DG :: Volume #5 魔王雄霸

#1946: Fight system

Fang Yuan changes Immemorial Sword Dragon, similarly had the superiority of speed, Duke Long pursued one, discovered unexpectedly is unable to narrow the distance between both fast. 方源变化成太古剑龙,同样具备了速度的优势,龙公追击一阵,竟发现无法快速缩短两者之间的距离。 Immortal Realm Ultimate Move-- Dragon Gate! 仙道杀招龙门! Dragon Gate appears suddenly, two scarlet giant pillar(s), have the big dragon winding respectively, the big dragon winds, the upper part extends, leaves giant pillar(s), connects in the middle, forms the door. The great Dragon Mouth close to opens, a pearl in dragon mouth splendid, forms the Twin Dragon play bead the pattern. 龙门陡然出现,两根赤红巨柱,各有巨龙缠绕,巨龙蜿蜒,上半身延伸,离开巨柱,在中间交汇,形成门头。巨龙嘴巴张开,一颗明珠在龙口之间熠熠生辉,形成双龙戏珠的格局。 Two Dragon Gate also appears, appears in the Duke Long front, appears in Fang Yuan's behind. 两道龙门同时出现,一个出现在龙公的面前,一个则出现在方源的身后。 Duke Long steps into the present Dragon Gate to vanish without the trace, a moment later appears from Fang Yuan behind Dragon Gate. 龙公踏入眼前的龙门消失无踪,下一刻就从方源身后的龙门中出现。 The Fang Yuan heart did not call wonderfully, moved aside hastily, but Duke Long displayed Qi Cover Mountain and River promptly, delayed his speed. 方源心叫不妙,连忙躲闪,但龙公及时施展气盖山河,拖延了他的速度。 Immortal Realm Ultimate Move-- Chaotic Dragon Fist! 仙道杀招乱龙拳 a moment later, the Duke Long double fist pounds ruthlessly on Immemorial Sword Dragon Dragon Head, and sincere hits randomly, Fang Yuan forcefully from upper air projected immortal grave. 下一刻,龙公双拳狠狠地砸在太古剑龙龙头上,并拳拳乱打,将方源硬生生地从高空打到了仙墓上。 Bang. 轰。 Immemorial Sword Dragon pounds ruthlessly on the ground, causes the mist and dust to be billowing, the stone flutters. 太古剑龙狠狠地砸在地上,造成烟尘滚滚,土石翻飞。 Immemorial Sword Dragon holds up the head difficultly, clenched into a fist Dragon Claw has not dispersed the frame, but continues the violent to project second sword light. 太古剑龙艰难昂首,捏成拳头龙爪并未散架,而是继续暴射出第二道剑光 The 5 Finger Boxing Heart Sword second sword! 五指拳心剑第二剑! Duke Long the whole body was already alerting, Fang Yuan just had the movement time, he immediately moves aside, turns over/stands up the Fang Yuan's dragon to carry on the back. 龙公早就全身戒备着,方源刚有动作的时候,他就立即躲闪,翻身到方源的龙背上。 The second sword shoots immediately spatially, is scratching dragon body, passes through the vault of heaven, shoots through the day directly, forms a hole. 第二剑顿时射空,擦着龙躯,直贯苍穹,直接把天射穿,形成一个窟窿。 The 5 Finger Boxing Heart Sword sword light speed is extremely fast, but actually cannot circle curved. Perhaps Duke Long is hard to resist sword light, but he can actually dodge. dodge sword light somewhat is perhaps difficult, but he can actually act according to the Fang Yuan's movement, judges Fang Yuan to project the sword light opportunity, thus avoids ahead of time. 五指拳心剑剑光速度极快,但却不能绕弯。龙公或许难以招架剑光,但他却能闪避闪避剑光或许有些困难,但他却可以根据方源的动作,来判断方源射出剑光的时机,从而提前躲避。 