DG :: Volume #6

#2334: Three Venerables simultaneously attack Heavenly Court!

Goes forward again one step, even if a half step!” Duke Mei cried out in the heart. “再前进一步,哪怕一小步!”眉公在心中呐喊。 The whole body was the turbulent white clouds, Qi Dao's Dao Marks rich to the extreme, making solemn Heavenly Court expert Duke Mei be hard to start! 周身都是汹涌的白气,气道道痕浓郁到了极点,让堂堂天庭强者眉公都举步维艰! He uses full power, can proceed to take a half step. 他动用全力,才能往前迈出一小步。 The immortal essence consumption is very violent, Duke Mei not only need contend with the enormous and powerful impact of white clouds, but must resist the corrosion of Qi Dao's Dao Marks frequently. 仙元消耗十分猛烈,眉公不仅要抗衡白气的浩荡冲击,还要时时刻刻抵御气道道痕的侵蚀。 „The Duke Mei senior, changes me to come!” Heavenly Court Gu Immortal was summoning. 眉公前辈,换我来吧!”身后的天庭蛊仙呼唤着。 Duke Mei clenches teeth, after takes a half step eventually, this anchors the footsteps, arrives stubbornly on the spot. 眉公咬牙,终究还是迈出一小步后,这才停住脚步,死死地抵在原地。 Heavenly Court Gu Immortal starts to stimulate to movement ultimate move full power, bypasses Duke Mei slightly, becomes the cutting edge clears the way. 身后的天庭蛊仙开始全力催动杀招,稍稍绕过眉公,成为先锋进行开道。 When this team of Gu Immortal arrive at the Qi Art Fruit original address finally, they have discovered Constellation Immortal Venerable finally. 当这队蛊仙终于到达气功果的原址时,他们终于发现了星宿仙尊 Constellation Immortal Venerable is untidy, the temple sends confused, the corners of the mouth and corner of the eye are bleeding, seems in a daze? 星宿仙尊衣衫不整,鬓发缭乱,嘴角、眼角都在流血,似乎正在发愣? Duke Mei and the others were surprised, they never see on the Constellation Immortal Venerable face to have such look. 眉公等人惊疑不定,他们从未见过星宿仙尊脸上有这样的神色。 Sir Constellation Immortal Venerable!” Duke Mei shouted loudly, resorted to the Immortal Dao method, this transmitted in the ear of Constellation Immortal Venerable. 星宿仙尊大人!”眉公高喊,动用仙道手段,这才传递到星宿仙尊的耳中。 The Constellation Immortal Venerable body trembles slightly, as if responded. 星宿仙尊身躯微微一颤,似乎反应过来。 a moment later, star light greatly rises, easily all around white clouds suppression. 下一刻,星光大盛,轻易地将周遭白气镇压。 Duke Mei and the others the whole body is relaxed immediately, as if moved out many invisible mountains from them. 眉公等人顿时浑身轻松,仿佛从他们身上搬走了多座无形的大山。 The star light continues the volume seat white clouds, after several breath, the white clouds that in Heavenly Court wreaks havoc were suppressed by the star light unexpectedly! 星光继续卷席白气,几个呼吸之后,天庭中肆虐的白气竟都被星光压制! This is the prestige of Venerable!” Duke Mei and the others witnessed this scenery, is the heart slightly shakes. “这就是尊者之威啊!”眉公等人目睹此景,皆是心头微震。 Large explosion has time, I remember that at present ascends to wipe the star gauze rapidly, has protected us for a while. Must be Constellation Immortal Venerable take action, kept off certainly the the greater part explosion prestige energy.” Counts Gu Immortals to recall in the heart. “大爆炸发生的时候,我记得眼前迅速升腾起一抹星纱,保护了我们一时。应当是星宿仙尊出手,挡下了绝大部分的爆炸威能。”数位蛊仙在心中回忆。 Then, they rouse the staring bead, sees the human form once more Qi Art Fruit nucleus. 然后,他们鼓瞪眼珠,再次看到人形的气功果核。 Although Qi Art Fruit has blown up, but Qi Art Fruit nucleus also in! 