DD2 :: Volume #9

#415 Part 2: Winter did awake?

The black, dark blue and golden color, disappear instantaneously. Double sword combining and complementing one another of Huo Yuhao from the sky changes into the innumerable halos to vanish. 黑色、深蓝色、金色,瞬间泯灭。霍雨浩的双剑合璧在空中化为无数光晕消失。 However, under contract Tai Tan of this pair of sword, upper part unexpectedly slight rocked. 但是,承接下这双剑的泰坦,上半身居然轻微的晃动了一下。 Must know that he is Transcendent Douluo! After catching the attack of Huo Yuhao, unexpectedly the body rocked. Moreover, in the look had vacant again. 要知道,他可是超级斗罗啊!在接住了霍雨浩的攻击后,居然身体晃动了。而且,眼神中再次出现了一丝茫然。 Never forgets, that is missing strength. Thinking Dong Fist and Recalling Dong Sword, making Tai Tan feel, is in the Huo Yuhao heart, that as if wants crazy general missing! 念念不忘,那是思念的力量。思冬拳念冬剑,让泰坦感受到的,是霍雨浩心中,那份仿佛要疯狂一般的思念啊! Huo Yuhao has not stopped, the body moves as one desires, in his double pupil, is gentle. The right hand lifts, the palm is that glittering and translucent carving golden color. In his back Xue Nu, looks like his remnant shade is ordinary, simultaneously moves with him. 霍雨浩没有停顿,身随心动,在他的双眸之中,只有温柔。右手抬起,手掌是那晶莹剔透的金色。在他背后的雪女,就像是他的残影一般,与他同时而动。 When Huo Yuhao is away from the Tai Tan also three meters, Xue Nu integrated Huo Yuhao within the body from behind suddenly, then before the Huo Yuhao body flutters, pure white such as the palm of snow, first one step, prints to Tai Tan. 霍雨浩距离泰坦还有三米之时,雪女突然从后面融入了霍雨浩体内,然后又从霍雨浩身前飘出,洁白如雪的手掌,抢先一步,向泰坦印去。 Emperor's Palm, Great Coldness Snow. 帝掌,大寒无雪 Hao-Dong Palm, generation after generations. 浩冬掌,生生世世。 When absent-minded of Tai Tan, eventually has continued the time of flash, his double pupil anger opens the eyes, sixth Soul Ring is changed into the golden color by the black suddenly, making his release the Martial Soul avatar Tai Tan Giant Ape main body to cover golden light instantaneously. 泰坦的恍惚,终究之时持续了一瞬间的时间,他双眸怒睁,身上的第六魂环突然由黑色化为金色,令他那释放出武魂真身泰坦巨猿的本体瞬间蒙上了一层金光 Indestructible Vajra! Compared with Paragon Protecting Cover more intrepid defense Soul Ability. With his own strong capability of bloodlines union. 金刚不坏!比无敌护罩更加强悍的防御魂技。与他自身血脉结合的强大能力。 The seal of right palm of Xue Nu on Tai Tan, has not made any sound gently, the tender body flutters with behind to Huo Yuhao merges into one organic whole. 雪女的右掌在泰坦身上轻轻一印,没有发出任何声音,娇躯就与后面飘至的霍雨浩融为一体。 But that seems a light palm, was actually known as that is the strongest attack of Snow Emperor! On Tai Tan that golden light turned into Bai Se (White Color) instantaneously. 但那看上去轻飘飘的一掌,却号称是雪帝的最强攻击啊!泰坦身上那一层金光瞬间就变成了白色 If Snow Emperor can display complete strength, Tai Tan is how regardless of does not dare to withstand this palm directly, what a pity, present Snow Emperor or Xue Nu, are the appearances of young girl time. 如果雪帝能够发挥出全部实力,泰坦是无论如何也不敢直接承受这一掌的,可惜,现在的雪帝还是雪女,还是少女时代的模样。 However, Huo Yuhao follows close on, but on Hao-Dong Palm actually printed in the similar position. 