DD4 :: Volume #3

#248: experiment

Liu Feng visits him, earnest words: Thank you. If not your arrival, perhaps, I and fatty already were also eliminated in Highly-Capable-Youngsters Class. Without you, we are impossible to arrive today this step. Is you, leading us to rise to challenges to arrive at the Shrek Academy second round examination place. To us, this already exceeded us to achieve. The significance of individual race I understand. I can exhaust ability attempts. Even if were defeated, I did not regret that is my ability is insufficient. Therefore, you do not need to be worried for me, if cannot be accepted, that is also my issue. You want properly, wants trying hard to be accepted, I believe that you certainly yes. I do not know how the fatty thinks, but I have not been accepted, I did not regret. Individual assessment, my trying hard made itself not regret to be enough as before.” 刘锋看着他,认真的道:“谢谢你。如果不是你的到来,或许,我和胖子在高能少年班也早就被淘汰了。没有你,我们不可能走到今天这一步。是你,带着我们披荆斩棘来到了史莱克学院复试考场。对我们来说,这早已超越了我们所能达到的。个人赛的意义我明白的。我一定会竭尽所能的去尝试。哪怕失败了,我也不后悔,那是我自己的能力不足。所以,你不用为我担心,如果真的考不上,那也是我自己的问题。你要好好的,一定要努力考上,我相信,你一定是可以的。我不知道胖子是怎么想的,但就算我没考上,我也不后悔。个人考核,我就努力让自己依旧不后悔就足够了。” Qian Lei blinked, lunatic, your what meaning? To be able to test into me to blame Xuanyu being inadequate? Spells. I yesterday was not in vain cultivate, my at present had some new ideas. Moreover, who knows what individual assessment is what? Perhaps the ratio sleeps, I affirm first!” 钱磊眨了眨眼睛,“疯子,你什么意思?难道说考不上我就会怪轩宇不成?拼一把。我昨天可不是白白修炼的,我现在有一些新想法了。而且,谁知道个人考核的是什么呢?说不定比睡觉呢,那我肯定第一!” Looks at two people smiling faces, Lan Xuanyu first suddenly had a dilutedness. Since he has relied on oneself wisdom, to direct ability and special amplification, leading the partners to forward, obtain Sea Selection Competition champion and Selection Competition champion. He therefore has also been pleased with oneself. 看着两人的笑容,蓝轩宇却第一次突然有了一种无力感。一直以来,他都凭借着自己的智慧、指挥能力和特殊的增幅,带着伙伴们一路向前,获得海选赛的冠军、选拔赛的冠军。他也因此而沾沾自喜过。 But, he is at this moment clear, when they do not have the absolute strength, must face present situation eventually. Not absolute strength, on it means, in all no longer their control scopes. But this type is unable the feeling of control, Lan Xuanyu very does not like. 可是,此时此刻,他才明白,当他们没有绝对的实力时,终究还是要面对眼前的情况。没有绝对的实力,就意味着,一切不再他们的掌控范围之内。而这种无法掌控的感觉,蓝轩宇非常的不喜欢。 Yesterday's 300 people, only remaining today's 147 people. It is not right, 150 people. 昨天的300人,只剩下今天的147人。不对,150人。 Because, in Lan Xuanyu heart somewhat weak period, his suddenly saw three familiar forms. Yesterday had lost to their Li Han, Li Bin and Jia Yu three people at the team challenge match. 因为,就在蓝轩宇心头有些无力的时候,他突然看到了三个熟悉的身影。正是昨天在团队擂台赛上输给了他们的李瀚李斌嘉宇三人。 At this time, these three people are standing in not far away, with Ling Yiyi in the same place, visits them. Three people look that his expression somewhat is complex, but has not actually been hostile. 此时,这三人正站在不远处,和凌依依在一起,看着他们这边。三人看着他的眼神都有些复杂,但却没有敌视。 Weren't they eliminated? How to have walked? Shrek Academy thought that what trick yesterday's challenge match did have? 他们不是被淘汰了吗?怎么没走?难道说,史莱克学院觉得昨天的擂台赛有什么猫腻? In period of Lan Xuanyu suspicion, Ling Yiyi was having three people to walk secretly. 正在蓝轩宇暗自猜想的时候,凌依依已经带着三人走了过来。 Today is the individual race, other people wait a minute to follow monitor an exam go together, choose the individual race project that oneself join. Lan Xuanyu, you come with me first.” Ling Yiyi said. “今天是个人赛,其他人稍候跟随监考们一起前往,挑选自己参加的个人赛项目。蓝轩宇,你先跟我来一下。”凌依依说道。 Qian Lei and Liu Feng naturally also saw that three people, they are also the heart one tight, as if by prior agreement goes to Lan Xuanyu the vision. 