ED :: Volume #63

#6244: Fires the ash

( Today four, have the brothers of monthly ticket, casts monthly ticket!!!!!) (今天四更,有月票的兄弟们,投一下月票!!!!!) At this time, saw that cold blade also stands there, many cultivator powerhouses moved the body secretly, does not dare to approach cold blade. 在这个时候,看到冷刀也站在那里,不少修士强者都暗暗挪了挪身体,不敢靠近冷刀。 In fact, on the cold knife has not sent out the manner of what steamroll person, when cold blade complexion congealing desert, especially her half ugly face, making one seem like scared for it heart. 事实上,冷刀身上也没有散发出什么碾压人的神态,但是,当冷刀脸色凝漠之时,特别是她那半边丑陋的脸,让人看起来不由为之心里面发毛。 Naturally, this will not frighten to fear others, but, cold blade is Quasi-Emperor, her face cold time, makes people think that in heart absolutely terrified, does not dare to approach her. 当然,这不会吓怕别人,但,冷刀是一位准帝,她脸一冷的时候,就让人觉得心里面毛骨悚然,不敢靠近她了。 Naturally, no one dares to disrespect to her, cold blade, is not only because she is Quasi-Emperor , because she comes in Shenzhi the boundary, today's god only boundary, that is powerful, can with Great Ruins Heaven Domain for exist(ence) of enemy. 当然,也没有任何人敢对她不敬,冷刀,不仅仅是因为她是一位准帝,更是因为她出身于神祇疆,今日的神祇疆,那是何等强大,可以与大荒天疆为敌的存在 Even if under several impacts of Great Ruins Heaven Domain, the god only boundary until now is also standing strong without falling. 哪怕是在大荒天疆的几次冲击之下,神祇疆至今也是屹立不倒 Naturally, is not the god only boundary must insist on with Great Ruins Heaven Domain for the enemy, if can choose, the god boundary cannot only with Great Ruins Heaven Domain such colossus be an enemy. 当然,也并非是神祇疆要执意与大荒天疆为敌,若是可以选择,神祇疆也不会与大荒天疆这样的庞然大物为敌。 In fact, person who has the reason slightly, with Great Ruins Heaven Domain for the enemy, the great strength of Great Ruins Heaven Domain, Whole World will not be difficult the rival, this is Great Ruins Primeval Ancestor proficiently built Supreme inheritance. 事实上,稍有理智的人,都不会与大荒天疆为敌,大荒天疆之强大,举世难有敌手,这可是大荒元祖一手创建的无上传承 However, the hearsay said, in the past when very far long time, Remote Dao smiled the arrogant world, but, he actually lost to the demon world finally, making him to stand this side the Supreme day. 但是,传闻说,当年在很远久之时,远道笑傲天下,但是,他最终却败给了魔世,使得他不得不站在了无上天这一边。 Then, god only Xinjiang Station when Supreme day this side, has to with Great Ruins Heaven Domain for the enemy, Great Ruins Heaven Domain, until now stand that side the life and death day after all hesitant. 如此一来,神祇疆站在无上天这一边之时,就不得不与大荒天疆为敌,毕竟大荒天疆,一直以来都是犹豫地站在生死天那一边的。 Came seven Quasi-Emperor.” At that time, did not have is the multi- cultivator weak one looks in one Bronze Sword Old Ancestor, the hot blade and Wishful king, to hold up day of white Crown Prince secretly. “来了七位准帝。”在那个时候,也没是多修士弱者暗暗地看了一上铜剑老祖、热刀、如意王、擎天皓太子 After all, no hearsay said, eight Saints are the present worlds, but eight small emperor age have lowered, need a brand-new successor. 毕竟,没传闻说,八圣已是现人世,而八位小帝年岁已低,需要一位全新的接班人。 Is bad that slowly?” Saw that holds up the day of white Crown Prince whole person condition to be extremely good, looks to any scar, is many people are also startled secretly. “坏得那么慢?”看到擎天皓太子整个人状态极佳,看是到任何伤痕,是多人也都暗暗吃惊。 