Without a doubt, 5 Finger Boxing Heart Sword is very formidable ultimate move, the might is peerless, and will compare to have huge superior-- it with Time Flying Edge not to forget. 毫无疑问,五指拳心剑是非常强大的杀招,威力绝伦,并且和光阴飞刃比起来有一个巨大的优势它不会自我遗忘。 However under the Duke Long explicit tactic, 5 Finger Boxing Heart Sword instead cannot the accomplishment, implicate Immemorial Sword Dragon that the Fang Yuan change becomes to suffer the Duke Long near body dogfight. 但是在龙公明确的战术下,五指拳心剑反而不能建功,更连累方源变化而成的太古剑龙遭受龙公的近身缠斗。 Within the short several breath, Fang Yuan suffered did not know under many dragon fist heavy strike. 短短十几个呼吸以内,方源已经遭受了不知多少下的龙拳重击 Most formidable is never any Immortal Gu, or ultimate move, but is Gu Immortal! 最强大的从来不是什么仙蛊,亦或者杀招,而是蛊仙 The 5 Finger Boxing Heart Sword most ideal discharge environment, is when just released the first sword. Fang Yuan and Duke Long are far away, can remote attack, oneself is in an impregnable position steadily. Duke Long responded keenly, was hard to resist, each sword can make him fall into during the significant threat of death. 五指拳心剑最理想的施放环境,就是在刚刚释放第一剑的时候。方源龙公相距甚远,可以遥攻,自身稳稳立于不败之地。龙公就算反应敏锐至极,也难以招架,每一剑都能够让他陷入死亡的重大威胁之中。 When Duke Long near body dogfight, Fang Yuan's dragon body instead became the hindrance of sword light, the Duke Long protective umbrella. 但是当龙公近身缠斗的时候,方源的龙躯反而成为了剑光的阻碍,龙公的保护伞。 The review fight, can say to a certain extent, Duke Long used Dragon Gate ultimate move to explain Fang Yuan's 5 Finger Boxing Heart Sword. Could not spread out, has not displayed the 5 Finger Boxing Heart Sword space. 回顾战斗,从某种程度上可以说,龙公动用了龙门杀招破解了方源的五指拳心剑。拉开不了距离,就没有施展五指拳心剑的空间。 Therefore, after the second sword, Fang Yuan abolished 5 Finger Boxing Heart Sword immediately, then changes to Gold Thread Sword ultimate move. 所以,第二剑之后,方源立即撤销了五指拳心剑,转而改用金丝剑杀招 Duke Long saw that Fang Yuan's Dragon Scale starts twinkle yellow light, immediately flies to draw back wisely, uses Dragon Gate once more, distant evacuation. 龙公看到方源的龙鳞开始闪烁黄光,立即明智地飞退,再次动用龙门,远远撤离。 The innumerable say/way gold threads have covered Fang Yuan side each inch place, but Duke Long already withdrew. 无数道金丝覆盖了方源身边每一寸的地方,但龙公早已撤走。 However has not related, Fang Yuan has pulled open him and Duke Long distance once more, he can continue to display 5 Finger Boxing Heart Sword. 不过没有关系,方源已经再次拉开了他和龙公的距离,他又可以继续施展五指拳心剑了。 The Duke Long situation is critical, he has to compel to Fang Yuan, the business to try to take the short way the body dogfight once more. 龙公处境危急起来,他不得不再次逼向方源,企图近身缠斗。 When his near body ties down Fang Yuan, Fang Yuan on abolished 5 Finger Boxing Heart Sword ultimate move once again, changes to other methods to fight Duke Long. 当他近身缠住方源,方源就得再度撤销了五指拳心剑杀招,改用其他手段来战龙公 This demon improved this degree 5 Finger Boxing Heart Sword unexpectedly! Abolishes ultimate move at will, does not have any backlash injury. Perhaps should say, he divides each sword, formed the independent individual.” In Duke Long heart rapid consideration. “这魔头将五指拳心剑竟然改良到了这种程度!