EH :: Volume #6

#226: Shuts in the small black room

1/10 frame of mind, are the limits that Yae Ji can transfer now. 十分之一的心气,是八重霁如今所能调动的极限。 This pure consciousness attack, Yae Ji only wants to cut the consciousness of Herrscher of Corruption and bell. 这道纯意识攻击,八重霁只想切割侵蚀律者与铃的意识。 The attack of purple fox is even more swift and fierce, Herrscher of Corruption scattered it several times, the purple fox can also shortly the congealing reality , to continue like the mad dog winding tear and bite. 紫狐的攻击愈加凌厉,侵蚀律者数次将其打散,紫狐也能在顷刻之间凝实,继续如疯狗般缠绕撕咬。 The strength of omnipotent corrosion loses the function suddenly! 无所不能的侵蚀之力一时间失去作用! Consumed massive Honkai Energy Herrscher of Corruption at this time lacking the ability to do what one would like feelings. If the resistance of night/lodge body consciousness can also understand, then has with the purple fox of common origin strength, looked like the gods to play a huge joke to oneself! 本就耗费掉大量崩坏能侵蚀律者此时有一种力不从心的感觉。如果说宿体意识的反抗还能理解,那么拥有和自己同源力量的紫狐,就像是神明给自己开了个天大的玩笑! But now! The above presented dangerous aura unexpectedly, although is insufficiently fatal, actually can also cause heavy losses to itself. 而现在!上方居然又出现了一股危险气息,虽不足以致命,却也能重创自身。 Despicable thief! I must tear to shreds you sooner or later!” The great hand that the strength of corrosion turns into grasps firmly the build huge purple fox stubbornly, the next quarter gives the crumb to come forcefully! “卑鄙的窃贼!我迟早要将你碎尸万段!”侵蚀之力化成的巨手死死攥住体型庞大的紫狐,下一刻就硬生生给捏碎开来! The purple fox calls out in grief, quick recovery under the Honkai Energy Reactor power supply , to continue with Herrscher of Corruption preying. 紫狐悲鸣一声,在崩坏能反应炉的能量供给下快速恢复,继续与侵蚀律者搏杀。 Two people have the similar strength, the strength of mutual use corrosion only will create seriously to consuming, only if side Lijie, possibly by other side's strength of control corrosion. 两人有着同样的力量,互相使用侵蚀之力只会造成严重的对耗,除非有一方力竭,才可能被另一方的侵蚀之力操控。 night/lodge body! Human is mean and shameless, steals our strengths to cope with us in turn! Do you also want to play the small temper again?! Do not believe human! Falls to human, definitely will not have the good end!’ ‘宿体!人类卑鄙无耻,窃取我们的力量反过来对付我们!你还要再耍小性子?!千万别相信人类!落到人类手里,绝对不会有好下场!’ The Herrscher of Corruption explosive of words in the consciousness of bell, making the bell blank flicker slightly. 侵蚀律者的话语在铃的意识内爆响,让铃稍稍空白了一瞬。 Yes, I became like this, even and even...’ ‘是啊,我都成这样了,就算、就算...’ Bell! Maintains with the distance of Herrscher consciousness! I must come!’ ‘铃!保持与律者意识的距离!我要来了!’ Hears brother's voice, the bell spirit shakes, in does not think these everything in disorder things. 听到老哥的声音,铃精神一震,也不在去想那些乱七八糟的东西。 The above float aura makes her feel timid, if this strength chops on her...... 上方悬浮的气息让她心里发怵,万一这股力量劈在她身上...... Bell high degree of concentration spirit, distance of move back self consciousness and Herrscher consciousness, while robs the control of strength of corrosion from Herrscher. 铃高度集中精神,一边拉远自身意识与律者意识的距离,一边从律者那边抢夺侵蚀之力的掌控权。 In trust, the bell chooses to believe Yae Ji outspokenly. 在信任方面,铃毫无保留地选择相信八重霁 Concentrates-!” “凝-!” Violent of Yae Ji in the heart, the giant sword point that the invisible frame of mind composes falls from the high place extreme velocity! 八重霁在心中暴呵,无形心气组成的巨型剑尖从高处极速下坠! Although frame of mind invisible, but in the frame of mind surrounding data turbulent flow, can peep 12. The shape that the spicy chicken data of innumerable scattering compose the scabbard, washes out the data space. 心气虽无形,但在心气周围的数据乱流上,可以窥之一二。