DSI :: Volume #10

#998: Before the storm final tranquil under

Naturally, compared with these four people, Murong Qingcheng and Xu Jing is not inferior, Xu Jing even must above them. 当然,和这四人相比,慕容倾城徐静丝毫不逊色,徐静甚至还要在他们之上。 This is not Ye Chen blindly guessed. 这个不是叶尘瞎猜。 From Demon Flower Emperor there, Ye Chen knew, the Murong Qingcheng strength, has achieved the True Spirit World A Titled Emperor King rank, moreover is not the ordinary class, reason that the strength so progresses by leaps and bounds, was mainly Murong Qingcheng inherited very noble Demon Race blood lineage, this blood lineage called any Dark Succuba blood lineage. 魔花皇那里,叶尘得知,慕容倾城的实力,已经达到真灵世界封帝王者级别,而且不是普通之流,之所以实力如此突飞猛进,主要是慕容倾城继承了十分高贵的魔族血统,这种血统叫什么黑暗魔女血统 However this blood lineage was too formidable, to can corrode soul and intelligence of person formidable, after all Murong Qingcheng is not pure Demon Race, but is Human-Demon, therefore for these years, she has been taming Dark Succuba blood lineage diligently, and in this process, formidable, prepares for the alien race great misfortune diligently. 但是这种血统太强大了,强大到可以侵蚀人的灵魂和神智,毕竟慕容倾城不是纯正的魔族,而是人魔,所以这几年,她一直在努力驯服黑暗魔女血统,并在这过程中,努力强大自己,为异族大劫做准备。 As for Xu Jing, her great strength, even if can guess correctly with the toe, must know in True Spirit World, has the complete Great Dragon bloodlines only this, Great Dragon fierce, is unable to guess, only knows that this was dominates strong Monster Beast above hundred beast, natural talent has fully achieved the top-grade rank, did not need how assiduous cultivation, after being grown, then can become Monster King. 至于徐静,她的强大哪怕用脚趾头都能猜出一些,要知道在真灵世界,有着完整巨龙血脉的仅此一个,巨龙有多厉害,无法揣测,只知道这是凌驾在百兽之上的超强妖兽,资质完全达到了极品级别,不需要多么刻苦的修炼,成年后,便能成为妖王 Monster King Level other Great Dragon fierce, perhaps only then personally sees has known. 一条妖王级别的巨龙有多厉害,也许只有亲眼见过才知道。 No matter how, True Spirit World presents more powerhouses, Ye Chen more is glad, other person of Ye Chen cannot affirm, but he affirmed, these six people, are the main army, to let them is more formidable, Ye Chen even True essence crystal that Swallowing Island these yearly produce, has given Snow Sword Marquis, Dugu Jue, Tantai Mingyue as well as Chu Zhongtian, after all he has achieved Life and Death Realm 2-layer Heaven peak realm now, does not need True essence crystal to increase cultivation base, what Murong Qingcheng cultivation is Demon Force, what Xu Jing cultivation is great Strength of Dragon, does not need True essence crystal. 不管如何,真灵世界出现越多的强者,叶尘越乐意,其他人叶尘不敢肯定,但是他肯定,这六人,都是主力军,为了让他们更强大,叶尘甚至把吞噬之岛这些年产出的真元水晶,都送给了雪剑侯,独孤绝,澹台明月以及楚中天,毕竟他现在已经达到生死境两重天巅峰境界了,不需要真元水晶来增加修为,慕容倾城修炼的是魔力,徐静修炼的是巨龙之力,也不需要真元水晶 Regarding this, four people have not rejected, at this time, was not the womanly compassion time, performed all means promotion strengths to be main. 对此,四人也没有拒绝,这个时候,不是妇人之仁的时候,尽一切手段提升实力才是主要的。 We in promotion strength. These alien races also in promotion strength, those who most made me be worried was Cloudy Wind Evil Emperor the class powerhouse.” On the Mysterious Queen face reveals the faint trace to worry. “我们在提升实力。那些异族也在提升实力,最令我担心的是阴风邪帝之流的强者。”玄后脸上露出丝丝担忧。 