DH :: Volume #14

#1322: Because the dog transports/fortunes to be well-known

Junior Brother, originally your only dragon for dead agilisaurus, may scare us.” Picks in the sentiment to come to say skillfully. “师弟,原来你的这只龙为死灵龙啊,可吓坏我们了。”巧采情上前来道。 Enough assurance, I will not naturally have come.” Zhu Minglang said. “没有足够的把握,我自然也不会来。”祝明朗说道。 Your this won some fishy, the following road was not quite good.” Saying that Song Hao was somewhat worried about. “你这获胜得有些蹊跷了,后面的路也不太好走啊。”宋浩有些担心的说道。 On the words of strength, Zhao Xuan is truly strong, even if Zhu Minglang this only Chong Wanglong can return to live, feared that is still very three ancient martial Divine Dragon that is difficult to deal with go. 论实力的话,赵绚确实挺强的,即便是祝明朗的这只崇亡龙可以返生过来,怕是也很难应对接下去的三条古武神龙。 Therefore these won is a little actually dangerous. 所以这一场赢得其实有点悬。 All right, the following disciple uncertain each one looks like this fellow is so hard to deal with.” Zhu Minglang said. “没事的,后面的弟子也不一定个个都像这家伙那么难缠。”祝明朗说道。 ...... …… Also really by Zhu Minglang saying right. 还真被祝明朗给说对了。 The later several rounds, the Zhu Minglang opponent strength is not very strong. 之后的好几轮,祝明朗的对手实力都不算特别强。 Many in disciples actually also know oneself do not have the qualifications to compete for the position of being in direct line, but they also want to demonstrate itself, wants some elder and immortal long recognition...... 许多内门弟子其实也知道自己是没有资格争夺嫡传之位的,但他们也想要展示自己,也想要得到一些长辈与仙长的赏识…… Doing to these people really has cultivates to much not be high. 奈何这些人之中确实有不少修为并不高的。 Generally in the threshold of disciple in god child level, but the god child level to a god king level such long span, in the disciple inside strength of it can be said that is also irregular. 一般内门弟子的门槛在神子级,而神子级到神王级这么长的一个跨度,内门弟子里面的实力也可以说是参差不齐的。 The destiny of Zhu Minglang one's good fortune on the rise manifested in the later several rounds. 祝明朗福星高照的天命就在之后的好几轮中体现出来了。 The four rounds, cultivate/repair for the steamroll completely. 正正四轮,全部都是修为碾压。 Speaking of reasonably fourth round and fifth round, the strength whole of opponent will promote, must have a high-rank and summit god Monarch, but Zhu Minglang meets is below the god Monarch level. 按理说到了第四轮、第五轮,对手的实力整体会提升上来,怎么也得有个上位、巅位神君,但祝明朗遇到的都是神君级以下的。 This luck, with draws a bye to enter next round no difference directly. 这种运气,跟直接轮空进入下一轮没有什么区别。 , The boy really do not enter to hundred hero?” Side Zhao Xuan several packs of scoundrels said. “不会吧,不会吧,那小子真是要进入到百雄之列了?”赵绚身边的几个狐朋狗友说道。 Since few days ago by humiliation after eliminating, Zhao Xuan is unable to recover, various types in the later several years ratio runs into the powerful enemy, after losing three, Zhao Xuan lost completely competed with hundred male qualifications. 自从前些日子被屈辱的淘汰了之后,赵绚可谓一蹶不振,在之后的好几场年比中各种遇到强敌,在输了三场之后,赵绚就彻底丧失了竞争百雄的资格。 This makes Zhao Xuan very annoying! 这让赵绚无比懊恼! Some contrasts have the injury, Zhao Xuan after oneself eliminate wants to take pleasure in others' misfortunes looks at Zhu Minglang to lose, after all Zhu Minglang was depends on the despicable method to win own, the opponents who finally Zhu Minglang ran into all the way were the vegetable/dish chicken that a that his ancient martial Divine Dragon did not even beat! 偏偏有对比才有伤害,赵绚在自己淘汰之后就想要幸灾乐祸的看祝明朗输,毕竟祝明朗是靠着卑劣的手段才赢了自己的,结果祝明朗一路上遇到的对手都是那种连他一只古武神龙都不敌的菜鸡! Five victories in a row! 