DG :: Volume #5 魔王雄霸

#1948: The paradise meddles

Comes firstly, look, Higher Rank silk!” “来一来,看一看啊,上等的丝绸!” Candied fruit, the candied fruit, three strings deliver one string.” “糖葫芦,糖葫芦,三串送一串。” Customer, what need do you have?” Trades in the Gu insect shop front, the servant whole face greets Hong Yi warmly. “客官,您有什么需要?”一家贩卖蛊虫的店面中,店小二满脸热情地迎接洪易 Hong Yi is calms down to look at this waiter first, takes a fast look around the pattern and ornaments of entire shop front carefully, he frowned secretly: All these all the same vivid and lifelike, actually what's the matter?” 洪易先是定神瞧了瞧这个伙计,又仔细地扫视整个店面的格局和摆设,他暗暗皱起眉头:“这一切都是如此栩栩如生,究竟是怎么回事?” Heard that your here does have student gu to sell?” Hong Yi asked. “听说你们这里有书生蛊卖?”洪易问道。 „, Right. However Sir, this student gu, but Rank 5 Gu Insect.” In the shop the waiter is somewhat scruple. “呃,对。但是大人,这书生蛊可是五转蛊虫呐。”店中伙计有些迟疑。 Hong Yi smiles, no longer to cover up, releases the Rank 5 Gu Master aura, immediately causes in the shop the chaos. 洪易轻轻一笑,不再遮掩,释放出五转蛊师的气息,立即引得店中大乱。 In the shop waiter whole face is startled to accommodate, the shopkeeper in shop was also attracted, cups one hand in the other across the chest to welcome Hong Yi, and takes out the student gu personally, looks at to him. 店中伙计满脸惊容,店铺的店长也被吸引过来,拱手恭迎洪易,并亲自取出书生蛊,给他观览。 Really is the student gu.” Hong Yi looks at carefully the moment in detail, in the heart the anxiety is deeper, whether to experiment one or two face to face?” “果然是书生蛊。”洪易详细端详片刻,心中疑虑更深,“可否当面试验一二?” Guest does as you please.” The shopkeeper lends the Hong Yi use the student gu immediately. “客人请便。”店长立即将书生蛊借给洪易使用。 Hong Yi stimulates to movement primeval essence, instills into to the student gu. This student gu works loose the finger of Hong Yi immediately, flies, falls changes into a wheat flour young student to the ground. 洪易催动真元,灌输到书生蛊上。这只书生蛊立即挣脱洪易的手指,飞出去,落到地上化为一位白面小书生。 The young student bows in salute to Hong Yi, manner is respectful: Student pays a visit Great Master.” 小书生对洪易作揖,神态恭敬:“学生拜见上师。” Hong Yi nods, greatly fresh interest. This student gu is very rare, is Human Dao Gu insect, Hong Yi also heard in the hearsay. 洪易不由点头,大生兴趣。这种书生蛊十分罕见,乃是人道蛊虫,洪易也只是在传闻中听说。 Hong Yi takes out Wisdom Dao mortal gu from own aperture, Information Dao mortal gu, throws to the student: „With looking.” 洪易从自家空窍中取出一只智道凡蛊,一只信道凡蛊,都扔给书生:“用用看。” The students received these two Gu insects, does not need the familiar process, comes up to use, and uses quite skilled. Especially certain the small customs of stimulation of movement, probably are Hong Yi oneself are using general. 书生接过这两只蛊虫,根本不需要熟悉的过程,上来就用,并且用的相当熟练。尤其是某些催动的小习惯,就好像是洪易本人在用一般。 How does customer think?” The shopkeeper smilingly asked. “客官觉得如何?”店长笑眯眯地问。 Hong Yi nods again and again: Is very good, this gu I wanted.” 洪易连连点头:“很好,这只蛊我要了。” Shopkeeper great happiness: Is favored by, 600,000 primeval stones.” 店长大喜:“承惠,六十万元石。” Hong Yi can't help but raises the brow. 洪易不禁扬起眉头。 