DG :: Volume #5 魔王雄霸

#1783: The second ambush war

The most when latest information, transmits to Chi Quyou here, he is standing before the window, is looking into the mountain of distant place. 最新的情报,传达到池曲由这里时,他正站在窗前,眺望着远处的青山。 „? Such quickly has stopped up Fang Yuan? Perhaps it seems like this time, was doomed.” The Chi Quyou vision moved slightly. “哦?这么快就堵住了方源?看来他这一次,恐怕是在劫难逃了。”池曲由目光微动了一下。 This Fang Yuan in Southern Border transcends tribulation, has left behind the clue unexpectedly. Oh, even to attack Rank 8 wholeheartedly, should not be so rash.” “这方源居然在南疆渡劫,留下了线索。唉,就算是一心想要冲击八转,也不该如此莽撞啊。” Also is...... His previous time has repelled the Heavenly Court attack, then in secret trades with me, was extremely smooth, unavoidably some mentalities inflated, take lightly my Southern Border Righteous Path.” “也是……他前番击退了天庭进攻,而后又暗中与我交易,太过顺利了啊,难免有些心态膨胀,看轻我南疆正道。” Chi Quyou believes that reason that Fang Yuan has rambled , because he extremely sinister deceitful, has engaged in guerrilla warfare, has not knocked with the super influence true death. It is not according to the circumstances wonderful, often will make a getaway. 池曲由认为,方源之所以一直逍遥,是因为他太过阴险狡诈,一直都打游击,没有和超级势力真正的死磕过。见机不妙,往往就会逃之夭夭。 This Southern Border Righteous Path conspires, the entire journey is extremely secret. Various Southern Border Great Clan go to an uneventfulness superficially, will not annoy to suspect for no reason that has the Wisdom Dao Gu Immortal screening, the protection calculated. 这一次南疆正道密谋,全程都是极其隐秘。南疆大家族表面上看去一片风平浪静,不会无故惹来怀疑,更有智道蛊仙遮护,防备推算。 Lu Weiyin, if not there is this person to ally temporarily, our Southern Border Righteous Path so will not be perhaps quick, overtakes Fang Yuan. This person worthily is paradise present age successor, unexpectedly Earth Qi that can initiate from Disaster and Tribulation, seeks for the Fang Yuan's position, is really fierce.” “还有陆畏因,若非有此人临时加盟,我们南疆正道恐怕也不会这么快,就追上方源。此人不愧是乐土当代传人,竟能从灾劫引发的地气,寻找到方源的位置,真是厉害。” In the Chi Quyou heart was sighing. 池曲由心中感叹着。 Lu Weiyin meddles this matter, causes now the Southern Border Righteous Path situation, was more complex. 陆畏因插手此事,导致当今南疆正道的局势,又更加复杂了。 This Southern Border Righteous Path pursues edits Fang Yuan, including Lu Weiyin, altogether three Rank 8, successful possibility is enormous. 这一次南疆正道追辑方源,连陆畏因算起来,一共有三位八转,成功的可能性极大。 If the matter becomes, the Lu Weiyin prestigious reputation rapidly will also raise, can be existence that needs to attach great importance to absolutely. 若是事成,陆畏因的威望名声也会迅速拔高,绝对会是一个需要更加重视的存在。 Actually Lu Weiyin before is very early, somewhat has contacted with the Southern Border major Righteous Path influences. 其实陆畏因在很早之前,就和南疆的各大正道势力多多少少的接触过。 His Southern Border paradise, might be considered as Southern Border nonhuman draws in the institute, bought in many suffered nonhuman that Human Race destroyed. 他的南疆乐土,堪称是南疆异人收拢所,吸纳了许许多多遭受人族破坏的异人 These nonhuman are quite happy in the happy within the earth life, according to the reliable situation, many nonhuman had been cultivated Gu Immortal. 