EH :: Volume #6

#228: Prometheus

Main line Quest following digit Yae Ji sees very clearly. 主线任务后面的数字八重霁看得很清楚。 ( 3 / 3 ) …… I am so laborious, only calculates 0.5?” “我这么辛苦,只算0.5?” According to custom, after obtaining Herrscher of Corruption changes to God Key thoroughly, I can give you this 0.5 【按规矩来,得到侵蚀律者彻底化作神之键后,我才能给你这0.5】 „... You can speak such long words.” “...原来你可以说这么长的话啊。” 【......】 【......】 „It is not good, I must go to the sleep cabin to lie down.” “不行了,我要去睡眠舱里躺着。” The Yae Ji standing up body, consciousness in the space only to have a wee bit frame of mind, this frame of mind cannot consume here, he must overturn with this frame of mind. 八重霁站起身子,意识空间内只剩下一丁点的心气,这股心气不能在这里耗费,他还得用这点心气翻盘来着。 First arrives at nutrition cabin that the plum prepares very early in the morning, pulls out the bell from Inventory corpse. Corpse will admit the nutrition cabin, in the cabin has not completed the nourishing cream to pour into, Yae Ji then discovered that bell bullet hole is curing slowly. 先来到梅一早准备的营养舱那,从背包里掏出铃的“尸体”。将“尸体”放进营养舱,舱内尚未完成营养液注入,八重霁便发现铃身上的弹孔正在缓缓治愈。 It seems like perfect rc had not died.’ ‘看来完美rc没有死亡。’ Over and over after determining does not have the issue, Yae Ji toward the position that the plum is at walks. 再三确定没有问题后,八重霁朝着梅所在的位置走去。 Ka ~ 咔~ The alloy gate opens, the plum knows the person probably, in nearby black box is Herrscher of Corruption, the condition of bell is good, too had not been affected greatly.” 合金门开启,梅像是知晓来人,“旁边的黑盒子里是侵蚀律者,铃的状态还不错,没有受到太大影响。” Then, the plum operates several on the mechanical stage, has transferred the body. Sees Yae Ji to be pale, knits the brows, you how?” 说完,梅又在机械台上操作几下,才转过身子。见到八重霁脸色苍白,皱了皱眉,“你怎么样?” Also ok, cannot die.” Yae Ji said with a laugh: Was the mutation point in within the body had the small leak.” “还行,死不了。”八重霁笑呵呵道:“就是体内的异变点发生了小泄露。” The eyelid of plum pulled out pulling out, she knows certainly that the clearing weather the mutation point is Herrscher Core, will that thing also present divulging unexpectedly?! 梅的眼皮抽了抽,她当然知道霁的异变点是“律者核心”,那玩意居然还会出现泄露?! Saw that the plum wants to go forward to inspect, Yae Ji busy say/way: I first said several to the bell.” 见到梅想要上前检查,八重霁忙道:“我先跟铃说几句。” The plum ear wheat Reng to Yae Ji, said ill-humoredly: Hurry up, when also cared about others!” 梅将一副耳麦扔给八重霁,没好气道:“快点吧,都什么时候了还关心他人!” Yae Ji smiles, in the connection the bell, comforted little miss several, makes ensure casts off the ear wheat. 八重霁笑笑,连接上铃,安慰了小姑娘几句,又做出许多保证,才摘掉耳麦。 Side has a small-scale laboratory, I first hold you to pass.” Spoke, pushed to come, supports by the arm Yae Ji. “旁边有一间小型实验室,我先扶你过去。”梅说话间,挤上前来,搀扶住八重霁 I have not abandoned to this situation.” Yae Ji sighed, saw that a plum face was earnest, has to make her support by the arm itself. “我还没废到这种地步。”八重霁叹气,见到梅一脸认真,只好让她搀扶着自己。 In small-scale laboratory. 小型实验室内。 Yae Ji lies on the mechanical bed, the surrounding instrument scans the Yae Ji whole body under the repulsion installment. 八重霁躺在机械床上,周围的仪器在斥力装置下扫描八重霁全身。 „Very healthy, consciousness the aspect not to have the too specialized instrument to examine temporarily, still cannot under decide the conclusion.” The plum is pressed the willow eyebrows, you may not tell me, the core energy response of your within the body is so exaggerating.” “身体挺健康的,意识方面暂时没有太专业的仪器进行检测,尚不能下定结论。”