This price was inexpensive, but is really extremely cheap. Rank 5 mortal gu price approximately between 100,000 and million primeval stones, but this student gu belongs to considerable rare best quality goods Rank 5 Gu, the price must above 1 million, and does not have the city valuably, the large sum of money is difficult to ask. 这个价格不是贵了,而是实在是太过便宜。五转凡蛊的价格大约在十万和百万元石之间,但这种书生蛊属于相当稀罕的极品五转蛊,价格必须是在1000000之上,并且有价无市,万金难求。 But here, actually only sells 600,000 primeval stones! 但在这里,却只卖六十万元石 The Hong Yi fortuitous encounter, the net worth is and again abundant, immediately pays money, receives this student gu. 洪易奇遇连连,身家富足,当即付款,收得这只书生蛊。 Goes out of the shop, in the Hong Yi heart mighty waves rises from all directions: This place one like Sovereign City, but doesn't Sovereign City periphery have the immortal war at this moment? Here actually enjoys a good and prosperous life, tranquil auspicious. What's the matter?” 走出店铺,洪易心中波澜四起:“这片地方一如帝君城,但帝君城此刻周围不是有仙人大战吗?这里却是安居乐业,平静祥和。到底是怎么回事?” „, In the surface looks like here and reality did not have what difference, but if goes into seriously carefully, will discover that here has massive Human Dao Gu insect. The student gu is only one of them nothing more. And these Human Dao Gu insect are so centralized, the situation of even being in flood, looks like in these people, is actually sparse ordinary. But conventional the Flame Dao, Water Dao wait/etc. school in Gu insect, instead are the thing of uncommon. Resembles here Human Dao is the Gu Master cultivation mainstream.” “还有,表面上看来这里和现实没有什么区别,但若细细深究,就会发现这里有大量的人道蛊虫。书生蛊只是其中之一而已。并且这些人道蛊虫如此集中,甚至泛滥的情况,在这些人看来,却是稀疏平常。而常规的炎道水道等等流派的蛊虫,反而是珍稀之物。就好像这里人道乃是蛊师修行的主流。” Really is wonderful also strange! Also does not know that side leaf the brother, what also inquired? Fast and he converges.” “真是奇也怪哉!也不知道叶兄那边,又打探到了什么?还是速速和他汇合罢。” After Ye Fan and Hong Yi the Origin Lotus will rushes to the mural, after mutually discusses, separately explores in this. 叶凡洪易元莲意志赶到壁画中后,相互商量后,就在这里面分头探索。 The situation that Hong Yi discovers, Ye Fan also discovered. 洪易发现的情况,叶凡也发现了。 But at this moment, in the corner/horn lane of street, Ye Fan is actually a saw unexpected person. 但此刻,在街边的角巷子里,叶凡却是见到了一个意想不到的人。 Master!” Ye Fan is astonished. “师父!”叶凡惊愕。 He has also purchased Human Dao Rank 5 Gu Insect from the shop, named chivalrous person gu. Left the shop, he arrives in corner to urge to use secretly, the situation of the shop in using is unexpectedly different. 他也从店铺里购买了一只人道五转蛊虫,名为大侠蛊。出了店铺,他来到角落里偷偷催用起来,竟和店铺中使用的情况不一样。 The chivalrous person gu changed has made the appearance of his master unexpectedly! 大侠蛊竟然变作了他师父的模样! Does not need to be startled, my disciple, your I meet here, naturally is the fate is the result.” Lu Weiyin says with a smile. “不必吃惊,我的徒儿啊,你我在这里相见,自然是缘分所致。”陆畏因微笑着道。 Ye Fan listens to speak for it intent immediately, great happiness: Master, do you know here fishy? Actually is here where? Why can we suddenly fell to here?” 叶凡立即听出言为之意,不由大喜:“师父,你知道这里的蹊跷?这里究竟是什么地方?为什么我们会忽然陷落到了这里呢?” Lu Weiyin replied easely: This saying must from the beginning mention. 