随意撤销杀招,都没有任何的反噬伤害。或许应该这么说,他把每一剑都分割开来,形成单独的个体了。”龙公心中迅速思量。 Is 5 Finger Boxing Heart Sword the Bo Qing trump card method, Heavenly Court possibly does not know? 五指拳心剑乃是薄青的王牌手段,天庭怎可能不知? Duke Long naturally knows, Fang Yuan will not improve will aim by him surely. 龙公自然知晓许多,方源不改良必定会被他针对。 Duke Long Dao Marks is inferior to Fang Yuan, therefore is hard to contend with Fang Yuan's all sorts of Sword Dao methods with defensive ultimate move directly, he best choice moves aside. 龙公道痕不及方源,所以难以用防御杀招直接抗衡方源的种种剑道手段,他最好的选择就是躲闪。 Must discuss the fight experience luckily, he is much richer than Fang Yuan. 幸好要论战斗经验,他远比方源丰厚得多。 And the most essential point, so long as he does not die, along with the deflation of life span, he is stiffening unceasingly! 并且最关键的一点,只要他不死,伴随着寿命的缩减,他都在不断地变强! 5 Finger Boxing Heart Sword, although undergoes my improvement, can abolish at will. The thought of but involving actually massively rises suddenly, causes me, when battles with Duke Long, cannot simultaneously stimulate to movement other attacking method...... Also a little, Duke Long was getting stronger and stronger!” The Fang Yuan heart is anxious. 五指拳心剑虽然经过我的改良,可以随意撤销。但牵扯到的念头却是大规模暴涨,导致我在和龙公激战的时候,不能同时催动另外的攻伐手段……还有一点,龙公越来越强了!”方源心头焦虑。 Before he can forcing Duke Long and Cang Xuanzi collaborate, to a great extent is the tactical advantage-- Fang Yuan attack immortal grave, a Heavenly Court side has to defend strongly, came under attack passively. 之前他能够力压龙公苍玄子联手,很大程度上是战术优势方源攻击仙墓,天庭一方不得不竭力防守,被动挨打。 But now immortal grave is destroyed by Fang Yuan, perhaps also survives individual sinking dormancy Gu Immortal, but Duke Long already did not have the burden and hobbling. 但现在仙墓被方源摧毁,或许还残存个别的沉眠蛊仙,但龙公已然没有了包袱和牵绊。 Therefore, Duke Long can advance or retreat, immediately shows his originally battle strength and elegant demeanor. 因此,龙公可进可退,立即展现出他原本战力和风采。 Fang Yuan fights vigorously Duke Long, two people fell into the deadlock inevitably. 方源力战龙公,两人不可避免地陷入到了僵持局面。 This aspect Duke Long is glad to see, but to Fang Yuan is actually very disadvantageous. 这个局面龙公乐于见到,但对方源却是十分不利的。 Therefore, dragon head Rank 1(turn), Fang Yuan opens spits, is a waterfall. 所以,龙首一转,方源张开一吐,就是一道瀑布。 Immortal Realm Ultimate Move-- Myriad Thought Sword Waterfall. 仙道杀招万念剑瀑 The sword waterfall thunders, the imposing manner is great, each water drop is the sword reads. 剑瀑轰鸣,气势宏大,每一滴水都是剑念。 Immortal Realm Ultimate Move-- swordsman! 仙道杀招剑客! The sword read surges, collided unceasingly, forms the each and every one human form soldier, seemed like Fang Yuan, all grasped the long sword. The infinite swordsman rushes ahead. 剑念激荡,不断地碰撞,形成一个个人形战士,貌似方源,皆手持长剑。无穷剑客冲杀而出。 After this move is Fang Yuan promotes Human Dao Grandmaster, takes advantage of opportunity to found, swallowed anything and everything uncritically Sword Dao and Human Dao mystery! 