DD4 :: Volume #10

#951: 8 trigrams

Qian Lei said: This I also heard. Goes to the army very well! We open battleship to go.” 钱磊道:“这个我也听说了。去军队挺好的啊!我们开战舰去。” Some Lan Xuanyu surprise say/way: You can! News very quick!” 蓝轩宇有些诧异的道:“你可以啊!消息挺灵通的啊!” Qian Lei smiles, said: That is, our does not have the inside connection. Boss, you do not know. You in this days, cannot have the Eight Trigrams (gossip).” 钱磊嘿嘿一笑,道:“那是,咱这不是有内线么。老大,你不知道吧。你不在这段日子,可出了个大八卦。” What Eight Trigrams (gossip)?” Asking of Lan Xuanyu doubts. “什么八卦?”蓝轩宇疑惑的问道。 Dean Ying and Teacher Tang compound. Hehehe. Reunites, fierce?” 樱院长唐老师复合了。嘿嘿嘿。破镜重圆,厉不厉害?” Lan Xuanyu surprisedly said: Compound? Real false?” He knows, Ying Luohong to appearance that Tang Zhenhua clenches jaws. 蓝轩宇吃惊的道:“复合了?真的假的?”他可是知道,樱落红唐震华咬牙切齿的样子 Naturally real. This is also not anything, they have a son unexpectedly. Moreover in our class.” “当然是真的。这还不算什么,他们还有个儿子居然。而且还就在咱们班。” Lan Xuanyu hear of dumbstruck, under the intention revolve like lightning, you said that definitely was not you. Who is that?” He is intelligent, this cannot guess at once. 蓝轩宇听的目瞪口呆,心念电转之下,“你这么说,那肯定就不是你了。那是谁?”他再聪明,这一时之间也是猜不出来。 Hehe, Ding Zhuohan that doing one -man show fellow! You had not thought that he and Teacher Tang a little do grow look like?” Qian Lei hehe said badly with a smile. “嘿嘿,丁卓涵那个闷骚的家伙啊!你没觉得他和唐老师长得有点像吗?”钱磊嘿嘿坏笑着说道。 Speechless of Lan Xuanyu face, he had not really felt, really before is, on Teacher Tang most period faces has the dirt, simply looks at not too clear appearance? 蓝轩宇一脸的无语,他真没觉得,实在是以前唐老师大部分时候脸上都有污渍,根本看不太清长相好吗? You said, Zhuohan is Teacher Tang and Dean Ying son? I go, this fellow hidden may enough deep!” Lan Xuanyu at this time made heart Eight Trigrams (gossip) aflame combustion. “你是说,卓涵唐老师樱院长的儿子?我去,这家伙隐藏的可够深的啊!”蓝轩宇此时都被弄的心头八卦之火熊熊燃烧。 This has really not blamed him, this boy the eye cried on that day red, he does not know that soup teacher(s) is his father, this final exam finished later Dean Ying and Teacher Tang compound then told him. Therefore , we had the inside connection! You do not know, before Teacher Tang, is severe to us, Stellar Battle Course oppressive we want the immortal to want. at present may be good, all day long pursues behind Zhuohan, that appearance, can only with flattering to describe, ha, remembers this matter I to smile. Boss you said, this suddenly were many a father to come out, did Zhuohan this trauma area want in a big way?” “这还真不怪他,这小子那天眼睛都哭红了,他也不知道汤老师就是他爸,这期末考试结束之后樱院长唐老师复合了这才告诉他的。所以说,咱有内线了啊!你可不知道,唐老师以前对咱们多严厉,星战课虐的咱们欲仙欲死的。现在可好,成天追在卓涵后面,那样子,只能用谄媚来形容,哈哈哈,一想起这事儿我就想笑。老大你说,这突然多了个爸爸出来,卓涵这心理阴影面积要有多大?” Lan Xuanyu speechless, also had the matter to be all right, is all right to hang.” He wants to ask Qian Lei, do you know elder brother's trauma area in a big way? I was also many a father...... 蓝轩宇一阵无语,“还有事儿没事儿,没事儿挂了吧。”他很想问问钱磊,你知道哥的心理阴影面积有多大吗?我也多了个爸爸啊…… Has the matter Boss. Do you discover an issue? Our at present this has not entered Inner Court, the new sixth grade that the Outer Court classroom also withstood/top occupying, we did not have the place of accumulation!” “有事儿啊老大。你发现一个问题没有?咱们现在这还没进内院,外院教室也被顶上来的新六年级给占了,咱们连个聚集的地方都没了啊!” Lan Xuanyu stares, yeah? Their at present had not been authorized to enter Eternal Sky City, Outer Court is graduation, this really did not have the place. Where does everyone get together? 蓝轩宇一愣,可不是么?他们现在没被批准进入永恒天空城,外院又已经算是毕业了,这还真的是没地方去了。大家在什么地方聚会呢? This also is really an issue, I then ask how Dean solves. However, it is estimated that we left academy is not long. First waits for the news. cultivation do not fall.” “这还真是个问题,我回头问问院长怎么解决。