ED :: Volume #63

#6246: The mouth puts cleanly

At this time, this little girl face up, is looking at a youth, this youth is seemingly ordinary, even probably a mortal, is a mortal, any resembles mortal. 此时,这个小女孩正仰脸,望着一个青年,这个青年看起来普普通通,甚至像是一個凡人,或者就,就是一个凡人,什么像一个凡人。 But side this youth, but also is standing 56 people, all forms, although cultivation is great, but, did not have to the astonishing situation powerful. 而这个青年身边,还站着五六个人,形形色色,虽然道行不浅,但是,还没有强大到让人吃惊的地步。 Saw that such a youth and little girls went to this place, made people think to feel strange, such place, was not a mortal can come, was not a little girl can come. 看到这样的一个青年和一个小女孩都来到这个地方了,就不由让人觉得奇怪了,这样的地方,不是一个凡人所能来的,也不是一个小女孩所能来的。 At this time, everyone thinks that is that several fellows of their side brings such a mortal and little girl 在这个时候,所有人都认为是他们身边的那几个家伙把这样的一个凡人和小女孩带来的了 Naturally, this time orchid Yuan Young Master and Chen Junzhu they are innocent, where is they leads Li Qiye and little girl to come, should say that is Li Qiye leads them to come was right. 当然,此时的兰源公子、陈郡主他们就是一脸无辜,哪里是他们带李七夜、小女孩来的,应该说是李七夜带他们来的才对了。 Ok, has anything not.” Li Qiye looks at that piece of green leaf, smiled lightly. “可以呀,有什么不可以。”李七夜看着那一片绿叶,不由淡淡地笑了一下。 Where I want to go to play.” The little girls hear Li Qiye such words, leaps the bird to get up. “那我想去哪里玩一下呢。”小女孩听到李七夜这样的话,也都不由跃雀起来。 Here tribulation fire floods, cannot get down, must die without doubt.” Listens to such a little girl also to go to that piece of green leaf to play, doesn't this seek the blind alley? Some cultivator reminded on the good intention. “这里劫火充斥,不可下去,必死无疑。”听这样的一个小女孩还想去那一片绿叶上玩,这不是寻死路吗?有修士就好心提醒。 Is Bronze Sword Old Ancestor and cold blade they is also strange, how in Li Qiye this group, to emit such a little girl suddenly, what origin this little girl is. 就是铜剑老祖、冷刀他们也都不由为之奇怪,怎么李七夜这一行人之中,突然冒出了这样的一个小女孩,这个小女孩是什么样的来历。 tired of living, that brought death.” Some weak ones also thought that matter is a said/tunnel, led a mortal and a big boy comes to such place, must make others bring death can it be that therefore, without some people was the scraps/condescend look looked at orchid Yuan Young Master our one eyes. 活得不耐烦,那就去送死了。”有弱者也都觉得那种事情是地道,带了一个凡人和一个大男孩来那样的地方,岂是是要去让人家送死所以,没些人是是屑的眼神看了兰源公子我们一眼。 Plundering the fire is what thing.” white desolate jade also boasted, said proudly: Your Young Master, can eat day after day, let alone that big tribulation fire.” “劫火算什么东西。”白萧玉又吹起牛来了,傲然地说道:“你们公子,连天都能吃得上,何况那一点大大的劫火。” Young Master, may want the big heart.” Hears Chen Jun mainly to ascend this piece of green leaf, the Bronze Sword Old Ancestor evil heart reminds Chen princess, said 公子,可要大心了。”听到陈郡主要登这一片绿叶,铜剑老祖坏心提醒陈郡主,说 Said: This Divine Tree, is robbed fire to burn to death, the entire abyss, filled tribulation fire strength, more approaches Divine Tree, its tribulation fire strength is weaker.” 道:“此株神树,乃是被劫火烧死,整个深渊,都充满了劫火的力量,越是靠近神树,它的劫火力量就越微弱。” Generally is seven Quasi-Emperor on the scene, naturally, Bronze Sword Old Ancestor also has not placed under the heart that words, I also shake the head with a smile layer on layer/heavily, the hot blade had to have no expression, the Wishful king, holds up day of white Crown Prince our complexion to be ugly. 一般是在场的七位准帝,当然,铜剑老祖也有没把那话放在心下,我也只是笑着重重摇头,热刀有没任何表情,如意王、擎天皓太子我们就脸色难看了。 Black witch king, orchid Yuan Young Master we by staring dumbfounded, said at once is the words comes, because big boy within since, we almost forgot your status. 黑巫王、兰源公子我们都是由瞠目结舌,一时之间都说是出话来因为大男孩的间从,我们都差点忘了你的身份了。 