这一招是方源晋升人道宗师后,顺势开创出来,兼收并蓄了剑道人道的奥妙! Duke Long first time contacts this ultimate move, evades to draw back hastily. 龙公第一次接触这个杀招,连忙避退。 Fang Yuan seizes the chance to withdraw, hits to Supervising Heaven Tower. 方源趁机脱身,向监天塔撞去。 Outside Supervising Heaven Tower, Fortune Stealing Altar is destroying Refining Dao grand formation in easily. But in the tower, Qi Ci Lang is struggling furiously, slightly competes with remaining cyan light stubbornly. 监天塔外,劫运坛正在摧枯拉朽地摧毁炼道大阵。而塔内,七次郎正奋力挣扎,和身上残余的微微碧光死死较劲。 Duke Long saw that the Fang Yuan trend has a big shock, Demon Execution List prevents furiously. 龙公见到方源动向大惊失色,诛魔榜奋力阻挡。 Finally Fang Yuan Dragon Claw, hits to fly it directly. 结果方源一记龙爪,直接将它打飞。 In this crucial time, together the singing sound suddenly arrives at the battlefield, twines in the Immemorial Sword Dragon body. 就在这个关键的时刻,一道歌声忽然降临战场,缠绕在太古剑龙的身躯上。 Fang Yuan felt immediately the condition slides suddenly, as if the trough of returned to life, is under the control of others once more, the talent and ambition are unable to express, can not be free, the prospect is gloomy. 方源顿时感到状态急剧下滑,仿佛再次回到了人生的低谷,受制于人,才干和志向无法抒发,不得自由,前景黯淡无光。 Immemorial Sword Dragon therefore speed suddenly drop. 太古剑龙因而速度暴降 Duke Long rushes over, intercepts Fang Yuan: Does well, Feng Jiuge! Fairy Ziwei!” 龙公迅速赶到,拦截住方源:“干得好,凤九歌紫薇仙子!” The critical moment, Feng Jiuge's Destiny Song successfully disturbed Fang Yuan. 关键时刻,正是凤九歌的命运歌成功地干扰到了方源 But directs him to come in promptly, is Fairy Ziwei. 而及时指引他进来的,正是紫薇仙子 Fairy Ziwei opened Firmament Gate. 紫薇仙子开启了中天门 This Immortal Gu Home itself is the Heavenly Court gateway, has retort Bian and to transmit the prestige energy, but is well below to transmit grand formation to be like that great, convenient nothing more. 这座仙蛊屋本就是天庭门户,有甑辨和传送威能,只是远远不如传送大阵那般宏大、便利而已 Destiny Song is continuous, Fang Yuan battle strength slides very seriously, but Duke Long is obtains the amplification, battle strength rises unceasingly. 命运歌持续不断,方源战力下滑得十分严重,而龙公却是得到增幅,战力不断上涨。 hōng hōng hōng! 轰轰轰 Immemorial Sword Dragon was repelled by Duke Long unceasingly, is unable to approach Supervising Heaven Tower again. 太古剑龙龙公不断击退,再无法靠近监天塔 Since the battle, Fang Yuan for the first time has fallen like this leeward, under has no recourse, he stops all Sword Dao ultimate move, starts to ferment Adverse Current Protection Seal. 交战以来,方源还是首次落入这样的下风,迫不得已之下,他停下一切剑道杀招,开始酝酿逆流护身印 Duke Long sees him to withdraw unceasingly, aura thrives, immediately knows him to ferment other ultimate move, where is willing to give him the opportunity? 龙公见他不断后撤,气息勃发,立即知晓他是要酝酿另外杀招,哪里肯给他机会? Duke Long roared again and again, the body circled Purple Gold Dragon Form Qi Vigour, pursued Fang Yuan to fiercely attack unceasingly attacks crazily, raises the storm offensive raging tide brashly. 龙公连连咆哮,身绕紫金龙形气劲,追着方源不断猛打狂攻,掀起暴风骤雨般的攻势狂澜。 