DH :: Volume #12

#1167: Sad news one after another

Matter must have the monster unusual! 事情反常必有妖! Just like Li Yunzi said that has the star picture in situation where, regardless of goes dissolutely, by the risk that the enemy catches directly is very small. 正如黎云姿说的,有星画在的情况下自己无论去哪里浪荡,被敌人直接逮到的风险是非常小的。 Moreover, they must launch the attack to the Heaven's Pivot god space Hua Qiu faction on a large scale, finally has not sent out, enemy who strikes the first blow has the advantage, has instead known probably completely they must make anything to be the same. 而且,他们要对天枢神宇华仇派系大举发动进攻,结果还没有出动,敌人反而先下手为强了,就好像已经完全知道了他们这些人要做什么一样。 Deployment of Li Yunzi, because also this sudden god got by the chaos. 还有黎云姿的部署,也因为这一场突如其来的神变被大乱了。 Although Li Yunzi had not related in detail, but Zhu Minglang knows to take the profound dagger-axe gods thoroughly, Li Yunzi also lost many numerous. 虽然黎云姿没有细说,但祝明朗知道为了彻底拿下玄戈神都,黎云姿这边也损失了不少部众。 First is ambushed, Li Yunzi has the accident, profound dagger-axe god these profound dagger-axe faction god are not the fools, if profound Ge Shenzhen died, their takes advantage is only Li Yunzi, let alone profound Ge God is a day pilot, facing dark actually radically helpless, martial God who only then Li Yunzi this excelling stations troops can bless Profound Spear Divine Country. 先是自己被伏击,紧接着黎云姿这边发生变故,玄戈神都的那些玄戈派系神裔也不是傻子,假如玄戈神真的死了,他们的唯一依仗就是黎云姿,何况玄戈神是一名天机师,面对黑暗其实根本无能为力,只有黎云姿这种擅长屯兵的武神才可以庇佑好玄戈神国 Similarly, Zhu Minglang received the ambush, Li Yunzi here god changes, the star picture has not foreseen. 同样的,无论是祝明朗自己受到了埋伏,还是黎云姿这边的神变,星画都没有预见。 This means that a powerful prediction master is changing the original motion trajectory! 这就意味着有一位强大的预言师在改变着原本的运行轨迹! First watches changes quietly, all and other star pictures wake up make the choice again, must remind person in the near future do not take a walk at will, otherwise very easy to encounter the ambush in advance enemy like you.” Li Yunzi earnest saying. “先静观其变吧,一切等星画醒来再做抉择,也得提醒身边的人近期不要随意走动,不然很容易像你一样遭到敌人的预先埋伏。”黎云姿认真的说道。 Zhu Minglang nods, at present also only then this. 祝明朗点了点头,眼下也只有这样了。 The time of star picture deep sleep is somewhat long, even Li Yunzi does not know that actually she when will wake up...... 星画这一次沉睡的时间有些长,甚至连黎云姿也不知道她究竟什么时候会醒来…… Why does not know, Zhu Minglang has very bad premonition. 不知道为什么,祝明朗有很糟糕的预感。 When with Li Yunzi chitchatted, Nan Lingsha leisurely walks. 黎云姿攀谈之时,南玲纱款款走来。 Has verified, is drops in the netherworld demon sovereign who the gods outside stir up trouble wickedly Buddha, it just swallowed the white holy city, a lot of netherworld evil spirits are causing trouble in the white holy city.” Nan Lingsha informed Zhu Minglang and Li Yunzi this news. “已经查明了,在神都外兴风作浪的阴间魔皇是恶堕佛陀,它刚刚吞掉了白圣城,大量的阴间妖物正在白圣城作祟。”南玲纱将这个消息告知了祝明朗黎云姿 Drops wickedly Buddha, is behind the ksitigarbha beast thing of that netherworld. 恶堕佛陀,正是地藏兽背后的那个阴间之物。 It was seven suffers from one of the sovereigns.” Zhu Minglang said. “想必它就是七罹皇之一了。”祝明朗说道。 Its appearance can make the profound dagger-axe gods who stabilize with great difficulty have some turbulence, the folk also raised one to oppose that Li Yunzi becomes the influence that they believe.” Nan Lingsha said. “它的出现会让好不容易稳定下来的玄戈神都也发生了一些动荡,民间也掀起了一阵反对黎云姿成为他们信仰的势力。”南玲纱说道。 Zhu Minglang immediately a headache. 