Cloudy Wind Evil Emperor is the Life and Death Realm 7-layer Heaven evil Emperor Level character, even if were suppressed 2-layer Heaven in True Spirit World, has the Life and Death Realm 5-layer Heaven situation, this character, once asks them to leave from weak, without doubt is very fearful, must know Life and Death Realm 5-layer Heaven. Correspondence was 7-Star Battle Strength, but this time, True Spirit World simply did not have 7-Star Battle Strength, even if were Ye Chen, approached nothing more. 阴风邪帝生死境七重天的邪帝级人物,哪怕在真灵世界被压制了两重天,也有着生死境五重天地步,这种人物,一旦让他们从虚弱中走出来,无疑是十分可怕的,要知道生死境五重天。对应的就是七星战力了,而这个时代,真灵世界根本没有七星战力,就算是叶尘,也只是逼近而已 In several years within, they should be insufficient to restore to the heyday. However is very indeed anxious.” “短短几年之内,他们应该不至于恢复到全盛时期。不过的确很令人担忧。” Ye Chen puts out the one breath gently, his own strength, reached a limit, almost does not have the means to promote once more, from cultivation base, he is Life and Death Realm 2-layer Heaven peak, the words that continues to promote, will perhaps explode the body to perish, vanishes in a puff of smoke. Therefore, cannot be anxious, from Sword Principle willpower, his Destruction Sword Intent and Immortal Sword Intent the reason that because resonates, has achieved 6-Step peak in pairs, is away from the 7-Step one pace, but Sword Principle willpower in the future, will be more difficult to promote, let alone attribute Sword Intent. One pace. Perhaps must build with dozens years of time. 叶尘轻轻吐出一口气,他自身的实力,已经到了一个极限了,几乎没办法再次提升,从修为上来说,他是生死境两重天巅峰,继续提升的话,说不定会爆体而亡,灰飞烟灭。所以,不能急,从剑道意志上来说,他的毁灭剑意不朽剑意由于共振的原因,双双达到了六阶巅峰,距离七阶不过一步之遥,但是剑道意志越往后,越难提升,更何况还是属性剑意。一步之遥。或许要用数十年时间去堆砌。 Sword Domain, Ye Chen, because went to Sword Boundary many times. Has promoted tertiary peak, no matter how afterward he rushed to Sword Boundary, did not have the means to promote half step, was good because of being not wastes time, in the mind were also many tens of thousands of Sword Technique, although did not have the means to thoroughly comprehend, but becomes the Ye Chen inside story, some day was well-prepared. 剑域,叶尘由于去过剑界好多次。已经提升到了三重巅峰,后来不管他如何闯剑界,都没办法提升半步,好在也不算浪费时间,脑海中又多了成千上万种剑术,虽然没办法悟透,但会成为叶尘的底蕴,有朝一日厚积薄发。 The sword technique words, are strongest by Moment of Splendor, other sword technique no matter how promote, completely did not surmount. 剑法的话,以霎那辉煌最强,其它的剑法不管怎么提升,都完全超越不了。 Therefore, approaches the Seven Stars strength, actually has calculated these, before has not gone to Conferring King's Title Palace, Ye Chen is 5-Star Overlord Battle Strength, Life and Death Realm achieves 1-layer Heaven peak, coordinates sword move Moment of Splendor, is six star middle stage Battle Strength, Life and Death Realm 2-layer Heaven peak, Sword Domain tertiary peak, made Ye Chen have 6-Star Overlord Battle Strength reluctantly. 所以,逼近七星的实力,其实已经把这些都算进去了,没去封王殿之前,叶尘五星霸主战力,生死境达到一重天巅峰,配合剑招霎那辉煌,则是六星中期战力,生死境两重天巅峰,剑域三重巅峰,勉勉强强让叶尘有了六星霸主战力 As for Spirit Body, Ye Chen Spirit Body also arrived at 5-Step late stage, in Blood Light Sea, Ye Chen found Blood Crystal Flower, struck to kill two Emperor Blood Demon, obtained their Blood Demon Crystal, Spirit Body from 5-Step early stage promoted to 5-Step late stage, the physical body defense another level higher, what a pity, Spirit Body formidable and powerful did not have many relations, but bore anti- nothing more. 