DMWS :: Volume #13

#1285: Official exchange

From the beginning a Lin Rui round of news, making them meddle the motion of CIA to bring N'Jadaka S.H.I.E.L.D. keeps close watch the time, Rogers knows that Jackson this fellow definitely was involved in any extraordinary event. 从一开始林锐发消息,让他们插手CIA的行动把尼贾达卡带来神盾局严加看管的时候,罗杰斯就知道杰克森这个家伙肯定又卷入到了什么特殊事件里面了。 However, S.H.I.E.L.D. experienced several big events. From ambushing dozens years of Hydra has almost subverted entire S.H.I.E.L.D., outside the boss of other civilized or potential surfaces to the place almost destroys Earth two, S.H.I.E.L.D. was this series of events the nerves of experience was very or sturdy. 不过,神盾局都已经经历好几次大事件。从潜伏了几十年的九头蛇差点颠覆整个神盾局,到地外文明或者其他位面的boss差点把地球毁灭两次,神盾局或者说是这一系列事件的经历者的神经已经很粗壮了。 Especially Captain America Steve they who Rogers they, form the Earth Federation positively are already the fearless any challenge, even if Earth faces the destruction level disaster once more, they will also collaborate to face once more together. The matter that Lin Rui this time does makes Rogers surprised not be small. 尤其是美国队长史蒂夫罗杰斯他们这些人,积极组建地球联邦的他们可谓是已经无惧任何挑战,就算地球再次面对毁灭级灾难,他们也会联手起来再次共同面对。只是,林锐这次搞出的事情还是让罗杰斯惊讶不小。 Even if this Lin Rui took magic cube to transmit to be away from Earth very far universe starry sky, then tells the Rogers Earth to encounter the attacks from other universe civilizations in the return once more, Rogers will not have many accidents/surprises. 就算这次林锐拿着魔方传送到了距离地球很远的宇宙星空中,然后在回归的时候告诉罗杰斯地球将会再次遭到来自宇宙其他文明的攻击,罗杰斯都不会有多少意外。 How Rogers does not think, is hiding unexpectedly also one on Earth with their common origin, but has actually stepped onto the Earth human civilization of another development path several hundred years ago! 只是,罗杰斯怎么都不会想到,在地球上竟然还隐藏着一个和他们同源,但是却早在几百年前就走上了另外一条发展道路的地球人类文明! Moreover, issues in Rogers these materials to look from Lin Rui, although this true Wakanda is only several hundred years ago several tribes on Africa joins up a state that. However, because they have Vibranium this mysterious material, developed to go far beyond the Earth universal science and technology in several hundred years the black science and technology. 而且,从林锐发给罗杰斯的那些资料上看,这个真正的瓦坎达虽然只是几百年前位于非洲上的几个部落联合起来的一个国度。但是,因为他们拥有振金这种神奇的材料,在几百年内发展出了远远超过地球普遍科技的黑科技。 In issuing the Rogers material, Lin Rui simply has cited several examples. Nanotechnology that for example now the world diligently is tackling, was mature in Wakanda. They the armament system that-based Vibranium studies, the energy system, as well as the flight vehicles of these very science fictions, energy shield and so on. Is these black science and technology, has let Rogers to this mysterious state enough being interested. 在发给罗杰斯的资料里,林锐只是简单举了几个例子。比如说现在全球都在努力攻克的纳米技术,在瓦坎达已经非常成熟了。还有他们基于振金所研究出来的武器系统,能量系统,以及那些非常科幻的飞行器,能量盾之类的。就是这些黑科技,已经让罗杰斯对这个神秘的国度足够的感兴趣了。 Besides issues Rogers the Wakanda real material, Lin Rui naturally also told Rogers this time not to greet with them ahead of time enters the Wakanda goal. But now, the Lin Rui goal has reached a major part, remaining needed Rogers they to coordinate. Believes that by the Captain America Jess's ability, set out the golden guard team comes S.H.I.E.L.D. Wakanda to will certainly choose truly with them to cooperate on own initiative. 