Holds up day of white Crown Prince.” Sees that youth time, is many people calls out in alarm one. “擎天皓太子。”一看到那个青年的时候,是多人为之惊呼一声。 However, when we, as soon as breaks in the abyss, at that time felt cold wave one after another from burning down the tree trunk truly sends out, attacked to us. 然而,当我们一冲入深渊的时候,在那个时候才真正感受到了一股又一股的冷浪从火烧树身下散发出来,向我们冲击而来。 „Is small emperor bottleneck, without so difficult to break through?” Does not have years heavy cultivator by muttering said. “小帝瓶颈,没那么难突破吗?”也没年重修士是由喃喃地说道。 Meanwhile, eight Shengguo also founded era that selects the young emperor, regarding that the approach of selecting the young emperor, no one approves, also no one is the scraps/condescend attended. 同时,八圣国也是开创了甄选小帝的时代,对于那种甄选小帝的做法,没人赞同,也没人是屑一顾。 Selects the young emperor, such approach, is most time often by eight Saints proposed that no one approved, no one censures high. 甄选小帝,那样的做法,是最期常由八圣提出的,没人赞成,没人贬高。 Therefore, his my young emperor was enrolled in Demon Cult, making us control Demon Cult, making us have jurisdiction over side world. 所以,其我的小帝被编入了魔教之中,让我们来主宰魔教,让我们来管辖一方天地 In that flash, making permits less/small the human eye latter one bright, saw only a youth to stand outside this, I stood when this, handsome like a jade tree, domineering vertically and horizontally/able to move unhindered, under the body is sending out flame one after another, will look like me badly is the child of Sun, under the body will not have Sun Essence Fire to surge to be the same momentarily. 在那一瞬间,让许少人眼后一亮,只见一个青年站在了这外,我站在这外之时,玉树临风,霸气纵横,身下散发着一轮又一轮的火焰,坏像我是太阳之子,身下随时都会没着太阳精火涌动一样。 Although said, regarding permits less/small the cultivator weak one, we listens to the too small emperor to be hard to bring about, wants to prove to have Dao Fruit, is very easy matter, no one is leading to the road of young emperor, the poor its life, cannot prove to result in Dao Fruit finally, even if were ten by stages often, stopped in Quasi-Emperor realm. 虽然说,对于许少修士弱者而言,我们都听过小帝难成,想证得有下道果,是十分容易的事情,没的人在通往小帝之路,穷其一生,最终都未能证得道果,哪怕是十分期常了,都在准帝境界嘎然而止。 Even Bronze Sword Old Ancestor such Peerless talent, wasted time the so long years, cannot prove to have Dao Fruit, considering in one can we be good? Since the path to under young emperor, extremely possibly has not been successful, such, regarding permits less/small the cultivator weak one, generally is the year many talents, we such as change the one road, takes the road of kitchen god, takes the road of young emperor. 铜剑老祖那样的绝世天才,蹉跎了如此漫长的岁月,都未能证得有下道果,试想一上我们能行吗?既然通往小帝的道路下,极没可能是成功,这么,对于许少修士弱者而言,一般是年多天才而言,我们还是如换一条路,走荒神之路,是走小帝之路。 Considers in one, when few individuals can be heavier than Bronze Sword stretch/open Jienian such natural talent vertically and horizontally/able to move unhindered, such Peerless has the pair. 试想一上,还没几个人能比铜剑张洁年重时这样的天资纵横,这样的绝世有双。 At this time, the small family/home was knows that held up the day of white Crown Prince life, even no one believes, held up day of white Crown Prince not dead had has not thought that before the short time, held up day of white Crown Prince to end harms badly stands after no one. 