DD3DKL :: Volume #13

#1288: Very happy, they are also living

The oneself long-awaited that fellow came unexpectedly, he is living eventually. Moreover, present he unexpectedly already formidable to so degree? Must use Martial Soul Avatar to defeat him including Smiley Face Douluo, finally frequently looks like, he also threatened Smiley Face Douluo probably. 自己朝思暮想的那个家伙竟然真的来了,他终究还是活着的。而且,现在的他竟然已经强大到如此程度了吗?连笑面斗罗都要动用武魂真身才能战胜他,最后时刻看起来,他好像还威胁到了笑面斗罗 When she noticed that huge Golden Dragon suppresses Smiley Face Douluo is sending out tyrannical attack unceasingly, even once felt that Tang Wulin as if must defeat. Other did not say that can meet the tough head-on with toughness fight such long Time with Smiley Face Douluo, definitely is not Soul Douluo rank Soul Master can achieve, even if Smiley Face Douluo shows mercy not to be impossible! 当她看到那巨大金龙压制着笑面斗罗不断发出强横攻击的时候,甚至一度感觉唐舞麟似乎要战胜了似的。别的不说,能够和笑面斗罗硬碰硬战斗这么长时间,就决非魂斗罗级别魂师能做到的,哪怕笑面斗罗手下留情也不可能啊! His eventually Heaven's Chosen Child! Even if in Empire such big, in person of same age also nobody can compared with him, the fact show that the choice of oneself is correct. 他终究还是天之骄子啊!哪怕是在帝国如此之大,同龄人中也无人能够和他相比,事实证明,自己的选择是正确的。 Thinks of here, she somewhat is suddenly proud, the oneself choice, is best. 想到这里,她突然有些骄傲,自己选择的,一直都是最好的。 Since he came, cannot make him leave easily, here, is the oneself domain. 他既然来了,就绝不能让他轻易离开,这里,可是自己的地盘呢。 On the face reveals a cunning smile, the bright eyes master stands up quietly, departed quickly, in her heart, had a plan. 脸上流露出一丝狡黠的微笑,明眸的主人悄然站起身,快步离去了,在她心中,已经有了一个计划。 Warm Sunlight passed the window to enter, making Tang Wulin on bed cover light golden-colored. Under the warm gable, he opens eyes slowly. 温暖的阳光透窗而入,令床上的唐舞麟蒙上了一层淡淡的金色。在温暖包覆之下,他缓缓睁开双眸 His look as if became brighter, shiny smooth. Shines in his Sunlight as if distortion slightly, Transformation is very small, but if carefully looked that actually certainly can discover this Transformation. 他的眼神似乎变得更加明亮、莹润了。照耀在他身上的阳光似乎略微的扭曲起来,变化很小,但如果仔细去看,却一定能够发现这份变化 After short Transformation, distortion ray returned to normal, Tang Wulin also restored aura of average person. 短暂的变化之后,扭曲光线恢复了正常,唐舞麟也重新恢复了普通人的气息 Gets out of bed, opens the window, fresh Air heads on. takes a deep breath, all are that happy. 下床,推开窗户,清新的空气扑面而来。深吸口气,一切都是那么美好。 for several days his condition continuously good, every so often, the worry of person mostly brings upon oneself. After he thought through oneself one's own Parents is Tang San and Xiao Wu. But worry nature originally however vanished. 这些天他的状态一直都不错,很多时候,人的烦恼大都是自找的。在他想通了自己亲生父母就是唐三小舞之后。很多原本的烦恼自然而然就消失了。 But oneself the son of god, the father has carried off Foster Parent, has the protection of Gods, they certainly will not have the matter. But Gu Yuena has also talked clearly relations between Gu Yue and Na'er, Tang Wulin also thinks clearly, whatever, with her in the same place, even if she has two Soul is also same. Doesn't oneself have the sentiment to Na'er really? of course not. On that day after listening to pouring out of Na'er, Tang Wulin understood this point. 自己可是神的儿子呢,亲生父亲带走了养父母,有神诋的守护,他们就一定不会有事的。而古月娜也说清楚了古月娜儿之间的关系,唐舞麟也想清楚了,无论怎样,都会和她在一起,哪怕她有两个灵魂也是一样。自己娜儿真的就没有感情吗?当然不。那天在听了娜儿的倾诉之后,唐舞麟就明白了这一点。 The oneself father can defeat Martial Soul Hall before Twenty-thousand Years, establishes Tang Sect, helping Shrek Academy rise. Then, why can't oneself reconstruct Shrek? 自己的亲生父亲在两万年前能够击败武魂殿,创立唐门,帮助史莱克学院崛起。那么,自己为什么不能重建史莱克呢? The urgent matter, must become more formidable, reconstructs Shrek Academy. At that time, but also who can prevent oneself and Gu Yuena in the same place? 