钱磊刘锋自然也看到了那三人,他们也是心头一紧,不约而同的将目光投向蓝轩宇 Lan Xuanyu said: All right. Your keep it up. I go first.” 蓝轩宇道:“没事的。你们加油。我先去。” Although does not know that Ling Yiyi must lead him to do, but there is yesterday an analysis of Teacher Ji, in his heart a little suspected that the biggest possibility, was yesterday's situation lets his again repeat, confirmed his particularity. 虽然不知道凌依依要带着他去干嘛,但有昨天季老师的分析,他心中还是有点猜想的,最大的可能,就是昨天的情况让他再重复一下,确认他的特殊性。 The car(riage) that on outside Soul Guidance Car, Ling Yiyi drove, starts and accelerates instantaneously, directly flushed toward Academy, vehicle speed extremely fast. 上了外面一辆魂导汽车,凌依依自己开的车,瞬间发动、加速,直接就朝着学院内冲了进去,车速奇快无比 adaptability very strong of Lan Xuanyu to speed, the too big response, has not been the Li Han three people on vehicle had a scare on the contrary, hurries to tighten the safety belt. 蓝轩宇对速度的适应能力很强,并没有太大的反应,反倒是车上的李瀚三人被吓了一跳,赶忙勒紧安全带。 Lan Xuanyu sits in the copilot, Li Han they sits in the back row. Ling Yiyi has been observing four people of responses actually, looked that facial color of Lan Xuanyu under own express train is usual, in the heart high looks at his several points. It is not all people can adapt to this type to push the back feeling intensely. 蓝轩宇坐在副驾驶,李瀚他们坐在后排。凌依依其实一直都在观察着四人的反应,看蓝轩宇在自己的快车之下面色如常,心中不禁高看他几分。可不是所有人都能适应这种强烈推背感的。 Quick, the car(riage) stopped in front of a classroom building, Ling Yiyi said: You come with me.” 很快,车在一座教学楼前停了下来,凌依依道:“你们都跟我来。” Enters the classroom building, the inside the building decoration is primarily green and white, fresh and clean has filled aura of nature, in that thick life aura with Shrek Academy enhances one another's beauty, the fresh and clean nature. 走进教学楼,楼内装饰以绿色和白色为主,清新而充满了大自然的气息,与史莱克学院内那浓浓的生命气息交相辉映、清新自然。 Four people follow in Ling Yiyi behind, each other not to exchange. The Li Han three people often have a look at Lan Xuanyu actually, Lan Xuanyu actually does not look askance. 四人跟在凌依依身后,彼此并没有交流。李瀚三人倒是不时看看蓝轩宇,蓝轩宇却是目不斜视。 Quick, four people were brought a place of similar to classroom, inside is placing silver-white Simulation Cabin. Before Lan Xuanyu is slightly different in Heaven Luo Academy Simulation Cabin, wants on big some. 很快,四人被带到了一个类似于教室的地方,里面摆放着一台台银白色模拟舱。和蓝轩宇以前在天罗学院模拟舱略有不同,要大上一些。 Your four, enter Simulation Cabin respectively, with the account number landing/sign in of your originally on line.” Ling Yiyi has operated, quick, four Simulation Cabin opened slowly, has revealed inside seat on a ship. “你们四个,各自进入模拟舱,用你们自己原本的账号登陆就行。”凌依依操作了一下,很快,四台模拟舱缓缓开启,露出了里面的舱位。 Four people frequently enter Simulation Cabin cultivate, nature familiar very much, enters respectively. 四人都是经常进入模拟舱修炼的,自然熟悉的很,各自进入。 Should probably experiment in Simulation Cabin? In the Lan Xuanyu heart mused. experiment one also good, he has not felt to yesterday's that process earnestly, comes again one time, happen to felt own body is appear(ance) what kind of change, can actually let opposite party Martial Soul lose effectiveness. 应该是要在模拟舱之中试验蓝轩宇心中暗想。试验一下也好,他自己对昨天那个过程也没有认真感受过,再来一次,正好感受一下自己的身体到底是出现了怎样的变化,竟然能够让对方的武魂失效了。 Cabin door closed, has continued jet black the flash, usually do not have an excessive process in Simulation Cabin, is only the flash, Lan Xuanyu discovered that oneself already in Douluo World. Naturally, not in originally Heaven Luo Academy that place, but is a strange environment. 舱门闭合,漆黑只是持续了一瞬间,没有平时在模拟舱中还要有一个过度的过程,只是一瞬间,蓝轩宇就发现,自己已经在斗罗世界内了。当然,不是在原本天罗学院那个地方,而是一个陌生的环境。 This is a forest, at least periphery is the forest, but he is , is in a broad Dacaoping, he just appear(ance), Li Han, Li Bin, Jia Yu as well as Ling Yiyi successively left at present. 