CCG :: Volume #30

#2926: Countdown

Song Shuhang: „???” 宋书航:“???” Complete Heavenly Emperor jurisdiction? 完整的天帝权限? The Heavenly Emperor jurisdiction is not Dádázi passes on to give Senior Gold Trigram? Is the Heavenly Emperor jurisdiction that could it be Dádázi legacy gets down incomplete? 天帝权限不是哒哒子传位给金卦前辈的吗?难道哒哒子传承下来的天帝权限还是不完整的? „The Heavenly Emperor jurisdiction was once segmented...... has the a portion Heavenly Emperor jurisdiction, in our hands.” Northern Great Emperor continues voice transmission replied. 天帝权限曾经一度被切分……有一部分天帝权限,在我们手中。”北方大帝继续传音回道 This also? 这也可以? Song Shuhang: Show!” 宋书航:“秀!” The operation of Northern Great Emperor this not well-known organization, is really shines the show to the person scalp, the hair must fall by the show becomes bare. 北方大帝这个不知名组织的操作,实在是秀到人头皮发亮,头发都要被秀掉变秃。 Words said when Senior Northern you can hold the ceremony?” Song Shuhang asked. “话说,北方前辈你们要什么时候举办仪式?”宋书航问道。 Him will soon celebrate the new year immediately. 他这边马上即将过年了。 We will hold the ceremony next year again.” Northern Great Emperor shows the gentle smiling face. sunshine boy that the iceberg melts smiles, puts in TV series to capture hundred million unit female fan big killer device directly. “我们明年再举行仪式。”北方大帝露出温柔的笑容。冰山融化的暖男笑,放到电视剧中能直接斩获亿单位女粉丝大杀器 Passing today is next year.” Senior Scarlet Firmament Sword cannot bear say. “过了今天就是明年了。”赤霄剑前辈忍不住道。 The Senior Northern nod said: Therefore, we’ll wait for you celebrates the new year, holds the ceremony again. In the new year new look.” 北方前辈点头道:“所以,我们等你过完年,再举办仪式。新年新气象。” Senior sympathizes.” Song Shuhang opens the letter in red shell. “前辈体贴。”宋书航打开红色壳子里的信件。 Senior Gold Trigram the content in letter, described oneself to agree ‘Ancient Heavenly Court fragment’ to loan simply temporarily, but asked Song Shuhang in process many to keep a mind at ceremony for him, do not make ‘Heavenly Court fragment’ be damaged. 金卦前辈的信件中的内容,就是简单描述自己同意将‘远古天庭碎片’暂时借出的,只是请宋书航在‘仪式’过程中多替他留个心眼,不要让‘天庭碎片’被损坏。 So long as ‘Heavenly Court fragment’ is safe and sound, afterward he will deliver box of spirit stone to ‘Senior Song’ again. 只要‘天庭碎片’安然无恙,事后他会给‘宋前辈’再送上一箱的灵石 „The Senior Island Lord real trench is outstanding.” Song Shuhang gathers the letter. 岛主前辈真壕杰。”宋书航合起信件。 Island Lord Gold Trigram under the direction of previous Heavenly Way Dádázi, deeply held the Song Shuhang’s weakness, so long as spirit stone gives to arrive, no need to be worried about anything. 金卦岛主上任天道哒哒子的指点下,深深抓住了宋书航的弱点只要灵石给到位,什么都不用担心 Even if there is an accident/surprise, looks in the spirit stone’s face, Tyrant Song still meets take action to assist. 就算有意外,看在灵石的面子上,霸宋也会出手相助。 However, even if actually Island Lord Gold Trigram did not mention ‘spirit stone’, Song Shuhang will still pay attention to protect his Heavenly Court fragment...... Senior Island Lord to wrap size reducing pouch to rabbit that’ Song Shuhang stayed behind in the past benevolence, Song Shuhang also bears in mind. 不过,其实就算金卦岛主不提起‘灵石’,宋书航也会注意保护他的天庭碎片……岛主前辈当年给宋书航留下的‘兔子包一寸缩小袋’恩情,宋书航还记在心里。 Even if poor, he will not forget the benevolence. 哪怕再穷,他也不会忘记恩情。 The person poor will is not short. 人穷志不短。 Besides the letter, a contract promise, is Island Lord Gold Trigram and contract of Northern Great Emperor a group of people signing. 除了信件之外,还有一份合同约定,是金卦岛主北方大帝一行人签订的契约。 Song Shuhang has looked at the contract sketchily, Fairy Cheng Lin of the attention attention...... in end signature. 宋书航粗略地瞄过契约,注意力关注在末尾的签名上……程琳仙子 „Is Dog Egg Order the representative?” Song Shuhang doubtfully said. 程狗蛋是代表人物?”宋书航疑惑道 Northern Great Emperor: Dog Egg Order?” 北方大帝:“程狗蛋?” I meant why this contract does want leave it to me?” Song Shuhang this contract withdraw, ingenious joins the new topic. “我是说,为什么这份合同要交给我?”