DH :: Volume #14

#1344: Imprisons the Longjing tea

Ji Yuanye listens, the suspicion mood in innermost feelings also reduced several points correspondingly. 纪远野一听,内心中的怀疑情绪也相应减少了几分。 This person is not absolutely simple. 此人绝对不简单。 Should be hundred years ago has had several reasons in Dragon Gate with it, polite bowing in salute, has not begun mutually, even there are has supported the opposite party slightly. 应该是百年前在龙门与之有过几面之缘,相互客气的作揖,没有动手,甚至有稍稍扶持过对方。 The Dragon Gate years pass are treacherous changeable, are very from time to time long, exceptionally are from time to time short, in Dragon Gate will go hand in hand the say/way companions possibly to be forgotten cleanly, how many let alone will be this type time put in an appearance, person of mutual recognition? 龙门岁月流逝是诡谲多变的,时而无比漫长,时而又异常短暂,龙门中的一些结伴而行的道侣都可能会被忘得一干二净,何况是这种几次照面,相互赏识的人呢? Has not experienced the person who wastes time in Dragon Gate, is impossible to say such words to come, Ji Yuanye roughly approved the Zhu Minglang status, but was vigilant that the heart has not put down. 没有在龙门中经历蹉跎的人,不可能说出这样的话来,纪远野大致是认可了祝明朗的身份,但警惕之心是没有放下的。 I am also no better, the road of practicing is long and arduous, hundred years ago I and you are equally young and impetuous, felt oneself can hoodwink the public, has not thought that on one should always strive for better and person some people......” Ji Yuanye said. “我也好不到哪里去,修行之路漫长而艰巨,百年前我和你一样年轻气盛,觉得自己可以只手遮天,不曾想天外有天、人上有人……”纪远野说道。 Oh, I after the fourth heavy day received the tribulation, realized oneself leave the true immortal demon to have the big disparity, is not excellent is born with is so, fluctuate and roughness, can meet with my dear friend today here, in the heart was instead more open, said that what great accomplishment the brother achieves here, whether to need me to assist?” Zhu Minglang inquired. “唉,我在第四重天受了劫后,也才意识到自己离真正的仙魔有多大的差距,不过人生就是如此,起起伏伏、坎坎坷坷,今日能够在这里与仁兄相遇,心中反而开朗了许多,道兄是在这里做什么大事呢,可否需要我协助?”祝明朗询问道。 Ji Yuan said wildly similarly some ambiguous words, later stopped a meeting. 纪远野同样说了一些含糊的话,随后停顿了一会。 Two people are away from one group of threatening masters of great moral integrity and learning, the way that such an old friend chatted had one one, Dragon Gate custom everyone has not actually understood, do not readily believe anybody, near say/way companion including pillow. 两人隔着一群气势汹汹的道师,就这样一副旧友闲聊的方式有一句没一句,龙门的规矩其实大家都懂,不要轻信任何人,包括枕边的道侣。 Ji Yuan can detect on the opposite party wildly the similar makings, naturally also even more affirmed that this young people surely are the old monster rank. 纪远野能够察觉到对方身上相似的气质,当然也越发肯定这个年轻人必定是老怪物级别的。 Actually, really encountered some small hindrance below, you also saw, we line of magic arts in the honored day are to ban the technique, but in the white and shiny day is actually the prosperous times immortal gate...... we in the honored day and unpopular, therefore handles affairs is so cautious.” Ji Yuanye said. “其实呢,在下还真遇到了一些小阻碍,你也看到了,我们所行的法术在钧天是禁术,但在颢天却是盛世仙门……我们在钧天并不受欢迎,所以行事才如此小心翼翼。”纪远野说道。 Regarded angle is different.” Zhu Minglang said. “看待的角度不同罢了。”祝明朗说道。 Magical powers evil actually looks at the user generally, said actually not this type of dragon soul immortal flag certainly is the evil law, if soul seal in which of special collection Evil Dragon evil dragon, that is the prestigious family is actually honest. 神通的正邪其实一般是看使用者,倒不是说这种龙魂仙旗就一定是邪法,如果专门采集恶龙邪龙的魂封印其中,那其实却是是名门正派了。 This being said that this ability did not divide is just evil, but this ground the single layer day Dragon Gate trillion dark green spirit fellows, certainly was an incurable god of disasters! 