除了把瓦坎达真实的资料发给罗杰斯之外,林锐自然也告诉了罗杰斯自己这次没有提前和他们打招呼就进入瓦坎达的目的。而现在,林锐的目的已经达到了一大部分,剩下的就需要罗杰斯他们配合了。相信以美国队长杰斯的能力,已经主动出动黄金近卫队来神盾局瓦坎达必将会选择真正的和他们合作的。 Therefore, in the mind has combed under Lin Rui fast to own material, brow stretch/leisurely of Rogers tight wrinkle slowly launches. Then, he hidden went to the ray in eye, slowly arrives in front of the straight 14 Wakanda imperial family guard team female soldiers who the front has stood. 所以,在脑海中快速梳理了下林锐给自己的资料后,罗杰斯紧皱的眉头慢慢的舒展开了。然后,他隐去了眼中的光芒,慢慢的走到了前方站的笔直的14位瓦坎达皇家近卫队女战士面前。 Hello, the soldier from Wakanda, I represents S.H.I.E.L.D. to welcome your arrivals. Naturally, must thank you to our support, has not made the N'Jadaka partisans cause many destruction.” Arrives at the front of Wakanda imperial family guard team, Rogers stands firm before the female general of lead, first is both hands intersects, in the chest front has hinted, then calm saying. “你们好,来自瓦坎达的战士,我代表神盾局欢迎你们的到来。当然,也要感谢你们对我们的支援,没有让尼贾达卡的党羽们造成更多的破坏。”走到瓦坎达皇家近卫队的面前,罗杰斯在领头的女将军面前站定,先是双手交叉在胸前示意了下,然后语气平静的说道。 Is seeing Rogers this Captain America, now Earth biggest influence, will be a Earth Federation topmost level character and the others will be Wakanda both sides to express that to oneself respect and polite movement, the female general look changed, then also fast returned to a ritual. When the female general moves, she behind 13 female soldiers simultaneously lift the upper arm to make an effort, in the chest front has intersected under. 在看到罗杰斯这位美国队长,现在地球最大势力,也将是地球联邦最高层一员的人物对自己等人做了个瓦坎达双方表示尊敬和礼貌的动作,女将军眼神变了变,然后也快速回了个礼。在女将军动的时候,她身后13位女战士同时抬起上臂用力在胸前交叉了下。 ! 呼! Compared with movement that Rogers made a moment ago, the female general their movements are more powerful, the imposing manner is also fuller. 罗杰斯刚才做的动作相比,女将军他们的动作更加有力,气势也更足。 Hello, Captain Rogers, I represent the will of King Wakanda, coming S.H.I.E.L.D. to suppress the Wakanda counter- rebel army. And, we have the material of many other counter- rebel army, our time comes to here also seeks the cooperation.” After both hands put down, the female general looks at present compared with T'Challa also stronger strong Superhero neither arrogant nor servile saying. “你好,罗杰斯队长,我代表瓦坎达国王的意志,来神盾局镇压瓦坎达反叛军。并且,我们也有不少其他反叛军的资料,我们这次来这里也是寻求合作的。”双手放下后,女将军看着眼前比特查拉要强壮一些的超级英雄不卑不亢的说道。 Un! S.H.I.E.L.D. is glad with the Wakanda cooperation very much! Since this......” “嗯!神盾局很乐意和瓦坎达合作!既然这样的话……” Then, represented the Wakanda Huang guard team with representative S.H.I.E.L.D. Captain America Steve Rogers started some simple communications and exchanges. 接下来,代表了瓦坎达的黄家近卫队就和代表了神盾局美国队长史蒂夫罗杰斯就开始了一些简单的沟通和交流。 