气功果虽然炸毁了,但是气功果核还在! The human form appearance of Qi Art Fruit nucleus, not like former like that vivid and lifelike, but is fuzzy, and shape is unstable, continuously unceasingly overflow Qi Dao's Dao Marks. 只是气功果核的人形模样,再不像之前那般栩栩如生,而是非常模糊,并且形态并不稳定,一直在不断地外溢气道道痕 Vast white clouds that in Heavenly Court floods, is Qi Art Fruit nucleus outward escape Qi Dao's Dao Marks is the result. 天庭中充斥的浩大白气,就是气功果核向外逸散的气道道痕所致。 Now Constellation Immortal Venerable is depending upon the energy of Venerable, compels in the middle of these Qi Dao's Dao Marks the returned to Qi Art Fruit nucleus forcefully. 现在星宿仙尊依靠着尊者之能,硬生生地将这些气道道痕又逼回到了气功果核当中。 Was affected by this, the Qi Art Fruit nucleus stabilizes once more, the semblance is also clear gradually. 受此影响,气功果核再次稳定下来,外表又逐渐清晰起来。 We have the opportunity!” “我们还有机会!” Yes, Sir Genesis Immortal Venerable also has opportunity resurrecting!!” “是的,元始仙尊大人还有机会复活的!!” After realizing this point, Duke Mei and the others were encouraged. 意识到这一点后,眉公等人振奋不已。 Such a while free time, the star light condenses, changes into the volumes of soft star dust gauzes, starts to pester around the fuzzy human form Qi Art Fruit nucleus unceasingly, is the bandage is likely ordinary, ties down the human form pit. 这么一会儿工夫,星光凝聚,化为一卷卷柔软的星尘纱布,开始绕着模糊人形气功果核不断纠缠,像是绷带一般,将人形果核缠住。 Several the time of breath, inside and outside wrapped over a hundred, curl changes beyond all recognition. 几个呼吸的时间,就里里外外包裹了上百层,卷得面目全非。 Constellation Immortal Venerable spits out one mouthful of impure air, stops ultimate move gently. 星宿仙尊轻轻吐出一口浊气,停下杀招 Tick-tock and tick-tock. 滴答、滴答。 At this time, under from her nasal cavity, started to let fall the bright red blood drop. 这个时候,从她的鼻腔中,开始垂落下鲜红的血滴。 The blood drop continues, the Constellation Immortal Venerable complexion also becomes pale. 血滴不止,星宿仙尊的脸色也变得苍白起来。 The instance that the Qi Art Fruit explosion has, Constellation Immortal Venerable urged several ultimate move. 气功果爆炸发生的瞬间,星宿仙尊就催出了数个杀招 The Wisdom Dao superiority, is thought is rich, can manipulates more complex ultimate move. 智道的优势,就在于念头丰富迅猛,可以操纵更复杂的杀招 Constellation Immortal Venerable only this point, worthily is Wisdom Dao number one person, status nobody can shake. 星宿仙尊单凭这一点,就不愧是智道第一人,地位没有人能够撼动。 She maintains oneself at the same time with every effort and other Gu Immortal safety, on the other hand directly suppresses the Qi Art Fruit nucleus. 她一方面尽力维护自身和其他蛊仙的安危,另一方面则直接镇压气功果核。 Constellation Immortal Venerable resisted the most prestige energies of airing, otherwise, Heavenly Court Gu Immortal had already been annihilated. 星宿仙尊抵挡住了气爆的绝大多数威能,若非如此,天庭蛊仙早已全军覆没。 More essential, she has also maintained a hope. 更关键的,她还保住了一丝希望。 Without her take action, the Qi Art Fruit nucleus will directly blast, Genesis Immortal Venerable this time resurrecting outright failure. 没有她出手,气功果核就会直接炸掉,元始仙尊这一次复活将彻底失败。 Immortal Realm Ultimate Move-- truncates transports gold/metal blade! 仙道杀招削运金刀! The Qin Dingling chase in Gloomy Soul Demonic Venerable behind, flings a golden color knife. 秦鼎菱追逐在幽魂魔尊身后,甩出一柄金色小刀。 The golden knife at first be only the finger size, flies airborne, sees the wind to rise, turned into the carriage size rapidly. 金色小刀起初只有手指头大小,飞到空中,见风而涨,迅速变成了马车大小。 shuā shuā shuā. 