都五连胜了! Won one directly to enter hundred hero again! 再赢一场就直接进入百雄了! Zhao Xuan has no way to accept. 赵绚没法接受。 To spit a foul odor by oneself, Zhao Xuan checked the Zhu Minglang playing time specially. 为了让自己吐一口恶气,赵绚特意查了祝明朗的比赛时间。 Today gets down, can be the sixth round of competition of Zhu Minglang. 今天下去,会是祝明朗的第六轮比试。 He did not believe sixth round this fellow also to be able luck good meeting to cultivate/repair for the low disciple. 他不信到了第六轮这家伙还能够那么运气好的遇见修为低下的弟子。 Sat on the view seat, the person who this competition actually came to pay attention to were not many, that scene compared with initially really misses far. 坐在了观席上,这一场比试其实前来关注的人并不多,和自己当初那个场面相比实在差远了。 In the lonely competition island, Zhu Minglang has stood in early central. 冷冷清清的比试岛上,祝明朗已经早早的站在中央了。 But Teacher also coming to power of slowly notarization, he put out the register of names, watched a weather. 而公证的师长也缓缓的上了台,他拿出了名册,又看了一眼天色。 Passed burning a joss stick time, the notarization Teacher looked at a Zhu Minglang para-position seat. 过了一炷香时间,公证师长又看了一眼祝明朗的对位席。 Saw that the time has wanted, finally the female of wear small goose down robe slightly runs over, runs pants. 眼看时间就要过了,终于有一个穿着小鹅绒袍的女子小跑了过来,跑得气喘吁吁的。 Teacher, my family young master is injured at the previous competition, he wants to rest, when dragon beast adjust the condition to fight again, therefore made me say one specially, this he gave up.” That young maidservant said. “师长,我家少爷在上一场比赛受了伤,他想休息一场,待龙兽都调整好状态再战,所以特意让我过来说一声,这一场他放弃了。”那位小侍女说道。 Knew, making your family Young Master Di heal from a wound well.” The notarization Teacher nods. “知道了,让你家狄少爷好好养伤。”公证的师长点了点头。 This approach is actually quite wise, is not the score can certainly become the final winner prominent, only needs to enter to hundred hero finally, where is afraid of losing 1-2 not to have the big relations, adjusting the easy condition to hit again is wise. 这种做法其实是比较明智的,并不是战绩显赫就一定可以成为最后的赢家,只需要最后能够进入到百雄之列,哪怕输1-2也没有多大的关系,调整好状态再打才是明智的。 What the years ratio adopts is not elimination of single failure, but will conduct approximate ranking according to the score and victory and defeat. 年比采取的并不是单次失败的淘汰,而是会根据战绩与胜负进行一个大致的排名。 Therefore years ratio duration association president some. 所以年比的持续时间会长一些。 Cannot!!!” “不会吧!!!” Suddenly, outside resounded wailing of person! 忽然,场外响起了一个人的哀嚎! The person of wailing naturally is Zhao Xuan. 哀嚎的人自然是赵绚。 In other words, this boy except for runs into himself from the beginning, other is the benefits bureau! 也就是说,这个小子除了一开始遇到自己,其他的都是福利局! Can so perfect avoids all interior door powerhouses, then in the struggles of last important hundred hero the opponent forfeits, what good luck is this?? 能够如此完美的避开所有内门强者,然后再最后一场重要的百雄之争中对手弃权,这是什么鸿运啊?? Is hard to accept!! 难以接受!! Zhao Xuanzhi thought that extravasated blood must spout finally from own throat! 赵绚只觉得那一口淤血终于要从自己的喉咙中喷涌出来了! In other words, if oneself had not played dumb at that time, this series of lucky victories are own! 也就是说,如果自己当时没有犯傻,这一系列的好运胜利是属于自己的! Hundred hero, this fellow entered hundred hero...... 百雄啊,这家伙就这么进百雄之列了…… If which immortal long there has not incurred the full being in direct line disciple, refers to erratically will also make him collect a population! 要是哪位仙长那里没有招满嫡传弟子,指不定还会让他去凑个人数! This makes Zhao Xuan start to suspect that own life, practice with hardship for 30 years, how might as well others' destiny good luck? 