至于灵躯,叶尘灵躯也到了五阶后期,血光海中,叶尘找到一株血晶花,又击杀了两位血魔帝,得到了他们的血魔晶,把灵躯五阶初期提升到五阶后期,肉体防御更上一层楼,可惜,灵躯强大和实力强大没多少关系,只是耐抗而已 Did not say these, when should come, the association came, your Treasure Sword casting how?” Mysterious Queen shakes the head, the shift topic said. “不说这些了,该来时,总会来,你的宝剑铸造的怎么样了?”玄后摇摇头,转移话题道。 Talked about Treasure Sword, on the Ye Chen face revealed the color/look of rousing will usually not see, did not have the accident/surprise, for half a month in will thoroughly finish.” 谈到宝剑,叶尘脸上露出一丝平常不会见到的振奋之色,“不出意外,半个月内就会彻底完工。” Treasure Sword that two people said that is not half best quality Treasure Sword, is not false top-grade Treasure Sword, but is true top-grade Treasure Sword, although has not known temporarily the Treasure Sword final grade is many, but Ye Chen estimated, at least is top-grade medium peak, but before the Scorpio Sword crystallization strength has not lost, is the top-grade medium rank. 两人说的宝剑,不是半极品宝剑,也不是伪极品宝剑,而是真正的极品宝剑,虽然暂时还不知道宝剑的最终品级是多少,但叶尘估计,起码是极品中等巅峰,而天蝎剑的结晶力量没有损耗前,也不过是极品中等级别。 For the success casting leaves top-grade Treasure Sword, Ye Chen altogether failed 19 times, the top-grade material of loss are hundreds, if were not he these years were collecting the top-grade material recently, inherited a number of top-grade materials from Fire Emperor there, King that in addition Mysterious Queen Demon Flower Emperor as well as Spirit Pill King , etc. and he was on good terms gave him some, he simply did not have these many top-grade materials to consume, casting top-grade Treasure Sword difficult level, was not inferior to cultivation base breakthrough to Life and Death Realm. 为了成功铸造出极品宝剑,叶尘一共失败了19次,损耗的极品材料数以百计,如果不是他最近这些年都在搜集极品材料,从火皇那里又继承了一批极品材料,再加上玄后魔花皇以及灵丹王等和他交好的王者送给他一些,他根本没有这么多极品材料去消耗,铸造极品宝剑的困难程度,不亚于修为突破生死境 Fortunately although the front 19 times were defeated, but besides ten sword embryo rupturing, another nine times casting left the defective product actually, is false top-grade Treasure Sword, nine handle false top-grade Treasure Sword, Ye Chen kept three handles, another six handles have given Mysterious Queen Demon Flower Emperor Spirit Pill King and the others, is the compensation gives them. 所幸前面19次虽然失败了,但除了有十次剑胚爆裂之外,另外九次倒是铸造出了残次品,也就是伪极品宝剑,九柄伪极品宝剑,叶尘自己留了三柄,另外六柄都给了玄后魔花皇灵丹王等人,算是补偿给他们的。 20 th casting top-grade Treasure Sword, Ye Chen Casting Sword Technique achieves mastery through a comprehensive study, the casting left handle ordinary top-grade Treasure Sword, he was well satisfied, Scorpio Sword is used to display Imperial Sword Technique, this handle directly fights, but has not thought that the prestige that top-grade Treasure Sword that has not finished, releases can be very formidable, has surpassed the top-grade Low Tier rank, therefore Ye Chen sharply the present is not finishing, but puts in 99 to turn over to the Yuan Wide Formation center it, making it derive numerous Spiritual Qi, quenchings Sword Body, and directs the Earth Fiend True Fire essence to come nurturing, the calcine slight impurity. 第20次铸造极品宝剑,叶尘铸剑术融会贯通,原本铸造出一柄普通的极品宝剑,他就心满意足了,天蝎剑用来施展御剑术,这柄则直接战斗,可是没想到,尚未完工的极品宝剑,释放出来的威能十分强大,超过了极品低等级别,所以叶尘不急着现在完工,而是把它置于99归元大阵的中心,让它汲取众多灵气,淬炼剑体,并引地煞真火精华来蕴养,煅烧其中细微的杂质。 ...... …… In a flash, is the several days passes. 一晃,又是数日过去。 