DH :: Volume #14

#1329: Broken guards

Zhu Minglang saw his look. 祝明朗看到了他的眼神。 Although merely is the short several words, but on his face has several points to ponder, particularly that eye, having several points to be favorite and contemptuous. 尽管仅仅是短短的几句话,但他的脸上却带着几分玩味,尤其是那双眼睛,带着几分得意与轻蔑。 This seemed like a peacock to bind mud to walk into a hen house, including range chicken was ridiculing that his ugliness, but it in secretly was joyful and excited, so long as because its optional flushing will reveal that let the entire hen house for the bright and beautiful feather that it exclaimed in surprise, but the range chicken forever was that range chicken, but also before because it, had said that words were shameful. 这就好像是一只孔雀裹着一层泥走入到了一个鸡舍当中,其中有一只土鸡在嘲笑他的丑陋,而它却在暗暗喜悦与兴奋,因为只要它随意的一冲洗就会亮出让整个鸡舍都为之惊叹的亮丽羽毛,而土鸡永远都是那只土鸡,还会因为它之前所说过的那番话语而无地自容。 Stars Nie Ti at this moment is that peacock, regards the Zhu Minglang look looks like looks in a hen house very active range chicken. 此刻的星官聂提就是那只孔雀,看待祝明朗的眼神就像是看一只鸡舍里非常活跃的土鸡。 Whatever you called hit loud, chicken feather pure, is unable to place on a par with a peacock eventually, this superiority feeling and arrogant feeling have manifested in his facial expression and look completely. 任凭你鸣打得有多响,鸡毛有多纯正,终究无法和一只孔雀相提并论,这份优越感与高傲感已经全部体现在了他的神情与眼神之中。 Zhu Minglang moved toward the Black Tortoise stage, he feels the rushing of surrounding numerous immortal and tide of people, although had also seen similar magnificent scene in the past, but here person had the obvious difference from the initial place, they were strange regarding Zhu Minglang, was novel, the feeling will naturally also differ very in a big way. 祝明朗走向了玄武台,他感受到周围众仙与人潮的澎湃,虽然以往也见过类似的大场面,但这里的人与当初的地方有明显的不同,他们对于祝明朗来说是陌生的,是新奇的,感受自然也会相差很大。 But the mentality, Zhu Minglang is steady throughout. 但心态,祝明朗始终是平稳的。 Two sites till then.” Be responsible for the notarization the immortal length is a prestigious master officer, he said to two dazzling in disciples. “两位点到为止即可。”负责公证的仙长是一位有威望的师官,他对两位耀眼的内门弟子说道。 Naturally, I also south the forehead disciples with the numerous am actually same, actually curious this vermilion Tongmen hid many strengths.” High night/lodge stars Nie Ti said. “自然,我其实也和众南天庭弟子们一样,好奇这位朱同门究竟隐藏了多少实力。”亢宿星官聂提说道。 Good, that starts.” The immortal long nods. “好,那开始吧。”仙长点了点头。 I forfeit.” Finishes speaking, Zhu Minglang joined these words. “我弃权。”话音刚落,祝明朗接上了这句话。 The immortal long takes the first foot, he in that looks at Zhu Minglang that has turned the head to be confused. 仙长都才迈出第一脚,他愣在那,转过头去一头雾水的看着祝明朗 I said, I forfeit.” Zhu Minglang feared that the elderly man has not heard clearly hardly of hearing. “我说,我弃权。”祝明朗怕老人家耳背没听清。 Did a ten thousand noted showdown, just start to end? 万受瞩目的一场对决,才刚刚开始就已经结束了? Not was only the notarization old immortal long was dumbstruck, these stayed up an entire big night to occupy the people in seat to be ignorant here! 不仅仅是公证的老仙长发懵了,就连那些熬了一整个大夜在这里占好席位的人都懵了! Not gesticulation gesture?” The old immortal long asked. “不比划比划?”老仙长问道。 „, Without meaning.” Zhu Minglang light saying, said that he walks toward Black Tortoise stage outside. “不了,没意思。”祝明朗淡淡的说道,说完他就往玄武台外走去。 Halts!” High night/lodge stars Nie Ti anticipated and happily disappeared a moment ago, what replaces it is angry and puzzled, he points at Zhu Minglang to scold, what do you mean, yields peacefully, is degrading the dignity!” “站住!”