宋书航将这合同收起,巧妙的接上新话题。 Contract in triplicate, Core World is your domain, therefore the contract is then transmitted by you preserves.” Northern Great Emperor replied. “合同一式三份,核心世界是你的地盘,所以其中有一份合同便转交由你来保存。”北方大帝答道。 Song Shuhang: so that’s how it is.” 宋书航:“原来如此。” He put out a hand the letter and contract put bracelet magical item , the collection was appropriate. 他伸手将信件和合同都放到了‘手串法器’里,收藏妥当。 Right, can Senior Northern...... remain not to celebrate the new year with us?” Song Shuhang said. “对了,北方前辈……要留下来和我们一起过年不?”宋书航道。 Northern Great Emperor shakes the head: I must help shift Gold Trigram Heavenly Emperor’s ‘Heavenly Court fragment’.” 北方大帝摇了摇头:“我还得去帮忙将金卦天帝的‘天庭碎片’转移过来。” I did not keep the senior.” Song Shuhang said that also puts out a hand Gold Trigram as the envelope ‚the red packet shell takes out, does ten times of joys in giving on new years package to take out 1000 from Senior Yellow Mountain again, squeezes in the red packet shell, gives Northern Great Emperor. “那我就不留前辈了。”宋书航说罢,又伸手将金卦作为信封的‘红包壳’取出,再从黄山前辈搞‘十倍快乐’压岁包中取出一千,塞入到红包壳中,递给北方大帝 Northern Great Emperor: „???” 北方大帝:“???” Happy New Year, senior.” The Song Shuhang blessing said. “新年快乐,前辈。”宋书航祝福道。 This custom?” Northern Great Emperor received red packet, shows a faint smile, then turns around to open the space door, then left with the Song Shuhang’s new year's wish. “还有这习俗?”北方大帝接过红包,微微一笑,然后转身打开空间门,便带着宋书航的新年祝福离开了。 The Great Emperor does not have returning a courtesy from the start idea. 大帝压根儿就没有‘回礼’的想法。 ...... …… ...... …… After Northern Great Emperor, meets a ‘Nine Provinces (1) Group’ member, caught up from all around the world. 北方大帝之后,一位接一位的‘九洲一号群’成员,从世界各地赶了过来。 Before everyone comes, arrangement in group time, therefore arrives in the Wenzhou City’s time is quite approaches. 大家来之前都在群里约好了时间,所以抵达闻洲市的时间都比较接近。 After Young Master Exterminating Phoenix sees the gate, then shows the charming smiling face: Shuhang ~ heard that Senior Yellow Mountain did send big red packet to you?” 灭凤公子一见门后,便露出帅气的笑容:“书航~听说黄山前辈给你发了个大红包?” Song Shuhang: „......” 宋书航:“……” Senior Yellow Mountain sent red packet to you, we naturally must catch up with the group admin’s step. come, come, come, this is I gives your big red packet, 6666 Yuan, moreover is the paper money. Although is less than the Senior Yellow Mountain ten times of joys, but my these 6666 Yuan are also very auspicious. Do not be impolite with us!” Young Master Exterminating Phoenix straightforward fishes out thick red packet, is also mixing with 1 Yuan and 5 Yuan and 10 Yuan and so on coin. 黄山前辈都给你发红包了,那我们当然也要跟上群主的步伐。来来来,这是我给你的大红包,6666元,而且都是纸币。虽然不及黄山前辈十倍快乐,但我这6666元也很吉利。别和我们客气!”灭凤公子豪爽的摸出一个厚厚的红包,其中还夹杂着一元、五元、十元之类的零币。 After pulling out red packet, Young Master Exterminating Phoenix warm this red packet stopper to the Song Shuhang’s pocket in: Do not be impolite with us, we are the people on one's own side, looked on as an outsider with us politely. Opens the pocket quickly, making me put 6666 Yuan red packet!” 掏出红包后,灭凤公子热情的将这红包塞到宋书航的口袋中:“别和我们客气,我们都是自己人,和我们客气就太见外了。快把口袋打开,让我将6666元红包放进去!” Song Shuhang does not know whether to laugh or cry. 宋书航哭笑不得。 Actually after 6666 Yuan red packet stopper to Song Shuhang, Young Master Exterminating Phoenix, the new year's celebration gift of choice gives the Song Shuhang’s disciple and daughter carefully prepared. 硬是将6666元红包塞给宋书航后,灭凤公子又将自己精心准备、挑选的过年礼物送给宋书航的弟子、女儿。 Young Master Exterminating Phoenix just awarded the new year's gift, rear Mad Sabre Three Waves carries a big cloth sack to enter the room: Little Friend Shuhang, I come lā!” 灭凤公子这边刚发完新年礼物,后方狂刀三浪扛着一个大布袋进屋:“书航小友,我来啦!” Song Shuhang looked at Senior Mad Sabre Three Waves, sees his big cloth sack again, corner of the mouth twitches: Senior Three Waves, you have not said that I am not your Little Friend Shuhang, is your Senior Song?” 