DG :: Volume #4 魔君纵横

#1020: Interception biggest achievement!

Myriad Tribulation came!” Fang Yuan clenches jaws, is waiting for grey sorrow cloud stubbornly, covers leisurely. 万劫来了!”方源咬牙切齿,死死等着灰色的哀云,慢悠悠地覆盖下来。 Immortal Zombie Bo QIng also involuntarily narrows both eyes, the whole body muscle closely stretches. 仙僵薄青不由地眯起双眼,浑身肌肉紧紧绷住。 But grey cloud lowers, actually resembles does not injure. 灰云降下,却似毫无伤害。 What's the matter? Does don't tell me have harmless Myriad Tribulation?!” Fang Yuan quite a while, actually does not see the sound anxiously, both hands paws own body in all directions, erratically yelled surprisedly. “怎么回事?难道有无害的万劫?!”方源紧张半天,却不见动静,双手四处乱摸自己的身体,惊疑不定地大叫道。 Immortal Zombie Bo QIng has not replied him. 仙僵薄青没有回答他。 In Heavenly Court Gu Immortal has the person, recognized this is Myriad Tribulation Ashen Memories. But Fang Yuan and Mo Yao remnant soul actually does not know this. 天庭蛊仙中有人,认出了这是万劫灰忆。但方源墨瑶残魂却不知道这点。 However, quick, Fang Yuan and Mo Yao remnant soul had clear comprehension. 不过,很快,方源墨瑶残魂都有所明悟了。 Because after Demon Venerable Gloomy Soul falls into the middle of the fog, then the mist turns to well up, appears he to remember the gray part. 因为魔尊幽魂身陷灰雾当中之后,便雾气翻涌,浮现出他记忆中灰色的部分。 The experiences of childhood, the bitter experience of youngster, youth time experiences dangers...... At the entire life course, Gloomy Soul before death mind interrogates and tortures, with the destiny choice of time after time. 童年的各种经历,少年的遭遇,青年时期的历险……在整个生命历程,幽魂生前的心灵拷问,和一次次的命运抉择。 But at the same time, Taibai Yunsheng clamps to bind Fang Yuan, outward rapid flight. 而与此同时,太白云生夹裹着方源,向外一路疾飞。 Hei Loulan looks a everywhere finally the fog, follows. 黑楼兰最后回望一眼漫天的灰雾,紧随其后。 Fang Yuan within the body, Ying Wuxie falls into the dreamland, facing Constellation Immortal Venerable. 方源体内,影无邪陷入梦境之中,面对星宿仙尊 He clenches jaws, goes crazy to yell, throws toward Constellation Immortal Venerable. 他咬牙切齿,发狂大叫,朝着星宿仙尊扑去。 Finally, actually threw spatial. 结果,却扑了一个空。 This is the dreamland, unbearable. 这是梦境,咫尺天涯。 He seems like with Constellation Immortal Venerable is very near, but regardless in fact he leads the way many steps, he and Constellation Immortal Venerable distance is invariable throughout. 他看似和星宿仙尊很近,但实际上不论他前行多少步,他和星宿仙尊的距离是始终不变的。 The Constellation Immortal Venerable hand-held string, did not read poems, zither sound persuasive clear long-drawn-out, just like mountain spring murmur. 星宿仙尊手扶琴弦,却不吟诗,琴声婉转清悠,宛若山泉潺潺。 With Ying Wuxie's flustered and exasperated. Has formed the sharp contrast. 影无邪的气急败坏。形成了鲜明的对比。 Puts me to exit quickly, puts me to exit quickly. Will of Heaven! Your this damn Will of Heaven!!” His hand is pointing at Constellation Immortal Venerable, the painful sound cursed. “快放我出去,快放我出去。天意!你这该死的天意!!”他手指着星宿仙尊,痛声咒骂。 