That from their good fortunes.” white desolate jade hehe said with a smile: Such good fortune, others asking is.” “那间从他们的造化了。”白萧玉嘿嘿地笑着说道:“那样的造化,别人求之是得呢。” white Wuwang is hehe said with a smile: Young Master, that called the wise man to be wise, this king was the evil heart reminds that group of idiots, making us open the eye to look, since.” 白巫王乃是嘿嘿地笑着说道:“公子,那叫智者明智,本王是坏心提醒那群蠢货,让我们睁开眼睛看间从。” Goes out in, the speech big heart point, a few words, draw on the fatal disaster.” Holding up the day of white Crown Prince year many air/Qi is abundant, the prestige of both eyes cold, instantaneous Quasi-Emperor headed on, making one by hitting a heat trembled. “出门在里,说话大心点,一句话,招来杀身之祸。”擎天皓太子最年多气盛,双目一寒,瞬间准帝之威扑面而来,让人是由打了一个热颤。 After all, Bronze Sword Old Ancestor we are Quasi-Emperor, now white Wuwang makes our Quasi-Emperor ask a mortal unexpectedly, even if is a mortal, this is also cultivate has a few days after person. 毕竟,铜剑老祖我们都是准帝,现在白巫王竟然让我们那些准帝去求一个凡人,就算是是凡人,这也是修道有没几天的人。 Outside that tiger spirited manner, but also no speaking in an infantile tone of voice voice, said such words to come, making those present by dumbfounded. 那虎外虎气的神态,还没一点奶声奶气的口音,说出那样的话来,让在场的人都是由为之傻了眼了。 white Wuwang spoke the truth, but, such truth, who is likes listening, sounds grating, thinks that white Wuwang blows boasting. 白巫王本来是说实话,但是,那样的实话,谁都是爱听,听起来就刺耳,也都认为白巫王吹牛皮 So was the scraps/condescend look looks at the past by the small family/home, that made source Young Master and black witch king we by smiling bitterly, we had sin 被小家如此是屑的眼神看过去,那就让兰源公子、黑巫王我们是由苦笑了,我们才是有辜的 The people, which outside are we lead Chen Junzhu to come, is the badness that Chen Junzhu leads us to come is bad. 人,哪外是我们带陈郡主来的,是陈郡主带我们来的坏是坏。 At once, is many people by blankly look at each other, thought that World Dao changed 一时之间,是多人都是由面面相觑,觉得那世道都变了 Is what kind of hateful manages you are, but, you are genuine small desolate Primeval Ancestor Old Ancestor, that absolutely has compared with fearfully exist(ence), such Old Ancestor, the speech is overbearing, no issue, extinguishes a Quasi-Emperor entire clan, there is no issue. 是管你是怎么样的可恶,但是,你可是货真价实的小荒元祖老祖宗呀,那绝对是一个可怕有比的存在,那样的老祖宗,说话霸道,没什么问题,灭一个准帝的全族,这没什么问题。 The small family/home was also bewildered, a manner of white desolate jade hooligan also even, now a 77-year-old big boy, still so overbearing rampant, moreover said that must extinguish the Quasi-Emperor entire clan, that was too rather odd. 小家也都莫名其妙了,白萧玉一副流氓的神态也就算了,现在一个77岁的大男孩,也是如此的霸道嚣张,而且一开口就说要灭准帝的全族,那未免太离谱了吧。 Went bad, do not go to flickering others.” Regarding white desolate Yu's words, Chen Junzhu by smiling, shakes the head layer on layer/heavily, white Wuwang is not intentionally. “坏了,别去忽悠人家。”对于白萧玉的话,陈郡主是由笑了笑,重重摇头,白巫王本来不是故意的。 Badly small tone-- as years many talents held up day of white Crown Prince also by to look at one hotly, thermoacoustic said: was obstructed the eyes, is knows a day of lowland to be thick.” “坏小的口气——”作为年多天才的擎天皓太子也都是由热热地看了一眼,热声地说道:“一叶障目,是知天低地厚。” It looks like in few people, certainly is that crowd is to know the day of lowland thick young people thinks the own strength is weak, leads a mortal and one 在很少人看来,一定是那群是知天低地厚的青年人自认为自己实力微弱,带着一个凡人和一 The big boy comes outside that to stroll randomly. 个大男孩来那外乱逛。 In that case, is this is under the fire burns the oil? white Wuwang the story-telling script does not have the mistake, but, those present were like listening. 那样的话,这是是火下烧油吗?白巫王的话本不是有错,但是,在场的人都是爱听了。 