DG :: Volume #5 魔王雄霸

#1783: Perceives through meditation Venerable True Inheritance

The Fang Yuan's Wisdom Dao method is very rich, does not need, devise strategies to make up confidently, he practices these ultimate move, what are more is increases the understanding of Origin Lotus True Inheritance and Ju Yang True Inheritance on match. 方源的智道手段十分丰富,并不需要成竹在胸、运筹帷幄来弥补,他练习这些杀招,更多的是增加对手上的元莲真传巨阳真传的理解。 For serveral days, the Fang Yuan main body has been studying diligently Origin Lotus True Inheritance, Ju Yang True Inheritance as well as Heavenly Thief True Inheritance. 这些天来,方源本体一直在钻研着元莲真传巨阳真传以及盗天真传 Old Ancestor Long Haired Refining Dao True Inheritance, Fang Yuan grasped completely, understands very easily, after all he is Refining Dao Quasi Prime Realm. 长毛老祖炼道真传,方源已经全部掌握,理解得十分容易,毕竟他是炼道准无上境界 Regarding Origin Lotus True Inheritance, Fang Yuan formed Rank 6 Karma Divine Tree ultimate move, opened up the perspective. 对于元莲真传,方源组建出了六转因果神树杀招,算是打开了局面。 Because Wood Dao immortal gu and lacking of Wood Dao Realm, Fang Yuan has not put in many energy in this. 但因为木道仙蛊木道境界的缺乏,方源并没有在此投入过多精力。 He focuses in Ju Yang True Inheritance and Heavenly Thief True Inheritance. 他把重点放在巨阳真传盗天真传上。 The former belongs to Own Luck True Inheritance in Ju Yang three big True Inheritance, can enable Fang Yuan to grasp own luck condition. 前者属于巨阳三大真传中的己运真传,能够让方源掌握自身运势 Latter Heavenly Thief True Inheritance, the core is Rank 8 drags out an ignoble existence immortal gu, narrated how to make to drag out an ignoble existence the procedure of immortal gu de-archiving. 后者盗天真传,核心便是八转偷生仙蛊,讲述了如何令偷生仙蛊解封的做法。 Naturally, both narrated Luck Dao and Stealing Dao foundation cultivation, especially also the two schools of two big Venerable to respective foundation understood personally that making Fang Yuan benefit greatly. 当然,两者都讲述了运道偷道的基础修行,尤其还有两大尊者对各自开创的两个流派的个人理解,令方源受益匪浅。 What is transports?” In the Ju Yang True Inheritance introduction, Ju Yang Immortal Venerable asked this question. “什么是运?”在巨阳真传的开篇,巨阳仙尊就问了这个问题。 Afterward, he self-examines answers: Must discuss transports, first tells fortunes!” 随后,他自问自答:“要谈运,先谈命!” Before Red Lotus Demon Venerable, does not have Luck Dao. 红莲魔尊之前,是没有运道的。 After Red Lotus Demon Venerable has harmed Fate Gu, Heaven and Earth just now had some subtle Transformation. 红莲魔尊损害了宿命蛊后,天地方才有了一些微妙的变化 The people realize Luck Dao at first, has discovered some ingredient luck from Mortal Qi. 人们最初察觉运道,是从人气中发现了某个成分运气。 Because the Heaven Qi, Earth Qi, and Mortal Qi demand is balanced, can promoted immortal obtain enlightenment. Gu Master Mortal Qi accumulates are more, after promoted immortal success , the Immortal Aperture quality that obtains is good. 因为天地人三气需求平衡,方能升仙得道。蛊师人气积累越多,升仙成功后得到的仙窍的品质就越是上佳。 Because of attaching great importance to Mortal Qi, people study the luck. 因为对人气的重视,人们研究运气。 Quick, they discover the luck certain characteristics. 很快,他们就发现运气的某些特征。 Since Fate Gu was injured by Red Lotus Demon Venerable, the path of myriad things life is not fixed, nothing much changes, but can change limitedly. 自从宿命蛊红莲魔尊伤害之后,万物生命的轨迹再不是固定的,一成不变的,而是可以有限的改变。 The people discovered that so-called luck and this type the change that deviates Fate, has very mysterious and direct relation. 