DD4 :: Volume #10

#956: God's Protection

at present he has cancelled this thought. If enabled this boy to grasp forbidden arsenal, has not known that he dares to do to have an accident. 现在他已经打消了这个念头了。要是让这小子掌握了禁忌武库,还不知道他敢做出什么事来。 This boy as if has an unusual enthusiasm regarding might huge forbidden weapon. 这小子对于威力巨大的禁忌武器似乎有种异乎寻常的热情。 However, although Lan Xuanyu was caught up, but in in his Ring of Destiny, were many three Wrath of Gods that is glittering yellow light halo, isolates the laying aside alone God Rank Metal, as well as hangs to fall. 不过,蓝轩宇虽然是被赶出来了,但在他的命运之环内,却多了三枚闪烁着黄色光晕神之怒,还有一块单独隔离放置的神级金属,以及一个挂坠。 This hangs the falling interior, is built by God Rank source core, but is actually one of the Tang Sect newest science and technology crystallization. It cannot have the formidable destructive power, but can actually give the formidable defensive power in instantaneous release. Defense scope diameter ten meters, once uses, in Lan Xuanyu body will be the center, diameter ten meters release will have protective shield. protective shield can continue for one minute, defends intensity to be equivalent to Dragon King Grade Frigate level. But Dragon King Grade Frigate protective shield, even if the Eleventh Level powerhouse has no way to destroy. Even if the Super God Rank powerhouse wants to destroy from outside, still requires the time to be good. in other words, this is quite invincible barrier. 这枚挂坠内部,也是由神级源泉核心打造而成的,但却是唐门最新科技的结晶之一。它不能产生强大的破坏力,但却能在瞬间释放强大的防御力。防御范围直径十米,一旦使用,会在蓝轩宇身体为中心,直径十米释放出一个防护罩防护罩能够持续一分钟,防御强度相当于龙王级护卫舰程度。而龙王级护卫舰防护罩,哪怕是十一阶强者也没法破坏。就算是超神级强者想要从外面破坏,也需要时间才行。也就是说,这相当是一个无敌护罩 This can use three times. 这个能用三次。 Meng Fei and are Tang Miao really stingy to Lan Xuanyu? Of course not. Only this invincible barrier pendant, its value surpassed assembling of 36 Wrath of Gods. Until the present, whole Tang Sect this pendant also manufactures three. By known as, God's Protection. in other words, Lan Xuanyu is using Wrath of Gods period, without Wrath of Gods that three meters protection, has the defense of God's Protection , can also guarantee him to be safe. God's Protection can triggering display, when the outside world has the energy oppression of formidable, it will be initiated automatically. 梦飞唐淼真的对蓝轩宇抠门吗?当然不是。单是这枚无敌护罩吊坠,其价值就超过了三十六枚神之怒的总合。直到目前,整个唐门吊坠也只是制作出三枚。被称之为,神之守护也就是说,蓝轩宇在使用神之怒时候,哪怕没有神之怒那三米的防护,有神之守护的防御在,也能保他安全。神之守护更是能触发式施展,当外界有强大能量压迫时,它会被自动引发。 Although Lan Xuanyu does not know that Wrath of Gods adds the God's Protection concrete value, but he can also guess to obtain, this simply cannot weigh with gold coin. The value was really high. 蓝轩宇虽然不知道神之怒神之守护的具体价值,但他也能猜得到,这根本不是用金钱能够衡量的。其价值实在是太高了。 Thing bring back are not many, but the Lan Xuanyu goal fully has actually been achieved. thing that three Wrath of Gods, the weapon of mass destruction, can make was really many. 东西带回来的不多,但蓝轩宇的目的却已经完全达到了。三枚神之怒,大规模杀伤性武器,能做的事情实在是太多了。 To returning to academy, in his mind is also the forbidden arsenal scenes. Inside so many good things, not to know that makes anything to use. God's Protection on his neck, takes from the innermost. Obviously, the thing in forbidden arsenal, according to important level conducts the arrangement to place. Really wants to know why these things use! That blue jar might is certainly bigger than Wrath of Gods. 一直到返回学院,他脑海中还都是禁忌武库的景象呢。里面那么多好东西,不知道都是做什么用的。他脖子上的神之守护,是从最里面拿出来的。很显然,禁忌武库内的东西,是按照重要程度进行排列摆放的。真想知道那些东西都是干什么用的啊!那个蓝色的瓶子威力一定比神之怒更大吧。 Until the night falls, the heart of Lan Xuanyu stabilizes gradually, enters Meditation Room, prepares meditation cultivation. 