In the Spirit Cloud Mt. Peak rear area, is one all over the body fiery red, is releasing steep mountain peak of infinite quantity of heat, this mountain peak, is Ye Chen is used to cast the place of sword, is called Casting Sword Mountain Peak, in the Casting Sword Mountain Peak underground deep place, has arranged Earth Fiend True Fire Wide Formation, this Wide Formation can derive Earth Fiend True Fire of underground deep place, and eliminates the false and keeps the true by the strength of formation technique, condenses the Earth Fiend True Fire essence, these Earth Fiend True Fire essence, the temperature is quite astonishing, ordinary metal material less than breath time, will be built up to turn into the ashes, only then the top-grade material can receive, but will quickly also melt. 灵云峰的后方,是一座通体火红,释放着无穷热量的陡峭山峰,这座山峰,是叶尘用来铸剑的地方,叫做铸剑峰,在铸剑峰地底深处,布置了一座地煞真火大阵,这座大阵可以汲取地底深处的地煞真火,并以阵法之力去伪存真,凝聚出地煞真火精华,这些地煞真火精华,温度极为惊人,普通金属材料不到一息时间,就会被炼化成灰烬,只有极品材料受得住,但也很快就会融化。 At this time, Treasure Sword that in the Casting Sword Mountain Peak underground cavern, a handle soon forms dances in the air up and down, swift and fierce Sword Qi, then cuts off world all. 此时,铸剑峰地底洞窟里,一柄快要成形的宝剑上下飞舞,凌厉的剑气,即可斩断世间一切。 This sword is born, my strength can also be increased much, uses you to kill off invades the True Spirit World alien race powerhouse!” Nearby, Ye Chen look cold solemn, Treasure Sword is used to kill people, the person who kills are more, murderous aura is heavier, Treasure Sword will be sharper, wisp of aura has to cut the soul to unite the soul the prestige energy, strikes to kill the alien race powerhouse with this Handled Sword, without a doubt is the best sacrifice sword way. “此剑一出世,我的实力还能提升不少,就用你来杀尽入侵真灵世界的异族强者吧!”一旁,叶尘眼神冷肃,宝剑是用来杀人的,杀的人越多,杀气越重,宝剑才会越锋锐,一缕气息都有着斩魂戮魄的威能,用这柄剑来击杀异族强者,毫无疑问是最好的祭剑方式。 Goes out of Casting Sword Mountain Peak, Ye Chen arrives at Spirit Cloud Mt. Peak. 走出铸剑峰,叶尘来到灵云峰 On Spirit Cloud Mt. Peak, six youngster are practicing the sword, separately is Ye Xuan Ye Xiaoxiao and Ye Chen four eldest disciple. 灵云峰上,有六个年轻人在练剑,分别是叶玄叶小小叶尘的四大弟子 In a flash several years pass by, some of them were 20 years old, some close 20 years old, grew astonishingly incomparable, particularly four disciple Leng Xinghan, he is in six people the strength is strongest, although merely Astral Reaching Realm middle stage cultivation base, but a strength, is a worthy opponent sufficiently these known Sea of Souls Realm powerhouses. 一晃几年过去,他们有的已经20岁,有的接近20岁,成长惊人无比,尤其是四弟子冷星寒,他是六人中实力最强的,虽然仅仅星极境中期修为,但一身实力,足以匹敌那些小有名气的灵海境强者。 Master!” “师父!” Big Brother!” “大哥!” Sees Ye Chen to arrive, the people stop comparing notes. 叶尘到来,众人停止切磋。 The slight nod, Ye Chen said: Your progress, I am very satisfied, what a pity, gives your time to be not many, perhaps if can on many several years, you achieve Sea of Souls Realm cultivation base.” 微微点头,叶尘道:“你们的进步,我很满意,可惜,给你们的时间不算多,若是能多上几年,说不定你们会达到灵海境修为。” The alien race great misfortune, is not only the war between Life and Death Realm, will have the Sea of Souls Realm war, such as that seal in the Monster Demon King plane battlefield, besides the Life and Death boundary King skeleton, is having the Sea of Souls Realm skeleton, even also has the skeleton of Astral Reaching Realm powerhouse, boundless, skeleton everywhere. 异族大劫,不仅仅是生死境之间的大战,也会有灵海境的大战,如那封印着妖魔王位面战场上,除了生死境王者的尸骨之外,就有灵海境的尸骨,甚至还有星极境强者的尸骨,无边无际,白骨漫天。 