不过,估计咱们离开学院也不会太久了。先等消息吧。修炼别落下。” Un un, that is the affirmation.” “嗯嗯、那是肯定的。” Hung the communication, Lan Xuanyu to did not have to look for Ying Luohong the place that eagerly wanted all personnel to gather, he decided first to go to Tang Sect to walk. 挂了通讯,蓝轩宇到是没有急于去找樱落红要个全班聚集的地方,他决定先去唐门走一趟。 Since may go to the military to go anytime informed and experienced, he must prepare to be good early, that is the war. 既然随时都有可能前往军方去历练,他就要早做准备才行,那可是战争。 Then he dialed Deng Bo communication number, Brother Deng, I came back. Hall Master Tang in? I want to look for his. Good, my comes.” 然后他就拨通了邓博通讯号码,“邓哥,我回来了。唐殿主在嘛?我想找他一趟。好的,那我这就过来。” Tang Miao happen to Douluo Hall, Lan Xuanyu had/left the dormitory, goes to Tang Sect directly. 唐淼正好在斗罗殿,蓝轩宇出了宿舍,直接前往唐门 After a half hour, he saw Tang Miao in Tang Sect headquarters. 半个小时后,他在唐门总部见到了唐淼 When Tang Miao sees Lan Xuanyu period again, looks that his expression some are not right. Must say the trauma area in a big way, Tang Miao and Meng Fei their. 唐淼再次见到蓝轩宇时候,看着他的眼神都有些不对了。要说心理阴影面积,唐淼梦飞他们的才是真的大呢。 If from rank theory, let alone Tang Wulin, Lan Xuanyu can still be their ancestor generations even. 要是从辈分论,别说唐舞麟了,就算是蓝轩宇也可以算是他们老祖宗辈的了。 These days, Lan Xuanyu was relaxed, bringing Bai Xiuxiu to return to Heaven Luo Planet to take vacation. But Shrek Academy, Tang Sect and War God Temple, actually because Tang Wulin and Gu Yuena appear(ance) exploded the pot. 这段时间,蓝轩宇是轻松了,带着白秀秀天罗星度假去了。可史莱克学院唐门战神殿,却都因为唐舞麟古月娜出现炸了锅了。 Tripartite all kinds discussed unceasingly, afterward Spirit Transferring Pagoda does not know where from obtained the news that came to mix. Don't forget, Gu Yuena may formerly be Spirit Transferring Pagoda Pagoda Master initially. This Silver Dragon Princess at that time, to be known as Spirit Transferring Pagoda in history most powerful Pagoda Master. 三方的各种商谈不断,后来连传灵塔也不知道从什么地方得到的消息,都过来掺和了。别忘了,古月娜当初可曾经传灵塔塔主。这位银龙公主在当时,被誉为传灵塔有史以来最强大塔主 Then the four directions wrangled on turned into, goal that they wrangled most important was, since these two came back, that side whom should keep. 然后就变成了四方扯皮,他们扯皮的目的最重要的就是,这二位既然回来了,应该留在谁那边。 The Shrek Academy aspect is most relaxed, because of at present Tang Wulin and Gu Yuena in Eternal Sky City. 史莱克学院方面是最轻松的,因为现在唐舞麟古月娜就在永恒天空城 Tang Sect is also better, they and Shrek Academy brothers. 唐门也还好一些,他们和史莱克学院同气连枝。 War God Temple was quite aggrieved, with Shrek Academy, Tang Sect and Spirit Transferring Pagoda common words, these two great expert and you have the one cent relations? 战神殿就比较憋屈了,用史莱克学院唐门传灵塔共同的话来说,这二位大能和你们有一分钱关系吗? War God Temple suppresses one finally, good and evil Gu Yuena is Federation defrosting resurrecting! 战神殿最后憋出一句,好歹古月娜联邦解冻复活的啊! Finally discussed that discussed also no result. Tang Wulin and Gu Yuena close up, has not known that what period comes out. Therefore at present can only wait for them to finish closing up said again. 最终讨论来、讨论去也没什么结果。唐舞麟古月娜闭关,还不知道什么时候出来。所以现在只能等他们结束闭关再说。 Regarding these two, Super God and a True God peak, two big super powerhouses. Even Federation Government does not have the means. Only can choose by them. 对于这二位,一个超神、一个真神巅峰,两大超级强者。就算是联邦政府也是毫无办法。只能是由着他们自己选择。 But this period, except for Spirit Transferring Pagoda outside, other three big influences discovered an issue. That is, as if has a person, will have the enormous impact on Tang Wulin and Gu Yuena, this opinion, definitely will have the effect leading to these two Super God Rank powerhouses. 而这个时候,除了传灵塔之外,其他三大势力就都发现了一个问题。那就是,似乎有个人,会对唐舞麟古月娜产生极大的影响,这位的意见,必然会对这两位超神级强者有引领性的效果。 