300,000 years ago Medieval Antiquity Era, Central Continent was born Immortal Venerable named Origin Lotus. He founds Karma Divine Tree ultimate move, is travelling for pleasure the Western Desert's time, has rejected a child's resurrecting family member's request, will therefore see clearly some scene of future, Sovereign City will destroy because of the trench, piece of loss of life.” 陆畏因悠然答道:“这话就要从头说起了。三十万年前中古时代,中洲诞生了一位仙尊名为元莲。他开创因果神树杀招,在游历西漠的时候,拒绝了一位孩童的复活亲人的请求,因此洞察到未来的某一幕景象,帝君城将因地沟而毁,一片生灵涂炭。” Therefore, he at the scene has then laid down Bean God Palace. After returning to Central Continent, then displayed Picture Dao ultimate move to enjoy a good and prosperous life in Sovereign City, forms the mural world. You because of Fang Yuan Connecting Luck, relations, abstained from by the Origin Lotus will closely, thus sent here, as if was prohibited.” “于是,他便当场埋下了豆神宫。后来回到中洲后,便又在帝君城中施展画道杀招安居乐业,形成壁画世界。你们二人因和方源连运,关系紧密至极,被元莲意志忌讳,因而打发到了这里,等若遭受封禁。” Ye Fan hears the dumbfounded, a series of abundant information to make him suddenly unable to respond. 叶凡听得目瞪口呆,一连串的丰富信息让他一时间反应不过来。 He feels shock very: „Is this matter unexpectedly related with Origin Lotus Immortal Venerable? Master, I when with Fang Yuan even/including Guoyun?” 他感到十分的震惊:“这件事情竟然和元莲仙尊有关?还有师父,我什么时候和方源连过运?” That is Fang Yuan in secret take action, wanting rely on your luck condition to accomplish. Superior Heavenly Eagle is also his Immemorial Desolate Beast.” Lu Weiyin replied calmly. “那是方源暗中出手,想要借助你的运势来成事。上极天鹰也是他的太古荒兽。”陆畏因从容答道。 Is Fang Yuan initiative and my Connecting Luck, wants rely on my luck condition?” Ye Fan is more surprised. “是方源主动和我连运,要借助我的运势?”叶凡更加吃惊。 Ye Fan does obeisance Lu Weiyin for the master, half foot treads into the Gu Immortal world, knows secret compared with Hong Yi. Actually his very clear Fang Yuan is what kind of great person! He is the unparalleled demon, including peerless character who Heavenly Court has no alternative. Oneself had the relations with him unexpectedly, this, this simply likely was fantasy story! 叶凡陆畏因为师,半只脚踏入蛊仙的世界,远比洪易知晓更多秘辛。他十分清楚方源究竟是怎么样的一个大人物!他是盖世的魔头,连天庭都无可奈何的绝世人物。自己居然和他扯上了关系,这,这简直像是天方夜谭! Lu Weiyin shakes the head slightly: disciple, you are sure not to improperly belittle oneself. You are the person of Heavenly Dao looking upon with favor, has formidable luck condition inborn, although results from the negligible, but can have the huge achievement in the future surely. Your such luck condition, entire Five Regions cannot surpass ten fingers of numbers. Fang Yuan wants rely on your luck condition, is not strange.” 陆畏因微微摇头:“徒儿,你切勿妄自菲薄。你乃是天道垂青之人,天生拥有强大的运势,虽起于微末,但将来必定能有巨大的成就。你这样的运势,整个五域也超不过十指之数。方源借助你的运势,并不奇怪。” However Heavenly Dao pecking and sipping, he rely on your luck condition, had obtained your advantage, now you also want rely on he, gains huge immortal destiny. Superior Heavenly Eagle is only part, now puts at present your is Origin Lotus True Inheritance!” “然而天道一饮一啄,他曾经借助过你的运势,得了你的好处,如今你也要借助他,获取天大的仙缘上极天鹰只是其中的一部分,现在摆在你眼前的就是元莲真传!” Origin Lotus True Inheritance?!” Ye Fan calls out in alarm once more, he understands suddenly, looked also changed to the Lu Weiyin vision, master, you are familiar with all these. Said, all these are you design?” 