DD4 :: Volume #18

#1778: Universe only 1

After listening to his explanation, numerous (representatives) God King pondered found, but also is really that a matter. Hai Long heavy club law explosive power was really strong. 听了他的解释之后,众位神王思考了一下发现,还真是那么回事儿。海龙的千钧棒法爆发力实在是太强了。 Thousand honored clear palace of the immortals itself are in heavy club law most top rank one move. At this time although Hai Long is not make an all-out effort, but he also used the golden cudgel. This stick gets down, can block directly, few in God King. 千钧澄玉宇本身又是千钧棒法中最顶级的一招。此时虽然海龙不会是全力以赴,但他也动用了金箍棒。这一棍下去,正面能够挡住的,在神王之中也没几个。 Mad God Lei Xiang can block reluctantly, counter-attacks through other ways again. Death God A'Dai must evade its point to be good. 狂神雷翔能勉强挡住,再通过其他方式反击。死神阿呆就要避其锋芒才行了。 Purple Emperor adds Zither Emperor, could suppress Immortal Emperor, after all they are two. But the premise is, how long Purple Emperor can support in front of the golden cudgel, how long Zither Emperor to his disturbance can. 紫帝琴帝,或许能压制仙帝,毕竟他们是两位。但前提是,紫帝能够在金箍棒面前支撑多久,琴帝对他的干扰能有多久。 But Lan Xuanyu, actually relied on his Dragon God Spear to block thousand honored clear palace of the immortals sticks at this time, what stranger was, the way that he resisted really had the similar to reverse thousand honored clear palaces of the immortals to be the same. By enlighten is myriad, has wonder of the reverse different approach but same result with thousand honored clear palace of the immortals myriad fusions only. 蓝轩宇,此时却就是凭借着他的龙神枪挡住了千钧澄玉宇这一棍,更为奇异的是,他抵挡的方式竟然有种类似于反向的千钧澄玉宇一般。由一点化为万千,与千钧澄玉宇万千融合唯一有种反向的异曲同工之妙。 A Thousand Fingers Condemn that Sea God Tang San creates, in some sense profited from thousand honored clear palaces of the immortals. A Thousand Fingers Condemn Lan Xuanyu is also the meeting. But under this suppressed situation, he uses is actually the present spear/gun. 要知道,海神唐三所创的千夫所指,从某种意义上就借鉴了千钧澄玉宇。千夫所指蓝轩宇也是会的。但在这种被压制的情况下,他用出的却是眼前的这一枪。 Scene of dazzling fireworks and lanterns Dragon God explodes. 火树银花龙神爆。 The stick shadow and spear glow blend, finally disappears in the collision, in an explosive, Lan Xuanyu eventually by snap flew. But Immortal Emperor Hai Long around the body, is nine-colored spear glow faintly discernible, gloomy dragon roar roaring sound, in this flickers, even Withered Wood, Dragon’s Roar Zither zither sound suppresses several points. 棍影与枪芒交融,最终在碰撞中泯灭,一声爆响中,蓝轩宇终究还是被抽击的飞了出去。但仙帝海龙身体周围,也是九彩枪芒若隐若现,低沉龙吟咆哮声,在这一瞬,甚至连枯木龙吟琴琴音都压制下去几分。 Truly fierce!” Golden cudgel back of Hai Long in the hand on behind, the face also revealed the color of acclaiming. “确实厉害!”海龙将手中金箍棒背在身后,脸上也流露出了赞叹之色。 numerous (representatives) God King naturally is not Dragon-Horse Federation and Douluo Federation powerhouses can compare regarding control and sensation of strength. Through these fight times, numerous (representatives) God King could have felt, the Lan Xuanyu potential it can be said that went beyond their expectation. 