ED :: Volume #55

#5497: I am turn up without being invited

This female, Li Qiye knew . Moreover, has not heard from , billion years in the past, can see her statue in this place unexpectedly, said that is also makes people think inconceivable. hu 这个女子,李七夜认识,而且,早就已经杳无音讯了,没有想到,千百万年过去,竟然能在这个地方见到她的雕像,说起来,也是让人觉得不可思议。嫮 In the past in Scarlet Night Country, he had directed this female, has taught her «Sunset Glow Scripture», the time at that time, running into this female, she was an unyielding miss, nimble and resourceful, but was not gruff, tranquil, but very powerful, with the world struggle, such a female, does not have such as the beautiful jade common quality of material. 当年在赤夜国的时候,他就曾经指点过这个女子,传授过她《晚霞经》,在那个时候,遇到这个女子的时候,她是一个不屈的姑娘,灵动而不倔,宁静而好强,却又不与世争,这样的一个女子,拥有着如美玉一般的质地。 Also because, Li Qiye will so direct her, will teach in her «Sunset Glow Scripture», her Dao Heart, can ask her to leave in the future surely is very very far. 也正是因为如此,李七夜才会指点她,才会传授于她《晚霞经》,她的道心,未来必定能让她走得很远很远。 However, when Eight Desolate era, past years that once obtained the person of Li Qiye direction, has soared, with person who he is predestined friends, has stood erect in between Heaven and Earth, does not become one generation of Dao Monarch, becomes Worldly Affairs Immortal. 但是,在八荒时代之时,当年的那一个个曾得到李七夜指点的人,都已经是一飞冲天,与他有缘的人,都已经屹立于天地之间,不是成为了一代道君,就是成为了红尘仙 However, this female is obscure, does not seem to left her trace in the time river, in Eight Desolate, has not left behind her legend, does not seem to left behind her inheritance. 但是,这个女子却默默无名,似乎在时间长河之中没有留下她的痕迹,在八荒之中,没有留下她的传说,似乎也没有留下她的传承 In the time river, this female seems to have vanished into thin air, anything has not stayed behind, as if she has disappeared to obliterate. 在时间长河之中,这个女子似乎已经烟消云散,什么都没有留下,似乎她早就已经消失磨灭了。 Naturally, regarding such matter, Li Qiye is also sees to disappear, person who after all, is not every has the potential, finally can walk in Grand Dao is very very far, in fact, would some people staying, finally becomes the mediocre person, or becomes human world not dazzling exist(ence), is ordinary with all living things, dissipates in the huge crowd. 当然,对于这样的事情,李七夜也是见惯不见了,毕竟,不是每一个拥有潜质的人,最终都能在大道之中走得很远很远,事实上,总会有一些人停留下来,最终成为庸才,或者成为了人世间并不耀眼的存在,与芸芸众生一般,消逝在人海之中。 Therefore, in Eight Desolate, has not heard its, Li Qiye will not pay attention, is ordinary like the running water, winds through in the time river, vanished. hu 所以,在八荒之中,未闻其名,李七夜也不会去留心,如同流水一般,在时光长河之中流过,也就消失了。嫮 However, what making Li Qiye very accidental/surprised is, she in Eight Desolate, without leaving what trace, will appear in Six Heavenly Continents unexpectedly, appeared in this Ancient Immortal Continent, appeared in Sunset Valley inheritance . Moreover, suspended the position from the statue, can see her fully is what kind of was important. 但是,让李七夜十分意外的是,她在八荒之中,没有留下什么痕迹,竟然会出现在了六天洲之中,出现在了这仙之古洲之中,出现在了晚霞谷传承之中,而且,从雕像摆位来看,就足可以见得她是何等的重要了。 This indeed lets the Li Qiye quite accidental/surprised matter, perhaps, she has not become one generation of Immortal Emperor, perhaps, she has not become one generation of Dao Monarch, but, she actually mounted Six Heavenly Continents, has the prominent incomparable merit. 这的确是让李七夜颇为意外的事情,或许,她没有成为一代仙帝,或许,她没有成为一代道君,但是,她却是登上了六天洲,也是有着显赫无比的功绩。 Tranquil but is not gruff, but very powerful the motionless lord, is this female at present , her not sound in mounts Six Heavenly Continents, this also conforms to her character. 