DD3DKL :: Volume #18

#1721: Praying mantis Bu Chan

Yes, father.” Qiangu Dongfeng nodded. “是,父亲。”千古东风点了点头。 Next flickers, came from bursts out from this pair of fathers and sons Coiling Dragon Stick Battling Heaven and Earth aura suddenly. 下一瞬,来自于盘龙棍战天斗地气息骤然从这对父子身上迸发而出。 Two big Limit Douluo, without doubt are the absolute main force of today this fight. But in population, a Spirit Transferring Pagoda side has at least been over Shrek here one time. Shrek Seven Monsters has been short of Ye Xinglan and Xu Lizhi, original power reduced a bulk. Formerly they passed through even/including Chang to fight. Potential of nature fit and unfit quality is very obvious. 两大极限斗罗,无疑是今天这场战斗的绝对主力。而在人数方面,传灵塔一方至少超过了史莱克这边一倍之多。史莱克七怪少了叶星澜徐笠智,本来实力就降低了一大块。先前他们又经过了连场大战。优劣之势自然十分明显。 Little Junior Brother, I bring up the rear, you walk first.” A'Ruheng one step steps forward, the body inflates instantaneously. 小师弟,我断后,你们先走。”阿如恒一步跨出,身体瞬间膨胀。 He is Flawless Golden Body, by continuing combat ability and defense strength presents in absolutely all people most formidable. 他乃是无漏金身,论持续战斗能力防御力绝对是在场所有人之中最强悍的。 When sees front these people, A'Ruheng had set firm resolve, regardless of defense in this mid-hill is strong, relies on Tang Wulin their power to have the first-rate opportunity. Moreover he also indistinctly knows relations between Tang Wulin and Ancient Tree of Life. 在看到面前这些人的时候,阿如恒就已经下定了决心,无论这山腹之中的防御多强,凭借着唐舞麟他们的实力还是有一线机会的。而且他也隐约知道唐舞麟生命古树之间的关系。 He needs, to the opportunity that the people Creation leave. 他需要的,就是给众人创造离开的机会。 At this moment, powerful incomparable, fills endless proud, wild and conceited aura to raise from him. 就在这时,一股强盛无匹,充满着无尽骄傲、狂放、唯我独尊的气息从他背后升起。 Qiangu Dieting and Qiangu Dongfeng fathers and sons that Battling Heaven and Earth aura has sufficed astonishingly. But on Tang Wulin this conceited aura appear(ance), why does not know, Coiling Dragon Stick in their hand by the start of Control were not vibrated unexpectedly, as if in fear. 千古迭停千古东风父子身上那战天斗地气息就已经够惊人的了。但当唐舞麟身上这份唯我独尊气息出现的时候,不知道为什么,他们手中的盘龙棍竟然不受控制的开始抖动起来,仿佛是在恐惧似的。 Qiangu Dieting and Qiangu Dongfeng look at each other look changes. 千古迭停千古东风都不禁相顾色变 aura and power have the relations, but is not the absolute relations. After each Soul Master cultivate to certain extent, will have to belong to the thought of oneself, but the strong and weak of this thought that will decide Soul Master strong and weak. Is formidable Soul Master, thought will be stronger. 气息实力有关系,但不是绝对的关系。每一位魂师修炼到一定程度之后都会拥有属于自己的意念,而这份意念的强弱,将决定魂师本身的强弱。越是强大的魂师,意念会越强。 May at this moment, the thought of Tang Wulin appear(ance), be similar to the Qiangu Family Battling Heaven and Earth tactical rules unexpectedly, moreover dominates above them completely. 可此时此刻,唐舞麟身上出现的这份意念,竟然是类似于千古家战天斗地战法的,而且还完全凌驾于他们之上的。 Must know that was Pseudo God Qiangu Dieting this tactical rules cultivate to Peak, what Tang Wulin aura has still meant above him? Means at this moment, his aura has surpassed Pseudo God, is infinite close and even is Gods stage aura. 要知道,身为准神千古迭停已经将这份战法修炼到了极致,唐舞麟身上的气息还在他之上意味着什么?意味着此时此刻,他的气息已经超过了准神,已经是无限接近、甚至就是神诋层次气息了。 This how possible Ah? he Limit Douluo also not! 这怎么可能啊?他连极限斗罗都还不是啊! These deters, almost suppressed two big Limit Douluo instantaneously, making Coiling Dragon Stick that they prepared to move stop stiffly. 这一下威慑,几乎是瞬间就压制住了两大极限斗罗,令他们原本准备会动出来的盘龙棍硬生生止住。 Tang Wulin has patted the shoulder of A'Ruheng, behind walked from him. 唐舞麟拍了拍阿如恒的肩膀,从他身后走了出来。 