祝明朗顿时一阵头疼。 Some time ago oneself on the grounds of the profound dagger-axe god can peace, convince knew the Saint to revere with Song God the marquis makes them comfort other god, the result white holy city falls to the enemy suddenly. 不久前自己才以玄戈神能够太平为由,说服了知圣尊和宋神侯让他们安抚其他神裔,结果白圣城突然就沦陷了。 Profound Ge God are battalion city who they assemble and attack the Heaven's Pivot god city, if here has problems, they can only return to Ji Ting Continent, but the Ji Ting Continent spirit capital is not rich, Hua Qiu occupies the entire Beidou divine land, the strength will be getting stronger and stronger, if they shrink in Ji Ting Continent, did not have the capital and Hua Qiu disputes! 玄戈神都是他们集结与进攻天枢神城的营城,这里若是出了问题的话,他们只能够退回到极庭大陆了,可极庭大陆的灵资并不丰富,华仇占据整个北斗神州,实力会越来越壮大,他们若缩在极庭大陆中,更没有资本与华仇较量了! I killed dropped wickedly Buddha, no matter how went our roads to walk, must first consolidate the profound dagger-axe god aspect.” Zhu Minglang said. “我去杀了恶堕佛陀吧,不管接下去我们的路要怎么走,都得先稳固玄戈神都的局面。”祝明朗说道。 Last one time the time of killing the ksitigarbha beast, let drop Buddha running wickedly, if we had known on below cruel methods, pursued into to drop Buddha butchering this coming wickedness to netherworld intersection at that time directly, is insufficient to give the profound dagger-axe gods like the present to bring such strikes the heavy losses, had one misfortune after another! 上一次杀地藏兽的时候,让恶堕佛陀给跑了,早知道当时就下狠手,直接追入到阴间十字路口把这个现身的恶堕佛陀给宰了,也不至于像现在这样给玄戈神都带来这样一击重创,雪上加霜啊! I went to be good, you also had the wound, resting.” Nan Lingsha looked at Zhu Minglang, light saying. “我去就好了,你还有伤,歇着吧。”南玲纱看了一眼祝明朗,淡淡的说道。 I and speculated in bright our enemies has the powerful prediction master, you must be careful, should never leave the profound dagger-axe gods within the boundaries.” The Li Yunzi urging said. “我和明朗推测我们的敌人中有强大的预言师,你得小心,切勿离开玄戈神都境内。”黎云姿叮嘱道。 Two sisters sarcastic comments, mutually have been reprehensible, but the critical moment is the same standpoint throughout. 两姐妹一直都冷言冷语、互看不顺眼,但关键时刻还是始终同一立场的。 Nan Lingsha has not replied, but turned around to leave. 南玲纱没有应答,只是转身离开了。 Zhu Minglang is looking at her, was indistinct saw wisp of special god splendor holy covering in her beautiful back, as if thick at night did not have any influence on her state of mind. 祝明朗望着她,隐约间看到了一缕特殊的神辉圣洁的笼罩在她婀娜的背影上,似乎浓浓的黑夜对她的神魂不造成任何影响。 This makes Zhu Minglang curious, the Nan Lingsha god name is anything. 这让祝明朗不由好奇,南玲纱的神名是什么。 Her godship seems like the extremely high appearance. 她神格看上去极高的样子。 Only pitifully, Li Yunzi as if not know the Nan Lingsha true god name. 只可惜,黎云姿似乎都不知道南玲纱真正的神名。 Zhu Minglang also truly needs to rest, presents the moon/month White Dragon, the profound dragon, the Nüwa dragon, the yama dragon and Heaven Slaughtering Dragon injured one after another, particularly the Nüwa dragon injury is most serious, that sword numerous puncture, making the Nüwa dragon nearly pass away. 祝明朗也确实需要休息,奉月白龙、玄龙、女娲龙、阎王龙、天煞龙相继受伤,尤其是女娲龙伤势最为严重,那一剑重重的穿刺,让女娲龙险些一命呜呼。 Wu is really sinister evil and cruel, the bonus is so, Zhu Minglang cannot act rashly now. 吕梧实在阴险歹毒,饶是如此,祝明朗现在也不能轻举妄动。 Own enemy, compared with imagination in fearful. 自己的敌人,比想象中可怕。 Does not stop Hua Qiu one! 绝不止华仇一个! You first heal from a wound.” Li Yunzi said to Zhu Minglang. “你先养伤。”