这些异人在乐土中生活相当美好,根据可靠情况,有许多异人已经被栽培成蛊仙 This made Southern Border Human Race dislike and worry, but Lu Weiyin after all was the paradise successor, grasped initially the Paradise Immortal Venerable ambition, causing Southern Border Righteous Path not to be good to launch an attack to Lu Weiyin at will. 这令南疆人族都大为反感和担忧,但陆畏因毕竟是乐土传人,秉持当初乐土仙尊的志向,导致南疆正道也不好随意向陆畏因发难。 For long, Lu Weiyin has been excluded from the Southern Border Righteous Path circle, this is the tacit understanding of all people. 长久以来,陆畏因一直被排斥在南疆正道的圈子外,这是所有人的默契。 But since at last, Lu Weiyin has sent out frequently, these time is the high-sounding talk joins, the initiative participation retrieves Fang Yuan. If the matter becomes, his merit cannot wipe to extinguish, will have certain authority in Southern Border Righteous Path. 但最近这段时间以来,陆畏因出动频繁,这一次更是高调加入,主动参与追缴方源。若是事成,他的功劳不可抹灭,在南疆正道中将有一定的权威。 The Chi Quyou moral nature, does not favor Fang Yuan. 池曲由心底,一点都不看好方源 Although Fang Yuan resisted Heavenly Court to invade Langya Blessed Land, but the common people generally believe that this was Heavenly Court has underestimated Langya Blessed Land background. 尽管方源抵挡住了天庭入侵琅琊福地,但世人普遍认为,这是天庭低估了琅琊福地底蕴 A most essential point is, Heavenly Court never has to expose the news that Thunder Ghost True Monarch and Chen Yi died in battle. 最关键的一点是,天庭从未有暴露出雷鬼真君陈衣阵亡的消息。 This lets in the heart of Southern Border Righteous Path Gu Immortal, is generally filling a self-confidence. 这让南疆正道蛊仙的心中,普遍弥漫着一股自信。 Their confidence are not rumor. 他们的信心也并非是空穴来风 After all they had chased down Fang Yuan, as if expelled the dog to expel from Southern Border Fang Yuan generally directly. If not for the midway has Feng Jiuge to meddle, Fang Yuan already made into the dead dog. 毕竟他们曾经就追杀过方源,把方源南疆仿佛撵狗一般直接撵了出去。若不是中途有凤九歌插手,方源早就被打成死狗了。 Chi Quyou dreads Lu Weiyin some, he started to estimate in the heart, how in the future facing this more authoritarian paradise present age successor. 池曲由更忌惮陆畏因一些,他在心中已经开始揣摩,如何在将来面对这位更具权威的乐土当代传人。 As for Fang Yuan? 至于方源 Chi Quyou is somewhat regrettable. 池曲由有些遗憾。 No matter he returns alive dies, so long as falls to the Southern Border Righteous Path hand, then the transaction of Fang Yuan and Chi Quyou thoroughly terminated. 不管他生还是死,只要落到南疆正道手中,那么方源池曲由的交易就彻底完结了。 This harms the Chi Family benefit! 这有损池家的利益! Therefore, Chi Quyou regretted. 所以,池曲由遗憾。 Although Fang Yuan once attacked Chi Family resources point, has infringed the Chi Family benefit, but Chi Quyou does not hate. 虽然方源曾经攻打池家资源点,损害过池家利益,但池曲由一点都不恨。 In his opinion, he trades the Dream Dao achievement of coming, has made up for these losses completely. 在他看来,他交易而来的梦道成果,已经完全弥补了这些损失。 After Chi Quyou will not be afraid Fang Yuan was captured alive, climbs to nip itself. 池曲由更不会害怕方源被活捉后攀咬自己。 Like such that before analyzes, even if Fang Yuan has produced the Tie Yiban evidence, does not allow to overrule, that is also only Chi Quyou and Fang Yuan's trades nothing more. 就像之前分析的那样,就算方源拿出了铁一般的证据,不容否决,那也只是池曲由方源的交易而已 According to the Chi Family amount of space occupied and background, will indeed have some losses, but could not have shaken the Chi Family basis. 依照池家的体量和底蕴,的确会有一些损失,但还动摇不了池家的根本。 