这是一片森林,至少周围是森林,而他所在的,则是一片宽阔的大草坪上,他才刚刚出现,李瀚李斌嘉宇以及凌依依就已经先后出现在其中。 Ling Yiyi said: Yesterday you situation that fought in the arena were quite special, Academy decided that must carry on time increase test to you. Lan Xuanyu, waited a minute me to make them such attack you to yesterday once more, you also resisted with the similar way, have a look at their attacks whether also met lose effectiveness.” 凌依依道:“昨天你们在擂台上战斗的情况比较特殊,学院决定要对你们进行一次增加的测试蓝轩宇,稍候我会让他们再次向昨天那样攻击你,你也用同样的方式来抵挡,看看他们的攻击是否还会失效。” Good.” Really so, in the Lan Xuanyu heart mused. “好。”果然如此,蓝轩宇心中暗想。 The Li Bin three people have looked at each other one mutually, their at present somewhat has mixed feelings. Or ended after yesterday's competition, specially has had mixed feelings. They do not understand how completely to lose, but, their at present instead somewhat anticipated, but can also appear(ance) yesterday's situation. 李斌三人相互对视了一眼,他们现在的心情有些复杂。或者说,从昨天比赛结束之后,心情就一直都特别复杂。他们完全不明白是怎么输的,可是,他们现在反而有些期待,还能出现昨天的情况 Losing was the affirmation lost, this was irreversible. If did not have appear(ance) yesterday situation, that it means, they not special approval opportunity. Instead is if continued like yesterday, showed that Lan Xuanyu had to restrain the three people of particularities, therefore, lost could not be their issue, they had the opportunity to continue to participate in assessment. 输是肯定已经输了,这是不可逆的。如果没出现昨天情况,那意味着,他们就没有被特批的机会了。反而是如果继续像昨天那样,就证明蓝轩宇有克制己方三人的特殊性,所以,输了也不能是他们的问题,他们就有机会继续参加考核 Is having such complex mood, three people of release left Martial Soul. 带着这样复杂的心情,三人释放出了武魂 Lan Xuanyu naturally is also same release, the triangle ice wall resists. The sea lives the bright moonlight, in the sawshark sea saves. The dreadful monstrous waves head on. 蓝轩宇自然也是同样释放,三角冰墙抵挡。海上生明月,剑鱼海中存。滔天巨浪扑面而来。 This time, the Li Han three people naturally are make an all-out effort, comes up, the Lan Xuanyu triangle ice wall must unable to resist. 这一次,李瀚三人自然是更加的全力以赴,以至于一上来,蓝轩宇的三角冰墙就要抵挡不住了。 In Douluo World, naturally does not have the safe issue, Lan Xuanyu not to consider to use own Martial Soul Fusion Technique simply, but whatever that ocean waves impact on oneself. Then feels oneself body's transformation with rapt attention. 斗罗世界之中,自然没有安全的问题,蓝轩宇索性就没有考虑使用自己的武魂融合技,而是任由那海浪冲击在自己身上。然后凝神感受自己身体的变化 Really, changed appear(ance). 果然,变化出现了。 Contacts his body flash in that dreadful monstrous waves, Lan Xuanyu suddenly feels, oneself within the body bloodline vortex and there's nothing about it change, may in own spiritual sea, as if many wipe faint golden, but flashes to pass, does not have especially formidable aura appear(ance). But in that wipes instant, all clean of ocean waves instantaneous dissipation golden flashes through, do not have stay behind a wee bit traces. 就在那滔天巨浪接触到他身体的一瞬间,蓝轩宇突然感觉到,自己体内血脉漩涡没有什么变化,可在自己的精神之海中,似乎多了一抹淡淡的金色,只是一闪而逝,也没有特别强大气息出现。可就在那一抹金色闪过的刹那,所有的海浪瞬间消散的一干二净,没有留下一丁点痕迹。 Opposite Li Han and Jia Yu Martial Soul vanishes instantaneously, is exactly the same as period situation that yesterday fought. 对面李瀚嘉宇武魂瞬间消失,和昨天交手的时候情况一模一样。 Ling Yiyi in side, records the whole process, while is observing the change of Lan Xuanyu earnestly. 凌依依就在身边,一边录制着整个过程,也一边认真的观察着蓝轩宇的变化。 The surface seems, Lan Xuanyu as if there's nothing about it is different, but contacts his body period in that ocean waves, seemed like infected generally, that direct vanished by the plague, did not have stay behind including a wee bit traces. 表面看上去,蓝轩宇似乎并没有什么不同,只是在那海浪接触到他身体时候,就像是被瘟疫感染了一般,就那么直接消失了,连一丁点的痕迹都没有留下
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