黎云姿祝明朗说道。 Good.” Zhu Minglang nods, knows now is not showing off power time. “好。”祝明朗点了点头,也知道现在不是逞强的时候。 All must wait for Li Xinghua to wake up, they go down well one step. 一切都得等黎星画醒来,他们才好走下一步。 ...... …… Without the division of day and night, the work and rest of people also became the disorder. 没有了昼夜之分,人们的作息也变得紊乱了起来。 Li Yunzi goes to sleep in own room, she had not slept for successive several days, some strange things one after another, she somewhat finds it hard to cope with. 黎云姿在自己的屋中睡下,她已经连续几天未眠了,一些离奇的事情一件接着一件,她自己都有些应接不暇。 Female Monarch!!” 女君!!” A voice of female conveys from the room. 一个女子的声音从屋外传来。 Comes.” Li Yunzi said. “进来。”黎云姿说道。 Coming the person is Nie Xiaoxuan, from facial expression Li Yunzi knows that had not the good matter to happen. 来人是聂晓璇,从神情黎云姿就知道有不好的事情发生了。 Bad news?” Li Yunzi inquired. “坏消息?”黎云姿询问道。 We placed in these numerous of Heaven's Pivot god space wiped out completely, has not lived.” Nie Xiaoxuan put out these words, at this moment her facial expression also feels helpless. “我们安插在天枢神宇的那些部众全部被拔除了,一个都没有活下来。”聂晓璇吐出了这番话,此刻她的神情也是茫然不知所措的。 These ambush are not the recent several months escorts to Heaven's Pivot, Li Yunzi knows that must fight with Hua Qiu inevitably, therefore a few years ago arranged in them the Heaven's Pivot god city, but overnight, they were killed completely! 那些潜伏者可不是最近几个月送往天枢的,黎云姿知道与华仇势必要战,所以前些年就将他们安排到了天枢神城中,可一夜之间,他们全部被杀了! The Nie Xiaoxuan serious suspicion was their interior had the problem, otherwise how possibly so many ambush precise incomparable was looked, later massacred completely. 聂晓璇严重怀疑是他们自己内部出现了问题,否则怎么可能那么多潜伏者精确无比的被找出来,随后全部杀掉。 Urged other hiding, recently do not have any movement.” Li Yunzi said. “叮嘱其他潜藏者,近些日子不要有任何动作。”黎云姿说道。 Can be in us has the planted agent?” Nie Xiaoxuan asked these words finally. “会不会是我们中有内应?”聂晓璇终于还是问出了这句话来。 Li Yunzi shakes the head, said: Yourself are also careful, vigilant periphery any suspect.” 黎云姿摇了摇头,道:“你自己也小心,警惕周围任何可疑的人。” Although Nie Xiaoxuan does not have completely clearly, but nods. 聂晓璇虽然没有完全明白,但还是点了点头。 ...... …… After Nie Xiaoxuan leaves, Li Yunzi then rested. 聂晓璇离开后,黎云姿便睡了下去。 Her recent sleep is very short, rests radically does not sink. 她最近的睡眠都很短暂,也根本睡不沉。 But this time, she forces herself to go off, is mainly hopes that the younger sister star picture can wake up. 但这一次,她强迫自己睡去,主要是希望妹妹星画能够醒来。 Now the direction of their urgently needed star picture. 现在他们急需星画的指引。 When Li Yunzi opens the eye again, she as before on bed, but the bedside has not left behind the star picture the paper. 可当黎云姿再度睁开眼睛时,她依旧是在床铺上,而床边也没有留下星画的纸条。 Li Yunzi sits before the dressing table, is looking in mirror, in the eye pupil also flashed through a confusedness. 黎云姿坐在梳妆台前,望着镜子里的自己,眼眸中也闪过了一丝迷茫。 Younger sister Li Xinghua, has not woken up as before. 妹妹黎星画,依旧没有醒来。 However sad news one after another. 然而噩耗接二连三。 Goes to the temple, Li Yunzi sees has military officers of a number of whole body belt/bring blood partly to kneel before the step, their bodies slight is shivering. 前往神庙,黎云姿望见已经有一批浑身带血的将领们半跪在阶前,他们身体轻微的颤抖着。 Li Yunzi walks, hears journey Tongshuai to say with the hoarse sound: Peng Chen and noon two brothers died in battle.” 黎云姿走过去,就听见程统帅用沙哑的声音说道:“蓬晨和蓬午两兄弟战死了。”
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