Far Ancient Sword Dragon of Fang Yuan incarnation was hit bruised and lacerated, Dragon Scale flutters about, blood whirlwind shoots, what is more fearful is Duke Long Chaotic Dragon Fist can harass the thought that causing him to stimulate to movement the ultimate move failure. 方源化身的上古剑龙被打得皮开肉绽,龙鳞纷飞,鲜血飚射,更可怕的是龙公乱龙拳能够扰乱思维,导致他催动杀招失败。 The difficult time, Fang Yuan opens Immortal Aperture Portal one, emits to store up good Pure Dream Seeking True Physique. 艰难时刻,方源打开仙窍门户一丝,放出囤积好的纯梦求真体 Pure Dream Seeking True Physique each and every one flies to Duke Long, connects self-exploding. 纯梦求真体一个个飞向龙公,接连自爆 Duke Long dreads extremely, moves aside hastily, the offensive restrains, Fang Yuan then had the opportunity of respite, urges Adverse Current Protection Seal successfully. 龙公忌惮万分,连忙躲闪,攻势收敛起来,方源这才有了喘息之机,成功催起逆流护身印 Duke Long sees this seal, sighed. Just opportunity was good, but he has not held, he and Fang Yuan fought these many rounds, already completely understands the Fang Yuan's tactical rules. 龙公看到此印,不由叹息一声。刚刚的时机非常好,但他没有抓住,他和方源交手这么多的回合,早已经看透方源的战法。 Fang Yuan through some Transformation Dao's ultimate move, turns into the Immemorial beast plants at the same time, but can also transform Dao Marks into the same school. On this basis, displays any ultimate move is the prestige can multiply. Even if Rank 7 ultimate move, can threaten Rank 8. 方源通过某个变化道的杀招,变成太古兽植的同时,还能将一身道痕转变为同一流派。在这样的基础上,施展任何杀招都是威能倍增。即便是七转杀招,也能威胁到八转 The Fang Yuan method is numerous, is very difficult to imagine him in less than 100 years of time, accumulated so the degree on cultivation, even if had the Venerable inheritance, made the person be flabbergasted sufficiently. 方源手段众多,很难想象他在100年不到的时间里,就修行、积累到了如此程度,即便是有尊者传承,也足以让人咋舌。 Duke Long believes: So long as gives the Fang Yuan sufficient time, he can certainly reach an unprecedented altitude. Luckily the restore of Fate Gu forms the situation, letting Fang Yuan has to attack Heavenly Court ahead of time. 龙公相信:只要给予方源充足的时间,他一定能够达到一种前无古人的高度。幸亏宿命蛊的修复形成大势,让方源不得不提前进攻天庭 Fang Yuan could rely on some exquisitely, the terrifying method, conquers world most enemies. However this existed facing Duke Long, some methods are not enough, must one set be formidable and stable enough, and has the fight system of trump card. 方源或许能够凭借一些精妙、恐怖的手段,战胜世间绝大多数的敌人。但是面对龙公这等存在,些许手段是远远不够的,必须还有一套足够强大、稳定,并且拥有杀手锏的战斗体系。 Like Duke Long Transformation Dao and Qi Dao method, has formed two sets of fight system. 就像龙公变化道气道手段,形成了两套战斗体系。 Nine Dragons Tattoo Protection forms the formidable defense, Transparent Dragon Clear Pupil is used in the detection, Dragon's Claw Strike, Chaotic Dragon Fist, Circling Dragon Teeth and Remorseful Life Dragon Hammer shoulders the responsibility of attack. These four methods cover the close combat, medium-range and farfight. And Remorseful Life Dragon Hammer has the power and influence that a heavy strike point, breaks the back. But Dragon's Roaring Wave and Stalking Flash are the conventional organizing methods, but the long distance transmission has Dragon Gate this outstanding ultimate move. Dragon Son and Grandson makes up for the crowd to attack method the deficiency. But the strongest method of this set of system is Dragon Imperial Honored Guest. 