刷刷刷 The golden great blade cuts continually, cuts away unceasingly Gloomy Soul Demonic Venerable's luck condition. 金色巨刃连斩,不断削除幽魂魔尊的运势 Whatever Gloomy Soul Demonic Venerable attacks, breaks in Heavenly Court with all one's heart. 幽魂魔尊任凭进攻,一门心思冲入天庭 Golden Great Blade of carriage size, brandishes in his top of the head unceasingly, with Gloomy Soul Demonic Venerable such as compared with the mountain-like huge jet black body, is nothing to speak of simply. 马车大小的金色大刀,在他头顶不断挥舞,和幽魂魔尊山般巨大的漆黑身躯相比,简直不值一提。 Gloomy Soul Demonic Venerable's boundless Qi Luck, in truncating transports under the gold/metal blade, was cut away. 幽魂魔尊的磅礴气运,在削运金刀之下,被削除了许多。 However and compared with the overall, radically is a drop in the bucket! 但是和总体相比,根本就是九牛一毛! In the Qin Dingling heart has been full of weak feeling. 秦鼎菱心中充满了无力感受。 This in Che Wei, Red Heart Traveller and in the Ancient Moon's Fang Zheng heart colleague, is equally intense. 这在同行的车尾赤心行者古月方正心中,都是一样强烈。 Even if Demon Execution List spurts spitting blood light/only giant pillar(s) unceasingly, discounts the Gloomy Soul Demonic Venerable's individual arm, after several breath, the Gloomy Soul's arm restored such as beginning. 即便是诛魔榜不断喷吐血光巨柱,也只是把幽魂魔尊的个别胳膊打折,几个呼吸之后,幽魂的胳膊就已经恢复如初。 Strength gap between Rank 8 and Rank 9 is so huge, Qin Dingling and the others spelled to go all-out, cannot shake Gloomy Soul Demonic Venerable. 八转九转之间的实力鸿沟是如此巨大,秦鼎菱等人拼尽全力,都撼动不了幽魂魔尊 After one slaughters wantonly, Gloomy Soul Demonic Venerable restored most. 经过一番大肆屠戮,幽魂魔尊已经恢复大半。 Trades to do usually, Qin Dingling and the others provocative Gloomy Soul Demonic Venerable, will certainly be pursued by Gloomy Soul Demonic Venerable's. However now, the Gloomy Soul Demonic Venerable's essential target only has Heavenly Court! 换做平时,秦鼎菱等人来挑衅幽魂魔尊,一定会遭受幽魂魔尊的追击。但是现在,幽魂魔尊的主要目标只有天庭 Gloomy Soul Demonic Venerable floods Will of Heaven, had swallowed Black Heaven Heaven Spirit, after causing Two Heavens/Days confuses, he is being worthy of the reputation the lord of Nether Heaven. 幽魂魔尊充斥天意,曾经吞食过黑天天灵,导致两天混淆之后,他就是名副其实的幽天之主。 Before then, he destroys natural moat and Heavenly Pillar unceasingly, each White Heaven | daytime Celestial Grotto( for example flash Celestial Grotto), even has destroyed Sun, for series Two Heavens/Days. 在此之前,他不断地摧毁天堑、天柱,各个白天洞天(比如闪光洞天),甚至毁灭了太阳,就是为了一统两天 Celestial Grotto in Heavenly Court Immemorial White Heaven, historically Heavenly Court has annexed the massive Immemorial Nine Heavens fragment, is originally Immemorial Nine Heavens biggest remnant. 天庭正是太古白天中的洞天,历史上天庭又吞并过海量太古九天碎片,是原本太古九天最大的余孽 Heavenly Court existence, is to the Gloomy Soul Demonic Venerable's biggest provocation, the latter will not tolerate Heavenly Court's to exist absolutely! 天庭本身的存在,就是对幽魂魔尊的最大挑衅,后者绝对不会容忍天庭的存在! Rumble...... 轰隆隆…… In the giant bellow, Gloomy Soul Demonic Venerable just like palatial Black Mountain, follows the gap that was exploded directly, hit Heavenly Court directly. 巨大的轰鸣声中,幽魂魔尊宛若一座巍峨黑山,直接顺着一个被炸出来的缺口,直接撞进了天庭 Entire Heavenly Court fiercely is rocking! 整个天庭都在剧烈晃动! Leaves behind Central Continent Gu Immortals in the middle of Heavenly Court to look, sees Gloomy Soul Demonic Venerable blocks the sky the demon body, holds breath a cold air/Qi. 