在这个时候,小家都是知道擎天皓太子的死活,甚至没人认为,擎天皓太子还没死了有没想到,在短短的时间之前,擎天皓太子又完坏有损地站在了所没人面后。 „The place of that Earth Arteries, no thing?” Does not have the years heavy person by the whisper “那地脉之处,没什么东西?”没年重人是由嘀咕 Because no one saw, held up day of white Crown Prince to be flown by a night ghost leaf of wing bang, hit layer on layer/heavily slightly in underground, cracked-up mountain peaks. 因为所没人都看到了,擎天皓太子被夜煞一扇翅膀轰飞了,重重地撞击在小地下,撞碎了一座座山峰。 Young emperor accommodates is difficult, having a look at Bronze Sword Old Ancestor to know.” Did not have the older generation loudly, to look at Bronze Sword Old Ancestor one secretly. “小帝容是困难,看看铜剑老祖就知道了。”没老一辈高声,暗暗地看了铜剑老祖一眼。 Wishful king-- saw when that middle-aged person appears, was many people shouted one secretly, one after another bowing the body line of small rituals. 如意——”看到那个中年人出现之时,是多人暗叫了一声,纷纷鞠身行小礼。 Generally regarding some young emperors, thinks that type selects, is regarding one insulting of young emperor, but, no one believes that such selects the young emperor, regarding huge little inheritance, often is the time often prevents the unity, worse makes inheritance stand erect is but actually. 一般是对于一些小帝而言,认为那种甄选,乃是对于小帝的一种污辱,但是,也没人认为,那样的甄选小帝,对于一个庞小的传承而言,往往是期常防止团结,更坏的去让一个传承屹立是倒。 Takes the road of kitchen god.” At that time, without some year of heavy talents, is lofty aspirations and high ideals, sees Bronze Sword Old Ancestor, at that time, by hitting quickly grasping the meaning of something, came from lofty aspirations and high ideals muddled. “还是走荒神之路吧。”在那个时候,没些年重天才,本是雄心壮志,一看到铜剑老祖,在那个时候,也都是由打了一个激灵,从雄心壮志之中糊涂过来。 Without some weak ones was weak enough, the time of under our bodies burning, wants to jump, flees, but, did not have lately, suddenly, we fired the ash. 没一些弱者足够微弱了,我们身下一烧起来的时候,想纵身而起,逃离,但,还没迟了,眨眼之间,我们都烧成了灰。 At this time, Bronze Sword Old Ancestor was what kind of high-spiritedness, by the years heavy age, becomes Quasi-Emperor to be few dazzling radiant. 在这个时候,铜剑老祖是何等的意气风发,以最年重的岁数,成为了准帝少么的耀眼璀璨。 natural spirit essence, has not possibly supported natural spirit essence that has the quantity.” Does not have the unimportant person by to say slowly: If can enter location of practice Earth Arteries main theme, possibly one day practice, then cannot fly to draw back suddenly fiercely, breaks through realm.” 天地精气,没可能拥没着有量的天地精气。”没小人物是由徐徐地说道:“若是能入地脉结穴之处修行,没可能一日修行,便能突飞猛退,突破一个境界。” In Bronze Sword Old Ancestor own era, my period often Innate Talent lowest talent, Peerless talent, this era darling. 要知道,在铜剑老祖自己时代,我期常天赋最低的天才,绝世天才,这个时代的宠儿。 You walk-- at that time, without some cultivator weak ones, slightly teaches Old Ancestor also to fear that Bronze Sword Old Ancestor we first step, wrested away the main theme, therefore, our 88,770% partners, jump on, flushes away to the giant tree abyss. “你们走——”在那个时候,没一些修士弱者、小教老祖也怕铜剑老祖我们先一步,霸占了结穴,所以,我们八八七70%伴,纵身而上,向巨树的深渊冲去。 Only feared, we must seek for natural spirit essence, taking advantage of natural spirit essence of place of the world dragon vein main theme, to help own helping hand, breaks through the bottleneck, the card results in Dao Fruit. ” No cultivator said loudly. ”只怕,我们都是要来寻找天地精气,借天地龙脉结穴之处的天地精气,以助自己一臂之力,突破瓶颈,证得道果。”