But Constellation Immortal Venerable is aloof, does not have many happiness, does not have many anger. 星宿仙尊无动于衷,没有更多的喜,也没有更多的怒。 Ying Wuxie blinks again and again. Strongly from calm, in mouth twittering: Do not be flustered, is calm, is calm. I am know the whole story to Leading Soul to Enter the Dream, this dreamland has not been the apparent degree, would dissipating, has not surrounded my. Also. Fang Yuan Gu Immortal. Perhaps will also save me. I wake up, must go back immediately, discloses directly the Fang Yuan's status! Now hopes, after I wake up, will be away from Heavenly Righteous Mountain not to be far!” 影无邪连连眨眼。强自冷静,口中呢喃:“不要慌张,要冷静,要冷静。我是对引魂入梦知根知底的,这梦境还没有达到外显的程度,总会消散,不会一直困住我的。还有。方源身边的蛊仙。恐怕也会救我。我一醒来,就要立即回去,将方源的身份直接披露出来!现在就希望,我醒来之后,距离义天山不会太远!” But Ying Wuxie was doomed unable to achieve wishes. 影无邪注定不能如愿了。 Because following, Hei Loulan and Taibai Yunsheng have encountered Southern Border Gu Immortal, both sides retreat fighting. 因为接下来,黑楼兰太白云生遭遇了南疆蛊仙,双方且战且退。 Not only makes Hei Loulan and Taibai Yunsheng not have leisure. Does everything possible to awaken Ying Wuxie, moreover is more remote from Heavenly Righteous Mountain. 不仅让黑楼兰太白云生没有闲暇。去想方设法唤醒影无邪,而且还距离义天山越加遥远。 Ying Wuxie, the Immortal Zombie Bo QIng two people, because of the subsidence of the earth, have been stranded in the ground, is unable to move. 影无邪”、仙僵薄青二人,因为地陷,一直困在地面上,无法动弹。 Fog, are glittering the blurred brilliance, constantly is changing the picture, regarding Immortal Zombie Bo QIng. 一股股的灰雾,闪烁着迷离的光彩,不断变化着画面,围绕着仙僵薄青 That is the Mo Yao earlier memory, as nonhuman, suffers miserable history that pushes aside. 那是墨瑶早年的记忆,身为异人,遭受排挤的悲惨历史。 Snort.” Immortal Zombie Bo QIng sends out to sneer. “哼。”仙僵薄青发出冷笑。 Facing passing not being able to withstand with shadow. The Mo Yao remnant soul displayed firm side. 面对过往的不堪和阴影。墨瑶残魂表现出了坚定的一面。 Strange. How can you not by the influence of fog?” Bo Qing is looking at Ying Wuxie. “奇怪。你怎么会不受灰雾的影响?”薄青又望着身旁的影无邪 The Fang Yuan heart said: Your this issue, I also want to know!” 方源心道:“你这个问题,我还想知道呢!” According to the common sense, Ashen Memories affects Demon Venerable Gloomy Soul, affects the Mo Yao remnant soul, does not have the truth not to affect the Fang Yuan soul. 按照常理而言,灰忆影响魔尊幽魂,又影响墨瑶残魂,没道理不波及方源魂魄。 But, side Fang Yuan not any sound. 但偏偏,方源身边没有任何动静。 Clearly, this Myriad Tribulation Ashen Memories. Has let off Fang Yuan, making Fang Yuan therefore not reveal the secret. 很明显,这场万劫灰忆。放过了方源,让方源没有因此露馅。 could it be that, is this Will of Heaven's tolerates intentionally? Before Will of Heaven did not interfere Hei Loulan and Taibai Yunsheng, wants to let them my mortal body, brought, was far away from here?” 难道说,这是天意的故意纵容吗?之前天意不加干涉黑楼兰太白云生,也是想让他们将我的肉身,带出去,远离这里吗?” In the Fang Yuan heart has guessed, the back of these guesses, have ice cold cold intention, making Fang Yuan think slightly, felt the fine hair is but actually vertical, gives birth baseless frightened. 