At this moment, Qiangu Dieting looks that the Tang Wulin look became matchless is earnest, since aura that because on Tang Wulin reveals, his these many years continuously tracked down! If he can also have this stage aura, perhaps really had the assault Limit Douluo stage possibility. This is exist(ence) that he most pays attention. 此时此刻,千古跌停看着唐舞麟的眼神已经变得无比热切起来,因为唐舞麟身上流露出的气息,正是他这么多年一直以来在追寻的啊!如果他也能够拥有这种层次气息,说不定就真的有冲击极限斗罗层次的可能了。这才是他最为关注的存在 Your this does aura come from where?” Qiangu Dieting impatient asking. “你这气息是从何而来?”千古迭停迫不及待的问道。 From where comes? 从何而来? In the Tang Wulin mind, appears together the form. 唐舞麟脑海之中,浮现出一道身影。 This form, belonged initially when Sea God Trident Third Trial, one of three matches his father faced. 这道身影,属于当初在海神三叉戟第三考时,他父亲所面对的三个对手之一。 Tang Wulin clear remembering, that form matchless is proud, conceited, in the hand also has a handle long stick, but stands there, has command Heaven and Earth for the feeling that it submits. 唐舞麟清晰的记得,那个身影无比骄傲,唯我独尊,手中也是持有一柄长棍,只是站在那里,就有种令天地为之屈服的感觉。 Under the stimulation of Sky Transcending Douluo Guan Yue, regarding initially saw that three people, keeps the three thoughts in his heart, he had the understanding of deeper stage. Tang Wulin knows that this in fact was father with the aid of initially the relation, desirably guidance to his Spiritual World. Although then Tang San has not explained anything to him with enough time, but these three absolutely are God Rank stage aura, has influenced subtly in tople days since to the help of Tang Wulin. 越天斗罗关月的刺激下,对于当初见到那三个人,留在他心中的三道意念,他都有了更深层次的理解。唐舞麟知道,这实际上是父亲借助当初彼此之间的联系,刻意引导到他精神世界之中的。虽然当时的唐三没有来得及向他解释什么,但这三道绝对是神级层次气息,对唐舞麟的帮助在这些日子以来一直都是潜移默化的。 Until meets Sky Transcending Douluo, this comprehension achieves mastery through a comprehensive study suddenly, but his also nature however can use these three aura functions during the fight of oneself. 直到遇到越天斗罗,这份领悟突然融会贯通,他也自然而然的能够利用这三道气息作用在自己的战斗之中了。 Although just achieved mastery through a comprehensive study, he was unable to change into oneself Dragon Emperor Forbidding Techniques it completely, but is only aura, sufficiently has shocked the Qiangu Dieting fathers and sons. 虽然才刚刚融会贯通,他还没能完全将其化为自己龙皇禁法,但只是气息,就已经足以震撼千古迭停父子了。 Conquers such that Qiangu Dieting feels, Tang Wulin initially three aura God Rank stage of brand mark in spiritual sea! Moreover, can oppress that degree to high god Tang San, how can also be ordinary Gods. That likely is God King stage Elite. 征服千古迭停感受到的那样,唐舞麟当初烙印在精神之海中的三道气息正是神级层次啊!而且,能够将至高神唐三都压迫到那种程度的,又岂会是普通神诋。那很可能都是神王层次强者 Therefore, although together thought that after Tang Wulin genuine its comprehension, to his help is not on power. More important is on stage. 因此,尽管只是一道意念,当唐舞麟真正将其领悟之后,对他的帮助绝非是实力上的。更重要是层次上的。 Like him formerly self-created Forbidding Life and Death and Dragon Emperor Charge, if cultivate arrives at Peak, that is divine skill. It is not inferior in Formless Wave divine skill. 就像他先前自创禁生死龙皇冲,如果修炼极致,那就是神技。不逊色于无定风波神技 At this time, this as if wants yield Heaven and Earth aura one, he has thought that to the first half of this type understands, is called Forbidding Heaven and Earth! As for behind, but also need many comprehensions add on the unceasing attempt to be finally completed. 此时,他这仿佛要降服天地气息一出,他已经给这一式的前半部分想好了明白,就叫做禁天地!至于后面的,还需要更多的领悟加上不断的尝试来最终完成。 Thinks really you did win?” Tang Wulin smiles was saying. From his appearance, saw that likely is not falls into the picture that in the snare soon the group will extinguish. “真的以为你们赢了吗?”唐舞麟微笑着说道。从他的样子,怎么看都不像是落入圈套之中即将团灭的景象。 