但是,霍雨浩紧跟而上的浩冬掌却印在了同样的位置。 Bang Huo Yuhao only thought one have as if run upon a palatial Xiongshan. In an instant, Right Arm Bone ge sends out one after another flip-flop sound, if not for his own strength were in the extremely powerful situation. ** The carrying capacity is very more tenacious under moistening of vitality, perhaps must first break off was his arm. “砰”霍雨浩只觉得自己仿佛撞上了一座巍峨的雄山。刹那间,右臂骨骼发出一连串的劈啪声,若不是他自身力量已经到了极其强悍的地步。**承受力更是在生命力的滋润下无比坚韧,恐怕先要折断的就是他的手臂了。 Chest one stuffy, a blood has spurted, the person also accordingly flies upside down. 胸口一闷,一口鲜血就喷了出来,人也是应声倒飞。 Tai Tan Giant Ape Martial Soul Indestructible Vajra Body, the defensive power was too strong, is too strong. 泰坦巨猿武魂金刚不坏体,防御力实在是太强、太强了。 Bai Se (White Color) transforms as the golden color. Stands there Tai Tan. Standing one's ground steadfastly. Under the Martial Soul avatar condition displays Indestructible Vajra Body, this grade of defense, even if the powerhouses of Titled Douluo rank is unable to injure him. 白色重新转化为金色。站在那里的泰坦。岿然不动。武魂真身状态下施展金刚不坏体,这等防御,就算是封号斗罗级别的强者都无法伤害到他。 However. That Absolute chill in the air made his whole body stiffness, although the Great Coldness Snow strength cannot spread to his within the body to heart to rush forth, but that after all was Snow Emperor most struck! 但是。那极致的寒意却还是令他全身一阵僵硬,虽然大寒无雪的力量没能传入他体内向心脏奔涌,但那毕竟是雪帝的最强一击啊! Let alone, behind also has followed of Hao-Dong Palm. The prestige energy in Hao-Dong Palm Soul Power aspect, is unable to break in Indestructible Vajra Body. However, don't forget, this palm has been full of the mind thought of Huo Yuhao! Compared with his own Soul Power, his Spiritual Power wants formidable many. 更何况,后面还有浩冬掌的跟随。浩冬掌魂力方面的威能,根本无法冲入金刚不坏体。但是,别忘了,这一掌可是充满了霍雨浩精神意念啊!和他自身的魂力相比,他的精神力要强大的多。 Tai Tan only thought that Spiritual Power beyond description emerges in oneself mind and soul instantaneously. That intense missing, grievous recollection. Moves people to tears all. His eye socket one red, flows off two lines of tears unexpectedly. The mood of whole person, completely immersed during missing of Hao-Dong Palm. Suddenly dull standing there, although is releasing Indestructible Vajra Body as before, but has not actually pursued. 泰坦只觉得一股难以形容的精神力瞬间涌入自己脑海与灵魂之中。那强烈的思念,充满悲伤的回忆。无不催人泪下。他的眼圈一红,竟然流下两行泪来。整个人的情绪,也完全沉浸在了浩冬掌的思念之中。一时间呆呆的站在那里,虽然依旧释放着金刚不坏体,但却并没有追击。 Huo Yuhao was shaken flew, but. His fight has not stopped. After he is not initially that displayed Hao-Dong Three Absolutes, immediately loses the battle efficiency Huo Yuhao. He now is, Eye of Asura Huo Yuhao, had three big spirits, Twin Martial Souls has been achieving Huo Yuhao of Soul Saint rank! 霍雨浩被震飞了,但是。他的战斗并没有停止。他已经不是当初那个施展浩冬三绝之后就会立刻失去战斗力的霍雨浩了。他现在是,修罗之瞳霍雨浩,是拥有着三大魂灵,双生武魂全部达到了魂圣级别的霍雨浩啊! In process of body flying upside down, Soul Ring takes turn. One red, four oranges. Meets two red, seven Soul Ring appear outrageously. 身体倒飞的过程中,魂环交替。一红、四橙。接两红,七个魂环悍然出现。 