方源心中有许多猜测,这些猜测的背后,有着一股冰寒的冷意,让方源稍微想想,都感觉汗毛倒竖,凭空而生出许多惊悚。 But now, facing the question of Immortal Zombie Bo QIng, Fang Yuan can only play the fool. 但现在,面对仙僵薄青的质疑,方源只能装傻。 I do not know.” Fang Yuan scratches the head , the finger forwards, your this is very interesting.” “我也不知道啊。”方源挠头,又手指向前,“不过你这个挺有意思啊。” Bo Qing coldly snorted: It seems like you were just born, only has life span of nine double-hour, therefore experiences these things radically without enough time.” 薄青冷哼一声:“看来你是刚刚出生,又只有九个时辰的寿命,所以根本来不及体验这些东西吧。” The Mo Yao remnant soul of Immortal Zombie Bo QIng within the body, excessively has not suspected Fang Yuan much, but is the main attention, places on Demon Venerable Gloomy Soul. 仙僵薄青体内的墨瑶残魂,没有过多怀疑方源,而是主要的注意力,都放在魔尊幽魂身上。 To Gloomy Soul's main body, the Mo Yao remnant soul worried very much. 幽魂本体,墨瑶残魂很是担忧。 In the fog presents Gloomy Soul Demonic Venerable before death, inherits the Beastman Gu Immortal Gourmet Dao True Inheritance picture. 紧接着,灰雾中呈现出幽魂魔尊生前,继承兽人蛊仙食道真传的画面。 Gloomy Soul Demonic Venerable's disposition, makes Fang Yuan exclaim. 幽魂魔尊的心性,也让方源惊叹不已。 Heavenly Court Gu Immortal has blasted out the pot, how falls into the Void Transformation condition, is unable take action. 天庭蛊仙更是炸开了锅,奈何陷入虚化状态,无法出手 At this time, in vault of heaven, lowered third Myriad Tribulation Supreme Clear Empty Space! 这时,苍穹之中,又降下第三场万劫太清空宇 The innumerable messenger birds, are cut to pieces to Demon Venerable Gloomy Soul, power and influence terrifying is peerless, making Fang Yuan and Mo Yao remnant soul in abundance change color. 无数青鸟,对魔尊幽魂千刀万剐,威势恐怖绝伦,让方源墨瑶残魂都纷纷变色。 Then, Fang Yuan then saw all sorts of pictures that in the fog presents. 接着,方源便看到灰雾中呈现的种种画面。 Feather Holy City and in Red Lotus in Heavenly Thief True Inheritance, 88 Floors True Yang Building, River of Time...... 羽圣城盗天真传八十八角真阳楼之中、光阴长河中的红莲…… Originally, Gloomy Soul Demonic Venerable before death, knew the Feather Holy City place.” “原来,幽魂魔尊生前,就知道羽圣城的地点了。” Heavenly Thief Demonic Venerable is called Ben Jiesun, although he with me same is Demon from Beyond The Heavens, actually does not come from Earth!” 盗天魔尊叫做本杰孙,他虽然和我一样是天外之魔,却不是来自地球啊!” Longevity Gu...... It seems like Will of Heaven is Immortal Venerable and Demon Venerable's biggest restriction.” 寿蛊……看来天意才是仙尊魔尊的最大制约。” Red Lotus! Ugly face! My previous rebirth is defeated, is Gloomy Soul Demonic Venerable take action helps me unexpectedly! I understood, previous lifetime Vigorous True Martial Immortal Zombie was extinguished, Ten Perfect Grand Formation is unable to complete. Demon Venerable Gloomy Soul then uses my hand, has come!” 红莲!鬼脸!我上一次重生失败,竟然是幽魂魔尊出手助我!我明白了,上一世大力真武仙僵被灭,十绝大阵无法完成。