DD5ROTS :: Volume #13

#1211: Chapter 1011 matter flicked the sleeve

Until at this moment, the audience responded. 直到此刻,观众们才反应过来。 Won? 赢了? Blue-Gold Tree Clan that did patriarch win present age Fire Dragon Clan patriarch Fire Dragon King Tang Mohuang unexpectedly? Moreover in Tang Mohuang used in the divine tool situation. 蓝金树族那个族长竟然赢了当代火龙族族长火龙王唐墨煌?而且还是在唐墨煌动用了神器的情况下。 All these are so inconceivable, but seems also logical. After all, that Jin Miaolin relies on is not own strength, but came from Sword Saint Great Monster Sovereign the prestige of Sword Saint. 这一切是如此的不可思议,但又似乎顺理成章。毕竟,那靳淼林凭借的不是自己的力量,而是来自剑圣大妖皇剑圣之威。 The second sword what's the matter? Did not say that only has strength of the striking? Tang Mohuang resists the first sword with great difficulty, welcomed the second sword, to maintain life, he admits defeat indisputable. But the second sword was defeated and dispersed afterward directly! 第二剑是怎么回事?不是说只有一击之力吗?唐墨煌好不容易抵挡住第一剑,迎来了第二剑,为了保命,他认输无可厚非。可第二剑后来直接溃散了啊! When Tang San returns to own Room rests, the Blue-Gold Tree Clan elders are cheering, Jin Miaosen threw directly, was blocked with the hand by Tang San, has not leapt up to him on. 唐三回到自己的休息时,蓝金树族的长老们正在欢呼,靳淼森更是直接扑了过来,还是被唐三用手挡住,才没蹿到他身上。 Looked truly had anything clearly, only had watching the battle numerous Sovereign. thing that Tang San makes is actually very simple, he pours into huge life energy the Sword Saint statue, making sword intent in Sword Saint statue be nourished by life energy forcefully. 真正看明白发生了什么的,就只有观战众位皇者了。唐三做的事情其实很简单,他把庞大的生命能量注入剑圣雕像之中,让剑圣雕像之中的剑意生命能量强行滋养了一番。 To achieve this, even Sword Saint Great Monster Sovereign received nourishing, statue inspired time, Sword Saint Great Monster Sovereign own strength also feedback part, this made the sword glow quadratic form become. Although this sword glow and has no lethality, but frightened the person to be absolutely sufficient. 为了达到这个目的,甚至连剑圣大妖皇都受到了滋养,以至于雕像被引动的时候,剑圣大妖皇自身的力量也回馈了一部分,这才让剑芒第二次形成。虽然这剑芒并没有任何杀伤力,但吓唬人绝对够用了。 Therefore, Fire Dragon King Tang Mohuang lost. 于是,火龙王唐墨煌就输了。 To the feeling of audience is, this Blue-Gold Tree Clan hasn't Jin Miaolin done, won. After these won, entered first 20. Once during today's competition has mutually wounded situation appear again, he can win one again, he can enter the intermediary heat. 给观众的感觉就是,这个蓝金树族靳淼林没干啥,就又赢了一场。要知道,这一场赢了之后,就进入前二十了。一旦今天的比赛之中再有两败俱伤的情况出现,他又能再赢一场的话,他就可以进入复赛了。 All seem logical , is so inconceivable. 一切都显得顺理成章,却又那么不可思议。 Luck, is the luck.” “运气,都是运气。” Tang San is smiling the comforting elders. 唐三微笑着安抚长老们。 Regarding the Blue-Gold Tree Clan elders, although they do not think that patriarch can go a step further in the following competition, but patriarch can in occupying war of such peak showdown sovereign achieves two success continuously, had surpassed their anticipation greatly. Moreover, patriarch only used in an auction that at the super auction pats. The thing that he pats may incessantly a little! 对于蓝金树族的长老们来说,虽然他们都不认为族长能在后面的比赛中更进一步,但族长能在占皇之战这样的巅峰对决之中连续获得两场胜利,已经大大超出了他们的意料。而且,族长只动用了在超级拍卖会上拍下来的一件拍品而已。他拍下来的东西可不止这么一点啊! Saw that patriarch wins continuously, the elders were many some ideas. 看到族长连续胜利,长老们多了一些想法。 Dragon Clan first elimination appear. Xu Anyu sits in Room rests, the eyes narrow the eyes, Tang Mohuang loses the competition to him and does not have any, in Dragon Clan all participants, Tang Mohuang is the strength to be weak . Moreover the character is irritable, Xu Anyu does not think he can enter the following intermediary heat. However, Tang Mohuang lost to Jin Miaolin, this made in the Xu Anyu heart not quite comfortable. As if this Blue-Gold Tree Clan fellow on restraint Dragon Clan, at the auction made them pay the huge price inborn before, now eliminates the first Dragon Clan participant unexpectedly. It seems like, this fellow what has not done, but, hasn't this Blue-Gold Tree Clan fellow what really done? 