宁静而不倔,好强而不动主,就是眼前这个女子,那么,她不声不息之中登上六天洲,这也是符合她的性格的。 When Li Qiye sees the statue of this female, is accidental/surprised, when sees this female Stone Tablet, he is startled, carefully looks. 李七夜看到这个女子的雕像之时,不由为之意外,但是,当看到这女子脚下的石碑之时,他不由为之一怔,仔细去看。 runes on this Stone Tablet is ancient, mysterious Wushuang/matchless, making one look does not know these runes, so ancient and simple runes, does not seem like runes that this human world has, as if, such runes already the ancient times to the situation that is unable to trace. 石碑上的符文古老无比,奥妙无双,让人一看都不认识这些符文,如此古老而朴实的符文,似乎不是这个人世间所拥有的符文,似乎,这样的符文已经远古到无法追溯的地步了。 Moreover, from Stone Tablet, this Stone Tablet is incomplete not from the appearance, does not know where from digs, as if, it is one piece of by Stone Tablet that moves from other places, finally was stood here. 而且,从石碑来看,这块石碑乃是残缺不从的模样,不知道是从什么地方挖下来,似乎,它是一块被从其他地方搬来的石碑,最后被立在了这里。 This is......” ancient runes above Li Qiye looks at this one piece of Stone Tablet , is quite surprised, because this runes, only then a place may appear. hu “这是……”李七夜看着一块石碑之上的古老符文,也不由颇为吃惊,因为这种符文只有一个地方才有可能出现。嫮 At this time, Li Qiye on rolling Pu sat, estimates runes above this Stone Tablet carefully. 在这个时候,李七夜在团蒲上坐了下来,仔细去揣摩这石碑之上的符文 Also has not known how long, Li Qiye also understands on this Stone Tablet the runes true origin, he muttered said: Immortal Dao City, if is really so, it seems like, is other eight big Heavenly Treasure is indeed different.” 也不知道过了多久,李七夜也明白了这石碑符文的真正来历了,他不由喃喃地说道:“仙道城,果真是如此,看来,的确是与其他八大天宝不一样。” Immortal Dao City, One of the Nine Grand Heavenly Treasures, was called the city, but in fact, it has profound principles. 仙道城,九大天宝之一,被称之为城,但事实上,它自有玄机 At this time, the candlelight dragged, suddenly, a shadow appeared, face braved all of a sudden, appeared in front of Li Qiye. 就在这个时候,烛火摇曳,突然之间,一个影子出现了,一张老脸一下子冒了出来,出现在了李七夜面前。 This sudden face, that also really will in a big way frighten one to jump, even meets scare people to death. 这突然出现的一张老脸,那还真的会把人吓得一大跳,甚至会吓死人 In this ancient temple, the itself/Ben is the candlelight somewhat is dim, especially in the candle fragrant smell, the entire ancient temple itself/Ben covered during the ancient time, has probably a profound atmosphere to be the same. 在这古祠之中,本就是烛火有些昏暗,特别是在烛香气味之中,整个古祠本就是笼罩在了古老的时间之中,好像是有着一种幽深的氛围一样。 At this time, face, covered entirely the wrinkle , that can indeed in a big way frighten one to jump all of a sudden early. hu 就在这个时候,一张老脸,布满了皱纹,一下子早了出来,那的确是能把人吓得一大跳。嫮 This is an old woman, this old woman action an ancient oil lamp, she is being lights these incenses and candles. 这是一个老妪,这个老妪手端着一盏古油灯,她是来点燃这一根根香烛的。 This old woman wears a worn-out cotton garment, seeming like, probably put on the present to be the same from her in childhood, because this cotton garment has shrunk. 这个老妪穿着一身破旧的布衣,看起来,好像是从她小时候就穿到现在一样,因为这一身的布衣已经有所缩水了。 This old woman is the silver hair like the frost . Moreover, hair already somewhat scattered, an old tooth was also falls 7788, seemed like, seemed like this ancient temple candlelight to be the same, in a wind the feeling of remaining years of life, as if will extinguish momentarily general, as if, she might also die in a sitting posture to leave this human world anytime to be the same. 这个老妪已经是银发如霜,而且,头发已经有些稀落,一口的老牙也是掉得七七八八了,看起来,就好像是这古祠的烛火一样,给人一种风中残烛的感觉,似乎随时都会熄灭一般,似乎,她也随时都有可能坐化离开这人世间一样。 