魔尊幽魂便借我之手,重新来过!” What, is Human Ancestor Biography Human Ancestor's True Inheritance?” “什么,人祖传就是人祖的真传?” Afterward, Fang Yuan sees Demon Venerable Gloomy Soul to rely on the technique of Soul Devour, actually in present admitting defeat of golden light soul. Also sees ten big Soul Fragment, surviving has seven, re-entered the world. 随后,方源看到魔尊幽魂自恃吞魂之术,却在金光魂魄的眼前吃瘪。又看到十大分魂,残存有七,重回了人间。 Then, unifies the Mo Yao remnant soul Ashen Memories, knew the Intelligent Sword Immortal Gu initiation cause, gratitude and grudges dispute between Bo Qing and Mo Yao. 然后,结合墨瑶残魂的灰忆,知道了慧剑仙蛊的创始起因,薄青墨瑶之间的恩怨纠葛。 That splits shoots golden glow, soul that whistling rests greatly, is Reckless Great Sun? In legend, Human Ancestor's right eye?” “那个绽射金芒,呼呼大睡的魂魄,就是太日阳莽吗?传说中,人祖的右眼所化?” Bo Qing that is is blue! That purple, unexpectedly is Master Taibai Yunsheng's, Purple Mountain True Monarch that I compile carelessly?!” 薄青也就是青!那个紫,竟然就是太白云生的师傅,我胡乱编造的紫山真君?!” Originally initially. Mo Yao and Bo Qing historic truth, is this.” “原来当初。墨瑶薄青的历史真相,是这样的。” Will of Heaven! Originally these excellent Immortal Gu materials, flood Will of Heaven unexpectedly, therefore Shadow Sect dreaded, has to give up. I obtain in the hand. As if did not have what harm to me. However in the future? I carry these immortal materials along, means my received Will of Heaven's attention?” 天意!原来这些绝佳的仙蛊材,竟然充斥天意,所以影宗忌惮,不得不放弃。我得到手中。一直对我却似乎没有什么危害。不过将来呢?我将这些仙材随身携带,是否意味着我就受到了天意的关注?” so that's how it is. Shadow Sect's Wisdom Dao Gu Immortal Da Li, then suppressed Rank 8 Vigorous True Martial Immortal Zombie! All could convince.” 原来如此影宗的智道蛊仙大荔,便是被镇压的八转大力真武仙僵!一切都说得通了。” At this time, Supreme Clear Empty Space Myriad Tribulation dissipated, cloudy oil poisonous Myriad Tribulation arrived , to continue to devastate Demon Venerable Gloomy Soul. 这时,太清空宇万劫消散,阴油毒万劫降临,继续摧残魔尊幽魂 Following one scene after another, making Fang Yuan vibrate! 接下来的一幕幕,让方源更加震动! He understands finally. Oneself have the Spring and Autumn Cicada's secret. already was learned by Shadow Sect. 他终于明白。自己拥有春秋蝉的秘密。早已经影宗获知。 Because of the Shadow Sect's help, after making him overthrow 88 Floors True Yang Building, crossed was so long, has not exposed. 正因为影宗的帮助,使得他推翻八十八角真阳楼之后,过了这么久,都未暴露出去。 Instead, Shadow Sect's Qin Baisheng and the others, keep off the disaster for him, with Feng Jiuge and the others bloody battle. 反而,影宗的秦百胜等人,替他挡灾,和凤九歌等人血战一场。 Of Shadow Sect. Unexpectedly calculated completely this time Disaster and Tribulation directly. 影宗之强。居然直接算尽了此次的灾劫 „The secret of rebirth, I have Spring and Autumn Cicada, after this war, the person knew widely!” “重生之秘,我拥有春秋蝉,经此一战,广为人知了!” Shadow Sect and Demon Venerable Gloomy Soul, as if must use my Demon from Beyond The Heavens status, finally outsmarts oneself, making the Shadow Sect Northern Plains branch almost lose nearly exhausted. No, from some angle, to explain that Will of Heaven's is fierce?” 