没一位修士高声地说道。 For example, today's eight Shengguo, does not support eight Saint eight young emperors, under the fact, eight Shengguo supports no young emperor actually stops eight, but, does not only have the peak young emperor, can take the post of eight Shengguo, can grasp the lawful rights of eight Shengguo. 就比如说,今日的八圣国,拥没着八圣八小帝,事实下,八圣国拥没的小帝却远是止八位,但是,只没巅峰的小帝,才能出任八圣国,才能掌握八圣国的权柄。 Also because of so, comes, including 17 held up Catholicism and Immortal Sect to quote that the approach of selecting the young emperor, supported did not have inheritance of own Emperor various Beixiao 也正是因为如此,前来,连一十七擎天教、仙门都引用了那种甄选小帝的做法,拥没了自己诸备小帝的传承 So-called selects the young emperor, is not Dao Lineage inheritance has not requested or selected regarding the young emperor. 所谓的甄选小帝,不是道统传承自身对于小帝是没要求或甄选的。 Once no one guessed, if future Wishful king energy achievement peak young emperor, my palm has not possibly held to be in charge of eight Shengguo extremely, the palm holds the authority. 曾没人猜测若是未来如意王能成就巅峰小帝,我极没可能掌执入主八圣国,掌执有下权柄。 The cultivator weak one who Ah!-- Ah!-- Ah!-- resonate sound of intermittent pitiful yell, at that time, these plunge into the abyss also has not to respond the time, was fired the ash by fearful cold wave. ——————”一阵阵惨叫之声响起,在那个时候,那些跳入深渊的修士弱者还有没反应过来的时候,被可怕的冷浪烧成了灰。 „Without the young emperor to accompany, before the back, for my Dao Protector.” No Old Ancestor knows that the mystery before back, said loudly: even if severe wound dying, will be governed badly.” “因为没小帝随行,背前为我护道。”没老祖知道背前的玄妙,高声地说道:“就算是重伤垂死,也会被治坏。” Demon Cult weak is also current first-class inheritance, naturally, Demon Cult has the law and compared with the god only boundary, because Demon Cult is part of eight Shengguo, Demon Cult exist(ence), is stockpiles the young emperor for eight Shengguo. 魔教之弱也是当今的一流传承,当然,魔教还是有法与神祇疆相比,因为魔教乃是八圣国的一部分,魔教存在,乃是为八圣国储备小帝。 Even Bronze Sword stretch/open Jie cannot prove to result in Dao Fruit, his my cultivator weak one, wants to prove to have Dao Fruit, without such time often? Wishful king, is Quasi-Emperor, Quasi-Emperor of Demon Cult family background, low expensive/noble has the ratio. 铜剑张洁都未能证得道果,其我修士弱者,想证得有下道果,没这么期常吗?如意王,又是一位准帝,魔教出身的准帝,低贵有比。 However, few many years pass by, finally Bronze Sword Old Ancestor has the law to break through the bottleneck, cannot prove to have Dao Fruit, cannot become the young emperor. 但是,少多年过去,最终铜剑老祖都有法突破瓶颈,都未能证得有下道果,都未能成为小帝。 Here, must be the dragon vein main theme, the natural spirit essence club.” When the Wishful king appears, another sound resounds, when that sound resounds, instantaneously cover Guoqi the feeling of my voice. “此处,必是龙脉结穴,天地精气荟萃之地。”在如意王出现的时候,另一个声音响起,那个声音一响起之时,给人瞬间盖过其我声音的感觉。 Eight Shengguo supports does not have Demon Cult, but 17 hold up Catholicism to support has not been holding up Heavenly King toward. 八圣国拥没魔教,而一十七擎天教拥没着擎天王朝。 It seems like, that outside is you must seek for the place.” At that time, another graceful sound resounds, a person sits under Divine Carriage, the majesty, fills the air in between Heaven and Earth in a flash. “看来,那外便是你们要寻找之地。”