梅蹙起柳眉,“你可从没有跟我说过,你体内的核心能量反应如此夸张。” „Haven't Eh... first how many time I watched the experiment of Honkai Energy Reactor? I thought that can let the operational mode that the core also does the reactor...” Yae Ji rambled on. 呃......前几次我不是看过崩坏能反应炉的实验吗?我心想能不能让核心也搞成反应炉的运作方式...”八重霁瞎扯。 The plum is speechless, you are really a lunatic.” 梅无语,“你真是个疯子。” The data that continues the off-carriage instrument to transmit, the plum has known Yae Ji to lie, but has not exposed, chatted other aspects with him on the contrary. 继续观测仪器传来的数据,梅已然知晓八重霁是在撒谎,但并未点破,反倒和他聊起了其它方面。 „...... The bell does not need you to be worried therefore ,, she also becomes the good friend with Prometheus.” “......所以说,铃不需要你担心,她还和‘普罗米修斯’成为了好朋友。” Yae Ji knows in Mei Kou Prometheus is the intelligence of central computer, he who likes the deductive thinking thought all of a sudden. 八重霁知道梅口中的‘普罗米修斯’是中央计算机的智能,喜欢发散思维的他一下子想到了许多。 Person and can intelligence the love?’ ‘人和智能会不会恋爱?’ Herrscher and can intelligence the love?’ 律者和智能会不会恋爱?’ If love......’ ‘如果恋爱了......’ Yae Ji more wants more to be worried, Prometheus can't transmit some not good thing to give the bell? Let the bell and intelligence contacts in the together time to grow, what to do if there is sentiment?” 八重霁越想越担心,“‘普罗米修斯’不会传输些不好的东西给铃吧?让铃和智能接触在一起的时间长了,万一产生感情怎么办?” Cannot.” Mei Miao lay down Yae Ji on bed, continues the lowering the head analytical data model, „ Prometheus has the intelligence is not false, but still differed from the intelligent life far, all knowledge in her database after screening, the bell and she will become the friend only to learn many interesting things. “不会。”梅瞄了一眼躺在床上的八重霁,又继续低头分析数据模型,“‘普罗米修斯’拥有智能不假,但距离智能生命仍相差极远,她数据库里的一切知识都是经过筛选的,铃和她成为朋友只会学到很多有意思的东西。 ... The sentiment between friends as for sentimental is very normal. ” The plum waves to assign out the model. What appears in front of Yae Ji is a whole body is illusory, the two sides leave leeway the screw ponytail little miss, seems like also wants on slightly compared with the bell 1 points. 至于感情方面...朋友之间的感情很正常。”梅挥手调出模型。浮现在八重霁面前的是一个浑身虚幻蓝,两边留有螺旋马尾小姑娘,看起来比铃还要小上一点。 How Yae Ji sees how looks familiar, in the brain the memory turns wells up, blurted out: „Isn't this Niya?” 八重霁怎么看怎么眼熟,脑中记忆翻涌,脱口而出道:“这不是妮娅吗?” Niya?” The plum narrows the eye. “妮娅?”梅眯起眼睛。 „... It seems like the friend of Herrscher of Death night/lodge body consciousness, initially had the help of night/lodge body consciousness, I easily defeat Herrscher of Death. Before night/lodge body consciousness falls from the sky, once asked me to take care of this little miss.” Yae Ji answered. “呃...好像是死之律者宿体意识的朋友,当初有宿体意识的帮助,我才轻易地战胜死之律者。宿体意识陨落前,曾拜托我照顾这个小姑娘。”八重霁解释道。 „? Why don't you look after?” Mei Fangxia works, the look stares is staring at Yae Ji. “哦?那你为什么不照顾?”梅放下工作,眼神直勾勾地盯着八重霁 Yae Ji: Initially I made Aiyi process, she said that afterward took over by you, we have not meddled again.” 八重霁:“当初我让爱衣处理了一下,她说后来都被你们接手了,我们也没再插手。” The violet pupil of plum that pair of sending out dangerous aura transforms the crescent moon shape, in the words that she listens to the opposite party has many loopholes, but she is a smart person, something do not need to explain that are too many. 