亢宿星官聂提刚才的期待与得意消失了,取而代之的是恼怒与不解,他指着祝明朗骂道,“你这是什么意思,不战而降,有辱尊严!” Silly fork.” Zhu Minglang gives the Nie Ti stars neat two characters, then natural stepped down the Black Tortoise stage. “傻叉。”祝明朗送给聂提星官干净利落的两个字,然后潇洒的走下了玄武台。 Has left, the competition naturally ended, however high night/lodge stars Nie Ti anger and war intent actually by Zhu Minglang directly igniting, the ignition, own opponent to the field, his anything is even undoable, but must extinguishes to the pouring this aroused anger! 既已离开,比试自然就结束了,然而亢宿星官聂提的怒火与战意却被祝明朗直接给引燃了,引燃就算了,自己的对手已经离场,他什么都不能做,还要将这份被激起的愤怒给浇灭下去! With this range chicken is the mouth addiction! 和着,这只土鸡就是过嘴瘾的! Scolded you! 就骂你! No plan more attractive than what feather with you! 没打算跟你比什么羽毛漂亮不漂亮! I scolded happily, I continued to get my Sun. 我骂开心了,我继续晒我的太阳。 But the high night/lodge stars are also waiting with the eyes of own feather bright blind people, making everyone know, even if he suppressed cultivated/repaired is, the rare talent of this southern forehead was not his opponent...... 可是亢宿星官还等着用自己的羽毛亮瞎众人的眼,让所有人都知道哪怕他压制了修为,这南天庭的奇才也不是他的对手…… You...... your coward! Has the ability you not to leave the place of town/subdues beast for a lifetime!!” Nie Ti stars scolded shamefully and angrily. “你……你这个孬种!有能耐你一辈子不离开镇兽之地!!”聂提星官恼羞成怒的骂道。 Nie Ti stars is actually not old, is less than 20. 聂提星官其实年龄也不大,不到二十。 His achievement is extremely dazzling, the honored day is known to everybody to be known to everybody. 只是他的成就太过耀眼,钧天可谓无人不知无人不晓。 His strength allows him not to need to conceal own being mad hold, does not need to bear patiently own disgruntledness at anything. 他的实力允许他不需要掩饰自己的气盛,也无需在任何事情上隐忍自己的不悦。 Before retrieving by the gathering place of punishment day cauldron dragon deterrent, he was endured this following year ratio specially, devastates the Celestial and talent of entire south forehead has not had a look to a Zhu Minglang color interestingly. 为了找回之前被刑天鼎龙威慑的场子,他可是特意忍到了这次年比,蹂躏整个南天庭的天人与天才都没有给祝明朗一点颜色看看来得有意思。 Who knows that unexpectedly is this result, instantaneous broken guards greatly! 谁知道竟是这个结果,瞬间破大防! Retarded.” Before Zhu Minglang just before leaving, gave the Nie Ti stars two characters again, ended this ten thousand noted competition directly. “弱智。”祝明朗临走前再送给了聂提星官两个字,算是直接结束了这场万受瞩目的比试。 This, Zhu Minglang does not absolutely need to win. 这一场,祝明朗根本没有必要去赢。 Has achieved the effect that oneself want in any case. 反正已经达到自己所要的效果了。 As for in Nie Ti who in front of oneself bluffs and blusters...... 至于在自己面前耀武扬威的聂提…… It looks like in Zhu Minglang is disinclined to haggle over with him! 祝明朗看来是自己懒得与他计较! First, if the strength presses god king Xiuwei, Zhu Minglang did not think that the small gluttony will defeat. 首先,实力若都压到神王修为,祝明朗并不觉得小饕餮会败。 What background is the small gluttony?? 小饕餮是什么来头?? The Dragon Gate fourth heavy day of local despot, high night/lodge stars type has not eaten 100 also 80, in the small gluttony eye this is a youth. 龙门第四重天的土皇帝,亢宿星官这种没吃个一百也有八十了,在小饕餮眼里这就是一个愣头青。 Does not suppress cultivates, high night/lodge stars Nie Ti cannot shoulder a Spirit Sword Dragon sword. 不压制修为来说,亢宿星官聂提也扛不住剑灵龙一剑。 