众位神王对于力量的掌控和感知自然不是龙马联邦斗罗联邦的强者们所能比拟的。通过这几次交手,众位神王们都已经感觉得到,蓝轩宇的潜能可以说是超出了他们的预料。 In did not have under genuine achievement God King situation, while their take action oppressions in turn, but can also erupt more potentials unceasingly, appears and a Dragon God's bloodline better fusion, this was really rare. Thus it can be seen, once his genuine achievement God King, the strength will be surely more fearful. 在还没有真正成就神王情况下,在他们的轮流出手压迫的同时,还能不断爆发出更多的潜能,显现出与龙神血脉更好的融合,这个实在是太难得了。由此可见,一旦他真正成就神王,实力必定还会更加可怕。 Hai Long this stick, is really the strength, if thousand honored, was divided on Lan Xuanyu that flies the nine-colored divine light circulation, these departs several tens of thousands meters to stop. rays of light flickering is also glittering. However, red glow in his eye even more was powerful, unyielding thought also bursts out in his expression. 海龙这一棍,真是力若千钧,被劈飞的蓝轩宇身上九彩神光流转,这一下足足飞出数万米才停顿下来。身上光芒也是忽明忽暗的闪烁着。但是,他眼中的红芒却是越发的强盛了,一股不屈的意念也随之在他眼神之中迸发出来。 In the hand the Dragon God Spear this stick of spear/gun front place somewhat is been slightly curving, at this time under dragon force that just divided pours into quickly is restoring, and erupts more powerful spear glow. 手中龙神枪的枪锋处被刚刚这一棍劈的略微有些弯曲,此时在龙力注入之下正在迅速恢复,并且爆发出更强大枪芒 He looks like together divine iron, was forged under the attack of numerous (representatives) God King, unceasingly erupts the formidable strength. 他就像是一块神铁,在众位神王的攻击之下被锻造,不断的爆发出更加强大的力量。 Áng-” Lan Xuanyu begins supinely, long hair behind the head flutters, radiant rays of light erupts a more intense flavor from him. next instant, his body has started to change. “昂-”蓝轩宇仰起头,长发在脑后飘扬,璀璨的光芒从他身上爆发出更加强烈的味道。下一瞬,他的身体已经开始变化。 The body of human form inflates instantaneously, has changed into one to have ten thousand meters nine-colored giant dragon(s) in a flash fully. Spirited dragon's roar, is even more resonant. The whole Heavenly Dragon Star direction transmits intermittent dragon roar unceasingly. That is all Dragon Clan hears the feedback that his voice gave. 人形的身躯瞬间膨胀,转瞬之间已经化为了一条足有万米长的九彩巨龙。激昂的龙吟声,越发嘹亮起来。以至于整个天龙星方向都不断传来阵阵龙吟。那是所有龙族听到了他的声音所给予的回馈。 Incessantly so, in the universe as if has intermittent dragon roar to respond with his dragon's roar mutually. next instant, Lan Xuanyu giant dragon(s) has flapped dragon wings, directly soared God Realm numerous (representatives) God King to clash. 不止如此,就连宇宙中仿佛都有阵阵龙吟与他的龙吟声相互回应。下一瞬,蓝轩宇所化的巨龙已经拍动龙翼,直奔神界众位神王这边冲了回来。 Incarnation giant dragon(s) he, oneself aura became even more powerful. Terrifying aura was full of the oppression and crazy flavor. 化身巨龙的他,自身气息变得越发强盛了。恐怖的气息更充满了压迫与疯狂的味道。 Tang Wulin and Gu Yuena obviously feel, transmits formidable attractive power from this Dragon God body, is attracting is pulling their bloodline, as if must attract to pull to fuse only as their bloodline. 唐舞麟古月娜明显感觉到,从这龙神的身躯上传来一股强大吸力,在吸扯着他们的血脉,仿佛要将他们的血脉吸扯过去融合唯一似的。 My goodness.” Hai Long with a smile said that grasps the golden cudgel to move forward to meet somebody again. “好家伙。”