人们发现,所谓运气和这种偏离宿命的改变,有着非常玄妙而且直接的联系。 But actually to have what to relate? 但究竟是有什么联系? Ju Yang Immortal Venerable narrated own viewpoint directly: Life is the fate, transporting is the variable!” 巨阳仙尊直接讲述了自己的观点:“命是定数,运是变数!” Regarding an average man, what is the good luck? 对于一个常人而言,什么是好运? The good luck is to own beneficial variable. 好运是对自身有益的变数。 Is that what badly transports? 那什么是坏运? Badly transports is to own harmful variable. 坏运就是对自身有害的变数。 In Mortal Qi of person luck is the good luck, then this person likely profits. 一个人的人气中运气属于好运,那么这个人就很可能得利。 In Mortal Qi of person luck is bad transporting, then this person likely disadvantageous. 一个人的人气中运气属于坏运,那么这个人就很可能不利。 No matter the good luck, badly transports, it is not the life. 然而不管好运、坏运,它都不是命。 The life is the fate, is fixed, must experience surely. But transports is the variable, is only possibility, the true result also needs to decide in light of the special details of reality. 命是定数,是固定的,必定要经历的。而运是变数,只是一种可能性,真正的结果还需要结合现实的具体情况而定。 If a person had the bad luck, actually contends with the reverse with own strength and ability and wisdom, can still achieve some goal or the achievement. 若是一个人有了坏运气,却用自身的实力和才智抗衡扭转,仍旧能够达到某种目的或成就。 If a person had the good luck, oneself is actually stupidly cannot withstand or the strength is unsatisfactory, cannot grasp, will then still be defeated. 若是一个人有了好运气,自身却是愚蠢不堪或者实力不佳,把握不住,那么仍旧会失败。 Afterward, then all sorts of scales in Ju Yang Own Luck True Inheritance, colors of as well as shape saw luck wait / etc.. 随后,在巨阳己运真传中便见到了运气的种种规模、颜色以及形态等等。 Some person luck are many, some people luck are few. 有的人运气很多,有的人运气很少。 Generally speaking, cultivation base is higher, the luck scale that a background deeper person, has are many. 一般而言,修为越高,底蕴越深的人,拥有的运气规模就多。 The luck color mainly has: Black, grey, white and scarlet, [gold/metal], azure, purple these seven types, but also has the pink color and scarlet kind of uncommon color. 运气的颜色主要有:黑、灰、白、赤、金、青、紫这七种,但也有粉色、血色这类不常见的颜色。 The shape of luck are various, simply is all sorts of strange and unusual, every possible strange thing. The shape of common person is often monotonous ordinarily, genius or overlord class luck, often greatly unusual person, differ in thousands of ways. 运气的形态各种各样,简直是千奇百怪,无奇不有。普通人的形态往往单调平常,天才或者霸主之流的运气,往往大异常人,千姿百态。 For example Fang Yuan had black coffin Qi Luck, luck jet black like black ink, forms a huge coffin shape, covers its whole body in inside, is sending out rich evil spirit dead intent. 比如方源曾经有过的黑棺气运,运气漆黑如墨,形成一个庞大的棺椁形状,将其浑身都覆盖在里面,散发着浓郁的凶煞死意。 Also for example once observed Zheng Shanchuan at the Refining Dao congress, the luck of this person just like seven rainbow light, the gloss changes countenance, twisting is outstanding. 又比如曾经在炼道大会上观察郑山川,此人的运气宛若七彩虹光,光泽动容,夭矫不群。 As for Hong Yi, Ye Fan and Han Li these person of luck, respectively has the marvelous image. 至于洪易叶凡韩立这些人运气,也都各有奇妙形象。 Own Luck True Inheritance that Ju Yang Immortal Venerable leaves behind, is to own luck, changes the method comprehensive work of its scale, color and shape! 巨阳仙尊留下的己运真传,就是对自身的运气着手,改变它的规模、颜色、形态的手段大全! For example wants the variable in opposite sex fate, forms the good luck. 比如想要异性缘分方面的变数,就形成桃花运。 To obtain the cultivation resources for example primeval stones, forms the good luck in making money. 