元莲真传?!”叶凡再次惊呼,他忽然明白过来,看向陆畏因的目光也变了,“师父,你对这一切了若指掌。这么说,这一切都是你设计的?” Haha, disciple you looked for the master high. All these are the arrangement of Sir Paradise Immortal Venerable, but for the master is his successor that's all.” Lu Weiyin said. “哈哈,徒儿你高看为师了。这一切都是乐土仙尊大人的布置,而为师不过是他的传人罢了。”陆畏因道。 Ye Fan hears the Paradise Immortal Venerable given name, realized oneself also became disciples and grand disciples of paradise department, but he has not felt wild with joy, he has been shocked to be numb. 叶凡又听闻乐土仙尊的大名,意识到自己也成为了乐土一系的徒子徒孙,不过他没有感到狂喜,他已经震惊到麻木了。 Lu Weiyin beckons to Ye Fan: Time is limited, we walks while said.” 陆畏因叶凡招招手:“时间有限,我们边走边说。” Ye Fan follows hastily, two people following the stream of people of street, stand forth. 叶凡连忙跟上,两人顺着街道的人流,向前走去。 Lu Weiyin explained in detail: This Origin Lotus True Inheritance value high, divides to have three parts. Part 1 is this enjoys a good and prosperous life ultimate move, the second part is luck condition of child of Human Dao, the third part is Rank 8 Immortal Gu Home-- Emperor God Palace that Bean God Palace and Sovereign City form become!” 陆畏因详细地解释道:“这道元莲真传价值非常之高,分有三部分。第一部分便是这安居乐业杀招,第二部分则是人道之子的运势,第三部分是豆神宫帝君城组建而成的八转仙蛊屋帝神宫!” Lu Weiyin paused , to continue saying: These three parts, we preoccupy the second part, making you child of Human Dao.” 陆畏因顿了顿,继续道:“这三部分,我们先取第二部分,让你成为人道之子。” Ye Fan closely examines: Master, what is the child of Human Dao? Actually should I how do?” 叶凡追问:“师父,什么是人道之子?我究竟又该怎么做?” Lu Weiyin then answered: Other Central Continent and four territories are different, with the Sect system, Human Dao is Longchang, the accumulation is most vigorous. Sovereign City is always the biggest assembly point of Central Continent surface personal connection. Why does here produce to emerge the innumerable talented people? Then is the reason of personal connection. So long as you strengthen the strength in personal connection, then can encourage your luck condition enormously, obtains the Human Dao bell intent, becomes the child of Human Dao. But must achieve this point, but must the rely on Hong Yi strength.” 陆畏因便答:“中洲和其他四域不同,采用师门制度,人道最是隆昌,积累雄浑。帝君城历来就是中洲地表人脉的最大集结点。这里为何出产涌现无数人才?便是人脉的缘故。只要你汲取人脉中的力量,便能极大助长你的运势,得到人道的钟意,成为人道之子。而要做到这一点,还得借助洪易的力量。” Hong Yi? He is my sworn brothers, how to have the relations with him?” Ye Fan is startled. 洪易?他是我的结拜兄弟,怎么又和他扯上关系?”叶凡吃惊不已。 Lu Weiyin said: Fang Yuan same and his Connecting Luck, but his strong luck and you are different, you obtain the person of Heavenly Dao looking upon with favor, but he is actually one in child of Central Continent Human Dao, by Human Dao bell intent. Your rely on his relations, only then take advantage of opportunity, but is, under the operation of Shen Shang, obtains the personal connection approval quietly. After having the status of child of Human Dao, we come the strength of rely on Fang Yuan again, schemes the True Inheritance first part, even is the third part.” 