DH :: Volume #14

#1349: Day mark valley

After the south forehead high level hears ten thousand ghost ksitigarbha dragons were vanquished, immediately allocates a great sum of money to the town/subdues beast faction, making them serve ten thousand ghost ksitigarbha dragons quite, must domesticate the town/subdues beast of southern forehead it. 南天庭高层听闻了万煞地藏龙被降伏了之后,立刻就拨了一笔巨款给镇兽派,让他们好生伺候万煞地藏龙,务必将它驯化成南天庭的镇兽。 The town/subdues beast is south the town/subdues beast of forehead's second rank, like punishment day cauldron dragon type, so long as there is one basically to safeguard the southern forehead territory in surrounding area thousand li (500 km), not to mention had the foreign invasion different demon to invade one's territory, entirely elimination clean. 镇地兽已经是南天庭第二个级别的镇兽了,像刑天鼎龙这种,只要有一只基本上可以保障方圆千里的南天庭领地,更不用说有外敌入侵异魔来犯了,统统消灭个一干二净。 But ten thousand ghost ksitigarbha dragons obviously with punishment day cauldron dragon one in echelon, many a top town/subdues beast are increase the background and strength of entire south forehead. 而万煞地藏龙显然是与刑天鼎龙一个梯次的,多了一只顶级镇地兽就是增加整个南天庭的底蕴与实力。 Therefore suddenly these merchants saw the opportunity south forehead here, starts to purchase the beast blood wantonly...... 所以一时间那些商人在南天庭这里看到了商机,开始大肆收购兽血…… The arrivals of ten thousand ghost ksitigarbha dragons, it may be said that supported a dragon grain small industry. 万煞地藏龙的到来,可谓养活了一个龙粮小产业。 What a pity, this sum of money does not allocate for on Zhu Minglang directly, must after the hand that yellow tastes, his side some people are responsible for purchasing, otherwise Zhu Minglang can also from inside wool many benefits! 可惜,这笔钱不是直接拨到祝明朗手上,得经黄尝的手,他那边有人负责采购,不然祝明朗还能从里面毛许多利益! „The salary of 300 colored glazes , the insufficient counter spot ten days of grain rations...... the moon/month shining dragon burns money.” Zhu Minglang rejoiced for oneself, thinks such means make immortal sect Bang raise the dragon, otherwise ten thousand ghost ksitigarbha dragons return even strongly, Zhu Minglang still, helpless puts it to go far away, making it hit looks for food wildly. “三百琉璃的俸禄,也还是不够逆斑十天的口粮……月耀龙更烧钱。”祝明朗为自己庆幸,想了这么一个办法让仙宗帮自己养龙,不然即便万煞地藏龙强势回归,祝明朗也得无奈放它远去,让它自己打野觅食。 Such thinks, the matter of Spirit Sword Dragon solar flare did not worry. 这样一想,剑灵龙耀斑的事情就不那么着急了。 The moon/month shining dragon has paid wages oddly, Spirit Sword Dragon takes the sunglow level...... will follow oneself to starve to death. 月耀龙已经开支离谱了,剑灵龙作为日冕级的……跟着自己会饿死的。 ...... …… Ten thousand ghost ksitigarbha dragons, it eat to put on, had gradually restored the prisoner's cage well lost physical strength, now ten thousand ghost ksitigarbha dragon Xiuwei restores moon/month of shining god Monarch level. 万煞地藏龙,它吃好穿好,已经逐渐恢复了囚笼井被损耗的气力,现在万煞地藏龙修为更是恢复到了月耀神君级。 Ten thousand ghost ksitigarbha dragons also told its these years experience. 万煞地藏龙也讲述了它这些年来的经历。 The time that in fact it regains consciousness is also very late, probably 20 years ago about wakes up. 事实上它苏醒的时间也很晚,大概就是二十年前左右醒来的。 After waking up, starts itself to roam about to loaf, after the samsara hibernation of insects changes, starts from the youngest condition, is good to rely on passing these to experience and remember, ksitigarbha dragon success of childhood crossed several is quite small and weak and stage of danger, and arrived at the adult stage. 醒来之后开始自己流浪游荡,轮回蛰变之后,都是从最幼弱的状态开始,好在凭借着过往的那些经验与记忆,幼年的地藏龙成功渡过了几个比较弱小和危险的阶段,并到达了成年期。 When does to the adult stage, by some immortal hero to the discovery, then had that and south forehead town/subdues immortal Huang Kun's battle. 奈何成年期时,被一些仙雄给发现,便有了那场与南天庭镇仙黄昆的争斗。 At that time Huang Kun used the energy, ten thousand ghost ksitigarbha dragon Fengyin in the prisoner's cage well, spent ten years of loss ten thousand ghost ksitigarbha dragon essence specially, and asked Ji Yuanye to be able like this greatly the immortal...... 