影宗魔尊幽魂,似乎要利用我天外之魔的身份,结果弄巧成拙,让影宗北原分部几乎损失殆尽。不,从某个角度而言,岂不是说明天意的厉害?” Shadow Sect can calculate completely Disaster and Tribulation, what uses is what method? This simply is a transcends tribulation big sharp weapon!” 影宗能算尽灾劫,用的是什么手段?这简直是渡劫的一大利器!” Gloomy Soul Demonic Venerable...... As if became strongest Venerable. Perhaps he differed with other Venerable about the same. But he through Gourmet Dao True Inheritance, creates the technique of Soul Devour. Also can capture other cultivation memories and experiences. Therefore does not promote Realm like the dreamland directly, however after these many years savings and development, he widely browses other schools, on Formation Dao and Wisdom Dao definitely have the boundary of Great Grandmaster! Calculates completely Disaster and Tribulation, is not strange.” 幽魂魔尊……似乎已经成为最强的尊者了。他生前或许和其他尊者相差伯仲之间。但他通过食道真传,创出吞魂之术。也就可以夺取其他的修行记忆和经验。所以不像梦境直接提升境界,然而经过这么多年的积蓄和发展,他广泛涉猎其他流派,阵道智道上绝对有大宗师之境!算尽灾劫,也不奇怪。” as a result, he is aloof. Too was unusual. could it be that, he so does intentionally?” 如此一来,他无动于衷。就太反常了。难道说,他是故意如此做的吗?” The cloudy oil toxin and Ashen Memories dissipate gradually, but Jing Qiujie along with it arrival. 阴油毒、灰忆渐渐消散,但荆虬劫随之降临。 Supervising Heaven Tower displays final counter-attack, can manipulates Myriad Tribulation, attack Ten Perfect Grand Formation unexpectedly directly. 监天塔施展最终的反扑,竟然能操纵万劫,直接进攻十绝大阵 The war of Demon Venerable Gloomy Soul's defense, lets witness that all these Fang Yuan stare dumbfounded. He was once proud for the fight technique that oneself accumulated, but contrasted with Demon Venerable Gloomy Soul, was actually not anything. 魔尊幽魂的防守之战,让目睹这一切的方源瞠目结舌。他曾为自己积累的战斗技艺而骄傲,但和魔尊幽魂对比起来,却是不算什么了。 Finally, Supervising Heaven Tower breaks up, a Heavenly Court side failure, Supervising Heaven Tower Lord also sacrificed. 最终,监天塔崩解,天庭一方失败,就连监天塔主也随之牺牲。 Mutually wounded! 两败俱伤! Demon Venerable Gloomy Soul's physique, only remaining several feet altitudes. And does not have the beforehand congealing reality again, the aura is weak. 魔尊幽魂的体格,只剩下几丈的高度。并且再无之前的凝实,气息虚弱。 The Mo Yao remnant soul is controlling the body of Immortal Zombie, flies the upper air, interrogated Demon Venerable Gloomy Soul, finally was extinguished. 墨瑶残魂驾驭着仙僵之躯,飞上高空,质问魔尊幽魂,结果被灭。 „Are you I finally hinder? He He He, was really a pity. If no just before the end reminder of Yan Shi, perhaps also really will make you annoy troublesome some. However now...... Humph!. You have forgotten you Sword Dao Immortal Gu, is my Soul Fragment will, you have forgotten, these years is who is feeding them secretly.” “你就是我最后的阻碍吗?呵呵呵,真是可惜。若是没有砚石的临终提醒,说不定还真会让你惹出些麻烦。不过现在……哼哼。你忘了你一身的剑道仙蛊,都是我的分魂意志,你更忘了,这些年是谁偷偷地喂养着它们。” Demon Venerable Gloomy Soul's these words, making the Fang Yuan heart one tight. 