陆畏因道:“方源同样和他连运,但他的强运和你不同,你是得到天道垂青之人,而他却是中洲人道之子中的一位,受人道钟意。你借助他的关系,方可顺势而为,在沈伤的运作下,悄然得到人脉认可。有了人道之子的身份后,我们再来借助方源之力,图谋真传的第一部分,甚至是第三部分。” Bean God Palace mural. 豆神宫壁画。 Fang Yuan and Fang Yuan......” the sound spreads to the ear of Fáng Dizhang together off and on. 方源方源……”一道声音断断续续地传入房睇长的耳中。 Fáng Dizhang stopped displaying Karma Divine Tree, is stimulating to movement Wisdom Dao ultimate move, unceasingly how ponders to get out of trouble, at this time heard the abnormal noise. 房睇长已经停止施展因果神树,正催动智道杀招,不断思考如何脱困,这时听到异响。 Is the Shen Shang sound! Has he learned my status from main body there?” Fáng Dizhang is hesitating, in the heart had guessed, but immediately has not replied. “是沈伤的声音!他是从本体那里得知了我的身份?”房睇长犹豫着,心中有所猜测,但并未第一时间答话。 Really, the a moment later Shen Shang sound continues to convey: Fáng Dizhang, your real status I have learned from your main body there. Has not thought that Fang Yuan has so one unexpectedly, can place in the Western Desert's super influence clone. I help you to get out of trouble now.” 果然,下一刻沈伤的声音继续传来:“房睇长,你的真实身份我已经从你的本体那里得知了。没想到方源竟有如此一手,能将分身安插到西漠的超级势力里去。我现在就助你脱困。” How “Oh? do you help me? ” Fáng Dizhang doubts. “哦?你如何助我?”房睇长疑惑。 Shen Shang smiled: You must know, I in attempting to explain the Venerable's Human Dao method, has traced the access.” 沈伤笑了笑:“你应当知道,我一直在尝试破解尊者的人道手段,已经摸到了当中门径。” right.” Fáng Dizhang nods. 不错。”房睇长点头。 Shen Shang continues saying: Bean God Palace and Sovereign City fuse a body, I have also ambushed, has not made the Origin Lotus will detect, therefore I was still explaining Human Dao ultimate move now.” 沈伤继续道:“豆神宫帝君城融合一体,我也一直潜伏,并未让元莲意志发觉,所以现在我仍旧在破解人道杀招。” Fáng Dizhang directly asked: That how?” 房睇长直接问:“那又如何?” Shen Shang explained patiently: This is an exceedingly good turning point! I collected four territory people's desires, instills into here unceasingly. originally is unable to meddle to Sovereign City, is unable from inside disturbing effect the Venerable method, the seepage that I must be quietly. But now Bean God Palace and Sovereign City group and a body, but you refine Bean God Palace, the jurisdiction had been inferior to Origin Lotus will nothing more. Now your in the hand is also grasping Karma Divine Tree ultimate move, just may catch up, vacillates entire Immortal Gu Home, coordinating me to make the Venerable method spread, for all person amplifications.” 沈伤耐心解释道:“这是一个绝好的契机!我已收集四域人意,不断灌输这里。原本帝君城无法插手,就无法从内里干扰影响到尊者手段,我必须悄无声息的渗透。但现在豆神宫帝君城组并一体,而你曾经炼化豆神宫,权限只是不如元莲意志而已。如今你手中又掌握着因果神树杀招,正可从中发力,动摇整个仙蛊屋,配合我让尊者手段扩散开来,为所有人增幅。” Then, are you make me coordinate you to explain the Venerable's Human Dao method?” Fáng Dizhang hits. “这么说来,你是让我配合你破解尊者的人道手段?”房睇长一语中的。 Shen Shang smiled: „Our helps cooperation mutually!” 沈伤笑了笑:“我们这是互帮互助!” Good, I promise you.” Fáng Dizhang hesitant, direct should not under. “好,我答应你。”房睇长没有犹豫,直接一口应下。
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