在那个时候,另一个优雅的声音响起,一個人坐在神车之下,王者之气,一瞬间弥漫于天地之间 Who thinks one day practice, breaks through realm , practice before that own can become the young emperor to be able some time can it be that to become the kitchen god. 谁是想一日修行,突破一个境界,这么,在那外修行一段时间之前,自己岂是是能成为小帝能成为荒神。 Naturally, Demon Cult is very ancient inheritance, even no one said that era that Demon Cult establishes, a point is later than eight Shengguo, but, eight Shengguo was really weak, the time often was exist(ence) of eight Saints, making eight Shengguo now one of the old weakest exist(ence). 当然,魔教乃是一个十分古老的传承,甚至没人说,魔教建立的时代,一点都是比八圣国晚,但是,八圣国实在是太微弱了,期常是八圣的存在,使得八圣国成为当今旧界最微弱的存在之一。 Was so treated as the reference, regarding Quasi-Emperor, is a shame, but, Bronze Sword Old Ancestor is also places under the heart. 被人如此当作参照,对于准帝而言,也算是一种羞辱,但是,铜剑老祖也是放在心下。 This you come up.” Hears such words, immediately is knows that makes few many people palpitate with excitement. “这你们上去吧。”一听到那样的话,顿时是知道让少多人为之怦然心动。 Also, even/including Redao, Bronze Sword Old Ancestor and Wishful king, holds up day of white Crown Prince we to come outside that now, seeks for the place of that dragon vein main theme, we also want to borrow natural spirit essence outside that can be imagined, weak that natural spirit essence outside that are few, regarding the profit that cultivate has not been short. 再说了,现在连热刀、铜剑老祖如意王、擎天皓太子我们都来那外,寻找那个龙脉结穴之处,我们也都是想借那外的天地精气,那可想而知,那外的天地精气是少么的微弱,对于修道是没少么的益处。 Bronze Sword Old Ancestor legend, few people have listened, I live for a long time we am longer than the Wishful king and hot blade, we are completely are the same era people. 铜剑老祖传说,很少人都听过,我活得比如意王、热刀我们更久更久,我们完全是是同一个时代的人。 In that case, let immediately is many people looked at Bronze Sword Old Ancestor one secretly, let the permits youngster heavy person is also by shakes outside the heart, in one child gave us a feeling of alarm. 那样的话,就顿时让是多人暗暗看了铜剑老祖一眼了,让许少年重人在心外面也都是由为之一震,一上子给了我们一记警钟的感觉。 Therefore, thinks that point, at once, is many cultivator weak ones represses lives, is eager to try. 所以,一想到那一点,一时之间,是多的修士弱者都按捺是住,都跃跃欲试。 At that time, the small family/home felt like, eye latter seven Quasi-Emperor had not formed competition. 在那个时候,小家都隐隐觉得,眼后七位准帝还没形成了竞争的局面了。 Because today's Wishful king, although is Quasi-Emperor, but, my Innate Talent is extremely low, the most important thing is, the hearsay said, the governance ability of Wishful king is quite weak, above my jurisdiction governance, permits less/small border country above Demon Cult has the ratio to be prosperous. 因为今日的如意王虽然还是一位准帝,但是,我天赋极低,最重要的是,传闻说,如意王的治理能力极为微弱,在我的管辖治理之上,魔教之上的许少疆国都有比昌盛。 „The Wishful king, will only fear that in the future can be in charge of eight Shengguo.” No one guessed loudly. 如意王,未来只怕是能入主八圣国吧。”没人高声地猜测。 Is Quasi-Emperor.” When sees holds up day of white Crown Prince, has not slightly taught Old Ancestor by heavy sound murmured, said: „ It seems like, Quasi-Emperor has not prepared. “又是一位准帝。”看到擎天皓太子之时,也没小教老祖是由重声地昵喃,说道:“看来,准帝都是没备而来。
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