龙族的第一位淘汰者出现了。徐安宇坐在休息之中,双眼微眯,唐墨煌输掉比赛对他来说并没有什么,在龙族所有参赛者之中,唐墨煌属于实力较弱的,而且性格急躁,徐安宇本来也不认为他能进入后面的复赛。但是,唐墨煌输给了靳淼林,这就让徐安宇心中不太舒服了。仿佛这个蓝金树族的家伙天生就克制龙族,之前拍卖会上就让他们付出了巨大的代价,现在竟然淘汰了第一个龙族参赛者。看起来,这家伙什么都没做,可是,这个蓝金树族的家伙真的什么都没做吗? What others pay attention is Sword Saint Great Monster Sovereign statue heaven-shaking sword glow, Xu Anyu attention was actually Tang San then look. 别人注意的是剑圣大妖皇雕像的惊天剑芒,徐安宇注意的却是唐三当时的神色。 He remembers clearly, when inspires the Sword Saint Great Monster Sovereign statue, on the Tang San face always has the light smile, the look is tranquil. Besides just started to feign to fear, the following all are smooth. Moreover, the attack that sword glow and Tang Mohuang send out full power collides is so fierce, Tang San actually returns safe and sound. Although seemed like Tang San to rely on the strength of Sword Saint Great Monster Sovereign statue, but drew support from the statue even the strength, must be able to control is good. 他清楚地记得,在引动剑圣大妖皇雕像的时候,唐三脸上始终带着淡淡的微笑,神色非常平静。除了刚开始佯装惧怕之外,后面的一切都非常顺利。而且,剑芒唐墨煌全力发出的攻击碰撞那么剧烈,唐三却毫发无伤。虽说看上去唐三是借助了剑圣大妖皇雕像的力量,但就算是借助雕像的力量,也要控制得住才行。 This Jin Miaolin is not absolutely simple, at least his divine consciousness is quite strong, can control the Sword Saint Great Monster Sovereign statue, displays such prestige energy. Changes a player, even if there is Sword Saint Great Monster Sovereign statue is still not necessarily able to achieve this degree, wants to defeat Tang Mohuang by this is very difficult. 这个靳淼林绝对不简单,至少他的神识相当强,才能将剑圣大妖皇雕像控制住,发挥出这样的威能。换一个选手,就算拥有剑圣大妖皇雕像也未必能够做到这个程度,想以此战胜唐墨煌还是很难的。 It is not simple, this Blue-Gold Tree Clan patriarch is not very simple. Xu Anyu had to Jin Miaolin for the first time was vigilant the heart. 不简单,这个蓝金树族族长很不简单。徐安宇第一次对靳淼林有了警惕之心。 Tang San sits well in Room rests, the competition is still continuing, new has started. He has not watched the competition, but closes the double pupil, seems like sitting in repose with eyes closed, in fact in recollection combat process. 唐三休息中坐定,比赛还在继续,新的一场已经开始了。他没有观看比赛,而是闭上双眸,看上去是在闭目养神,实际上是在回忆刚才的战斗过程。 He and Tang Mohuang fight has nothing to recall that all in his planning. What he thinks is when oneself and Tang Mohuang fight, these fall on the change of oneself divine consciousness. 他与唐墨煌的战斗没什么可回想的,一切都在他的算计之中。他想的是在自己与唐墨煌战斗时,那些落在自己身上的神识的变化。 At that time almost all Sovereign attention in oneself and on Tang Mohuang. Sword Saint Great Monster Sovereign in feeling 当时几乎所有皇者的注意力都在自己和唐墨煌身上。剑圣大妖皇在感 After receiving huge life energy that Tang San gives, investigated Tang San divine consciousness remarkably to strengthen several times. Also, Soul Absorption Heavenly Fairy Sovereign is always using the powerful divine consciousness sensation the change of Tang San. 受到唐三给予的庞大生命能量之后,探查唐三神识明显增强了数倍。还有,摄魂天精皇始终都在用强大的神识感知着唐三的变化。 Changes as for other Sovereign divine consciousness appear, mainly sends out the sword in the Sword Saint Great Monster Sovereign statue for the second time 至于其他皇者神识出现变化,主要在剑圣大妖皇雕像第二次发出剑 Glow time, that flickers, all divine consciousness that investigates Tang San strengthened several times. 芒的时候,那一瞬,所有探查唐三神识都增强了数倍。 