九龙纹护身形成强大防御,澄龙澈瞳用于侦查,龙爪击乱龙拳回旋龙牙憾世龙锤担负进攻之责。这四个手段覆盖近战、中程和远战。其中憾世龙锤更有重击一点、突破难关的威势。而龙啸波随身闪是常规的腾挪手段,而长距离传送则有龙门这个优秀杀招。还有龙子龙孙弥补群攻手段的匮乏。而这套体系的最强手段就是龙御上宾 As for the Qi Dao system, has Qi Barrier and Rotate Wandering Dragon Qi Barrier as the defense technique, has Qi Exhale Mountain, Hidden Dragon Qi Explode, Qi Cover Mountain and River, One Qi Big Hand Explode and Qi Flow Scissor to take offensive ultimate move, compared with the Transformation Dao's system, these attacks the method to be without doubt more remarkable in the long-distance might. Purple Gold Dragon Form Qi Vigour or tiger balm, this ultimate move so outstanding, is as for is providing the help in each aspect to Duke Long. Naturally most important is responsible for organizing shift. Rebellious Insect Dragon ultimate move is almost for specially prepares in view of Battlefield Ultimate Move. But trump card ultimate move of this set of Qi Dao system is 3 Qi Return. 至于气道体系,有气墙自转游龙气墙作为防御手法,有气呼山潜龙气爆气盖山河一气大手爆气流剪作为攻伐杀招,比起变化道的体系,这些攻伐手段无疑在远程威力更显著。紫金龙形气劲还是万金油,这个杀招是如此的优异,乃至于在各个方面都对龙公提供着帮助。当然最主要的还是负责腾挪转移。逆反虫龙杀招几乎是专门为了针对战场杀招所准备的。而这套气道体系的王牌杀招则是三气归来 These two sets of fight systems of Duke Long gave dual attention have attacked, defended, organize wait/etc. many aspects, and did not have weak point and blank. What is more commendable, these two sets of fight systems also mutually make up. For example Transformation Dao's attacks the method, medium-range is stronger at close combat, but is weak in farfight. But the Qi Dao attacking method is just the opposite. 龙公的这两套战斗体系都兼顾了攻伐、防御、腾挪等等诸多方面,并且没有短板和空白。更难能可贵的是,这两套战斗体系还相互弥补。比如变化道的攻伐手段,在近战、中程更加强势,而在远战方面薄弱。而气道的攻伐手段则恰恰相反。 Comparatively speaking, trump card method does not need to be many. Each set and two this methods, enough used. 相比较而言,王牌手段根本不需要多。每一套一个、两个这种手段,都足够用了。 True fight time, most practical was still these conventional ultimate move. On for example Duke Long, although has 3 Qi Return ultimate move, but fights since with Fang Yuan, has not used. The entire process of fight is intense, Fang Yuan also the non- idiot, Duke Long simply does not have such opportunity to use it. 真正战斗的时候,最实用的仍旧是那些常规杀招。就比如龙公,虽然拥有三气归来杀招,但和方源交手至今,都未使用出来。战斗的整个过程都非常激烈,方源又非蠢货,龙公根本没有这样的机会来用它。 Also for example Fang Yuan uses 5 Finger Boxing Heart Sword, this naturally is the trump card method. But even if Fang Yuan has used, effect has not given the final word. Duke Long can still maintain the deadlock, in fact is his entire fight system is more comprehensive, overall exceeds Fang Yuan to plan. 又例如方源使用五指拳心剑,这当然是王牌手段。但方源即便用了,效果也没有一锤定音。龙公仍旧能够维持住僵局,实质上是他的整个战斗体系更加全面,从整体上胜过方源一筹。
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