This mister, where do you come?” At this time, this old woman has not disturbed Li Qiye, but approached looked at Li Qiye one, then an action the ancient oil lamp, place incenses and candles are lighting, who the movement was Xian, that careful, is obstructing the candlelight with the hand, probably feared that blew out by the wind is the same. “这位先生,你从哪里来呢?”在这个时候,这个老妪也没有打扰李七夜,只是凑近看了李七夜一眼,然后一手端着古油灯,一根根地香烛点燃起来,动作是十分的娴孰,又是那么的小心,用手遮着烛火,好像怕被风吹灭一样。 Comes from outside area.” Li Qiye saw the old woman, smiles lightly. “从外地而来。”李七夜看了看老妪,淡淡一笑。 Outside area comes.” The old woman lifted raise one's head, looked at Li Qiye, then looked at outside, might see that very far place is very same, she sighs with emotion, said: Many years, Sunset Valley, did not entertain the bystander, did not have the bystander to come.” “外地而来呀。”老妪不由抬了抬头,看了看李七夜,然后又看了看外面,好像是要看到很远很远的地方一样,她不由感慨,说道:“好些年了,晚霞谷,都不招待外人了,也没有外人来了。” I am turn up without being invited.” Li Qiye fries pale smiles, said. hu “我是不请自来。”李七夜不由淡炒地笑了笑,说道。嫮 turn up without being invited is also good.” Old woman nod, ignites one after another candlelight very dedicated, slowly said: Sunset Valley did not invite the bystander, if not for turn up without being invited, can have what bystander to come.” 不请自来也好。”老妪不由点头,十分专注地点着一根又一根烛火,慢慢地说道:“晚霞谷都不邀请外人,若不是不请自来,又能有什么外人来呢。” Why did not invite.” Li Qiye smiled lightly. “为什么不请呢。”李七夜不由淡淡地笑了一下。 The old woman somewhat is sigh with emotion, said: This World Dao, does not put down , Sunset Valley does not know that closes/obstructs valley had many years, since sweeping rosy cloud Fairy, closes/obstructs valley, beside the disciple besides some valleys, in the valley the disciples is with concentration practice, did not struggle with the world.” 老妪不由有些感慨,说道:“这世道,不平也,晚霞谷也不知道闭谷有多少岁月了,自从扫霞仙子之后,就已经闭谷不出了,除了一些谷外弟子之外,谷内弟子都是潜心修行,不与世争了。” Saying, looked in front of Li Qi the statue, said to Li Qiye: She is our sweeping rosy cloud Fairy, our Sunset Valley the lord of resurgence, is our Sunset Valley legend.” 说着,看了看李七面前的这尊雕像,对李七夜说道:“她就是我们的扫霞仙子,我们晚霞谷的中兴之主,也是我们晚霞谷的传奇。” Regarding your legends, I is actually very curious, wants to listen.” Li Qiye smiles, said lightly. “对于你们的传奇,我倒是很好奇,想听听。”李七夜不由笑了笑,淡淡地说道。 Old woman raise one's head, looked at the distant place, then looked at the oil lamp in hand, crossed some little time, said: My old age, a lot could not have remembered. Fairy, that is very remote matter, after dying in a sitting posture, was very long to the present is very long.” 老妪不由抬头,看了看远处,然后看了看手中的油灯,过了好一会儿,说道:“我这把年纪,很多事情已经记不住了。仙子在的时候,那已经是很遥远的事情了,坐化之后,离现在很久很久了。” That left certainly behind enough legend.” Li Qiye said lightly with a smile. hu “那一定是留下了足够的传说。”李七夜淡淡地笑着说道。嫮 Yes, without Fairy , there would be no today's Sunset Valley, already vanish(ed) in a puff of smoke , can also closes/obstructs valley flee the world.” Old woman nod, said: Fairy continued the Sunset Valley incense and candle.” “是呀,没有仙子,就没有今日的晚霞谷呀,早就灰飞烟灭,又焉还能闭谷遁世。”老妪不由点头,说道:“仙子续了晚霞谷的香火也。” Can look.” Li Qiye looks at sweeps the rosy cloud Fairy statue, gently place nod. “看得出来。”李七夜看着扫霞仙子的雕像,不由轻轻地点了点头 Sunset glow Demon Emperor, is Sunset Valley First Ancestor, but, finally, her statue was placed in side, but swept the rosy cloud Fairy statue to be actually placed in the middle, this could be imagined, sweeps rosy cloud Fairy to set up what kind of merit. 晚霞魔帝,乃是晚霞谷始祖,但是,最终,她的雕像都被摆在旁边,而扫霞仙子的雕像却摆在了中间,这可想而知,扫霞仙子是立了何等的功绩了。 