Compared with Spirit Eyes seven Soul Ring, Ice Jade Emperor Scorpion Martial Soul seven Soul Ring without doubt are more brilliant. The terrifying Spiritual Power flash rose Absolute, Huo Yuhao has been closing eyes, but Eye of Destiny on his forehead actually once more opened. 灵眸的七个魂环相比,冰碧帝皇蝎武魂的七个魂环无疑是更加光彩夺目的。恐怖的精神力一瞬间就攀升到了极致,霍雨浩自己闭合着双眼,但他额头上的命运之眼却再次开启。 In does not display in the Spirit Eyes Martial Soul situation, Eye of Destiny released Soul Assault as before, fell on Tai Tan directly. 在不施展灵眸武魂的情况下,命运之眼依旧释放出了一道灵魂冲击,直接落在了泰坦身上。 At in the missing condition, moreover after formerly two of Martial Soul avatar Eye of Asura release big weakened Soul Ability, defense of Tai Tan in mind aspect fell Absolute. Luckily, his Indestructible Vajra Body also has certain defense to Spiritual Power. Forehead backward one supine, the under foot is staggering the backlash. The soul was attacked fiercely, making him unable to maintain own Martial Soul avatar and Indestructible Vajra Body condition, the headache wants crack the retreat of backward. 正处于思念状态中,而且还中了先前武魂真身修罗之瞳释放的两大削弱魂技之后,泰坦精神方面的防御已经降到了极致。幸好,他那金刚不坏体也对精神力有一定的防御。头部向后一仰,脚下踉跄着后退。灵魂受到剧烈冲击,令他也保持不住自己的武魂真身金刚不坏体状态了,头痛欲裂的向后退去。 But also at this time, Huo Yuhao changed, on him the seventh Soul Ring ray puts greatly. Huge Ice Jade Scorpion light shadow emerges out of thin air behind him. The body of Huo Yuhao integrated in that light shadow. 而也就在这个时候,霍雨浩变了,他身上的第七魂环光芒大放。一只巨大的冰碧蝎光影凭空出现在他背后。紧接着,霍雨浩的身体就融入到了那光影之中。 light shadow instantaneously becomes the congealing reality, but appears is actually not Ice Jade Emperor Scorpion, but is a whole body puts on the female of aquamarine long skirt, magnificent and expensive, cold and proud, is Ice Emperor. 光影瞬间变得凝实,但出现的却并不是冰碧帝皇蝎,而是一位全身穿着碧绿色长裙的女子,华贵、冷傲,正是冰帝 Ice Jade Emperor Scorpion Martial Soul avatar, Ice Emperor Descent. 冰碧帝皇蝎武魂真身,冰帝降临 This Martial Soul avatar, is similarly unique, the reason is very simple, Huo Yuhao this second Martial Soul is living! Living Martial Soul isn't avatar, unique? 这个武魂真身,同样是独一无二的,原因很简单,霍雨浩这第二武魂是活着的啊!活着的武魂真身,可不是独一无二么? Initially the fusion with Daydream Ice Silkworm, was impossible to have Absolute Ice second Martial Soul, does not have the means and Ice Emperor fuses. 没有当初与天梦冰蚕的融合,就不可能拥有极致之冰第二武魂,更没办法与冰帝进行融合。 This is 1 million years of Soul Beast cultivates with one nearly 400,000 years is Soul Beast simultaneously is willing to achieve! Who can duplicate? 这可是一只1000000年魂兽与一只近400000年修为魂兽同时心甘情愿才能做到的啊!谁能复制? Ice Emperor Descent, can let Huo Yuhao in this Martial Soul avatar condition, making Ice Emperor appear temporarily, and has the Ice Emperor battle efficiency originally. But Ice Emperor presents the time that and can fight, with cultivating of Huo Yuhao to have direct relation. 冰帝降临,能够让霍雨浩在这武魂真身的状态下,使冰帝暂时出现,并且真的拥有冰帝原本的战斗力。而冰帝出现并能战斗的时间,与霍雨浩的修为有直接关系。 Ice Emperor coldly looks to fall to draw back Tai Tan, she already felt the great strength of match. The right hand lifts, that complete coverage palm of Diamond Ice Crystal gently in a flash , the form appeared side her together. Xue Nu. 