当时黄昆可谓倾尽所能,将万煞地藏龙封印在了囚笼井中,特意花了十年时间损耗万煞地藏龙身上的精气,并找来了纪远野这样的大能之仙…… Simply speaking, ten thousand ghost ksitigarbha dragon low keys and calm, cautious growth, but adult stage by Huang Kun detecting, this was imprisoned for ten years. 简单来说,万煞地藏龙低调、沉稳,小心翼翼的发育,只不过成年期被黄昆给察觉到了,这才被囚禁了十年时间。 Ten thousand ghost ksitigarbha dragons are also at the adult stage, in other words its also transformation stage. 万煞地藏龙还处在成年期,也就是说它还有一个蜕变阶段。 This also means that ten thousand ghost ksitigarbha dragons are one have bloodlines that breaks through the sunglow level potential, if were not these ten years imprisons to affect its flying upwards, feared that was the present also with Spirit Sword Dragon same is the dragon of sunglow! 这也意味着万煞地藏龙是一个具备冲破日冕级潜力的血脉,如果不是这十年囚禁影响了它的飞升,怕是现在也和剑灵龙一样是日冕之龙了! This, waits for the opportunity to repair.” Zhu Minglang naturally cannot give up, this account first takes down, after oneself Mahayana, comes to criticize with him. “这个老贼,等有机会一定要修理一顿。”祝明朗自然不会善罢甘休,这笔账先记下,等自己大乘后再来和他清算。 Before ten thousand ghost ksitigarbha dragons by seal, cultivated/repaired to achieve moon/month of shining god king, the present is moon/month of shining god Monarch, must make it fully restore to the moon/month shining god king Jijing words, but also needed the long-term recreation and adjustment. 万煞地藏龙被封印之前修为是达到了月耀神王,现在是月耀神君,要让它完全恢复到月耀神王级境的话,还需要很长时间的休养和调整。 Moreover, south forehead to domesticate it, naturally is hopes that its cultivating for was suppressed must the lower the better, therefore counted on that they ten thousand ghost ksitigarbha dragon Xiuwei to make up, feared that is very difficult, only if the counter spot were given the domestication by these people for the obedient town/subdues beast completely. 而且,南天庭为了驯化它,自然是希望它的修为被压制得越低越好,所以指望它们将万煞地藏龙修为补上来,怕是很困难,除非逆斑完全被这些人给驯化为百依百顺的镇地兽。 Except that cannot leave black Shan Dao, ten thousand ghost ksitigarbha dragons are free, Zhu Minglang also heals from a wound to the counter spot in the resources of use southern forehead slowly! 除了不能离开黑珊岛,万煞地藏龙还算自由,祝明朗也在慢慢的利用南天庭的资源给逆斑养伤! ...... …… The time also passes is fast, Zhu Minglang has held the post of black Shan Dao a half year unknowingly, through oneself territory is rich to deliver, Zhu Minglang successful provided summit god king level nine dragons, the gluttony dragons and Chong Wanglong these three dragons. 时间过得也算是飞快,祝明朗不知不觉已经担任黑珊岛半年了,通过自己领地的盛产产出,祝明朗成功的将九尾龙、饕餮龙、崇亡龙这三龙给养到了巅位神王级。 Domesticates ten thousand ghost ksitigarbha dragons to be active situated in Zhu Minglang, south forehead rewarded six gods of journeys to wash to Zhu Minglang, that was skeleton millennium beads, was quiet in the one dead souls pearl of seabed most deep place. 介于祝明朗驯化万煞地藏龙有功,南天庭奖励了一份六道神涤给了祝明朗,那是一枚骸骨千年珠,是沉寂在海底最深处的一种死灵珍珠。 This thing naturally is most suitable Chong Wanglong, therefore Chong Wanglong was also obtains six gods of journeys to wash. 这东西自然是最适合崇亡龙的,所以崇亡龙也算是获得了一份六道神涤。 The maidservants whinny passed through a half year of effort, planted on the dark fruit on the evening cloud Gong soil, making the small nine dragons have on the dark fox-fire, can the small gluttony hit reluctantly more than ten rounds. 侍女萧萧经过了半年的努力,也在夕云宫土壤上种植出了上昧果,让小九尾龙具备了上昧狐火,勉勉强强可以小饕餮打个十几回合。 Naturally, small gluttony also be only the present stage can bully the small nine dragons again, because Zhu Minglang must wash for the small nine dragon Xunlai last god of journeys immediately, makes the small nine dragons promote within this year to moon/month shining god Dragon Child surely! 当然,小饕餮也就只有现阶段可以再欺负欺负一下小九尾龙了,因为马上祝明朗就要为小九尾龙寻来最后一道神涤,在今年之内也必定让小九尾龙晋升到月耀神龙子 vermilion does wave, I hear you to have the compatible physique?” When the Vega immortal drinks tea very early in the morning, inquired Zhu Minglang this matter. “朱浪,我听闻你具有亲和体质?”