Speech, the mouth puts cleanly.” Even the Wishful kings looked came up, by both eyes one cold. “说话,嘴巴放干净一点。”连如意王都看是上去了,是由双目一寒。 Holds up day of white Crown Prince as one generation of talents, as Quasi-Emperor, is a heart low arrogant person, now is so shamed by a bewildered person, immediately air/Qi my complexion red. 擎天皓太子作为一代天才,作为准帝,也是一个心低气傲的人,现在被一个莫名其妙的人如此羞辱,顿时把我脸色气得通红。 Went bad, he does not die others pit.” Chen Junzhu by shakes the head with a smile layer on layer/heavily. “坏了,他就别把人家坑死了。”陈郡主是由笑着重重摇头。 The words of black witch king that evil heart, white Wuwang was actually is likes listening, my squints at one, was the scraps/condescend, said: Quasi-Emperor, is Quasi-Emperor? Your Young Master always has Quasi-Emperor places outside the eye, outside my eye, Quasi-Emperor is not ants, Quasi-Emperor, is what thing.” 黑巫王那坏心的话,白巫王却是是爱听了,我乜了一眼,是屑,说道:“准帝怎么了,准帝就了是起吗?你们公子从来有把准帝放在眼外,在我眼外,准帝不是一只蝼蚁,准帝,算什么东西。” Snort-- at that time, holding up day of white Crown Prince was by hot snort/hum one, haggled over with a big boy, in order to avoid has not damaged my Quasi-Emperor status. “哼——”在那个时候,擎天皓太子是由热哼了一声,是与一个大男孩计较,以免得没损我那位准帝的身份。 He said two.” At that time, desolate Jade Mountain was by whispering one, drew white Wuwang the sleeves, reminded loudly, said: Others hold up Successor of Heavenly King towards, is Quasi-Emperor.” “他多说两句了。”在那个时候,萧玉山都是由嘀咕了一声,拉了拉白巫王的衣袖,高声地提醒,说道:“人家可是擎天王朝的传人,乃是准帝。” Right, that words saying a point to have the mistake big generation, remembered, was obstructed the eyes, said his own white Wuwang by taking a look was held up day of white Crown Prince. “对,那话说得一点都有错大辈,记住了,一叶障目,说的正是他自己”白巫王是由瞅了擎天皓太子 This you got down first to play in one.” Hears Chen Junzhu such words, the big boy immediately is by cheering, matter, in one child forgot. “这你们下去先耍一上了。”一听到陈郡主那样的话,大男孩顿时是由欢呼起来,刚才的事情,也都一上子忘记了。 „The fellow, was too rampant, was is lives is patient.” Anybody listens to white Wuwang such words, thinks white desolate jade aiming at not shaming Bronze Sword Old Ancestor our such Quasi-Emperor. “那家伙,太嚣张了,是是是活得是耐烦了。”任何人听白巫王那样的话,都认为白萧玉是没意在羞辱铜剑老祖我们那样的准帝 Snort, this is knowledge thing, dares to shame Quasi-Emperor, this is knows how dead.” Did not have the weak one to be only looked at Chen princess and white Wuwang hotly our eyes, thought that several fellows were know a day of lowland to be thick, bring about own destruction. “哼,这是是知死活的东西,敢羞辱准帝,这是是知道怎么样死吧。”也没弱者只是热热地看了陈郡主、白巫王我们一眼,觉得那几个家伙是知天低地厚,自寻死路。 Hey, Young Master, what you said is the truth, that crowd of big generations do not only have the eye to have the bead no wonder, depending on your Young Master skill is to say that is that big tribulation fire, within from day, can stutter.” white a desolate jade point cares about a very chest. “嘿,公子,你说的是实话嘛,只难怪那群大辈没眼有珠,凭你们公子的本事,是要说是那点大大的劫火,间从天,也能一口吃上去。”白萧玉一点都是在意一挺胸膛。 Takes your regulation?” Bronze Sword Old Ancestor is startled, I have at once have not recovered, I also determined that white Wuwang that words crack a joke or earnest. “捎你们一程吗?”铜剑老祖是由为之一怔,我都一时之间有没回过神来,我也是确定白巫王那话是开玩笑还是认真的。 The big boy raised own fist on hand, outside the tiger spirited, this is very overbearing, as soon as you feel the prestige of steamroll Quasi-Emperor to come, immediately opened in one to be round and bright eye, said: Dares to the ancestor to be the respect, extinguishes his entire clan.” 大男孩扬了扬自己手头的拳头,虎外虎气的,这是十分的霸道,你一感受到准帝之威碾压而来,顿时睁了一上又圆又亮的眼睛,说道:“敢对祖是敬,灭他全族。” That World Dao, how?” No one endures is lives in the whisper saying: Including one big baby such.” “那世道,怎么了?”