冰帝冷冷的看着跌退中的泰坦,她早就感受到了对手的强大。右手抬起,那完全覆盖着钻石冰晶的手掌轻轻一晃,又是一道身影出现在了她身边。正是雪女 The right hand of left hand and Ice Emperor of Xue Nu grasps, strange appeared, Xue Nu under young girl condition, grows unexpectedly at an exceptional pace, pure white such as the long skirt of snow flutters. Her look, one becomes profound. 雪女的左手与冰帝的右手相握,奇异的一幕出现了,少女状态下的雪女,竟然以惊人的速度成长起来,洁白如雪的长裙飘扬。她的眼神,也一下变得深邃起来。 Ice Emperor and Snow Emperor look at each other one, two people, simultaneously ascended the different color light fog. 冰帝雪帝对视一眼,两人身上,同时升腾出了不同颜色的光雾。 This had not finished, a strange grass quietly appeared behind them. All leaf blade empty, only have left quietly behind two diamond ice crystal general existences, floating, simultaneously fell on Ice Emperor and Snow Emperor forehead, added several points of graceful bearing for them. 这还没有结束,一朵奇异的小草悄然出现在了她们背后。所有的叶片悄然虚化,只留下了两片菱形冰晶一般的存在,飘然而起,同时落在了冰帝雪帝的额头上,为她们更添几分风姿。 Immediately, light fog that on the snow and ice two emperors ascends just likes essence general to rush forth, Bai Se (White Color) and aquamarine two different colors, are actually releasing the aura of Absolute low temperature, one promoted the apex. At this moment, around Ice Emperor and Snow Emperor body, the temperature approached in Absolute Zero infinitely. 顿时,冰雪二帝身上升腾的光雾犹如实质一般奔涌,白色与碧绿色两种不同颜色,却都释放着极致低温的气息,一下就提升到了顶点。这一刻,在冰帝雪帝身体周围,温度已经无限接近于绝对零度 golden-rose color vertical eye ascended at this time, behind vertical eye, had faintly glitters ten golden ring light shadow to reappear together. 一只玫瑰金色竖眼就在这时候升腾而起,竖眼背后,隐隐有一道闪烁着十圈金环光影浮现。 The golden-rose color light beam, the electricity shoots, as before is Soul Assault. Although after starting this strikes, that huge vertical eye immediately is defeated and dispersed and vanishes. However, this Eye of Asura Soul Assault, actually as before fell on Tai Tan. 玫瑰金色的光柱,电射而出,依旧是灵魂冲击。尽管发动这一击之后,那巨大竖眼立刻溃散、消失。但是,这一记修罗之瞳灵魂冲击,却依旧落在了泰坦身上。 In the stuffy pshaw, Tai Tan staggered backlash, the nostril place has spouted two blood. After the Spiritual Power defense was affected by Soul Expropiation, his resistance reduced to Absolute. 闷哼声中,泰坦踉跄后退,鼻孔处已经喷出了两股鲜血。在精神力防御受到灵魂剥夺影响之后,他的抗性已经降低到极致了。 If not this Soul Assault is controls by Daydream Ice Silkworm, is not the Huo Yuhao main body, perhaps he can injure heavily. 如果不是这一记灵魂冲击乃是由天梦冰蚕控制,并非霍雨浩本体的话,他恐怕会伤得更重。 Bai Se (White Color) and bright light fog blended completely, that is one type strange, seems appearing in the world the Extreme Cold Power ray. 白色与碧色的光雾已经完全交融,那是一种奇异的,仿佛显现着天地间至寒之力的光芒。 White and green, two color entanglements, Absolute Absolute Ice! 白与绿,两种颜色的纠缠,极致极致之冰 Ice and Snow Two Emperor's Pride! Changes into the giant light beam instantaneously, directly soars Tai Tan to go. 冰雪二帝之骄傲!瞬间化为巨大的光柱,直奔泰坦而去。 