织女星仙一早喝茶时,询问起了祝明朗这件事。 „When is my flying upwards gods boundary a god gate that opens, calls it the god to dye compatible.” Zhu Minglang has not evaded. “是我飞升神明境时开启的一项神门,称之为神染亲和。”祝明朗也没有避讳。 Oneself can be intimate with these powerful god beasts to have an explanation. 自己能够亲近那些强大的神兽总得有个解释。 Very special god boundary method, no wonder the wing to wing immortal did not have the too big repel...... they to seem to you must melt the dragon.” The Vega immortal said. “很特别的神境法门,难怪比翼仙对你没有太大的排斥……它们看上去要化龙了。”织女星仙说道。 „Can wing to wing immortal also melt the dragon?” Zhu Minglang is surprised the different way. “比翼仙也会化龙?”祝明朗诧异道。 Myriad things all may melt the dragon, how the wing to wing immortal cannot, but gives forewarning, you are responsible for looking after them, they melted the dragon even, cannot sign the contract with you.” The Vega immortal said. “万物皆可化龙,比翼仙怎么不能,但有言在先,你只是负责照看它们,它们即便化了龙,也不能与你签订契约。”织女星仙说道。 Understood.” Zhu Minglang nods. “明白。”祝明朗点了点头。 The wing to wing immortal is special, is the phoenix of auspicious omen, if they have to melt the dragon indication again, the immortal dragon boundary that achieves was close to the myth Golden Crow very much. 比翼仙本身就非常特别,是祥瑞之神鸟,假如它们再有化龙征兆的话,那所达到的仙龙境界就很接近神话金乌了。 Two small wing to wing immortals were the Vega immortal raised many years obviously carefully, gave the Zhu Minglang generation to look, must really give Zhu Minglang is unlikely. 两只小比翼仙显然是织女星仙精心饲养了很多年的,交给祝明朗代看,要真送给祝明朗是不大可能。 The person who town/subdues beast sends appreciates you very much, master ancestor Huang Kun you to being full of praise. The bad karma responsibility of raising wing to wing immortal and world you also do very well. Originally must accompany you to obtain nine dragons the gods to wash the chance for the master , helping you promote moon/month shining, but has an important matter at present, before you and your Junior Sister palace Yuexia, bygone days mark valley, after the return, I personally accompany you to go to azure fox Tianshan to gain the fox soul bead again......” the Vega immortal to say. “镇兽派的人很欣赏你,师祖黄昆你对赞不绝口。饲养比翼仙与人间的孽缘职责你也做得很好。本来为师要陪同你去获得九尾龙的神涤机缘,助你晋升月耀,但眼下有件要紧的事情,你和你师妹宫月霞前往天痕谷一趟,归来之后,我再亲自陪同你前往青狐天山获取狐魂珠……”织女星仙说道。 Good!” Zhu Minglang has nothing hesitant, immediately nods assent. “好!”祝明朗没有任何犹豫,立刻点头同意了。 The soul bead of fox clan can be very good god washes together, after this can also consolidate nine dragons to step into the race talent and ability to moon/month shining god. 狐族的魂珠会是一道非常好的神涤,这样也可以稳固九尾龙踏入到月耀神后的种族天赋与能力。 This commits murder lucky unknown, you and palace Yuexia must add carefully, palace Yuexia already in the journey, you and she in the day mark valley can with then.” The Vega immortal said. “此行凶吉未知,你和宫月霞要多加小心,宫月霞已经在路途上了,你与她在天痕谷会和即可。”织女星仙说道。 My this starts off.” Zhu Minglang said. “我这就上路。”祝明朗说道。 ...... …… Zhu Minglang went to the day of mark valley according to the master elder sister's meaning. 祝明朗按照师父姐姐的意思前往了天痕谷。 The day mark valley is actually a very special place, it is said here is the day wild with the day wild between common border, there are saying that was the huge universe fissure, can form the special road to conduct billion li (0.5 km) to shuttle back and forth instantaneously. 天痕谷其实是一个非常特别的地方,据说这里是天野与天野之间的交界,也有说是巨大的天宇裂痕,可以形成特殊的甬道让人进行千百万里瞬间穿梭。 Therefore the different day of wild people will appear in the day mark valley, is a very mysterious and unique gray area. 所以不同天野的人会出现在天痕谷中,算是一个非常神秘而独特的灰色地带。 The gray area, has all sorts of people , some god of disasters demons, therefore is also a quite chaotic and dangerous place, is dark corner that ten do not manage. 既是灰色地带,就有三教九流,也有一些恶神魔头,所以也算是一个比较混乱而危险的地方,是十不管的黑暗角落。
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