想要获得修行的资源比如元石,就形成财运。 If on has bad luck, that use a series of methods its change. 若是自己身上有霉运,那就动用一系列的手段将其改变。 ...... …… The Ju Yang Own Luck True Inheritance content is extremely abundant, Heavenly Thief Stealing Life True Inheritance is actually brief and to the point. 巨阳己运真传的内容极其丰富,盗天偷生真传却是言简意赅。 Stealing Dao, does not attain without effort, but the school of most tasteful efficiency!” 偷道,不是不劳而获,而是最讲究效率的流派!” Gu Master and Gu Immortal must gain Gu insect and immortal gu, no matter refining Gu, transaction or the spoils of war, are the cost are all too high, the risk is too big.” 蛊师蛊仙要获取蛊虫仙蛊,不管是炼蛊、交易还是战利品,无一不是成本太高,风险太大。” Stealing Dao aims at Gu insect directly, steals Gu insect, saves the cost, reduces the risk, raises the efficiency!” 偷道直接针对蛊虫,将蛊虫盗取出来,节省成本,缩减风险,提高效率!” What however is the Gu insect essence? 然而蛊虫的本质是什么? Gu are the true refined essences of Heaven and Earth. 蛊是天地真精 Steals Gu insect, steals the Dao Mark fragment. 偷取蛊虫,也就是偷取道痕的碎片。 Therefore grows ultimate move Stealing Dao. 因此又衍生出杀招偷道 Drags out an ignoble existence immortal gu, the life obviously melts is certain Dao Mark in human body. Drags out an ignoble existence immortal gu corresponding Dao Mark to steal, then can reduce the life of person. 还有偷生仙蛊,寿命显化便是人体内的某些个道痕。偷生仙蛊将相应的道痕偷取出来,便能缩减人的寿命。 Do not think Stealing Dao shameless or despicable.” “不要认为偷道无耻或者卑劣。” A lot, might as well from a different angle think.” “很多事情,不妨换一个角度来想想。” Steals hook to execute, usurping state power feudal lord! Any family and Sect, will make the member contribute for the organization, this is flagrant stealing, but is actually considered natural.” “窃钩者诛,窃国者诸侯!任何的家族、门派,都会让成员为组织贡献,这是明目张胆的偷盗,但却被认为理所应当。” Members who for example Heavenly Court, joins must contribute own Immortal Aperture, as if offer the life cultivation achievement. From the Stealing Dao perspective, this was Heavenly Court has stolen the Gu Immortal cultivation achievement. But the people usually think that this is glory, goes after like ducks.” “譬如天庭,加入的成员都要贡献出自己的仙窍,等若是将一生修行的成果奉献上去。从偷道的角度来看,这是天庭窃取了蛊仙修行成果。但人们往往认为这是荣耀,趋之若鹜。” Small and weak mortal can also steal the Gu Immortal cultivation achievement, this is various True Inheritance that Gu Immortal leaves behind. But this world actually becomes accustomed, this is the culture.” “弱小的凡人也能够偷取蛊仙修行成果,这就是蛊仙遗留下来的各种真传。但这个世界却是习以为常,这就是文化。” So-called stealing, is effective harvests. Sets up the system, condenses the glory also or the use mood and culture, is the Stealing Dao methods.” “所谓的偷,便是最有效率地收获。建立制度,凝聚荣耀亦或者利用情怀、文化,都是偷道的手段。” „The Stealing Dao fiercest method is containing.” 偷道最厉害的手段是包容。” „The Celestial Grotto Blessed Land destruction, Da Tong Wind blows, all do not vanish into thin air. But is Immortal Aperture Dao Mark, is digested by this piece of heaven and earth containing.” 洞天福地毁灭,大同风刮起来,一切并非化为乌有。而是仙窍道痕被这片天和地包容、消化。” Fiercest Great Plunder is this piece of Heaven and Earth!” “最厉害的大盗便是这片天地!” It steals the cultivation achievement of all previous hero, accumulation many Dao Mark, or brand-new dent. It steals from other world we/I wait, is Demon from Beyond The Heaven. It steals the myriad things the life, making all lives probably die.” “它偷取历代英杰的修行成果,积累更多的道痕,或者全新的凹痕。