These during the plan of Tang San, as for other small and weak divine consciousness, were not anything. He must to a Sovereign impression, making them think that oneself is an a little cleverness in trivial matters, a little ability, actually limits to Blue-Gold Tree Clan patriarch of life ability. Therefore, from beginning to end, he really only used Blue-Gold Tree Clan life energy. But is controlling this aspect, the divine consciousness advantage cannot cover. At least the person of truly careful investigation understands, his divine consciousness is not weak, is not inferior in these peak Great Monster King. 这些都在唐三的计划之中,至于其他弱小的神识,就不算什么了。他要给皇者们一个印象,让他们认为自己是一个有点小聪明,也有点能力,却局限于生命能力的蓝金树族族长。因此,自始至终,他真的只用了蓝金树族生命能量。但在掌控这方面,神识的优势是掩盖不住的。至少真正仔细探查的人都会明白,他的神识不弱,不逊色于那些巅峰大妖王 Matter that this does not have the means that does not expose is not possible, so long as does not arouse suspicion is not the issue. 这也是没办法的事,一点都不暴露是不可能的,只要不引起怀疑就不是问题。 We walk.” Tang San opens the double pupil, said to the numerous elder. “我们走吧。”唐三重新睁开双眸,向众位长老说道。 „Does patriarch, no longer observe the opponent?” Great Elder asked. 族长,不再观察一下对手吗?”大长老问道。 Tang San some, helpless said/tunnel: „Is observation to us useful? Moreover does not know that my next round will select anyone. Did not need to look, was inferior to well rests.” 唐三有些无奈地道:“观察对我们来说有用吗?而且也不知道我下一轮会抽中谁。不用看了,不如回去好好休息。” Jin Miaosen grinning said/tunnel: „Do you consume in a big way? Also needs rests?” 靳淼森笑嘻嘻地道:“你消耗大吗?还需要休息?” Tang San ill-humoredly said: Stimulates to movement the statue not to need to consume energy? My strength consumed much. Walked.” 唐三没好气地道:“难道催动雕像不需要消耗精力吗?我的力量消耗了不少。走了。” Saying, he takes the lead to walk outward, other elders rush to follow. 说着,他率先向外走去,其他长老赶忙跟上。 At this time the audience on splendid the competition by the field had been attracted again, and few audience pays attention 此时观众们已经重新被场上精彩的比赛所吸引,并没有太多观众注意 Departs to Blue-Gold Tree Clan quietly. 蓝金树族悄然离去。 Had/Left the sports field, Blue-Gold Tree Clan one group of took the carriage, has not gone to other places, returned to White Tiger's Grand Hotel directly. At the request of Tang San, has not celebrated this competition to win. 出了比赛场地,蓝金树族一行人乘坐马车,并没有去其他地方,直接返回白虎大酒店。在唐三的要求下,也没有庆祝这场比赛胜利。 Returns to own room, Tang San turns off the door, sits cross-legged to sit down on the sofa of living room directly. The halo of distortion also expands from him, this is the space-time tower prestige energy. The gentle space-time tower aura bursts out, making his divine consciousness even more keen, feels to be possible to fall on oneself divine consciousness. 回到自己的房间之中,唐三关好房门,直接在客厅的沙发上盘膝坐下。扭曲的光晕随之从他身上扩张开来,这是时空之塔的威能。柔和的时空之塔气息迸发,让他的神识变得越发敏锐,感受着一切有可能落在自己身上的神识 Although Tang San cultivation base is inferior to Sovereign, but divine consciousness stage is much higher than general Sovereign, in this state, without divine consciousness can escape from his reconnaissance. Induced approximately the quarter of an hour silently, Tang San was hidden in the halo of that distortion quietly, disappears without a trace. 唐三虽然修为不如皇者,但神识层次远远高于一般皇者,在这种状态下,没有神识能够逃脱他的侦察。默默地感应了大约一刻钟,唐三就在那扭曲的光晕之中悄然隐没,凭空消失 space-time tower is strong regarding the assistance of peacock transformation and time transformation, makes these two big bloodlines have the super bloodline ability sufficiently. Again when appear, Tang San had arrived on the Ancestral Court street in a gloomy small lane, his appearance also had the huge change, turned into the appearance of ordinary human, wears a big cape, covers itself. 时空之塔对于孔雀变时光变的辅助非常强,足以让这两大血脉拥有超级血脉的能力。再次出现时,唐三已经到了祖庭街道上一条阴暗的小巷子中,他的模样也发生了巨大的变化,变成了普通人类的模样,穿着一件大斗篷,遮盖住自身。
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