DD4 :: Volume #11

#1049: In the past, your grandfather taught me here

Old Shu raises hand, Old Yi is somewhat vacant, he fully has not actually restored from oneself mood, the vision actually looks to Tang Wulin. 树老举手,依老有些茫然,他其实还没有从自己的情绪中完全恢复过来,目光却看向唐舞麟 When he sees Tang Wulin to hold up period of hand, is almost follows blindly general following Tang Wulin to raise hand. 当他看到唐舞麟举起手的时候,几乎是盲从一般的跟着唐舞麟举起手来。 thing determined. 事情确定。 Then, makes the detail planning. This.” Sea God Pavilion Master gives the final word. “接下来,制定详细计划。就这样。”海神阁主一锤定音。 Sea God Pavilion's Conference finished, Tang Wulin stands up, nods after the people on the scene hint, moves toward the staircase, after the Lan Xuanyu side, lifts the hand to embrace his shoulder, leading him to go upstairs to go together. 海神阁会议结束,唐舞麟站起身,颔首向在场众人示意后,走向楼梯,经过蓝轩宇身边时,抬手揽住他的肩膀,带着他一起上楼而去。 Gazes after them to depart, sits in Sea God Pavilion Master middle-aged person said with a small smile: I can feel, a new time, will soon arrive.” 目送着他们离去,坐在海神阁主身边的中年人微笑道:“我能感觉到,一个新的时代,即将到来了。” Un, hopes so, I can also unload this responsibility finally.” Sea God Pavilion Master somewhat vacant saying. “嗯,希望如此,我也终于可以卸下这份责任。”海神阁主有些茫然的说道。 Many years, she was maintaining tranquil, returns until that fellow, broke her tranquil. She also clear remembering, when she sees his period for the first time, that type damn feeling. at present thinks, but also is really unusual! 多少年了,她一直都保持着平静,直到那个家伙归来,打破了她内心的平静。她还清楚的记得,当她第一次见到他的时候,那种见了鬼的感觉。现在想想,还真的是奇特啊! Lan Xuanyu follows Tang Wulin to return to the room, closes the door, Tang Wulin said to him: How long can you also stay in academy?” 蓝轩宇跟随着唐舞麟回到房间,关上房门,唐舞麟向他道:“你还能在学院停留多久?” Lan Xuanyu said: Cannot be too long, to maintain Xiuxiu identity, we more go back to be better early. However, at present Heavenly Dragon City definitely because of a Imperial Space Clan's thing confusion. Therefore the short time should the issue not be big. I plan am three to five days later starts.” 蓝轩宇道:“不能太久,为了维持秀秀身份,我们越早回去越好。不过,现在天龙城肯定会因为御空族的事情一片混乱。所以短时间应该问题不大。我计划是三到五天后启程。” Tang Wulin nods, said: Time is somewhat tight. Strives for in this period of time, helping you adapt to body's transformation. Come.” 唐舞麟点点头,道:“时间有些紧迫。争取在这段时间内,帮你适应了身体的变化。来吧。” At the same time saying, his right hand is wielding, Lan Xuanyu only thought that the surrounding golden light sparkle, next instant, the present scenery had changed. 一边说着,他右手一挥,蓝轩宇只觉得周围金光闪耀,下一瞬,眼前的景物已经发生了变化。 This is a jet black palace, the surroundings are great columns, is sending out golden radiance indistinctly. In the innermost, there is a throne, the throne is emptying. In whole space invisible has the constriction. 这是一座漆黑的殿堂,周围是一根根巨柱,隐约散发着金色光辉。在最里面,有一张宝座,宝座空着。整个空间内都无形的有种压迫感。 Tang Wulin stands in his front not far away, is looking at this space, lightly sighed, said: Initially, your grandfather through the divine consciousness projection, stay behind oneself doppelganger Old Tang, taught my technique. at present, I with my divine consciousness, Imitation have this place to accompany your cultivation. Here is my divine consciousness space, you completely may act independently. Attacks to me. Displays ability of all your meetings. Senses own change.” 唐舞麟就站在他面前不远处,也在看着这片空间,轻叹一声,道:“当初,你爷爷就是通过神识投影,留下自己的分身老唐,传授我技艺的。现在,我就用自己的神识,模拟出这个地方来陪你修炼。这里是我的神识空间,你尽可放手施为。向我进攻。施展你所有会的能力。感悟自身的变化。” Good.” Lan Xuanyu nodded. “好。”蓝轩宇点了下头 He has not launched the attack in immediately to Tang Wulin, but stands there, whole body is quiet. 他没有在第一时间唐舞麟发起进攻,而是站在那里,整个人沉静下来。 Adjusts soul power, to adjust spiritual power, lets own essence, qi and spirit melt together, simultaneously is feeling the change of dragon nucleus silently. Feels body to receive bloodline and soul power to affect the later transformation. 