它将我等从别的世界偷取过来,便是天外之魔。它偷取万物的寿命,让所有的生命都必须死亡。” Stealing Dao that I found, then imitates the Heaven and Earth school! With most effective technique harvest benefit, increases oneself......” “我开创出来的偷道,便是效仿天地的流派!用最有效率的手法收获利益,增益自身……” After Fang Yuan looked, only thinks that mind one extravagant, Stealing Dao sweeps the beforehand narrow and small impression in his eyes. 方源看了之后,只觉胸襟一阔,偷道在他眼中一扫之前的狭小印象。 The thought and average man of Heavenly Thief Demonic Venerable are different, try another method, and in remotely enters. He uses the thought of Stealing Dao, has understood the entire world! 盗天魔尊的思维和常人不同,另辟蹊径,且又偏僻入里。他用偷道的思维,理解了整个世界! His pattern is great, is having Demon from Beyond The Heaven individual characteristics. 他的格局非常宏大,带着天外之魔的个人特色。 Gu Master cultivation, to Gu insect Cultivation, Utilization, and Refinement, manages Immortal Aperture, as well as all kinds of Realm, nothing but and that's it solves itself, understands Heaven and Earth. 蛊师修行,对蛊虫养、用、炼,经营仙窍,以及各种各样的境界,无非就是了解自己,了解天地 Each school, is different understanding Heaven and Earth, understands own angle. 每一个流派,便是一种不同的理解天地、了解自身的角度。 Drags out an ignoble existence immortal gu is my entire life one Immortal Gu, is not refined by me obtained.” “偷生仙蛊乃是我生平第一只仙蛊,并非由我炼制所得。” Use were many, had the sensibility gradually, finally I in dragging out an ignoble existence on immortal gu have arranged the method.” “使用次数多了,渐渐有了感悟,最后我在偷生仙蛊上布置了手段。” Along using to drag out an ignoble existence immortal gu, can steal other lives the lives, coordinating me to found ultimate move that can increase own life. Naturally, has the flaw, was inferior that Longevity Gu is perfect.” “顺用偷生仙蛊,可以盗取其他生命的寿元,配合我开创的杀招,能增添自身寿命。当然,还是有着缺陷,不如寿蛊完美无缺。” Counter with dragging out an ignoble existence immortal gu, then gives other objects own life. This seems like stupid, has the place of mystery. Also is the this True Inheritance true essence is.” “逆用偷生仙蛊,便是将自身寿元给与其他对象。这看似愚蠢,却是别有奥妙之处。也算是这道真传的真正精髓所在。” Successor , if predestined friends, achieves this step, then can relieve me in the technique of dragging out an ignoble existence on immortal gu arranging, simultaneously obtains with it relative another one True Inheritance information.” “后来人若是有缘,达成这一步,便能解除我在偷生仙蛊上布置的手法,同时得到与之相对的另一道真传的信息。” This is Heavenly Thief Demonic Venerable in final message. 这是盗天魔尊在最后的留言。 Fang Yuan looked was speechless for a very long time. 方源看了久久无言。 Although his Stealing Dao Realm also has the Great Grandmaster degree, but was still very difficult to understand the intention of Heavenly Thief Demonic Venerable. 他的偷道境界虽然也有大宗师程度,但是仍旧很难理解盗天魔尊的用意。 Counter with dragging out an ignoble existence immortal gu? 逆用偷生仙蛊 Fang Yuan shook the head, he does not have the confidence to comprehend mystery. 方源摇了摇头,他没有信心去领悟这其中的奥妙。 According to his calculation, at least must have Quasi Prime Stealing Dao Realm, can contact this level. 根据他的推算,至少得有准无上偷道境界,才能接触到这一层次 Before then, if he counter with dragging out an ignoble existence immortal gu, purely reduces the longevity to himself. 在此之前,他若逆用偷生仙蛊,就纯粹是给自己减寿。 