep in the battlefield, likely by finally the Herrscher recrimination. This, is very imaginary clear.” “当然,我不是那个意思。”八重霁认真道:“你们身为人类当中最强的一批战士,在终焉战场上也能发挥光和热。可惜的是,羽渡尘只有一件,你们留在战场上,很可能被终焉律者反控。这点,幻很清楚。” Before dizziness magnificent now on good is not good, the complexion turned white slightly, hears Yae Ji saying that was also the nod. 之前眩晕的华现在好上不好,脸色微微发白,听到八重霁所说,也是点头。 Just now her dizziness , because with has encountered in the consciousness finally, the confrontation place, naturally is the consciousness of rock. 方才她眩晕,就是因为和终焉在意识上有所交锋,交锋地点,自然是岩的意识。 What fate is the rock? 岩是什么下场? Hadn't been regarded the tool person to use up finally gives to kill? In the eye, the rock including the values of two uses not to have finally. 还不是被终焉当成工具人用完就给杀死?在终焉眼中,岩连二次利用的价值都没有。 Fusion Warriors on the scene was clear, Yae Ji hammers one of body division/discipline initiators, consciousness the domain is his strong point. 在场的融合战士都清楚,八重霁身为锻体学科的创始者之一,意识领域一直都是他的强项。 Except for having the Phoenix Down magnificent, only then this can in consciousness the domain resists with Herrscher finally. 除了拥有羽渡尘的华,就只有这位能够在意识领域内与终焉律者对抗。 But has the Phoenix Down magnificent... not actually to be able the key of suitable standard blank, initially when the key of blank exposed, has the soldier going suitable standard of mass every time. They, are no exception. 而拥有羽渡尘的华...却无法适格空白之键,当初空白之键曝光之时,每时每刻都有大批量的战士前去适格。他们,也不例外。 Result... only then a plum person can the suitable standard! 结果...还是只有梅一个人能够适格! Wants suitable standard Phoenix Down to be very difficult.” magnificent opens the mouth saying: Doctor... my meaning is the doctor loads other cores the time, can't transfer the Phoenix Down strength? Then......” “想要适格羽渡尘很难。”华开口道:“博士...我的意思是博士装载其它核心的时候,不就不能调用羽渡尘的力量了吗?那么......” „Did you forget?” Yae Ji is showing a being as deep as a well smile to magnificent, „were you obviously why suitable initially the standard Phoenix Down, the plum have not made you use in the battlefield? Instead is stays in the laboratory?” “你忘了?”八重霁对着华露出一个高深莫测的笑容,“为什么当初你明明适格了羽渡尘,梅还是没让你在战场上使用?反而是留在实验室中?” magnificent is pressed the willow eyebrows, „... is not because my strength was insufficient at that time?” 华蹙起柳眉,“难道...不是因为当时我实力不够?” This is only a point.” Yae Ji said: Plum has been able suitable standard Phoenix Down.” “这只是其中一点。”八重霁道:“梅早已能够适格羽渡尘。” magnificent is silent, ties up the long hair the phoenix feather swirl to untie automatically, flutters to Mei Shenqian. 华沉默,捆绑长发的凤羽发饰自动解开,飘到梅身前。 The plum supports Phoenix Down single-handed, above the ray flashes, Phoenix Down changes to together the flowing light, replaces the hairlace to tie up high ponytail. 梅单手托住羽渡尘,其上光芒一闪,羽渡尘化作一道流光,代替发带捆绑住高马尾。 Frequently stays up late in the laboratory, my consciousness originally compared with average person on many.” The plum smiles, although oneself are unable to compare with magnificent using Phoenix Down skilled, but guards itself consciousness using Phoenix Down with ease. “经常在实验室熬夜,我的意识本就比普通人强上不少。”梅笑了笑,虽然自己运用羽渡尘的熟练度无法跟华相比,但利用羽渡尘镇守自身意识还是轻轻松松。 Time are not much. “时间不多。 Yae Ji said: On own consciousness God Key erases.” Saying, looked at everyone one eyes, said: For human.” 八重霁道:“把神之键上自己的意识抹除。”说着,又看了大家一眼,道:“为了人类。” Under these words, being unwilling in people eyes dissipates slowly, becomes limpid, erases the consciousness that in God Key leave behind in abundance, hands over in the Yae Ji hand. 在这句话下,众人眼中的不甘才缓缓消散,变得清澈,纷纷抹除掉神之键中自己遗留的意识,交到八重霁手中。 For human.” “为了人类。” Kevin, magnificent, restraint and the others board the spaceship one after another, the cherry also treats in Yae Ji's side. 凯文、华、约束等人陆续登上飞船,樱还待在八重霁身边 Yae Ji grasps the cherry, pastes gently in the flank of beautiful elegant face. 