海龙笑眯眯的说了一声,手持金箍棒再次迎了上去。 Greatly big!” in his shout, the golden cudgel increases suddenly, a stick pounds outrageously. “大大大!”在他的一声声呼喊中,金箍棒骤然变大,悍然一棍砸出。 nine-colored Dragon God opens mouth, in the mouth spear glow emits together, was pounded boisterously by the golden cudgel, but he actually blocked the whereabouts of golden cudgel with oneself dragon head. 九彩龙神一张嘴,口中一道枪芒喷吐而出,被金箍棒哄然砸回,但他却用自己的龙头挡住了金箍棒的下落。 giant dragon(s) pounded body sinks to below, but his has ten thousand meters huge body actually to rotate fully suddenly, giant Dragon's Tail sweeps away, not only attacks to Immortal Emperor Hai Long, but also all covered Mad God Lei Xiang and Death God A'Dai and Zither Emperor Ye Yinzhu and Purple Emperor Amethyst Behemoth. Attacked Five Great God Kings by one's own strength unexpectedly simultaneously. Strength God Zhou Weiqing almost that even/including Zuihou walks was swept away to cover by this Dragon's Tail. 巨龙被砸的身体向下一沉,但他那足有万米长的庞大身躯却是骤然回转,巨大的龙尾横扫而出,不只是攻击向仙帝海龙,还将狂神雷翔死神阿呆琴帝叶音竹紫帝紫晶比蒙全都覆盖在了其中。竟是凭借一己之力同时攻击了五大神王。连最后走出来的大力神周维清险些被这一记龙尾横扫覆盖在内。 ignorance is a bliss, where simply not sober Lan Xuanyu knows oneself face is what stage opponents. 正所谓无知者无畏,根本不清醒的蓝轩宇哪里知道自己所面对的都是什么层次的对手。 The Death God A'Dai figure changes into illusory, disappearance of noiselessly, avoided this Dragon's Tail, the Mad God Lei Xiang double fist rumbled. Resists to go to Dragon's Tail. 死神阿呆身形化为虚幻,悄无声息的消失,避开了这一记龙尾,狂神雷翔双拳轰出。向龙尾抵挡而去。 Immortal Emperor Hai Long just a stick pounded, at this time is also figure rotating, with another vertex of golden cudgel to Dragon's Tail that the snap comes. 仙帝海龙刚刚一棍砸出,此时也是身形旋转,用金箍棒的另一端点向抽击而来的龙尾。 The Purple Emperor figure increases instantaneously, inflates to has kilometer high fully, the both arms intersect before the body, resists forcefully. Zither Emperor Ye Yinzhu has sat on his shoulder. In the hand Withered Wood, Dragon’s Roar Zither plays is even more rapid. Sonorous zither sound made on nine-colored Dragon God dragon scales burst out multicolored halo unceasingly, the speed that the snap came reduces speed. 紫帝身形瞬间变大,膨胀到足有千米高,双臂交叉在身前,强行抵挡。琴帝叶音竹已经坐在了他的肩膀上。手中枯木龙吟琴弹奏的越发急促起来。铿锵的琴音九彩龙神龙鳞上不断迸发出一圈圈彩色光晕,抽击而来的速度减慢。 Bang-” “轰-” Dragon's Tail is almost at the same time and several God King collides together. Made God Realm for appeared that it shocked. 龙尾几乎是在同一时间和几位神王碰撞在一起。令神界都为之震撼的一幕出现了 Under this Dragon's Tail strikes, four big God King figure simultaneously by snap flies horizontally, although quick from the sky controlled own body. But, this prestige of striking repels four big God King unexpectedly. Obviously its strength was intrepid. 在这龙尾一击之下,四大神王的身形同时被抽击的横飞而出,虽然很快都在空中控制住了自己的身体。可是,这一击之威竟是将四大神王击退。可见其力量有多么强悍了。 Four God King look surprised look all, is almost say/way with one voice: „Is universe only?” 