DSI :: Volume #11

#1012: Underground Clan helps

Extremely Cloudy Land ’ ’ this place between Snow Mist Territory and Cloud Billow Territory, Stone Man, in the past, Ye Chen and Murong Qingcheng once since then, had entered the underground world.(, Novel quickly is better.) 极阴之地’位于飘渺雪域云澜域之间’此地,有一处石人阵,当年,叶尘慕容倾城曾从此地,进入过地下世界。(,小说更快更好..) Rumble! 轰隆隆! By Stone Man of numerous Stone Man constitution, revolution for no reasonthese Stone Man, move unceasingly, like moving to the star trades to fight, likes two invisible giants, in taking Stone Man for board game piecerapid traverse board game piece, Stone Man then several hundred changes, several times blinked suddenly, Stone Man changed beyond all recognition, height fluctuatingscattered and organized. 由众多石人构成的石人阵,无端端的运转起来’这些石人,不断移动,有如移星换斗,又有如两位无形的巨人,在以石人为棋子’快速移动棋子,眨眼之间,石人阵便有数百次变化,数次眨眼过去,石人阵已面目全非,高低起伏’错落有致。 Flash when Stone Man stops revolving, vast such as fluctuation of Azure Ocean, spreads quietly, then, in a Stone Man place above, presents one transparent lightlight to cover area to have dozens miles fully, ’ is standing people in a light surface, looks sketchily, more than 100,000are more than 100 people of head, aura is not very formidable, but the view opens and closesas if there is stars to live to extinguishcontains all sorts of profound mystery paths. 石人阵停止运转的一霎那,一股浩瀚如沧海的波动,悄然扩散开来,而后,在石人阵的上方,出现一个透明光阵’光阵覆盖面积足有数十里,在光阵的表面’站着一个个人,粗略一看,不下100000’为首的100多人,身上的气息并不算很强大,但眼帘开阖之间’却似乎有星辰在生灭’蕴含种种玄奥的轨迹。 True Spirit World danger overheadeverybody, has striven to us., Whatstands in the front line is a hoary-headed old man, he wears the simple long gown, hair shawlin hand is holding a wooden stick, the terminal of wooden stick, is mounting a sky blue color giant gem. 真灵世界危难当头’各位,到了我们出力的时候了。,’站在最前方的是一个白发苍苍的老者,他身着简单长袍,头发披肩’手上持着一根木杖,木杖的末端,镶嵌着一颗天蓝色的巨大宝石。 From ancient to present, ’ my Underground Clan has not absented on the date of True Spirit World great misfortune, this time is no exception, was not enslaved for True Spirit World, everybody do not show mercy, now makes these surface human have a look atour Mind Powerto be formidable, the law of Mind Power attackis mysteriousset off., ’ “从古至今,每逢真灵世界大劫之日’我地底一族从来没有缺席过,这次也不例外,为了真灵世界不被奴役,大家不要手下留情,现在就让那些地表人类看看’我们的意念’有多么强大,意念攻击之法’多么神奇’出发。,’ Stands the brown clothes old man hand by white hair old man wields, drinks to make noise severely. 站在白发老者旁边的褐衣老者手一挥,厉喝出声。 Whiz! 嗖! As the brown clothes old man voice just felllight to be unreal gradually, next quartergiant light is carrying ten several tens of thousands people, hidden enters voidvanishes does not see. 随着褐衣老者话音刚落’光阵逐渐虚幻起来,下一刻’巨大的光阵携带着十数万人,隐入虚空中’消失不见。 „ Before these Puppet Battleshipand 5000, ’ Puppet Sect protecting sect Battleship should be a rank, then Puppet Sect, only studied three Battleship, here had 400. “这些傀儡战舰’和5000年前’傀儡门的护宗战舰应该是一个级别,不过当时的傀儡门,只研究出三艘战舰,这里却有400艘。 