The alien race great misfortune, to True Spirit World martial artist, is not only the disaster, is a very dangerous chance, crosses, oneself will definitely have the huge progress, can perhaps breakthrough own limit, be this whole life at one fell swoop originally realm that has no way to achieve, but the premise is lives. 异族大劫,对真灵世界武者来说,既是灾难,亦是一场十分危险的机缘,渡过去,自身必然会有巨大的进步,说不定能一举突破自己的极限,达到这辈子原本没法达到的境界,不过前提是活下来。 Therefore, Ye Chen did not plan that hides by own four eldest disciple and younger siblings in Fallen Dust Sword School, by protecting sect Wide Formation goes on living, the necessary time, they must go to battle, slaughters with the Astral Reaching Realm powerhouse of alien race, but he also knows, do not look Astral Reaching Realm is well below Life and Death Realm, but fights, Astral Reaching Realm instead is most dangerous, because no matter the alien race, is True Spirit World, the Astral Reaching Realm population were too many, is similar to the dogface is the same, the battlefield shivers, dying most is the dogface, sometimes how dead does not know. 所以,叶尘不打算让自己的四大弟子弟弟妹妹躲在落尘剑宗,靠护宗大阵活下去,必要时刻,他们也要出战,和异族的星极境强者厮杀,不过他也知道,别看星极境远远不如生死境,但大战起来,星极境反而是最危险的,因为不管是异族,还是真灵世界,星极境的人数都太多了,如同小兵一样,战场打战,死的最多的就是小兵,有时候怎么死的都不知道。 His many somewhat worried. 他多少有些担忧。 Master felt relieved, my Leng Xinghan is not the generation of living on dishonorably, must with the Fallen Dust Sword School life or death, the alien race invade my True Spirit World, must pay the bleeding price.” “师父放心,我冷星寒不是苟且偷生之辈,必与落尘剑宗共存亡,异族入侵我真灵世界,就要付出血的代价。” Leng Xinghan both eyes murderous intent four shoot. 冷星寒双目杀机四射。 Usually most temperate Dongfang Bai also cold Sudao: Master, you always taught me, sword technique was used to kill people, was not the performance, this time, my Dongfang Bai will let loose all, fought to the death with the alien race.” 平时最温和的东方白也冷肃道:“师父,你总教导我,剑法是用来杀人的,不是表演的,这次,我东方白会放开一切,与异族决一死战。” Big Brother!” “大哥!” Six people are fearless, filled with warm-blooded. 六人都毫无畏惧,满腔热血。 Ye Chen smiled, shakes the head, does not fear death is the good deed, but I do not esteem dead to fight do not draw back, when should draw back, must draw back, is living, can kill more alien races, and this great misfortune, decides to move toward, is fight between our Life and Death Realm, I teach you your law of Sword Spell jointly attacking, you train was similar, the critical moment, displays again, not must bring to the too big attention.” 叶尘笑了笑,摇摇头,“不怕死是好事,但我不推崇死战不退,该退时,还是要退,只有活着,才能杀更多的异族,且这场大劫,决定走向的,还是我们生死境之间的战斗,我教你你们的剑阵合击之法,你们都演练的差不多了,关键时刻,再施展出来,莫要引起太大的注意。” Nobody hopes that own disciple and younger siblings dying in battle battleground, Ye Chen does not hope, disciplining opposite party at the same time, makes the opposite party have the opportunity to live as far as possible. 没有谁希望自己的弟子和弟弟妹妹战死沙场,叶尘也不希望,磨练对方的同时,也尽量让对方有机会活下来。 The day passes by day-by-day, is getting more and more near from time that top-grade Treasure Sword is born, but entire True Spirit World, is even more tranquil, before this is the storm final tranquil. 日子一天天过去,距离极品宝剑出世的时间越来越近,而整个真灵世界,也越发平静起来,这是风暴前的最后平静。 ps: The alien race great misfortune started, for these days wanted to ferment to erupt, could not ferment, always felt that can leave out anything. ps:异族大劫开始了,这几天想要酝酿爆发,怎么也酝酿不起来,总感觉会漏掉什么。
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