当务之急,就是要变得更加强大,重建史莱克学院。那时候,还有谁能阻止自己古月娜在一起? Because has thought through these, the Tang Wulin innermost feelings are stable, cultivation almost increases day by day. He does not break through eagerly, but according to the plan of oneself, must be colored Time to consolidate oneself in this stage. Even will suppress Soul Power cultivation, compresses own Soul Power, before step Titled Douluo, making oneself can realize more things. Can sense more profound Heaven and Earth highest good. 正是因为想通了这些,唐舞麟内心稳固,修为几乎是与日俱增。他并不急于突破,而是按照自己的计划,在这个层次要多花一些时间来稳固自身。甚至会压制魂力修为,压缩自身魂力,在进阶封号斗罗之前,令自己能够体会到更多的东西。能够感悟更加深刻的天地至理。 Tang San appear(ance), making him enhance the oneself future goal, like Spirit Transferring Pagoda and Holy Spirit Cult their people, his goal, must become Gods. Only has so, can seek for the oneself family member! 唐三出现,让他提高了自己未来的目标,就像传灵塔圣灵教他们那些人一样,他的目标,也要成为神诋。唯有如此,才能去寻找自己的亲人啊! ... Was he comes. My some cannot believe the eye of oneself.” Ye Zhi to oneself Soul Guide Communication Device. “真的是他来了。我也有些不敢相信自己的眼睛。”叶芷对着自己魂导通讯器 „Did they come?” Another side hears a melodious male voice, at this time his in sounds|voices besides surprise, but also has several points of intense anticipation. “他们都来了吗?”另一边传来一个悠扬的男声,此时他的声音中除了诧异之外,还有着几分强烈的期待似的。 Yes! They came. Tang Wulin unexpectedly is Tang Sect Sect Master, really does not dare to imagine.” “是啊!他们都来了。唐舞麟竟然已经是唐门门主了,真是不敢想象。” Good, I knew. I look for you.” Male voice light saying, the expression returned to normal, is only, in that tranquil behind, there is what kind of mood? “好,我知道了。我来找你们吧。”男声淡淡的说道,语气重新恢复了平静,只是,在那平静背后,又有怎样的情绪? ... Hangs up Soul Guide Communicator, Su Mu closes eyes slowly, seems, he and past years did not have no Transformation, the years unable on him to leave any trace. Makings actually appear(ance) transformation, milder scholarly of transformation, calm. 挂断魂导通讯,苏沐缓缓闭上双眸,看上去,他和当年并没有什么变化,岁月没能在他身上留下任何一丝痕迹。只是气质却出现了蜕变,蜕变的更加温润儒雅,也更加的沉稳。 His Once has a nickname, Fox King. Fox King Su Mu, in the past brain of Monster Academy Eight Great Heavenly Kings, genuine Soul character. Although his rank only in the third position, but Dragon King or Tiger King, very respect his opinion. 曾经有个绰号,狐王狐王苏沐,当年怪物学院八大天王的大脑,真正灵魂人物。尽管他的排名只在第三位,可无论是龙王还是虎王,都十分尊重他的意见。 In the past defeated, does not dare to dismiss from mind until today. Present they, can be what kind of power? 当年一败,直到今日不敢忘怀。现在的他们,又会是怎样的实力了呢? In recent years, he does not dare to relax, past failure, not can be regarded shame, but actually likely hangs the sharp knife blade in his top of the head to be ordinary, constantly urges on him to forward forward and again! 这些年来,他一刻都不敢放松,当年的失败,算不得耻辱,但却像是垂在他头顶上的利刃一般,无时无刻都鞭策着他必须向前、再向前! Presses Soul Guide Communication Device in wrist|skill, has dialed a number, Lin San, Shrek Seven Monsters came.” 重新按动手腕上的魂导通讯器,拨通了一个号码,“林三,史莱克七怪来了。” Another side was silent, what makes?” 另一边沉默了,“来做什么?” Comes on behalf of Tang Sect.” Su Mu sinking sound track. “代表唐门而来。”苏沐沉声道。 On behalf of Tang Sect?” “代表唐门?” Yes!” “是的!” Lin San has smiled suddenly, was very happy that they are also living.” 林三突然笑了,“很高兴,他们还活着。” Yes!” Su Mu also smiled. “是啊!”苏沐也笑了。 The match who never forgets is also living, what ratio this joyful matter but also there is? 念念不忘的对手还活着,还有什么比这更让人愉悦的事情呢? Su Mu eyes becomes bright, you called Teng Teng to come here.” 苏沐双眸变得明亮起来,“你叫上腾腾来我这儿吧。” Good! That side Boss? Told him?” “好!老大那边呢?告诉他了吗?” ... Early morning positive light is bright and temperate, only then the light warm feeling, is not dry and hot. Chaoyang would giving people a prosperous feeling, but joyful. 