Puppet Sect already submerged in the river of history, the Puppet work that but they leave behind, makes the person praise to the heavens as before, it is saidPuppet Sect protecting sect Battleshipcan contend with several ordinary King, if gives it the time savings energy, an artillery can kill Top level King, naturally, this will be the pure might, Top level King will not stand there makes it kill, but from one side has also reflected the Puppet Battleship formidable lethality. 傀儡门早已淹没在历史长河中,不过他们留下的傀儡作品,依旧让人叹为观止,据说’傀儡门的护宗战舰’可以和数名普通王者抗衡,如果给它时间积蓄能量,一炮就能杀死一名顶级王者,当然,这是纯威力,顶级王者不会站在那里让它杀,但也从侧面反映了傀儡战舰的强大杀伤力。 „, At the worst fight in which both sides perish, since cannot defend True Spirit World, my Void Old Ancestoris willing the bloody battle to arrive, believes that the older generations soul in heaven, extremely will not blame us., ’ “罢了,大不了鱼死网破,既然守不住真灵世界,我虚空老祖’愿血战到死,相信先辈们在天之灵,不会太过怪罪我们。,’ The Void Old Ancestor facial expression returns to normal the consciousness of ’ in eye being full of must die. 虚空老祖的神情平复下来’眼中充满着必死的觉悟。 Gave our time to be extremely short, was extremely also short to time of these talents, they have not grown to the enough formidable situation, internal struggle, although can make them more and more formidable, trained the true gu king, howtime not to wait for the person., ’ Prison Ancestor looked at Ye Chen, sighed one secretly ’ the opposite party without a doubt is the peerless character of this time ’, if time were sufficient, in Yuan Emperor and the others, early will not know inevitably so is aboutthey who weakly the alien race great misfortune came not to mind that enabled True Spirit World randomly, perhaps the growth of quicker promotion talents. “给我们的时间太过短暂了,给那些天才的时间也太过短暂了,他们根本还没成长到足够强大的地步,内部斗争,虽然能让他们越来越强大,培养出真正的蛊王,奈何’时间不等人。,’狱祖看了一眼叶尘,暗叹一声’对方毫无疑问是这个时代的绝世人物’如果时间充足的话,必然不会弱于元皇等人,早知异族大劫来的这么快’他们不介意让真灵世界更乱一点,说不定能更快的促进天才们的成长。 Must know, formidable such as Yuan Emperor character, can be as good as several hundred King sufficiently, they can definitely adopt the guerrilla warfare, killed enemy group by group ’ dead until the enemy. 要知道,一个强大如元皇的人物,足以抵得上数百王者,他们完全可以采取游击战,杀死一批又一批的敌人’直至敌人全部死亡。 Did not have late ’, so long as supports the arrival of Underground Clan, we are hopeful., ’ “还没晚’只要撑到地底一族的到来,我们还有希望。,’ Mysterious Queen looks out the horizon. 玄后遥望天际。 Underground Clan? Yes, but does not know, present Underground Clanis whether formidable enough, otherwise is also the futile attempt., ’ 地底一族吗?是啊,不过不知道,现在的地底一族’是否足够强大,要不然也不过是杯水车薪。,’ Knows that the Underground Clan person are not many ’ ’ Underground Clan does not want too many to know on few their existences, they are always mystical exceptionally. 知道地底一族的人不多’也就寥寥几个’地底一族并不想让太多的人知道他们的存在,他们一向神秘异常。 The Puppet Battleship approaching speed was quick, dazzles the blue color tail flameto give them very formidable power, but each Puppet Battleship interior, dozens Demon Race stayed in inside, they or controlled the Battleship direction and poweror control Battleship both sides and front Puppet artillery, the division of labor are clear. 傀儡战舰的行进速度很快,炫蓝色的尾焰’给了它们十分强大的动力,而每一艘傀儡战舰的内部,都有数十名魔族留在里面,他们或者操控战舰的方向和动力’或者操控战舰两侧和前端的傀儡炮,分工明确。 