However if Chi Quyou at this time, informed to Fang Yuan, informed the retrieving motion of his Southern Border Righteous Path, that nature is different. 不过若是池曲由这个时候,向方源告密,通知他南疆正道的追缴行动,那性质就又不一样了。 This is the collaboration with the enemy betrays a friend! 这就是通敌卖友! If were exposed, even if Chi Quyou has Rank 8 cultivation base, Chi Family will also suffer joint besieging of Southern Border Righteous Path, cannot do well will exterminate the clan. 若是被揭发出来,就算池曲由有着八转修为,池家也会遭受南疆正道的联合围攻,搞不好就会灭族。 Chi Quyou as the one side Righteous Path leader, already the discretion grasped extremely accurate. 池曲由身为一方正道领袖,早就对此中分寸掌握得极其精准。 He will not make this mistake. 他是不会犯这个错误的。 If he informs to Fang Yuan on own initiative, no matter Fang Yuan does have to degenerate into the captive afterward, Chi Quyou delivers to the evidence of collaboration with the enemy on as if Fang Yuan this demon hand. 若他主动向方源告密,不管方源事后有没有沦为阶下囚,池曲由等若将通敌的证据送到方源这个魔头手上。 Let alone, between he and Fang Yuan is always only the use adds the relations of protection, did not have to well for Fang Yuan, but takes so the risk, does not hesitate to make contact with itself and Chi Family comes the collaboration with the enemy to inform. 更何况,他和方源之间向来只是利用加防备的关系,还没有好到为了方源,而冒如此风险,不惜搭上自己和池家来通敌告密的。 Chi Quyou has worried and regretted. 池曲由只是有一些担忧和惋惜。 If Fang Yuan is captured, hoping him do not reveal easily the Dream Dao achievement, quite makes my Chi Family have the time of fully developed.” “若是方源被擒,但愿他不要轻易地吐露出梦道的成果,好让我池家有充分发展的时间。” It spoke the truth, Fang Yuan was also illustrious individual. Falls to so is out, somewhat was a pity...... If he can rise, in the future, entire Five Regions will be more splendid.” “其实说起来,方源也是一个人杰。落到如此下场,也有些可惜了……若是他能崛起,将来的话,整个五域都会更加精彩吧。” Places the top digit, must have the excellent mind. 身处高位,必有过人之胸襟。 Chi Quyou to the miserable fate that Fang Yuan will soon be caught, indeed the sincerity feels some regrets. 池曲由方源即将落网的悲惨下场,的确真心感到一些遗憾。 Meanwhile, in Southern Border another. 与此同时,就在南疆的另一处。 Fang Yuan was surrounded by Southern Border Gu Immortal all round, the morale like the rainbow, threatens. 方源南疆蛊仙团团包围,士气如虹,气势汹汹。 Is the old woman of head, is Rank 8 Time Dao Gu Immortal Xia Cha, she looks at Fang Yuan to sneer: „The Fang Yuan young thief, you fell to my hand in finally.” 为首的老妪,正是八转宙道蛊仙夏槎,她望着方源冷笑:“方源小贼,你终于还是落到我的手中了。” Fang Yuan is looking at her, thought: „The lines of same old story. According to the previous lifetime memory, then this you laughed.” 方源望着她,心想:“还是老一套的台词啊。按照上一世的记忆,接下来就该你大笑了。” Fang Yuan looks to the Xia Cha side. 方源望向夏槎的身边。 Really, a moment later, stands in Xia Cha Shang Family Gu Immortal Shang Huzhang laughs: Sir Lu Weiyin take action, is really out of the ordinary, truly this time on found this demon!” 果然,下一刻,站在夏槎身旁的商家蛊仙商虎杖大笑起来:“陆畏因大人出手,果然非同凡响,真正这次就找到了这魔头!” ( Fang Yuan: The same lines, were the smiling face want empty boasting compared with before. Pats the Lu Weiyin flatter in the presence of everyone , because Shang Family did settle on happy within the earth nonhuman unique output?) 方源:一样的台词啊,就是笑容比之前要浮夸了一些。