魔尊幽魂的这句话,让方源不由心头一紧。 While these days, he has perceived through meditation Immortal Realm Ultimate Move Leading Soul to Enter the Dream many contents. 趁着这段时间,他已经参悟出仙道杀招引魂入梦的不少内容。 This also has to give credit on Ying Wuxie's, almost only then composes Leading Soul to Enter the Dream Gu insect specially. 这还有归功于影无邪的身上,几乎只有专门组成引魂入梦蛊虫 The ultimate move that although Shadow Sect specially designs for him, was different according to cultivation base, has been divided into several levels. But Ying Wuxie divides the principle to induce very well, Gu insect that will use, the respective pile becomes one pile. 虽然影宗专门为他设计的这个杀招,根据修为不同,分成了几个层次。但影无邪分理归纳得很好,将用到的蛊虫,都各自堆成一堆。 By doing so, without doubt can make him quicker, utilizes Gu insect concisely, stimulates to movement ultimate move quickly. Meanwhile, more convenient Fang Yuan perceives through meditation mystery. 这样做,无疑能让他更快,更简明地运用蛊虫,更快地催动杀招。但同时,也更加方便方源参悟其中的奥妙。 In the Fang Yuan heart understands: Perhaps facing the Demon Venerable Gloomy Soul main body, I have a time take action opportunity. Inadequate, even if I have Manner Gu, making Demon Venerable Gloomy Soul respond, I will again be chanceless!” 方源心中明白:“面对魔尊幽魂本体,我恐怕只有一次出手的机会。一次不成,就算我有态度蛊,让魔尊幽魂反应过来,我将再无机会!” Demon Venerable Gloomy Soul swallows the Mo Yao remnant soul, then said to Fang Yuan: Wuxie. You come the guard I, only requires several time of breath to be of great success!” 魔尊幽魂一口吞下墨瑶残魂,便对方源道:“无邪。你来护卫我,只需要十几个呼吸的时间就能大功告成!” Yes.” In the Fang Yuan heart a calmness, flies upwards, stands side Demon Venerable Gloomy Soul's, a face is staring at the surroundings vigilantly. “是。”方源心中一片冷静,飞升上来,站到魔尊幽魂的身边,一脸警惕地盯着周围。 Did not have the opportunity.” Heavenly Court Gu Immortal sighed, one after another evacuation. “没有机会了。”天庭蛊仙们纷纷叹息,陆续撤离。 Has planned for several tens of thousands years, exhausts the essence to ponder extremely, painstakingly plans, finally refine this only Rank 9 Paragon Immortal Fetus Gu today. Had this Immortal Gu, I can exceed historical various Venerable/revere, the body of achievement half Heavenly Demon, after achieving is unprecedented, non- newcomer supreme Realm! All previous Immortal Venerable and Demon Venerable, are not my match, even if Human Ancestor resurrecting, must candidly admit defeat to me! Hahaha......” “筹谋了数万年,殚精极虑,苦心经营,终于在今天炼成了这只九转至尊仙胎蛊。有了这只仙蛊,我就能超越历史诸尊,成就半个天魔之身,达到前无古人后无来者无上境界!历代仙尊魔尊,都不会是我的对手,哪怕是人祖复活,也要对我甘拜下风!哈哈哈……” Demon Venerable Gloomy Soul raises head to laugh. 魔尊幽魂仰头大笑。 Paragon Immortal Fetus Gu?” In the Fang Yuan heart moves, this Gu insect is what use, after can let Demon Venerable Gloomy Soul achieves to be unprecedented, non- newcomer supreme Realm? Whether this Realm is Eternal Life?” 至尊仙胎蛊?”方源心中一动,“这蛊虫是何用途,能让魔尊幽魂达到前无古人后无来者无上境界?