直到夜幕降临,蓝轩宇的心才渐渐稳定下来,走进冥想室,准备冥想修炼 His at present most needs promotes cultivation base, will strive soon to break through higher stage. Weapon might again formidable, is the external object. Only has formidable, is real formidable. 现在最需要的还是提升修为,争取早日突破到更高层次。武器威力强大,也是外物。唯有自身强大,才是真的强大 Tang Wulin incarnation several kilometers giant dragon(s) rescues Nana one in the star surface, stay behind in his mind the extremely profound impression, he made Lan Xuanyu understand, when individual strength achieves certain level period, is can definitely compare favorably with science and technology. 唐舞麟化身数千米巨龙在恒星表面救援娜娜的一幕,在他脑海中留下了极其深刻的印象,他让蓝轩宇明白,当个人实力达到一定程度时候,是完全可以和科技媲美的。 In this time, Lan Xuanyu Soul Guidance Communication Device is making a sound. 正在这时,蓝轩宇魂导通讯器响了起来。 The communication is Tang Zhenhua hits. 通讯是唐震华打来的。 Teacher Tang.” Lan Xuanyu connect communication. 唐老师。”蓝轩宇接通通讯。 Another side broadcasts the Tang Zhenhua sound, tomorrow morning, will land Douluo World.” 另一边传来唐震华的声音,“明天上午,登陆斗罗世界。” „?” Some Lan Xuanyu surprise, are the starry sky versions ordinary version?” “啊?”蓝轩宇有些诧异,“是星空版的还是普通版?” Ordinary version.” Tang Zhenhua said. “普通版。”唐震华说道。 Lan Xuanyu curiously said: Teacher Tang, we not already graduation?” They from Outer Court graduation, according to the truth, had gone to the military either, either to Inner Court. Does this land Douluo World to do? 蓝轩宇好奇的道:“唐老师,我们不是已经毕业了吗?”他们已经从外院毕业了,按道理来说,要么去军方,要么到内院。这登陆斗罗世界是干什么? Tang Zhenhua said: assault training. You later go to the military, will carry out the task in most dangerous Dragon-Horse Galaxy. Also is goes to you to see the seventh fleet. In there, will have the formidable opponent who you are going to encounter. But before you after all, is only the student, never genuine goes forth to battle to kill the enemy. Therefore, academy decided after research, it is necessary the examination and a assault training your murder skill. The battlefield is not the child's play, many period, the aspect of encouraging is not you dies is I perishes.” 唐震华道:“突击培训一下。你们之后前往军方,将会在最危险的龙马星系执行任务。也就是去你所见过的第七舰队。在那里,你们将要遭遇到的会有非常强大的对手。而你们毕竟之前只是学生,从未真正上阵杀敌过。所以,学院研究决定,有必要检验和突击培训一下你们的杀人技巧。战场不是儿戏,很多时候,都将会勉励不是你死就是我亡的局面。” Good.” Lan Xuanyu ascertaining time. assault training murder skill? Actually is mainly the mentality of murder? “好的。”蓝轩宇问清楚时间。突击培训杀人技巧?其实主要是杀人的心态吧? On ability, they can from Outer Court graduation it means many things, genuine probably kill the enemy, the mentality this closes has needed. 能力,他们能从外院毕业已经意味着很多事了,真正要杀敌,心态这一关是需要过的。 This is even if Seven Saints' Abyss is unable to train. 这是哪怕七圣渊都无法培养出来的。 Night of meditation, next morning, Lan Xuanyu according to assigning the time landed own Simulation Cabin. Then, he has not entered Douluo World for a long time. 一夜冥想,第二天一早,蓝轩宇按照指定时间登陆了自己的模拟舱。说起来,他都好长时间没有进入斗罗世界了。 The cabin door closure, the time is not long, the light shadow twinkle, he has entered after the scanning to Douluo World. 舱门关闭,时间不长,光影闪烁,他已经经过扫描进入到斗罗世界之内。 Quick, he saw oneself students in the agglomeration. 很快,他就在聚集地见到了自己的同学们 Boss.” Qian Lei grinning walked to give a Lan Xuanyu bear to hug, others also. Looks at Lan Xuanyu, one by one is very excited. 老大。”钱磊笑嘻嘻的走上来给了蓝轩宇一个熊抱,其他人也都在。看着蓝轩宇,一个个都很兴奋。 Although they do not know Tang Wulin and Gu Yuena identity, but rescued this matter they to know Teacher Nana. That is their saviors! Meanwhile, their also collective made an exception to enroll Shrek Academy Inner Court, this regarding some cultivation base weak student(s), simply is the big celebration. Before is them, unthinkable. 他们虽然不知道唐舞麟古月娜身份,但将娜娜老师营救回来这件事他们都已经知道了。那可是他们的救命恩人啊!同时,他们还集体被破格录取到史莱克学院内院,这对于修为较弱的一些学员来说,简直是大喜事。是他们以前想都不敢想的。 