调整着魂力、调整着精神力,让自己的精气神溶为一体,同时默默感受着龙核的变化。感受着自己身体受到血脉魂力影响之后的转变。 Before with period of Qian Lei strength confrontation, he had been discovering, oneself became different completely. Breaks through Six Rings, making own strength promote unprecedented realm. 之前在和钱磊力量交锋的时候,他就已经发现,自己变得完全不一样了。突破第六环,让自己的实力提升到了一个前所未有的境界 expression gradually congealing reality, he lifts oneself left hand. silver scales rapid appear from left hand, covers the left arm. lightly multicolored halo is also surrounding his body appear(ance). 眼神渐渐凝实,他抬起自己的左手。一块块银色鳞片迅速从左手上浮现而出,覆盖左臂。淡淡的彩色光晕也随之环绕着他的身体出现 From his under the foot, soul ring increase. If there is Soul Master to see him at this time soul ring, certainly will call out in alarm makes noise. Because that impressively is one by one orange-gold soul ring. 从他脚下,一圈圈魂环攀升而起。如果有魂师能够看到他此时身上的魂环,一定会惊呼出声。因为那赫然是一个个橙金色魂环 orange-gold, what represent(ative) is above 200,000 years, Ferocious Beast soul ring. Bai Xiuxiu and Lan Mengqin have such soul ring. Since they and Emerald Swan, Abyss Demonic Dragon fuse, following several soul ring all are these two formerly peerless Ferocious Beast gives, therefore is orange-gold exist(ence). These two Ferocious Beast ability far more than ten types. Each orange-gold soul ring, even can supplement Three Soul Skills. 橙金色,代表的是二十万年以上,凶兽魂环白秀秀蓝梦琴都有这样的魂环。而自从他们与翡翠天鹅深渊魔龙融合之后,接下来的几个魂环全都是这两位曾经的绝世凶兽赋予,因此都是橙金色存在。这两位凶兽能力何止十种。每一个橙金色魂环,甚至都能附带三个魂技 But regarding Lan Xuanyu, his soul ring color, although has been changing, but the soul skill quantity has not actually changed, has no transformation including soul skill itself. The only change, is soul skill might. 而对于蓝轩宇来说,他的魂环颜色虽然一直都在变化,可魂技数量却没有改变,包括魂技本身也没有任何变换。唯一变化的,就是魂技威能 all kinds of elements control, from originally Ten Year Soul Ring stage, grows to at present surpasses 200,000 years stage, is reborn completely general change ability. 各种元素掌控,从原本十年魂环层次,成长到现在超过二十万年层次,已经完全是脱胎换骨一般的变化能力 But his right hand, is grasping nearly crazy formidable strength. 而他的右手,更是掌握着近乎疯狂的强大力量。 left hand makes a fist, air suddenly becomes blazing, is centered on Lan Xuanyu body, the surroundings change into fiery red instantaneously. The blazing fire gushes out, changes into the magma column of flame, directly soars the direction impact of Tang Wulin to go. 左手握拳,空气突然变得炽热起来,以蓝轩宇身体为中心,周围瞬间化为一片火红。炽热的火喷薄而出,化为岩浆火柱,直奔唐舞麟的方向冲击而去。 Lan Xuanyu body also turned into scarlet-red, the whole body body surface, looked like appears a red gemstone crystal to be common. The surrounding high temperature, rose instantaneously extremely terrifying level. 蓝轩宇身体随之变成赤红色,整个人身体表面,就像是浮现了一层红宝石般的结晶一般。周围的高温,瞬间攀升到了极为恐怖的程度 The magma column of flame impact on Tang Wulin, he is only right hand draws a circle, these hot magma already vanish from sight before his body. 岩浆火柱冲击在唐舞麟身上,他只是右手画圈,那些炽热的岩浆就已经在他身前消失不见 Lan Xuanyu not discouraged, magma spraying ended, changed into the water. Huge Water Dragon shoot up to the sky, directly soars Tang Wulin to throw, the position that in the meantime, Tang Wulin stands, the under the foot also water column to/clashes together. But actually splatters in his around the body outward, simply cannot shake his body. 蓝轩宇并没有气馁,岩浆喷射结束,换成了水。一条条巨大的水龙冲天而起,直奔唐舞麟扑去,同时,唐舞麟所站的位置,脚下也是一道水柱冲起。可却在他身体周围向外喷溅,根本没能撼动他的身躯。 The attack of Lan Xuanyu is out of control, giant meteorites appear in in the sky, directly soar Tang Wulin to pound. Meanwhile, innumerable azure appeared in the air, wrapped these meteorites, the blazing flame attaches above the meteorite. 蓝轩宇的攻击一发不可收拾,一颗颗巨大的陨石在天空中浮现,直奔唐舞麟砸去。与此同时,无数青色的出现在空中,卷住那些陨石,炽热的火焰附加在陨石之上。 Wind, fire and earth, three branches of the family nature Fusion Soul Skill, Meteor Rain of Fire! 