无数打散的辣鸡数据组成剑鞘的形态,冲散数据空间。 The invisible frame of mind great sword condition pounds by space-based crash to barbell! 无形心气巨剑以天基坠落之态砸向“杠铃”! -! --! The riot of data space such as the universe vacuum is silent, but the huge and disorderly data mighty current makes the central computer virtual machine in this base be unable to withstand the load. 数据空间的暴乱如宇宙真空般无声无息,但庞大而又杂乱的数据洪流让这座基地中的中央计算机虚拟机不堪重负。 Even the plum has supplied the virtual machine the central computer 99% computing powers, triggered the wail of server. 即便梅已经将中央计算机百分之九十九的计算能力都供给虚拟机,还是引发了服务器的哀鸣。 The server of wide scope has not sounded the warning, then the suspension revolves, the fire alarm resounds through, fire control unit automatic sprinkler rescue engine room. 大范围的服务器连警报都没有发出,便暂停运转,火警警报响彻,消防装置自动喷洒抢救机房。 The plum does not dare to have one to lose concentration, holds both hands of black box icy coldly stiff, she also in waiting result. 梅不敢有一丝分神,捧着黑盒的双手已然冰凉僵硬,她还在等待结果。 Virtual machine data space. 虚拟机数据空间。 Various kind of scientific research value extremely high data were torn into shreds the chaotic additive device and spicy chicken data. Barbell will have divided half situated in the frame of mind great sword of data storm center, black fog unscrupulous scattering of gap place, such as the sparks/Mars and human blood of steel, sway recklessly. 各类科研价值极高的数据被撕碎成杂乱无章的乱码、辣鸡数据。处于数据风暴中心的心气巨剑已经将“杠铃”劈断一半,缺口处的黑雾正肆无忌惮的飘散,如钢铁之火星、人类之血液,肆意挥洒。 Bell-!’ ‘铃-!’ In Herrscher of Corruption violent anger the consciousness of sound conduction bell, has not thought, this night/lodge body wants to separate with incomparably noble unexpectedly! 侵蚀律者暴怒的声音传导铃的意识中,怎么也没想到,这个宿体居然想和无比高贵的自己分开! This makes the Herrscher of Corruption self-respect be attacked again. 这让侵蚀律者的自尊心再度受到打击。 But she does not dare to go to another end. 可她并不敢前往另一端。 The purple fox seems a conditions strength endless mad dog, does not pay attention slightly, can under the tear and bite together the pork from oneself. 紫狐好似一条体力无尽的疯狗,稍不留神,就能从自己身上撕咬下一块大肉。 But the sleeping body consciousness that needs to span that say/way strange attack. 而到底宿体意识那段,需要跨越那道奇异攻击。 The consciousness weak Herrscher of Corruption does not dare to be negligent regarding this, that strength to her, is extremely dangerous. 意识本就薄弱的侵蚀律者对此不敢大意,那道力量对于她来说,太过危险。 Yae Ji does not feel better. 八重霁也不好过。 pinnacle squeezing in within the body Honkai Energy Reactor has made the body unable to withstand quickly. 体内崩坏能反应炉的极致压榨已经快让身体承受不住。 Launched Ukaku swallows grain reserves to maintain the Rc Cells activeness unceasingly, 展开的羽赫不断吞噬“储备粮”来维持rc细胞活性, Ice Element in Fusion Cell is pitiful, without the Honkai Energy support, was used for them that decreases temperature wantonly, is endangered! Yae Ji does not care to own mortal body very much, now the biological division/discipline is so developed, without cloned one again is. 融合细胞内的冰元素更是可怜,没有崩坏能支撑,被大肆用来降温的它们,已经濒临绝种!八重霁对自己的肉身不是很在意,现在生物学科这么发达,没了再克隆一具便是。 Fusion Cell needs to repair. The outlier in within the body Honkai Energy Reactor does not know that can also be born. 只是融合细胞需要重修。体内的异常点“崩坏能反应炉”不知道还会不会诞生。 The frame of mind great sword is consuming the strength of great quantity corrosion every time, simultaneously wears down also has itself consciousness. 心气巨剑每时每刻都在消耗巨量侵蚀之力,同时消磨的也有自身意识。 This time barbell looks like the branch that will soon pull, the middle remains only together the tough textile fiber. 此时的“杠铃”就像是即将拉断的树枝,中间唯独残留一道韧性纤维。 Breaks Aaaahhhh to me-!’ ‘给我断啊啊啊啊-!’ The extrusion smashing of great sword bang! That textile fiber also breaks. 巨剑轰的挤压粉碎!连带那一丝“纤维”也断裂开来。 Brother! Where are you at?!’ ‘老哥!你在哪?!’ Loses the pillar the bell to feel scared. 失去主心骨的铃感到恐慌。 No rush, a front battlefield also my frame of mind remains, you gather that frame of mind, then listens to me to direct.’ In the Yae Ji sound is disclosing weak. ‘别急,前方战场还有我的一丝心气残留,你收取那股心气,然后听我指挥。’八重霁声音中透露着一股虚弱。 Good!’ ‘好!’ The bell no longer hesitates, the region that the passing over gently and swiftly frame of mind great sword erupted, leapt up immediately toward the data mighty current distant place. 铃不再犹豫,掠过心气巨剑爆发的区域,立即朝数据洪流远方蹿去。 Do not run!’ Herrscher of Corruption impatiently, regarding this type has not presented the matter, making her very terrified. ‘别跑!’侵蚀律者心急不已,对于这种从没有出现过的事情,令她十分惶恐。 Where has Herrscher with human fight half, did night/lodge body consciousness actually run? 哪有律者跟人类交手一半,宿体意识却自己跑了的? This pulled! 这太扯了! What to do should this situation? 这种情况该怎么办? How to have this situation? 怎么会出现这种情况? It is not Herrscher of complete body is unable to communicate with the gods... 不是完全体的律者是无法跟神明沟通... God-! No-!’ ‘神-!不-!’ Why Herrscher of Corruption does not attend to the purple fox that weak plans throwing strikes on even/including Zihu to have the strength of corrosion, not in her care range. 侵蚀律者不顾虚弱一筹的紫狐扑击连紫狐身上为什么会有侵蚀之力,都不在她的关心范围。 Was abandoned by the god... is abandoned by the god...’ ‘被神抛弃...被神抛弃...’ Herrscher of Corruption in a terrified way, completely chaotic discretion, hits to put on the data mighty current, goes all-out to pursue night/lodge body consciousness. 侵蚀律者惶恐不已,完全乱了分寸,撞穿数据洪流,尽全力追击宿体意识。 Later you enter ultra calculate that master control departs immediately, remaining gives me.’ Yae Ji said in the consciousness of bell. ‘待会你进入超算主控中立即离去,剩下的交给我。’八重霁在铃的意识中说道。 Knew the brother!’ ‘知道了老哥!’ Weak of Yae Ji lets the bell loves dearly at the same time, is mixing with the fear. 八重霁的虚弱让铃心疼的同时,也夹杂着恐惧。 Has contacted the Fire Moth internal bell, roughly knows Fusion Warriors and human powerhouse and so on matter. 接触过逐火之蛾内部的铃,大致知晓融合战士、人类强者之类的事情。 Once swept clear several Herrscher brothers so to be unexpectedly weak! 曾经清扫数名律者的老哥居然会这么虚弱! Outside world. 外界。 Was roasted the hard coke Yae Ji to put out the ear wheat from Inventory quickly, sent out the last information to the plum. 快被烤成焦炭的八重霁背包中拿出耳麦,给梅发出了最后一条信息。 „”, Throws down, in has burnt in the black ground, but also pounds the organization that the part burns. “啪”的一声,摔倒在早已烧黑的地面上,还砸出部分烤焦的组织。 ~ to subdue|grams ~ to subdue|grams ~ “呼~克~克~” The vocal cord had been burnt friendly Yae Ji to make the scary sound, puts out scrap spare grain reserves to force in the mouth from Inventory, depends on only remains many rc to revolve and expand...... 声带已被烧融的八重霁发出吓人的声音,又从背包中拿出一小块备用的储备粮塞进口中,靠着仅剩不多的rc来运转、壮大...... Do not run-!’ ‘别跑-!’ Herrscher of Corruption is furious. 侵蚀律者震怒不已。 This meets the time, the bell saw breathless Herrscher, had to say completely word of praise Herrscher. 这一会功夫,铃就见到了气急败坏的律者,亦有说尽好话的律者 The bell throws into the controlling system! 铃一头扎进主控系统中! The master control data is many, the bell has proceeded to clash, spells to make every effort. 主控中数据繁多,铃一直往前冲,拼尽一切力量。 Until runs out of the controlling system from another side, the bell hears void hears ka one faintly! 直到从另一边冲出主控系统,铃隐隐听到虚空中传来“咔”的一声! The surroundings do not have Herrscher to fluctuate again. 周围再无律者波动。 ...... ......
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