This time Tai Tan, comes under twice the influence of Soul Assault, cannot make the effective defense. From the beginning, he underestimated Huo Yuhao, he wants to have a look actually, several months did not see, this young people can achieve what kind of degree. But Huo Yuhao, has truly given him a big pleasant surprise! 此时的泰坦,受到两次灵魂冲击的影响,根本做不出有效的防御。从一开始,他就太小看霍雨浩了,他其实只是想看看,数月不见,这个年轻人能够做到怎样的程度。而霍雨浩,也确实给了他一份大大的惊喜! Low and deep dragon roar resounds in this moment, green light shadow drops from the clouds together, changes into light barrier to cover Tai Tan. 一声低沉的龙吟就在这一刻响起,紧接着,一道青色光影从天而降,化为光罩泰坦笼罩其中。 This light barrier seems very strange, the above nine black dragon coil around unexpectedly, incomparable radiance. 光罩看上去十分奇异,上面竟然有九条青龙盘绕,无比的璀璨。 When Ice and Snow Two Emperor's Pride falls on this light barrier, light barrier was exaggerated the color of white and deep green blending immediately. However, that nine black dragon actually as before circle, moreover every time circles for one week, the Ice and Snow Two Emperor's Pride strength will weaken one. 冰雪二帝之骄傲落在这光罩上时,光罩顿时被渲染成了白与碧绿交融的颜色。但是,那九条青龙却依旧盘旋,而且每盘旋一周,冰雪二帝之骄傲的力量就会减弱一份。 Tai Tan assumes an air of self approbation finally sobered, when he sees clearly the present situation, cannot bear scolds one lowly, the body black ray puts greatly, must release Soul Ability once more. 泰坦摇头晃脑的终于清醒了过来,当他看清眼前的情况时,忍不住低骂一声,身上黑色光芒大放,就要再次释放魂技 „Do you also dislike insufficiently disgraced?” Is full of the spunk sound to resound, the form falls side him together quietly, holds his shoulder, flings backward, directly flung Clear Sky Castle not to know him in front door when opened. “你还嫌不够丢人吗?”充满怒意的声音响起,一道身影悄然落在他身边,一把抓住他的肩膀,向后一甩,就把他直接甩到了昊天堡不知道什么时候敞开的大门之中。 Ice Emperor and Snow Emperor reappear, their vision stared in front of one this big and tall man, the halo twinkle, vanishes quietly, Huo Yuhao reappears, but, his body rocked, slowly softly falls to the ground, completely lost the consciousness. 冰帝雪帝重现,她们目光凝视了一眼面前这魁伟的男人,光晕闪烁,悄然消失,霍雨浩重现,但是,他的身体晃动了一下,就缓缓软倒在地,完全失去了意识。 Yes! In Ice Emperor, Snow Emperor, Daydream Ice Silkworm and Octagonal Mysterious Ice Grass, in situation of complete eruption. Even if Twin Martial Souls Soul Saint, cannot stand such consumption! Huo Yuhao this series of Absolute attack, had not kept any subsequent party to oneself. In fact, after displaying Hao-Dong Palm, he already, because the change on mood, did not have the means to continue to fight again. The following attack, all adds on Ice Emperor jointly to be completed by three big spirits. Huo Yuhao has proven with oneself, spirit uses, is fearful! 是啊!在冰帝雪帝天梦冰蚕八角玄冰草,全部爆发的情况下。哪怕是双生武魂魂圣,也禁受不起这样的消耗啊!霍雨浩这一连串的极致攻击,本来就没有给自己留任何后手。实际上,在施展浩冬掌之后,他自己就已经因为情绪上的变化,没办法再继续战斗了。后续的攻击,全是由三大魂灵加上冰帝共同完成的。霍雨浩用自己证明了,魂灵用好,有多么可怕! ------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------ The recommendation ticket gives a strength, on Monday we also three. 推荐票给点力,周一咱们还三更哦。
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