Therefore, at present all personnel it can be said that jubilant. Sees them, Lan Xuanyu can feel everyone that exhilaration. 所以,现在全班都可以说是喜气洋洋的。只是看到他们,蓝轩宇都能感觉到大家那股兴奋感。 Has not come while Tang Zhenhua, Lan Xuanyu patted clapping, attracts on everyone's attention oneself. 趁着唐震华还没来,蓝轩宇拍了拍手,将所有人的注意力都吸引到自己身上。 academy is going to conduct assault training to us, will not be aimless. Said that is trains us to kill people the skill, but more important should be the mentality that we oppose the enemy. Later we are going to go to the seventh fleet, joins the army, becomes soldier. soldier has many qualities, although we join temporarily, but everyone must pay attention. After joining the army, we are going to face is the genuine war, in the battlefield, cannot accommodate the least bit absolutely the softheartedness, therefore, asking everyone to be strong.” 学院将要给我们进行突击培训,不会是无的放矢。说是培训我们杀人技巧,但更重要的应该是我们对敌的心态。之后我们将要前往第七舰队,加入军队,成为一名军人军人有很多素质,我们虽然只是暂时加入,但大家还是要注意。加入军队之后,我们将要面对的就是真正的战争,战场上,绝对容不得半点的心慈手软,所以,请大家一定要坚强起来。” Boss, relax. Isn't kills the enemy? Kills the alien we not to have the psychological burden.” Qian Lei saying with a laugh. 老大,放心吧。不就是杀敌么?杀外星人我们没心理负担。”钱磊笑呵呵的说道。 Lan Xuanyu shot a look at his one eyes, moreover he discovered, the mentality of majority person and Qian Lei is similar, excited, anticipation, the whole face is feeling pleased. 蓝轩宇瞥了他一眼,而且他发现,大多数人的心态都和钱磊差不多,兴奋、期待,满脸都是喜滋滋的。 lightly sighed, Lan Xuanyu eye including profound meaning swept people, hopes that your excitements can insist some time.” 轻叹一声,蓝轩宇眼含深意的扫了众人一圈,“希望你们的兴奋能多坚持一段时间。” He can find the problem, academy was impossible not to discover. at present 33 Sky Wings mentality some are not right, excitedly was a little excessive. Moreover regarding going to army not full cognition. Is, Lan Xuanyu has actually discovered, in class students was too strong to own dependence. 他都能发现问题,学院不可能发现不了。现在三十三天翼的心态有些不对,有点兴奋过度了。而且对于前往军队没有充分的认知。还有就是,蓝轩宇其实早就发现了,班里同学们对自己的依赖太强了。 previously in order to made all classmate be admitted to Inner Court together, this aspect he had not deliberately controlled, but currently already entered Inner Court. In the future the Inner Court learning process will not be certainly simple, can be admitted, not represent(ative) can certainly from Inner Court graduation. The issue that they are going to face in the future are many. Therefore, while this period, making them obtain some necessary reminder. 先前为了能让全班同学一起考入内院,这方面他也一直都没有刻意去控制,但现在已经进入内院了。未来内院的学习过程一定不会简单,能够考入,不代表着一定能够从内院毕业。他们未来将要面对的问题还很多。所以,趁着这个时候,让他们得到一些“提醒”是有必要的。 Therefore, he has not reminded everyone, perhaps following assault training, meets is not quite simple. Everyone needs disciplining like this. 所以,他没有提醒大家,接下来的突击培训,恐怕会不太简单。大家需要这样的磨练。 Was in this time, Tang Zhenhua comes. 正在这时,唐震华来了。 Today's Teacher Tang seems like especially spiritual, the hair clipped, stand erect, complexion ice-cold, seems like really somewhat the soldier blood and iron makings. 今天的唐老师看上去格外精神,头发剪短了,根根竖立,脸色冰冷,看上去真有几分军人的铁血气质。 Lan Xuanyu moves forward to meet somebody on own initiative, Teacher Tang.” 蓝轩宇主动迎上去,“唐老师。” Un. You come with me.” Then, Tang Zhenhua turns around to walk. “嗯。你们都跟我来。”说完,唐震华转身就走。 The people rush to follow, to follow in him behind. This period, the quite intelligent person, had detected that atmosphere some are not right. 众人赶忙跟上,跟在他身后。这个时候,比较聪明的人,已经察觉到气氛有些不对了。 Ding Zhuohan from behind with coming up, bumped Lan Xuanyu, Lan Xuanyu turns head to look to him, Ding Zhuohan hands over a vision of inquiry. Lan Xuanyu shrugs the arm, hints itself not to know the training content. 丁卓涵从后面跟上来,碰了碰蓝轩宇,蓝轩宇扭头向他看去,丁卓涵递来一个询问的目光。蓝轩宇耸了耸肩膀,示意自己也不知道培训内容。
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