当众拍陆畏因的马屁,是因为商家看中了乐土中异人特有的产出了?) Killed, has killed this demon, revenged for my Southern Border Righteous Path!” The Tie Ou Zhong tongue splits the spring thunder, Murderous Qi is steaming. “杀,杀了这魔头,为我南疆正道报仇!”铁区中舌绽春雷,杀气腾腾。 ( Fang Yuan: Finally bumps into changes the lines, but Da Tong minor difference.) 方源:终于碰到改台词的了,不过还是大同小异啊。) Finally seized Fang Yuan.” Liu Hao thought. He is the Heavenly Court planted agent, this time is grasping Locking Space immortal gu, is ready, once Fang Yuan has to stimulate to movement the Fixed Immortal Travel sign, he must stimulate to movement Locking Space immortal gu is core Immortal Realm Ultimate Move! “终于捉到方源了。”刘浩心想。他是天庭内应,此番掌握着定空仙蛊,蓄势待发,一旦方源有催动定仙游的迹象,他就得催动定空仙蛊为核心的仙道杀招 Liu Hao is much more anxious than previous lifetime. 刘浩上一世要紧张得多。 Because of previous lifetime, he only needed to stimulate to movement the Locking Space gu to be OK, but this lifetime, because Fang Yuan grasped the ultimate move green jade mercury ahead of time, caused him solely using the Locking Space gu, cannot restrain Fang Yuan, must result in uses Immortal Realm Ultimate Move. 因为上一世,他只需要催动定空蛊就可以了,但这一世因为方源提前掌握了杀招翠流珠,导致他单单运用定空蛊,不能克制得了方源,必须得用仙道杀招 Heavenly Court does not certainly lack this class ultimate move, even if lacks, there is Fairy Ziwei to calculate the improvement. 天庭当然不缺这类的杀招,就算是缺,也有紫薇仙子可以推算改良。 The Liu Hao intense reason, lies in this Immortal Realm Ultimate Move he is not quite skilled, must utilize in the fight, likely stimulates to movement the failure. 刘浩紧张的原因,在于这仙道杀招他还不太熟练,要在战斗中运用出来,很可能催动失败。 If stimulates to movement the failure, has disappointed the Heavenly Court expectation, that was very awkward! 若是催动失败,辜负了天庭期望,那就很尴尬了! Do not be anxious, has me.” At this moment, another nearby Rank 7 Gu Immortal saying with sound transmission. “别紧张,有我在呢。”就在这时,另一旁的七转蛊仙传音道 Liu Hao looked at his one eyes. 刘浩望了他一眼。 Do not visit me!” Immediately, that Rank 7 Gu Immortal sound transmission coldly shouted said. “别看我!”顿时,那位七转蛊仙传音冷喝道。 Liu Hao at heart big roll one's eyes, all because this person camouflaged cultivation base and facial features Southern Border Rank 8 Gu Immortal Ba Shiba! 刘浩心里大翻白眼,皆因此人就是伪装了修为和面容的南疆八转蛊仙巴十八 Has this person, we have three Rank 8. This time does not attack Langya Blessed Land, Fang Yuan does not have grand formation to assist...... Once makes war, I must have a lot of opportunities, can stimulate to movement ultimate move calmly.” In the Liu Hao heart analyzes, the mood of worrying about alleviated. “有这个人在,我方可是有三位八转。此次又并非进攻琅琊福地,方源没有大阵相助……一旦开战,我应当有很多的机会,可以从容催动杀招的吧。”刘浩心中分析起来,担忧的情绪真的缓解了许多。 However, a moment later. 然而,下一刻 Bang! 轰! grand formation opens, collects Southern Border Gu Immortal with Fang Yuan, wrapped goes. 大阵开启,将南疆蛊仙汇同方源,都包裹了进去。 I scratch!” Liu Hao both eyes must stare, almost must roar to make noise, how also to have grand formation?!” “我擦咧!”刘浩双眼都要瞪出来,几乎要咆哮出声,“怎么又有个大阵?!” In grand formation, the world ground perfectly round body, forms a piece of deep blue expansive sky. 大阵内,天下地上浑圆一体,形成一片湛蓝长空。 Southern Border group immortal facial color all changes. 南疆群仙面色皆变。 This is a trap!” Some people were yelling. “这是陷阱!”有人大叫着。 