遗留在天庭当中的中洲蛊仙们纷纷仰望,就看到幽魂魔尊遮天蔽日般的魔躯,纷纷倒吸一口冷气。 The Gloomy Soul Demonic Venerable rapid flight in airborne, casts the huge shadow. 幽魂魔尊疾飞于空中,投下巨大的阴影。 Tens of thousands of arms, form the terrifying giant arm forest. Some hold up high, some low low, some wind, some are straight, has the brace day with the potential of moon/month, has to seize the capital of star dance wind. 成千上万的手臂,形成恐怖巨臂森林。有的高高举起,有的低低落下,有的蜿蜒,有的笔直,有撑天拿月之势,有捉星舞风之资。 Qin Dingling and the others chase down in behind, simply tiny like mosquito. Even if Demon Execution List this grade of Rank 8 Immortal Gu Home, regarding Gloomy Soul Demonic Venerable, is becomes the mousie that near the human foot was just born. 秦鼎菱等人在后面追杀,简直渺小如蚊虫。哪怕是诛魔榜这等八转仙蛊屋,对于幽魂魔尊而言,也不过是成人脚边刚刚出生的小老鼠。 Roar--! In Gloomy Soul Demonic Venerable three head, roared suddenly. 幽魂魔尊三个头颅中的一个,忽然咆哮起来。 The Immortal Realm Ultimate Move-- soul howls. 仙道杀招魂啸。 He started Soul Dao ultimate move, immediately raises the boundless voice. 他发动了一记魂道杀招,立即掀起无边的声浪。 The voice mistake, likely is the hurricane volume seat, raises the Heavenly Court floor tile directly flies. Zhao Lianyun wait/etc. felt to be faced with imminent disaster in average, many people take out Immortal Gu Home hastily. 声浪过处,像是飓风卷席,将天庭地砖直接掀飞。赵怜云等人均感到大难临头,许多人连忙取出仙蛊屋 Suddenly Immortal Gu Home presented. 一时间仙蛊屋纷纷亮相。 Scattered camp, thin Liuying, Feng Man Building, Guo Yun Building, Sun and Moon Outlook, Spiritual Fate House, Myriad Dragon Dock, Heaven's Jealousy Manor, Ancient Soul Gate, Heavenly Pond, Illusion Garden, Bird Catching Pavilion, Yue Yang Palace, Heavenly Pond and Immortal Crane Sect...... 星散营、细柳营、风满楼过云楼日月观灵缘斋万龙坞天妒楼古魂门天池幻景园揽雀阁岳阳宫天池仙鹤门…… Central Continent's 10 Great Ancient Sects has respective Immortal Gu Home to suppress background, the 10 Great Ancient Sects name almost is strongest Immortal Gu Home that they grasp. 中洲十大古派都有各自的仙蛊屋镇压底蕴,十大古派的名称几乎便是他们掌握的最强仙蛊屋 And, Sky Lotus School is quite special, they are found by Origin Lotus Immortal Venerable after all, has entire five Immortal Gu Home. In the quantity is Central Continent's 10 Great Ancient Sects. 其中,天莲派比较特殊一点,他们毕竟是由元莲仙尊开创的,拥有整整五座仙蛊屋。数量上乃是中洲十大古派之最。 Immortal Gu Home does not use, basically hides is sending in Revered Great Elder Immortal Aperture respectively. Even if not Revered Great Elder , is in power expert. 仙蛊屋不用的时候,基本上都藏在各派太上大长老仙窍中。即便不是太上大长老,也是掌权的强者 These people basically survived. 这些人基本上都存活了下来。 Every large or small and dissimilar in shape and form Immortal Gu Home just like small junk, in the soul howls in the difficult situation of tilting to jolt unceasingly fiercely, a moment later tilts the ship to destroy the person to perish, is not strange. 大大小小、形态各异的仙蛊屋宛若小舢板,在魂啸掀动的惊涛骇浪中不断剧烈颠簸,下一刻倾覆船毁人亡,也绝不奇怪。 Middle has in some Immortal Gu Home, spreads the Gu Immortal low roar. These Immortal Gu Home regarding the offensive in Soul Dao aspect, defend quite weakly. 当中有部分仙蛊屋中,传出蛊仙的低吼声。这些仙蛊屋对于魂道方面的攻势,防御比较薄弱。 pēng pēng pēng. 砰砰砰 A series of light sounds, the have several Gu Immortal soul blasts open in the howl gently, died in battle at the scene. 一连串的轻响,有数位蛊仙的魂魄在啸声中轻轻炸裂,当场阵亡。 