可话又说回来了,这种能力不分正邪,但这个碾碎了第一重天龙门亿万苍灵的家伙,一定是一个无可救药的恶神了! This fellow, absolutely is the gods who crouches/submits Chenshen must cut, moreover should once in number- one of the own list! 这家伙,绝对是自己伏辰神必斩的神明,而且应该一度是在自己名单的头号! If cut him, oneself can perhaps come one great fortune simultaneous/uniform day the heaven gracious gift, it is estimated that goes out to pick six gods of journeys to wash, even higher-order immortal root spirit itself/Ben. 要是斩了他,自己没准能来一个“洪福齐天”的上天恩赐,估计出个门就可以捡到六道神涤,甚至更高阶的仙根灵本。 However, the strength of this fellow is extremely absolutely strong, at least with Vega and a high night/lodge stars rank, is as good as these immortals of southern forehead to be long. 不过,这家伙的实力绝对极强,至少是与织女星、亢宿星官一个级别的,不亚于南天庭的那些仙长。 Let alone was he. 别说是他了。 This white jade Pingli over a hundred masters of great moral integrity and learning enough died several chapters. 这白玉坪里上百名道师就够自己死上个几回了。 Four azure python masters of great moral integrity and learning wield the dragon dance soul immortal flag slightly to have the deterrent force, over a hundred master of great moral integrity and learning dances begin the dragon soul immortal flag, that is an extremely dreadful matter. 四名青蟒道师挥舞龙魂仙旗就小有威慑力,上百名道师舞动手中的龙魂仙旗,那就是一件极其可怕的事情。 Fellow Daoist had this mind that to say, this little Xian Village was actually one imprisons the Longjing tea, I also south the great person of forehead with you had some in private friendship, I came here uniform/subdue one to be imprisoned the Divine Dragon of Ryongjongri according to his commission by the seal, they wanted to take the town/subdues beast of south forehead this dragon.” Ji Yuanye said. “道友有这胸襟那一切就好说了,这小仙村其实是一个囚龙井,我也是与你们南天庭的一位大人物有一些私下情谊,我按照他的嘱托来这里制服一只被封印在囚龙井里的神龙,他们想要将此龙作为南天庭的镇地兽。”纪远野说道。 Zhu Minglang goes along the power and reputation, discovered that the center of white jade level ground also really has a well. 祝明朗顺势望去,发现白玉坪的中央还真有一口井。 This well seems like with the common village well at the gushing out has no difference, but thinks the words that knows to observe, will discover that in the well head and wall carved the dense and numerous ancient scrip­tures, the lifeform of mine shaft seal quite shook the world completely absolutely! 此井看上去和寻常的村子泉井没有任何的区别,但用神识去观察的话,会发现井口和井壁上刻满了密密麻麻的古经文,井下封印的生物绝对是相当撼世的! Isn't good to cope?” Zhu Minglang said. “不好对付?”祝明朗说道。 Yes, is not good to cope, we spent the large sum of money use isolation symbol specially, here with the outside world isolating, and planned to give to open the seal, attempts taming this dragon.” Ji Yuanye said. “是的,不好对付,我们特意花了重金使用隔绝符,将这里与外界给隔绝了起来,并打算将封印给打开,尝试着将此龙给驯服。”纪远野说道。 Pitifully, my present strength is mean.” Zhu Minglang sighs. “可惜啊,我现在实力低微。”祝明朗叹了一口气。 Might as well, might as well, since the fellow daoist is south the forehead, we are also work for the south forehead now together. Was inferior that you help me have a first battle engagement, only needed to consume one physical strength of this dragon then to help me be busy. After the matter becomes, my Ji Yuan must have wildly thanks again.” Ji Yuanye bows specially , indicating own sincerity. “无妨,无妨,道友既然是南天庭的,那咱们现在也算是一同为南天庭做事。不如你来帮我打个头阵,只需要消耗一番这龙的体力便是帮了我大忙。事成之后,我纪远野必有重谢。”纪远野特意鞠了一躬,表示自己的真诚。 Zhu Minglang one knew the intention of opposite party as one pleases. 祝明朗一听便知道对方的用意了。 He must screen the fake friend real friend. 他要甄别假友人还是真友人。 If oneself do not intend unable to prove hundred years ago small friendship, that intrudes definitely to have something else planned. 自己如果不出手就无法证明百年前的小友谊,那闯入进来肯定另有所图。 