Now you surrender have opportunityour Demon Race, is actually not willing to slaughter wantonly, we are even willing with your joint administration True Spirit World, but you , if impenetrably thickheaded, that do not blame our Demon Race not to give you opportunity., ’ Six star Demon King open the mouth to say. “现在你们投降还有机会’我们魔族,其实也不愿意大肆杀戮,我们甚至愿意和你们共同管理真灵世界,但你们若是冥顽不灵,那就不要怪我们魔族没有给你们机会了。,’其中一名六星魔王开口道。 Bah! 呸! Chu Zhongtian has spat saliva, „ makes us surrender? Really laughs, the joint administration, only feared that will become your Puppet! My Master writing the heroic death, my Chu Zhongtian is not the coward of fearing death, wants to seize True Spirit World, treads from father's corpse, otherwise gave up any idea. ’ ’ 楚中天吐了一口唾沫,“让我们投降?真是笑话,共同管理,只怕会成为你们的傀儡吧!我师文已经壮烈牺牲,我楚中天也不是怕死的孬种,想要夺下真灵世界,就从老子的尸体上踏过去,否则休想。’’ True Spirit World King that King that only then died in battle, has not surrendered, I must have a look at your Puppet Battleship to be hard but actually, can suffer my hammer. ’ ’ 真灵世界只有战死的王者,没有投降的王者,我倒要看看你们的傀儡战舰有多么硬,能不能挨住我一锤。’’ Wants us to surrender that has a dreammust fight then fights, which comes that many idle talk., ’ “要我们投降那是做梦’要战便战,哪来那么多废话。,’ Dies the person who more than 300 Kinghave not let remain to be timid, now they have killed to get angry, in the heart thinks that is only how longer going on living, then kills more enemies. 死了300多王者’没有让剩下来的人胆怯,现在他们已经杀红了眼,心中所想的,只是如何更长的活下去,然后杀死更多的敌人。 refuse a toast only to be forced to drink a forfeit, kills to me!, ’ 敬酒不吃吃罚酒,给我杀!,’ Fear Demon Emperor favors killing off this group of people, kills off True Spirit World person who dares to revolt against ’, only then killed offthem to be able the people of these revolts smoother taking over True Spirit World. 恐惧魔帝更倾向于杀光这群人,杀光真灵世界敢于反抗的人’只有把那些反抗的人杀光了’他们才能更顺利的接手真灵世界 ” ” 咻咻咻咻咻”” Numerous Demon King and Puppet Battleship, is up and down, the fast advance, Puppet Battleship muzzle position, had rays of light flicker that the color varies, that will soon send the indication of artillery. 魔王傀儡战舰,一上一下,快速前进,傀儡战舰的炮口位置,已经有颜色不一的光芒闪烁,那是即将发炮的征兆。 To the opportunity of Puppet Battleship savings energy, do not rush., ’ “不要给傀儡战舰积蓄能量的机会,冲上去。,’ Now the True Spirit World people had been compelled on the cliff, draws back one is the abyss, goes forward one step, is countless enemiesaround died ’ simply imposing dying in battle. 现在真灵世界众人已经被逼到悬崖上了,退一步是深渊,前进一步,是无数的敌人’前后都是死’索性轰轰烈烈的战死。 Escapes without any person, retrocedes without any person, all people launched movementto throw from each angle, some welcomed Puppet Battleship upwardssome to welcome to Demon King, bodies were filling being unafraid of death frigid aura, the look not only crazyand calm fearfulness. 没有任何一个人逃跑,没有任何一个人后退,所有人展开身法’从各个角度扑了上去,有的迎向上方的傀儡战舰’有的迎向魔王,一个个身上弥漫着视死如归的惨烈气息,眼神既疯狂’又冷静的可怕。 Kills!, ’ “杀!,’ Fear Demon Emperor charges into Void Old Ancestoron his Fear Demon Emperor, never has living the person, the opposite party is no exception. 