In these state Gu Immortal is not the peak condition, the body has the wound. Some injury quite heavy Gu Immortal, although fortunately survived from the explosion, but actually cannot support here, lost the life. 这些中州蛊仙并不是巅峰状态,身上都有伤。一些伤势较为沉重的蛊仙,虽然从爆炸中幸存了下来,但是在这里却是支撑不住,丢了性命。 Qin Dingling and the others also creaky in the midair, the life hangs one. 秦鼎菱等人也在半空中摇摇欲坠,命垂一线。 Their injury is very serious, just braved the life danger, spelled to be damaged to destroy Fang Yuan's Totem Ultimate Move rapidly, then also perseverance to the present, was the miracle! 他们本身伤势都很沉重,刚刚冒着性命危险,拼着受创迅速摧毁到了方源的图腾杀招,然后又坚持到现在,已属于奇迹! Numerous immortal danger moment, star light greatly rises, like the sea, suppressed the past toward Gloomy Soul Demonic Venerable on boundless directly. 众仙危难关头,星光大盛,磅礴如海,直接往幽魂魔尊身上镇压过去。 The soul howl stops suddenly, Gloomy Soul Demonic Venerable was seized the throat likely suddenly. 魂啸声戛然而止,幽魂魔尊像是被人陡然掐住了喉咙。 Gloomy Soul, you rest are wild in this.” The Constellation Immortal Venerable surface cage cold frost, flies to Gloomy Soul Demonic Venerable in front. 幽魂,你休得在此猖狂。”星宿仙尊面笼寒霜,飞临到幽魂魔尊面前。 Gloomy Soul Demonic Venerable black smoke fluctuates, open mouth spits, is together vast and mighty soul river. 幽魂魔尊身边黑烟浮动,张口一吐,就是一道浩荡魂河 In soul river ghost trillion, billowing turbulent, charges into Constellation Immortal Venerable. 魂河中冤魂亿万,滚滚荡荡,冲向星宿仙尊 Meanwhile, myriad jet black arms also turn toward Constellation Immortal Venerable to grasp in abundance, many fierce Ghost Claw five fingers gather, just like the lance point, punctures thoroughly the air, initiates the grating sharp howl, the offensive strong fierce, ghosts and gods entirely Jing! 与此同时,万千漆黑手臂也向着星宿仙尊纷纷抓去,许多狰狞鬼爪五指并拢,宛若枪尖,刺透空气,引发刺耳的尖锐啸声,攻势之强猛,鬼神俱惊! After blowing the Gloomy Soul Demonic Venerable's star light has supported several breath, is shaken the powder. 镇住幽魂魔尊的星光支撑了几个呼吸后,便被震散。 But Constellation Immortal Venerable is actually does not dodge or evade, coldly snorted, the star fog ascends, seeps to the black smoke , the black smoke is defeated and dispersed, the star fog has taken advantage of opportunity and disintegrated vast and mighty soul river. 星宿仙尊却是不闪不避,一声冷哼,星雾升腾,渗透到黑烟中去,黑烟溃散,星雾顺势又瓦解了浩荡魂河 Gloomy Soul Demonic Venerable's Ghost Claw puts in the star fog, gets nothing for one's effort all. 幽魂魔尊的鬼爪伸进星雾之中,尽数抓空。 Even if held Constellation Immortal Venerable, the latter also at once breaks, is the astrology and physiognomy illusory image. 即便抓住了星宿仙尊,后者也旋即破碎,皆是星相幻影。 Gloomy Soul Demonic Venerable is not willing, tosses about in the star fog in all directions, the angry roaring sound roaring sound spreads unceasingly, resounds through entire Heavenly Court. 幽魂魔尊并不甘心,在星雾中四处折腾,怒吼声咆哮声不断传出,响彻整个天庭 Qin Dingling and the others fall ground one after another, hides in Immortal Gu Home to seize all opportunities, therapy. 秦鼎菱等人接连落到地面,藏身仙蛊屋中抓紧一切时机,进行疗伤。 Zhao Lianyun and other Central Continent Gu Immortal observe fearful and apprehensive. 赵怜云中洲蛊仙观战得心惊胆战。 two venerables confrontation, bad risk. As long as the complementary waves, can overthrow Immortal Gu Home, making Gu Immortal in Gu Home die a tragic death all. 双尊交锋,凶险至极。但凡有一记余波,就能推翻仙蛊屋,令蛊屋内的蛊仙尽数惨死。 