He ignores easily will not leave. 他绝不会轻易的放任自己离开。 Zhu Minglang dares to come, actually also has the energy. 祝明朗敢进来,其实也有底气。 Here everyone, cannot support Spirit Sword Dragon move of sword except for Ji Yuanye in any case. 反正这里所有人,除了纪远野都是吃不住剑灵龙一招剑式的。 Naturally, the limit of solar flare makes Zhu Minglang have to use Spirit Sword Dragon prudently, oneself also mix well in the south forehead, does not need to make a getaway. 当然,耀斑的限制让祝明朗不得不慎重使用剑灵龙,自己在南天庭还混得不错,没有必要逃之夭夭。 Since this, I help Ji brother.” The Zhu Minglang nod complies, walks following the meaning of opposite party downward. “既然这样,那我就助纪兄一把。”祝明朗点头答应,顺着对方的意思往下走。 Has a look at what situation, is not right runs again also with enough time. 看看什么个情况,不对劲再跑也来得及。 Cannot be victorious, running should be able to run. 打不过,跑应该是可以跑的。 Really cannot escape, Spirit Sword Dragon, levels off directly! 实在跑不了,还有剑灵龙,直接夷平! I may untie this to imprison the Longjing tea, meets vermilion fellow daoist to have what method to cause, how long can constrain this dragon beast how long, remaining gives us.” Ji Yuanye said. “那我可就解开这囚龙井了,一会朱道友有什么手段就使出来,能拖住这龙兽多久就多久,剩下的交给我们。”纪远野说道。 The Zhu Minglang point, is actually criticizing this fellow to be shrewd and crafty at heart! 祝明朗点了点,心里却在暗骂这家伙老奸巨猾! If he begins to himself like the illustrious Queen of night directly, Zhu Minglang also gives him to come ruthlessly. 他要是像昭月神那样直接对自己动手,祝明朗也给他来个狠的。 This fellow very indefatigable, the criterion of probe also was just good. 偏偏这家伙很有耐性,试探的尺度也刚刚好。 Oneself must calm down. 自己也要沉住气。 Socializes with him slowly! 和他慢慢周旋! Opening.” Zhu Minglang displayed the energy and self-confidence of non- common deity. “开启吧。”祝明朗表现出了非寻常神仙的底气与自信。 Ji Yuanye also nods, to own the disciples who do the luxurious lineup said: Unsealing, the release imprisons the dragon!!” 纪远野也点了点头,对自己的一干豪华阵容的门徒们道:“解封,释放囚龙!!” Finishes speaking, that ancient scrip­tures bloomed the hot sun to burn the glow of pupil suddenly, brilliance intense to letting the person could not open the eye subconsciously, Zhu Minglang with the hand covers, during a piece was dazzling, Zhu Minglang saw that well turned into soul-stirring center of the earth spring, they did not seem like place oneself in the ground at this moment, was more like touches to reach center of the earth ancient territory, that well head seemed like the demon deep pool other shore to lead to some position! 话音刚落,那一道道古经文猛然绽放出了烈日灼瞳之芒,光辉强烈到让人睁不开眼睛,祝明朗下意识的用手去遮挡,一片炫目之中,祝明朗看到了那口井变成了一口惊心动魄的地心泉眼,他们此刻不像是置身在地面上,更像是触达地心古域,那井口像是通向某个位置的魔渊彼岸! Sips!!!!!!!!!!!!” “呷!!!!!!!!!!!!” The dragon cry high-rising that sharp such as the electricity called however was startled, the people in entire little Xian Village seemed like by the thunder and lightning are hit generally, that intense feeling paralysis with standing was bearing thunder Faban the pain in a perimeter/thunder pool!! 一声尖锐如电鸣的龙啼声兀然惊起,紧接着整个小仙村的人都像是被雷电击中了一般,那种强烈的麻痹感跟站在了一片雷池中承受着雷罚般痛苦!! Came! Rubs dragon Panqi!!!” Ji Yuan prepared sufficient wildly obviously, he toward numerous disciple high said. “来了!磨龙盘旗阵!!!”纪远野显然做好了充足的准备,他朝着众门徒高声道。 The order issues, hundred powerful masters of great moral integrity and learning waved the dragon soul flag in hand together, their fan had/left the countless ghost flood dragon soul, these ghost flood dragons just like are drained the water to sway from side to side the loach of body in Mantang, the huge quantity were not saying, the scene was astonishing! 命令一下达,百名强大的道师共同挥舞起了手中的龙魂旗,他们扇出了数之不尽的鬼蛟魂,这些鬼蛟犹如被抽干了水在满塘中扭动着身躯的泥鳅,数量庞大不说,场面更是惊人!
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