Moreover, I must use this to drag out an ignoble existence immortal gu to cope with Heavenly Court Gu Immortal.” “况且,我还得利用这偷生仙蛊来对付天庭蛊仙呢。” Other people, Duke Long specially dragged out an ignoble existence immortal gu to aim at!” “其他人就算了,龙公特别被偷生仙蛊针对!” Even if Fang Yuan has used up two opportunities, drags out an ignoble existence the immortal gu destruction, in the record of Heavenly Thief True Inheritance, has to drag out an ignoble existence immortal gu Rank 8 Immortal Gu Formula. 就算方源用光了两次机会,偷生仙蛊毁灭,在盗天真传的记载中,也有着偷生仙蛊八转仙蛊方 Wore out dragged out an ignoble existence immortal gu, at the worst later had the opportunity to refine one again newly came.” “用坏了偷生仙蛊,大不了以后有机会再炼出一个新的来。” Is only......” “只是……” Calculated according to Fang Yuan's that Heavenly Thief Demonic Venerable remains to drag out an ignoble existence the arrangement on immortal gu, the real value is very big. If can comply with the direction of Heavenly Thief Demonic Venerable, comprehends this to record the True Inheritance true essence in the future, the Fang Yuan's harvest must be much more than present absolutely. 根据方源的推算,盗天魔尊留在偷生仙蛊上的布置,真的价值很大。若能顺应盗天魔尊的指点,在将来领悟到这记真传的真正精髓,方源的收获绝对要远远大于现在。 While Fang Yuan dives positively cultivates, the Southern Border Righteous Path heads after unceasing wrangling and consultation, finally started to reach an agreement. 就在方源积极潜修的同时,南疆正道首脑们经过不断的扯皮和协商,终于开始达成了一致。 Must eradicate Fang Yuan, he was extremely lawless, previous time his pretend to be Wu Yihai, these time makes an appearance directly, encroaches my Righteous Path benefit.” “必须要铲除方源,他太过无法无天了,上一次他伪装成武遗海,这一次更是直接露面,侵犯我正道的利益。” „The struggle of trench, is our internal contradictions. But Fang Yuan is exterior the contradiction, copes with Fang Yuan we to unite as one!” “地沟之争,是我们的内部矛盾。而方源是外部矛盾,对付方源我们应当团结一致!” But is discrete! Although Fang Yuan only then Rank 7 cultivation base, but this person is too deceitful, background is deep, cannot estimate by the common sense.” “但是要谨慎!方源虽然只有七转修为,但这人太狡诈,底蕴深厚,不能以常理揣度。” Right. Especially he resisted attacking of Heavenly Court unexpectedly, now has annexed Langya Blessed Land, perhaps hiring oneself of obtained massive nonhuman Gu Immortal. In addition before him, has bought in Shadow Sect remainingly...... I reminded everybody, Fang Yuan he was not a person, he was a super influence!” “没错。尤其是他竟然抵御住了天庭的攻伐,如今吞并了琅琊福地,恐怕得到了大量的异人蛊仙的投靠。再加上他之前吸纳了影宗残余……我提醒大家,方源他不是一个人,他是一个超级势力!” Rank 8 Gu Immortal leads, perhaps is insufficient. To be cautious, is two.” “一位八转蛊仙带队,恐怕不够。为了稳妥起见,还是两位吧。” „, Did this rather some make a fuss over a trifling matter?” “呃,这未免有些太小题大做了吧?” I agreed.” “我同意。” Agreement.” “同意。” My Ba Family does not have the objection.” “我巴家没有异议。” In surface, should be headed by Sir Xia Cha. But another Sir hides the status, mingles among the team, at crucial moments take action.” “表面上,应以夏槎大人为首。而另一位大人则潜藏身份,混迹在队伍中,在关键时刻出手。” Good arrangement.” “不错的安排。” I second the motion.” “我附议。” Agreement.” “同意。” ...... …… Different with previous lifetime, because Fang Yuan has annexed Langya Blessed Land, has repelled the Heavenly Court attack, made a Southern Border Righteous Path felt bigger threat. 上一世不同,方源因为吞并了琅琊福地,击退了天庭进攻,令南疆正道感觉到了更大的威胁。 Not only they have dispatched Xia Cha, has second Rank 8 Gu Immortal to enter the war! 他们不只是派遣了夏槎,更还有第二位八转蛊仙参战! But all these, Fang Yuan is also kept in the dark. 而这一切,方源都还蒙在鼓里。
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