恐惧魔帝率先冲向虚空老祖’他恐惧魔帝手上,从来没有活着的人,对方也不例外。 Rumbling! 轰轰轰! The war startsto come up once more, entered to superheating stagecompared with formerly the frigid several fold. 大战再次开始’一上来,就进入到白热化阶段’比先前惨烈数倍。 Several times after the breath, more than 100 Puppet Battleship saved the light beam that good energycolors to vary to eruptto interweave the network of death, by these light beam hits True Spirit World Kinginstantaneous 56, major part, although has not died, but was also rumbled to fly, or the bang broke to pieces numerous Demon King that half bodyhad then been caught up with kill easily. 数次呼吸后,有100多艘傀儡战舰已经积蓄好能量’一道道颜色不一的光柱喷发出来’交织成死亡之网,被这些光柱命中的真灵世界王者’瞬间死了56个,绝大部分虽然没死,但也被轰飞了出去,或者轰碎了半边身体’然后被赶来的众多魔王轻易杀死。 The aspect, assumes the one-sided form. 局面,呈一边倒形式。 Gives me to crack!, ’ “给我裂!,’ Dugu Jue both hands grasp bladelayer on layer/heavily to wield. 独孤绝双手握刀’重重挥下。 Chi! 哧! The miserable white blade glow cut skythree Puppet Battleship to be divided two halvesalso two Puppet Battleship also striking to fly by the blade glow complementary waves, superficial rays of light flicker. 惨白色的刀芒划破天空’三艘傀儡战舰被一劈两半’还有两艘傀儡战舰也被刀芒余波给击飞了出去,表面光芒闪烁 „The magnificent of boundarysamsara.” “境之华’轮回。” Mysterious Queen look ice-coldboth hands rapid knot seal, mirrors are born in void, these mirrors derive the energy of any being been illuminating arrives, then erupts five colors light beamsin Puppet Battleship of bang to upper air, at once, often has Puppet Battleship to ruptureblooms just like giant smoke and fires. 玄后眼神冰冷’双手迅速结印,一面面镜子在虚空中诞生,这些镜子汲取着任何被照到的能量,然后喷发出一道道五彩光柱’轰向高空中的傀儡战舰,一时之间,不时有傀儡战舰爆裂’宛如一朵朵巨大的烟火绽放。 Moreover these mirrors, so long as existshas been deriving the energy, makes the attack, every strikes, is equal to A Titled Emperor King full power attack, the victory is magnificent. 而且这些镜子只要存在’就会一直汲取着能量,做出攻击,每一击,都相当于一位封帝王者全力一击,战果辉煌。 In short time, 20 Puppet Battleship were destroyed fully, is True Spirit World, actually also died dozens King ’, and followingattacks Puppet Battleship Kingto be sphered by about three Demon King, simply does not have time to attack Puppet Battleship. 短短时间内,足有20艘傀儡战舰被摧毁,可是真灵世界这边,却也死了数十位王者’且接下来’攻击傀儡战舰王者’一个个都被三名左右的魔王围住,根本没有时间去攻击傀儡战舰 Looks at sky over the sea area, the vast fluctuation is fabricatedgiant light to reappear. 望海域上空,浩瀚波动无中生有’一个巨大的光阵浮现出来。 Kills!, ’ “杀!,’ In lightperson's shadows fly to flee, joins the battlefield, because comes extremely suddenly ’ the Demon Race army, killed being off their feet, the attacks and common human of these people are different, their attacksmove fast exceptionally, has not seen to make any movement, then has the attack to fall on the Demon Race soldiersome formidable, even made fearful stormthese storms, swept across wreaks havoceverywhere one visit, Demon Race were ripped the fragment. 光阵上’一条条人影飞窜而下,加入战场,由于来得太过突然’魔族大军,被杀的人仰马翻,这些人的攻击和寻常人类不同,他们的攻击’飘忽异常,也没见做什么动作,便有攻击落在魔族士兵身上’一些强大的,甚至制造出了可怕的风暴’这些风暴,席卷肆虐’所到之处,一个个魔族被撕成碎片。 Came! ’ ’ “来了!’’ The Serene Heart Holy Daughter eye one brighton face full is the happy expression. 