Since fortunately has encountered, Constellation Immortal Venerable firmly is suppressing Gloomy Soul Demonic Venerable, therefore has led and been controlling the scene. 所幸的是交锋以来,星宿仙尊都是牢牢压制着幽魂魔尊,因此一直主导并掌控着场面。 This is the prestige of Dao Lord!” “这就是道主之威!” Heavenly Court still, Constellation Immortal Venerable battled in this, receives the enormous amplification, can suppress Gloomy Soul Demonic Venerable easily.” 天庭仍在,星宿仙尊在此中作战,受到极大增幅,轻易间就能压制幽魂魔尊。” Naturally, Gloomy Soul Demonic Venerable does not have the intelligence, is the key aspect.” “当然,幽魂魔尊没有神智,是关键因素。” Only if his Rank 9 Fire Gu starts, otherwise is hard to be separated from present Predicament.” “除非他身上的九转火蛊发动,否则就难以脱离眼前的困境。” Fang Yuan looks out the battlefield, contacts Ju Yang Immortal Venerable. 方源遥望战场,联络巨阳仙尊 Ju Yang Fellow Immortal, what do you in hesitate?” 巨阳仙友,你还在犹豫什么?” Genesis resurrected the careless mistake, but also the ray of hope survived. This time is your I collaborates, coordinates Gloomy Soul Demonic Venerable, destruction Heavenly Court's best opportunity in battle!” 元始复活出了纰漏,但是还有一线希望残存。此时正是你我联手,配合幽魂魔尊,覆灭天庭的最佳战机!” Ju Yang Immortal Venerable hesitates: Might as well again has a look.” 巨阳仙尊犹豫:“不妨再看看。” Fang Yuan coldly snorted: If Fellow Immortal you dodge, that was Constellation Immortal Venerable already in secret united surely. If so, I decided however am unable to prevent Genesis to resurrect. That I directly enter Northern Plains, first slaughter completely all Huang Jin Tribe said again.” 方源冷哼:“若仙友你还是推托,那必定就是和星宿仙尊早已暗中联合。若是如此,我定然无法阻止元始复活了。那就我直接杀入北原,先屠尽所有的黄金部族再说。” „Do you dare?!” “你敢?!” What do I have not to dare? You have Longevity Heaven, the constellation has Heavenly Court. You must compel into dead end me, how can I obediently wait for death? I will not make you feel better!” Fang Yuan clenches teeth, expresses a crazy mood. “我有什么不敢?你有长生天,星宿有天庭。你们要把我逼入绝路,那我岂会乖乖等死?我绝不会让你们好过!”方源咬牙,表现出一股疯狂的情绪。 Ju Yang Immortal Venerable coldly snorted: fine, collaborates with you one time, must destroy the Qi Art Fruit nucleus!” 巨阳仙尊冷哼一声:“也罢,就和你联手一次,务必要摧毁了气功果核!” Fang Yuan spits out one mouthful of impure air, said: This is wise action. Also invited Fellow Immortal movement quick, I wait for you joined the battlefield together.” 方源吐出一口浊气,赞道:“这才是明智之举。还请仙友动作快一下,我等你一同加入战场。” Ju Yang Immortal Venerable clenches teeth, from Northern Plains. 巨阳仙尊咬咬牙,从北原而来。 Fang Yuan is ease, rises Nether Heaven from Central Continent slowly. 方源悠然从容,从中洲缓缓升上幽天 No, is not good, Ju Yang Immortal Venerable and Refining Heaven Demonic Venerable compel to my Heavenly Court!” In Supervising Heaven Tower Gu Immortal with sound of shivering, has transmitted this information. “不,不好了,巨阳仙尊炼天魔尊都向我天庭逼来!”监天塔蛊仙用颤抖的声音,率先传达了这个情报。 Suddenly, Qin Dingling, Ancient Moon's Fang Zheng, Che Wei, Zhao Lianyun, Old Monarch Can Yang and the others change color in abundance. 一时间,秦鼎菱古月方正车尾赵怜云残阳老君等人纷纷变色。 Although they had expected, but when this matter genuinely occurred, they still flurriedly feared. 尽管他们都有所预料,但当这个事情真正发生,他们仍旧不免慌乱恐惧起来。 Three Venerables simultaneously attack Heavenly Court! We...... Can be able to defend?” In the numerous unconventional ideas has this question. 三尊齐攻天庭!我们……能守得住吗?”众仙心中都有这个疑问。
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