legend, sweeping rosy cloud Fairy is not our Sunset Valley disciple , came from outside.” The old woman place the candlelight, was saying slowly gently: legend, sweeps rosy cloud Fairy to come from below.” 传说呀,扫霞仙子并不是我们晚霞谷的弟子,也是从外面而来的。”老妪慢慢地点着烛火,轻轻地说道:“传说,扫霞仙子是来自于下面。” Eight Desolate.” Li Qiye gently place nod. 八荒。”李七夜轻轻地点了点头 Right, is that place named Eight Desolate.” The old woman at this time, raise one's head, looks at Li Qiye, asked: „Can mister go to Eight Desolate?” “对呀,就是那个叫八荒的地方。”老妪在这个时候,抬头,看着李七夜,问道:“先生可去过八荒?” Li Qiye smiled lightly, said: human world many places, I have gone.” hu 李七夜不由淡淡地笑了一下,说道:“人世间的许多地方,我都去过。”嫮 Mister is a person of high skill.” The old woman also envies, said: My life stays in the Sunset Valley time is in the majority, rarely has gone out, once heard Eight Desolate, outstanding people and magical soil, Emperors had had much came from Eight Desolate.” “先生是高人。”老妪也不由羡慕,说道:“我一生呆在晚霞谷的时间居多,很少出去过,也曾听说八荒,人杰地灵,诸帝有不少是出身于八荒也。” Regarding old woman such words, Li Qiye smiled lightly. 对于老妪这样的话,李七夜不由淡淡地笑了一下。 The old woman said slowly: Heard saying that Fairy came time, was not Dao Monarch, was not Sovereign, she came like this. Arrives at this world, and there's nothing she wants to ask, but, actually met our Sunset Valley.” 老妪徐徐地说道:“听闻说,仙子来的时候,不是道君,也不是帝君,她就这样来了。来到这天地,并没有什么她想求的,但,却偏偏遇到了我们晚霞谷。” At this point, the old woman, the looks at candlelight was lost in thought that probably fell into the recollection to be the same, said: At that time, our Sunset Valley had declined, the Emperors war, heaven falls and earth rends, our Sunset Valley also in torn to pieces, is the cigarette declines, merely only then such several disciples, quickly almost such as lonely wild ghost.” 说到这里,老妪不由顿了一下,看着烛火出神,好像是陷入了回忆一样,说道:“那个时候,我们晚霞谷已经是破落了,诸帝大战,天崩地裂,我们晚霞谷也在支离破碎之中,已经是香烟衰落,仅仅只有那么几个弟子,快差不多如孤魂野鬼了。” When 13 Continents, Sunset Valley, although said is one sect having two emperors, but, background is very vigorous, let alone, some Sunset Valley all previous generations many disciples marry in the world Emperor Gate, with Great Emperor inheritance, has very profound origin. 十三洲之时,晚霞谷虽然说是一门双帝,但,底蕴还是十分浑厚的,更何况,晚霞谷历代都有不少弟子嫁于世帝门,与一个又一个大帝传承,都有着十分深厚的渊源。 However, after War of the Ancient Dawn Age, many Great Emperor inheritance, many colossi, vanish(ed) in a puff of smoke, therefore, Sunset Valley can escape such a tribulation, Sunset Valley does not have vanish(ed) in a puff of smoke, declines merely, that is very lucky, naturally, this also low-key, stands aloof from the world to have big relations with them. 但是,在远古纪元之战后,多少大帝传承,多少庞然大物,都灰飞烟灭,所以,晚霞谷又焉能逃过这样的一劫,晚霞谷没有灰飞烟灭,仅仅是衰落,那都已经是十分幸运了,当然,这也是与她们低调、与世无争有着不小的关系。 In the past swept rosy cloud Fairy met Sunset Valley the time, Sunset Valley is only then 35 disciples, like a small temple, have been living on dishonorably, will break the incense and candle momentarily, might dissipate anytime in the river of time. hu 当年扫霞仙子遇到晚霞谷的时候,晚霞谷已经是只有三五个弟子,就像一个小庙一样,已经是苟活着了,随时都会断了香火,随时都有可能消逝在时间的长河之中。嫮 But, she chose your Sunset Valley.” Li Qiye smiles lightly. “但,她选择了你们的晚霞谷。”李七夜淡淡地笑了笑。 The old woman selected nod, said: Yes, Fairy chose our Sunset Valley, heard, merely is because is predestined friends, because she likes sunset glow these two characters, listening to Fairy saying that sunset glow these two characters have very deep fate with her.” 老妪点了点头,说道:“是呀,仙子选择了我们晚霞谷,听说,仅仅是因为有缘,因为她喜欢‘晚霞’这两个字,听仙子说,‘晚霞’这两个字与她有着十分深厚的缘分。” () () …… ……
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