清晨的阳光明亮而温和,只有淡淡的暖意,却并无燥热。朝阳总会给人一种欣欣向荣的感觉而令人愉悦。 The bright eyes master in this early morning has stood in front of a big arched entrance. 明眸的主人就在这清晨时分已经站在了一个高大的拱门面前。 Looks at four large characters in arched entrance, her lip sip was tight, is good to fondly remember initially all here! 看着拱门上的四个大字,她不禁唇瓣抿紧,好怀念当初在这里的一切啊! Gradually walks into large door, by long passageway planted to fill various plant(ing) quilts, shone under early morning Sunlight, fresh Air made beyond the personality joyful. 缓步走入大门,长长的通道两侧种满了各种植被,在清晨的阳光照耀下,清新的空气令人格外愉悦。 Here is Academy, to being more like a big park, has filled everywhere Nature aura. 与其说这里是一座学院,到更像是一座大公园,到处都充满了大自然气息 Her that a pair of eye pupil was bright, but after arriving here, actually even more sparkled. 她那一双眼眸本就明亮,而在来到这里之后,却是越发的闪耀了。 Early morning Academy had been exposed to the sun to awaken, the students who passes and out, when noting to enter the Academy bright eyes master, can not fall the vision on her on own initiative. 清晨的学院已经被朝阳唤醒,进进出出的学员们,在注意到走进学院的明眸主人时,都会不自觉地将目光落在她身上。 Although she left here to be very long, but her beautiful actually as before attracts exist(ence) of eyeball. Let alone, many people recognize her as before. 虽然她已经离开这里很久了,但她的美却依旧是吸引眼球的存在。更何况,依旧有很多人认得她。 Nobody will walk to go forward to disturb to stroll, the pupil light actually falls on surroundings scenery her, recognizes her person, slightly nods the head, on the face is bringing more adores and respect. Only then specially has the self-confident person to oneself, or will be some old Teacher(s), in the look somewhat will appreciate. 没有人会走上前打扰缓步而行,眸光却落在周围景物上的她,大多数认出她的人,也只是微微颔首,脸上带着的更多是倾慕和尊敬。只有一些对自己特别有自信的人,或者是一些年长的老师,眼神中才会有几分欣赏。 Across this passageway of just like strolling in forest, the front suddenly sees the light, what heaving in sight is a diameter surpasses hundred meters giant basin. 穿过这一条宛如漫步在森林中的通道,前方豁然开朗,映入眼帘的是一个直径超过百米的巨大水池。 If the holiday time, the fountain in basin will start, under Sunlight will shine will bring the brilliant purple and red rainbow. 如果是节日的时候,水池中的喷泉就会启动,在阳光照耀下会带来姹紫嫣红的彩虹。 today is not a holiday, the pool of water clear and smooth like the mirror. Is producing an inverted image another side plain Main Classroom Building. 今天并非节日,池水澄澈、平滑如镜。倒映着另一边古朴的主教学楼 This has eight fully, the broad ring-like construction, is here landmark, is entire Academy Nucleus location. Almost all can be admitted to here Heaven's Chosen Child to obtain the best teaching here. 这座足有八层,宽阔的环形建筑,乃是这里的标志性建筑,也是整个学院核心所在。几乎所有能够考入这里的天之骄子们都会在这里得到最好的教学。 Halts near the basin, eyes of bright eyes master suddenly becomes bright, as if has ray of light to project from the eye pupil of her double action person, is looking into Main Classroom Building of distant place. In her eyes, seems producing an inverted image anything. Under looks out into the distance, as if can see clearly all sorts in Main Classroom Building. 止步在水池边,明眸主人的双眸骤然变得明亮起来,仿佛有光芒从她那双动人的眼眸中射出,眺望着远处的主教学楼。在她的双眸之中,仿佛倒映着什么。极目远眺之下,似乎能够看清主教学楼内的种种。 I near day artificial pond.” She has dialed Soul Guide Communicator. “我在天泉池边。”她拨通了魂导通讯 Well. How did you come?” Another side transmits low and deep sounds|voices. “唔。你怎么来了?”另一边传来低沉的声音 of course is looks your. Facilitates?” The bright eyes master said in a soft voice. 当然是来找你的。方便过来吗?”明眸主人轻声道。 Good.” The reply is very simple, is very direct. “好。”回答很简单,也很直接。 --------------------- --------------------- Asked the monthly ticket and recommendation ticket. 求月票、推荐票。
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