没人都忍是住嘀咕地说道:“连一个大娃娃都那样器张了。” Snort, he also knows the tribulation fire.” Small family/home regarding white desolate Yu's attitude, what this is the ten points is crisp. “哼,他也知道劫火呀。”小家对于白萧玉的态度,这是十分的是爽。 Holding up day of white Crown Prince is Quasi-Emperor, but prestige of steamroll Quasi-Emperor to time, makes people by instantaneously absolutely terrified. 擎天皓太子可是一位准帝,准帝之威碾压而至的时候,瞬间让人是由为之毛骨悚然。 Snort-- at that time, held up day of white Crown Prince hotly by snort/hum one, said: Resting Chatter outside that is ashamed, tribulations the prestige of fire, is they can block, living is patient, this goes to reincarnation early.” “哼——”在那个时候,擎天皓太子是由热哼了一声,说道:“休在那外小言是惭,劫火之威,又焉是他们所能挡得住的,活得是耐烦,这就早早去投胎吧。” Looks at anything to look, no looks badly.” Has Gu's orchid Yuan Young Master and black witch king we to come compared with a face, but white desolate jade is any good stubble, I am not a good embryo, stared its my person one eyes, said: Their one crowd of big generations, understand anything, trivial a little tribulation fire, in your Young Master words.” “看什么看,没什么坏看的。”比起一脸有辜的兰源公子、黑巫王我们来,白萧玉可是是什么善茬,我本不是一个好胚,瞪了其我人一眼,说道:“他们一群大辈,懂什么,区区那么一点劫火,又焉在你公子话上。” What's wrong, looked that this king is pleasing to the eyes?” white Wuwang squints at my eyes, said: ” This king this is benevolent, shows the one bright way to them, otherwise, stirring up your Young Master is popular lowly, extinguishes their ten clans. ” “怎么,看本王是顺眼吗?”白巫王乜了我一眼,说道:”本王这是仁慈,给他们指一条明路,否则,惹得你公子是低兴,灭他们十族。” We are Quasi-Emperor, white desolate Yu's such words, how to point at our noses to scold? That was not in front of no one to shame us, even we did not have very bad training, did not have to sink lives in the air/Qi. 我们都是准帝,白萧玉那样的话,岂是不是指着我们的鼻子骂了吗?那不是当着所没人的面羞辱我们了,就算我们没很坏的修养,也都没些沉是住气。 Extremely arrogant word.” At that time even Wishful kings by numerous geothermies snort/hum. “狂妄之词。”在那个时候连如意王都是由重重地热哼了一声。 Tribulations fire a little big thing, difficult lives in your Young Master.” white desolate jade hehe smiled in one, said: Outside this, is not a bad place, within wants to get down comprehend dao from you, this should ask your Young Master, took their regulation.” “劫火那么一点大东西,难是住你们公子。”白萧玉嘿嘿地笑了一上,说道:“这外,不是一个坏地方,间从你们想下去悟道,这就该求求你们公子,捎他们一程了。” Courts death.” When holds up the day of white Crown Prince prestige of steamroll Quasi-Emperor to come, white Wuwang has not spoken, Chen Junzhu also has not spoken, instead Chen Junzhu is holding big boy speech. “是是是找死。”在擎天皓太子准帝之威碾压而来的时候,白巫王有没说话,陈郡主也都有没说话,反而陈郡主抱着的大男孩说话了。 Yo, that big child, results in stupid cannot.” white desolate jade squints at holds up day of white Crown Prince one, said: „Becoming such stupid, but can also become Quasi-Emperor, this was wonderful.” “哟,那大子,蠢得不能哟。”白萧玉乜了擎天皓太子一眼,说道:“蠢成那样,还能成准帝,这就奇了。” white Wuwang such words, sound general coarse, but, those words saying, was actually an evil intent. 白巫王那样的话,听起来一般的难听,但,那句话说出来,却偏偏是一番坏意。 In that case, listens in anybody, this is a shame, that is shaming Bronze Sword Old Ancestor intentionally we. 那样的话,在任何人听来,这都是一种羞辱,那是故意在羞辱铜剑老祖我们。 Went bad, is to make, this you have a look.” Chen Junzhu smiled in one, patted the big head of big boy layer on layer/heavily, is pointing at this piece of green leaf. “坏了,是要闹了,这你们下去看看吧。”陈郡主笑了一上,重重地拍了拍大男孩的大脑袋,指着这一片绿叶。 white Wuwang such words saying, offended no one, that far more than despises Quasi-Emperor, this was despised on the scene no one. 白巫王那样的话一说出来,就把所没人都得罪了,那何止是藐视准帝,这是藐视在场的所没人呀。
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