这种境界是否就是永生?” More arrives at the final moment, I jump over cannot be negligent.” Demon Venerable Gloomy Soul both eyes narrow the eyes, starts to investigate. “不过越到最后关头,我越不能大意。”魔尊幽魂双眼眯起,开始侦查。 The Fang Yuan's heart, almost leaks jumps a racket! 方源的心,几乎漏跳一拍! But finally, Demon Venerable Gloomy Soul emits Netherworld Qi, eliminated investigated Gu insect. 但最终,魔尊幽魂只是喷吐幽气,清除了侦查蛊虫 Really is this. Last poetry, has revealed the Unknown to Ghosts true use, is guards against the ghost the sensation. Initially Heavenly Thief Demonic Venerable can steal Unrestrained Valley and Soul Shaking Mountain, shuttle Death-Immersion Realm, but was not pestered by the endless soul, because of this move!” “果然是这样。最后一句诗词,揭示了鬼不觉的真正用途,就是防备鬼魂的感知。当初盗天魔尊能盗取落魄谷荡魂山,穿梭沉迷死境,而不被无尽魂魄纠缠,就是因为此招!” Therefore, Demon Venerable Gloomy Soul has not suspected me. It seems like the soul in Ying Wuxie, is his Soul Fragment. Trust that only then to oneself, he so is outspoken.” “因此,魔尊幽魂没有怀疑我。看来影无邪中的魂魄,也是他的分魂。只有对自己,他才如此毫无保留的信任罢。” Then, Fang Yuan was then witnessing Demon Venerable Gloomy Soul flutters to Paragon Immortal Fetus Gu. 接着,方源便目睹着魔尊幽魂飘向至尊仙胎蛊 Finally the moment, Fang Yuan is on the contrary tranquil, is no longer anxious. 最后关头,方源反倒是平静下来,不再紧张。 The prompt of poetry, was makes him destroy this only Paragon Immortal Fetus Gu directly. Because Immortal Gu is frail, both hands pinch, can destroy. But Demon Venerable Gloomy Soul, even if he again emaciated, must cope with him to have unknown and risk throughout. 诗词的提示,是让他直接摧毁了这只至尊仙胎蛊。因为仙蛊脆弱,双手一捏,就能摧毁。但魔尊幽魂,哪怕他再孱弱,要对付他始终都有未知和风险。 But Fang Yuan actually resolutely decided, copes with Demon Venerable Gloomy Soul directly, captures Paragon Immortal Fetus Gu! 方源却毅然决定,直接对付魔尊幽魂,夺取至尊仙胎蛊 Leading Soul to Enter the Dream.” His suddenly take action. 引魂入梦。”他忽然出手 He has not perceived through meditation completely, this is incomplete Immortal Realm Ultimate Move, has the disparity with the first edition of Rank 8 level. 他没有参悟出全部,这是不完整的仙道杀招,和八转层次的原版有差距。 But at this moment, Demon Venerable Gloomy Soul already weak arrived at extreme. 但此时此刻,魔尊幽魂已经虚弱到了极点。 A Fang Yuan move goes well! 方源一招得手! Afterward, he is separated from the Ying Wuxie's body, studies Demon Venerable Gloomy Soul, makes the soul sift in Paragon Immortal Fetus Gu directly. 随后,他脱离影无邪的身躯,学习魔尊幽魂,直接让魂魄飘入至尊仙胎蛊中。 At this moment, he gets rid of the instruction of Constellation Immortal Venerable, intercepted a Demon Venerable Gloomy Soul several tens of thousands years of plan to plan, the sacrifice were innumerable, consumes the massive price, but painstaking care achievement that the untold hardships congealed! 这一刻,他摆脱星宿仙尊的指示,截取了魔尊幽魂数万年筹谋计划,牺牲无数,耗费海量代价,而千辛万苦才凝出的心血成果! ps: Monthly ticket broken 900 in addition!( Not ps:月票破900的加更!(未 Ends being continued 完待续 ~^~) ~^~)
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