风、火、土,三属性融合魂技,流星火雨 The fierce bellow crack, making the whole palace slightly is shivering. When period of these three element fusions, Lan Xuanyu have a carefree dripping feeling. 剧烈的轰鸣声炸响,令整个殿堂都在微微的颤抖着。当这三种元素融合的时候,蓝轩宇自己都有种畅快淋漓的感觉。 He the control to the element had arrived at as the arm moves the finger level, as if all elements, are his body part, he keeps aloof, directs oneself people to launch the attack. These elements are nature matching and fusion to become the most suitable attack, launches the offensive to Tang Wulin. 他对元素的控制已经到了如臂使指程度,仿佛所有元素,都是他身体的一部分,他高高在上,指挥着自己的子民发起攻击。这些元素则是自然搭配、融合成为最适合的攻击,向唐舞麟发起攻势。 He does not have soul nucleus, is only dragon nucleus, but dragon nucleus actually continuously is providing bloodline energy, the transformation is soul power, changes into purest huge energy, control and is attracting the element. Submerges Tang Wulin in Elemental Storm. 他没有魂核,只是龙核,但龙核却源源不绝的提供着血脉能量,转化为魂力,化为最纯粹的庞大能量,掌控和吸引着元素。将唐舞麟淹没在元素风暴之中。 At this moment, in that Elemental Storm center, golden ring of light noiselessly appear(ance), all thundering in this flickers to stop, Lan Xuanyu feels, seems like appeared black hole in that direction, all elements that oneself will output swallow completely. Let him have to plant the instantaneously swallowed feeling. body was towed was staggering forward several steps. 就在这时,在那元素风暴中央,一个金色光环悄无声息出现,所有的轰鸣在这一瞬嘎然而止,蓝轩宇感觉到,在那个方向似乎出现了一个黑洞,将自己输出的所有元素全部吞噬一空。让他有种被瞬间吞噬的感觉。身体都被牵引着向前踉跄了几步。 Tang Wulin stands there as before, is still with smile on the face, the surrounding all also remain unchanged, as if nothing happened crosses. 唐舞麟依旧站在那里,依旧面带微笑,周围的一切也依然如故,仿佛什么都没有发生过似的。 Your elemental control and Nana compared to, the biggest difference is, is not very pure. After element intensity achieves certain level, needed is not Imitation becomes any appearance, only needs the pure element, can make most powerful destructive power. But is the pure element, is easier to control and fuse.” Tang Wulin said to Lan Xuanyu. “你的元素掌控娜娜相比,最大的差别在于,不够精纯。当元素强度达到一定程度之后,需要的不是模拟成任何样子,只需要单纯的元素,就能制造出最强大杀伤力。而越是单纯的元素,越容易操控和融合。”唐舞麟蓝轩宇说道。 In the Lan Xuanyu heart moves, left hand in the palm center, one group of small vortex appeared that is formed by four basic elements, as such?” 蓝轩宇心中一动,左手掌心之中,一团由四种基础元素形成的小漩涡出现了,“像这样吗?” four elements' storm, his formerly in Spirit Transferring Pagoda Spirit Rising Platform has used the big move, under making it grow, almost exploding did not have Spirit Rising Platform. 四元素风暴,他曾经传灵塔升灵台内用过的大招,让它自行成长之下,差点将升灵台给炸没了。 But at this time uses again, feels to have different, he discovered, oneself has been able to control the speed and intensity that this Elemental Storm grows, but no longer is can only by its engaging in introspection grow, but is not steerable. 而此时再用,感觉有不一样,他发现,自己已经可以控制这个元素风暴成长的速度和强度,而不再是只能凭借它的自省成长而不可控制。 vortex getting bigger and bigger, quick has inflated the diameter about ten meters, four colors elect in me, has thunder rays of light to flash before faintly. 旋涡越来越大,很快就已经膨胀到了直径十米开外,四色选我之中,隐隐有雷霆光芒闪现。 The Tang Wulin smile nods, said: Right, this is a basic element(s) good application. A little when probably Divine Refinement thunder tribulation that will face. at present looks like, when you achieve God Rank blacksmith period, facing me who thunder tribulation should be able to deal was better than initially. However, thunder tribulation of four elements not strongest. thunder tribulation of seven elements. Above four great basic elements, in addition space, light and dark three species.” 唐舞麟微笑颔首,道:“对,这是基础元素一种不错的应用。有点像是神锻时将会面对的雷劫现在看来,等你达到神级锻造师时候,面对雷劫应该会应对的比我当初更好。不过,四元素雷劫并不是最强的。还有七元素雷劫。在四大基础元素之上,加上空间、光明、黑暗三种属性。”
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