The majority and still hidden these globally to have the Wakanda science and technology and Vibranium militant about N'Jadaka, part was T'Challa gives about S.H.I.E.L.D. that the female general discussed regarding the manner of Wakanda this existence. It can be said that although now Lin Rui and Rogers great distance does not know far, perhaps pure the distance that calculates the words that cannot calculate according to the distance. However, matter that their done is actually similar, to strive for Wakanda, lets them and S.H.I.E.L.D. establishes the stable cooperation to try hard. In Lin Rui and Rogers distinction when Wakanda and S.H.I.E.L.D. carry on this diplomatic aspect communication to Wakanda, in the S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters rear, defends one of the strictest several places. From last night by N'Jadaka that S.H.I.E.L.D. brought is closed here in a prison cell, said that was the prison cell is not very accurate, was more like S.H.I.E.L.D., for these suspects important matter, moreover itself also had the secret room that the special public figures of many strength prepared. 大部分是关于尼贾达卡和依然隐藏在全球范围内的那些拥有瓦坎达科技和振金的武装份子,还有一部分就是特查拉交给女将军去谈的关于神盾局对于瓦坎达这个存在的态度了。可以说,虽然现在林锐罗杰斯相隔不知道多远,或许单纯的按照距离来算的话根本是算不出来的距离。但是,他们正在做的事情倒是差不多,都是在为了争取瓦坎达,让他们和神盾局建立稳定合作关系而努力。就在林锐罗杰斯分别在瓦坎达神盾局瓦坎达进行这外交方面的沟通的时候,在神盾局总部大后方,也是防御最严密几个地方之一。从昨晚就被神盾局带过来的尼贾达卡就被关在这里其中一间牢房里,说是牢房也不很准确,更像是神盾局为了那些犯了大事而且本身又拥有不少力量的特殊人士准备的密室。 The defensive power of this secret room not only strong, but also has provided other enough pointed firepower and attack methods. If were detained the fellow in secret room to have anything to change, not uses and other outside to defend special service company take action, 24 hours will monitor their intelligent system take action to suppress them. 这种密室的防御力不仅强,而且还配备了足够的针对性的火力和其他攻击手段。如果被关押在密室里的家伙有什么异动,不用等外面守着的特勤队出手,24小时监控他们的智能系统就会出手镇压他们了。 But at this time, one is wound, looks like N'Jadaka that suffocates lies on the own Laufey firm bed. Also can see one one volt of his chest, likely thinks that he died. After all, last night Bucky take action time, but has not kept many strengths. But S.H.I.E.L.D. also truly listened to the Lin Rui words, has not given him anything to treat, but ensure does not make him continue to worsen artificially. 而此时,一身是伤,看起来奄奄一息的尼贾达卡就躺在自己劳非的硬板床上。要不是还能看到他胸口的一起一伏,很可能都会认为他已经死了。毕竟,昨晚巴基出手的时候可是没有留多少力气。而神盾局这边也确实是听了林锐的话,并没有给他什么治疗,只是保证不人为的让他继续恶化而已。 When distance here several hundred meters far S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters building there two attack teams initiate the fight, looks like weak incomparable N'Jadaka actually suddenly opens both eyes, in the black eye has not frightened not desperately, is tranquil. After opening eyes, N'Jadaka has turned under the head slightly, is pasting the bedboard an ear. 就在距离这里几百米远的神盾局总部大楼那里的两支袭击队伍引发战斗的时候,看起来虚弱无比的尼贾达卡却忽然睁开双眼,黑色的眼睛里没有惊吓也没有绝望,只有平静。睁开眼后,尼贾达卡微微扭了下脑袋,把一只耳朵贴着床板。 After several minutes, N'Jadaka has turned head restored to lie down a moment ago the posture. However, at this time his in quiet eye presented some ripples. 几分钟后,尼贾达卡扭过头恢复了刚才躺着的姿势。不过,此时他平静无波的眼睛里已经出现了些涟漪。 „Was surprise attack such quickly suppressed? It seems like S.H.I.E.L.D. is bigger than stronger that also we understand! Does not know, hides that person in Wakanda, how do you want to do?” “突袭这么快就被镇压了吗?看来神盾局比我们了解的还要强大啊!就是不知道,藏在瓦坎达里的那个人,你又要怎么做呢?”
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