这让赵绚开始怀疑自己的人生了,苦苦修行三十年,怎么还不如别人的天命好运呢? On the field, sees opposite completely empty, Zhu Minglang also flexure scratched the head. 场上,看到对面空空如也,祝明朗自己也挠了挠头。 Is this person of proper unique treatment a good cultivating? 这就是一个善修之人应有的独特待遇吗? Although somewhat moves unnecessarily, but actually also saved the Zhu Minglang time massively. 虽说有些多此一举,但其实也大量的节省了祝明朗的时间。 So Chong Wanglong the strength retained. 如此崇亡龙的实力都保留了下来。 ...... …… The Zhu Minglang good luck deeds quick spread on disciple. 祝明朗的鸿运事迹很快就在内门弟子之中传开了。 Zhu Minglang does not have to think oneself in the south forehead known unexpectedly are because the dog does transport? 祝明朗也没有想到自己在南天庭小有名气竟是因为狗运好? Becoming the interior door hundred male disciples neatly. 不费吹灰之力成为内门百雄弟子。 ...... …… The wars of hundred male disciple are south every year the forehead year ratio climax. 百雄弟子之战才是每年南天庭年比的重头戏。 But the struggles of hundred male disciple no longer are place in the competition island, on the blue sky island liveliest Black Tortoise stage! 而百雄弟子之争不再是放在比试岛中,是在碧落岛最繁华的玄武台上! Grand dignified, truly can look at the southern forehead is attaches great importance to the disciple later generations, hopes that the entire south forehead has had the fresh blood. 隆重庄严,看得出来南天庭确实是对弟子后辈们非常重视,希望整个南天庭一直有新鲜的血液。 Zhu Minglang the ratios of hundred hero arranged at the night, during the daytime arrived was some south entire enjoys the prestigious disciple in the entire blue sky forehead of island. 祝明朗的百雄之比排在了夜里,白天登场的都是一些在整个碧落岛在整个南天庭都享有名望的弟子。 In these disciples even some are ten thousand li (0.5 km) day some gods, they in the folk, in the gods domain same are very special. 这些弟子中甚至有些还是万里天都中的一些正神,他们在民间,在神明领域一样是非常特殊的。 Zhu Minglang looked several, in the heart south the talent feeling of forehead to this. 祝明朗看了好几场,心中不由对这南天庭的人才感慨。 On these hundred male disciples of south forehead, feared that the initial Beidou divine land will stir earth-shaking sufficiently. 就南天庭的这些百雄弟子,怕是足以将当初的北斗神州搅个天翻地覆。 Is an honored day immortal sect has so many god Monarch and god king, and is also the disciple level, does not know many old monsters in that clouds forehead on top of the head, their strengths have terrifying how. 仅仅是钧天的一个仙宗就有如此多的神君、神王,并且还都是弟子级的,也不知道在头顶上的那云霄天庭中又有多少老怪物,他们的实力又有多么的恐怖。 Has waited till the night. 一直等到了夜晚。 The beacon light of each and every family has lightened, can see many red Mei and light yellow lanterns, they hang down under these attractive upturned eaves, the pear, camphor wood and dark green wooden garret rise straight from the ground, dragon clan a lot of totem were carved on these high columns, can see many to use the rare ore-bearing rocks polish the ancient tower god tablet, they present the special design to sort in the entire huge ten thousand li (0.5 km) day, not to mention is these resplendent in gold and jade green palaces, temples, the day building and cloud pavilion, just like outside the mountain the mountain is mountainous, has been able to fly to be the same to the highest heaven fairyland along them. 家家户户的明灯已经点亮,可以看到许多红玫与鹅黄的灯笼,它们垂挂在那些漂亮的飞檐下,梨木、樟木、苍木的阁楼拔地而起,龙族的千百种图腾被刻在了那些高柱上,也可以看到诸多用稀有矿岩打磨的古塔神碑,它们呈现特殊的图案排序在整个巨大的万里天都中,更不用说是那些金碧辉煌的宫殿、神庙、天楼、云阁,犹如山外之山重峦叠嶂,一直可以沿着它们飞向九霄仙境一般。 Blue sky island such prosperity. 碧落岛如此之昌盛。 But it is also a ten thousand li (0.5 km) day in which god. 而它也不过是万里天都的其中一座神都罢了。
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