If this competition really hits, the small gluttony won, then Nie Ti will certainly relieve cultivates for the suppression, by cultivating for wins, then said that anything cultivate/repair to high is also the bullshit of strength of strength, if oneself lost, he can taunt in every possible way, shames in every possible way...... 所以如果这场比试真打下去,小饕餮赢了,那么聂提一定会解除修为压制,靠修为来取胜,然后说什么修为高也是实力之力的屁话,而如果自己输了,他就可以百般嘲讽,百般羞辱…… Truly does not have the meaning. 确实没意思。 Why! 何必呢! Zhu Minglang also wonders, the person who these watch does not think, why do oneself want to fight with high night/lodge stars Nie Ti? 祝明朗也纳闷,这些来观看的人怎么也不动动脑子,自己为什么要和亢宿星官聂提打? Won him, can oneself many meat be inadequate? 赢了他,自己能多块肉不成? South the small clothes eating insect of forehead as one, if not the quota of Vega is truly difficult to do, nine dragons and small gluttonies that the Zhu Minglang entire journey will not let god king Jijing enter the war, Chong Wanglong can kill several that several. 作为一个南天庭的小蛀虫,如果不是织女星的名额确实难搞,祝明朗全程都不会让神王级境的九尾龙与小饕餮参战,崇亡龙能杀到第几名那就第几。 Actually this is also in the reason.” The northern Chongyang immortal that in spite of being very busy comes to observe sees this result, instead smiled. “其实这也是情理之中。”百忙之中前来观战的北崇阳仙看到这个结果,反而是笑了起来。 Yes, this vermilion wave is young, it is estimated that 17 years old, but Nie Ti he cultivated for three years, truly no comparability, this Celestial young disciple is very but actually interesting.” “是啊,这朱浪年少,估计十七岁都不到,而聂提比他多修炼了三年,确实没什么可比性,这位天人小弟子倒挺有意思的。” Can calm down, can see clearly the situation.” “沉得住气,也看得清形势。” But said no matter how, Nie Ti in young handsome , the position does not have may shake......” “但不管怎么说,聂提在年轻俊才里,地位是无可撼动的……” Honored day feared that is very difficult anything compared with he dazzling person, but hears the quiet day, northern heavens and yellow heaven to have not the inferior character, it seems like we really old.” “钧天怕是很难有什么比他更耀眼的人,不过听闻幽天、玄天、黄天都有不逊色的人物,看来我们这些人是真的老咯。” Everyone may have the pleasing disciple, first ventilates, so as to avoid when the time comes our these old fogies because of snatching the disciple hit.” The crescent moon immortal said. “大家可都有中意的弟子吗,先通个气,免得到时候我们这些老家伙因为抢弟子而打起来。”月牙仙说道。 This vermilion wave, I wanted.” The northern Chongyang immortal is impolite, direct roll-call. “这个朱浪,我要了。”北崇阳仙也不客气,直接点名。 Shen Tu is good, I thought that he has the potential very much.” “沈荼不错,我觉得他很有潜力。” What I am quite pleasing is palace Yuexia.” At this time, Vega opened the mouth, she also indicated she most favors the disciple who and likes. “我比较中意的是宫月霞。”此时,织女星开口了,她也表明了自己最看好和喜欢的弟子。 Losing face was selected by you...... resulted, then looks at these disciples own wishes again.” “出彩的都被你们挑了……得了,回头再看一看这些弟子们自己的意愿吧。” ...... …… Its year the time span is quite longer , the public being in direct line ceremony also compared with ended after the year completely started. 本身年比的时间跨度就比较长,公开嫡传典礼也在年比完全结束之后开始了。 Arrived that spotless broad courtyard , the front had 23 milestones as before, what from beforehand is different, today under the milestone stands these corresponding immortals to be long, some immortals long wander frequently outside, several years cannot see the person, only today on the scene. 依旧是到了那一尘不染的广庭上,面前有二十三座丰碑,与之前不同的是,今日丰碑下都站着那些相应的仙长,其中一些仙长经常云游在外,好几年都不能看到人,唯独今天是在场的。
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