梅那双散发危险气息的紫罗兰眸子变换成月牙状,她听出对方的话语里有许多漏洞,但她是聪明人,有些事情不需要解释太多。 To them, the explanation are too many, is on the contrary dubious. 对于他们来说,解释太多,反倒值得怀疑。 Like Niya, Mei can/but does not believe that the clearing weather and Aiyi enter to the organization in have not gone to inquire the opposite party, was knowing good that also the opposite party lives, will drop. 就像妮娅,梅可不相信霁和爱衣进到组织中没有去打听对方,只有在得知对方生活的还不错,才会放手。 Now recalls, on Niya that little miss, but also some really many questionable points. 现在回想起来,妮娅那个小姑娘身上,还真有不少疑点。 Involves on the relations with Herrscher of Death obviously, the above person has not minutely examined unexpectedly, from the beginning she also thinks that is that little miss is lucky enough, never expected that behind has the person of high skill to assist. 明明和死之律者牵扯上关系,上面的人居然没有细查,一开始她还以为是那个小姑娘足够幸运,没想到背后是有高人相助啊。 Yae Ji: Your that intelligence was called Prometheus, didn't the mimicry that coordinated the little miss, feel the variable torque?” 八重霁:“你那智能叫‘普罗米修斯’,配合小姑娘的拟态,不觉得变扭?” The plum said indifferently: „After initially I character data import, making her choose at will, she chooses is Niya. The image that now the bell sees is also Niya, you do not need to worry that they produce the sentiment class contradiction.” 梅无所谓道:“当初我把人物数据导入后,让她随意选择,她选择的就是妮娅。如今铃看到的形象也是‘妮娅’,你无需担心她俩产生感情类的矛盾。” Yae Ji selects the eyebrow, he always felt that this matter is not right, can be Aiyi is playing dirty tricks from behind the scenes?’ 八重霁挑眉,他总感觉这件事不大对,‘会不会是爱衣在背后捣鬼?’ Thinks it over, only then this result. Otherwise... that was also too skillful! 想来想去,也只有这一个结果。否则...那也太巧了! She... I means Niya, is she doing?” “她...我是说妮娅,她在干什么?” Mei Renzhen sized up under the Yae Ji expression, after has not seen the flaw, waves to adjust above Yae Ji the concerned Niya information. 梅认真打量了下八重霁的表情,没有看出破绽后,才挥手将有关妮娅的信息调到八重霁上方。 Works in Logistics Department, ponytail only keeps the one-sided, grew up, becomes more attractive, the pursuer are many, many Fusion Warriors, she had not actually complied.” Plum manipulates the model, while supplements. “在后勤部工作,马尾只留单侧,长大了,变得更漂亮,追求者很多,不乏融合战士,她却一直没有答应。”梅一边摆弄模型,一边补充。 Ha ~ Haha ~ Yae Ji hollow laugh two, in plum saying have the words. “哈~哈哈~”八重霁干笑两声,梅这话里有话。 I, if provokes again lives the woman since childhood in technical developed world, I am the dog!’ ‘我要是再招惹从小生活在科技发达世界里的女人,我就是狗!’ Yae Ji sets firm resolve, a cherry plum, has not had the conflict directly, is so difficult. 八重霁下定决心,一个樱一个梅,还没正面产生冲突,就已经这么难了。 Luckily two people have oneself enterprise, thanked Honkai. 幸亏两人都有自己的事业,感谢崩坏 Your core damage, I roughly think of several plans.” Mei Tingxia operates, looks to Yae Ji, said earnestly: I suggested you immediately deep sleep, your consciousness strength ratio average person also misses.” “你的核心损坏,我大致想到几种方案。”梅停下操作,看向八重霁,认真道:“不过我还是建议你立即沉睡,你的意识强度比普通人还差。” Yae Ji silent meeting, I understand that gave you.” 八重霁沉默了会,“我明白,那就都交给你了。” The plum arrives at Yae Ji's side, felt relieved, I have regarded the younger sister to regard the bell.” 梅走到八重霁身边,“放心,我一直把铃当成妹妹看待。” Moreover the present bell... may be Prometheus's evolution direction!’ ‘而且如今的铃...极有可能是普罗米修斯的进化方向!’ The last few words, the plum has not said. 最后一句话,梅没有说出口。 ...... ......
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