八重霁抱住樱,轻轻贴在绝美俏脸的侧方。 Deep sleep side bell, when I go back.” “沉睡在铃身边,等我回去。” Good!” “好!” The cherry raised the head slightly, looked that has eight points of similar face to that with. 樱略微抬起头,看向那张与自己有八分相似的脸。 Must come back.” Her earnest say/way. “一定要回来啊。”她认真道。 One...” “一...” Yae Ji has not said, the words were stopped up soft talk back! 八重霁还未说完,话语就被柔软堵回嘴中! Feels the eruption of this sentiment, Yae Ji also responds! 感受到这股感情的爆发,八重霁也予以回应! Kevin on spaceship transfers to the body of plum the line of sight, nearby plum has transferred the body silently, looks into the distance, probably in observation finally Herrscher whether there is mutation. 在飞船上的凯文将视线移到梅的身上,一旁的梅则默默转过身子,眺望远方,像是在观察终焉律者有无异变。 Long time. 半晌。 ~ shouted ~ “呼~呼~” Goes back.” “回去吧。” Good.” “好。” The cherry boards the spaceship, the spaceship takes off immediately. 樱登上飞船,飞船立马起飞。 When here is also left over Yae Ji, plums and spatial three people. 待在这里的还剩下八重霁、梅、空三人。 The plum has not gone to pay attention to Yae Ji, with discussed on the contrary spatially in the quantum domain the world soaks with the issue of Coordinate. After ten minutes, the key of plum reassignment blank, connects to empty the Herrscher strength, will transmit to the quantum domain in spatially. 梅没去理会八重霁,反倒和空讨论起量子领域内世界泡与坐标的问题。十分钟后,梅调动空白之键,连接空之律者的力量,将空传送至量子领域中。 At the back of Moon, is only left over Yae Ji and plum, as well as several God Key. 月球背面,就只剩下八重霁、梅,以及数把神之键 Then what to do?” Yae Ji takes the lead to break silent. “接下来怎么办?”八重霁率先打破沉默。 Mei sweep to surrounding God Key, first delivers to that side the supplies to fill Honkai Energy, my intuition told me, should better not to use the strength of key of blank at will.” 梅扫向周围的神之键,“先送到补给器那边充满崩坏能,我的直觉告诉我,最好不要随意动用空白之键的力量。” A Yae Ji point passes. 八重霁一点就通。 Mei can controls God Key and displays the Herrscher rank in a short time the strength, this matter has happened, definitely will calculate in the civilized intensity. 梅可以驾驭神之键并在短时间内发挥律者级别的战力,这种事情已经发生,必然会算在文明强度上。 Loophole in short time on. 漏洞就在“短时间”上。 The plum can use 15 minutes of God Key probably, in these 15 minutes, the Herrscher strength can be consistent with the past finally. 梅大概能使用十五分钟的神之键,在这十五分钟内,终焉律者的实力会和以往保持一致。 Once breaks this limit... once makes It think that the plum can long time have the strength of Herrscher rank, according to the Honkai law, Herrscher will certainly strengthen finally! 一旦突破这个限制...一旦让祂认为梅能够长时间拥有律者级别的战力,依据崩坏定律,终焉律者一定会有所加强! The plum uses God Key twice, uses probably for a half minute, now their limit strength, on is only left over 14 in theory half. 梅两次使用神之键,大概用时半分钟,现在他们极限战力,在“理论”上只剩下十四分半。 Yae Ji nods, how that God Key assigns.” 八重霁点头,“那神之键如何分配。” Mei thinks the meeting, I need to attack the strongest flame, the wind you can take away.” 梅想了会,“我需要攻击最强的炎,风你可以拿走。” Yae Ji draws on wind, in fact, so long as the energy is enough, the attack of flame is unable to compare favorably with the wind. 八重霁把“风”招来,事实上,只要能量足够,炎的攻击是无法媲美风。 Can create the ideal fluid wind, in the attack intensity, can definitely sit three to look at one. 能够创造理想流体的“风”,在攻击强度上,完全可以坐三望一。 In Factor Meta-Morph that I inject has the thunder and flame, to ice three types, ices me is not good at using, you also take away.” Mei say/way: Spatial volume is too big, the restraint is too heavy, you are first receiving. Matter of control gravitational field gives me.” “我注射的超变因子中有雷、炎、冰三种,冰我不擅长使用,你也拿走。”梅道:“空的体积太大,约束太重,你先收着。控制引力场的事情交给我。” The assignment of plum is very reasonable, Yae Ji complies. 梅的分配很合理,八重霁照做。 Now the plum is the strongest strength, piles up the resources toward her on, is the most correct choice. 如今梅是最强战力,往她身上堆积资源,才是最正确的选择。 ...... ......
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