Lu Weiyin is silent, Xia Cha vision cloudier and colder, is staring at Fang Yuan stubbornly. 陆畏因沉默,夏槎目光越加阴冷,死死盯着方源 Calm! We overwhelm with numerical strength, trivial was Fang Yuan, what considered as?” “镇定!我们人多势众,区区一个方源,算得了什么?” Good. We have Sir Xia Cha, Sir Lu Weiyin, has not feared his any Immortal Dao battlefield!” “不错。我们有夏槎大人在,还有陆畏因大人,不怕他任何的仙道战场!” Liu Hao stares: Has such easy arrangement to Oh! immortal grand formation where? Such quickly can trigger, more possible is Immortal Dao Battlefield Ultimate Move. However Fang Yuan was a little stupid, using the Immortal Dao battlefield, himself unable to be inescapable.” 刘浩一愣:“对哦!仙道大阵哪有这么容易布置的?这么快就能触发,更可能是仙道战场杀招啊。不过方源有点蠢,用了仙道战场,他自己根本跑不了了。” Southern Border All immortals is the generation of elite, has stood firm the mind quickly, rallies the morale. 南疆群仙都是精英之辈,很快稳住了心神,重振士气。 At this time, Lu Weiyin opened the mouth slowly: This is not the Immortal Dao battlefield, but is super grand formation.” 这个时候,陆畏因缓缓开口:“这不是仙道战场,而是一座超级大阵。” Time Dao grand formation.” Xia Cha echoes one. 宙道大阵。”夏槎附和一句。 ( The Liu Hao corners of the mouth twitch: Said for quite a while, is immortal grand formation!) 刘浩嘴角抽搐:说了半天,还是仙道大阵啊!) Two discernment like torch.” The Fang Yuan smile, the confident acknowledgment, then his big sleeve wields. “二位法眼如炬。”方源微笑,坦然承认,然后他大袖一挥。 The gate has closed, now puts dog, does not put Zodiac Beast! 门已关,现在放狗,哦不,放年兽 Awoo Awoo! Roar roar! Quack! gā gā gā! 嗷呜嗷呜!吼吼!呱呱!嘎嘎嘎 Giant vortex baseless produce, hū lā, innumerable Zodiac Beast likely are the turbulent tide, pours into directly. 一道巨大的漩涡凭空产生,呼啦啦,无数的年兽像是汹涌的潮水,直接灌注进来。 These Zodiac Beast have the monkey to have the snake to have the dragon to have the tiger, dissimilar in shape and form, at least is Desolate Beast, is mixing with many Far Ancient Desolate Beast. 这些年兽有猴有蛇有龙有虎,形态各异,至少都是荒兽,夹杂着不少的上古荒兽 But Fang Yuan was vanishing same place. 方源已经在原地消失。 The wild Zodiac Beast wisdom is not high, quick the cut-throat vision, will aim at these Southern Border Gu Immortal, reveals the fang, launches the charge. 野生的年兽智慧并不高,很快就将凶狠的目光,对准这些南疆蛊仙,露出獠牙,展开冲锋。 Has killed them.” Xia Cha ordered indifferently. “杀了它们。”夏槎冷漠下令。 Lu Weiyin sighed. 陆畏因叹息一声。 The Southern Border group immortal opens fire, launches to slaughter with these Zodiac Beast! 南疆群仙纷纷开火,和这些年兽展开厮杀! The Liu Hao big sleeve wields, innumerable flying blade edge all around snaps, everywhere one visit, Zodiac Beast was truncated all torn to pieces. 刘浩大袖一挥,无数飞刃四下乱射,所到之处,年兽无不被削得支离破碎。 ( Fang Yuan places array core, calmly sizes up: Your this Heavenly Court planted agent really, does not waste me to pay attention to the ink effect. Should the Locking Space gu in your hand?) 方源身处阵眼,静静打量:你这个天庭内应果然也在,不枉费我一直注意墨水效应。定空蛊应该就在你手上吧?) Liu Hao fights, while in the heart considers: Perhaps it seems like here is hiding the a ray of light cloudy branch. Fang Yuan this is one's old tricks heavy, this grand formation and initially he to fighting Feng Jiuge, is how similar! Strange, my how continuously at heart infant?” 刘浩一边战斗,一边心中思量:“看来这里恐怕就藏着一道光阴支流。方源这是故技重施,此座大阵和当初他对战凤九歌的,何其相似!奇怪,我怎么一直心里毛毛的?”
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