宋书航望了眼狂刀三浪前辈,再看到他那一个大布袋,嘴角抽搐:“三浪前辈,你不是说过,我不是你书航小友,是你宋前辈吗?” āi yā, any Senior Song, the big new year's celebration, my Wave is concerned about face. The senior as ‘Nine Provinces (1) Group’, this celebrates the new year greatly, I had prepared surprise for you. Look, 8888 coins that my here plans, a how auspicious number.” Mad Sabre Three Waves pasted warmly, must give Song Shuhang the coin stopper actually. 唉呀,什么宋前辈,大过年的,我浪某要脸。身为‘九洲一号群’的前辈,这大过年的,我已经为你准备了一份惊喜。看,我这边筹的8888枚硬币,多么吉利的一个数字。”狂刀三浪热情的贴了上来,硬是要将硬币塞给宋书航 Song Shuhang: „......” 宋书航:“……” Then can I study the thunder and lightning am the magic arts, look let these 8888 coin come in handy. 回头我就去研究雷电系道法,看看能不能让这8888枚硬币派上用场 Ok, did not joke with you.” After Mad Sabre Three Waves coin stopper to Song Shuhang, puts out a hand to pull out red packet in the bosom, gives Song Shuhang: This was I am you taking advantage of my «Ru Canon»’s returned a courtesy for the new year's celebration gift that you prepared truly in the past few days.” “好了,不和你开玩笑了。”狂刀三浪将硬币塞给宋书航后,又伸手在怀中掏出一个红包,递给宋书航:“这才是我真正为你准备的过年礼物算是你前些天借我《儒典》的回礼。” What is this?” Song Shuhang looks doubtfully to Senior Three Waves. “这是什么?”宋书航半信半疑望向三浪前辈 „A buried treasure map, inside is hiding great quantity spirit stone it is said that once was the great wealth that some All Heavens and Myriad Realms’ powerful evil sect nation left.” Mad Sabre Three Waves earnest replied: This is the powerful evil sect who once by Sect founded a nation, strength of collection collection country great quantity spirit stone. Afterward some day, this evil sect nation annoyed the archenemy, overnight sect was broken, in sect the member ran away the loss. However their great assets remained, becomes the buried treasure.” “一个宝藏地图,据说里面隐藏着巨量的灵石,曾经是某个诸天万界的强大邪宗国度留下的巨大财富。”狂刀三浪认真回道:“这是一个曾经以宗派立国的强大邪宗,集一宗一国之力搜集的巨量灵石。后来某一天,这个邪宗国度惹上了大敌,一夜之间宗门被破,宗门内成员逃窜流失。不过他们巨大的财富却留了下来,成为了宝藏。” „Hasn't the sect member of running away thought the recaption buried treasure?” Song Shuhang doubtfully said. “逃窜的宗门成员就没想过取回宝藏?”宋书航疑惑道 This I do not know.” Mad Sabre Three Waves selected the brow. “这我就不知道了。”狂刀三浪挑了挑眉头。 Song Shuhang withdraw treasure map: Thanks Senior Three Waves.” 宋书航收起藏宝图:“谢谢三浪前辈。” there’s no need for excessive courtesy.” Mad Sabre Three Waves beckons with the hand, turns around to go toward the Skylark’s position line. 不用客气。”狂刀三浪摆了摆手,转身往云雀子的位置行去。 After Song Shuhang thinking a little, puts out a hand, Evil Corpse Tyrant Evil in three corpse appear. 宋书航略一思索后,伸手一点,三尸中的恶尸霸恶浮现。 He gives Evil Corpse treasure map: fellow daoist, you have a look at the place that this treasure map is.” 他将藏宝图递给恶尸:“道友,你去看看这藏宝图所在的地点。” I’ll handle it.” Evil Corpse received treasure map, the figure hides into void, vanishes does not see. 包在我身上。”恶尸接过藏宝图,身形遁入虚空,消失不见。 Song Shuhang looked at the watch time. 宋书航望了眼手表时间。 The new year's celebration already entered final 60 minutes of countdown, the Nine Provinces (1) Group’s member basically arrives in full. Senior White and Soft Feather also already on the way of hurrying back, a while. 过年已经进入最后60分钟倒计时,九洲一号群的成员基本到齐。白前辈羽柔子也已经在赶回途中,一会儿就到。 ...... …… ...... …… Solar System Moon position. 太阳系・月球位置。 „The distance new year's celebration only remained the last hour.” Song Fat Ball changes into the human type appearance, the right hand raises a metal box, in the heart is calculating the time. 距离过年只剩最后一个小时了。”宋胖球化为人型模样,右手提着一个金属箱子,心中计算着时间。 Was the time arrives! 是时候登场了! A while it must go on stage with the spoils of war, makes surprise to the main body. 一会儿它要带着战利品上场,给本体制造个惊喜
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