Therefore, regarding Lan Xuanyu was their child's matter, Shrek Academy, Tang Sect and War God Temple had the tacit understanding very much to Spirit Transferring Pagoda conceals. But the person who this secret knows is few, therefore Spirit Transferring Pagoda does not have the informed sources in this aspect. 所以,对于蓝轩宇是他们孩子的这件事,史莱克学院唐门战神殿都很有默契的对传灵塔隐瞒了。而这个秘密知道的人很少,所以传灵塔也没有这方面的消息来源。 Therefore, wins over Lan Xuanyu, becomes the War God Temple discovery only breach. 因此,拉拢蓝轩宇,就成为了战神殿发现的唯一突破口。 Therefore, they do not even hesitate to break the Shrek Academy Inner Court disciple not to enlist in the military this unspoken rule, sent out the invitation warmly. 为此,他们甚至不惜打破史莱克学院内院弟子不得参军这条潜规则,非常热情的发出了邀请。 But Tang Sect, Tang Miao without doubt is most self-satisfied one, because he is first represent(ative) Tang Sect wins over Lan Xuanyu, initially was also only because settled on Lan Xuanyu natural talent and ability, as well as was identity of Life School successor. 唐门这边,唐淼无疑是最得意的一个,因为他是第一个代表唐门拉拢蓝轩宇的,当初还只是因为看中蓝轩宇天赋能力,以及身为生命学派继承人的身份 At this time, Tang Miao sees Lan Xuanyu again, that feeling was entirely different from before. Before he came with the mentality of Teacher facing this young people. at present he actually discovered, really must discuss the words of rank, this may be chaotic. 此时,唐淼再次见到蓝轩宇,那种感觉就和以前截然不同了。以前他都是以师长的心态来面对这个年轻人的。现在他却发现,真要论辈分的话,这可就乱了。 Xuanyu, you then just came back. What matter has?” Tang Miao concealed the somewhat strange mood quickly, intimate asking. 轩宇,你这才刚回来吧。有什么事吗?”唐淼很快就掩饰住了自己有些古怪的心情,亲热的问道。 Lan Xuanyu said: Hall Master, is this. academy informs us, our class was allowed to join Inner Court completely, then everyone also all joins Tang Sect. But over the following 1-2 years, even is a longer time, we may go to the frontline to be informed and experienced. You also know, the frontline is not Douluo World, that is the real battlefield, in such battlefield. We may encounter the danger anytime. Our Tang Sect Soul Guidance Technology is Federation is second to none, whether to select the thing to us, one is to protect oneself, another is to also help us can better accumulated military merits.” 蓝轩宇道:“殿主,是这样的。学院通知我们,我们班全部被允许加入内院,然后大家也全都加入唐门。而接下来的一两年,甚至是更久时间,我们可能会去前线历练。您也知道,前线可不是斗罗世界,那是真实的战场,在这样的战场之中。我们随时都有可能遇到危险。咱们唐门魂导科技乃是联邦首屈一指的,是不是能给我们点好东西,一个是保护自己,另一个也是帮我们能更好的累积军功。” Some Tang Miao helplessly said: I said that your boy safe/without matter does everything to please runs to look for me, originally wants the advantage. Then, you want anything. battleship do not think! 33 Sky Wings battleship is to make an exception to give you. Moreover, to the military that side, battleship you also not necessarily used on.” 唐淼有些无奈的道:“我说你这小子无事献殷勤跑来找我呢,原来是要好处的。说吧,你都想要什么。战舰就别想了啊!三十三天翼战舰已经是破格给你们的了。而且,到了军方那边,战舰你们也未必用的上。” Lan Xuanyu blinked, said with a smile: How you know that I am want battleship? The previous time, we in that living-form battleship that Forest Luo Planet sees good......” 蓝轩宇眨了眨眼睛,笑眯眯的道:“您怎么知道我是来要战舰的?上次,我们在森罗星见到的那个生态战舰就不错……” Stops!” Tang Miao rushes to interrupt his words, living-form battleship is we biggest secret, Federation does not know. Can this gadget take to make you take away the enlistment? How you such intelligent child always spoke the nonsense. Moreover, do you know that the living-form battleship construction cost is expensive?” “打住!”唐淼赶忙打断他的话,“生态战舰是咱们最大的秘密,联邦都不知道。这玩意儿能拿出来让你带去参军吗?你这么聪明的孩子怎么老是说傻话。而且,你知不知道生态战舰的造价有多么昂贵?” Lan Xuanyu blinked, said: Expensive does not use again? Hall Master, should not be parsimonious.” 蓝轩宇眨了眨眼睛,道:“再昂贵不也是给人用的吗?殿主,您就别吝啬了。”
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