四位神王无不面露惊讶之色,几乎是异口同声的道:“宇宙唯一?” What is the universe is only? Regarding Tang Wulin and Gu Yuena, has not understood this meaning. Other numerous (representatives) God King Rank powerhouses who may present actually understand. Except that Tang San complexion invariably has to expect outside early, other God King look the color of shock all. 何为宇宙唯一?对于唐舞麟古月娜来说,还不理解这个意思。可在场的众位神王级别强者们却都是明白的。除了唐三脸色不变早有预料之外,其他的神王无不面露震撼之色。 The universe only meaning is, same God(s), only has one in whole in the Universe, this is the universe is only. 宇宙唯一的意思就是,同样的神诋,在整个宇宙之中也只有一位,这就是宇宙唯一。 The universe is boundless, in a big way actually no one is able to survey the whole universe. Therefore, in in the Universe, exist(ence) like God Realm actually also has. 宇宙无垠广阔,谁也无法测量整个宇宙究竟有多大。所以,在宇宙之中,像神界这样的存在其实也是有很多的。 A universe, is the innumerable parallel spaces interweaves, therefore has this multidimensional space theory exist(ence). Different spaces, even is different star territory, may birth own God Realm. In different God Realm, has possibility appear(ance) similar God(s) very much. Like Tang San their God Realm, as Sea God he, can become the king of God King, God Realm control. May trade God Realm, Sea God may also be ordinary God(s), even is weak God(s) also has the possibility. 一个宇宙,乃是无数平行空间交织而成,所以才有这多维空间的理论存在。不同的空间,甚至是不同的星域,都有可能诞生属于自己的神界。不同的神界中,却很有可能出现类似的神诋。像唐三他们这个神界,身为海神的他,能够成为神王之王,神界的统御者。可换一个神界,海神也有可能是普通一些的神诋,甚至是较弱的神诋也是有可能的。 But if, is the universe is only, that meaning refers, same God(s), whole universe, regardless of many parallel space only has one. Yes, Dragon God is so, the universe is only, only Dragon God. 可是,如果是宇宙唯一的话,那意思就指的是,同样的神诋,整个宇宙无论多少平行空间都只有一位。是的,龙神就是如此,宇宙唯一,唯一的龙神 Therefore, when Lan Xuanyu changes into the Dragon God main body period, his huge body obtain, came from the in the Universe different plane Dragon Clan feedback, his dragon's roar, quite therefore in summoning all similar Dragon Clan strengths with believing blessing on oneself, he is informing all plane Dragon Clan, their gods came back. 所以,当蓝轩宇化为龙神本体的时候,他这庞大的身躯获得的,正是来自于宇宙之中不同位面龙族的回馈,他的龙吟声,相当于是在召唤所有类似龙族的力量与信仰加持在自己身上,他在告知所有位面龙族,他们的神又回来了。 This is the universe only strength, universe only God King, must become Lord of the God Realm God King, must grasp whole God Realm, otherwise, his only characteristics to its other God Realm of joining will produce the formidable impact results, will cause its God Realm to collapse, or was transformed by him as own God Realm. 这就是宇宙唯一的力量,宇宙唯一的神王,一定是要成为神界之主神王,一定要掌握一整个神界,否则,他的唯一特性将会对其加入的其他神界产生非常强大的冲击效果,甚至会导致其神界崩溃,或者是被他转化为自己的神界 - -- Our Douluo fifth «rebirth Tang San» had issued introduction and Chapter 1, everyone can have a look, first collects and recommends. May 20 this book terminated, will formally start to renew fights 5. 我们斗罗第五部《重生唐三》已经发布了引子和第一章,大家可以去看看,先收藏、推荐。5月20号本书完结,将会正式开始更新斗五。 https:// https:// genius one second remembers the home station address:. Cell phone version reading website: 天才一秒记住本站地址:。手机版阅读网址:
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