In the Qiangu Dongfeng eye ray of light glittering, delays Time not to have the significance. Even if War God Temple does not participate during this fight. You also gave up any idea of that leaves from here. aura, you eventually are also not Limit Douluo. Perhaps if your real achievement Limit, in the future can be another Yun Ming, what a pity, is those words, you eventually were too young. Time that you lack.” 千古东风眼中光芒闪烁,“拖延时间是没意义的。就算战神殿不参与到这次的战斗之中。你们也休想从这里离开。一股气息而已,你终究还不是极限斗罗。如果你真的成就极限,或许未来会是另一个云冥,可惜,还是那句话,你终究还是太年轻了。你缺少的正是时间。” Tang Wulin sighed one lightly, „, I was very young. However, young does not mean that my mentality certainly also will be young. Moreover, in me behind, but also has exist(ence) of numerous (representatives) elder. Some very obvious mistake, how will I violate?” 唐舞麟轻叹一声,“是的,我很年轻。但是,年轻并不意味着,我的思路就一定也会年轻。而且,在我身后,还有着众位长辈的存在。一些很明显的错误,我又怎么会犯下呢?” „When you forced our Tang Sect to dispatch troops in initially Parliament, participates to Star Luo and Dou Ling two pieces of Continent wars started to calculate us. You spread the news intentionally, said that Eternal Kingdom of Heaven also meets appear(ance) to be used to bring up the rear in this time war. After all, by the Eternal Kingdom of Heaven might, destroys Star Luo Empire majority of fighting strength sufficiently directly. That absolutely is loss of life big Ruin. But regarding our Shrek and Tang Sect, we who peace-loving is not certainly willing to see this situation appear(ance). In addition before , Shrek City was blown up, we abhors Kill the Gods Rank Fixed Installed Soul Guidance Artillery Shell.” “你们早在当初议会逼迫我们唐门出兵,参加对星罗斗灵两片大陆的战争时就已经开始计算我们了。你们故意放出消息,说永恒天国也会出现在这次的战争中用来压阵。毕竟,以永恒天国的威力,足以直接摧毁星罗帝国大部分的战斗力。那绝对是一场生灵涂炭的大毁灭。而对于我们史莱克唐门来说,爱好和平的我们是一定不愿意看到这种情况出现的。再加上之前史莱克城被炸毁,对于弑神级定装魂导炮弹我们深恶痛绝。” These right. You very good to have used our humane flaw. We also acknowledged this point. You achieved. We when obtain this news, first thinks must avoid the war, then wants to take an action in view of Eternal Kingdom of Heaven. All these, you are successful.” “这些都没错。你们很好的利用了我们的人性缺陷。我们也承认这一点。你们做到了。我们在得到这个消息的时候,首先想到的就是要避免战争,然后就是想要针对永恒天国有所行动。这一切,你们都是成功的。” Qiangu Dongfeng both eyes narrow the eyes, this time instead eagerly did not begin. power that because showed from formerly Tang Wulin, adds on an accident to have Flawless Golden Body A'Ruheng again, they want to take front these people completely, certainly also will pay not the small price. But if can crash the opposite party in the spiritual level first, that all wanted easy many. 千古东风双眼微眯,他这次反而不急于动手了。因为从先前唐舞麟展现出的实力,再加上一个意外拥有无漏金身阿如恒,他们想要将面前这些人全部拿下,一定也会付出不小的代价。但如果能够在精神层面上先压垮对方,那一切就要容易的多了。 Continued. Then?” Hand signal that Qiangu Dongfeng has made invitation, on the face is revealing similarly also the smile. “继续说。然后呢?”千古东风做了一个请的手势,脸上同样也流露着微笑。 Tang Wulin shrugs the arm, then nature is you creates various atmosphere, even revealed Eternal Kingdom of Heaven intentionally in Sea God Corps. Your this move of idea intermediate totals truly are fierce. You also know Elderly Long and matter between Vast Sea Douluo Your Excellency. Therefore, intentionally using this point. Although we do not know how you convinced Vast Sea Douluo, but can let him to Elderly Long lie, told Elderly Long Eternal Kingdom of Heaven on War God Temple deepest one, 18th Layer of Hell, you truly have succeeded the majority. Is truly fierce! I think that your Spirit Transferring Pagoda for this reason, has certainly paid not the small price.” 唐舞麟耸了耸肩膀,“然后自然就是你们营造各种气氛,甚至是故意泄露出永恒天国海神军团了。你们这一招计中计确实是厉害。你们也知道龙老瀚海斗罗冕下之间的事情。所以,故意利用这一点。虽然我们不知道你们是如何说服瀚海斗罗的,但能够让他对龙老说谎,告诉龙老永恒天国战神殿最深一层,第十八层地狱,你们确实是已经成功了一多半。确实是厉害啊!我想,你们传灵塔为此,一定也付出了不小的代价吧。”
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