幽心圣女眼睛一亮’脸上满是喜色。 Is Underground Clan?” “是地底一族?” Li Xiaoyun ji movedhim to be the same with Ye Chen similarly veryhad entered Underground World, Serene Heart Holy Daughter was a saintess of Underground World Saint clan, the person of Underground World, did not repair True essence, majored in Mind PowerMind Power invisible not to have the nature, has huge lethality ’, moreover did not have getting rid indication. 李霄云同样十分ji动’他和叶尘一样’都曾经进入过地底世界,幽心圣女便是地底世界一支圣族的圣女,地底世界之人,不修真元,主修意念意念无形无质,却有着巨大的杀伤力’而且毫无出手征兆。 Reinforcements came, everybody continues to kill., ’ “援军来了,大家继续杀。,’ Although everybody does not know the origins of these people, but the opposite party only kills Demon Race, does not kill them, is the True Spirit World mysterious reinforcementstimeeverybody morale surges upward very much obviously, is high-spirited. 虽然大家不知道这些人的来历,但对方只杀魔族,不杀他们,很明显是真灵世界的神秘援军’一时间’大家士气高涨,斗志高昂。 Ten several tens of thousands subterranean people invest into the battlefield , the influence that creates is quite hugethese subterranean people, can depend on Mind Power, makes one to cover the range very huge defense cover, the people stays in inside safelyincomparable, so long as generally dozens subterranean people collaborate, can make the defense cover insist that very long time, but the defense covers inside personnot to be defended to cover limitto be able toward outside Demon Race fly upon. 十数万地底人类投入到战场上,所造成的影响颇为巨大’这些地底人类,可以凭意念,制造出一个笼罩范围十分巨大的防御罩,众人呆在里面’安全无比,一般只要数十个地底人类联手,就能让防御罩坚持很长时间,而防御罩里面的人’不受防御罩限制’可以朝着外面的魔族猛烈攻击。 In inverse proportion ’ the Demon Race army naturally kill aggrieved incomparable. 此消彼长’魔族大军自然被杀的憋屈无比。 In light, but also the remaining more than 100 people, are the first white hair old man hand wield, light breakthrough space, plunders toward the place that the kings fight. 光阵上,还剩下100多人,为首白发老者手一挥,光阵突破空间,朝着众王大战的地方掠去。 Lan Shanmei has exhausted full power has fought with all might, but the enemy is really too many, her blade just broke out a body of Demon King, oneself several times had then attacked, if not for she responded promptly, avoided strategic pointalready to fall from the sky, but now, she evades not to be possible to evadefive Demon King to collaborate to her to send out strikes. 蓝山眉已经竭尽全力的拼杀了,可是敌人实在是太多,她的刀刚刚劈开一名魔王的身体,自己便中了数次攻击,若不是她反应及时,避开要害’早就陨落了,可现在,她避无可避’足足有五名魔王联手向她发出一击。 Buzz! 嗡! At this moment, the Lan Shanmei frontsuddenly presents an invisible barrier, the attack of terrifying falls on above, ji has the massive ripple, next quarterinvisible barrier was shattered, actually also gave Lan Shanmei to strive for enough time to dodge. 就在这时,蓝山眉的前方’突然出现一个无形屏障,恐怖的攻击落在上面,ji起大量的波纹,下一刻’无形屏障破碎,却也给蓝山眉争取了足够的时间进行闪避。 raised his head, Lan Shanmei saw many strange people, these person of not any True Yuan Qi breaths, but speed is surprisingly quick, as if depend on Mind Power to move.( To be continued 抬起头,蓝山眉看到了许多陌生的人,这些人身上没有任何真元气息,但一个个速度奇快,似乎凭意念行动。(未完待续
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